Saturday, 24 November 2018

AR os : One Decision


ARMAAN  is a orphan and a seven year old boy.. and worked in a sanjeevani hospital canteen as a waiter… one day shahshank eye fell on him and he asked abt him then armaan told him that his father and mother died in a car accident and there is no relative of him so he is working there to earn his livings.. shashank got impressed…and take him to his house…       in house shashank has a daughter RIDDHIMA GUPTA apple of her father's eye.. but when he saw arman with him she got feel jealous..

 Slowly time passed away … shashank gave money to armaan for his studies and he became a very good doctor… and also riddhima has completed her studies in medicines… armaan is very handsome and good looking any girl can do any thing for him but he never wasted his time on these cheap things where as riddhima is also very beautiful and look like angel… armaan secretly like her but does not have guts to tell her… and also he respect shashank from core of his heart…

Part 4 : How Much - U Love Her (mini)

"I mean'. She is the Muskan ' who lived here' it's her house'" Anjali gasped' putting up the things together'

She looked up at Riddima' trying to find is she THE one?? While Riddima slightly nodded making it unnoticed to Muskan' who was looking at floor'

"Oh..." Anjali exclaimed' her eyes got watered' thinking how hard it was going to be for Riddima'

"But now it's hers'.!" Muskan butt in

 "I know Muskan' She told me'" '. "Really?" Muskan with un-amused look' while Anjali just nodded'

Chapter 9: Where Did I go Wrong

"What did you say?" stammered Muskaan, almost afraid of the reply she was going to hear.

"I said yes" said Riddhima tonelessly. "That day my mind debated all it could, I remember it reasoning with my heart, from the time I reached home, till my eyes drooped off to sleep it debated, but for once my heart won over my mind. It was all because of him, he loved me so much and made me believe that no matter what he would be with me by my side, I didn't comprehend at first why he was saying that, but soon it was crystal clear. When he took me to meet his mother the next day I saw that she hated me the very instant she set her eyes on me. Of course, I couldn't expect anything less; she hoped her handsome good looking son and well reputed good family could fetch many dollars worth of dowry, but I wasn't the diamond she was looking for, clearly her son had picked just a shining piece of metal and mistook it for a diamond. I was a pauper in her eyes, but to be honest, I was, I had no parents and I lived a life of my own, the prince and the pauper. How dramatic. So then she asked me to drop my education to which I agreed without arguments. I wished I had some guiding soul to look up to and ask if I was right."

Friday, 23 November 2018

Part 3 : How Much - U Love Her (mini)

 "Good morning Interns' we have a new intern ' Dr. Riddima' she is new here ' and I want u too be nice to her' is it clear..?" Anjali said

"Yes ma'am" the four interns said

"Ok ' so ' u will be working under senior Dr.s here' as u all were doing'" pause "and Dr. Riddima' this is Dr. Summit' Dr. Sapna' and Dr. Nikita' and Dr. Abhimanuyi"

Riddima passed smile from which only Sapna passed a sweet smile while the guys looked at her disgustingly and Nikita the other girl' didn't even bother to smile' and rolled her eyes'

"So ' coming back to work' Dr. Nikita and Dr. Abhimanuyi working under me' Dr. Sapna and Dr. Riddima working with Dr. Muskan'" pause

Chapter 8: Where Did I go Wrong

Settling in the corner of an empty classroom, Riddhima decided to pour out everything she could about her past. The unhealed wounds were beginning to rip more, but she was used to the pain. Taking a deep breath to steady her pumping heart, she began recalling how it had all started'


"Smriti' No, bring it a bit down, its uneven still ' Yes. Perfect" said Riddhima grinning in satisfaction.

The college annual day was just a few days away and the decorations were being hung artistically under Riddhima's skilled guidance.

