Saturday, 18 August 2018

Part 10 : College Life

Arman ander jata hai
Arman: papa apne bulaya .
Billy: han beta vo Shashank g ko or shubanker g hospital ja rhe hain emergency agyi hai.
Or mujhe or bhaishab ko bhar jana hai to tum in ladies k sath market chale jana inhe shopping k liye .
Arman : g papa.
Shashank: chalo fir hum nikalte hain kuch need ho to batana padma or ager ridhima thk feel kare tabhi leker jana use nyi to abhi se bolker ghar lejana .

part 8 : Love Endures All

Road To Love.

Armaan was speechless hearing about all the efforts she has made for him trying to find him. He was as broken as she was hearing her pain, maybe more than her at this moment as at this moment she is taking out her painful days in front of him getting that hurt, that sorrow that pain out of her system but he was receiving it not letting it vanish in thin air.

"aur aab... Jab Mein tumhare Saath tha, bacha ban ke tab kaise feel Hua ridhima...?" he asked her seeing her getting silent once again, wanting her to get rid of her ever sufferings.

part 20 : To Err is Human

Nasha Yeh Pyar Ka Nasha Hai
Yeh Meri Baat Yaaron Maano
Nashey Mein Yaar Doob Jao
Raho Na Hosh Mein Deewano
Ke Jabse Maine Tumko Dil Ye De Diya
Meetha meetha sa dard le liya……..

"Dr Khanna…..guitar tho aap khoob bajaa lete ho bhai….aur gaana bhi achcha khaasa gaa lete ho……lekin aap shayad bhool rahe hain ki 2 din pehle hi aap ek major surgery se guzre hain… now as the senior doctor here…..I order you to go back to bed…samjhe Dr Majnu?" Josh patted Angad's back and led him back to bed after his mini performance around the hospital wards.

"Thanks sir," Kripa walked over towards them and chided, "I am glad you scolded him…..Angad has been a most irresponsible patient….na apni dawa khaata hai….aur dekho Dr Josh….apna guitar lekar rock star ki tarah ghoom raha hai poore hospital mein!"

Friday, 17 August 2018

Part 2 : You Will Forever Be My Always (AR SS)

After discussing her case for around an hour more Armaan exited the doctors cabin. He leaned on the door and closed his eyes letting a few tears fall in the process, why was life being so cruel to them he thought and wondered how long this test was going to last but whatever it was he was going to be there for her, they were going to fight this together and with this determination in mind he opened his eyes, wipes his tears and plastering a fake smile on his face he walked inside Ridhima's room and saw

part 7 : Love Endures All

I Love You

Ridhima was blank not know what to say or what not. She just keeps hugging Arman not wanting to part away from him. Even though he was with her all day night from past 5 months physically but emotionally he was on another level from her, but today they are back to the same ground. The ground of their love. Ridhima was hugging him from 5 minutes and in between that she has numerous time moved a bit away from him without un-linking her arms around him seeing his face

part 19 : To Err is Human

Humein jabse mohabbat ho gayi hai…..
Yeh duniya khubsoorat ho gayi hai……

Fizaaon mein nayi ek roshni hai
Havaaon mein ajab si taazgi hai
Tum is vadee mein mujhse mil rahi ho
Zameen lagta hai jaise ga rahi hai
Nayi rut ki mahoorat ho gayi hai

(from Border)

RECAP: "What?" Armaan was disgusted, "all afternoon with sasurjee? Meri jheel ke kinaare kiss ka kya hoga phir? Oh no! I hate you sasurjee!" He smacked his head with his palm and stomped off angrily.

Armaan kicked an old soda can lying in the hallway and banged his fist against his other palm, "kabab mein itni badhi aur sadiyal haddi kahan se aa gayi??"

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Part 9 : College Life

Next day in college
Ridhima start pushing her friends away she start sitting alone but arman wasn’t happy with this he feel bad .
Arman pov

part 6 : Love Endures All

I remember It All

Before having the lunch together ridhima came back in the room once with something in her hands. “Armaan Tumne us din kitne ache signature kare the na…” armaan nodded enthusiastically remembering it.
‘Tum Mom aur Maa ko nahi dikhaoge ke Kitne ache Signature hain armaan ke” armaan get excited to hear her when he ran inside to get paper and pen but when he came back ridhima asked him not to sign there on the paper he got but on the paper she have in her hand.

part 18 : To Err is Human

RECAP: They gazed into each other's eyes as her fingers brushed against his forehead. There was no pretence of hatred or revulsion in them; it was just pure love and desire for each other. They both knew at that moment that they loved each other'.there was no need for words or confessions anymore''.their unspoken emotions had spoken volumes'..they were there for each other'..nothing else mattered'..not even the footsteps of the approaching doctors and nurses on their morning rounds''.

'Kripa!' he grabbed her wrist as she got up to leave. Unlike their previous interactions, Kripa did not pull away from his grip. She blushed slightly and smiled at him, 'jaane do Angad'..mujhey jaana hoga.'

