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A 6 years old girl was standing on a door .. She had tears in her eyes .. All her fears were coming true !! ... She blinked her small greenish eyes to get rid of that blury vision .. She gasped when she felt some one's hand on her shoulder ... She turned around and found HER .. The biggest problem of her life .. The person who was trying to snatch everything from her and somewhere she succeeded ...
She came towards her and held her silky black hairs harshly .. The little girl hissed in pain ... " what were you saying to him ??? " she asks furiously .. " I was just " ... " shut up !!! From now u can't talk to him .. If you try so I will .... " she stopped when she saw a 8 years old boy with some bags .. ..

Chapter 2 : Where Did I go Wrong

Jan 8th 2007

 It's just 10 days since I am married and life is shit, oops, I shouldn't talk like that? Should I? whatever diary, I am dead, I never realized how big this house is, or rather never went into details of the house, the past few days I have been doing nothing but cleaning up the clean house more cleaner, I mean how much can I make it sparkle, but mom in law insist, she says "what will happen to Armaan after I have gone, and to the house?" now that bugs me a lot, am I a dead now? Or simply one of those beautiful show pieces in the house that does nothing but stands the whole day and wait for

part 25 : College life

Karan : lo agye bache bhi .
All greet each other .
Shashank: so kesi rhi party.
Abhi: achi thi bade papa.
Niki: Thanq so much sabko party k liye.
Shubhanker: and ap bachon ne bhi bhut achi party plan ki thi .
Karan: arman beta koi problem to nyi hui vhan .
Arman: nyi bade papa sab thk se hogya tha mujhe kuch kam hai main ata hon .
Billy: ise kya hua .
Niki: pata nyi chachu thak gya hoga kal sab isne hi manage kiya tha na .
Shashank: chalo jao ap sab rest karlo fir evng me mhendi ka function hai .
Karan: han jao or ladies ander hain jaker unse bhi mil lena .
All go inside .

Friday, 16 November 2018

Part 8 : The First Kiss 😘

Next morning, everyone was busy talking about having the "sagaayi" ceremony the same day. Armaan was restless and desperately needed to talk with someone. "Muskaan bhabhi...yes.... she can help me" he went to Rahul and Muskaan's room. Muskaan was laying out her sarees on the bed, trying to decide what she would wear for the ceremony. "Armaan...aao...kuch kehna hai?" she smiled and invited him inside "Bhabhi...wo.... aapki help chahiye..." Armaan said Armaan's red and swollen eyes told her that he had not slept all night. She teased him, "kyon.... pyar mein neend udd gayi hai kya?" "Kuch aisa hi samajh leejiye.... parr jo aap soch rahi hain.... waisa nahin hai." he sat down on the bed and buried his head in his hands. Muskaan kneeled down on the floor and looked at him, "Armaan.... if my observation is not wrong.... you are in love with Riddhima!"

Chapter 1 : Where Did I go Wrong

He was on the flight, that was on its way to Mumbai from the US, he was glad, he held the diary preciously in his hand, he was debating whether to read it or not, at last curiosity got better of him and he opened the book.

Jan 2nd 2007

@ 5:15 PM

Oaf, I am back, dead totally, exhausted, why? Will let you know some other time, boring really to

part 2 : Pyar ke side effects (ts)

1 month later
arman getting tired from running for half an hour in his jogging suite stopped under a tree..ridhima who was also running in her jogging suite also stopped and come to him..

R: kya huya janu? Tum ruk kyu gaye?
A: ridhima baby m bahut thak gaya hu.. Plz aaj aur nhi..aur iski jarurat hi kya h..dekho mera body to aise hi akdam perfect h..
R:aise kaise arman tumne to sirf 8 rounds lagaya h aur b 12 rounds lagana baki h..aur admi ko perfect se imperfect hone m jaida wakt nhi lagte.. Ye lo energy drink piyo dhakkan dur ho jayegi..
A: (drinking the drink) par baby thoda to kam kar do *pleading*
R: ok baba chalo 11 round kar di..pura ak kam kar di..
A: ak???

