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part 27 : To Err is Human

PART 27:

"Armaan….and everyone else…let's go and bring Angad back," Josh met with Riddhima, Kripa, Armaan and Rahul after work.

Kripa's heart skipped a few beats at the thought of seeing Angad once again. She excused herself and ran back to her dorm room to change into one of Angad's favorite colors-YELLOW! With her hair open, simple jewelry and minimal make up, despite her sleepless nights, no one could miss the glow on her face as she settled on the back seat of Armaan's car along with Riddhima and Rahul. Riddhima nudged her gently and whispered, "is roop ko dekh kar Angad ka gussa pighal na gaya tho mera naam badal dena." Kripa blushed and squeezed her friend's hand to reduce her embarrassment in front of the three other men in the car.


Episode 2 : ★mohabbat nasha hai new ff★

Next morning Malik house
(dilshaad neeche aati hai toh sanjana bethi hui chips kharahi hoti hai aur tv dekh rahi hoti hai armaan aur raashid bhi tayar hokar neeche breakfast table pe ajate hain)
dilshaad: sanjana ajao breakfast karlo..
sanjana in not very interested tone: mujhe nahi khana mom.. Im okay with my chips..

Part 5 : Sab Mera Tu (ARSH ss)


"Finally aaya..." she thought wd a winning smile while correcting her helmet who have changed in white loose t-shirt wd denim jacket above and anklet denim jeans wd shoes where as looking everywhere Armaan approached towards her calmly "Isne change bhi kar liya... Strange" she mumbled as she saw his clothes changed in red black check shirt wd black vest underneath and black track pant wd matching sleepers, his hairs were a little messed which made her to guess he was sleeping
"Kya huaa... Yahan kyun bulaaya??" he asked in calm tone as he stood beside her bike (I know vo thoda surprised tha mujhe bike par dekh kar... Kyunki vo dekh hi aise raha tha.. Par mujhe maza aa raha tha usse dekh k kyunki vo bahoot cute lag raha tha... Us look mein)
"Kuch kaam tha... Par tum bataao disturb toh nehi kiya...??" she asked in chilled out tone putting her hands on bike's handles making him to look at her amusingly (Mujhe pata hai vo kya soch raha hoga... Ki kaisi pagal hai disturb karke puch rahi hai ki disturb toh nehi kiya...)
"Nehi... Par tum bike pe... Uper se itni raatko bahar kya kar rahi ho...??" replying her calmly he asked in same tone only which made her smile 

part 11 : Sensual Seduction (AR)

As Vivek threw her on the bed, he dress went slightly up, showing her long milky thighs. Vivek was in a daze seeing her exposed like that, and looking at her beautiful skin. He went to the edge of the bed, and starting moving towards her by lining her legs. He started moving up by tracing his lips on her legs, and started moving to her face. She closed her eyes feeling his disgusting touches. His legs were separated by hers, as they were placed on the opposite sides of her thighs. ''Now who's gonna save you baby'' he said grabbing her face.

Armaan stepped out of his car making sure he was in the right hotel. As he entered, he asked the receptionist for the room number in which Ridhima booked. Taking the keys, he wanted to surprise her.

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part 26 : To Err is Human

Kaise koi kaise kahe
Dosti kya hai
Kya hai
Zingadi ki dhoop mein
Yeh Dosti chaaon hai
Zindagi ki dhoop mein
Yeh Dosti chaaon hai

(from Shaurya)


"Armaan? What are you doing here? At this hour?" Josh answered the knock on his door around 10 pm that night.

"Can I come in sir?"

Episode 1 : ★mohabbat nasha hai new ff★

scene starts with london..
(A girl with her beautiful long hairs wearing white top nd yellow jacket.. Nd black jeans.. Pink lipstick appear on her lips.. She look dam beautiful nd gorgeous)
(enter the office watching her everybody wished her good morning she left in her cabin)
employee 1: yaar kya khoobsurat boss hai agar mam se setting hojati toh baat banjaati..
employee 2: shut up guys agar riddhima mam ne sunliya na toh tumhe job se nikal denge or london mein toh kya kahi job nahi milegi..

