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Epilogue : Arrange Marriage - Backseat to dreams or the Driving seat

It’s been A Year Already, but it still feels fresh when i heard her whisper in my ears. That Feeling that i got earing her was not something i can explain with the finite number of letters. It was something so pure so serine.
I can never forget the days that i have spent discovering all the smallest little things about her. She was high on mood swings, sometime she would laugh hard on the joke she have heard millions of time and sometime she would cry even on the dying of the insect thinking all emotionally about them to a extend where i was ready to pull the hair out of my head.
Just after he have given me this great news i totally forgot to inform the family i was too much lost in decorating the coming days where i am pampering my angel who have their pari in her, later i am pampering the pari who is trying to walk pushing away her walker.
It was too much of happiness that i have been bombarded with in a second with just a small 5 words sentence. As i told you I forgot to inform the family about the news i was only lost holding ridhima in my arms she was whispering all the dreams she is seeing right now while i just sat soothing her back. We both were in ocean of love and happiness that we forgot the time we have been sitting here.
It was the sudden sound of door opening that caught their attention. Every person's face in the family is bursting with happiness.

Last Part : Never let go!(ss)


"Hey!" The moment I heard his deep voice, my heart started beating faster.

I don't understand how it happens, but it does. His mere voice sends a tinge down my spine. It makes me nervous and stammer. I feel as if my stomach is in innumerable knots. For this reason, I tend to be extremely conscious when I am talking to him, when I am around him. And for the same reason, he tries to create some room for me, tries to make me feel comfortable. And that is the very first reason, I fell for him.

But he doesn't understand my feelings, can he? The reason being simple and straight forward: I never told him. In fact, it took me almost six months to realize my feelings for him; and another six months to come to terms that I am in love with him. And another couple of months later, when I amassed all my courage to tell him what I feel for him, it came as an unbearable blow when he announced that he is in a relationship with one of my colleagues. Now, I can't tell him that I love him, can I? I will be risking two most important relationships of mine: one with him and the other with my friend who is his girlfriend.

part 5 : Unknown Truth

"Life is all about the ups and downs you face" yes it's me again turning philosophical this time. I know you must be wondering what's wrong with her, let me tell you nothing is wrong with me and till now I haven't even done anything. What can you expect from a person who is about to thrown out from her job anytime- any minute. So just in case my status changes from a "employed" to "unemployed", I am turning philosophical to keep my mind intact.

"Ommmm''." A perfect start to the Monday blues. I know you must be eager to know what happened to armaan , don't worry you are not the only one, I am in the list too. I haven't heard or saw him after that day actually I wanted to see him but he gave strict instructions to the nurse not to let me in, pata nahin kya problem hai mera se. He was supposed to join last week par lagta hai god mere upar kucch zyda hi maherban hai as he delayed my "FIRED" by one week.

I have even started searching for a new job, in case you know, just saw one yesterday and if all goes the way I have dreamed , I am sure next week same day, same time you'll find me in that company giving interview.

part 41 : To Err is Human

RECAP: Armaan lifted her chin and bent down gently. His hands reached for the tie on her bathrobe as his lips descended on hers. She groaned with pleasure as his fingers crawled under the silken robe on her bare skin; his lips savored her sweet petals as the two lovers tasted each other after two long years of separation. He lifted her in his arms and carried her to the bedroom…..

"Armaaan," she murmured against his chest as she gently slid off his arms to the floor, "main…main," her voice choked, "tumhare bina apne aap ko kitna akela mehsoos karti thi…..mujhey nahin pataa tha tum mere andar is kadar tak samaa chuke ho….I was so alone without you…..I missed you……kitni bechain thi main tumhare liye……kitni door chale gaye the tum mujhse…."

Armaan placed his finger on her lips, "sshhh….aaj inhee dooriyon ko mitaane aaya hoon main," his husky voice and dexterous fingers on her silky body made her restless. With trembling lips and a familiar sweet pulsation inside her, she embraced him firmly, afraid to let go of him.

He nibbled on her ears and then carried her swiftly to her bed.

