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Arsh os : Tera hi Arman hai

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"Armaan kahan ho tum" Said while pulling his blanket."Plz sone do na Shona" he dug his head again in pillow.

"Armaan jaldi se uttho, hum Basket ball ki practice nahi karuga to school ka match kaise jetuga? Tumara jaisa team captain haar jayega. Tumhari reputation ka kya hoga??"

"Ladkiyaan hassengi tum par" She very well knew how to make him agree. Armaan at once got up from bed nd ran towards Bathroom to freshen up."Main abhi aaya shona" She smiled at his childish behavior "Ya Ya come fast, I am waiting."

Ananya smiled to see her approaching her "Gud morning beta." "Good morning aunty" She smiled back. Ananya kissed her forehead lovingly ."Tumhare ilawa is kumbhkaran ko koi nahi uttha sakta. You know how to deal with him"

Episode 1 : Love Birds (AR ff)


It is early in the morning... We can see a girl sitting on the steps of the enterance of the basket ball court... She is wearing yellow tracks and she lied her head on her knees and is in a disturbed state... She is almost into tears and is thinking about her parents death...

(Her parents die in a plane accident leaving her sister and her behind... All those things... The way their parents dead bodies came to their home 15 years ago and everything was causing a great emotional pain to her heart)

She is none other than Riddhima Gupta...

Riddhima: MUMMA..... (Suddenly she screams...)

As soon as she opens her eyes, she finds her best friend.. He is like a family member for her along with her di... He is also her family friend...

part 2 : Closet Fun(arsh mini)

And she did return..about 20 minutes later.
But she looked restless, as if something was troubling her. Her eyes were searching for him. And she did find him. But when she found him talking with her, she got even more agitated.

Armaan was having a casual chat with Tanyaa. There was no awkwardness between them. It looked as if two good friends having a free flowing conversation. But then, they were also standing pretty close to each other..way too close for Shilpa's liking.

Tanyaa looked really elegant in her royal blue halter neck dress. Shilpa had to admit that she really was pretty as well as a nice girl at heart and that her & Armaan truly did look good together. Too bad that they had broken up.

But then again, she always used to wonder how it would be like to be with Armaan, as his girl.

Friday, 19 October 2018

Cs & Intro : Love Birds (AR ff)


Armaan and Riddhima are childhood friends and love each other and realise it during their college days.
It is all about their eternal love story.

 An Armaan Riddhima Fan Fiction...

Character Sketch:

Miss.Riddhima gupta

She is a very sweet and innocent girl. She Lost her parents before 15years. She is a childhood friend of Armaan. She loves her sister(anjaly) so much. She is now doing her 2nd year of medicine. She likes Armaan so much and can not stay for 1 hour with out him. Armaan and riddhima are like friends forever since their childhood...

part 1 : Closet Fun (Arsh mini)

They were standing, quite close to each other, nursing a drink in their hands.

Their college mates were going absolutely berserk in the dance floor with the crazy music and their equally crazy dance moves. But both of them were not interested in being a part of all that revelry. They both were lost in their own world. It would seem that they were oblivious to their surroundings. But no. It wasn't so. They were just too aware. Way too much aware of their close proximity. The college auditorium was totally jam-packed. They had no option other than standing in a cramped space with each other as the others went wild and their sense ran haywire.

It was the farewell party of their seniors.
Shilpa Malhotra was a year junior to Armaan Mallik. And even though he was a senior, they both were pretty good friends with each other. What with him being the Student's body vice-president and her being a council member along with being part of the college debate team.

Part 9 : Sab Mera Tu (season 2)


(Bas kya tha jab meri aadhi family ready thi toh baaki sab toh maan hi jaate..)."Toh phir khade kya ho.. Chalo ghar chalen kyunki aage hume bahoot kaam hai.. Ready hona??" as he asked in fake serious voice they replied in Yes Sir like commandos and shaking his head wd a smile he sat inside his car wd his bodyguards who were happy by his this decision (Decision toh le liya tha usse wapas laane ka par.. Ab yehi decision mere friends ko bhi sunana tha jinka saath mere liye bahoot important hai.. So jab ghar pahucha sab masti kar rahe the in fact kisine dinner bhi nehi kiya tha kyunki vo sab busy the engagement ke dance songs ko choose karne mein..Aur jab main pahucha toh dinner shuru kiya, par mere mind mein yehi tha inko bataaun kaise kyunki jab main himmat juta kar unse baat karne ki koshish karta koi naa koi bich mein zarur bol deta.. Jisse mujhe toh bahoot chid hui and at last maine decide kiya bataana toh hai hi toh bas keh diya)

