Saturday, 11 August 2018

Part 1 : Love Endures All

The Truth of My Love

Once the happiest place they had in their life have now turned to the most painful place for them.  The joy they use to have turned into the sorrowful lanes. The enjoyment which filled with the people around was now filling hurt in them. The carefree life turned into workaholic mechanism, the works with heart flipped into work just for living.

Nothing was same as it was before everything have started to change the day Rahul left.  One by one all the couples in sanjeevni started to tear apart. And the gang seems to slit off unknowingly. Rahul left them as he can't make peace with his own illness of not being able to be a father in future life ever. Dishearten muskaan all shattered with Rahul leaving her behind to be on her own, asking her to move ahead lead her to leave sanjeevni behind and moved to an unknown city without informing anyone.

Part 6 : College Life

Next morning
In college
Raj : hey arman
Arman: hii wts up
Raj : acha tell me r u wd ridhima.
Arman : no y
Raj: just lyk that
Arman: then y r u asking
Raj: ab tujhse kya chupana u know i lyk her main hi nyi hamari class k half boys use pasand karte hain she is polite and cute u know.

part 28: Shades of Love (AR)

@ gupta mansion

Anjali returned home, after her conversation with atul, shocked, unable to comprehend anything around her, until she saw her father and unable to control herself, she went to him and started shouting at him

Anjali : dad i cannot believe this.. you are getting me married without even asking me once?

Shashank : once? I have asked you to get married a 100 times atleast. But you refuse everytime.. there was nothing i could do

Anjali: and atul? Why did you get him into this mess?

Shashank : because he loved you and i thought you would be happy with him. He thought you were with sid, but when i told him that riddhima was getting married to sid, he agreed to get married to you

Anjali : dad i cannot believe this.. i CANNOT get married right now and that is final

part 13 : To Err is Human

The two groups of interns, a handful of nursing and hospital staff were ready to board the bus to Sanjeevgarh next morning. The 100 km journey would probably take 4 hours or so, given the state of the roads and traffic around Mumbai. Without their lab coats and usual tense expressions, it looked like they were all on a vacation rather than work.

Riddhima had confronted Kripa about her statement about falling in love but as usual Kripa had pooh-ed pooh-ed her curiosity to, "maine kitaabon mein padha hai aisa….of course I am not in love…kisi pagal kutte ne kaat rakha hai mujhey?" was her reply.

"Riddhima," Kripa whispered, "do you mind if I sit with Armaan in the bus?"

Friday, 10 August 2018

part 8 : its a love worth waiting for.....

arman got ready,had breakfast and was about to go he didn’t see riddhima from morning so asked kaka about her and kaka said that she was in the garden. Arman came there and smiled seeing that his doggys were sitting and riddhima was feeding them one by one. Seeing arman,his favourite dogy breezer ran to him and jumped in his arm. arman laughed,caressed him and uttered in a scolding voice : “breezer,go and finish your food have to follow manners okay?”
breezer got down from arman’s arm like a good boy and came to riddhima and sat there. Riddhima uttered smilingly : “yeh toh aapki batein sab samajhte hain,bade hoshiyar hain.”
Arman nodded and uttered : “all are very intelligent and specially breezer..iski species bahut intelligent hote hain..”

part 27: Shades of Love (AR)

Sid : hey guys.. hey ridzy.. and you are her fiance right? Armaan?

Riddhima went ahead to hug sid, and sid returned the hug, only to see a fuming armaan in front of him.. and... he decided to play a game with him.. he knew armaan loved her.. he knew she loved armaan... he knew they were engaged.. but why skip an opportunity to tease a person, whoever it may be?

Armaan moved ahead, and separated the two of them, standing in between the two of them

Armaan :hi sid.. so you are a great friend of riddhima? almost like a brother?

Sid: brother? Who's the brother here? I prefer being a great friend

Armaan : whatever... you are already a brother for her.. right riddhima

part 12 : To Err is Human

Haan tu hai….. haan tu hai
Meri baaton mein …tu hai
Meri kwaabon mein tu…. yaadon mein tu
Irradon mein tu hai
………Irradon mein tu hai……..   (song from Jannat)


The first month of their internship year was finally coming to an end. Most interns were exhausted and worn out after numerous sleepless nights, over night calls, taking care of sick patients, keeping up with the latest developments in their fields, memorizing facts and figures about their cases and above all working together with their team mates.

Chapter 71 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

"DAD!" Armaan shouted.

 "Arre, what Dad? Kabse wait kar raha hu main, ki ab karega, ab karega, lekin tu toh kuch karta hi nahi," Billy complained.

 "Dad... Main karunga. Promise," Armaan answered.

 "Haan, theek hai. Par kab? Tujhe pata hai, jab Riddhi ka phone aaya tha, ki tu waapas Mumbai aa gaya hai aur tum dono ke beech mein sab theek hai, mujhe laga tha ki woh us waqt hi mujhse kahegi, Dad, hum bas ab shaadi kar rahe hain toh aap aur Mom aa jao. Par, almost 4 mahine ho gaye hain, Armaan. Ab bas. Tu Riddhima ko ghar le aa," Billy lectured.

