Saturday, 3 November 2018

INTRODUCTION : Unwanted Love

Riddhima  Gupta  well now Mrs Riddhima  Malik legally that is only, once in love with her childhood friend Armaan Malik, they were best of mates despise her being a girl, their parent were close friend both families were rich, they weren't at all popular that is until Armaan transformed into the high school's hunk, leaving Riddhima  being with the so called "nerd", as for their friendship , well he ignored her, acted as if they were strangers , hmm what else oh yeh made fun of her with his "popular gang", Riddhima  on the other hand had feelings already for him which in no time turned into love but she wasn't dumb to tell him, she knew he would laugh or worst tell everyone and make fun off her, then they graduated and finished college, Riddhima 's parents kept looking for boys to marry their only daughter, but she was rejected every time, one cause, her APPEARANCE, she was to plain, she wore glasses, had no style, she wasn't girly enough, it did depress her having the thought that she would spend her life alone, but to her rescue Armaan's parents got him married to Riddhima , he hated her even more, they weren't even married for two weeks, when packed his things and left without telling anyone where he was, Riddhima  cried, what was she to do, being a good wife she waited, where Armaan enjoyed his life partying, having different dates on different day and working not earning as much, but what happens when he suddenly returns home after and year due to a financial problem needing shelter, especially when he comes face to face with a changed Riddhima  or should I say his Wife? But what happens when he is in charge of one of his dad's business but how will Riddhima  react when Armaan kicks her out of the house after coming back or will he let her stay?

Tiya Gupta 

part 4 : The First Kiss 😘

Armaan joined the rest of the group in the living room. He could still taste the chocolate cake batter flavoured with Riddhima 's fragrance.

" Aao aao beta" Shashank welcomed him to join them.

They all discussed plans for their stay in Khandala.

Anjali also joined them, "Armaan…let's go hiking…we can carry a picnic lunch with us….Riddhima  and Hariram will make sure we have plenty to eat…."

Muskaan, who had gotten fond of Riddhima  since she first met her, came to her defence, " Why don't we all go…Riddhima , Rahul…and you guys….it would be fun…I will go and help Riddhima  pack for the picnic…." She got up and joined Riddhima  in the kitchen.

Episode 14 : Love Birds (AR ff)

Nikki: Armaan.. Tum mujhse aise baat kyun kar rahe ho ?  Kya maine kuch galat kiya... ?

Saying that, she moves closer and keeps her arms round armaans shoulders...

Now armaan has taken and heard loads of her nonsense.. He is no more having patience..

Armaan shrugs her arms from his shoulders harshly...

He is burning with his anger and seemed like, he is going to punch the person next to him...

Nikki is completely shocked now and is unable to understand what to do...

Armaan: (As he shrugs her arms) Nikitha.. !!!!

part 18 : college Life

Malik house delhi
This one is like really big house 
Niki arman take them inside the house.
Ananya: lo agye bche bhi.
Arman: hey mom hey chachi namaste aunty nd then take blessings from all ladies present there.
Same goes with niki abhi anjali nd ridhima.
Nandani: sham pani leker ao sabke liye.
Arman: dad or khan hain mom.
Ananya : beta vo log bhar gye hain kisi kam se rat tak ayenge
Abhi: may be vo log yhan ek event manager se milne gye hain.

Part 14 : Chance Encounter

Riddhima woke up smiling. She stretched and then messed up her hair, still unable to wipe the smile off her face. She remembered the last night and laughed out loud. Niki and Armaan were a riot with Abhi playing the grown up, trying his best to maintain some semblance of sanity. Riddhima pushed aside the blanket and still giggling, moved towards the washroom to take a bath.

 Armaan was rudely woken up by CNN blaring at top volume. He rummaged sleepily all over his bed before he could locate the remote and switch off the television. He woke up every Sunday, listening to the business news on CNN, but not today, not this Sunday. He jumped out of his bed and stretched, today was going to be a great day.

 Riddhima came out drying her hair. She popped her head into Niki's room.

Friday, 2 November 2018

Part 3 : The First Kiss 😘


The Malik's were having breakfast before leaving for work.
Billy was pouring his tea, "Toh Armaan beta...what do you think? would you be happy with Anjali?"

Armaan just shrugged his shoulders, "It is too early to say dad..."