Part 4 : Sab Mera Tu (ARSH ss)


"Bhaiyaa... Kya aap humaare saath kheloge....??" Armaan smiled seeing the boy holding his hand who opened his mouth to refuse when
"Please bhaiya varna vo didi aur Sagar jo unke team mein hain hume chidhaayenge... Kyunki Didi roz haar jaati thi par aaj pata nehi kaise jeet gayi..." Rohan's complain made him chuckle
"I am sorry... Par... Main nehi kar sakta..." he refused in polite tone which made the kids to start requesting "Aree suno toh meri... Baat main... Kaise..." he was trying to stop them calmly coz they were nudging by saying 'Please' where as Shilpa was watching this scene from far and giggled
"Beta agar bacche itna keh hi rahen hain... Toh sunn lete" Driver suggested politely making him left no choice only to agree

part 10 : Sensual Seduction (AR)

He got off from her with the guilt of her being engaged. As he neared the door, he heard something falling on the floor. It sounded like a metal piece, he turned and saw the ring on the floor.

 As the ring smoothly took its place on the ground, his eyes turned to Ridhima. She was standing there so still, with tears in her eyes, she looked hopeless. He turned back around towards the door, as her sobs got louder. He held the doorknob, as she went down on her knees crying. He locked the door and turned to her. Hearing the click of the doorknob, she looked up to see Armaan's gaze at her. She saw all the hidden love and feeling for her in those blue eyes. She was helpless, they couldn't be together, but she needed him, wanted him... She needed to feel that love of his... For the past 1 week, she has been crying due from their separation... She wanted the pain to go away for a moment, although it may be momentary. She got up and ran into his chest. As he arms flung around him, she placed her head on his chest

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part 25 : To Err is Human

Ghum badhe aate hain qaatil ki nigaahon ki tarah
Tum chupa lo mujhey ae dost…..gunaahon ki tarah…

Kripa stood frozen as the elevator door shut on her face.

"Yeh sab kya ho gaya?" She felt dizzy as the events since last night swarmed her thoughts, "Angad ki bhalayee chaahti thi main….lekin kya maine usey hamesha ke liya kho tho nahin diya? Mujh se naaraaz kyun hai wo? Aakhir galti uski hai…..main tho sirf help karna chaah rahi thi uski. Itni kadwaahat kyun hai uske andar? Does he not realize that I love him….and want the best for him."

"Doctor Sharma….aap theek hain?" a ward boy came up at the sight of the distraught intern.

Intro : ★mohabbat nasha hai new ff★

Riddhima Malhotra: Daughter of Shashank and padma nd a sister of anjali and arav by blood.. Loves her family alot specially her father... She runs her father company in london and lives with her grandmother.. She is very soft hearted girl... and very sincere for her work... She is a generous and responsible person... loves her father alot... And can do anything for him...
Anjali Malhotra: elder daughter of Shashank and padma.. Loves atul joshi.. She cares only about herself . Loves atul more than anything else.. Lives in india with her father...

Part 3 : Sab Mera Tu (ARSH ss)


"Dekh... Office mein laane ka mere paas ek plan hai..." Sid spoke smartly making three of them's head to turn at him (Hum chaaro conference hall mein baith k uswaqt do chize soch rahe the ek... Armaan ko kaise office laaya jaaye... Aur dusra... Main maafi kaise maangungi usse.. Apne misbehavior k liye.... Usse aaye pure ek hafte jo ho chuke the aur main ab tak kuch nehi kar paayi thi)
"Kya??" three of them asked in unionism
"See... Hum in sab mein Ronit uncle ko shaamil karenge... Jinse kahenge.. Ki vo Armaan k saamne thoda bimaar hone ka naatak karen... Aur usse kahen ki vo office join karle... Jab tak vo thik nehi ho jaate... Aur jahan tak main Armaan ko jaanta hoon vo kabhi mana nehi karega... Iske liye" he told in smart way which made them excited (Usdin pehli baar mujhe realise hua... Ki Sid k paas bhi dimaag ho sakta hai)
"Wonderful yaar... Siddyy" giving a side hug Ritvik spoke happily
"Haan seriously... Idea acha hai..." Surbhi smiled

part 9 : Sensual Seduction (AR)