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Part 5 : College Life

In college arman ridhima is in library arman and ridhima is sitting with roy and meera .
Arman ridhima k samne betha hua tha and ridhima thoda uncomfortable feel kar rhi thi bcz arman k peeche kuch boys bethe the jo ridhima ko dekh rhe the or kuch bol rhe the jise vo uncomfortable ho rhi thi or arman tab roy se bat kar rha tha .
Ridhima: um arman can u plz exchange seat .
Arman: ya but hua kya is everything fine.
Ridhima: han just vese hi .
Arman seat exchange karta hai .

part 26 : Shades of Love (AR)


Rahul : muskaan, you ready?

Muskaan : haan ullu ke pathe.. dikhta nahin hai kya?

Rahul : tu aek bhi sentence gussa hone ke biggar nahin bol sakti na?

Muskaan : nahin bol sakti main.. bas?

Rahul : god help you

Muskaan : god mujhe toh madad kar denga.. tujhe kaun madad karenga?

Rahul: mujhe madad karne wale bohot hain

part 11 : To Err is Human

Back in their rooms, the four of them tossed and turned and for some inexplicable reason to all of them, stayed up all night!

Next day, while sharing the men's bathroom to shave, Armaan and Angad could not help noticing how disheveled and sleep deprived they looked.

As Armaan lathered his face with shaving cream, he asked, "yaar….tuney kabhie kisi se pyaar kiya hai?"

Angad was startled by the question and nicked himself with the razor blade. Within seconds, drops of blood discolored the common sink the men were using.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Part 7 : it’s a love worth waiting for....

The gang was gathered in the cantten except muska as she had to assist dr.mohit in a surgery. Anjali – atul,nikki and abhimanyu were talking ,where rahul was busy with his mobile and arman was lost in somewhere while sipping coffee. He was lost in the morning incident ..riddhima’s blushing face came in front of his eyes when she fell from the table and arman held her. Her words echoed in his ears…”kya sachmuch aisa hota hai?”

part 24 & 25 : Shades of Love (AR)

part 24 : 

@ sanjeevani:

Sid: anji, ridzy's engaged

Anji: what?

Sid: ridzy got engaged anji..

Anji: to whom?

Sid: to armaan

Anji : yay.. i knew it.. i knew she loves armaan..

Sid: you knew?

Anji : ofcourse.. that video.. the way they behave.. its obvious..

Sid: and you're actually happy?

part 10 : To Err is Human


After a strenuous, hectic and nerve wrecking first day as an intern, the interns decided to pay their respects to the most sacred place on the campus- the SMI library! Short of a common lounge or recreation room for the interns and residents, the library served as a place where the young doctors met, talked, laughed, read, memorized, searched the internet, ogled and eye balled good and bad looking faces, gossiped about their professors, patients, colleagues, who-was-going-out-with-who and who-had-broken-up-with-who and OMG WHO-HAD-SLEPT-WITH-WHO?????? And who had contracted the most dreaded STD on the campus!!!

Kripa, Riddhima, Hinna, Ouma, Anjali and a bunch of women doctors walked into the library right after dinner. Kripa and Riddhima had briefly talked about their day with each other, leaving important chunks regarding their interaction with Angad and Armaan respectively. They were hesitant to admit that the men who they had resolved to hate on their first day were actually not as bad as they had thought. Instead, they just talked about their cases, patients and mundane stuff at the dinner table.

Chapter 70 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

 Armaan stood in front of his house, frowning.

 "Armaan, tu darwaza kholega?" Rahul asked. As planned, the gang, plus a few of Armaan's friends were sleeping over at Armaan's.

Armaan had drove himself, Abhi, Rahul, Muskaan, Neha and Sonia in his Scorpio. Riddhima and Nikki insisted that they had work to do before getting here and so they'd taken Rahul's car and would be arriving with Rakesh and Nisha, while Jai & Agastya drove themselves.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

part 23 : Shades of Love (AR)

Armaan and riddhima stood there enjoying the latest development..armaan just stood there looking at his beautiful fiance.. he was lucky to have got her.. he was lucky to have been chosen by her.. he was lucky to her with him.. his life would be much better with her by his side.. and he knew it.. she was his life.. his life was right in front of him

Riddhima stood there staring at him.. how could she have been so lucky to have found her true love in a matter of 7 days.. to have found someone who loved her so much.. to have loved and been loved.. it was the best feeling..

Armaan : so we're engaged..

Riddhima: yup

Armaan : so what are you gonna tell your parents now?

Riddhima: what can i say? That i got engaged, and am running away while they are planning my wedding to sid?

Armaan : they are what?

part 4 : College life

Ridhima : yar anjali ek bat karni thi tumse
Anjali: han bol na kya hua .
Ridhima: yar i think i love arman .
Anjali: to ye to achi bat hai .
Ridhima: but main sure nyi hon .
Anjali: or arman vo kya feel karta hai .

part 9 : To Err is Human

Baatein Kuchh Ankahee Si, Kuchh Ansuni Si Hone Lagi
Kaabu Dil Pe Raha Na, Hasti Hamaari Khone Lagi

RECAP: "Waqt aane par kaante hi kaam aate hain…..phool dekhne mein achche lagte hain par toofan mein murjhaa jaate hain," Angad glanced at Prithvi with the corner of his eyes, "lekin kaante har toofan ko bardaasht kar lete hain Dr Kripa… shall we all go down for coffee?"

