Saturday, 1 September 2018

part 5 : Frozen (AR mini ff)

"Anjali ja Riddhima ko bula la dinner ke liye" said Padma. "Sure mom, will be right back with your angel daughter" replied Anjali while moving towards the stairs to call Riddhima down for dinner. She entered Riddhima's room to find her nowhere. She sighed thinking where will she be now. She knocked on the bathroom's door to check if she is in but it was open. She turned around and her eyes fell on something which shocked her completely.


"Arrey Anjali, Riddhima kaha hai usko saath nahi layi" asked Padma, busy setting the dinner table with Muskaan. "Anjali??? Where are you lost?" Anjali came out of daze realizing Padma was asking her something. "uhh n-nothing. Was just thinking something....o-oh yeah Riddhima wasn't in her room. I-I think she would be in the backyard. I'll go fetch her from there" saying this she turned towards backyard leaving confused Padma there. "Ab isse kya ho gaya" she asked Muskaan hoping she would know the reason behind Anjali's weird behavior. Muskaan who was helping Padma in setting the table shrugged saying "must be thinking something like she said". Thinking the same, Padma got back to work.

part 11 : ~TORN~~

"Armaan! Riddhima! Welcome…." Riddhima smiled looking at Lovely madam and Nana greeting them in there home as the party was held out side on there lawn…

"I want to introduce my nephew Sumit Kapoor…" Armaan looked to see Riddhima gasp as she looked at the tall handsome young man smiling at them

"Froggy?" Sumit looked at Riddhima smiling as he pinched her nose and she smacked his arm.

"Donkey!" Armaan looked at Sumit laughing and Riddhima giggled as everyone looked at them surprised..

"So you two know one another?…" Armaan asked looking at Sumit

part 37 : Arrange Marriage - Backseat to dreams or the Driving seat

Sunday came, everyone in family wanted to go shopping for the baby to keerti horror. But soon a terms and conditions were set by keerti which say she will be the only one doing shopping they can come along but then seeing everyone making baby face in which even elders were no behind sigh keerti said “Fine, you all can get things for the baby” before she can say anything ahead Armaan said “Haan theek hain phir chalo” everyone started moving all excited.

Friday, 31 August 2018

Ar os : Saya hun Tera

 As we enter the scene we saw a man and a girl... u might be thinking that the couple would be in love...But the more clear view of the situation was not so welcoming... The couple standing there was not in love but one of them is behind lust greed and inhumanity... And other one was the reviving one of all the hate-rate inhumanity all the torchers and discrimination...
They were couple but no one in this relation is happy.. Boy has his own greedy demand which the poor
girl is not able to fulfil...
Moving closer to the scene we saw a man is beating a girl dominating over her.. And girl was pleading to
please leave her as she is not able to take it any more...
Man was beating a lady...
Man -ye kya kiya Tumne...
Girl -sry sid mujhe maaf kar do...

part 4 : Frozen (AR mini ff)

"Tumne pehle kyu nahi bataya hum Khandala ja rahe hai and why Khandala by the way" asked a confused Riddhima as still remember an incident when all their friends were planning a road trip to the same place and how Armaan chickened out giving a lame reason and Rahul unintentionally blurted out "Armaan still hadn't overcome that incident" but suddenly diverted the topic and dropped the plan and decided to chill at Armaan's place.

She was sure there was more to the story but didn't probe Armaan as she thought if there is something consequential then he will tell her in his own time. But now this sudden trip to Khandala was really confusing her. He looked at her with a very different emotion in his eyes which she couldn't understand at all. She didn't probe further when he didn't reply.

Part 10 : ~TORN~~

"Mr Malik how are you?" Riddhima stared at the grey haired English gentleman as they arrived in the hotel dinning room….the large crystal chandler and the dinning room looks like something from a romantic period novel

"Sir Kinsley!" Armaan leaned forward and shook his hand.

"And this is?" Sir Kinsley ask to see Riddhima holding her hands together.

"My assistant Riddhima!" Armaan added.

Thursday, 30 August 2018

part 3 : Frozen (AR mini ff)


"Ridz..Riiidz..Where are you? Ridzyyy...Oh God!!! Where the hell is this girl? Don't know what's wrong with her. She has been so lost and aloof ever since she has got back from Mumbai..wonder if something happened there. I really hope she is happy about this marriage and has not agreed for it under any pressure. But what could be the pressure?? Mum dad just suggested for this rishta, never did they force he into agreeing. But they did look really keen for it to happen and my little innocent sister can never so NO to mum dad. Is this why she agreed or is really happy about it all??? Hmmmm..kuch to gadbad hai..Pata lagana padega" Anjali searched the entire house for Riddhima muttering to herself, trying every permutation and combination to find out the reason behind Riddhima's aloofness.

Part 9 : ~TORN~~

He looked at her dressed in an expensive Sari as he walked into the house.

