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part 4 : Sensual Seduction (AR)

He settled down next to her holding her shoulder, he has a fake emotion of sympathy on his face… "Ridhima… look at me…" she looked away form him. HE held her chin with his finger and turned her face towards his. The minute he saw the tears in her eyes, emotions started gushing through him… What the! He thought….


As he kept staring at her face that was filled with tears, he felt slightly afraid, She doesn't look good with tears, he thought. He closed his eyes to see a smiling face of her, which made him smile; Yeah she definitely looks better smiling. He cupped her face in between his palms and made her look into his eyes. As he proceeded to her face looking at her trembling lips, she turned away. He stopped and kissed her forehead, so gently, and with a surge of emotion. She felt safe and protected as he kissed her forehead; it reminded her of the love she never received from her father. She turned back around and stared into his eyes. She saw intense passion in his eyes, he always had that passion in there… but this time it was just passion, there was something hidden behind that passion.

Chapter 9 & 10 : ARSH SS TRUE LOVE

 Chapter 9 :

Shilpa set silently in the locker room thinking about today's incident.... She just couldnt throw away his memories.... The way he touched her.... The way he kissed her.... She just couldnt deny the fact that it effected her... His every single touch effected her... No matter how much she claimed that she hated  him... Her heart knew she can never hate him.... The feeling were still the same for him... And Sid... She knew Sid was just a way to stay away from him... And now all she wanted was to stay away from him... As much as she could....
Shilpa holds her head  feeling the tension rise..... She kept thinking about his words.... today il make you mine in front of this whole world.... What was he gonna do.... Shilpa felt the nervous thinking about it... what was he planning to do.... As she gave more thought about it she felt herself getting more tensed.... Shilpa tries to calm down herself when Sid enters into the locker room.... " Hey Shilpa... what wrong... You look tensed... "

part 6 (last part): You Best Thing Ever Happen To Me(ss)

Part 6 – Emotional Healing

“Armaan I can’t change what happened in your past. I can’t change you lonely childhood all I can do is to promise you that I will always make sure that you won’t feel like that any day in our this new phase of life. And I promise you that whatever be the situation or circumstance be I will be there for you and our children. I will never think to even send them away from us, I will never let them feel what you felt in your childhood they will never missed on the love they deserve from their mother and father.

Friday, 7 September 2018

part 3 : Sensual Seduction (AR)

I felt a knock behind my back, turning around, I found hi standing in front of me… Ohh God this was all a bloody dream… I felt so real, so intense… and the worst part is, I was enjoying it… I was enjoying the feeling of him touching me… is this even legal…  Ohh God… this is going to be so awkward tomorrow in office.

 As one month went by in the office for Ridhima, she was used to the daily routine… First seeing a different girl exit Armaan's bedroom but she obliterated the fact that armaan was a major player out of her head, and she looked at the positive side. His attractiveness and charming personality are the major reasons why he won't leave her dreams. Every time he would enter the office, his face would glow, sending sparkling sensations down her body. His sensual seductiveness towards women attracts their attention towards him… He would always show his dimples smiling, which disperses any tension of a given human being.

Chapter 7 & 8 : ARSH SS TRUE LOVE

Chapter 7 :

Shilpa moans as she feels his lips burning on hers..... She tried her level best to ignore the feeling.... But feeling his lips become gentle on hers she just couldnt resist the temptation.... Giving in to the moment Shilpa pulls him close to her.... She moves her fingers in his hair caressing them... This makes him more passionate... Armaan holds her waist firmly and pulls her body close to his..... Burning in the passion he kiss her fiercely pouring out all his love.... After sometime both come out for some air... trembling Shilpa looks at Armaan.... All she saw was passion in his eyes... The passion of his love.... Shilpa shivers with the thought.... Was he really in love with her now.....
Avoiding his gaze Shilpa turns to go when Armaan pull her back to him... Shilpa back hit on his hard chest... Armaan hug her tightly and whispers in her ear.... " Shilpa.... You have just now proved you dont love sid.... "

part 5: You Best Thing Ever Happen To Me(ss)

Part 5 – The trust is All I Have

(Ae dil hai mushkil – Title)
Tu safar mera, Hai tu hi meri manzil
Tere bina guzara, Ae dil hai mushkil

