Saturday, 27 October 2018

Part 7: Chance Encounter

The next two days passed in a blur. Riddhima was very busy with one of her patients who had meningitis and before she knew it, it was time for Gappu's birthday party. She was getting ready for the party when Niki sauntered into her room.

"Hey ridzie! Ooooh, looking nice! Going somewhere?"

"Yeah, a birthday party," Riddhima smiled.

"Birthday party?" Niki frowned, "Anybody I know?"

Riddhima grinned, "I don't think so. His name is Gappu."

Episode 8 : Love Birds (AR ff)

Nikki: Acha theek hain chalo.. i just called arman to the coffee shop and he will be coming at any moment... I will call you later.. take care.. Bye.. Love u...

Nikki just sits on the table waiting for armaan...

Suddenly Armaan and riddhima both come together holding each others hands...

They move to the table where nikki is sitting and they have pleasant faces and are behaving as if nothing has happened...

Nikki is shocked to see armaan and riddhima there...

part 12 A :Sab Mera Tu (season 2)


"Laxman Wahid David aur sab log" Shilpa's eyes landed on Armaan's bodyguards and a happy smile came on her lovely face who wdout caring about Armaan went to meet them who were equally happy, she asked about their where abouts also teased Wahid how she always made him loose the chess game on which he laughed coz it was always her who looses the game, Armaan was calmly staring them smilingly coz he was genuinely happy that finally he got Shilpa back in his life also how she mingles wd every person who is related to him 
"I know tum meri family ka bhi dil jeet hi logi Shilpa kyunki tumhaara meri zindagi me hona bahoot zaruri hai" he thought staring her calmly who was non stop talking wd Laxman.. After few minutes they reached on her home leading Arsh to move out from car, Armaan decided to walk wd her till her gate but yes there was complete silence b/w them coz both of them don't want to let go each other but due to few hasitation she can't show that "Toh kal subhe yaad haina tumhe Deep se patch up karna hai.. Kyunki main chaahta hoon kal tum unki engagement mein raho" putting his hands on his pant's pockets he reminded her as they stopped near Shilpa's house while hearing this she gave a nod in Yes nervously "Thik hai ab jaao" as he said this she smiled sweetly and turned to go after wishing him Good Night which made him to give a calm nod smilingly 

Friday, 26 October 2018

Part 13 : pyar ke mod pe….

Recap :
Arman peeped in her big almond eyes taking her both hands into him…their eyes met and they felt that the world stopped that moment…arman caressed her locks and whispered like a breathe….”marry me riddhima…phir kabhi tumse dur nahi jaunga…”

part 14 : college Life

Anjali: awww how romantic.
Ridhima: blush shut up.
Niki: vese koi blush kar rha hai.
Ridhima: ap dono koi or bat nyi kar sakte kya.
Anjali: vese ridhima jab arman humare samne tumhe kiss kar sakta hai akele me kya kya karta hoga.
Ridhima: anji or ankh dikhati hai.
Niki tabhi bed par beth jati hai
Niki: vese tumhara project hogya .

Part 5 & 6: Chance Encounter

Part 5

Riddhima's heart did a back flip as thousands of butterflies fluttered in her stomach. Her smile faltered and she could feel herself blushing.

"Umm'yes'I mean no'. I mean'.. I was'. I was just," Riddhima fumbled while Armaan stared at her intently, clearly expecting an answer. Slowly his eyes softened and he let out a chuckle.

Riddhima heaved a sigh of relief, "You were joking?"

Episode 7 : Love Birds (AR ff)

Armaan: Riddhima... Hum, Humare baare mein sab ko kab batayenge ?

Riddhima: Hmmm... I ooty... Tab di bhi hogi na... Aur jab hum london jaayenge, tab aunty, uncle.. sabko batayenge...

Armaan: Wow.. Thats a good idea..

Riddhima: Yeah...

Armaan: Abhi humein nikalna chahiye college ke liye...

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Part 3 & 4 : Chance Encounter

Part 3

Riddhima pulled out the keys of her apartment and tried the lock. She groaned in despair as the lock seemed stuck. She had a splitting head ache and all she wanted to do was to change into her pajamas and get into bed. Finally her lock turned and stepping into the apartment she was greeted with a loud cheer from her colleague-cum-flat mate-cum-best friend Dr. Nikita Malhotra.

"Hey Ridzie! Howdie Ho, fair maiden!"

Riddhima flinched. "Niki, could you not shout early in the morning?"

"Oooh'you seem to be in a good mood," Niki said sarcastically, "What happened? Did Dr. Subhankar keep you locked up in a broom cupboard all night?"

"Ha ha, very funny! Go to work and let me sleep."

Episode 6 : Love Birds (AR ff)


Riddhima: Oh yeah.. Not a problem.. Hum ooty main bhi jaayenge lekin sirf 1 week rahenge wahan par.. wahan se hum london jaa sakte hain..

Armaan: Yeah great...

Armaan: Mom aapne sunaya na... Yeh humare program hogi...