Kitni bechain hoke tumse mili - 2
Tumko kya thi khabar thi main kitni akeli
Aaah haa, haa haa, haa haa, aah aah aah haa haa - 2

Friday, 28 September 2018

Part 92 :From The Time I Saw You - An AR FF -


Armaan turn around in his sleep and move his hand on the bed to get hold of Riddhima as he has lost her warm... When he couldn't find her, Armaan open his eyes trying adjust to the light which was coming through the open window as the curtains were flying freely, letting the breeze move in along with the sun rays...
Armaan eyes were still filled with sleep, he blink his eyes for two three times to make the sleep leave for few minutes so he could check on his darling wife, who seems to have left his side letting him sleep alone in the king size bed which has more space than needed for the two of them because they don't need it when they are by each other side...
With difficulty, Armaan manage to open his eyes and look at Riddhima side to see it empty... Wondering where she might have gone leaving him alone, he look at his mobile which was kept on the side table to check the time and it was just only 7 in the morning...
Armaan was surprise to know the day has merely started and now his darling wife was missing... Rubbing his eyes, Armaan move out from the bed looking around the room hoping to get a glimpse of Riddhima... When he didn't hear a single noise, he move towards the washroom to check if she is there or not...
'Riddhima...' Armaan call her name but hearing no sound, he open the door to see it empty...
Armaan keep staring at the empty washroom for sometimes before moving out to the open balcony as he saw the room was locked from inside... As expected, Armaan found Riddhima in the balcony enjoying the morning sight without caring that what he would think if he don't find her next to him...
'Tum yaha ho...' Armaan said moving closed to her...

part 3 : Never let go!(ss)

"Why did you have to come along?" Armaan hissed at Rahul, while smiling at his onsite colleagues who greeted them in London office.

"I am committed to my profession, Armaan. If my company needs me, I will never back gown." Rahul replied back slyly, with a silly grin on his face.

"Oh cut the crap! Ankit told me that you requested him to put you on this project with me." Armaan snapped at him.

"Sanjana called me in the morning." Rahul added suddenly. "She asked me to tell you that she is fine and that she doesn't hate you anymore." He ended, with a genuine concern in his voice.

"I am glad." He replied with a sigh. "I messed up her life bad. She is a sweet heart."

part 4: Unknown Truth

Tera mujhse se pehle ka naata koi

Yuhi nahin dil lubhata koi

No, it's not any CD. It's me singing in my melodious voice which 'some' says sounds like a "koyal" , the 'some' I am referring to is none other than "me" while the rest of the world says "do anything but no singing".

Jaana tu ya jaana na..

Maane tuuuuuuu…

"Okay fine.." Sorry for the interruption but I have to stop now coz certain someone doesn't like me singing.

part 40 : To Err is Human

Angad swerved his car away from the train station and headed towards the airport instead. The fastest way would be a flight to Jaipur followed by a cab ride to Ajmer.

"Sir…the next flight does not leave till 6 in the morning," the clerk at the ticket counter informed him. Angad looked at his watch, "abhi tho sirf raat ke 10 baje hain….Oh God….I wish I had a private jet or something….Kripa…I wish I could be there with you right this minute….theek hai….de do ek ticket." After paying a hefty fare for the last minute ticket, he headed towards his car. He had no idea where Kripa's parents lived in Ajmer, "Kripa ke papa Mayo college ke principal hain shayad….maybe that's where I will go first……but what if Kripa does not live in Ajmer? Wo tho shayad kisi chote sheher mein kaam karna chaahti thi…Oh God…main bhi kitna pagal tha….na kabhie uske ghar waalon ka pataa maanga aur na hi kabhie poocha ki wo kahan jaa rahi hai…..I am such an IDIOT!"

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Last Part : Arrange Marriage - Backseat to dreams or the Driving seat

Ridhima was upset with the fact that someone give deal to her husband just because she is well known in her work now and he is her husband. Though Armaan had tried to calm her down to which she even give a nod for time being just to dismiss it as Armaan won’t like her thinking much about it.
Whole night she wasn’t able to sleep a wink as she was thinking of ways to make Mittal regret about his words he has said to her husband. When Armaan wake up he saw her lost in somewhere still in his arms.
“Ridhima” he called her out as he opened his eyes to welcome new day but seeing her reddish eyes he knew she was up all night. Ridhima look at him and instantly regret it as his morning calm face instantly turn into worried face.
“What happen” he asked her but got no reply instead she got up from bed, walking towards she stop looking out birds chirping around starting their day with happy note but here her day started with bad mood al because of that Mittal.
Seeing her not responding Armaan make her turn towards him “Ridhima you are still on it” seeing her lowering her eyes confirm his doubts. “Ridhima why are to taking all this like that baby. You know how proud I feel seeing that everyone around in this world acknowledging your work and talent you have.”

