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part 4 : it’s a love worth waiting for

She came out without making noise and saw only the attender was sleeping keeping his head on the table. She slipped from there silently and stepped to the main gate but as she reached at the gate saw it was closed and 2 guards came running to her and asked : “kya hua ma’m?”

Riddhima uttered slowly : “mujhe jana hai.”
Guards looked at each other than uttered : “sorry ma’m,aap baahar nahi ja sakti.”
Riddhima uttered in a pleading voice : “please gate open karo,mujhe jana hai,bahut jaruri kaam hai.”

Intro : To Err is Human


Dr Shashank Gupta:

He is the Chief Medical Officer of the prestigious Sanjeevani Medical Institute (SMI). He is a well respected, honest, righteous man whose life revolves around his hospital and his patients. He is married to Padma Gupta who was a nurse at the medical Institute but now a stay at home dedicated wife and mother.

Riddhima Gupta:

The only daughter of Dr Shashank Gupta, is a very ambitious 22 year old. She is in awe of her renowned Physican-father and her goal in life is achieve success like no woman graduating from the SMI has ever attained.

part 11 & 12 : Shades of Love (AR)

@ sanjeevani

Anjali : so plan ready?

Muskaan : haan.. maine sabh kuch lonavala staff ko bata diya.. wo log bhi ready hain

Anjali : so guys.. plan unite armaan riddhima starts...1...2....3... and.... stop!

Yup.. thats exactly when armaan and riddhima's  car stops.. all of a the middle of a deserted road.. at about 9:00 pm..

And the petrol was zero.. muskaan had been successful in emptying his petrol tank..

   Riddhima : armaan yaar.. tumne petrol check nahin kiya kya aane se pehle?

Armaan : check kiya maine.. pata nahin kya hua isse...

Friday, 27 July 2018

part 3 : “It's a love worth waiting for….”

Some days passed after that but no one disturbed riddhima asking about her relatives. Riddhima felt relieved but she knew she had to leave the hospital cause now she is better than before . but whenever she remembered those memories ,felt that she was safe only in this hospital. She remembered that cursed day when she had left arman’s house and went with vivek. Vivek had already planned everything..they caught a flight and came Chennai and then by car in a village which was vivek’s home town. There vivek’s mother was lived.vivek uttered in a sweet voice : “riddhima jaan,yahan kuch din chupna padega.i know tumhare papa aur wo arman police me report toh karega.meri amma ke paas raho,phir hum shadi karenge.”

Chapter 64 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

Previously On...

Gang moments Armaan, Muskaan & Nikki and Riddhima & Rahul.

Rahul meets Sonia who flirts with him.
Armaan & Riddhima make a big deal about it and joke about how Rahul liked Sonia in college, which makes Rahul angry.

 Chapter 64

"Oops, Armaan laughed. "Aisa nahi karna chahiye tha na?" He asked Nikki.

 "Armaan," Nikki warned. "Thoda zyada ho gaya tha."

"I guess," Armaan agreed. "Main dekhta hu." Saying so, he rushed behind Rahul.

part 10: Shades of Love (AR)


They was nothing else to be said or heard.. almost immediately, armaan just pulled riddhima into a hug, which seemed to have lasted forever, and nnone of them wanted to pull out of was almost like their new found comfort conveyed hundreds of unexpressed feelings and unsaid words.. they had all that they needed.. it was like heaven on earth right there, right then

Knock - knock

Someone had just destroyed one of their most memorable moments till date.. armaan just wanted to lock their room and let that person wait there forever.. his punished for having disturbed them.. but before he could do anything, riddhima had already opened the door

Anjali : hey di.. dad ka phone aaya tha.. tumko aur dr.armaan ko sanjeevani ke liye nikalna hai

Riddhima: abhi

Thursday, 26 July 2018

part 2 : “It's a love worth waiting for….”,

Riddhima gained consciousness slowly and tried to see around but everything was blur in front of her. She felt a severe pain in her head and right hand and leg.she tried to remember what had happened to her and where she was and in a while everything came in front of her eyes… she was hiding in that village from 6 months to save herself from vivek. But at last vivek found her and sent his men to trap her…but she escaped somehow and ran to the road. now she understood she couldn’t save herself from those men so thought to end her life and ran to the car which was coming very fast…she bumped on it and got unconscious….and now she was lying on a bed,injured and helpless…did vivek’s men get her? She started shivering as she got to know that there was no mercy word in vivek’s dictionary and if he succeeds to catch her…would make her life worse than a hell… he had

part 8 & 9 : Shades of Love (AR)

@ sanjeevani:

Riddhima: DAD!

