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Part 2 : College Life

Sd college
Ridhima enter hoti hai tabhi she finds someone is following her from her house

Voice: so tum sach me college ayi ho han.

Ridhima: sid tum mera peecha kar rhe the kya samjha hai tumne mujhe han main chod dongi tumhe ek din preshan hoker now plz go mujhe fee deposit karvana hai.

part 20 : Shades of Love (AR)


Armaan and riddhima bumped into something..

Their heart beats increased and their nervousness knew no bounds.. but standing infront of the thing and him doing nothing for 2 minutes, they knew the "thing" was not going to damage them.. they decided to find out what that "thing" was

Armaan : uhmm.. excue me

Person: "DR.Armaan and Dr riddhima?"

part 6: To Err is Human

RECAP: Angad turned back at that comment and grinned, "aap log tho doctor hain……jaanti hongi ki zyaada sweetness health ke liye achchi nahin hai…..kadvi dawaa se hi ilaaj hota hai….. meethi cheezien sirf zubaan ko bhaati hain…..zehen ko nahin!"

Kripa was aware that comment was obviously directed at her. She snapped back, "par meethi zubaan ka rishta seedha dil se hota hai Dr Angad Khanna…..aur jis insaan ke dil mein bhi kadvaahat chupi ho…..woh insaan kehlaane laayak nahin hai."

A red faced Angad was rendered word less by her retort. She had a way of irking the inner most and hidden corners of his heart; the doors to which had been shut to everyone a long time ago. As if 'gunda' was not enough of a superlative she had used to describe him, a 'heartless' and a 'non-human being' added salt to his wounds she had been inflicting all day. Why did it matter to him what she thought of him, he asked himself again and settled back into his seat.

Chapter 68 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

Everyone was waiting for Armaan and Riddhima, a little tense. Rahul, Muskaan, Abhi & Nikki were the only ones who understood the gravity of the situation, while the rest of them were just surprised as to why Riddhima had such a strong reaction to Sonia's words and why Armaan felt the need to run behind her to talk to her.

Friday, 3 August 2018

part 18 & 19 : Shades of Love (AR)

part 18 :


Anjali: riddhima aur armaan ab tak cottage toh pohonch hi gayye hoge

Atul : kaunsa cottage?

Anjali: lonavala ke orphhanage ke paas aek hi cottage hae.. toh usi me hi gayye honge

Atul : toh ab kya hoga?

Anjali(thinking): abhi woh dono aek dosre ko bolenge i love you ( she said i love you aloud)

Atul : tumhari tabyet to theek hai na?

Atul (thinking): mujhe i love you kyon bol rahi hai.. yeh riddhima ki bahein hai.. shayad yeh bhi mujhe fool kar rahi hai)

Anjali: I LOVE YOU nahin bolenge toh kya bolenge?

part 5 : To Err is Human

"Armaan…..tune apne chicken ka keema banaa diya hai," Angad stared at the shreds on Armaan's plate. Instead of eating, Armaan's gaze was frozen on Riddhima and Rahul having a great time on a table across from them. With his fork and knife, he had battered the food on his plate into an unrecognizable mish-mash.

"Yeh soch le….main Raoool ke tukde tukde kar raha hoon!" Armaan clenched his jaws angrily.

"Mujhey bhookha rehnaa pasand nahin hai yaar….let's eat man," Angad elbowed Armaan. Unlike Armaan, Angad preferred to keep his gaze away from Kripa and Prithvi at the other table. For some reason, he was not jealous the way Armaan was. After his conversation with Dr Keerti, he felt a strange sense of 'ownership' over Kripa- as if she was destined to be with him rather than Prithvi. Even though, he hated her guts and ideology, he felt she 'belonged' to him, so it did not matter if Prithvi hung around with her 24/7- Prithvi could never become hers- Angad was convinced.

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part 4 : To Err is Human

Jinko bhi milna hai likha…..Ishq milwayega,
Door door se dhoond dhoond ke……paas le aaye ga

Kahin bhi jaake chupo…… ishq wahin aayega,
Kitna bhi NA NA karo…… uthaa ke le jaayega


If one walked into the large ornate banquet hall of the SMI, it would come as a surprise that this place was part of a hospital and not a five-star hotel. Sanjeevani had a tradition of honoring it's out going batch of interns with a lavish party organized by the staff of the hospital. At the same time, the incoming batch was welcomed into the Sanjeevani family the same evening. The outgoing interns were ready to embark their careers into various specialized areas of medicine after their year stint at the SMI. A large number of them chose to stay back at the SMI to specialize as Surgeons, Internists, Pediatricians, Obstetricians, Radiologists, Anesthesiologists, etc etc. Others went out into the real world to practice as General physicians, or went to other prestigious institutes in the country, and the really ambitious ones went abroad to pursue further training.

