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Intro : The First Kiss 😘


Shanshank Gupta & Padma Gupta - They are a middle class couple who live in Mumbai. Shashank is a manager in a local garments factory and Padma is a homemaker.
They have one daughter Anjali Gupta and also have a niece Riddhima , who lives with them since she was 5 years old. Riddhima was Padma's sister daughter but came to live with her mausi and mausa after her parent's tragic death. Anjali is now 24 years old and Riddhima is 21. They have grown up as sisters but have totally different personalities.

Anjali Gupta - She is very proudy girl, she has always excelled in whatever she does. She was always an "A+" student, studied in the most prestigious boarding school of India and is now working at a Multinational company in a managing role. She is on fast track to becoming a senior member of her team. She is a hard worker and a "perfectionist". She is very elegant and a charming person. The word "impossible" or "defeat" does not exist in her dictionary. She can do anything to achieve her goals.......anything!!

Part 96 :From The Time I Saw You - An AR FF -

Ananya was in her room when the door bell rang, checking the time as a smile make its way on her lips, she quickly move out very well knowing who must have come... As she came out, she saw the most adorable scene and she couldn't help but stop admiring her son and daughter in law looking just like the most perfect couple in the world...
Ananya has missed them in last two weeks, they had been away to spend some alone time with each other but they had manage to spare sometimes for their families and friends still being in another country... True the house was like a haunted place without them, even Nikki has left after five days which make the place completely empty...
It seems like after ages she was seeing her son and daughter in law but she knows, it would be worth for them to spend sometimes alone and it was proved right the moment she saw the glow on her daughter in law face but at the moment a frown was on it...
'Mom...' Riddhima called breaking Ananya trace as she stood admiring them...
Next moment Ananya was hugging her, as she try to take bless from her by touching her feet but she took her in motherly embrace before she could touch her feet... Huge smile form on Riddhima face, feeling her mother in law love as the frown fades for a second...

Unknown Truth continuation (1)

Since this story was written from Riddhima's POV and nobody knew what was going on in Armaan's mind, I have written this and the next 2-3 parts from Armaan's POV.

 Part- I

"Riddhima..atleast listen to me.."I walked behind her trying to manofying her as she was walking ahead. She had the angry look on her face as she turned and looked at me.

"I wasn't ogling at her. She was the one, looking at me. Main to bas..."

"bas kya Armaan, I saw you ogling at her and she was....Chee Armaan, never expected this from you"

"but I was ogling at you. She was sitting beside you, to meri kya galti hai" I replied. It was true, I just saw that girl one time. Ab voh hi mujhe dekh rahi thi to mein kya karoon. Making a puppy pleading face, I was walking behind her to make her talk to me as she was avoiding me.

"enough Armaan, don't lie to me and I am not gonna talk to you this time. Yeh pehli baar nahin hai when you did this. You always do this and although I love you a lot, i can't tolerate this attitude of yours. Whenever we go to cinema to watch a film, you do this. More than the film, your eyes wander to the girls around. But not anymore, I will sleep in the guest room and don't you dare follow me" she said and moved towards the guest room and I realized the reason behind the sudden outburst.

part 48 : To Err is Human

RECAP: As they all sat down for lunch, the new channel flashed the hottest story of the day.

 A stunned silence fell on the table as the headlines blared on the news channel.


Friday, 5 October 2018

Part 5 : Hawas Ke Pal( An AR Mini SS)

'Tumne bhulaya Rakesh...???' Riddhima asked, banging in his cabin...
'Aao Riddhima, haan mujhe kuch baat karna tha...' Rakesh said as he was holding something, looking at it...
'Kiya baat hai...???' Riddhima asked, sitting in front of him...
'Pata hai yeh kiya hai...???' Rakesh asked showing her the paper...

Riddhima rise her eyebrows waiting him to reveal what it was, Rakesh just smirk seeing Riddhima expression and kept it on middle of the table so she could see it... Riddhima move forward, to have a closed look at it and was surprise to see Armaan sign on it...