Sapna: Aaj mein sach much bohot khush hoon.... Theek hain chalo beta... Baad mein phone karti hoon... Ayushi bhi play school se ghar aagayi... Riddhima ko bhi ye kaho... Aap dono apna khayal rakhna... Bye..

Armaan: Ok mom.. Bye..


Armaan: Riddhima... Hum, Humare baare mein sab ko kab batayenge ?

Part 11 B : Sab Mera Tu (season 2)


"Main rokungi" as she whispered softly while tracing his figure on glass wall Sukirti smiled 
"Thank god.. Kuch toh akal aayi tujhe.." She spoke wd happy smile which made Shilpa to think about Armaan
"Bahoot reh liya tumse dur.. Ab aur nehi.. Ab humaare bich koi nehi aayga... Koi bhi.." but she couldn't thought more coz Deep's words rang inside her head, last night Deep has blasted on her after hearing everything b/w her & Armaan who has already left the house
("Tum samajhti kya ho khudko.. Armaan koi mandir ki ghanti nehi hai jisse jab chaahe tab baja do aur vo kuch nehi bolega.." pointing at her angrily he blasted which made her scared "Jaanti nehi ho uska gussa.. Pyaar hai isliye vo chup hai varna tumse bhi acchi ladkiyaan hain is duniya mein uske liye..Aur samajhti kya ho tum khudko ki jab chaahe tab usse khilauna bana ke.. Use karke phek dogi.. Aur vo kuch nehi kar paayga.. Haina?? Usnein tumhaara dil ek baar toda tha tab tumhe itna bura laga tha.. Toh socho tumne aur tumhaare parivaar ne baar baar uska dil toda uska kya.." he yelled angrily holding her arms who

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Part 12 : pyar ke mod pe….

3-4 months arman’s exam was finished and he had to stay there only for some times. In those days he was very busy in preparing his exam and riddhima was busy with the new case on which she got to apply her medicine. That was a young girl,married only sometimes before but after marry she and his husband got to know that they both were carrier of Batten bone disease and it was sure that their child would get the disease but before they could think and try to take any step ,the girl understood that she got pregnant. They came in hospital to know the further step to save the baby from this disease, the

Part 1 & 2 : Chance Encounter

Part 1

 Riddhima ran a frustrated hand through her hair and took a sip of her coffee. That was like the 10th cup of coffee she had that day but it wasn't helping much. She had to finish the report by the end of her shift and it was already 1 a.m. Great! So she had just under 7 hours to complete the report, provided she didn't fall asleep or wasn't called on an emergency.

"God please! Please don't let there be an emergency tonight," Riddhima offered up a silent prayer.

"Beep'.beep!" Her pager beeped, 'Report to OT,stat!'

Riddhima made a face," Thank You, Mr. God, thank you so much!" She gulped down the rest of her coffee, grabbed her stethoscope and ran towards the OT. As she entered the OT side-room she saw Dr. Subhankar dressed in his scrubs trying desperately to explain something to a man clutching onto his arm. The man, she noticed was quite tall, well built and for a second she thought that maybe Dr. Subhankar was being attacked. She was wondering whether to call security or not when Dr. Subhankar noticed her standing at the door.

Episode 5 : Love Birds (AR ff)

 Armaan: Ok Ok.. Now lets get serious... Well.. We will always get top rank in the exams.. No doubt about that...

Riddhima: Woh toh hain... Lekin humein iss baar aur bhi mehnat karna chahiye... Iss baar paper tuff hogi...

Armaan: Hmm... Madam... Aap se kisne kaha tha ki iss exams ke papers tuff honge ?

Riddhima: Armaan.. Please dont try to act smart... We are going to attend the exams conducted by Sanjeevani Board... Aur iss exams ke liye sirf main aur tum nahin balki India mein saare sanjeevani university se students aayenge...

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Episode 4 : Love Birds (AR ff)

Armaan and riddhima are now sitting in the couch holding each others hands...

Riddhima: Armaan... Aaj sach mych mein mujhe bohot dar lag rahi thi... Jab uss abhi ne...

Armaan: Shut up Riddhima.. I have beaten that bl**** b*****d so much that he will be admitted in the hospital... Please forget about that... Aur yeh baat bhi hai ki aaj humare lie bohot special day hain... Aaj mein apne dill ki baat tumse kaha.. Aur aaj se hum dono saath mein honge... So, let us celebrate today forgetting the world around us...

