Saturday, 7 July 2018

part 34 : Pehchan


 "Welcome to Aashirwaad Armaan jee….it's our honor to have you here today," Mrs. Saxena, the director welcomed her chief guest for the day, "let me call our assistant director; she will be thrilled to meet you. Woh aapki bahut badhi fan hai."

Part 11: The Way I Loved You (Arsh)

Armaan paced his room from one end to another, trying calm down. Ever since he had seen the closeness between Shilpa and Rahul, he has lost his cool. He just wanted to talk with her. He wanted to tell her how he apologized to his parents. And how much love they showered on him. He wanted to tell her how many complimets his parents had given to Shilpa for making him do this. He wanted to be with her.

'where is she? I tried her cell phone but its switched off. How can she not eve inform me if she reached home safely. And to add salt to the burnt feeling, Rahul has gone with her. What should I do? Shall I call her home? Yeah, I guess that will do no harm.'

He quickly searched for her home no. in his phone and than called her. A male voice greeted him.

"Hello, can I talk to Shilpa?" Armaan spoke in hurry...

"Yeah, who shall I say it is?"

Friday, 6 July 2018

part 33 : Pehchan


"Dad….I have accepted the advance from the organizers. You have to convince Armaan to perform in Nainital." Abhimanyu sounded frustrated.

"Abhimanyu, you know Armaan well. If that boy doesn't want to do something, no one can convince him!" Shashank shrugged his shoulders.

Part 10 : The Way I Loved You (Arsh)

"Shreeya, thanks, tum jao, he will check later! " Shilpa said smiling at shreeya as shreeya left the cabin. Armaan's expression totally made it clear that there was somethig wrong.

"Armaan!" She called him softly. He looked up at her. The sight made her shiver in pain. His eyes were red. So much held in them. Pain. Anger. And many other emotions that were brutal, but hard to figure.

"How could she do this? How can she dare to do this?" He asked her softly, yet inocently. He hugged her, as tears made their way out of his eyes.

"Armaan, Who is Vanessa Cathie Brown?" She asked. More like demanding, though her voice was soft and caring.

"My love, my first love!" He replied in a hoarse whisper. She shuddered. And he felt it.

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Kash os : A True Kash

Karan was sitting on the floor with his back resting against the frame of the couch with Shilpa sitting between his legs. Her back was securedly absorbed in his chest and their hands were resting on Shilpa's 26 weeks old bloated tummy, as if protecting the unborn with their love. Yes, Our very own Shilpa Anand, now Shilpa Singh Grover is a first time expecting mother and her husband is the most impatient and doting father -to -be one has ever see or heard about. Be it her vitamins, her creavings at midnight or her false labors...this guy knows how to panic even for the flimsiest reason...when it comes to the twp people who mean his world-his wife and would be child..

part 32 : Pehchan


It's been two years since Abhimanyu and Riddhima were divorced.

Two years since Armaan had his first live concert in Nainital.

Two years since Armaan proposed to Riddhima……



Part 9 : The Way I Loved You (Arsh)

She frowned looking at him. 'Ok, maybe he is drunk, why didn't I think of it before?, or maybe he has just gone mad, wait, can it be the bruise on his forehead? Of course, no, it is so small.' She kept on rummaging her mind to give her, some, or ANY idea, that could give her reason to present situation. She gave him a nervous smile.

"Armaan, tum thik toh hona?" She asked concerned.

He frowned. He had been sitting there looking at her making weird expressions for like what seemed such a long time. And now she was asking him if he is alright? Wow! Women, you should be given a noble prize.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

part 31 : Pehchan

The next morning, Riddhima took the first flight out to Nainital. Despite multiple hops and a full fare flight, there was no way Riddhima was going to miss his concert or wait to tell him the big news. With dreams in her eyes and heart full of joy, she felt in control of herself and her life for the first time in her life. Earlier it was her parents and elder sister who were the decision makers of her life. Later their roles were replaced by her in laws and her husband. It was only now when the 'DIVORCED' tag was stamped on her, she felt that she was answerable to none other than herself. It was not a stigma for her, but a door to autonomy and a world full of choices-her choices whether they were good or bad-but they were hers. No one had the right to judge or give her unwanted advice anymore- she was in charge!

Part 8 : The Way I Loved You (Arsh)

It has been about 2 months, since Shilpa, joined Mallik Empire. Mallik Empire was a huge Fashion designing empire. It did not started with empire exactly. It was Just Mallik industries. It was a small business, which revolved around in India. It was not until Armaan, The next heir of Mallik Empire, started to handle the company himself. In few years, he got the company into the top business of the world. This amazed his dad more than it amazed any other person. Mallik industries had top models of the world. They were the fashion in vogue.

"May I come in sir?" Shilpa sweetly asked knocking on his glass door.

"Yes, Ms.Malhotra. Any problem?" He asked looking up from the file.

"Yes Sir, Our model, Ms. Brown, had an accident. She would not be able to launch the Fiesta show today." Shilpa said, a bit stressed.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

part 30 : Pehchan

After a heavenly, star-gazing and moon-gazing experience, Armaan dropped Riddhima back to the hostel.

 "I will never forget this night." He kissed both her hands as they reluctantly said their goodbyes.