He felt a teardrop fall on his cheek, and looked up to see Ridhima with moist eyes. He looked at her in concern and cupped her face, "Ridhima' I'm so sorry, I never should have let you go' I' I love you baby" he said finally confessing his feeling out of his chest. "I really love you Ridhima' I promise to be with you forever" he said hugging her tight. His eyes widened when he realized that she released him, "your too late Armaan' I'm already engaged" she said showing him her ring, shocking the hell out of Armaan. 

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part 24 : To Err is Human

We judge ourselves by our intentions……
           We judge others by their actions………
                                 Ian Percy


"Come in….darwaza khula hai," a tired voice answered the knock at his door. Angad was stretched on his bed, strumming his guitar after a long day in the OR.

Kripa turned the knob gently and walked in hesitantly.

"Kripa tum?" Angad's eyes lit up, "what a surprise….I have never seen you in the men's dorm…come in," he placed his guitar aside and got up from his bed. Dressed in casual jeans and a vest, his hair ruffled untidily and an evening stubble took her breath away for a moment. She gasped as his handsome profile stared lovingly at her, "aaj sooraj kahan se nikla tha? East or west?" He chuckled and encircled his arms around her slender waist.

Part 2 : Sab Mera Tu (ARSH ss)



"Shaanti(Her personal Maid)" Shilpa called in not so loud voice knowing everyone must be sleeping "Yeh Shaanti na pagal hai... Jab jaanti hai mujhe late hoga aane mein toh lights kyun off ki usne..." cursing Shaanti mentally she carefully started stepping ahead while taking out her phone for light where as inside from kitchen Shaanti was coming to look for Shilpa coz she heard her voice "Is phone...." she was about to curse her phone when she heard a low dangerous bark of a dog near her which made her feet jammed at one place "Yehh.... Yeh... Toh..." she stammered scaredly hearing the bark while seeing a dog & a girl's shadow near hall Shanti got scared coz from her eyes she saw mixed shadow which look like one gaint animal or something

part 8 : Sensual Seduction (AR)

Armaan looked at Ridhima shocked, but then he remembered what happened in the night' So that's why she was asking me' She wanted me to make the choice for her' Armaan closed his eyes, and let go of her hands. He turned and faced the other way. "I would choose the dream over the person Ridhima," he said. Ridhima looked up at him hurt "thanks" was all she could whisper, and left the room with her suitcase.


Tuesday, 11 September 2018

part 23 : To Err is Human

part 1-22


After leaving the serene and laid back town of Sanjeevgarh, the interns were back at the cut throat environment of Sanjeevani.

Angad, Kripa and Prithvi were assigned duties on the surgical floor, the most demanding rotation at the SMI. Long hours in the OR, early morning rounds at unfriendly hours like 4.30 am meant sleep deprived, over worked and stressed out interns.

It so happened, that Angad spent more time assisting the senior surgeons in the OR, leaving Prithvi and Kripa in charge of the floor and post op patients.

Angad lamented being away from Kripa for such long hours but a little smile from her in the locker room every morning or a little peck behind the lockers was enough fuel for his soul for the rest of the day. Kripa missed him too but she knew how important it was for him to hone his surgical skills, so she made it a point to stay out of his way. Prithvi was of course in seventh heaven. He had Kripa by his side most of the day! His habit of popping addicting pain pills continued as they made him feel 'good' and 'happy.' Kripa was pleased to see him chirpy, talkative and less shy these days. He seemed more confident about his work, occasionally a bit too confident. She was surprised to see that change in him, but dismissed it to, "maybe he has gotten used to SMI by now….achcha hai Prithvi ab nervous nahin hota."

