Saturday, 25 August 2018

Part 2 & 3 : ~TORN~~

He looked up to see her walking into the dinning room she looked broken and his eyes feasted on her body language…no Armaan this one will need you're attention before you can have her…you're going to seduce her and make her submerge to you're will, only then can you festive upon her milk like flesh …until then Armaan lets play this game…he picked up the glass filled with whiskey and placed it to his lips…

She looked over at the table and plate set or her next to him as he sat at the head of the table…their was enough food on the table for a banquet and she looked to see if there where other guest in the house as she did not want to be alone with him as his eyes looked deviously upon her making her feel uncomfortable…

"I would like some rice and the chicken!" he looked at her.  She stood so still and lost in her thoughts.

"Hey? woman my food!" she turned to look at him frowning and nodded her head

part 67 : An Arranged love Marriage

It was difficult to say if he was fortunate or unfortunate that he had called for his driver tonight as he sat in the back seat with his totally wasted wife.
"Mujhe bohot bhoook lagi hai!!
The count was lost as she had poked his arm again with anew demand making him pity himself;
"Haan bas kuch der mein ghar-----

"Nahiii... mujhe abhiii bhook lagi hai, mujhe kuch khane ko do! ... *Gasp*
She put forth her hand wavering it at him as if he was pull out some snack from air for her.

"Kya... kya hua!?

"Iceee-cream. Armaan vo dekhiye ice cream parlour. Bhaiyaaa gaaadi roko mujhe ice cream khani hai!
Even if the driver did not wish to, the car automatically came to a halt as her shriek startled him and Armaan's eyes turned as wide as they could but he had successfully pulled her back in her seat before she could even reach the door.
"Nahi... Salil tumhe gaadi rokne ke liye kisne kaha? Start the car, Riddhima tum ghar jaake kha lena jitna man kare.

AR os : Real Ya Reel U Are The Only One

This is not gonna happen so not gonna happen... Listen this will increase our expences for one scene to be shoot.... Ma'm plz try to understand us... Agar hum aisa karte hain toh kitna kam bhad jayega... And then editing ka tym bhi nahi hain hamare pass... Ye episode aa raat ko hi tellecaste karna hain ma'm aur aabhi tak aaj ka episode shuru bhi mahi hua hain agar aab shuru karenga tab tym par khatam hoga....

Friday, 24 August 2018

Intro & part 1 : ~TORN~~


"Well Mr Gupta I think you are in a bit of a mess!" Shanshank looked over at Mr Malik as he grinned at him …seeing him looking so smug sitting in his leather black chair…this young millionaire was ruthless as the rumour stated he was power hunger and played every trick in the book just to make money… he thieved seeing men like Mr Gupta reduced to bankruptcy and sitting in front of him penniless…as he leaned back in his seat he looked at the man in front of him sweating.

"I don't know why you are doing this Mr Malik but I will be homeless and my daughter is getting married soon and…"

"I have heard this all before…I seriously get bored hearing this stuff!!" Shanshank looked at the young businessman not caring about anyone but himself as he picked up the glass paperweight spinning it on the desk..… He had no family and power meant everything to him…with Shanshank's stock ruined and he was heavy in debt and the only think he need was time to pay the young man in front of him back.

part 33 : Arrange Marriage - Backseat to dreams or the Driving seat

After party was over Armaan asked all their friends to stay for the night they can catch up with each other life. Seeing him trying to open up His gang smile which Armaan too acknowledge with nod.
All of them changed into something comfortable as ridhima provided them few night cloths to try. Walking out they ask Armaan what to do and what not. Knowing the weather outside is worth to enjoy they decided to enjoy settle on terrace this way the elders too will have full rest without disturbance.

~TEASER~ : You Will Forever Be My Always (AR SS)

"Liar... she heard someone say and turning around she found her husband standing leaning against the door frame with that drop dead gorgeous smile of his making an instant smile appear on her face too "Tum kab aye? " she asked still struggling to hold the little monster who was now fidgeting even more trying to reach her dada. "Tab Aya jab Tum Meri Choti princess ko mere naam se blackmail kar Hai thi...Don't listen to Mama baby she is lying...Aise Ho sakta hai kya ki dada pani angel se baat na kare...Itsh not poshible only...Not poshible he said walking towards the duo and picking up a diaper clad Arima who was super excited to see him home so early in his arms and cuddling her to himself


Thursday, 23 August 2018

part 10 : “It's a love worth waiting for….”,

Riddhima was busy in all residents (girls) are present in the house. muskan and nikita’s night duty was finished and other some girls ,who had night duty..took leave as they were celebrating ‘women’s day’ …the noise they were making in hall,coming in kitchen where riddhima was busy making special dishes. From some days she was going out with arman ..they spent sometimes together then arman dropped her in the house. all girls got to know about arman and riddhima’s relation and now they started teasing her saying…”haye!humey pata hota toh pahle hi is handsome par line marna shuru kar deti…”

AR os : Poured Our Heart

Ridhima-Kya hua armman aaj tum aise kyun bethe ho kya... Armaan chinta maat karo kuch nahi hua h hamari ardhima ko... Dekho vo bhul kar khelne bhi chali gai... Usse yaad bhi nahi aab vo giri thi... Dekho kitni khusi sw aapne room mein khel rahi hai....