Tu mera khuda, Tu hi duaa main shaamil
Tere bina guzara, Ae dil hai mushkil

Ridhima was lost in this song. She heard it first time today being a doctor means to loss on some great stuff while treating patients but that worth all when they see them walking out happily after being treated well. But it wasn’t what she thinking now all she is doing now was to live this song. This song is what she felt for armaan or she wanted to say to him.
She always think he is the one who take all the efforts in their relation it’s always armaan how took pains to keep their relation alive even after all the work he do. She have her family with her to help her around her work at home but he have no one. He hold his house work himself then working in hospital treating people and at the end taking all the efforts to keep her smile with his own surprises.

Thursday, 6 September 2018

part 2 : Sensual Seduction (AR)

Walking down the street to her office, Ridhima bumped into a girl. "Ohh' I'm so sorry" Ridhima apologized. "No, no.. it was my fault.. I should have looked where I was going' see I'm kind of in a rush to get to work'" Both crossed the road together, and to their surprise both were entering the same building. "You work here too!" both said at the same time. "Yeah I work here, but I've never seen you before" the girl claims. "Well actually I just started yesterday' I'm Armaan Malik's new assistant' Ridhima' Uhhh' Ridhima Chadha". Ridhima said unsurely of the last name pulling her hand forward for a shake. "OMG you're a Chadha also'" Instead of shaking her hand the girl came forward and hugged her, happily. "I'm also a Chadha' Muskaan Chadha to be exact" she said breaking out of the hug. "We are gonna have so much fun' we'll go shopping together' have sleepovers' by the way where do you leave.. You know forget it' I'll take it later' we'll be like sisters'." Muskaan said smiling and excitedly. Ridhima was shocked by her' She really liked Muskaan attitude' she was free, and expressed everything truly by the looks of it.

Chapter 5 & 6 : ARSH SS TRUE LOVE

Chapter 5 :

yes he loved her! he loved her a lot. he knew it now. all the pieces were falling right. the day she had entered his life he had fallen head over heels in love with her. her smile her innocence. everything about her attracted him towards her. she was the goddess of purity and beauty. he just cudnt help but fall deeper and deeper for her. he knew he loved her madly. much more than he did riddhima. he always claimed that he loved riddhima but today he understood the power of his love for shilpa. it had so much intensity that it forced him to love shilpa crazily and deeply. he loved her beyond limits. he had never got physical with riddhima, he never felt those physical emotions erupting in hiss body for her but with shilpa he very well knew how badly he wanted her!

part 4 : You Best Thing Ever Happen To Me(ss)

Prt.4 – She know me Like No one else

Same day in evening Armaan’s phone rings up displaying an unknown number on screen while he was sitting in his cabin all free. He pick the call up “Hello” she spoke up to here “Hello is it Doctor From sanjeevni Hospital.” The voice of a girl asked “Yes I am Dr.Armaan speaking. How can I help you” he asked back hearing the girl voice.

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part 1 : Sensual Seduction (AR)

  Good-bye California and hello New York!

January 3rd 2009,

It hasn't even been a week and I already got a job… WOW! this truly is the best city in the world. I start tomorrow as the new assistant of Armaan Malik… I think something like that… It's so funny how his name is Malik.. he probably thinks of himself as a King or something… psht… sound more like a slave… Being the daughter of Shashank Gupta wasn't gonna help me out now…. There is a better sense of pride when you know that you accomplished something on your own… Otherwise if I had said that I am Shashank Gupta's daughter, why only an assistant, I could have straight been the CEO of that company. Well tomorrow is the big day… Can't wait to start work… WOW! I never said that before.