"Kyon? Usme koi aisi baat hai jo pasand nahin aayi...I think she is beautiful, charming, very well educated....and ambitious girl.... hamare parivaar ke liye bilkul theek hai..." Billy was chewing on his toast. The Malik's were certainly a high achieving family. Their older "bahu" Muskan was also a PhD and a lecturer at a prestigious college. Ananya herself was a retired professor in English literature. In fact, Anjali's qualifications were a big attraction for Billy and Ananya as they both valued education over anything else.

Part 13 : Chance Encounter

Riddhima was shocked. She was expecting a lot of reactions but definitely not this and it left her speechless.

"What?" She managed atlast.

"Yeah. We got the phone call on Sunday morning. Atul bhaiyya couldn't make it back within a day so I volunteered to help out. Gappu and I left for Delhi in the afternoon flight. I tried to call you but your phone was switched off."

Riddhima remembered that she had got up late and had a seminar on Sunday morning. Her phone was switched off the whole time. She felt like kicking herself. Why did she have to jump to conclusions all the time?! Why couldn't she just think straight for once?! However, along with the feeling of guilt another unexpected feeling of elation fought for prominence.

Episode 13 : Love Birds (AR ff)

Armaan: Ok guys.. Hum dono ab chate hain.. We will have a short walk and we will come back...

Atul: OHHHHHHHHHHHHH.... Short walk ?????

Riddhima is blushing...

Anjani: Atul... Enough of maza yaar.. Look at ridzi.. She turned into an apple...

Riddhima blushes even more and hides her face in armaan's shoulder... Armaan makes a protective layer of his arms around her...

Both of them soon head towards the tea plantations and start walking....

Thursday, 1 November 2018

part 17 : college Life

Arman is kissing ridhima neck shoulder then he is going to pull her dress but the moment his hands land on her dress he come back to his senses.
To calm his nerves he hug her nd then put her strap back to her shoulder.
Ridhima: luv u jaan.
Arman: luv u 2.
Arman turn with ridhima nd let her fall on bed nd then lay beside her .
Now arman put his head on ridhima chest nd ridhima put her hand in arman hairs.
Ridhim: arman r u okay.
Arman: hmmm.

Part 12 : Chance Encounter

Riddhima sat alone at a table holding a glass of orange juice. She was wearing a pink sari with minimal jewellery. Her long hair left open, kohl lining her eyes and a dash of pink lip gloss, she looked beautiful. However if you looked carefully, there was something missing but you couldn't quite put your finger on what. Only the people who knew her well understood what was missing---her smile.

"I can't believe he didn't call," Riddhima muttered to herself. "How could he not call?"

"I am sorry, I didn't get that. The music is too loud."

"Hey Abhi. When did you come? Where's Niki?"

Episode 12 : Love Birds (AR ff)

Finally they finish their journey and are in ooty...

Anjali, who had already reached ooty comes to the railway station to receive them...

They have some sweet talks and they head towards a guest house in which they booked the accomodation...

Every one come together except Abhi and Nikki... All the friends gang will forget about them... Even though Armaan and Riddhima remembered, they just ignored...

This is how their rooms were allotted...

Armaan's room was the first one.. Riddhima's was quiet opposite to Armaans..

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Part 2 : The First Kiss 😘

Riddhima's heart was still pounding as she recalled her high school days, when Anjali knocked on her door, "RIDDHIMA! Chalo mere saath neechey "

Riddhima opened the door and saw Anjali standing outside wearing a green saree. Riddhima forgot her tension and gave Anjali a big smile and hugged her, " look so beautiful...."

"Thanks Riddhima, aaj mumma ke kehne par saree pahen lee hai but I don't think I can carry it for too is so uncomfortable!" Anjali said

" look so pretty...chalo let's go down" Riddhima put her arm around Anjali as they walked downstairs.

Armaan looked up and saw Anjali being accompanied by the same girl who had bumped into him just a few minutes ago. The girl looked familiar and he kept staring at her rather than Anjali, "ise kahan dekha hai? she looks so familiar"

Part 11 : Chance Encounter

Riddhima tried a couple of times, but when Armaan stubbornly refused answering any of her questions regarding their destination, she gave up. Armaan was driving for about 10 minutes when finally Riddhima could hear the sea. So Armaan was taking her to the beach? Riddhima's face lit up instantly. She loved the sea. Coming from Kolkata which was miles away from the sea, the salty breeze and the sound of the water lashing on the shores was something she adored about Mumbai. She sat up excitedly in her seat,

"Armaan, are we going to the beach?"