Shashank : hi beta.. kitne dino ke baad ayi ho.. bataya bhi nahin.. hum lonavala mein the.. anji ke show ke baad emergency aaya.. tu batadaeti ke tu aa rahi hain toh nahin jaata tha

Riddhima: dad.. it's ok.. i understand....

Shashank: waise mujhe tumse kuch important baat bhi karni thi.. hmm.. tumhe pata hai na ke main apni will bana raha hoon.. toh maine hospital tumhare naam pe kiya hoon..

Riddhma: dad aapko pata hai ke main india me nahin rehni wali hoon

Shashank: it' a bit too late beta.. maine toh sign bhi kar liya hai

Last part : Taming the Unknown

"Muskaan" Rahul said looking at Muskaan, when he saw her, he looked at her beautiful hair flying out the window, her rosy cheeks so beautiful, he felt like kissing them so much, her lips, one thing that Rahul earned to kiss again and again but because she was mad at him he couldn't do it.
"LOOK AT THE DAMN ROAD" Muskaan screamed right into rahul's ear.
Coming out of the shock, Rahul looked at her again. "I'm sorry" he whispered. "Mom wanted to talk to the whole family in the morning, so i couldn't get out of it" he said as sweetly as possible, while the car came to a stop.
"Rahul" Muskaan said scared now. "Where are we?"
Rahul looked at her scared face. "Japan" he said sarcastically. "Come on muski" he got out of the car, just the same as Muskaan di.
Muskaan looked around the place, they had come to a temple, and it was a very beautiful temple, she looked around, it was placed in a garden. Green grass covering it, Muskaan stopped for a while and thought, well usually temple's be on a big hill with dirt everywhere, which is in movies, but here it was in a beautiful garden, flowers; roses, lilies, dandelions, daffodils, jasmines, flowers covered each inch on the place.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Chapter 63 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

Previously On...

Everybody arrives at the reunion.

Some moments with Rahul & his friends and some with Armaan & his.

AR fluff and some Muski Nikki fun.

 Chapter 63

Riddhima smiled as she felt Armaan's gaze on her while she moved. He was so cute! Really.

She didn't like the fact that she wasn't near him at all times, especially with so many girls eyeing him like a piece of meat, but she knew that Armaan would never do anything to break the trust she'd placed in him and their relationship. He loved her. Only her. None of these girls mattered.

part 7 : Shades of Love (AR)

@ armaan's

Armaan : and that is it's end? Don't authors make a happy-happy end?

Riddhima : well all stories do have a happy end and if it's not happy it's not the end

Armaan : so what's the end of this one?

Riddhima: lets see.. revenge time.. or wait..sam falls in love with a  girl, and lives happily with her. Nikki apologizes.. happy ending

Armaan : happy ending.. wish there was a happy ending to life as well.. just wish

Riddhima (puts her hand on his head.. giving blessings type) : you will fall in love with a girl one day and she will give you all the happiness you deserve

Armaan : you're really childish you know..

part 10 : Taming the Unknown

The sun shone right through the windows, as armaan and ridhima slept peacefully in each other's arms. Ridhima's head was rested on armaan's shoulder and armaan's head rested onto ridhima's head. The love between them was visible to anyone who walked into the door, as the sun shine hit armaan's face; he moved a bit thinking that he was sleeping peacefully.

 He turned towards his right and put a hand around the soft body beside him, not knowing who it is what so ever, he snuggled closer to hot body beside him, pulling the person closer, armaan nuzzled into the person's hair.

"Ummmm" he groaned smelling the sweet cinnamon scent in the hair.

Armaan's eyes snapped open. "Cinnamon?" his mouth dropped down as he turned his head around to see the most angelic creature ever.

"Oh crap" armaan whispered as he realised that he slept next to ridhima the whole night. "Oh gosh she looks so damn cute" he brushed his slender finger along her cheek.

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

part 1 : “It's a love worth waiting for….”

“If you should ever want to be set free
If you're not certain your future lies with me
I'll let you go girl until your heart is sure
It's a love worth waiting for

Now I won't stop you from leaving cause I know
The way to keep you would be to let you go
And I'm prepared to wait a thousand years or more
It's a love worth waiting for……”

Muskan off the song and uttered with an irritating face : “tu bilkul pagal hai arman…”
Arman,who was driving car,looked at her once then asked : “kyon?”
Muskan glared him and uttered : “I know you are still waiting for that stupid girl..”
Arman smiled little but didn’t answer.

part 5 & 6 : Shades of Love (AR)

part 5 : 

@ armaan's room

Armaan : atul? Please there are many other good looking people in this hospital

Riddhima: i see.. it'll be interesting then

Armaan : interesting? What do you intend to do?