"Ramu! Sita! Thank you …you can leave!" he threw the money on the table and walked towards her looking at her…with her eyes lowered…hearing the door closed behind him he looked back to see they had left… walking passed her he went up to his room …Angrily he took of his shirt and threw it on the floor and marched over towards closet his eyes fell on the shirt she wanted to gift it and he stared at it …Seeing her hand appeared to get hanger he looked at her placing the shirt he thrown on the floor and place it in the wardrobe as she turned to walk away he grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards him hard…

"What did you say on the phone?" he glared at her with her eyes lowered at him.

"Sir I told the truth!!" feeling his anger he took hold of her hair on the back of her head hard…. Seeing the pain on her face he pulled her towards him looking at her eyes clutched together shut and her breath on his face.

part 36 : Arrange Marriage - Backseat to dreams or the Driving seat

Now neat Part

Coming back in present due to her moments. She was hiding her face in my chest as by mistake I hit the lights switch bring the brightness in the room causing her sleep to disturb. Smiling I remove the hairs that were coming on her face and got lost back where I was before he moved.
“Okay let’s set a deal here” as I said that she look up at me trying to read my face but I must say her worried expression changed after a moment her eye set on me. Which instantly give me a thought ‘Am I that transparent with my feelings or thoughts’ but pushing it away I just thought to put the already running topic a good end rather starting with other new one.

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Part 2 : Frozen (AR mini ff)

 Once Armaan and Rahul were suppose to go for a very important meeting but Rahul fell ill at the last moment and Riddhima accompanied Armaan for the meeting. Armaan was driving his car quietly while Riddhima was getting bored and started flipping through the radio stations one after the other and finally settled for a cheesy GOVINDA number. Armaan switched off the radio completely miffed after hearing such a useless song "I hate such music and I hate somebody messing around with my car. So just sit where you are and stop messing around" said a completely irritated Armaan. Riddhima rolled her tongue in her mouth and patted herself mentally to extract some reaction from the VERY SERIOUS ARMAAN MALLIK but decided to poke further. "Don't tell me, you don't like Govinda? I think he is one of the finest actors in the industry. One can always sit and enjoy his movies without racking their brain to understand what's going on in the movie. They are such stress busters." Armaan just made a face on hearing this & continued driving without uttering a word. "Why can't you smile for a change??? Try karke dekho, it's not that tough"  Armaan groaned hearing her comment and went back to his great silence. Riddhima rolled her eyes & slumped back in her seat thinking what the hell is wrong with this guys. How hard could it be to laugh on a joke?