Part 2 : Sab Mera Tu (season 2)


(Usdin ke baad se hume pata bhi nehi chala ki kab Deep ek important hissa ban gaya humaari group ka even fest khatam hone ke baad bhi vo humaare saath hi rehta tha, kuch change nehi huaa tha group mein except is baar Stephen aur Rati ki ladaai ko enjoy karne ke liye main aur Deep dono the.. Wd the passing time we became more good friends and at our last year of University Deep realised he fell for Rati jo mere aur Stephen ke liye kaafi surprising tha kyunki Rati aur Deep mein zameen aasmaan ka farq hai, Deep ko humesha Status, Standard aur Level se matlab hai aur wahin Rati complete opposite to him.. Deep ne humse help maangi usse propose karne ke liye aur us din pehli baar jabse main Dubai aaya tha Shilpa ka khayaal dimaag mein aaya)

"Armaan.. Are you listening to me.." an annoyed Deep yelled at Armaan who was playing basket boll in court while Stephen was still trying to adjust the news that Deep loves Rati
"From past one hour.. I was listening to you only Deep" still dribbing the boll he retorted in calm voice which made Deep to sigh

last part : Unknown Truth

Here I am

This is me

I am waiting for my husband

To come to me

Pardon me all the Bryan Adams lovers *I love his songs too, he is a rockstar* for spoiling his song, first by changing the lyrics and now singing but this is the last time, I'll singing for you guys to chalta hai na. Btw did you heard the third line..NO..okay let me repeat myself

I am waiting for my husband

To come to me

"yes..yes..yes.."I got married today and the excitement in my voice must have told you who my husband is.  NO it's not JP. At least now stop pulling my leg.  He is none other than my dream man, my hero, my Husband.. my Armaan. Yeahhhhhhh... My Armaan, it sounds so romantic, isn't? Even if it doesn't, I don't care coz mujhe to karta hai.

part 47 : To Err is Human

hey all heard a familiar voice from the crowd.

"Yeh tho Armaan ki awaaz hai," Kripa's face lit up as she looked around.

And there they were- Armaan and Riddhima in front of them with their outstretched arms, big smiles and tears of joy in their eyes.

Kripa dropped her handbag and ran to hug her friends. With one arm around each of them, she clung to both Armaan and Riddhima like a vine around a tree. Without exchanging any words or tears, the three of them silently shared each other's warmth and pain, holding onto each other snugly. 

Gayatri and Suryabhan exchanged glances and smiled at each other; they knew Kripa and Angad had made the right decision by returning to Mumbai.

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Part 95 :From The Time I Saw You - An AR FF -

'Wow Armaan, this is simply beautiful...' Riddhima said being happy to see the sight...
After the photo-shoot, they have drive to another part of the city as Armaan tell Riddhima that he has another surprise for his lovely wife... However, Riddhima try to make Armaan speak out about it but Armaan manage to keep Riddhima busy as he started to get naughty with her...
It took half an hour or more for them to reach their destination where Armaan plan his next surprise... As they had spend more than an hour in their second wedding and the photo-shoot, now it was almost time for lunch... So without delaying, Armaan took the cab which he has hire for the day to reach beach side as he has arrange lunch for them...
The moment Armaan lead Riddhima to the area where he has make the arrangement for them, away from the crowded beach but it shows the sea side... It was reserved area so not many people could see and it gives much privacy which Armaan needed with his wife...

part 7 C : Unknown Truth

As I try looking at the shadow, I see JP coming out and standing, grinning looking at my condition.

"What are you doing here?" I question him as he is not saying anything, just standing with the same pose.  The next moment, I feel like hugging him as he shows me the answer behind his grinning- the key to my freedom.  Although I am angry at them for leaving me all alone but I'll deal about that later, first I need to get out from the lock up. I am still in a dilemma whether to go or not but I am going ahead with the second option and you know why , kyunki "Dil to baccha hai ji, thoda kaccha hai ji". Ab baccho ki to har mistake maaf ho jaati hai na. So even if I get caught, I'll tell Armaan that it was just an accident.

part 46 : To Err is Human


The two men drove quietly on the Delhi-Jaipur highway after their emotionally charged meeting with Dr Amit Kumar.

"Angad….don't think about this issue too much… me this is the best option for Kripa at this stage," Prithvi looked over the driver's seat at his glum co-passenger.

"Hmm?" Angad looked up absent-mindedly, "may be."

"Yaar Angad!" Prithvi chuckled and patted his shoulder, "cheer up man! Pyaar mein tho log chaand churaa kar bhi le aate hain….aur tum ek kidney churaane se darr rahe ho? Come on man! I thought you were more gutsy than that! Lagta hai Kripa ke pyaar ne tumhein kamzor banaa diya hai….darr pok tho main tha pehle…..lekin ab tum bhi darrne lage ho…kuch nahin hoga….kisi ko pataa nahin chalega… fact, don't even mention it to Kripa, or to anyone for that matter….I know Kripa would never agree to it….in fact, that's why I never brought it up before….but I know you will and can do it for her."