Chapter 3 & 4 : ARSH SS TRUE LOVE

Chapter 3 :

Armaan comes back to reality as he understands what he was upto. he moves a hand in his hair shocked and startled at his act. what the hell was that he thought. he knew he loved riddhima he only loved riddhima, from the day he knew what love was he had only loved her. After her marriage he was broken, he had thought he wud never be able to live, to smile to love but with her comeback he was happy beyond limits. but why did it feel so different now. after shilpa made her way in his life everything changed. he changed. he didnt feel the same for riddhma any more. why? he cud never answer this question. all he knew was shilpa had made a very strong place in his heart. he started to harbor feelings for her.
once again her words flashed back in his mind.
"Ok i spend time with Sid... but what about you.... You are always with Ridhima di..Did i ever complain.... Then now why are you disturbed with this.... "

part 3 : You Best Thing Ever Happen To Me(ss)

Prt.3 – Profound Memories took Bad Turn

After having their own time they both move back to their duties when their pager goes off announcing the end time of lunch break. After the full day duties they all sign off from their duties, Anjali asked ridhima to hurry up and come in parking she is waiting for her. Hearing her armaan

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Intro : Sensual Seduction (AR)

Stretching her arms out, she felt her hand hit a hard body. Opening her eyes after a long, amazing night, she woke up to see the body lying next to her. Shock and distressed, she looked under the comforter to see her naked body lying next to his. His hand around her waist, his head in between her neck and shoulder, his breath kissing her neck. She got up without making a squeak, and left the house.

June 16, 2009

Chapter 1 & 2 : ARSH SS TRUE LOVE

Chapter 1 :

She smiled seeing him coming towards her as he handed her, her favorite chocolate. she snatched it from him and started eating like a child. he smiled seeing her childishness but she looked extremely cute and adorable.
"Sid wow i so love this nuts and rice one."
"shilpa and i so love this smile on your face." she looked at him smiling whole heartedly and she shook her head at her silly friend.
"well mr sid u always lose the bet not my fault." she again reminded him of her victory. "i love loosing from you." "why?" she asked getting curious
"because ur a monkey, if u lose ul start attacking me." he laughed as her mouth hung open in shock and she fumed in anger.
"sid ke bachhe i will not leave u." he ran for his life as she ran after him.

part 2 : You Best Thing Ever Happen To Me(ss)

Part 2 – The Only Touch On Me should be yours

As wedding was just 4 days away Armaan’s friends were meant to come to be there with him on his big day but such was a friend of his name Sheena. She arrived 4 days before only while other friends that were meant to come along were missing from her side as she enter Armaan’s house. Armaan asked her about her being alone when they all planned big time when they got news about his wedding and she explained him the emergency they all got one by one due to family or work so they will be coming a day or two later. While she was free she came not dropping with all of them. They both talked some sometime and then Armaan told Sheena that he have made her arrangement in nearby hotel, hearing it she got surprised.

Last part : Frozen (AR mini ff)

 "Stop complaining Riddhima. I am doing everything as per your wish and still you are cribbing" said an agitated Armaan. She giggled at his state but shut her mouth on seeing his narrowed eyes. "Don't know what I was thinking when I came to Bangalore to stop you from marrying that Sid guy? Aaj tak saza bhugat raha hoon" he stopped and rubbed his arm where she had just punched him. "Oye!!! You should be grateful to me that I melted on hearing your song otherwise aaj tak bhi Romeo bane ghoom rahe hote" she replied arrogantly with a smirk. "Hum to aaj bhi aapke ke Romeo hai Riddhima Julliet Armaan Mallik" he said cheekily. "Ewwww Armaan that was the worst cheesy line you have ever said to me. You seem to be breaking your own all time low record of the worst cheesy lines ever" she said making a face while poking fun at him. He laughed listening to his crazy wife whom he married three years ago.

 He felt so lucky to have her beside him. He still remembers when he went to Bangalore three years ago to get her back and how they ended up marrying with everybody's consent. Nikki and Abhi were shocked when he called to tell them about his marriage. They were happy beyond words and flew to Bangalore the very same day.

Monday, 3 September 2018

part 7 : Frozen (AR mini ff)

"Diiiiiii, where are we going? And what exactly are we here for? I mean we aren't even shopping" asked a very confused Riddhima. She thought Anjali and Muskaan have been behaving a little weird since last evening. Ever since they got back home, they have been giving her very fishy looks. And not to rule out the fact that how come they came together last night. Lost in her thoughts she kept following them until Anjali spoke "Arrey yaar!!! We are here for shopping only, just looking out for this particular shop I saw the other day". Still not satisfied, Riddhima nodded her head and continued walking. While passing a cafe, suddenly something caught her ears and she stopped short in her track, almost frozen. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. "NO NO NO...this can't be true" she said to herself and on an instant turned towards the cafe and opened the door. What she saw inside left her numb completely.

