Saturday, 13 October 2018

Part 6 : Sab Mera Tu (season 2)


"Kya huaa..?" finding her staring him lovingly he asked in soft voice while tucking her hairs aside from her rosy cheek who in an answer moved her one hand on his cheek then traced his dimple wd her thumb lovingly and before he could ask something again she traced his face softly which only made his hearbeat skipped, he closed his eyes feeling her magical touch and in response he grabbed her that hand affectionally
"Pata hai Armaan.. Jab mujhe realise huaa tha ki main tumse pyaar karti hoon.. Mujhe laga tha ki tum jab aaoge aur jab main tumse yeh kahungi.. Tum turant haan keh doge aur hum ussi din shaadi kar lenge.." hearing her innocent confession his dimples appeared on his cheeks which made her poke finger there smilingly "Lekin jab tumne mana kiya tha aisa laga.. Duniya hi chali gayi meri.. Jaise kuch nehi ho mere paas.." her voice turned sad which only made him guilty and closing his eyes he kissed her hand lovingly then on her wrist wd same love

Unknown Truth continuation (7)

"Riddhima , this is my last warning.. We can live happy ever without causing much fuss or we can do it the other way around baby and still we are going to live happily ever your choice..Or ..."

"Or what?" She gives me a challenging look and I give her the same look..

"Or..I'll...I'll.." think Armaan think. Come on it's not gonna be that hard? Why is it that my brain goes into the sleeping mode when I need it the most? Coz even my brain is afraid of Riddhima and her replies...but I am sure this one will definitely work. It's a tried and tested one so yeah. A big smile appears on my face as I open my mouth and tell her "Before I tell you my intentions I want to say one dialogue so it will be easier for you to understand what I am going through..." I say and look around to see them waiting. Taking a deep breath I calm down my nervous coz I don't know how she is gonna react after hearing me out this time.

part 55 : To Err is Human

I didn't marry you because you were perfect.
I didn't even marry you because I loved you.
I married you because yougave me a promise.
That promise made up for your faults.
And the promise I gave you made up for mine.
Two imperfect people got married and it was the promise that made the marriage.

    Thornton Wilder


"Jaana zaroori hai kya?" A glum-faced Angad asked Kripa as she was ready to board the train to Ajmer. He held her hands firmly, hoping she would stay back instead. The last nine months that they had spent together with each other, albeit the toughest time in their lives, had been the most memorable time of their lives. It was hard to fathom that even though they were deeply committed to each other and practically a couple in most senses; a few rituals of the society still separated them from completing each other.

Friday, 12 October 2018

Last Part : Silent Love (ss)

Their life had taken a good shape.  Armaan doted his love on Riddhima.  Riddhima had never felt so blissful before in her life.  They had visited Mumbai once after their union and had cleared all the misunderstandings with Shashank and Padma.  Armaan happily obliged to all her demands.  He gave her everything even before she could ask for.  She was his princess.  All the things whatever she had told him about her before the marriage had become true now.  She was short-tempered she would get angry for the slightest things, and Armaan had a tough time apologizing her.  They had their romantic sessions in the most possible wild terms.  None of them could control their beasts inside them when they were around each other.

They had gone on their honeymoon to Kashmir for 2 weeks on Riddhima's request.  She wanted to see the snowfall and Armaan wanted to have his way with her during the snowfall.  They only could see the falling snow in the beginning but later on they would forget everything around them and got busy with their pampering, moaning, groaning, touching, kissing, and making out in the gallery, when things went out of their hands, they would end up either on the floor of the gallery door or on the couch or any other place for that matter until they could control their emotions.  They roamed around the streets and other watchable places for little time, but spent most of the time in the room doing their most favorite thing.

Part 99 :From The Time I Saw You - An AR FF -

Riddhima sleep were disturb with sudden pain on her lower belly, she move her hand on the spot, rubbing there trying to reduce the pain but it keeps increasing making difficult for to laid... She was feeling so sleepy, she didn't bother to open her eyes but slowly sit up, hoping it would reduce the pain...
When it continue, Riddhima slowly open her eyes to check the time which shows 2 am... She could hardly got two hours sleep and now she is awake thanks to the pain... She don't understand what was happening but it was surely making her restless and uncomfortable with sweat-beans form on her forehead...
Riddhima felt her whole body growing warm and suddenly she felt very hot, looking at Armaan side to see him sleeping on his stomach, she move Armaan hand off from her body so it wouldn't disturb his sleep with her movement...
Putting down her legs, Riddhima sit for a second before stood up to go to the washroom to wash her face... She thought of take a painkiller but than drop the idea thinking it was just a normal ache... Somehow Riddhima reached to the washroom and splash water on her face, trying to cool down...
It did help and she stood hoping that the pain would reduce soon because it has been happening from morning that she would feel the pain suddenly and it would go on its own... After sometimes, Riddhima move out and saw Armaan was still in deep slumber...