part 2 : Never let go!(ss)

"Damn that woman!!!" I screamed in frustration, running one of my hands in my already ruffled hair and throwing my tie away with the other one. Trying to calm myself, I slumped my body on the couch and closed my eyes. Her teary eyes flashed infront of my eyes and I snapped them open.

As I shifted my position on the couch, something pricked my hip and I cursed under my breath again. I groped in my pant pocket and pulled out a delicate velvet box out. The lid fell open and a platinum wedding band mocked at me. Suddenly overcome by remorse and utterly exhausted, I threw the box aside and leaned back on the couch. I heard my mobile ringing ceaselessly, but ignored it fully aware who might be trying to reach me. After all, I just broke my engagement off!

"f**k you, Riddhima!" I uttered under my breath and closed my eyes yet again.

part 3 (b): Unknown Truth

I walked out of the room with a glum face. The day was completely turning out to be the worst day of my life. First I made a fool of myself, second he enjoyed it completely and last when his doze of laughter was full he threw me out. Okay so he told me to leave but bahar to bheja naa.

I came to my cubicle and sat on the chair with a thud and started my regular bhashan of frustration "What does he think of himself? He told me to go out vo bhi inte rudely. Since his entertainment quota is full. Obviously he is gonna say that. For heaven's sake I am not a cartoon. Even I have emotions-sad, happy, funny, anger, etc..etc..etc..if I am making a fool of myself that doesn't give you the right to laugh at me. Okay confession time. I know I said that you can laugh at me but honestly I hate when people laugh at me. Even though I don't express myself but when a person especially a guy mocks or laugh at me, all I can think of is murdering him right there. I never wished to imagine armaan like those guys but he left me with no other option, so like a true warrior, I took out the black band, tied it around my forehead and took out my weapon- my cell phone.

"hello..sumu help me.."

part 39: To Err is Human


Armaan was completing the paper work for discharge of one of their long term patients, Mr Tony Gonzalves, when a nurse approached him, "Dr Armaan….Mr Gonzalves ke bte aaye hain….he wants to thank you personally for taking care of his dad."

"Thanks sister…main aata hoon….have him take a seat in the waiting room."

"Yes doctor!"

Armaan picked his stethoscope and walked into the waiting room, where he was startled to see one of his favorite persons in the world.

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Part 91 :From The Time I Saw You - An AR FF -

part 1-90

'Riddhima...???' Armaan nudge seeing how Riddhima got quiet realizing where they were going...
Mean time Armaan has check in and they got their boarding pass so he came to take Riddhima out from the line as other passenger were waiting them to finished so they could proceed...
All this time, Riddhima didn't utter a single word but Armaan kept looking towards her every than and now very well understand how much surprise she was because it was showing in her face clearly...
When Armaan took her towards the waiting area as they have some more minutes to board the flight, Riddhima look towards Armaan when she felt Armaan arms around her waist as he walk her to the waiting area, catching many people attention as girls were busy drooling over Armaan while guys checking out Riddhima who looks breath-taking in modern cloths...
Ignoring other girls while Riddhima was unaware of the attention guys were giving to her, they occupied a corner of the waiting room as Armaan call his parents to let them know that they had check in and will inform when they board the flight for the journey as it would take more than 12 hours for them to land in Greece and another hour or more to reach the hotel which Armaan has booked for their stay...

part 1 : Never let go!(ss)

"Hey!" The moment I heard his deep voice, my heart started beating faster.

I don't understand how it happens, but it does. His mere voice sends a tinge down my spine. It makes me nervous and stammer. I feel as if my stomach is in innumerable knots. For this reason, I tend to be extremely conscious when I am talking to him, when I am around him. And for the same reason, he tries to create some room for me, tries to make me feel comfortable. And that is the very first reason, I fell for him.

