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Chapter 61 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

Previously On...

Armaan convinces Muskaan to go with him for the reunion.

He also convinces Anjali to go on a date with Atul.

Chapter 61

"Ho gaya! Finally, Armaan exclaimed, sitting on the steps of the fire escape beside Riddhima.

Riddhima raised an eyebrow in question. "Kya ho gaya? She asked.

"Arre, Rahul Muskaan aur Atul Anjali ko milane ki full setting karke aaya hu main, Armaan explained.

Intro & part 1 : Shades of Love (AR)

CHARACTERS: Riddhima , Armaan , muskaan, rahul , anjali , atul , nikitha ,                                             abhimanyu

                               CHARACTER SKETCH

riddhima gupta:

a famous author, from australia, who has come to india to search for a few unique stories  for her new book which is going to be a combination of 6 short stories... 24 years old.. also won the title of miss autralia 2008.. daughter of shashank gupta and padma gupta, who own a hospital (sanjeevani)in india...

armaan mallik :

A famous cardiologist, currently working as a senior doctor in sanjeevani... 26 years old, won many awards for his dedication towards his career.. was recently named the most eligible bachelor of india..son of a famous businessman, billy mallik

part 6 : Taming the Unknown

Ridhima stared right back again, she tried saying his name again but there was no luck, as he kept coming closer by each second. The way he saw her in a different light was something she hadn't come up herself, the knew was that this was either something that he wanted to know or there was one thing that he was dying to know and she was doing her best not to spill the beans out.

"Now ridhima" he said calmly the smirk not leaving his face. "We can do this the hard way but I prefer we do it the easier way.

"What do you want to know?" ridhima asked him, but he just rolled his eyes.

Armaan smiled. "Well I'm dying to know the wonderful relationship you and your family share" he said sarcastically

Ridhima shuddered as it was an unknown gesture. "Look me and my family are good together" she said pushing the other thoughts away. "And why do you want to know anyway?"

Friday, 20 July 2018

episode 22 :True love never dies

                             part 1-21  

Kirti called all inters on nurse station
I told u all inters to co operate with Dr. Vicky not to demoralise him or hurt him and see where is he now
he reached in I.c.u
Jis kisi ne b ye Kia hai ya mujhe pata chala ki aap inters me se koi isme involved hai you
U can be suspended too
So plz agar koi janta hai is bare me kuch toh speak up
Arman was about to say something
But shilpa put hand on armaan s hand signalling not now please from eyes she made him understood
Armaan narrowed his eyes

Layak Hi Nahin Ho! (AR os)

Riddhima made her way to the clothes store and started trying out salwaar-kameez but whenever the she put one on, her mind would scream... "Yeh mere layak hi nahin hai!" and this went on and on and on...and on...and on...yawns...aaaannnddd oooonnnn!!!!

Finally she decided to go to the sales person and ask for his advice. The sales person got two jodis of salwaar kameez out and displayed them infront of Riddhima but to his utter shock, the lady infront him went beserk and shouted..."Yeh dono mere layak hi nahin hai!" and ran out of the store, hand against her mouth. The sales person shuddered.

part 5 : Taming the Unknown

She breathed in, holding on it before her lungs were surely going to burst out. She looked up to see his eyes still gazed up into hers, ridhima looked away, trying to find move his eyes away from her face. Ridhima looked over to see Deepika cocking her eyebrow up, very up and then laughing out. Winking at her, ridhima was even more scared, she slowly pulled her hands away from his hands, slowly touching his palm with her finger tips.

 Ridhima scared by the impulse that was just feeling up in her, she pulled herself back, her eyes on the floor, not even glancing up to see if he was still there.

"Aw that's a sweet name" ridhima jumped after hearing sakshi's voice in the background.

Ridhima walked over to serve her sister. "So what do you do guys?" Muskaan asked as she followed her eyes towards Rahul; the middle brother ridhima realised.

"Oh well i work in Malik industries, helping around in getting the tenders" Rahul said in a sweet and tender voice, as Muskaan face turned crimson as she blushed down.

Thursday, 19 July 2018

part 6 : Tera Naam Batau Kisko (AR ff)

Armaan left from there, he was shocked with his own behavior. never in his wild dreams he had thought that he would do something like that but the moment he saw Doll-Face sitting on that man's lap, something triggered in him and he could not stop himself. That man had really luck, else Armaan would have killed him with his own bare hands.

Chapter 60 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

  Previously On...

The concert happened. Everyone delivered amazing performances.

Armaan & Riddhima decide to use Armaan & Rahul's college reunion as a way to get RaMusk back together.