Unknown Truth continuation (6)

Pyaar Hamen Kis Mod Pe Le Aayaa
Ki Dil Kare Haay
Koii To Bataaye Kyaa Hogaa

The song is being played in the background as I am standing in front of the maternity ward waiting...waiting.. and more waiting...waiting for her to let me in. Everyone...I mean everyone has met her except me and Why? Just coz I opened my funny mouth at the wrong time...

I have tried everything...literally everything and when I say everything..I mean trying to blackmail the nurses so they can let me in... YEAH I know.. But my bad luck..Apparently Riddhima has already told them about me using this so I can go inside so they are not buying this. Ab mujhe ideas bhi nahin aa rahe hain.. The only person who is with me is JP..YES, for the first time in the history of my life I have realized what a gem of a person JP is. He is the only one supporting and standing beside me.

part 54 : To Err is Human

What makes the world go around?

What makes us happy?
  When these dreams….hopes….desires get fulfilled……

Aankhon Mein Jis Ke Koi Toh Khwaaab Hai
Khush hai Wahi Jo Thoda Betaab Hai
Zindagi Mein Koi Arzoo Keejiye
Phir Dekhiye ……

Hoton Pe Jis Ke Koi To Geet Hai
Woh Haar Bhi To Us Ki Hi Jeet Hai
Dil Mein Jo.. Geet Hai Gun Guna.. Leejiye
Phir Dekhiye……


Thursday, 11 October 2018

part 5: Silent Love (ss)

Armaan was waiting for her from past 10 mins and his heart was thudding badly as he had planned something for today.  He saw towards the stairs and was left dazed to see her in a pure white sari.

 When he saw her descending the stairs he was left speechless.  He was in a daze looking at the beauty in front of him.  He thought was he so lucky to have this beautiful beside him for his whole life.  His thoughts were snapped out when he heard his name being called.  He saw that Riddhima was standing in front of him with a nervous smile.  He gave a small smile and leaned down to her ear, "you look beautiful in this saree."  she blushed and lowered her eyes down while biting her lower lip.  He saw her blushing and her cheeks turned to the exact colour of her sindoor.  Then they both drove away after few minutes of recovering their heart beat to normal.  While driving Riddhima queried him as to where they were going, but he did not give her even a clue as to where they were heading to.  After 30 mins drive, the car came to halt in front of a temple.  He got down and opened her side door and forwarded his hand in front of her.  she glanced at his hand and his face and when he gave a small nod she smiled at him and stepped outside with the support of his hand.

Part 5 : Sab Mera Tu (season 2)

'Lost in your Heart' 

"Haath do.." extending his hand he whispered softly which made her to stare him silently and as he whispered 'Please' her hold loosed on the poll while her one hand slowly gripped his hand who tighten his hold on her hand and before he could pull her, her leg slipped from the edge
"Aaaahh.." but before she could fall he pulled wd such force that she directly landed on him who held her back immediately wd a fear to loose her whose hands went back on his shoulders tightly for support, both of them's heartbeat were taking loud skips, they had hugged each other in tight manner like if they let go each other they will loose something precious, Shilpa's head was completely resting on his shoulder while his head was hidden under her hairs wd his hold tight on her back (Vo ek aisa pal bana jab mujhe laga main usse kho dunga.. Jaise sabko khoya tha.. Par main aisa hone nehi de sakta tha naa 'Realise jo ho chuka tha ki pyaar hai usse'.. At least pure paanch minute tak maine usse gale lagaaya tha is dar se ki kahin kho naa doon isse main, aur jab alag kiya toh hum dono ki hi dhadkane tez thi aur aankhen ek dusre pe fixed.. Maine bahoot sambhaal ke usko us jagah se thoda dur kiya) "Tumne mujhe bachaaya kyun??" slowly looking up at his face she asked innocently still her hands resting on his shoulders while his hands were holding her back tightly making her whole weight sticked wd his

Unknown Truth continuation (5)

I was looking out of the window as she was sitting beside me. There was hardly any exchange of words between us. Even the staring session was not taking place and how could it, after what happened last night you can't expect me to say or even look at her. What all she did in her drunken state...sheesh...It's something way beyond my expectations.