Last Part : Sunday (mini ss)

Armaan's POV
I looked behind us and saw Abhi and the rest of the gang whistling and laughing at us. I looked at Riddhima. She was just as embarrassed as me.
"Care to explain what is going on?"
"Armaan, I thought you weren't interested in this plan"
"Um, well, uh,"
"Stop fumbling!"
"Awww! He's blushing! Armaan you're so cute!"
"Now that the plan has turned into reality on Armaan's side, I think it's time for Abhi to try and patch up with Nikki"
"For that we need another plan!"
Everyone turned to look at me.
"Why me?"
"Because you are good at this kind of thing!"
"Even after my running away idea, you think I'm going to give a better idea"
They all glared at me.

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Part 4 : Sunday (mini ss)

Riddhima's POV

"Basket, stop, please!"

I didn't stop. I felt so much happier and I needed some time to clear a few things in my mind. If he loved me, then why did he break contact with me? Why did he seem annoyed with Abhi's plan? Then I scolded myself for looking too deep into the matter but I needed to know his side of the story too!

I smiled thinking how adorable he looked when he was confessing and saying that he thought I didn't like him too. I suddenly got angry. How dare he think that I didn't love him? True, I never told him my feelings but he didn't too! Plus, I was sitting on my own upset with getting married to him thinking that he wasn't interested when in fact he also loved me. Urgh, he got me depressed over nothing! Idiot!

I was still walking away in my thoughts until I bumped into something hard. I knew it was him. I looked up to see his face. I could see tears forming in his eyes. I immediately felt bad and my anger for him vanished at once.

"Basket, I didn't mean to..."

part 24 : College life

Vicky : chal bhai raat ka intjam karte hain .
Sachin : but humara room to ek hi hai .
Vicky : to kya hua bed to do hain na and I don’t mind in sharing.
Sachin: haha that will be fun .
Vicky: yes brother we will have fun all night .
Sachin: but bhai ager inhone ye chod diya to .
Vicky: bro they already have half glass or half glass enough hai.
Then both leave from there and on same time .
Arman and atul come where ridhima and anjali is standing.
Arman: so girls kesi lagi party .
Anjali: bhut achi hai tumne bhut ache se arrange ki .

Part 105 :From The Time I Saw You - An AR FF -

'Armaan...' Riddhima bang in his cabin...
Armaan was busy doing something in his laptop, he look towards the door when he heard Riddhima voice... Smile form in his lips as he was waiting for her to get free so they could leave... It was Saturday and as they decide, they would be going shopping with friend...
Riddhima had been giving instruction to some of her interns as they were trying to complete current project she was working on... Next Wednesday, they need to complete their work and deliver it safely to the clients and Riddhima don't want any problem in last minute...
So as the following day was Sunday and they should at least finished by Monday evening so they could packed and deliver it by end of Tuesday to the clients, Riddhima was making sure that there wasn't any delay... Being happy and satisfied with her interns work, finally she had dismiss them for the day...
'Are u done my darling...???' Armaan asked closing his laptop but make sure that he save the work...
'Yes, can we leave now... I m hungry...' Riddhima said with a pout...
'Awww, my baby is hungry... Let's go, we will go home first than u can change and eat before leaving to the mall...' Armaan said...

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Intro : Where Did I go Wrong

Diary, I know its 4 days late since all this happened and today is 2nd Jan 2007, but I am so busy with married life that I just don't find time for you. So without any further ado here I go.

28th Dec 2006(the day I got married to Armaan)

29th Dec 2006

4:00 am

part 1 : Pyar ke side effects (ts)

At a garden

boy: uhmm m bahut din se tumhe kuch kehna chahta hu.. pehli bar tumhe dekhte hi m tumhare taraf attracked ho gaye..har jagah bas tumhi dekhne lage..tumhari ye jo bade bade akhe vo mujhe tumhare taraf khecha le jata h..dil krta h hamesha bas tumhe hi dekhta rahu.. Aur aaj m tumhe apna dil k bat batana chahta hu..RIDHIMA I I I I lo I thoda pani milega?

boy2: ohho ARMAN ye kya h tu hamesha i love u pe ake hi atak kyu jata h? Ye le pani
A: (drinking some water) pata nhi yar ATUL m itna nervous kyu ho jata hu kitne din se try kar raha hu par bol hi nhi pa raha..
At: dekh mera bhai aaj to tujhe bolna hi padhega warna koi aisa na ho uss chuha sid jake bhabi ko propose kar de..
A: NAHIII aisa nhi ho sakta..
At: to phir be a man confidence..vo dekh bhabi ayaga.. Ab jaa jaldi aaj koi garbar nhi hona chahiye dude..