Part 1 : Sab Mera Tu (ARSH ss)

In Mumbai 

@ One of a Bridge

"Armaan main... Phirse keh rahin hoon... Ki... Soch lo abhi bhi waqt hai... Kyunki agar main chali gayi naa.... Toh dusri mujh jaisi koi nehi milne waali..." a girl warned while stepping back gradually where as Armaan was only watching her wd calm look "You know itne saare... Qualities ek hi ladki mein nehi hote... Jitne mujh mein hai... Like... Main beautiful hoon... Smart & Intelligent hoon... You know like Beauty wd Brains" she parised herself still stepping back while hearing this he shook his head and stood against his car wd crossed hands "Kabhi dekhi hai... Kisiki Green aankhen... Jo meri hai... Kabhi dekhi hai... Kisiki hairs perfect ho jaise mere hain... In fact mera toh naam bhi ek proud k saath aata hai..... Shilpa Malhotra..... Sabke liye Khatra except you..." she said wd pride while ignoring her he corrected his goggles calmly "Meri height weight sab kuch perfect hai... Main business bhi sambhaal sakti hoon... Aur ghar bhi... Sirf tumhaare liye... Aur ek tum ho... Jo ghar aayi Laxmi ko thukra rahe ho...." hearing her

part 7 : Sensual Seduction (AR)

Suddenly a girl comes up to Armaan and hugs him, pushing Ridhima away. "Hey baby, missed me?" the girl said flinging her arms around Armaan's neck. Ridhima felt mad, and jealous. She was just staring blankly at Armaan, who looked at her worried. "How come you didn't call me after that beautiful night' I missed you so much" the girl said kissing him on the lips. Armaan broke out of the kiss and saw that Ridhima has disappeared. "UH! I'm sorry I didn't call you" Armaan said not knowing the girls name. "Let me guess, you don't even know my name'my friend was right, all guys are jerks" the girl said slapping Armaan, and leaving angrily. Armaan looked totally lost' What just happened here, and who the f**k was she' and Where is Ridhima' Armaan wondered wandering around looking for her.


Opening her eyes, she saw the sun shining, high in the sky and its yellow gold raises smiling at her. She smiled and looked beside her as her smile widened and her cheeks turned beetroot as she felt his strong possessive hold over her. His hands firmly placed around her waist and stomach encircling her small petite figure, pulling her close to him. His head in the crook of her neck, his lips releasing hot warm breathes caressing her neckline and nap. She blushed thinking of last night, and feeling his warm bare body upon hers. Getting out of the bed, taking care that she doesn't disturbs his sleep, she properly and firmly tied the satin sheet around her body covering her naked body with it. Going towards the window she looked out as a huge grin appeared on her face, thinking about how her life changed into a paradise. She needed nothing more, she couldn't ask for more, she had everything; her world, her life, her love, Armaan! Smiling she reminisced all their beautiful sweet memories. How he had taken her to the same place, where they had first met and kneeling down on his knees how on the same road where she had hit him with a rod, stopping the whole traffic, with everyone watching at

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Part 2 : The Breeze of the Beach (os in 2 parts)

I stood there slightly confused for a moment until it dawned upon me. I felt like a fool! A complete fool! I glanced around and saw all those idiots laughing at me. It is not the first time they were laughing at me but for the first time I felt low and upset. Well, getting betrayed by your best friend is not the best thing in the world is it?

I glanced at Armaan who looked horrified. As he saw me stare at him, he sent signals as if not to believe them. As if I would ever trust him again. I walked up to him and slapped him right across his cheek that it turned a bright red. The whole beach fell silent. By now not only were those idiots standing around us but also other friends and family. Armaan looked up and his face was displaying a blank expression. I couldn't bear to even look at him anymore. Especially, when I had thought there could have actually between something between us. Now I knew it was nothing but a whole load of crap.

part 6 : Sensual Seduction (AR)

"And where do you think your going baby…"

 "Armaan just leave me alone…I wanna go home and sleep…I'm so tired, so please leave my hand…" she felt his hand land go of her, and proceeded to walk out. Suddenly she felt some one clutch their arms around her waist tightly. Armaan held her firmly by her waist, moving his lips up and down her ear and neck, whispering "What if I don't let you go… what are you gonna do then" she felt the moist warm breath on her neck… Breaking all her senses once again, she felt her bag fell out of her hands…