Part 11 A : Sab Mera Tu (season 2)


"Come on Shilpa.. Itni toh himmat kar ki tu isse maafi maang sake.. Come on.." encouraging herself mentally she made her mind to apologise so holding her breath she looked down "I am sorry Armaan.. I am sorry for everything.. I know sorry bahoot chota word hai.. Par main kya karoon samajh nehi aa raha hai.. Haan main galat thi jo tumhe nehi samajh paayi.. Par tum kabhi bhi mere liye clear nehi the.. Bachpan mein jab tak main tumhe samajhti tum jaa chuke tha.. Aur jab wapas aaye tum tab tak haalaat ne tumhe badal diya tha jo main uswaqt toh nehi samjhi thi kyunki mujhe laga tha tumhaare andar uswaqt bhi vo bachpana hoga isiliye tumhe phirse samajh nehi paayi aur galti par galti karti chali gayi" wdout looking at him she confessed in broken tone while his eyes were fixed on his phone wd earphones put on his ears which she didn't noticed "Aur jab kho diya tab samajh mein aaya ki tumpar kya guzri hogi.. Isiliye khudko aaj tak maaf nehi kar paayi.. Tum nehi jaante jab mujhe yaad aaya tha us raat ke baare mein.. Khud par sirf gussa aaya tha ki kaise main bhool gayi.. Uswaqt mujhe tumse milna tha baate karni thi puchna tha.. Par der ho chuki thi, meri wajah se tum apne dad aur apni family se dur ho gayye.. Mujhse dur ho gayye" she sniffed staring down on floor "Aur ab jab phir wapas aaye ho main tumhe samajh nehi paa rahi hoon phirse.. Pata nehi kyun tum har baar mere liye confusing ban jaate ho.. Shayad isiliye bachpan se sirf tumhaare baare mein socha nehi chaahte huye yaah chaahte huye sirf tumhi mere dil aur dimaag mein ho.. Main kya karoon mujhe nehi samajh raha..

Monday, 22 October 2018

Episode 3 : Love Birds (AR ff)

Armaan sees riddhima and abhi forcing onto her... he runs to the spot.... Abhi's back is facing armaan...

He sees riddhima crying.. She never had crried before like this... She had little tears but she never criend hard...

He keeps a hand on abhi's shoulder... and beats him up really hard that abhi will not be able to give a defence attack....

part 8 : You Will Forever Be My Always (AR SS)

The next few days were definitely not the best days for Ridhima, something or the other kept reminding her of the fact that she had totally forgotten her existence...To be honest more than anything or anyone reminding her she herself wouldn't let that thought get out of her head making her feel even more low about herself. Many a times Armaan had found her lost in thought or looking low and even tried asking her about it but she would always leave the topic untouched by giving some or the other excuse.
It was a Friday evening and Rahul and Muskaan were supposed to come over for dinner as they were really missing Arima and also because it had really been a while since the four of them had met and chilled together.

Last part : Closet Fun(arsh mini)

Armaan whirled around immediately, after hearing her utter what he never thought she would say..EVER!!
His eyes widened with shock and yet his veins thrummed with pleasure and exhilaration.

He seemed to be in a daze and yet he somehow managed to lock the door and set the latch properly in its place.

And then he prowled towards her in such a way that could only be said to be animalistic-sexy.

While Shilpa there was pretty close to hyperventilating..and yet the way he stalked towards her and the way he was eyeing her..dare she say - almost hungrily, sent a rush of excitement through her nerves.

Taking his much abhorred nick name wasn't really a part of her plan but it just happened.

Sunday, 21 October 2018

Episode 2 : Love Birds (AR ff)

It is morning now...

Armaan is really sleepy and does not wake up... The match will be starting in another two hours...

Riddhima calls him... Because her 6th sense says something that armaan will still be sleeping.... and as she knows him from childhood, she ofcourse gusses right...

Armaan phone keeps ringing but this time, he will not get up as he slept late... Riddhima decided that she will go to his house...

She dresses up in a red t-shirt and black tracks...

part 3 : Closet Fun(arsh mini)

At some point of time, Armaan had disposed off his blazer..and Shilpa just couldn't care less as to where.
Because she was all too delighted to see that he had rolled up his shirt sleeves which showed off his toned arms..and God-damn-it-to-hell if she saw any other guy carry off that pale-pink colour with such elan and ease as he did. The way his shirt delineated his physique, it was proof enough of how fit he actually was. The top two buttons had been undone by him as well and she thanked the Lord for the eyeful of taut, tanned skin she got a glimpse of because of that.

And all she wanted to do, at that moment, was to just rip his shirt off into shreds and let her eyes just feast over the hunk - this man standing in front of her, had turned out to be.

Part 10 : Sab Mera Tu (season 2)


"Dekh Shilpa.. Abhi dinner ka time hai toh jaa usse jaga de.. Ek toh bina khaaye vo soya hai.. Rockstar hai vo time table hota hai kuch unka.. Jaa naa" hearing Sukirti's constant request she got fed up who was plating the dinner on dinner table
"Rockstar hoga apne ghar mein.. Itna hi time table hai uska toh nehi aana chaahiye tha use yahan.. Rehta apne ghar mein.. Main toh nehi bulaaungi chaahe bhuka hi kyuna so jaaye.. Jab bhuk lagegi tab khud hi aa jaayga.. Aur agar tujhe uski itni hi fikar ho rahi hai.. Toh jaa tu hi jaga de usse.. Huh!!" saying this angrily she went inside kitchen which made Sukku to think something else to make her close to Armaan