"Me too. Thanks for making the evening more pleasant Armaan. Restaurant ke fiasco ke baad—main bahut pareshaan ho gayi thi," she caressed his face, "you've always been there for me, haina? I hope I can be there for you when you need me too."

Part 7 : The Way I Loved You (Arsh)

"Armaan!" Jiya's voice boomed from the kitchen, as Armaan and Shilpa came back to their senses. They do not know for how many seconds they had been in that position. As soon as his mom shouted, he withdrew his finger from her lips.

Shilpa felt a blush creeping up her neck. Never had she been so close to anyone. In the way he was. She could not help but notice how handsome and appealing he looked in that white shirt. His muscles and biceps made him look better than any of the greatest Greek gods. She blushed at her thoughts again and this time she looked away from him, hiding herself. She kicked herself mentally for thinking that way.

chapter 16 (last) : A new bundle of joy

He hold the beginning end of the saree and tucks it her choli.. tha touch does something to him…..she holds his hand….he sees her her eyes are closed….he kisses her belly.. she breathes heavily again…. He slowly dresses her like he dressed her fro theparty before the operation….he had to tuck in the last bit of the saree……..he touched her hands her eyes still closed…..and made her sit…..he had to tuck the last bit in the front to the left of her navel….he held the piece in his hand lifted her saree and just kept on kissing the baby all over……Riddhima whispered "Armaannnnnnnnnn  no… don't" he stopped "what happened" he asked She opened her eyes……. Took the saree peiece from hhim and tucked it in.. and said making him rise…. "you know ur touch does something to me n the baby… ur

Monday, 2 July 2018

part 29 : Pehchan

RECAP: "TUM?" He turned around in horror, "what are you doing here?"

"What are you doing here in the women's restroom with my wife?"

"It's none of your business!"

"It's bloody my business only!" Abhimanyu caught hold of Armaan's collar and growled.

Part 5 & 6 : The Way I Loved You (Arsh)

Part 5

She flared at him as he said that, and he knew, his life is in danger. He chose for the stairs denying the relaxing elevator. She ran after him with her bandaged finger. Everyone stared at them with shocked expression. It has not been even a day! And this girl was driving their boss crazy. They wondered what is going to happen to the company now. Little did they know, that this were the best professionals ever. They need everything PERFECT!!!

He stopped by his car, but as he saw her still behind his poor life he ran around the car.

"Armaan, mein tumhe chhodungi nahi. You..ughh'you called me a short tempered person!!" She said shouting at him and following around his car.

chapter 15 : A new bundle of joy

Armaan was very angry on everyone …. On Rahulll… Rahul wanted to tell him the truth but he wanted to be sure that the reports turned out normal before he said something.. he just couldn't see what was going he finally told A rmaannn  everything.. Armaan didn't believe him…..Rahul showed him the reports and everythignn….. he told them everything that he had told Rahul about Riddhima and the baby… and everything… Rahul expected a reaction to all that but thankfully he had no reaction… Armaan took time to believe but then he realized what all he said to He.r..  who beared all this alone…..

Sunday, 1 July 2018

part 28 : Pehchan

True friendship, like true love is never serene…..

RECAP: "Sorry Riddhima. Agar ek baar mera dil toot jaata hai, tho usey koi nahin jod sakta…tum bhi nahin."

She was stunned by his response. She had no idea that a man, so tender and loving could harbor so much bitterness inside him. She understood Armaan's point of view but through Padma she had learnt how remorseful Shashank had been about his actions. Shashank was trying his best to redeem himself by watching out for Armaan at every step, but she decided to drop the topic for now, hoping that one day she would succeed in bringing the father and son close to each other.

Part 4 : The Way I Loved You (Arsh)

They stood there. None of them said anything. Shilpa didn't know why but she felt as if an arrow pricked in her heart. She looked at him, he didn't look at her. He was staring out of window, in the sky at the rise of 7th floor. Finally she collected herself. She had to be strong for him. Though she didn't know the reason, she knew she needed to support no matter what it is. She trusted him. She knew her best friend can never do anything wrong.

"Armaan!" She finally asked as she saw glints of tears trying to come out of his eyes.

"Huh! Yeah!..sorry!" He said looking at her coming out of his trance. He blinked the tears away. " You have an hour, you can sit in your cabin and have a coffee if you want to."

"Sure, Waise bhi mera boss kitna khadoos hai! Pura din file meh muh rakhega, lekin apni friend ke saath coffee peene bhi nahi chalegi." She said dramatically, to which Armaan couldn't help but smile with glee.

chapter 13 & 14 : A new bundle of joy

Chapter 13

The next day was Armaans operation so they did breakfast early and Armaan made it… He made her eat it with his own hands….n she ate it savouringly….. they cracked jokes…..with each other… n then..she said.. Armaan its time… he stopped what he was doing.. just stared at her….. She got up and walked to him.. and told him I am there for at every step…..come lets go… Hesistantly they go… and reached Sanjeevani….. rAhul ws ready with his team and was just waiting for them… As soon as they cam e in welcome Riddhima.. u looked beautiful.. the baby is making u glow.. armaan said eey rahul she officially mine.. rahul said.. yeah yeah I kno… kya abhi taarif bhi nahin kar sakta man..