On the other hand, Armaan stopped singing one of Riddhima's favorite songs as soon as he felt her presence. He looked towards the door of the cafe and felt his heart stop beating. There she was, standing right infront of him. It had been two weeks since he hasn't seen her and it already felt like eons. They looked into each other eyes and everything else faded away. It was just the two of them and nothing else. All they wanted to be in each other's arms and kiss the pain away but something was stopping her and he read it in her eyes. Tears formed in their eyes but Armaan held onto them for the meanwhile and picking up his guitar, he started playing it.

Final Part : ~TORN~~

"Is she going to be OK!" Armaan looked at the doctor taking off the mask

"You're her friend!" he whispered looking at Dr Sapna staring at him coldly..

"I knew you try to kill her! What have you done to her?…You Monster!!" Sapna screamed as she looked at him looking at the floor with his head lowered.

"Dr Sapna!" She looked over at Dr Chatterji coming towards her…

"This is no way to behave in a hospital…. Mr Malik I am sorry for Dr Sapna behaviour…" Armaan looked over at the doctors blankly

part 38 : Arrange Marriage - Backseat to dreams or the Driving seat

Armaan who was standing seeing her mono syllabically asking him questions had a smile on his face. This certainly have given her shock as well with the happiness what would reach in once the clouds of her shock will move away.

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Part 12 (last part) : it’s a love worth waiting for….

Billy uttered worriedly : “par dr. shshank hain kahan? Unhein kaise manayenge?”
Arman : “wo kal yahan aane wale hain,I mean sanjivani me ek conference hai attend karne aayenge aur dr.subhankar ke house rukenge. I will request sir to forgive riddhima.

Riddhima uttered sighly : “papa nahi manenge..wo mujhse nafrat karte hain.maine unhen bahut takleef di hai.”

Billy assured her : “toh hum sab hunger strike karenge riddhima..don’t worry unhein manna hi padega.

part 1 : You Best Thing Ever Happen To Me(ss)

“No Matter No of People I came Across in My Life, by the End all I want is you from World just For Myself.”

Part 1 – The Bachelor Night

Music was on the blasting volume making people dance on or off beat with the smell of alcohol surrounding the air around the club. Blond girls dancing in bikini seducing on or the other men in present in the party for their profession entertaining man in there. It was not the choice for them but a   Restraints to sustain life but they were never determined in society of hypocrites.
It was a party through by some of the friends of the man of the honor. It was not some success party obvious to the environment created, but it was a bachelor’s party for the groom to be. In the

part 6 : Frozen (AR mini ff)

She woke up when she felt somebody calling and shaking her. "Ar-maan" she moaned in her sleep and opened her eyes a bit but sat up with a jerk when she realized its Anjali. "Di aap?? Armaan..I-I mean a-aap yahan???" she fumbled as she hadn't realized yet that she is not at Paradise but at her own place in Bangalore.

Suddenly it hit her that she fell asleep last night remembering that day. "Yeah it's me, that is if you remember me. Anyways, get up and get ready. Mum's calling you. You guys have to go for your wedding shopping today. It's already 11 and you guys are getting late." Riddhima was taken aback at the coldness in Anjali tone. She had never spoken to her like that but ignoring it and tried to strike a normal conversation with her sister "Di aap nahi aa rahi humare saath. I would need your help in selecting things. You know how hard it is for me to take decisions without your advice". "No Riddhima, you have grown up and you don't need me in taking decisions anymore. Moreover you would be getting married in a couple of days and ofcourse won't be running to me for help in taking decisions then so it's better if you get used to it and apart from that I have some other very important work in hand so I won't be able to come with you". Anjali replied with the same coldness.

part 12 : ~TORN~~

"Riddhima!" he shouted to see Ramu enter his bedroom.

"She's gone sir!" Armaan looked at him frowning and marched up to her bed room.

Everything was tidy put away and he opened the cupboards to see the set of jewellery boxes and opened them all there nothing was missing only the picture of them she framed in Paris was missing….

"Good Riddance!" he said slamming the bedroom door…

"Breakfast Saab ji!"