Kripa was rendered wordless by Angad's remark; she lowered her eyes and nodded, "let's go Prithvi."

The three of them took the elevator to the cafeteria for a well deserved coffee break.

As Angad, Kripa and Prithvi found a table for their group in the crowded cafeteria, they spotted Armaan, Riddhima and Rahul on another table across the room. There was no way they could all sit together as all seats were taken. One thing common amongst hospitals all over the world is the affinity of medical students, interns and residents for the cafeteria. Perhaps after playing 'the invincibles' in front of their patients all day, the cafeteria is a sanctuary where they feel more human and ordinary creatures of God rather than special representatives of God as they are sometimes made out to be.

Monday, 6 August 2018

part 22 : Shades of Love (AR)

@ orphanage

Armaan : hey ridzy.. get ready for our engagement

Riddhima: now, here?

Armaan : yup.. something special.. like a perfect engagement.. except for one thing..

Riddhima: and what is that?

Armaan : family.... anyway, i've made all the arrangements as promised.. and at 12:00 am tonight, i'll make you mine

Riddhima: 12 am tonight? What's so special today?

Armaan : well today is the only day we have literally.. and 12:00 am is like a good and auspicious time according to my astrologer.. so ya.. tonight 12:00 am.. but just don't go to sleep ok?

Riddhima: i'll try not to..

part 8 : To Err is Human

RECAP: "Absolutely!" Armaan gave her another high five and glanced at Riddhima. He would have collapsed at that moment if he had not caught hold of the bed- Riddhima was smiling at him….a genuine smile…..a friendly smile……a smile that could light up the room…..a smile he would cherish forever……and would be close to his heart all his life.

"Ok interns….now I am going to assign some new cases to all of you….we just had 3 new admissions…..I want each one of you to take a detailed history and do a full physical examination on these kids……and then report to me in the doctor's room…..let's see how thorough you guys are." Dr Shubhankar smiled and handed a file each to Rahul, Riddhima and Armaan. He walked away after wishing them,"Good luck doctors."

Chapter 69 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

Armaan pulled back immediately, knowing Riddhima would be extremely embarrassed as it is. Riddhima didn't like being so intimate in public. The only few times they'd kissed even when they weren't alone were in Paris. After coming home, Riddhima had strictly told Armaan that she didn't want a repeat of those few times, especially in front of their friends. She remembered just how much Anjali & Muskaan had teased her after Colessa's wedding. Anjali had even gone as far as asking Riddhima if they'd done it and Riddhima's face had burned as she'd stuttered out a no before running away. So, yes. After that incident, Armaan was absolutely forbidden from kissing her in front of an audience.

Sunday, 5 August 2018

part 21 : Shades of Love (AR)

@ orphanage

Riddhima: now i will have to leave from lonavala only

Armaan : but after 2 days right?

Riddhima: ya why?

Armaan : hmm..i wanted to ask you something

Riddhima: what?

Armaan : will you marry me?

Riddhima was genuinely surprised.. he really had to do this? Propose to me right before i was gonna leave, for me to take my guilt along with me to australia?

Part 6 : it’s a love worth waiting for

Some days passed..riddhima was still staying in arman’s house. she wanted to go from there as she felt weird to stay there but she had no options to go .she started loving this house like her own house but she knew she had to go from there one day and imaging that day she felt to cry. Arman’s routine was as usual same..going hospital at morning and coming at evening, to talk a little to riddhima,to take dinner with her and to go to sleep.riddhima also didn’t want to talk much as she didn’t want to open up.she was ashmed what she did in past and now not wanted to involve arman in her life’s problem .

part 3 : College life

Last 2 days se ridhima sid ko ignore kar rhi hoti hai but kuch aisa hota hai ki use meera ko help karne k liye sid se bat karni padti hai .
Ridhima’s house
Shashank wait kar rha hota hai sabka Pooja k liye one couple enter karta hai or shashank or padma k pair choota hai
Shashank : kese ho tum log or shubanker bache khan hain

part 7: To Err is Human

"Armaan…..Rahul….and Riddhima…..the three of you are posted in the Oncology (cancer) ward for the next month." Dr Kartik handed out the intern's rosters, "please proceed to the 4th floor and look for Dr Shubhankar….he is waiting for you."

"Thanks sir," Riddhima spoke for their group. Rahul led the way to the elevator as Armaan chose to follow a limping Riddhima. Rahul was pleased they were going to start their rotations with his favorite subject. He had always been fascinated with cancer research, and this would be his chance to outshine the other two interns. In his zest to be the leader, he marched ahead without waiting for his injured group member. Riddhima did not expect anyone to wait for her, but was pleasantly surprised to see Armaan matching steps with her hobbling ones.