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Part 27 : College Life

Arman room
Niki left room in anger arman turn, his back is towards room door , ridhima come in arman room close the door and she is so mad she harshly turn arman through his arm .
Ridhima eyes is bloodshot red she is so mad on him that arman even lose his balance and stumble on his feet but he managed.
Arman: ridhima .
Ridhima : not a word .
Arman: meri.
Ridhima: push arman how could you.
Arman: rid.
Ridhima: no ye rishta hum dono ka tha tum akele nyi the humare liye decision lene ka haq sirf tumhara kese arman .
Arman: am sry.
Ridhima: sry really, u knw what arman malik tum shayad mere bina rhe sakte ho but main tumse bhut pyar karti hon nyi rhe sakti tumhare bina but iska matlab ye nyi ki main kamjor hon ya tumse bheekh mangu ki tum mujhe na chodo . Ager arman ridhima k bina rhe sakta hai use bhul sakta hai to main bhi rhe lungi tumhare bina . Mager mera pyar hamesha tumhare liye hi rhega . Main tumse pyar karti hon ye haq mujhse koi nyi cheen sakta tum bhi nyi samjhe .

Part 2 : How Much - U Love Her (mini)

"Hello this is Riddima'speaking from glamour's magazine" Pause "yes' I will check if u have any appointment with sir..." pause "No sir ' Today Atul Sir has cancelled all his meetings' due to some personal matters' I apologize on his behave' next appointment will be set soon" pause "thank you '" she hung up'

  Just to hear her personal phone buzzing'.

"I will come home 'hmmmm till 4" wrinkling her nose' with a smile "I promise'.I won't break the promise this time'" she said

 After while she bid bye '


Chapter 7: Where Did I go Wrong

May 12th 2008

 Riddhima was pacing in the room, it had been almost 10 days now and she hadn't even uttered a word to Armaan regarding her pregnancy. Every time she got the urge to just go and tell him the corrupt tape dropped by Armaan's mother played her mind repeatedly "Armaan doesn't want children" and "Just yesterday he was telling me how he was not ready to take up the responsibility of having children". The excitement of telling him about the baby had also died down now that she was informed by dearest mother in law that Armaan was no longer looking forward to having children.

 Armaan on the other hand hadn't spoken to Riddhima now for the past 3 days, there was the ultimate cold war in the house, No communication between Armaan-Riddhima, nothing between Riddhima

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Part 1 : How Much - U Love Her (mini)

"Congrats Muskan" he said

"Thanks Arman' Thanks For every thing'" Muskan said'

 "Congrats dude'"  Arman said

 "Thanks man.! U have been a great friend'" Rahul her finance said'

"Shaadi ko tou time hai' why don't we have a drink'" Arman Suggested Rahul '.

"No' Arman' tu peeta hai' tou pagal ho jata hai' NO" Muskan butted in

Chapter 6: Where Did I go Wrong

 She let him take over her senses with increasing passion, she didn't know what was happening, not aware of reality, not aware of herself, It was as if she stopped denying what her heart wanted, unsure of her mind but he knew what he wanted and he wanted Riddhima to crave for the same too, entwining his fingers with hers he guided her hands on his shoulders, she felt his body crushing against hers as if wanting to get inside her, she knew that and she wanted it now, His hand began to trail down her throat which was soon followed by his hot mouth, she felt him plucking on her shirt
buttons, one of her shirt buttons opened, then another one, peeling the fabric of her flesh that was being a hindrance to the reigniting flames, He pushed one side of her shirt off her shoulder and kissed her shoulder, slowly at first and then deepening it as he traveled to the inner curve of her neck. His hand slid behind her waist under her shirt, making goose bumps erupt on her back as she felt something snap, she was exposed, her neck arched at the slightest pressure of his hand on her hair, never once had he stopped placing kisses on her neck as he lifted her against him placing her back to the wall and holding her there with the support of his body. She felt his heart beating hard and fast against hers, the flames were licking inside her, white hot and dangerous, she was afraid if this didn't stop soon the flames would set both of them ablaze, his hand slide to her thigh and as if on its own

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Intro : How Much - U Love Her (mini)

Arman Malik' Yes Arman ' Loved her lot'.until he heard the news of her getting married'

He couldn't cry'Not Now. He had to be brave; he had to be brave for his friends' for her' For Her happiness'

"I want you'. But I can't have u'." he kept on saying ' to himself'.

He saw his love sitting with her love' he couldn't control his pain'

Chapter 5 : Where Did I go Wrong

A week had gone by, everyday was enduring her patience, she was finding it difficult to either hold back her tears, and there was no question of listening to the lecture. Armaan had not yet mustered the courage to talk to her.