Armaan look at ridhima and then again look at the sport where ardhima had fallen while running around..

Ridhima- armaan vo aab theek hai Toh phir tum kyun itne udaa ho rahe ho armaan.... Aur
dekho mein bhi theek hin dekho mein ne bandage bhi kar li hai....

part 6 : You Will Forever Be My Always (AR SS)

It was late in the evening and Armaan was still stuck in his office because of the final presentations for the project, he had already texted Ridhima to have her dinner and not wait for him because he had no idea what time will he be home. At around eleven in the night he was done with his meetings and needless to say he was exhausted. He walked out of his office checking his phone to see if Ridhima had messaged him and he was surprised to find no text but thought that she must have forgotten and so getting into the car he drove back home wanting nothing more than to just see his angels and get some sleep but little did he know what was actually in store for him. Reaching home in record time he entered only to be greeted by the darkness of the night. Assuming Ridhima and Arima to be asleep he straight away went to his room as he was anyway too tired to bother about dinner. However he was shocked to not find Ridhima there and even more so because he saw Arima sleeping in her crib

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

part 32 : Arrange Marriage - Backseat to dreams or the Driving seat

“Kyun Armaan” ridhima asked sitting behind him keeping her hand on his shoulder.
“Itna sab bol kar aaya tha mein sab ko kaise face karunga mein. Kis muh se mafi mangu mein sab se. Kya sch rahe honge sab mera bare mein” Armaan asked with tears.
Ridhima smiled hearing him “Armaan sab aapne ki log hai apni hi family hai jo hum se bahut pyaar karte hai. Aur jo humse pyaar karte hai vo kisi bhi situation mein humein judge nahi karte. Kyun ki vo humein samjhte hai.”

Part 13 : College Life

Sab dance kar rhe hote hain ab dj songs change kar rha hota hai sab log enjoy kar rhe hote hain .
Arman ki najar ridhima par jati hai phele vo smile karta hai but ek dum se shock hojata hai.
Or ridhima ko vhan se le jata hai bina kisi ko pta chale .
Ridhima: arman kya kar rhe ho koi dekh lega .
Arman: shhhh idher ao mere sath.
Or ek room me le jata hai pure time arman ridhima k peeche chal rha hota hai.
Ridhima : kya hua hai .
Arman : tumhara top ka hook khul gya hai .

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

AR os : My Teen Love

As we enter the park... We saw a couple very much alike our own Armaan and Riddhima.... and as we

moved in towards their direction we saw they were none other than Armaan and Riddhima.....

Riddhima Was in Armaan's arms... lying peacefully in a park under a tree... Armaan's back was resting on
the tree's trunk and Riddhima lying on grass and her head resting in his laps....
And Armaan caring her hairs... his one hand lost in Ridhima’s long hair.. And other hand Riddhima was

Part 12 : College Life

Malik house
Arman Ananya k room me jata hai .
Arman: badi maa main market ja rha hon apko kuch kam hain kya to btado main kar dunga.
Ananya: han beta jeweller k yhan se ring collect karni hai.
Arman: ok main le aunga or kuch .
Ananya: han gupta house bhi jana hai abhi ki shervani or shagun dene .
Arman: to vo bhi main de aunga mkt se pass hi hai gupta house .
Nandani: but kal to tu bol rha tha gupta house nyi jayega aj kya hua.
Arman: maine kab bola ohh acha han main ye bol rha tha ki tab nyi jana tha ab koi prob nyi hai .
Nandani: tera bhi pata nyi chalta kuch didi ise hi dedo ye chala jayega .
Arman ander hi ander khush hota hai .
Arman: rahul khan hai.
Ananya: vo gifts pack karva rha hai .

part 5 : You Will Forever Be My Always (AR SS)

Armaan rushed out of the kitchen to find a teary Ridhima standing with Arima in her arms. “Rid..Ridhima kya hua…Tum tum itni zor se kyu chilayi?…And why are you crying kya hua?” he asked her really worried. “Ar…Armaan..Aruuu” she replied with a choked voice and a wide smile looking towards Arima who was smiling at her and trying to grab her hair in her little fist, but Armaan who was really scared with her scream did not notice either of their smiles. “Aru…Ky..kya hua Aru ko…is she alright” he asked still worried as he took her from his Ridhima’s arms and looked at her thoroughly as if checking for some injury or something “Armaan, Aru ne…Aru ne abhi Mama bola” she said still choking on her happy tears making him look towards her in complete shock