'Wapas aaogi na?' he stroked her wrist gently.

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

part 5 : Love Endures All

After spending quality amount with them Padma went back to her home where as ridhima tried to talk to armaan about his affection to Padma, though she know things but still she want him to talk it out.  But before ridhima can say anything to him he asked her “Padma Maa Kab aayegi dubara” he asked with longing in his eyes, when ridhima hear him saying Padma Maa She was so happy yet sentimental at it that she can’t hold her tears back. Already his situation have broken her and these little moments that she is getting were making her cry her eyes out easily.

Part 8 : College Life

Next day
Ridhima fresh hoker neeche jati hai to vhan sab breakfast kar rhe hote hai .
Shashank : are beta ap ready nyi hue clg nyi jana apko aj .
Ridhima: nyi papa meri tabyat thk nyi hai .
Shashank: kya hua mere bche ko .
Ridhima: aise hi thoda low feel kar rhi hon just want to stay in home .
Shashank: ok beta take rest or koi bhi bat ho to ap bata sakte ho .
Ridhima: ji papa.
Padma: betho beta kuch khalo .

part 17 : To Err is Human

"Aap log Dr Angad ko dekhne aa sakte hain ab…..inhein hosh aa gaya hai," a nurse walked out of the post operative area and informed his anxious friends. Kripa, with swollen eyes and a red nose stayed back as Armaan, Prithvi and Riddhima walked in.

"Kripa…kya tum nahin aaogi?" Riddhima turned and asked.

"Tum…tum log jao….main…main…baad mein," her guilt-ridden soul was unable to face him yet.

"KRIPA!" Riddhima grabbed her wrist and pulled her in. Kripa reluctantly followed them, preferring to stay behind the two taller persons in front of her.

Chapter 73 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

"Hey, yo, Basketball! Naam toh batati jao!"

"Tum badi kamaal ki dikhti ho."

"Nahi... Nahi... I meant... You're my best friend."

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Part 8 : “it’s a love worth waiting for…

Arman nodded and uttered : “of course but I knew it…I knew from that day when I had taken it to repair……
All looked at him surprisingly. Muskan uttered in a shocking voice : “hein!tujhe kaise pata chala? I mean mangal sutr toh ek jaise bhi hote hain..aur agar pata chala toh is tarah riddhima se anjaan banker kyon rehta hai?”
Arman uttered looking at muskan : “yes muski,mangal sutr ek jaise hote hain par mere pahnaye hue mangal sutr kuch different hai. kya hai,wo mai pahle riddhima ko bataunga..and about your second question… “main sach me nahi janta ki wo kisliye mangalsutr nikal nahi payi..kya wo sachmuch mujhse pyar karti hai ya ek Indian girl hone ke wajah se wo is rishte ko tod nahi payi… isliye mai chahta tha riddhima khud is baat ko Kabul baar mai aage nahi badhna chahta tha,chata tha wo aage badhkar mujhe swikar karey.”
Rahul uttered : “tu shayad isliye usey apne ghar le gaya tha na?”

Part 7 : College Life

Arman call cut kar deta hai .
Ridhima bhut roeti hai or roete roete bolti hai ki ab arman kese samjhega sab gadbad hogya anjali ne bola tha sab bata de sab meri galti hai .
Ridhima’s phn rings phn pick karti hai.
Voice: kya bat hai bhut fast nikli tum itni jaldi new bf bana liya bhul gyi mujhe ye soch rhi ho no khan se mila tumhare bf ne hi diya.
Ridhima: sid kyu kar rhe ho ye sab .
Sid: maine kya kiya tumne kiya hai jo bhi hua mujhe dhoka diya uske liye mujhe chod diya .
Ridhima: sid maine tumhe koi dhoka nyi diya na hi uske liye tumhe choda hai.
Sid: acha to tum uske sath nyi ho relationship me.

AR os : My Innocent Love

Armaan The hero of the Story came from a very lonely childhood... He never had seen parents love since childhood as his parents are always busy making money... To them the love they showered on their Son was sending money to him every month... But All Armaan wanted in his childhood was the affection care and love from his parents not the money......

Armaan use to donate all the money after submitting his fees of Education to the orphanage or old-age home.... And when every child goes to their home in summer vacation Armaan use to stay in hostel on pretext of learning one or other thing.... and this never went waist... as this uses to save him from going to a house in which he would have to stay all alone..... and in that duration Armaan use to learn different Things.. Sometimes he learnt guitar sometime drums...

part 4 : Love Endures All

Something in Her touch

Returning from the hospital ridhima was too happy. That 20 % has increased to 60%. Doctor have given her few medicine to include in his diet. Coming back home ridhima and Nikki moved towards kitchen to get done with cooking dinner. They were talking about old days when armaan came to ridhima tugging her dhupatta “Mein Bore ho raha hun… mera ko khelna hain.”
“Aur kya khelna hain aapko.” Ridhima asked with the smile.