Part 3 : Sunday (mini ss)

Armaan's POV

"No need" A voice replied from behind. I turned around and was shocked! I saw my Basket standing right behind me with a smirk on her face. I looked around and saw the whole gang smiling at me. What the hell? Suddenly realisation dawned upon me... she was the girl Abhi's mom fixed for him and they all heard everything that I had said to Abhi!
"What do you mean Riddhima?"
Oh yeah, that's her name.
"Riddhima= Basket and Basket=Riddhima"
Abhi suddenly getting it, started laughing hysterically.
I looked around in embarrassment and saw my old gang who were smiling at me a second ago, now glaring at me. I think they had just remembered.
When it was the last day of college, everyone was promising each other that they will contact. The same with our gang and I too had promised. However, after I had moved to the UK for further studies a month later, I realised that I wasn't able to forget her so I decided to break contact with her. If I broke contact with her, it meant I had to break contact with them all. It took so much effort to avoid their calls but I managed to do it thus resulting in contact in the last 3 years. So they were all probably glaring at me for not keeping in touch. But they didn't know how much I had missed them all. Especially Basket.

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Part 2 : Sunday (mini ss)

Riddhima's POV

It was a very sunny Sunday morning and I was sitting in front of TV. I know I should go out there and enjoy the sun but I couldn't help but feel all jumpy and excited about the reunion tonight. It was not only that but the prospect of meeting Armaan again made me blush. I was madly in love with him. I had always been in love with him but I never realised it until he had gone. Though, I was very very angry with him for breaking contact with me and the rest of our gang, I couldn't help but still love him.
I don't know if he also had similar feelings for me but he was one of my best friends. I would never want to lose his friendship over anything. But if he even did have any feelings for me, he would have told me. I sighed and decided to go and choose something to wear tonight.
I looked through my wardrobe and spotted a simple purple sari which I've never worn before. It was perfect. It was two in the afternoon and I heard a knock on the door. I unwillingly got up from the couch and opened the door. It was Anjali and Muskaan.
"Oye, budge Ridz!"
"Why are you guys here?"
"Is that a way to welcome your friends. I feel so upset!"
"Shut up, Muskaan! Answer my question!"
"What do you think? You need a makeover for tonight! You are meeting Armaan and if he sees you after our extra special makeover on you, he will..."
"Run away?"

Episode 25 : Love Birds (AR ff)

Armaan, Riddhima... aur Sapna... I think sharning something with you is not at all a problem. I trust you three completely and this is what I wanted too.. 
Today the time has come and we will have to open up. It is so long. Pehle aap sab mujhe promise kejiye ki ab mein jo bhi aap logon ko batane waala hoon.. aap kissi ho nahi batayenge... This should not come out. Warna hamare pariwaar bohot bade museebat mein phas jayegi...
Armaan, Riddhima and sapna's face turn blank and they are unable to predict what Veer is going to tell.
"Where should I start from ? Ab mein o bhi keh raha hoon.. Riddhima.. Shayad tumhe yeh baat bohot dhuk degi. Lekin kya karoon ? Abhi yeh baat batana zaroori hai.

part 23 : College Life

Arman: ridhima am sry jo neeche hua uske liye.
Ridhima : arman am also sry mujhe aise nyi karna chaiye tha.
Arman: sach bolon mere samne sab fade hogya tha aisa laga bas tum or main hi hain or koi nyi.
Ridhima: hmm i knw but yar now I can’t face them especially rahul .
Arman: don’t wry he is chill he knows about us.
Ridhima: but still I can’t.
Arman: dekhna kal tak sab bhul jayenge .
Ridhima: hmmm acha main jaon .
Arman: no .
Ridhima: kyu ab andhera ho rha hai sab ate honge.
Arman: aj beth jao baat karlo kal se tym nyi lagega main sara din busy rahonga.
Ridhima: mere liye bhi tym nyi hoga.

Monday, 12 November 2018

Part 7: The First Kiss 😘

Armaan went downstairs with the blankets and joined the group.