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Part 1 : Sab Mera Tu (season 2)


After one year 

In a flight to Goa @11:45 PM

"Are you sure yeh wahi hai..??" a girl whispered to another girl who was sitting beside her seat
"Haan.. Dekhna dhyaan se.. Yeh Armaan Malik hi hai.." staring him dreamily she whispered in low voice which made the first girl to looked at him dazedly, Armaan was sitting in other side of the flight busy wd a magazine (Actually it was luxury class were very few passengers were sitting)
"Haan.. Wahi hai yaar.. Par yeh toh California mein tha naa??" she looked at the second girl who was quietly taking his picture on her phone
"Kya pata India aaya ho.. Apne agle Concert ke liye.." in very low voice she whispered after taking his picture
"Wow.. Yaani hum Armaan Malik ka concert dekh paayenge Goa mein.. Cool" first girl spoke excitedly which made other girl giggle and they both looked back Armaan who was calmly reading the magazine, wearing a black jacket wd gray t-shirt underneath and olive green pant wd snickers he is looking handsome! His goggle was kept on his thigh while his eyes were calmly fixed on the magazine unaware of peoples eyes which were only fixed on him... He was about to turn a page when he heard something which made him stiff

part 7 B : Unknown Truth

I am sitting in the cell waiting for the morning. I used to laugh seeing bad people behind the bar in films and never once in my life imagined me to be in the same place and these people…ahem ahem… 'Armaan' are so heartless they even took all my ways of amusement, starting from I-pod, cell and even my precious diary. Till last night sumu and Jp were with me but now I am all alone with nothing to do except look at the walls. I begged armaan to give me my diary so at least I can take out my frustration on him but "No" and if I am not wrong, I am sure he along with Jp and sumu must be celebrating his promotion for the successful completion of the mission and I am here all alone.

Now as I have nothing better to do to kill time, let me start from where I left off. As I was telling you..


part 45 : To Err is Human

RECAP: ARMAAN: (stunned and speechless stood with the phone in front of a sleepy but curious Riddhima) Main aa raha hoon Angad……I will be there as soon as possible…..yaar tu fikar mat kar…..meri behen ko kuch nahin hoga…

"Armaan? Angad se baat kar rahe ho? Kya hua? Kripa kp kya hua?" Riddhima interjected his conversation; the grave expression on his face worried her.

"Yeh le Riddhima se baat kar," a solemn Armaan handed her the phone and turned his face away. Angad's words were yet to sink in; his head still reeled from sleep deprivation, time zone changes and his heartfelt conversation with his friend.

"Angad! Kripa kahan hai? Kya hua usey?" the panic in her voice was palpable on both ends of the phone line.

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

part 1 : Silent Love (ss)

Armaan, 26 years old, has his own business, resides in Delhi.  Lives alone, an orphan.  His mom and dad had passed away 4 years ago in a plane crash.  Quite a rich person, not very greedy and is satisfied with what he gets through his business.

Riddhima, 25 years old, living in Mumbai, working in a office as a PA.  Very reserved, doesn't allow anyone near to get close.  Has locked her heart after the death of her love which the family has no knowledge of her love affair.

Armaan was in Mumbai to attend his friend, Rahul's wedding with Muskaan who happened to be Riddhima's best friend.  Riddhima was also present there.  Throughout the wedding, Armaan's gaze was on Riddhima.  He found her very pretty, beautiful, gorgeous and what not.  Rahul noticed this and asked Armaan if he was interested in her.  Armaan expressed his liking to Rahul and asked him if he could talk to her.  Rahul spoke about this to Muskaan.  Muskaan, not knowing about Riddhima's past told Rahul that she would only marry the person whom her parents decided for her.  This was the reason Riddhima had given to all of them as whenever her parents selected a person she would give any fake reason about that person and would slide away from the marriage.  So Armaan thought of talking to her parents and asked Muskaan if she could take him to her house.  Muskaan promised that she would make him meet her parents now and took him to Shashank and Padma.