"Sort of!"

"What do you mean 'sort of'? I can hear the sea, why can't we go to the beach?"

Episode 11 : Love Birds (AR ff)

Now both of them go to the temple and then head towards college..

This time, nikki does not do any shaitani because she is scared of her marks and as these are the finals..

4 days pass like this and now they have finished all their exams...

Armaan and Riddhima are now in Armaan's appartment... They are happy because they have finally finished their Second year facing all the problems that came in their way with strongness...

part 13 A : Sab Mera Tu (season 2)


(Actually Armaan ka call aaya tha ki vo mere ghar ke peeche waale road par wait kar raha hai, main toh surprise thi sunke, kyunki mujhe pata nehi tha ki Armaan usiwaqt aane waala hai aur pata bhi kaise chalta jhagdne ke baad maine phone jo nehi kiya tha usse.. Khair main khushi khushi daudke gayi peechepar jab Armaan ko dekha jo apne car ke paas khada tha, toh maine apni excitement control ki aur ek gusse waale expression ke saath uske saamne khadi ho gayi, par Badtameez Armaan ne naa gale lagaaya naa smile paas ki bas direct ek sawaal pucha) "Shilpa mujhe bataao Sid aur Sukirti ka break up kyun huaa??" her jaw dropped as saw his serious face (Bolo bhala aisa koi boyfriend hoga kyaa jo bina haal chaal puche, kisi aur ke baare me puche, lekin nehi yeh mera Armaan hai toh twist toh daalega hi.. Aur jab maine uska mind divert karne ki koshish ki toh vo aur serious hogaya) "Shilpa i am serious.. Mujhe jaanna hai vo bhi puri baat, Abhi batao mujhe" holding her arms he asked in calm tone which made her only to stare him confusedly (Main samajh gayi kuch na kuch toh zaroor huaa hai usse tabhi toh usse itni jaldi thi, maine usse pucha bhi ki 'Kya baat hai Armaan' par nehi usne turant kaha ki 'Shilpa pehle mujhe bataao unka break up kyun huaa hai?' aur uski yeh zidd dekh kar mujhe gussa aa gaya aur bina soche samjhe jhagad padi usse) 

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Part 7 : Hawas Ke Pal( An AR Mini SS)

'Tum mujhse itna nafrat karta hai toh tum aise ladki se pyar kaise kar sakte ho...???' Anjana asked...
There was silent in the room but finally Anjana break it as she shoot her question to Armaan, when they realized Anjana present, neither Ashwin and Armaan move from their seat but they understood that she heard the conversation between them...

part 16 : college Life

Arman stop his car in front of the house .
Arman: mam apka sasural agya.
Ridhima: haha very funny .
Arman: kya funny hone wala 4,5 sal bad.
Ridhima: ohh like really 4,5 year.
Arman: jada hai .
Ridhima: don’t know kash main 23 ki hoti to kal hi shadi kar leti .
Arman: ok that’s mean apko 3 sal bad shadi karni hai .
Ridhima: maine aisa kab bola .
Arman: abhi abhi .
Ridhima: shut up ab ander chale.
Arman: han chalo .
Ridhima: and what about ur servants
Arman: don’t wry i will handle that u just come.

Part 10 : Chance Encounter

Finally the war came to an end when there was no food left for anybody to throw. Riddhima tried picking out the spaghetti strands from her hair, still looking daggers at Armaan while Armaan used a piece of cloth to wipe his face which wasn't helping in any way. There were still sounds of kids squealing and screaming as someone threw an odd piece of cake or a remaining piece of samosa or tried to hug each other with food stained clothes. Suddenly a loud voice boomed in the hall.

"What the hell happened here?"

 Armaan and Riddhima looked at each other and then gaped in horror as a couple of smartly dressed men entered the hall followed by half a dozen very well dresses ladies. The ladies were surveying the room with marked revulsion when one of them screamed.

Episode 10 : Love Birds (AR ff)

Doctor: Well,.. you can attend but you need so much of rest..
please take the medicines on time.. I will take a last check up and then will confirm if you can go for outing or not..

Abhi's Father (Vikram Modi) Thank You Doctor...