"Arre...Riddhima kahan reh gayi?" asked Padma

"Pata nahin aunty.... main toh bas kambal lekar seedha neeche aa gaya" Armaan lied as he had seen her run to her room in tears.

Armaan could not enjoy the card game anymore. He kept thinking about what Riddhima had said, 'PERVERT!" – he had gone out with several women in his life but never been accused of being a pervert!

Is that what she thought of him?

Part 1 : Sunday (mini ss)

Armaan's POV

Urgh! Why the hell is it ringing? I didn't even set it last night!

I cursed my alarm whilst I tried to turn it off with my blanket on my face. I didn't want to face sunlight for at least an hour more. If I did, it will spoil my sleep and Sunday is the only sleeping day which I spend with no one but myself. And this Sunday is also the sa....


I just remembered that today is the day I'll be meeting her again after three whole years. And the rest of our friends. Tonight was our college reunion. OK, I wasn't 100 percent sure if she will be there but it was our college reunion and I still have hope.

Oh shut up Armaan, my mind told me, it's not like you ever proclaimed your undying love to her. You were always a coward and always will be.

Part 104 :From The Time I Saw You - An AR FF -

Armaan took his mobile and capture the moment, all have same expression as they were unable to believe what they just got to know about their favorite couple... Of course only Ananya, Billy and Anjali expression were different as they were already aware of the news...
When no one speak or move their eyes aware from the gift they had on their hands, Riddhima look towards Armaan pouting... Armaan chuckle and put his hand around her shoulder, blinking her eyes as if telling her to give them sometimes to digest the news...
Anjali, Ananya and Billy also wait for others to come out from the shocked like Armaan and Riddhima but when no one move from their place or tear apart their eyes from the gift, Anjali thought to react so no one would suspense that she is aware of the news...
'This is so cool Ridzy, Armaan... Congrats to both, I m so happy for you guys...' Anjali said as she stood up and hugs the couple...
'Thanks Di, but seems like its a bad idea... Dekho na, koi react hi nehi kar rahi hai...' Riddhima said pouting...

Episode 23& 24 : Love Birds (AR ff)


Sapna: They are just coming for a visit to London.. And since they helped both our familie's a lot during that time, Veer offered them to stay here... Thats what Veer told me..

Riddhima: Its ok mom.. I will ensure that they will feel comfortable here...

Riddhima sounded confidednt and was not sounding a cry baby...

This surprised Sapna but not Armaan... Because he knew that when he is with his riddhima.. she will never break down...

Sunday, 11 November 2018

Episode 22 : Love Birds (AR ff)

RECAP: Riddhima and Sapna share mother daughter bonding. Armaan and Riddhima have some moments.

Ab Aage...


Abhimanyu (Abhi) goes to Nikki's Birth Place, Bhatinda...

Abhi: Ji.. Kya yeh Malhotra's ka haveli hai ?

Wantchman: Ji Sir.. Aur Aap ?

Abhi: Ji Mein Nikitha Malhotra ka Friend hoon.. Ussne Mujhe Yeh Address Diya hai... Usse Milne aaya hoon...

Part 22 : College Life

Ridhima room
Arman kiss ridhima softly both come out of kiss .
Ridhima: i think ab hume neeche chalna chaiye.
Arman: abhi sab rest kar rhe hain to hum bhi karte hain.
Ridhima: g nyi mujhe pata hai ye rest ka kya hoga .
Arman: acha kya hoga batao na .
Ridhima: shut up tang mat karo na.
Arman: abhi to humne kuch kiya bhi nyi .
Ridhima:acha chodo na plz acha uthne to do mujhe.
Arman: nyi abhi man bhara nyi .

Last Part : Chance Encounter

Riddhima didn't have to look out of the window, nor look at her watch to know that Calcutta was near. Though it was technically impossible, she somehow felt the wind, heard the sounds of the city and felt the familiar fluttering of her heart and she knew 'she was home!!

"Riddhima," Armaan whispered, clasping her hand in his, "We are almost there."

"I know," Riddhima nodded, grinning, "Welcome to the City of Joy!"

"Who's Joy?" Armaan grinned, "Okay, sorry, PJ! Couldn't help myself!"

"Nervousness doesn't seem to suit you," Riddhima pointed out with a grim smile, "Your sense of humour goes for a toss!"

"Who's nervous?" Armaan looked affronted, "I am not nervous!"