Part 8 : ~TORN~~

~~~Part 8~~~

"Dr Chatterji she going to be ok right?" Armaan asked looking at the doctor to see him nod as he sigh in relief

"You have to be careful with her mental state…"

"You're wife's luck she has a caring husband!" Dr Vickey Chatterji said looking at him taking hold of her hand…. he watched him while he carried out his tests and saw nothing but concern for her as he looked at him pushing back the strains of hair from her face as he got up.

"Make sure she gets takes these tablets don't give her any stress her blood pressure is silghtly low and make sure she eats properly as well! I am positive with your love and support she do just fine Mr Malik" Armaan looked at him nodding as he left the room.

He looked over at her it had been 4 hours and she was still asleep and even Ramu and his father popped in to see her and looked very concerned.

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Part 1 : Frozen (AR mini ff)

You only see what your eyes want to see
How can life be what you want it to be
You're frozen
When your heart's not open
Now there's no point in placing the blame
And you should know I suffer the same
If I lose you
My heart will be broken

Tears streamed down her face. Yes she has frozen her heart to take this step.  It took all her strength to make this decision. Not only she broke his heart but shattered her's into tiniest of pieces. But still these questions squirm in her mind that how could she do this??? How will she live now??? NO CORRECTION how will HE survive now??? She was his life, his everything. His LAST string to relationships and how could she snap it so brutally. But she had to do it. There was no other option. She couldn't deny the one request her parent have made. She just couldn't deny them, especially after knowing the complete truth. Remembering that suddenly a determination overtook her pain & tears. She switched off the music & cleared her face to remove every trace of tear she has shed so far. Standing up she repeated to herself aloud "I, RIDDHIMA SHASHANK GUPTA, AM READY TO LEAVE MY PAST, MY LOVE, MY ARMAAN BEHIND AND START A NEW LIFE BY MARRYING SIDDHANT MODI"

Part 7 : ~TORN~~

~~Part 7~~

She opened her eyes to see no one in the room as sat up she felt the bruises on her shoulder sting her she closed her eyes as the memories of everything came flooding back and she remembered him kissing her forehead as he held her promising her nothing like this would happen again and smiled.  'I knew my faith in him would save me…' hearing the door open she looked at him smiling with a tray of food as he looked at her seeing the scars on her body ….he felt a lump in his throat and sat down on the bed next to her.

"Sugar?" he asked as she looked at him.

"Armaan ji I make the tea…why don't you have you're shower you're be late for work…" he looked at her a little taken back after what happen she was concerned for him why?

"I've re-arranged some meeting for this afternoon…I want to spend some time with you…" she looked at him lower his head as she took hold of his hand holding the spoon.

part 35 : Arrange Marriage - Backseat to dreams or the Driving seat

Armaan bag the project that he was working on from few days, happy about the achievement he had he came home all happy before even karan aur shubhanakr may walk in. Moving directly inside he went to his room to freshen up and see his lady.

Monday, 27 August 2018

part 69 : An Arranged love Marriage

That immediately lifted her mood and she did not even have to answer since the shine in her eyes said enough making him chuckle;
"Go freshen up if you need to, fir chalte hai.

"Main bas do minute mein aayi.
She made it to the door but turned clearing her throat making him turn around still having a smile plastered on his face;
 "Aur haan... dubara kabhi mujhe aise daantna ya darana mat, varna main HR mein kehke apna Boss change karva lungi, aur Mom se kehkar aapko bhi! Now Excuse me!!
Throwing the warning in his face in a perfect business-like tone she ended with a tongue at him and walked off flipping her hair. He stood still for a minute before laughing heartily at her innocent threat knowing how both the conditions were never possible and made no sense either.

Part 6 : ~TORN~~

"He changes so much! He's like smiling a lot more… I think I should ask him! But I am scared he'll get upset? Hmmm I ask him on the way to the party… he looking forward to the party, I'm not sure why? …" he looked at her coming into the house and she was at her normal spot bowing her head at him as he sat there with a grin on his face looking at him… 'you're  made of clay remember that?' he thought looking at the statue… he turned away going to his room.

"You look breathtaking in that black sari!" he whispered in the limo next to her. She had a blue heavy stitched blouse and the black sari with the blue stones just made her look beautiful with her figure showing..

"Thank you…S…Armaan Ji!" he turned the corner of his mouth in remembering him slapping her in the kitchen and looked at her blushing. As he chuckled and she looked at him taken back….he changed in so many ways…

"Can I ask you about something?" he looked at her and nodded.

AR os : Riddhima Ka Birthday

It’s from party scene.... where Armaan get drunk and say all the things to riddhima.. That a girl should

handle her husband not the ex... As ex comes in last and he is zero toh mera no toh last mein aata hain...

Riddhima can’t listen anymore and burst out...

Riddhima - shut up Armaan ... shut up..... Tum samjhte kya ho aapne aapko....

Sunday, 26 August 2018

Part 11 : it’s a love worth waiting for….

Arman caressed riddhima’s hairs and asked slowly : “are you fine riddhima?”

Riddhima nodded yes in her sob but didn’t separate herself from arman. Muskan teased : “haye!..yeh ladki toh sharan ko dudh me gholkar pee gayi hai,kaise chipat rahi hai dekho.”

Hearing it riddhima separated herself at once and stood looking at the floor but arman dragged her in his arm and uttered : “besharam nahi hai riddhima..yeh iska haq hai.waise mujhe apni patni ko ek tight hug dene ka dill kar raha tha jab se suna usne vivek ko aisa sabak sikhlaya.”

part 68 : An Arranged love Marriage

Nervousness like never before gripped her, though the anger was still constant, her palm moist with sweat as she stood out of his cabin getting ready to face him, her very own husband! Obviously after an eventful night, she had woken up to an empty cold bed with a throbbing head yet a comforting note on her side table asking her to have the lemon tea already set neatly for her. The worst of all was the blur memories, she remembered their ride home, the change of her dress, their terrace moments and also some of their *ahem-ahem* moments, but nothing was clear or in an order. The only thing crystal clear; was the fact that she had said and done a lot of embarrassing things and there was nothing to take back now. He was going to have a gala time using all of it to his advantage she could bet her life on it!

Part 4 & 5 : ~TORN~~

Part 4

Wiping her tears she looked at him coming down the stairs dressed in black jeans and a white shirt with his buttons open as he looked down at his hand and cursed and looked at her.

"I cant even button my shirt because of this blasting hand…Button my shirt" he commanded looked at her dressed in a pink sari approach him as he looked at her in silence ….he was right she would look extraordinary in a sari with her bosom and navel visible to him under the sari and she had her hair tided up in a bun and looked at her eyes as the eye make up emphasizing her good looks she was breathtaking and he remembered how they made love and looked at her placing her hand on his shirt and buttoning his shirt. Seeing her nervously approach him, her body language and hands….her breathing was heavy when ever she was close to him he liked seeing her on the edge and on guard as it just made him want her more

"Sir breakfast is ready…" she whispered gentle as he looked at her and nodded.

"Ramu and his father gone?" he asked taking a seat…to see her nod her head.

part 34 : Arrange Marriage - Backseat to dreams or the Driving seat

Everything started settling down back to normal. Armaan started handling business with his father and shubhankar bhaiya. Ridhima Stayed in house working around with keerti and then waited for Armaan to come so they can have dinner together.