Riddhima : wait and watch..

@ corridor

Muskaan : yar riddhima toh marwa hi dalengi

Atul: abhi kya hua? Dr armaan ko kuch aur kehdia kya?

part 9 : Taming the Unknown

"Home mam" the driver asked again as they drove out of the beach.

Ridhima breathed in. "Yes please"

"I think you should go back, that boy's still shouting your name out" he suggested.

"Can you please mind you own business" ridhima said as anger rose through her, but after a few seconds, not getting a response back from the driver, ridhima felt guilty at what she said. "I'm sorry"

He turned around and smiled at her. "Its ok sweetie" he answered back

Ridhima looked at her watch, it read 11:00, and her eyes started warming up, as tears started dripping down her eyes. She closed her eyes, as she looked out of the window, she remembered how armaan and she were dancing, and it was far more than dancing. How ridhima wished she was in his arms at that very moment.

Monday, 23 July 2018

Chapter 62 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

Previously On...

Armaan and Riddhima spend time in the FE and Armaan reassures Riddhima that he will not flirt with anyone at the reunion.

Armaan picks Muskaan from the Gupta House and also Abhi & Nikki.

Nikki comforts a nervous Armaan before they enter the reunion party.

Chapter 62

Riddhima smiled tentatively at Rahul as he gave her arm a reassuring squeeze. They'd been talking to a few of Rahul's friends for quite sometime now. Everybody was surprised to see Rahul's transformation from the supposed champu' he was into this dashing man. That had been the topic of discussion for the longest time. Now, they were reminiscing about old times, sharing anecdotes and making the others in their small group laugh.

part 3 & 4 : Shades of Love (AR)

part 3: 


Armaan: I LOVE YOU?

Riddhima : uhmm.. ya.. Dr. armaan..i love him

Armaan (curious): and how do you know him

Riddhima(thinking) :hmm... bachpan ka dost.. we were inseparable.. but then i had to go to australia and he sat here waiting for me to come back

Armaan(amazed) : but you still call him hitler?

Riddhima(remembering muskaan's description): ya he is sadu, strict, heartless , stubborn and without any emotions what-so-ever

Atul ' muskaan

part 8 : Taming the Unknown

"Wait" she turned around to hear the voice. "What's happening to you?"

Ridhima turned towards Deepika's voice, who was now deeply thinking. Ridhima sat on her bed, it was 11 at night, and no way could she get sleep. Ridhima tried to get sleep when she had come inside but she couldn't even blink after all that had happened that night.

"Ridhima!" deepika shouted through the phone. "Why on earth did you call me at'..? 11 at night?" deepika said angry and annoyed

 Ridhima didn't answer back quickly; she tried refreshing her mind onto what had happened an hour ago, she herself couldn't believe that anjali was in love with atul and not armaan. Ridhima thought to herself, how lucky she was but why was she feeling so glad, wasn't she and armaan just close friends. Wasn't that how it was supposed to be like, no other feeling should be brewing up her but then who was she to stop that aching in her heart which was driving her mad after he had left.

Sunday, 22 July 2018

part 7 : Tera Naam Batau Kisko (AR ff)

As Armaan push Doll-Face on the bed, her eyes got widened and she looked at him with horror. Armaan stilled in his pace, as he saw the look on her face.
R: Tum bhi dusre mardo jaise nikle Armaan.

part 2 : Shades of Love (AR)


Muskaan: waise idea bhura nahin hain.. riddhima ko bhi stories ke liye ideas chahiye.. jo armaan se acha aur kaun de sakta hain?

Atul: aek baat bata, riddhima bhi tere jaisi hai?

Muskaan : bilkul.. isiliye woh meri best friend hain

Atul : gaya kam seh.. aek muskaan seh hi headache aata hain.. double muskaan bole toh pura body ache..


Riddhima : atul.. mujhe idea do na.. kuch sujh nahin raha

Muskaan : han atul.. idea de na use.. kitna maang rahi hain..

part 7 : Taming the Unknown

Ridhima stood there, her feet rooted to the spot, her eyes bolted out. She felt the whole world shook under her feet. Her hands turned cold, her mind was going through thousands of thoughts, and her eyes were on the urge of crying.

"Hey Juliet?" ridhima jumped out to see armaan...

"What are you doing here?" ridhima stammered it out.

Armaan smiled. "Come down here and i'll tell you"

Ridhima shook her head in a 'no'. But she needed to know, how was he hear? And who's downstairs with anji?

"Please Juliet?" armaan pleaded from the garden.

Juliet? Why is he calling me that?

"Ok fine" ridhima said slowly she ran down the stairs.