Chapter 60

The next morning, Armaan entered the hospital reluctantly. He had promised to Riddhima that he would talk to Muskaan and convince her to go to the reunion with him. The reunion was supposed to happen in a days. He knew he needed to start buttering Muskaan up from now if he wanted her to go with him. She was very demanding and once she found out how desperate Armaan was to take her, he knew she wouldn't make it easier.

part 4 : Taming the Unknown

Ridhima looked straight at the face in front of her, their eyes wide open, there wasn't even a single drop of voice around them, soon she realised that not even Deepika was there, ridhima looked at the drop dead gorgeous guy right in front of her eyes. Her hand moved towards his face, trying to remember if this was real or was she just imagining what was happening, seeing his beautiful blue eyes gazing back into her's, she touched her cheek, her palm flat down on his side, her fingers spread across his gentle face. Seeing his lovely eyes close, ridhima saw how her every touches increased the tension between both of them. Her fingers glided down his side, reaching to his neck and then pausing. This was the first, it wasn't anything like before, ridhima stopped she was a naive and innocent girl, all she was thinking was about what he would be thinking about her, she slowly moved her fingers away from his face, she arched back but within seconds she was tumbled around, her back laid now perfect on the green grass of her backyard.

Last part : Unforgivable (Arsh mini ff)

Finally. After three years together, we finally got married. I finally felt like I was over the whole incident. I was so grateful for Armaan, he was always there by my side. It must have taken him a lot to deal with all of this, but he did. I don't know what he's made of but I'm just so grateful to have him with me in my life. And now he would be mine forever. He proposed to me two years of commitment on the day we both graduated. It was completely unexpected on my part but Muskaan and Rahul knew. They kept asking me 'Did he do it?' throughout the whole day leaving me confused as to what the heck they were talking about. I even asked Armaan and he said he didn't know. I decided to let it go. Before the ceremony, we quickly introduced all of our parents to each other before rushing into the large room where all the graduates were being organized. Once we had walked across the stage, shook hands with the dean and received our diplomas, the whole crowd surrounding us applauded as some of the students tossed up their graduation caps.

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part 3 : Taming the Unknown

Walking up to her room, she sat down towards the closed door, it was 10 at night, and she was really tired. She had thought that her luck was changing but no until sakshi was alive she was unlucky for life.

Turning the lights on, she opened her window, even though it was a day that she should be crying about, she didn't she looked at the positive side; she met the most gorgeous guy ever, she had a hug from both of her sister after 13 years. Who wouldn't be happy about that? That's all she could care about, not about the fact that she got called a killer again and the fact that her step- mother had slapped her 3 times.

Pushing the window open, she walked into the balcony, this was a favourite place and looking down she saw the same back garden that she ran this morning and the tree which he came through, a smile crept onto ridhima's lips but then the feeling of loneliness was there again. She wanted to feel her anjali's and Muskaan's arms around her, holding her, patting her and caressing her hair, telling her that she was theirs to belong. Ridhima laughed at herself, shaking her head. It's all nonsense ridhima, it won't come true. After 13 years nothing's going to ever change but-

part 9 : Unforgivable (Arsh mini ff)

"Shilpa how does this look?" Muskaan questioned holding up a yellow sundress with a light blue stripe across the bottom edge of it right above the knees. "It looks nice." I know I wanted to shop, but Muskaan wouldn't let me go look at what i wanted to. And that was making this whole trip boring. "What about this one?" She picked out a strapless blue dress with white flowers. "That looks nice too." I wasn't much of a dress person. I'd only wear them for special occasions. I wouldn't want to deal with it fluttering everywhere every day like Muskaan. I preferred to wear jeans and a nice shirt or blouse. Much more comfortable, at least for me it was. "What's wrong with you Shilpa? Didn't you want to shop?" Oh how I felt like screaming at her, but I couldn't of course because of how sweet I am. That, and she was my best friend. "I did, but I haven't really been able to go and shop." I politely told her, hoping she would get it.

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Chapter 59 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

Previously on...

Armaan and Riddhima get a little hot and heavy in the fire escape. Armaan tells Riddhima about his college reunion and the plan to make Muskaan jealous. Riddhima introduces Billy to the new interns.

Chapter 59

In the evening, everyone was getting ready in their greenrooms. The concert was going to start in sometime and it was sheer panic everywhere with people running around, checking on last minute stuff.

"Ridzy, help me na! Anjy called her sister, wanting her to help tie the strings on the back of her dress.

"Haan di. Dijiye, main kar deti hu, Riddhima replied. She was already dressed in her performance clothes and had huge rollers in her head, setting her hair.

part 2 : Taming the Unknown

She looked at him, his dark love black hair, all roughed, his beautiful smile which was now in an angry mood. Those beautiful blue eyes, the way he looked at his knee again and again, cursing under his breath ever two second, he hadn't even noticed that she was standing right in front of her.

Ridhima caught her thoughts as she realised that she'd been staring at him for ages ridhima what's gotten into you? You've never looked at a guy like that before, what's wrong with you head? His probably the guy Muski and anji we talking about. Phew he'll probably be those rick kind of snobs, those are the guys i might wanna stay back from. And even if he was the right guy, i could never be able to get them. I look so grey compared to muski di and anji di signing; ridhima looked up to see him turning towards her.