EPILOGUE : Shikayat -season 2

Riddhima was admiring the sight in front of her as she enter Karan's room after finishing her afternoon chorus in the kitchen... An hour ago, she had been having lunch with everyone, Nikki has left to her room saying she needs to complete some project as it was her last year in university...
As it was Sunday, Armaan was also back to his room after lunch as Karan also left saying that he would take some rest but Riddhima very well knew it wasn't possible when Karan has company which he never would like to let go as much as possible if he could hold...
It has been almost 3 years to Armaan and Riddhima marriage, from last eight months every single person had their hands full with the little changed that happens to be another bless to them... Riddhima smile, how Karan just can't let go the little one who was now sleeping over his chest with his little thumb in his mouth, hands and legs spread either side of Karan body...
Riaan Armaan Mallik, who is just seven months old were the soul of their life who is the apple of his grandfather, prince of his aunt and champ of his father... His most favorite person in the family is of course his mother as he is the little hero of her but when his mother is busy, than he would be happy to spend times with his grandfather who would shower unconditional love on him just a little more than anyone else...

Chapter 67 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

Armaan was hugging Riddhima close to himself, their bodies pressed close together. They were swaying gently to the music, Armaan whispering sweet nothings in Riddhima's ear, making her blush and pull herself closer to him, hiding herself in his arms.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

part 17 : Shades of Love (AR)

@ jungle

Riddhima(closing her eyes): armaan.. i know where we are and why we are over here

Armaan (sensing some tension): and where are we?

Riddhima: this jungle outside sanjeevani orphanage

Armaan : you know this place?

Riddhima: memories.. so many memories with it

Armaan : what memories?

Riddhima : i told you about sid right?

part 3 : To Err is Human

The interns were given a tour of the various departments and services available at the SMI. Perhaps the realization that they would all be spending a good part of their lives in the hallways and rooms of the hospital over the next year, even Angad and Armaan intently listened to all the directions given by the senior doctors.

Kripa and Riddhima stayed on guard; they were aware that this faade of seriousness on Angad and Armaan's faces was probably short lived and perhaps a prelude to some big mischief baking in their minds.

"Kripa…dekho kaise shareef ban rahe hain ab," Riddhima whispered.

part 19 : Shikayat -season 2

'Sorry bhai...' Nikki whisper as they were going towards her collage...
They haven't exchange a word in last few minutes they were together and it was killing Nikki from inside... Nikki knows Riddhima did this purposely so they could get sometimes alone with each other... Armaan wasn't ready to have any kind of conversation with her or face her but because of Riddhima, they were in same car...
Armaan look towards Nikki as she was looking down on her lap where she has kept her books... Armaan could feel she was about to break down but at the moment, he wasn't ready for any sort of it because he really needs time to accept that whatever happen has happened and no one was in fault...
If anyone was at fault, it was him and he just don't want Nikki to face his out burst being out of the house, that too they were on their way to work... Feeling Armaan gaze, Nikki look towards him but by the time Armaan has turn his gaze back to the road...
When again the silent took place, Nikki thought that at least she should try to mend things between them and let her brother knows that she has realized her mistake... Also she is very much guilty for not trusting him and not seeing his pain in the hard time they all face...

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Part 23 : True love never dies

Dr. Armaan: dr.vicky ab aap thik hai u r getting discharge today
So better behave urself warna mujhe tumhe wapis yahan pahuchane me time ni lagega remember this
Shilpa came there
And said: armaan please rehne do pehle hi bahut problems hogyi hai iski wajah see
Vicky smirked
Armaan: my eyes are on you
Armaan signed discharge papers
Dr. Kirti: I am glad u r fine
But ye sab hua kaise?
Armaan slightly rubbed his forehead
Vicky: nothing much mam it was just a small accident nothing else
Armaan and Shilpa felt a sigh of relief
Dr. Kirti: aap Kal see apni duty join kar sakte hai

part 18 : Shikayat -season 2


Finally Riddhima was back in her home, back to her family... Everyone single person was having their best smile on their face as they pamper Riddhima and Riddhima was just adoring them showering unconditional on her making her heart overwhelmed with their love...
Armaan has finally started to go back to work as he hasn't been going from last one month being with Riddhima in hospital... Shashank has come back from his work and was happy to see his princess smiling with most beautiful smile which bright his life...
After resting for another three days and feeling much more better then every she felt in her whole life, Riddhima was back on her feet to take her responsibilities which she has left... Riddhima was happy that finally, she would be doing every little thing she used to do for her family...
So as like other normal day, Riddhima wake up early to see her husband smiling in his sleep holding his wife tight in his embrace... Riddhima couldn't help but just peck his lips making it wide back as it seems that he was dreaming about them which didn't make his sleep disturb with her kiss...

Chapter 66 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

Previously On...

 Armaan, Rahul & Rakesh talk.

Armaan asks Riddhima for a dance, but it ends up going hilariously bad.

Jai decides to make a bet on whether or not Armaan will be able to convince Riddhima for a dance.

 Chapter 66

"Riddhima! Armaan shouted, as he chased after her, but Riddhima just kept moving, not listening to Armaan.

part 16 : Shades of Love (AR)

Riddhima: have you gone mad?

Armaan : think about it.. it's your choice..