Doctor: You welcome..

Nikki listens to all this and feels bad for abhi..

Nikki: Hi abhi.. Ab tumahra tabyat kaisi hain ?

Monday, 29 October 2018

part 1 : The First Kiss 😘


Billy Malik was very pleased to see this change in his son and said to his wife, Ananya " Lagta hai ab Armaan ke liye bhi ladki dekh lete hain….he looks ready to settle down now"

"Pehle ussey tho poonch lo….kahin koyi ladki ho uski nazar mein…" she said

"You are right Ananya… are always right…" he smiled and went to Armaan's room.

Armaan was busy with his laptop trying to catch up with some work. Armaan had recently been hired by a prestigious consulting firm in Mumbai and he wanted to do his best at his new job. He would join the family business after 2-3 years after "real world experience"

Part 9 : Chance Encounter

"Ofcourse I was missing you. I was missing you terribly!"

 Armaan faltered. He was flirting with Riddhima and was expecting her to get flustered like she always did. He loved how she blushed and then fiddled with the end of her dupatta. He loved how she tried to avoid his eyes and fumbled trying to find an answer. He expected all that but not a direct confession. He was so startled that he lost his balance and then managed to steady himself.

"You were?" Armaan asked bewildered.

"Yes," Riddhima replied coyly and then moved towards Armaan.

Armaan was getting more troubled by the minute. He stood up straight as Riddhima moved up close to him.

Episode 9 : Love Birds (AR ff)

Armaan: Yeah... Lekin muje tumhare saath kuch waqt bitani hain...

Riddhima: Ohh...

Armaan and riddhima go to the park and find a bench and they sit on it..

Riddhima sits normally while armaan stretches himself resting his head on riddhima's lap...

(Imagine the scene in which armaan lies his head in riddhima's lap during the old karvachauth)

Riddhima keeps her hand round his face ans starts caressing his hair...

part 12 B :Sab Mera Tu (season 2)


(Main usse dekh rahi thi jo Vrushika ke saath dance kar raha tha ki tabhi vo Bewkoof Ritvik aaya mere saath dance karne jisse main mana karne waali thi ki Kutte ne suna hi nehi meri aur mujhe floor par le gaya, hum dance hi kar rahe thi ki meri nazar Surbhi par padi jo Shaad ko dekh rahi thi sadly) "Ritvik dekhna Surbhi kitne sadly Shaad ko dekh rahi hai" moving wd Ritvik she gestured him to look back where Surbhi was staring Shaad wd longingnes while Shaad was dancing wd Dhrashti and Sukirti was dancing wd Pankit
"Hmm toh galti uski thi usse jaane nehi dena chaahiye tha Shaad ko.. Vaise dekha jaaye toh uski insecurities ki wajah se huaa par abhi bhi uske paas ek chance hai kyunki Shaad kisike saath aage nehi badha toh vo ab bhi sab thik kar sakti hai" making her twirl he said in serious tone which made her to give a small nod in Yes silently when her eyes fell on Vrushika who leaving Armaan pull one of her friend on dance floor while Pankit offered his hand to Surbhi leaving Sukku standing beside Armaan who directly offered his hand to her smilingly making Sukku hasitate to grip his hand (To be frank haan mujhe jealousy hui thi thode pal ke liye phir laga 'Aree Armaan toh mera hi hai main bhi naa' aur maine focus kiya Surbhi par jo hass rahi thi Pankit ke jokes par aur wahin Armaan aur Surbhi dance kar rahe the..Vaise dekha jaaye toh yeh waali insecurity mujhe bachpan se thi naa main

Sunday, 28 October 2018

part 15 : college Life

Arman: hum na sara kam divide kar lete hain jaise ki project ko word me meera and roy bana lenge or presentation main or ridhima bana lenge thk hai.
Roy: ya ye thk rhega aise kam jaldi hoga.
Meera: han but presentation main or arman bana lete hain vese bhi tum dono to bat bhi nyi karte ek dusre se to arman mere sath jada comfortable rhega.

Part 8: Chance Encounter

Armaan was sitting on the staircase with a bird's eye view of the hall and had been doing four things, one after the other, repeating in order, for the past half an hour. The four things being, blowing balloons, surveying the room full of 10yr olds, looking at his watch and glancing at the front door. He had been doing it unconsciously but hadn't broken the routine in a while.