Epilogue : To Err is Human


"JAI! JAI! Kahan gaya yeh badmaash?" A frazzled Riddhima chased her mischievous, blue eyed, curly haired, chubby cheeked son all over the house. "This boy is going to drive me crazy! Between his melodramatic dad and naughty son, mujhey zaroor ek din Psychiatrist ke paas jaana padhega!"

"Jaan-e-man….tumney mujhey yaad kiya?" Armaan stuck his half shaven face out from the bathroom, "Psychaitrist haazir hai aapki seva mein…boliye kya chaahiye? I can provide all kinds of services to her highness…..on and off the couch."

Riddhima rolled her eyes."You and your Psychiatrist's couch! Filhaal Jai kahan hai? I can't find him anywhere."

 "Oh mera chunu munnu?"

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Part 7 : You Will Forever Be My Always (AR SS)

RECAP: Arima says her first word "Mama making both her parents immensely happy. Ridhima finally confesses her love for Armaan giving him a beautiful surprise on his birthday. Ridhima has her checkup and is a little dejcted because of the lack of improvement in her memory but somehow Armaan cheers her up. They attend a Pooja at Ridhima's parents where an old neighbor tells Ridhima to try Hypnosis so as to get her memory back but even before Ridhima can say something Armaan walks in and rightly refuses the idea.

Another few days had passed by and love and prosperity just grew around them. Life was molding in an amazing away, everything was perfect for the couple and they couldn't help but fall more in love with each other with every passing day. However like the saying goes even the clearest of water has a dark particle in it and same was the case for them. Lie was indeed wonderful but Ridhima had not yet

Teaser : Closet Fun (Arsh mini)

"I was thinking.."


"What..!! Please don't tell me you were thinking the same thing as me.."

"For the love of am I supposed to know what goes in that head of yours.."

"Okay okay..there was no need of snapping at me like that."

"Am sorry..its just that..this whole situation..urrgghh!! Everything seems to be a brain's all muddled..and am super confused!"

"Even am sorry,Armaan..but to be very honest, even am confused."

part 60 (last part): To Err is Human

On life's most difficult days
all that we can do
is simply take things
Moment by Moment.

Kirsti A. Dyer

RECAP: "Tum chupa rahe ho kuch! I WANT MY BABY ARMAAN!" She wailed loudly as Angad and Kripa silently took the baby away to the ICU.

Shashank and Abhimanyu were as if hit by a boulder when they saw their little grandson with a breathing tube and oxygen mask, in a little incubator, being wheeled away by the two young doctors.


"Gauri….yeh…yeh hamaa-ara bachcha hai?" Abhimanyu asked with disbelief.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Last part : sealed with a kiss

"Dr Gupta?" Riddhima looked up from her files and smiled.

"Please come on in" she looked over at him enter her cabin.

"I was thinking we could go out? The two of us! Ridz?" Abhimanyu adjusted his glasses nervously and looked at her as she looked up at him.

"Sure! ....Since coming back from Hong Kong I've been busy with my cases..." she looked over at him smiling broadly as she looked over at her files.

"Why don't I meet you at the new restaurant....Raw?" Abhimanyu nodded as he looked over at her ...

"Sure...I see you there at 7pm!" he confirmed heading for the door as she looked over at him.