After the realization hit her hard, the first thing I did - Book the earliest tickets back and pretend that nothing happened. Booking the tickets was quite easy but pretending everything to be normal was the most difficult task to do. Throughout the journey she tried talking to me but this time ' NO WAY.

We got down from the flight and reached home as I continued giving her the silent treatment. But Riddhima letting me give silent treatment for more than a day is impossible and that day too it was the same- as soon as I reached our floor we were greeted by Aunt Carol and JP. Not the usual hi, hello greetings but the worried wali greeting.

part 53 : To Err is Human

Armaan was on a mission- how to convince, not coax or coerce Shabbir into donating his precious kidney to his foster brother's wife-to-be. It was a complicated relationship and a tricky problem. One wrong move and the delicate bridge that had just been resurrected between the once-upon-a-time enemies could crumble into pieces. He could not afford for Shabbir to misconstrue the situation and assume that their new found friendship and relationship was based on deceit and manipulation. He had to put all his skills as a Psychiatrist into practice without twisting Shabbir's arm.

Next day, Armaan dropped by when Kripa was due for her dialysis session. He joined Shabbir in the living room along with baby Isha, while Angad helped Kripa behind closed doors with her dialysis. Armaan fidgeted in his seat, anxiously awaiting the right moment to broach the subject. As if on cue, baby Isha decided to be an accomplice in Armaan's secret mission. As Shabbir fed her with a bottle, she let out a series of loud grunts as a faint odor filled the room.

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

part 4 : Silent Love (ss)

Riddhima sat in her room for him to come back for the breakfast, when he did not appear again for the 15 mins she herself walked down what was taking him so long.  She saw him sitting on the chair near the dining table with an envelope on the table.  She went near him, he saw her and got up and placed the envelope in her hand walked away from there.  She was left confused what was it, she opened it and saw that it was the flight ticket that he had booked for her.

She felt like someone had pierced her heart with a sharp knife.  She ran back to his room, and stood near the door and saw him getting ready.

She asked "main kya karun" and thought "pls mujhe roklo"

He said "tumhari marzi" and thought "pls don't go"

Part 98 :From The Time I Saw You - An AR FF -

'Riddhima... Jaan...' Armaan said, nudging her...
It was almost time for them to leave for office and to his surprise, his darling wife wasn't in mood to leave the warm bed... After a good two weeks off from work, they were to resume from today but seems like Riddhima still didn't feel to work and need more time to relax herself...
As the previous day was Sunday, they had spend with their friends in Joshi Mansion... They had a noisy breakfast, cooked by the ladies while they play with Anjul... Then took the little munchkin to the beach for a little picnic with his favorite people...
They had lunch in beach side restaurant and came back exhausted as they spend hours playing volleyball and football... Also they didn't leave the chance of dragging their girls in the water, end up splashing water on each other as Anjul enjoy the water war of the gang...
So they end up watching movie at afternoon when Anjul took his nap... After the movie, girls were too tired so boys took the charge of making dinner for their ladies while they were left to rest and handle Anjul, who happens to be very much hyper getting so much attention from the girls...
They spend hours talking after dinner as Armaan and Riddhima gave them the gifts they got from Greece... Also girls didn't leave a chance to tease them which make Riddhima turn beetroot where else Armaan shamelessly reply them back, turning the table on them...

Unknown Truth continuation (4)

I got up to go into the room. This was the limit. Just to manofy me, she acted like "what a melodious voice" she has. Melodious voice..yeah sure. I should have guessed it in the first minute itself but I was so astonished that this thought didn't even crossed my mind and what excuse she gave- "it's one of my hidden talent". One more time- yeah sure. Actually I agree with her on this statement- she has a hidden talent of coming up with crazy ideas. Mere tak to it's okay to experiment but what if other's had caught the ghapla she was doing. Lip-syncing the song- making everyone believe that she was singing it. I was sure this time- if she was caught, people would have definitely presented her with food and I would have had made sure that I was one of them.