Part 94:From The Time I Saw You - An AR FF -

'Riddhima...' Armaan call her, very well knowing that her eyes were searching for him...
Hearing Armaan voice, Riddhima turn around to complain for leaving her alone and not coming to see her once when she got ready just for him... Riddhima wasn't sure if she should wear that dress or not but just trusting him, she thought to do as Armaan wants because its not only for him but for them too...
Riddhima words got lost in her throat seeing Armaan, wearing a royal blue three piece with a matching shirt to her dress... First three buttons left open like always, showing his perfect well built chest... Silky hair coming down on his board forehead giving a sexy look, orbs shinning with happiness with a dimple smile on his manly lips...
For a moment, Riddhima got lost in him as he was looking like a Greek God... Armaan always look dashing in whatever he wear but something was different today and Riddhima didn't recognized what was it... Letting the question push out from her brain, Riddhima move her eyes on Armaan from head to toe as she capture him deep down in her heart...


part 7 A : Unknown Truth

     Inteha Ho Gayi  Intezaar Ki                                                                                 

  Aayi Na Kuchh Khabar Mere Yaar Ki

Yeh Hamein Hai Yakeen Bewafaa Woh Nahin 

    Phir Wajah Kya Hui Intezaar Ki'..

 "SHUT UP...ek baar aur gaaya to mujhse bura aur koi nahin hoga.." the lady says showing me the gun, coming towards my cell.

"mam'.please..just one chance..we want to talk to him.  Ek baar please. I promise I won't torture you with my bad singing anymore..please..mam.." I beg joining my hands as my friends are kneeling down beside me nodding positively. I never thought that one day my bad singing is gonna help me in something. Yes, I have finally admitted to the fact that I am not worthy a bathroom singer also.

part 44 : To Err is Human


"Hi Ridz! You seem real happy today….what's up hun?" Laura, a co-resident with Riddhima quipped. Riddhima, who was humming a song as she charted her clinic notes, smiled at her favorite colleague in the department, "Oh..well….a good friend of mine from India surprised me last night by showing up at my door."

"Wow…..that's a treat…..a friend from med school?" Laura asked.

"No…..we were together during our internship."

"Good to see a smile on your face girl….I'm off to the ICU…see you later," Laura grabbed her clipboard and headed off towards the elevator.

Monday, 1 October 2018

Glimpse : Sab Mera Tu (season 2)

"Tu kar kya raha hai..??" Ritvik asked confusedly as he saw Armaan looking inside the class on the Shilpa wd a smirk 
"Tu bas dekhta jaa.." he said smilingly while pointing the paper boll on Shilpa and before Ritvik Sukirti or Dhrasti could stop him he directly threw the paper on Shilpa who woke up in a jerk as the boll hit her nose
"Dekh kya kiya isne" Dhrasti scolded Sukirti who looked up at Armaan for answer which made Ritvik giggle watching Shilpa's perplexed face
"Vo kya haina.. Class mein padhne aate ho tum log.. Sone nehi" as he said this coolly three of them looked at Shilpa who was looking around angrily for the person who hit her wd the paper even Surbhi also
"Yeh kisne kiya hoga..?" Surbhi asked confusedly which made her more angry who looked back to search the person when Dhrasti pointed on window where Armaan gave her a smiling wave which made her fumed from inside who almost glared him

part 6 B : Unknown Truth

I ran, ran, ran and jumped on him, making him fall on the ground with me on top of him. I felt his hands around my waist, making my anger reach the boiling point. "how dare he." I told myself as I felt his grip on my waist getting tighter. But it was no time for shouting or screaming so I quickly moved my face near his ear and whispered

"JP ke bacche, don't you dare tell anyone about the secret admirer or get ready to see your head chopping off from your body. This restaurant has all kinds of knives and I won't be ashamed changing my profession to a butcher…  Samjha" I said which sounded more like giving an ultimatum to him. How dare he tried to be my secret admirer and on top of that he had the guts to hold me this tightly. Just coz I chose him over armaan that doesn't give him the freedom to hold me. How I wished armaan to be in his place but I knew I couldn't. Armaan is way above my league and choosing him meant telling him about the secret admirer which in turn meant, I had to be ready to be the laughing material once again.

part 43 : To Err is Human

ae zindagi tere bina jeena nahi hai mujhe
sajada karoon, rab se kahoon, de de dua mein tujhe
mehfoos rakhloon tujhe apne dil mein, mere dil ki hai yeh sada
woh bheege pal, woh bheegi yaadein…….
(from Manorma)


"Angad kisey dhoondh rahe ho?" Gayatri teased her would-be son-in-law as his gaze wandered around at the breakfast table. Kripa had not joined them from breakfast as she caught up with her bhabhis, cousins, nieces and nephews on the other side of the courtyard.