Part 8 : Sab Mera Tu (season 2)


After three weeks

In Goa Shilpa's place
"Kya main sahin kar rahin hoon..??" looking at herself wd her lost look she thought while moving the brush on her long straight hairs slowly, her green eyes were only fixed on her own reflection on mirror, wearing a pink umbrella dress wd her long straight hairs she is looking beautiful as always, if something is changed in these months was her looks Yes now she prefers Indian clothes more yaah she sometimes wears western but only if she wants or else she is comfortable in Indian wears, in fact from past monthes she have became more mature than before "Nehi tu galat hai Shilpa yeh bhi tu jaanti hai.." hearing her mind's words her hair brush fell from her hand while her head bowed down wd heavy heart, sitting in front her dressing mirror she looked down on her hands wd moist eyes coz never she has imagined herself on this situation where she would be confused about Armaan & her love, When Sukirti knocked on her room's door

part 59 : To Err is Human

After having endured the first three months of her pregnancy, also known as the first trimester, Riddhima was relieved to get rid of the pervasive feeling of being sick all morning and sometimes all day. Smells, sights, foods and sometimes even Armaan's kisses all made her want to retch as the sour taste of acid burnt her throat at most unexpected moments. She was yet to experience the 'joys of pregnancy' as books and other women often mentioned.

Her little spat with Kripa the other day had at least helped change her attitude- zinda hoon…shayad mere liye yahi kaafi hai- Kripa's heart wrenching words made her feel guilty each time she complained about her own pregnancy. Thankfully, Armaan had calmed down after that day too. He realized his impulsive and sometimes restless behavior, affected his near and dear ones adversely. Self realization made him less anxious about her pregnancy and he stopped hovering over her like an overprotective husband.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

ARSH os : Main ho gayi Armaan ki

They proceed towards their car. "Mrs Mallik that's not fair. You snatched a handsome guy from so many girls. Why don't we keep this marriage thing a secret?" He make an innocent face, very well knew what is coming back to him. Her nose flared with anger. She screamed to stop the car immediately. He guffawed and this irritate her more"Armaan ok you don't want to spent your life with me. Fine i am going back. Don't worry i won't ever bother you nd won't come back any time" Tears were flowing from her green orbs."

part 2 : Sealed with Kiss (ss)

"Armaan?" wiping his tears he lifted his head and looked over at his parents enter the hospital room ?.as Sapna lay asleep while he held the new family member in his arms.

"Mum?.he so small!" he whisper looking over at the small button nose as he slept in his arms?.

"Where Amit?" she asked taking in her grandson?

"He arrived just in time and he gone home to get a few things Di needs and to get his parents?" he whispered looking over at his father standing over him looking at him with a questioning look in his eyes?

"Ok let me hold him Beta?" Asha said picking up the baby as Armaan stretched his legs and yawned?feeling so exhausted over the last 18 hours?was non stop and him and Amit where shattered ?. Di was sleeping while they both took turns with Junior ?

part 58 : To Err is Human

There's one sad truth in life I've found
The only folks we really wound
Are those we love the best.

We flatter those we scarcely know,
We please the fleeting guest.

And deal full many a thoughtless blow
To those who love us best.

                                     ~Ella Wheeler Wilcox


After the honeymooners were back, Riddhima and Kripa decided to catch up one morning over a cup of coffee.

"Sorry…no coffee for me Kripa….Armaan ne dekh liya tho bahut naaraaz ho jaayega…..I will just have some juice."

Monday, 15 October 2018

Intro & Part 1 : Sealed with a Kiss (ss)

Intro :

"Chef!?" John held his breath as he looked over at the head chef turn and look over at his light brown eyes threw the metal shelve with his tall hat towering above?

"John! I am trying to create?" seeing him waved his hands in the air as John looked over at the other cooks doing there tasks? Armaan Malik ran a tight ship and how can you blame him with so many awards and his was famous in the area.

"Chef we had a complaint!" ?.everything stopped and the cooks looked over at Armaan.

"What the ****!" Ps and Qs where never used in the kitchen and everyone was so expressive with there language and there food?

"Table 21! Madam says that the wants to see you?" John edged away from the shelve as he hear a moan.

"Give her a bottle of wine and give her a jam donut and tell her to off to Gregg's for food ..god dame cheek telling me my food rubbish!" Armaan hissed looking at the flames he tilted the frying pan and placing his hand on the metal counter...

"She seriously wants to see you !" John looked over at him as he slammed the large cooks knife on metal counter and place his hand on the cloth handing of his cooks outfit?