"and where is she now?" I have no idea coz I left the moment I got to know about the truth and this time, she didn't even tried defending herself as she knew she was wrong.

part 52 : To Err is Human

Itni Shakti Humein Dena Daataa
Mann ka Vishvaas Kamzor Ho Na
Hum Chalein Nek Raste Pe Hum se
Bhoolkar Bhi Koi Bhool Ho Naa...

RECAP: "Shabbir aur Aaliyah Aggarwal!"

Angad froze in his footsteps, "Shabbir Aggarwal? Kahin yeh Dr Dilip Aggarwal ka beta tho nahin?" Bitter memories of his childhood rivalry with Naina's only spoilt and bratty son, Shabbir fogged Angad's conscience. He stood still for a few moments, unsure of whether he should keep walking or let destiny determine Shabbir and his wife's course.

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

part 3 : Silent Love (ss)

With the help of the neighbors, she took him to the nearest hospital and got him admitted there. When he was in the OT getting treated, she filled out all the forms.  When the nurse asked her what was he to her, she glanced towards the OT and said MY HUSBAND.  When the doctor came out, she asked him how was Armaan now.  Doctor said, he was fine now and there was nothing to worry, but he would have to take rest for 1 month as his knee and right arm was fractured.

For the next 1 week he was in the hospital and Riddhima looked after him with great care.  He was discharged and when they returned back to home, he tried to sit on the couch with his knee stretched but could not adjust his leg properly.  She went and helped him.  As she did that he was staring at her, when she lifted her eyes to see if he was ok she got lost in his eyes.  Both were staring for almost 5 mins.  She could see the love for her in his eyes.  He was searching for love in her eyes.  Suddenly they both were brought back with his mobile ringing.  She blushed a little which went unnoticed by him as she turned her back to him to pick the phone and gave it to him and rushed to the kitchen to get him prepare the lunch.

Part 4 : Sab Mera Tu (season 2)


(Us puri raat mujhe neend nehi aayi toh socha dhyaan bata loon cooking karke aur yeh bhi yaad tha Shilpa ne kuch khaaya nehi hai aise hi soyi hai vo toh uske liye bhi bana diya maine kuch itne mein Sid aur Swayam bhi aa gayye, actually shayad us raat hum chaaro ko hi neend nehi aa rahi thi kyunki thodi der baad Shilpa bhi aa gayi thi as per my guess, pehle toh usnein mujhe ignore karne ki koshish ki phir normal ho gayyi.. Main usko sad nehi karna chaahta tha toh koshish kar raha tha ki humaare bich ki jitni karvahate thi khatam ho jaaye kyunki ab vo apni zindagi nayye tarike se shuru karne jaa rahi thi.. Vo raat kaafi fun ke saath guzri thi actually bahoot saalo baad shayad hum chaaro ne aise time spend kiya tha, i still can't forget her face jo sachmein us raat acchi lag rahi thi.. Next morning mujhe Deep ka call aaya jo mujhse milna chaahta tha toh main usse milne ek mall mein gaya jahan meri ladaai kuch gundo se hogayi kyunki vo ek ladki ko pareshaan kar rahe the toh, mujhe toh samajh nehi aata log aisa karte hi kyun hain, Khair uske baad Deep aaya aur hum dono Shilpa ke liye ring dekhne mein busy ho gayye)
"Armaan yeh dekh.. Yeh uspar acchi lagegi..??" showing him not so many beautiful rings he asked in fake smiling voice coz he knowingly did this so that he could choose of Armaan's choice's ring "Armaan.. At least idhar dekh toh.." hearing his annoyed voice Armaan looked away from his phone "Bata konsi acchi lagegi Shilpa par?" his questioned made him examine the rings 

Unknown Truth continuation (3 B)

"My SRK inspired list" she whispered and gulped as I looked at her accusingly.

"Armaan..I can explain.." she tried putting her point of view, walking behind me trying to catch me .

"NO...NO...NO.." I started screaming covering my ears running as far away as I could from her as she was running behind me, to hold me. I had no interest in listening to her hideous excuse of making the SRK list in the first place. I mean of all the lists in the world, she wasted her time making SRK inspired list. She never get time to make " Armaan list" but SRK list ke liye time hi time hai just coz he is a hero.