 Ridhima saw his face no staring right into her's, a breeze came running through her hair, messing everything up, her dupata which was surely going to fly away, which did and it blew right towards the guy, ridhima gasped feeling the cold air on her milky skin, watching as her dupata was caught by his hand right before it could hit his face, his pulled it away from his face, his face so adorable. Ridhima shook her head wondering if what was happening was a dream or reality, her thought were awakened as she saw him walking closer, his stride long and smooth, he looked like model who just ran away from the ramp and entered her house.

part 8 : Unforgivable (Arsh mini ff)

After dinner, we went for a short drive around town. Nowhere in particular. Just driving around town making random conversation about whatever came up. We just returned to our building and were walking towards it. There wasn't any parking close so we ended up having to park far away. I felt Armaan's hand brushing against mine. I looked up at him and saw him looking the other way. I took the initiative and grabbed his hand while placing my head onto his shoulder which was at a perfect height for me. We climbed up the stairs and made stood in front of my door. "Thank you Armaan." He looked at me confused. "For what?" I leaned in toward him and gave him a kiss on his cheek. "For just being yourself." I heard him chuckle a little bit before taking me into a hug. His arms circled around my waist and I felt his face nuzzle into my neck. I rested my arms around his neck and placed my head on his shoulders relishing the warmth of his body.

Epilogue : Pehchan



Hamari sabse badhi pehchan ab hai 'dada-dadi.' Despite all our differences and shortcomings, God has blessed us with the most adorable grandchildren in this world. Kavya is the oldest but the responsible 'big brother' to Muskaan and Rahul's, one year old boy, Rohit, Abhimanyu and Jiya's adopted three year old daughter, Aashna and of course our most precious 9 month old Aditi and Rohan.

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part 1 : Taming the Unknown

The sun rose high up in the sky; her eyes were filled with unknown desire, numb and under no control, her feeling drew even more restless, her eyes rested at the closed door which never opened. The curtains closed, the darkness in the room was indescribable, her, now dark eyes were rested in no peace. She needed to get out but she knew that there was no hope in that. No hope for her ever.

 Gliding down the wall, the tears slipped hard down her cheeks, how she wished her father was here, how he used to hold her in his arms and tell her stories at night, how he would kiss her to sleep whenever she had a bad dream and how he used always be there for her never letting go. But now, looking across her own room, she was scared, scared to move a single step without getting hurting herself. Her tears never stopped, the blobs came dripping down her cheeks falling onto her lips and then pushing their way down, she had never stopped herself from crying.

part 7 : Unforgivable (Arsh mini ff)

A few months had passed since that weekend, three to be precise. And in those three months Armaan and I grew extremely close. No, we weren't boyfriend-girlfriend officially, but we shared that bond. That bond that was more than friendship. After that night, Armaan made every effort he could to spend time with me every day. Even if it was just a 10 minute encounter. We saw each other at least once, if not twice, a day. And it wasn't just us spending time together. Armaan got a new roommate a week after he sent in the papers. His name was Rahul. When Muskaan and I went over to meet him, Rahul and her instantly clicked. Well, not in the friendly way. They argued with each other more than actually having a real conversation. It was usually Muskaan who would start the fight though by turning everything into something that she found to be wrong. It was just who she was. At first, one wouldn't believe that they would get along with the constant fighting, but they did. I guess their arguments brought them closer...somehow.

last part : Pehchan


"Welcome aboard Mr.and Mrs. Malik!" The captain of the ship welcomed the passengers as they embarked the cruise line for a seven day rendezvous on the high seas, "are you both celebrating anything special on our ship?"

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Happy Birthday Anu (anamika)

hi friends,today is happy birthday of the oldest member of this blog...sweet but saitan anamika gaddam☺.is blog ko banane me mujhse jyada anu ne mehnat ki thi,uske hard labour ka result hai ki ab tak yeh blog active hai. anu,thanks a lot for supporting me,for your faith in me and for help to make this blog. i know you are very busy but always wish if you come back here wishing a very very happy birthday to you...may god fulfill all your you forever...

part 6 : Unforgivable(Arsh mini ff)

We had come back home a little while after the whole headquarters episode. Armaan had to go to the office that dealt with housing so he could file for a new roommate so Muskaan and I returned to our dorm. Even though all this had happened to me, I was glad that the whole blaming game was over. The person who needed to be behind bars was there, and the person who was didn't belong there didn't. Knowing that justice was served, I felt calm on the inside. Despite the disgust I still kind of felt, there was that sense of calmness that started to make the disgust slowly dwindle away. It felt nice.

part 42 : Pehchan

RECAP: Tears of joy rolled down her cheeks; her fingers brushed against his. For a moment, they sat still, their magnetic gazes locked into each other. Slowly, their fingers intertwined with each other till their hands were interlocked in an embrace of heavenly bliss, an almost surreal meeting of their souls and hearts that had defied the gravest of all adversities and misfortunes.

"Mrs. Malik!" Armaan's muffled voice was barely audible, "this is not fair. Tumne shaadi bhi kar li aur apne pati ko invitation bhi nahin bheja!"