"Wo…kuch nahin…wo…aise hi," Angad lowered his eyes from embarrassment as Kripa's relatives were busy stuffing hot jalebis and creamy rabri into their new guest from Mumbai.

Sunday, 30 September 2018

Part 93 :From The Time I Saw You - An AR FF -


Riddhima felt something touching her face, she was in deep slumber when her sleep got disturb by a soft thing caring her face, bare shoulder and hands... Riddhima eyes were filled with heavy sleep but feeling the soft touch, adorable smile form in her lips...
As slowly her mind was working as the sleep started to leave her brain, Riddhima wondered what was those soft things... Very well knowing it must be Armaan act, she slowly open her eyes still with smile on her lips to see a smiling Armaan showering her with rose petals who was sitting next to her on his knees, bending a little towards her...
When Riddhima open her eyes, Armaan empty a basket of rose petals over her making Riddhima close her eyes once again as her smile got wide... Armaan smile also got wide with dimples on his cheeks, he laid over her as he started to leave kisses on her bare shoulder making Riddhima gasp with his sudden move...
'Armaan...' Riddhima whisper his name as her hands move around his neck and one hand caring his nape...
'Happy Anniversary my love...' Armaan whisper, kissing on her soft spot making Riddhima breath heavy and heartbeat faster...
'Happy... Anniversary...' Riddhima whisper back as she try to control her heartbeat...
'I love you... Love you very very very much...' Armaan said being lost in Riddhima as he continue showering kisses on her bare shoulder-line and collar bone...
Riddhima wasn't able to reply him back as he was busy showering kisses on her, Armaan was too lost in her that he didn't realized Riddhima reply him back but his heart could feel her love for him so at the moment, he didn't need to hear those words from her...
Being lost in her, Armaan move further down to her chest when Riddhima jerk back to reality and stop him holding his hand as Armaan try to pull down the comforter... Riddhima face turn red realizing that she wasn't wearing any cloth, Armaan who was busy romancing frown when his moment was break by Riddhima...
Armaan move out to look Riddhima face which has turn crimson, for a second Armaan forgot why she stop him seeing her beautiful natural glowing face... Riddhima has her eyes still closed and a shy smile on her lips, she could feel Armaan strong gaze on her face but she couldn't open her eyes feeling shyness taking over their closeness...

part 6 A : Unknown Truth

Yeh kya hua, Kaise hua,

     kab hua, kyun hua

       jab hua,tab hua''..

Yes it's me again and don't worry I am not singing. I have stopped singing the day I was humiliated by my boss in the office. Now I don't sing for anyone else except for myself when I am alone. And if you are wondering that it's the cd then you are wrong again. It's not any cd also, it my inner voice that is crying from the past two weeks- want to know why. Let me show you a teaser'

 "oh carol..i love you for this..mwah.." guess who is sitting in front of me- I know a very simple question but still I want you all to guess'..yes who else can say those words except for the one person who I lub the most- armaan malik, sitting in front of me, on my dining table, eating food that I bought from my money and staying in my house from the past two weeks. If I am not wrong your next Q will be- kab, kyun , kaise , kahan, when , how , where, ??????...batati hoon..batati hoon..i can understand human tendencies which makes us want to know each and everything and especially when it's something related to my life, it is more exciting.

part 42 : To Err is Human

koi aaisa alam banke aayi ho
jaane kis duniya ki tum parchayi ho
bhooli bisri yaadein saath main layi ho
chayi ho chayi ho humpe chahi ho
koi aaisa alam banke aayi ho
koi haqeeqat ho ya koi saaye ho
bhooli bisri yaadein banke aaye ho
chahye ho chaye ho humpe chaye ho

RECAP: "I am proud of you Riddhima," he kissed her fingers one by one, "kabhie kabhie doori logon ko aur paas kar deti hai…waise hi jaise mere parents ko mujhse mila diya."

"Really Armaan?"

He nodded and blinked his deep blue eyes, "haan dad came to pick me up from the station…..i could tell he missed me….and mom cancelled all her patients while I was in Mumbai….we had dinner together in my outhouse after many years…..mere liye yeh hi bahut tha Riddhima…..aur ab mujhey tum bhi mil gayi ho….now I don't desire anything else in life…."