“Kya khelna hain….!” Armaan spoke in the thinking manner scratching his head cutely looking with smile up to ridhima and Nikki.

part 16 : To Err is Human

RECAP: As they ran past the open field, they heard the hospital ambulance sirens…..THEY KNEW TROUBLE WAS HERE!

"RIDDHIMA…..KRIPA…SIMONE….FOLLOW ME TO THE EMERGENCY!" Dr Gupta yelled at the top of his voice.

The women changed directions and headed for the Emergency Room. An ambulance rolled into the driveway of the hospital.

With the sirens still flashing, the rear doors slammed open.

Monday, 13 August 2018

Part 3: Love Endures All

He Lean on You…Only You..!!


Nikki Was Driving when she look at ridhima stopping on one of the 3 way road. One side she have stopped and other two side one on right leading to Ridhima’s House while on the left leading to Armaan’s house. The Silent Question was answered with one simple line “U know it, where to Nikki.”
Nodding silently Nikki took the right decision by taking the Left Turn. Parking the Car They moved down walking up to the Entrance Door. “Ridhima yahan ki Keys, Vo toh....” she left the sentence in the middle when she saw ridhima taking out a key out from her hand bag. Looking at Nikki ridhima tried to justify “Vo armaan ne mujhe keys…” but was cut by Nikki in mid “It’s okay ridhima you

Last part : Shades of Love (AR)

Padma: armaan beta sab tayyar hai?

Armaan : haan mom.. sirf aek guest nahin aaya abhi tak.. baaki sab tayyar hai

Padma: shashank ko expect bhi maat karna woh nahin ayenge

Armaan : aap ne abhi bhi usse maaf nahin kiya kya?

Padma: main use kabhi maaf nahin kar sakti armaan.. woh toh riddhima ki zidd thi jo maine use bulaya

Armaan : waise riddhima tayyar hai?

Padma: haan.. woh aur anjali dono ane mehendi ke liye tayar hai.. ye lo dono aygayye mehendi laga ne ke liye

part 15 : To Err is Human

The interns were assigned different stations, sort of an assembly line of history taking, clinical exam, blood draws, dispense medications, make treatment plans with Dr Josh and Simone fulfilling the supervisory roles.

"Hello beta! Kya naam hai aapka?" Rahul asked a 6 year old little girl with big eyes full of fear.

"Iska naam Sur hai," her mother answered, "isey diabetes hai….doctor saheb yeh insulin ke injection lene mein bahut tang karti hai."

"Beta injection tho lena padhega….no choice!" Rahul answered matter-of-factly, "chalo…idhar baitho….main aapka blood test leta hoon."

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Part 2 : Love Endures All

Wanting To know her…Again…!!

He haven't detected the presence of ridhima so she moved further reaching up to him she heard him bit clearly and gave her glimpse of the thing he was holding onto and that broke her heart.
He was holding the stuff toy she once gave him when their love was growing up in the shed of sanjeevni’s locker room. She heard him saying "koi mujhse baat nahi karta teddy.  Sab mujhse dur jaate hai.. Koi khelta bhi nahi mera saath.  Par mein kya karun teddy vo sab bhi mujhe chidate hai...  Mein toh janta bhi nahi na ki basket kya hai par sab bolte hai mein nind mein basket-basket bolta hun par mera ko pata bhi nahi...  Sab bolte hai mein ek container (basket) ka naam leta hun... Sab chidate hain mujhe. Mujhe koi pasand nahi aur koi Milne bhi nahi aata mujhse...  Kya mein itna bura hun teddy."

part 29: Shades of Love (AR)

@ australia

Armaan: riddhima.. answer me for heaven sake! What's wrong?

Riddhima came out of her shock hearing armaan scream at her

Riddhima: huh what?

Armaan : i have been asking you what has happened for the past half an hour, and incase you have not noticed, it is closing time for this beach and we need to leave

Riddhima: drop me home armaan

Armaan : huh?

Riddhima: drop me home

part 14 : To Err is Human

 asmaani rango ho…..
                   ………………….pyaar ki boond ho
                    …………………roshni ho, dhoop ho
                   ………………….chaahto ki gunj ho….

"Welcome…welcome….kaisa raha aap logon ka safar?" Dr Josh Fernandez greeted the new interns as they stepped off the bus.

"Thanks sir," each intern greeted their new senior doctor and shook his hand.

"Meet my wife and life…..Dr Simone Fernandez," Josh placed his arm around a tall, beautiful pleasant woman in her mid 20s.

Chapter 72 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

After eating, Billy and Ananya left the kids to their own devices, bidding everyone a good night.

Neha watched, burning with jealousy, as both of them hugged Riddhima tightly. She did not like it at all. But, the encounter with Armaan still fresh in her mind, she kept quiet. However, Sonia seemed to have other ideas.