Monday, 20 August 2018

part 4 : You Will Forever Be My Always (AR SS)

The dance was something that both of them would cherish all their life, the song as if played only for them had defined their actual feelings and they seemed so content after it…The party was nearly over and some guests had started leaving as well. Armaan and Ridhima sat on a secluded table as Arima was getting a little cranky due to all the loud noises. They were quietly having their dinner with Arima in Armaan’s lap who had removed his blazer and draped it around her tiny frame to shield her from the cold while Ridhima fed both herself and him…They were just about done with their dinner when Rahul came calling for Armaan as he needed some help with moving something aside which happened to be a little heavy, nodding at him he got up passing an almost asleep Arima to Ridhima he went away to help Rahul. Ridhima was lightly patting Arima while talking to Muskaan who had

Part 11 : College Life

At night malik house
Arman room
Niki : arman tumse kuch bat karni hai tumse .
Arman: g di
Niki: tum dono k bich kya chal rha hai.
Arman: kin dono k bich.
Niki: don’t try me arman ridhima k sath kya kar rhe ho.
Arman: kuch nyi hai di ap chodo tensn mat lo plz sab thk hai.
Niki: dekho tum dono mere liye imp ho u know that jo bhi tum kar rhe ho uske sath thk nyi hai samjhe dekho I knw tum use kitna pyar karte ho dekha hai aj maine but tumhe pata hai tum use kitna hurt kar rhe ho mat karo arman use khud se dur main use bhut time se janti hon vo bhut achi ladki hai last half year se bhut khoi khoi rheti thi khin nyi jati thi sara din ghar or itni bright student hoker

part 22 : To Err is Human

"Oh God… head!" Riddhima woke up with a pounding headache next morning. She tried to get up but was still light headed from the hangover.

"Kal raat? Kal raat….Oh my God…..kal raat tho main Armaan ke saath thi…..hum shayad uske room mein the," sweat beads broke out on her forehead as she recalled the little seductive act she had put up for him last night. Riddhima had never been so embarrassed in life; with her heart racing, a guilt ridden Riddhima ran to the shower to cool herself down.


"Hi Riddhima…OPD jaa rahi ho? Aaj meri bhi wahin duty hai," Rahul met her on the way.

"Oh..Hi Rahul," she tried to act composed but wondered, "kal raat kahin Rahul ne dekha tho nahin mujhey?"

Sunday, 19 August 2018

part 3 : You Will Forever Be My Always (AR SS)

Ridhima stood there completely numb after what she just heard and as Armaan felt her leave his hand and look at him with wide eyes he realized what he just said and mentally cursed himself for getting so lost and blurting out the truth. “Ridh…” he tried saying something but was cut off by her chocked voice “Ma…main…Ar…Aru ki….tum…tumhari…mai..main” she blabbered as tears welled up in her eyes. “Ridhima meri baat…” said Armaan walking towards her and trying to hold her but she just kept walking back and tried framing a straight question but was not able to “Mai…Main…kai…

Epilogue : Love Endures All

Five months later

Armaan was setting in a mandap by the beach side concentrating on what pandit Ji was telling him to do. He was sincerely doing as told when pandit Ji announced the call for the 'bride'. Armaan's heartbeat stopped for a second when he heard ridhima to be his bride, it nothing unknown to him but then this sudden realization creep into his heart that now ridhima will be all his. She will be his bride, his better half not only for words or saying but for real she is his better half. She completes his all the drawbacks with her own sets of perfection.

part 21 : To Err is Human

Dheemi Dheemi, Dheemi Dheemi
Khushboo Hai Tera Badan

Sulgey Mehke, Pighale Dehke
Kyoon Na Behke Mera Mann

Woh Chali Hawaa, Ke Nasha Ghula
Hai Samaa Bhi Jaise Dhuan Dhuan
Tera Roop Hai, Ke Ye Dhoop Hai
Khule Baal Hain, Ke Hain Badliyaan

Tu Jo Paas Hai Mujhe Pyaas Hai
Tere jism Ka ehsaas Hai…………………..
(From Earth 1947)

"Kiss me Armaaan…please paas aa jao," Ridhhima pulled him closer, her eyes half asleep, senses numb from the alcohol in her veins. As Armaan pressed his weight against hers, her warmth, fragrance and softness drove him crazy. No woman had ever aroused him the way she was at that moment. He knew they loved each other; she was the only one he wanted to spend his life with and she had all but surrendered herself to him…….so why was he hesitating? He had never hesitated before with women in his past.