"Armaan..please listen to me..please Armaan..." I never noticed this before, but my wife really runs very fast. She was running with stretched hand just like Aishwarya ran in the movie "DEVDAS", in the end, stretching her one hand and screaming "Deva..Deva.." except in my case, she was screaming "Armaan..Armaan.."

See, her company is so contagious when it comes to SRK. Even I have started using SRK movies as examples.

part 51 : To Err is Human

The Shart: Well, a number of you guessed it right. Riddhima did ask Armaan to perform a special 'strip tease' dance for her on their suhaag raat as compensation for the kiss he planted on Ruksana. One can only guess how Armaan is planning to fulfill her wish.

The wedding: The wedding was held with pomp and flair on the grounds of the Sanjeevani campus. Shashank felt vindicated, and to everyone's surprise, played the perfect host to all his guests. He spared Abhimanyu a hug or a warm handshake; instead a gentle nod in acknowledgement of their kid's alliance is all he could bestow on his 'samdhi.'

Riddhima looked heavenly in a red lehnga; Armaan was the perfect prince in a maroon and white sherwani. They were indeed a match made in heaven- the tall, slender, dusky beauty with expressive eyes and the well built, fair, blue-eyed Punjabi boy with a killer smile. The guests conferred the couple with their blessings and best wishes for a happily married life with 'lots of kids.'

Monday, 8 October 2018

part 2 : Silent Love (ss)

Next day morning Riddhima was having coffee and Armaan came and sat on the dining table reading the paper.  Riddhima out of courtesy made coffee for him and placed it on the table, but Armaan made himself another cup and walked out from there.  Riddhima kept looking at his retreating figure.  Then later in the day, they met a lawyer to file the case.  When the lawyer asked them since when they were married, Armaan answered a week.  She told them that it was not possible to file a divorce case for at least a year from their marriage.  They both returned home and decided that they would live the same way and file the case after a year.  But as soon as they returned home, Rahul with other friends of Armaan were there as they had not met Riddhima.  One of his friend's wife noticed that Riddhima's maang was bare and told Armaan to fill it.  Muskaan took the sindoor and brought it to Armaan and Armaan unwillingly took a pinch of it and filled her hair with it.  Riddhima stood there silently not knowing what to do.  They had a small party, Muskaan and Riddhima shared sometime talking about their life and late in the night all left.  Muskaan told Riddhima that she and Rahul were going to UK due to Rahul's work there and would not be back till 6 months.

Part 97 :From The Time I Saw You - An AR FF -

'Mom, Riddhima kaha hai...???' Armaan asked as he walk in to the kitchen to see Ananya giving works to the servants...

Armaan stop as Ananya asked him through her hand to wait until she finished assigning work to the servants... Breakfast were already done and ready to serve when every single person were ready to have it... Armaan just look around as he couldn't find Riddhima when he wake up...
Thinking she might be in the kitchen with Ananya or the maids, Armaan had come but didn't find her so he asked Ananya, who was already there... It was already 8 am in the morning and Armaan thought she must be busy with breakfast as by 9 am Billy would leave for work...
'Riddhima koh kyun dhund rahe ho, kuch chahiyeh tumhe...???' Ananya asked as she move towards him...

'Nehi woh, mujhe utaya bhi nehi usne issiliye...' Armaan said as they left the kitchen...
'Haan woh subah utke breakfast banayi aur abhi tumhare dad koh chai dene gayi hai...' Ananya said...
'Oh toh dad ke paas hai...' Armaan said feeling relief...
'Kyun...??? Tumhe kiya laga, naraz hokar ghar chodkar chali gayi...???' Ananya asked raising her one eyebrow as she tease him...

Unknown Truth continuation (3A)

"Argh...Riddhima...tell me you are not serious and this is just a joke..."I looked at her, still trying to digest the words, the words I heard just few moments ago from her mouth. How I wished it was nothing but another creative dream of mine, but it wasn't coz in my dreams Riddhima never looked like this- the way she was looking at me, totally devilish, with red horns on her head and the weapon in one hand.

"But Armaan..can't you do this much for me..for your one and only wife..."she pouted and as much as I was trying to control my inner demon looking at her. Now don't think I am talking about that demon..dirty mind. I wanted to grab her neck, shook her really hard and ask her "Riddhima do you even know you are married and I am your so called 'legally-wedded' husband and not your bodyguard anymore." I mean she is always ready with some plans of hers without giving a second thought how it's going to affect me.

part 50 : To Err is Human


"Kripa….I want you to rest at home this evening….kal raat sangeet mein tumney bahut exert kiya tha….so take it easy tonight….waise bhi kal shaadi hai," Angad slipped into his jacket and picked his car keys as Kripa sorted out laundry in her room.