But he doesn't understand my feelings, can he? The reason being simple and straight forward: I never told him. In fact, it took me almost six months to realize my feelings for him; and another six months to come to terms that I am in love with him. And another couple of months later, when I amassed all my courage to tell him what I feel for him, it came as an unbearable blow when he announced that he is in a relationship with one of my colleagues. Now, I can't tell him that I love him, can I? I will be risking two most important relationships of mine: one with him and the other with my friend who is his girlfriend.

part 3 (a): Unknown Truth

This part is from riddhima POV....

The most embarrassing moment'na..moments..hmmm'maybe but I think a better word should be "day". Today was the most embarrassing day of my life. mein kahan se start karoon. As funny as it may sound which btw I totally understand. I mean if I can laugh on others so I have no problem with you laughing at me after knowing what happened to me' duh.. we don't pay taxes on laughing.

If yesterday wasn't enough, today I outdid myself in every department of making a fool out of myself. First I called my boss a "hottie"...that too on his face which I don't mind saying again and again, after all it's a compliment but' I know my sentences are incomplete without a "but"..i don't know if it's just me  alone or there are more like me using "but" in every where was I' I was saying aaj to hadd hi ho gayi. I don't blame him as it was 99.99% my fault, to be precise it was cent percent but this sounds much better. if making a fool of myself wasn't, enough there's this guy who is harassing me and telling me to leave the job..Duh..who wants to leave the job when you have such a hot boss.. I am not in a mood to discuss about him and I haven't even told Carol, may be someone is jealous of me that can be the only reason, so coming back to the topic of the day which is "what not to do when you got to do"..sounds weird 'isn't ..but I can't think of something better.

part 38: To Err is Human


kitna pyar karte hain tumhe sanam
mere dil se pooch lo na

bina saans kaise jiye jaa rahein hain hum
mere dil se pooch lo na


"Great job Dr Mallik…..that was brilliant…..the way you handled that difficult Schizophrenic patient is really commendable…..considering that you are only a final year Psychiatry resident….lot of senior doctors have a hard time with such complicated cases."

"Thanks sir….I owe it to you…..aaj se do saal pehle agar aapne mujhey yeh chance nahin dia hota tho shayad mujhey yeh mauka kabhie nahin milta."

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Jo Dil Pe Nasha Hai ( An 18+ AR OS)

It was early morning, still the sun hasn't come out to the world as the darkness were around the sky waiting to start a new day... It didn't take much time as ever so slowly the sun peeped out, letting the rays of it to the sky as it gives a golden light taking over the darkness...

As just the day started, hardly any soul was alive at this time but for some unknown reason, a guy was walking on the beach as he has a camera hanging over his neck... Looking at the beautiful sun rise, he adjust the camera before capturing the view is his camera...

part 2 : Unknown Truth

"my- my.. a Hottie.." she screamed in her mind as she looked at the most handsome man she had ever seen in her life and why not?.. when you had to go to all girls school and college you are bound to get excited ..

"Are you okay miss?" the guy asked her still holding her by her elbows as riddhima stood in front of him like a dumbo fluttering her eyelashes with a smile plastered on her lips. At that point of time all she could wish was her knees to go weak and the guy holding her but her knees weren't even shaking but supporting her like a rock. She was cursing milk that carol made her drink every day. "that's it from today onwards I am not gonna eat or drink anything that contains calcium. my knees aren't even shaking a little bit. How am I going to fall now.." she was cursing herself not realizing that her cursing was a bit too audible.

part 37: To Err is Human

RECAP: "KRIPA!" Angad yelled.

The dance had just finished and even before anyone could catch their breath, they saw that the lovely intern in a green saree had collapsed in Angad's arms……

A pale and very limp Kripa hung from Angad's arms as onlookers gathered around them. A frightened Angad shook her gently, "Kripa….aankhein kholo!" Her lips quivered a little and eyes fluttered as she gradually came back into consciousness. With her hand on her aching head, she clutched Angad's arm and tried to get up.

"What happened beta?" A concerned Gauri came forward, "let's take her to my office…..I will check her out."

"Nahin …..main theek hoon aunty," the color on her cheeks was still indiscernible, "bas zara chakkar aa gaya tha."

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Complete List of Adult Fanfiction

  1. Sensual Seduction (AR)

  1. ARSH os : Main ho gayi Armaan ki
  2. Sajna Hai

  1. Hawas Ke Pal

Part 11: pyar ke mod pe….