Part 7 : Sab Mera Tu (season 2)


"Hello!!" in very strict way Deep attended the call of Shilpa while Armaan tried to ignore and watching this Deep excused from there (Deep ka uthna toh banta tha kyunki vo ache se jaanta tha ki mujhe disturb hoga Shilpa ka call jo ki actual mein huaa tha kyunki mujhe uski awaaz sunni thi par phir bhi maine khudko control kiya aur vahan Shilpa ne Deep se maafi maangne ke liye baat ki jisse vo mana kar raha tha par Shilpa ki innocent request sunkar vo maan gaya milne ke liye.. Jab vo mere paas aaya thodi der chup tha lekin phir usne call ke baare mein bataaya jispe maine bhi kaha jaa ke mille varna vo bahoot sochegi.. Aur hum isi topic par busy hogayye kuch der tak ki tabhi usse yaad aaya ki aise kaise Dad mujhse rishta tod sakte hain vo bhi bina puri baat jaane)

part 57 : To Err is Human

A jubilant Armaan returned home after spreading the good news in Sanjeevani. An impatient Riddhima paced up and down, wondering where he had disappeared.

"I am home sweetheart!" He announced as he walked into their room.

"Armaan….kahan chale gaye the? Kaam par bhi tho jaana hai….i was worried….phone bhi yahin chhod gaye the," Riddhima complained.

"Jaan-e-man…aisi halat mein itni chinta aur gussa theek nahin hai…..let me have a quick shower and we will be on our way….make sure you eat breakfast for the two of you," he grinned and jumped into the shower.

Riddhima took a deep breath and yelled back, "I can't eat for two yet….I get nauseated easily….achcha yeh batao kahan gaye the?"

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Part 100 :From The Time I Saw You - An AR FF -

'Hey gorgeous...' Armaan said as he gave a quick hug to his mother...
'Armaan, itni der kaise hogaye beta...' Ananya asked looking at him...
'Dad ne bataya nehi, I was in a meeting mom... Riddhima kaha hai...???' Armaan asked looking around not finding his darling wife...
'Fresh hone gayi hai, tum bhi jaakar fresh hojao...' Ananya said...
'Ok mom...' Armaan said kissing her temple before making his way up to his room...
Ananya smile seeing her son happy for some unknown reason, however she turn her attention back to the task which she was doing as it was almost time for dinner... Billy and Riddhima has come hours ago, even Riddhima help her with dinner like she do if she comes early from work...
So setting the table, Ananya left to her room to see what Billy was doing as she haven't seen him from last one hour... They spend sometimes with Billy before she and Riddhima move in to the kitchen to make dinner... After that they haven't seen him so Ananya thought to check what he was busy doing in their room...


Last part : Unknown Truth continuation

The phone fell from his hand and we move into flashback when Armaan was another employee at Shashank's office. It was during this time Armaan caught Mogambo doing illegal works in the office just to earn more money. Without wasting any time, he informed Shashank about this and the police was called. Mogambo had asked for forgiveness but Shashank being the man of his own terms didn't stop the police.
"tum bahut badi galti kar rahe hoo Shashank Gupta...main iska badla lekar rahunga ...main wapis aunga aur barbaad kar dunga tumhe...barbaad kar dunga..." Mogambo had said when the police was taking him towards the van.

And he was right...He is back and Riddhima his love and her father are with him. He picked up the phone and screamed on the phone.. "MOGAMBO...Agar unhe kucch bhi hua to main tujhe Zinda nahin chodunga..."

"Tch..Tch..Tch...main to darr gaya ...bachao..bachao mujhe...hahahahah..." He mocked as Armaan gripped the receiver tighter in his hand.

"MOGAMBO...Main tujhe..."

part 56 : To Err is Human


"Uffo Riddhima…..apna alarm clock bandh karo," Armaan covered his ears with a pillow, hoping to catch a few more minutes of sleep before getting ready for work. They had just arrived late last night after Angad and Kripa's wedding, and he had stayed up late trying to upload all the wedding pictures on his computer. With Angad and Kripa in Mount Abu (a hill station in Rajasthan) for their week long honeymoon, Armaan really wanted to have their photo album ready before they got back.


The alarm clock did not budge.

In fury, he threw the pillow on the floor, and groped around to wake Riddhima, so she could turn off the most irritating invention on the planet!