Riddhima: you're impossible

Armaan : thankyou

Riddhima was irritated, with anger shown on her face.. armaan just loved that look of hers when she's angry and loved her behaviour when she was irritated... well he hadn't really expected one, but the next moment, riddhima leaned in and placed her lips on his

Before armaan could react to what was happening, riddhima withdrew from the kiss..

Riddhima: done.. now help..

Armaan : thats not fair

Riddhima: everything's fair in love and war

Monday, 30 July 2018

Part 5 : it’s a love worth waiting for …

Riddhima’s sleep broke hearing someone’s banging on the first she got scared then realized she was in arman’s house and her fear vanished in a while.she got up hurriedly and opened the door and saw kaka was standing there. kaka uttered : “beta,bahut time ho gaya hai isliye socha aapko utha dun.”

Riddhima uttered with a shy smile : “sorry kaka,pata nahi chala.bahut dino baad achchi need aayi.”

Kaka uttered smilingly : “beta,aapka room ready hai.chaliye aap wahin fresh ho jaiye.mai aapka breakfast lata hun.”

part 2 : To Err is Human

Dr Gupta ended his speech by reminding his interns of the famous Hippocratic Oath, a centuries old oath, first written in the 4th century B.C by the famous Greek scientist with the same name.

"To teach medicine to the sons of my teacher"

"To practice and prescribe to the best of my ability for the good of my patients, and to try to avoid harming them."

"Never to do deliberate harm to anyone for anyone else's interest."

"To avoid attempting to do things that other specialists can do better."

"To keep the good of the patient as the highest priority."

"To avoid sexual relationships or other inappropriate entanglements with patients and families."

Part 17: Shikayat -season 2

part 1-16

My whole body was aching, I was in the dark room and I could feel myself getting sweated from head to toe as my eyes move here and there knowing that what was going to happen... It has been happening with me from months and how much I try, I wasn't able to stop it...
I try to get out from the dark room but once again, I fail to open the only door but for a reason, I haven't been seeing that scary lady... I just hear some voice but I m not able to hear anything clear... It seems that sometimes, there is just one person and sometimes there are just more than one...
Several times, I heard my name being called but I wasn't able to get myself out and find from where my name was being called... Every single day, I struggle myself to get out but being tired, I just give up thinking that I can never get free from this darkness...
There was no ray of hope that I could survive but when my heart make me remember about my Armaan, again I just try my best until I get tired... I started to get desperate for not being able to reach him, my heart was aching thinking what Armaan must be going through without me...
I know it wouldn't be easy for him not to see me around, I didn't know how I land in this dark room because the last thing I remember was that I was in my parents house... Than how on earth I m in this dark room, I never knew...

part 15 : Shades of Love (AR)

@ car

Armaan : riddhima.. seriously what's wrong with you?

Riddhima : with me.. what's wrong with you for heaven sake? You think i didnt notice.. you spotted a camera.. and hid it in your pocket.. and then you refuse to tell me that you did so.. you just stay away from me for no reason at all.. what's wrong with you for heavens sake?

Armaan : look.. i didn't tell you about the camera because i didnt want to break your trust for your sister

Riddhima: like you care

Armaan : huh?

Riddhima: she has always done this.. it's nothing new.. i knew it was all her trick the minute you told me about rahuls car.. but i knew you knew it too.. just why didnt you tell me then?

Sunday, 29 July 2018

part 1 : To Err is Human


Twenty four pairs of eyes anxiously awaited the arrival of the Chief Medical Officer on their first day at this prestigious medical center. Twenty four bright minds from all over the country anticipated that this next year as an intern at the Sanjeevani Medical Center would change the course of their lives forever. They have been selected after a rigorous entrance exam, glowing references from their Medical School deans, oral interviews and detailed essays about their goals in life. Each one of them deserved to be there, even if some were coaxed into it.

"GOOD MORNING LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!" Dr Shashank Gupta's voice boomed over the microphone. The interns, out of respect for this accomplished man stood up in unison and gently bowed their heads.

Chapter 65 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

Previously On...

Riddhima tells Sonia off.

Armaan and Rahul bonding.

Armaan being awkward with Neha.

Thoda sa AR cuteness + fluff. <3

Chapter 65

Armaan spent most of his time talking to Rakesh. They were talking about how their lives had changed since college. Armaan was really happy when he found out that Rakesh had started his own wedding planning business and that it was doing well. Rakesh had been a scholarship kid at college and he'd worked his ass off to provide for his family. Armaan had always admired that about him. How driven and focused he'd been. Really, it was only because of Rakesh that Armaan able to pass college. He'd make sure that Armaan studied for his tests and turned his assignments in.

part 13 & 14 : Shades of Love (AR)

part 13 :

@ sanjeevani:

Rahul : and what will the end be like?

Anjali : hehe..  you'll come to know.. pretty soon

Rahul : how can you be so cruel? To your own sister?

Anjali : cruel? How am i being cruel? I am just behaving like a catalyst in their relationship

Rahul : catalyst.. by watching them.. and then making them feel horrible about it?

Anjali : oh hello.. it's all well planned.. and by the time they arrive back, they will be inseparable..

In the car

Their kiss was suddenly interrupted by a call.. a call from rahul