Time passed…and with time,riddhima also started changing. The girl once who didn’t like anyone or anything except her work,and hated india ,now started liking a guy who is Indian… the girl once who didn’t want to share anything about her life,her sorrow to anyone,now she started sharing everything every moments with the guy,whom once she didn’t like as he was an Indian….the girl ,who once loved to live alone,now couldn’t live without a guy,whose name was arman.

part 1 : Unknown Truth

Being alone all her life with no one to share her true feelings, she felt like an alien on this planet. Her life wasn't that that dull, how everyone around her felt for her. She was just like any other  human with two eyes, two ears, one nose, one mouth and perfectly functioning limbs, what she didn't had was a family. "Family" such  a simple word which even a small kid could speak without any complication but for her this word bought nothing but complication's. How can she forget the teasing that she had to hear every day when she was in school. Was it her fault that she didn't knew her last name. She remembered when she had applied for the colleges, people used to look at her as if she is a mistake and she shouldn't had been born. Some used to feel pity on her while other looked at her in shame. why was she to blame for something for which she had no idea, just coz she doesn't know who her parents are, should she be deprived of the rights which are given to other's. As time passed , she believed it as her destiny , she is destined to be alone all her life. she can't say "mom" or "dad". These words are not meant for her. At times she used to feel alone when she needed someone to cry her heart out. She used to get jealous of other children playing with their parent's , how she wished that she was one of them.

part 36: To Err is Human

RECAP: Shashank walked in with a stern expression; Abhimanyu stood still expecting Shashank to walk towards him to shake his hand……

The two men took a few reluctant steps towards each other and were finally face to face. They stared down at each other with hands in their pockets. Each waited for the other to extend their hand for a handshake but neither took the initiative.

"It's been many years Shank…I mean…Dr Shashank Gupta," Abhimanyu broke the wall of silence.

"Yes it has Abhi…uh..I mean Dr Abhimanyu Mallik!" Shashank replied curtly.

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Intro : Unknown Truth

All her life she was told that she is an orphan. No one knew about her mom, dad or any other family. Even the orphanage where she is living knows nothing about her family background except that she was brought to this orphanage when she was about 11 month old. During her growing up years she used to feel sad watching other children play with their parents. Everyday people used to come to the orphanage to adopt kids but no one adopted her. As time passed she accepted this as her destiny that she is destined to be alone. There is no one to call her as their child, love her, tell her bedtime's stories, play with her and even get angry on her when she makes mistakes.  Still every day she prayed for just one wish to see her parent's once.

Now all of 23 she is starting a new journey. Although she never got the love of parents, it didn't stop her from achieving her goals. She always wanted to help other children who don't get the love of their parents and today is the first step in fulfilling this dream of her. Today is the first day of her job. She is about to leave the house when she receives a call from someone telling her that she is the daughter of Shashank Gupta ,one of the top businessman of the country. The man who is worshiped by millions of people, the idol of youngsters and the one who is going to be her new Boss.


Part 4: Hawas Ke Pal( An AR Mini SS)

Being drain after letting about her emotions in front of Armaan, Riddhima just wanted to feel him close to her at the moment because in his arms, as Riddhima feel most secure and protect... So breaking the eye-lock, Riddhima just let herself relax in his arms resting her head on his chest...

When Armaan put his arms around her, fresh tears started to fall from her eyes feeling the warm and love... After years, she felt that she got her life back, she felt love and it makes her overwhelmed but next second, her brain scream, reminding her that who she is and what society think about girls like her...

part 35: To Err is Human



"Aai baba," Kripa pinned the pallu of her deep green saree, glanced herself in the mirror, brushed her long open hair and headed for the door, "bilkul patience nahin hai tum mein…" She knew it was Angad at the door as he had promised to pick her up for the party. She almost gasped with pleasant surprise as she saw a very handsome Angad dressed in a black suit at the door.

"Ab tho bilkul bhi patience nahin hai," he returned her admiring glance and checked out his gorgeous fiance from head to toe. Hurriedly, he shut the door behind him.

"Angad….. jaana nahin hai kya?" She stepped back as she sensed the blazing intensity in his gaze.