Chapter 13 : ARSH SS TRUE LOVE

For a moment Shilpa close her eyes ginving into the kiss.. Armaan who kept kissing her roughly becomes gentle and pull her close to him while deepening the kiss... All he wanted to show was how much love he had for her... To prove that He dont love ridhima but her... Ridhima looked at the scene infront of her eyes... She couldnt believe it.. He never kissed her soo passionately like that... They didint even share a small kiss... Deep down her heart she had a feeling that Armaan felt something towards Shilpa... Even though he was  with her his eyes was always looking for Shilpa... The passion she wished to see in his eyes was towards Shilpa...  She did feel bad as she loved him a lot.. But she knew  this was happening for the best... Moving on was the best solution they had now....

Sunday, 9 September 2018

Epilogue : It’s a love worth waiting for…

After 7 years

Riddhima was getting ready for hospital .arman came slowly and hugged her from back. Riddhima smiled and asked : “kya baat hai?aaj dr. arman bade romantic ban rahe hain?”

Arman nuzzled on her neck and whispered : “mousam hi aisa hai darling,meri koi mistake nahi hai.”

Riddhima freed herself from him and asked smilingly : “hospital nahi jana kya?”

Arman nodded in na and uttered : “keh diya tabiyat thik nahi hai..tum bhi leave le lo na.”

Riddhima frowned and uttered : “aur phir kal jab hospital jaungi toh aapke sare friends mujhe tease karenge.”

Part 1: The Breeze of the Beach (os in 2 parts)

Aah! The breeze of the beach was enough to make me smile. I just love it. And the weather was superb. It was a hot and sunny day ' just what I wanted. I wasn't here on my own. And I wouldn't have minded it even if I was. But when I had suggested a little trip at the beach to my mom, she decides that it would be great to invite ALL her friends to it. I mean we even had to hire a coach to support 20 or so old women plus their blooming husbands plus the spoilt brats that they call children. When I say spoilt brats, I mean spoilt brats. It's as if one can't be sure if their mothers actually gave birth to them or if they had been made in some factory. It would be too rude to say all of them were spoilt. Some weren't but the majority were.
So much for planning a beach trip. The main point of a trip to the beach was to relax my mind (and my heart) a little after all that stress and confusion from the past month. It was also to spend a bit of FAMILY time. Urgh!

It wasn't even the fact that I can't relax properly or spend time with my family that was bothering. It was the fact the HE had to be here too! HE who has bothering my mind for the past month. HE has been bothering my heart for the past month. HE who is going to be bothering me today. Especially considering that HE is going to have a bunch of annoying girls around him!

part 5 : Sensual Seduction (AR)

"NOPE! I'm not going to the office this late at night' and plus I don't have anything to wear, except for this night dress.

Ridhima said worriedly. "But Ridhz, he's your boss' you have to listen to him' and plus it's probably something quick, he said he's sending his driver to pick you up'" Ridhima looked at Muskaan desperately. "It better be something important, or else Armaan Malik will never see daylight!" Ridhima said walking her way out of the house.

Chapter 11 & 12 : ARSH SS TRUE LOVE

Chapter 11 :

Dressed in a beautiful red dress Shilpa walked into the party... The party was on full swing.. She looked around with rising nervousness.... Armaan's words kept haunting her... She was curious as she wondered what he was gonna do tonight.... As far as she knew him  she knew Armaan never back downs from his words... He do what he says.... Blocking the thoughts Shilpa walks in hesitantly.... Just then she notice Sid coming to her happily... " Shilpa.... Ohh i have been waiting for you.. Where were you haaan... "
Shilpa gives a small smile " Ohh sorry Sid.. uhh i was just getting ready.... "
Just then a thought comes up in her mind....  Ohh yes she could tell about her problem to Sid.... Maybe he could help her ... " Umm Sid... I need to talk to you.. Actually... "
Her words get caught in her throat as she hears the his sensuous voice from behind.... " Hello Shilpa... "