"Yes doctor saheb!" She smiled and looked up, "lekin tum kahan jaa rahe ho?"

"Uh..wo," he hesitated, "wo Armaan ke saath…"

"Bachelor's party? Mallika ke saath?" she asked, "why are you hesitating Angad….kya sharam aati hai aisa kaam karne mein?" she walked towards him and traced her finger on his face.

Sunday, 7 October 2018

Part 6 : Hawas Ke Pal( An AR Mini SS)

With a smile on her lips, Riddhima stood outside the river cafe' as she was re-living the moments she spend with Armaan in last few days... It has been two week and Armaan make her believe that it was the most beautiful days of her life till date...

Armaan never leave a chance to make her feel love and wanted in a blissful way, no lust just only pure love were being shower... Riddhima felt that, she was living a dream but Armaan by her side, he never let her just dream but live the moments to the fullest...

After years, Riddhima was living like she used to live in old days... It wasn't like she was forbidden to leave the pub but being release from attending other customers other than Armaan, know she get more free time she ever thought she would get being in such a place...

Part 3 : Sab Mera Tu (season 2)


"Nehi karta main.. Tumse pyaar.. Shilpa" staring her calmly he replied in slow plus calm voice while it was a Storm, Tsunami, Earthquake, Volcano, Thunder name whatever you want to name for her who freezed for seconds resulting the ring fell from her hand 
"Kyun??" wd tearful eyes she managed to question staring him who looked away from her "I mean kyun.. Armaan.. Kya tumhe.. Kissi.. Aur se.. Pyaar hai..?" (Mere sar bahoot dukh raha tha kyunki vo ro rahi thi jisse pata nehi kyun chid ho rahi thi mujhe.. Aur pata nehi kitne sawaal kar rahi thi toh maine bhi usse keh diya.. I DON'T FEEL ANYTHING FOR YOU, main mean nehi karta tha apne baat se kyunki khud nehi pata tha kya chal raha tha dimaag mein.. I know usse bahoot takleef hui hogi, par jawaab toh dena tha hi jiska mujhe khud idea nehi tha..) "Tum jhoot keh rahe hona..? Badla leh rahe hona.. Jo maine bachpan mein kiya tha tumhaare saath??" she sniffed staring him hopefully

Unknown Truth continuation (2)


We reached the hotel where we were supposed to stay and entered our room.

"OMG...OMG... OMG...." she screamed throwing her bag on the bed, covering her mouth with her hands as she looked out of the window. "Armaan.." she turned to look at me. "this sooooo big and look at the view, it's so beautiful and there's a beach too...thank you sooo much Armaan" she hugged me as I smiled at her actions. Her cute childish acts are more than enough to make me fall in love with her more deeply. 

"You know what floor this is" I asked standing behind her as she nodded negatively looking at the beach. 

"14th floor" I whispered reminding her about the incident in the office, making her cheeks turn red. I can never forget that one. It was a scary but at the same time memorable one. After lunch when I entered my room, what was I looking at- "Bakra" written all over the place and at few places even the Bakra was made. My first reaction was to kill the person who did this and as I was still thinking about the real culprit who had the guts to do this in my absence, I saw her in front of my own eyes. Who else can come up with such kind of ideas?

part 49 : To Err is Human


With the preparations for the wedding in full gear, one would have thought that the Gupta and Mallik households would be abuzz with activity, but it was Angad's home that soon became the epicenter of action.

Drs Keerti and Shubhankar visited Kripa and her parents regularly. Kripa was pleasantly surprised when they informed her of Angad's role in their lives. By separating Dr Keerti from her abusive husband, her respect and love for her fiance had grown even further. She had always despised Dr Kartik and was happy that Dr Keerti did not have to endure that chauvinistic man anymore.

Gauri and Padma preferred to meet at Angad's place as Gayatri became a good source of information on wedding rituals and preparation. Being part of a large family where weddings were celebrated as frequently as birthday parties, Gayatri assumed the role of the 'wedding advisor' to the two women. The three of them hit it off instantly and spent most of their awake hours shopping or preparing for the wedding.