This constant looking at Riddhima when lecturing the deliberate avoiding job that Riddhima was doing had not gone unnoticed to Rahul and Muskaan.

The 1 hour torturous lecture finally came to an end, it was lunch break now, and Riddhima just rushed to an empty class room where she shut the door and slide down behind it. Did she have any choice to get out of this? Did he have to come back haunting her?

Monday, 19 November 2018

One Shot : Angry Bird

V:hello everyone FM 89.88 pe aap sabke favourite show 'Dil Ki Bat' pe aap sabke sawagat krte h apke pyare RJ Ridz.. To jaise ab sab jante h hamare show Dil ki Bat pe aap sab share kar sakte h apne apne dil ki bat aur sath songs ki request b kar sakte h.. Aur har month ki last wednesday k tarah aaj b ap kar sakte h humse directly phir intezar kis bat ki apna mobile uthaiye aur dial kijiye 0000000 number pe..
Ok to dekhte h kon h humara pehla lucky caller..
Rj:hello frnd kon h hamare sath?
C:Ammy.. Pehchana ya bhul gaye??
Rj:tumhe kaise bhul sakti hu ammy tum to hamare regular listener bolo aaj kya wish h tumhara?

Chapter 4 : Where Did I go Wrong

 The time seemed to be moving slow, rather not moving at all, It was just few hours back he had seen her, seen Riddhima, was is possible, was he hallucinating, did it really happen? He had not expected to find her so soon. He held the diary preciously in his hand, a small smile crept his face, yes, he had seen her, he was not hallucinating, He had found his goal sooner than ever and now he was going to achieve it, he wanted to share his happiness with someone, anyone, but he had no one to do so, He sat down and opened the diary randomly.

December 28th 2007

part 26 : college life

Niki room
Arman: Di I understand family first hai but di vo bhi ab apki family hai na .
Niki: arman hai vo meri family us ghar k har ek mere liye imp hai main un sab se pyar karti hon par abhi ne kya bola mere ghar ka mamle na bolo .
Arman: jiju guse me the .
Niki: ek to use jiju na bol tu.
Arman: kya bachon vali baat kar rhe ho.
Niki: arman tu chup kar .
Dada ji : kya chup karva rhi hai sahi to bol rha hai.
Niki and arman both look towards door where whole malik family is standing.
All come inside the room.
Arman and niki stand up from bed .
Dadi: niki beta betho dekho hum samjh rhe hain apki baat but aise guse me liye faisle hamesha galat sabit hote hain .
Dada ji : beta kuch bolne se phele hamari baat suno .

Sunday, 18 November 2018

Chapter 3 : Where Did I go Wrong

May 5th 2007

 Dear Diary, yesterday the bright light on was poking my eyes terribly, how to sleep? I dozed off few many times, but this time I had to tell him to come and sleep, "Armaan?" I called 4 or 5 times, no response at all, when I got up to see, that angel was sleeping with his head on the table. I gingerly fingered him on the shoulder from behind calling out his name; he got up with a jerk. "Aagayi"?

"Kya aagayi Armaan?"

Last part : Pyar ke side effects (ts)

1 month later
arman is sitting at floor in his room with a diary in his hand..looking devasted. face unshaved for don't knw how many days.. He also loose some weight..dark circle under his eyes proving his sleepless nights..
In this month he visit ridhima everyday at hospital bt never dared to go close to her as he felt guilty..he always see her from the glass door of her these days he very well got to knw how much she mean to him..his life become soulless without her..his heart arched seeing her in this condition..

Part 106 :From The Time I Saw You - An AR FF -

'Good morning mom...' Armaan greet Ananya as he came down...
'Good morning beta, nashta laga dun...???' Ananya asked as she was in the hall...
'Haan mom, dad kaha hai...???' Armaan asked not seeing Billy...
'Woh garden mein hai, kuch kaam tha...???' Ananya asked moving towards the kitchen...
'Nehi, aise hi pucha... Aapne nashta kiya...??? Aur dad...???' Armaan asked...
'Tumhe toh pata haina bacche, tumhare dad Sunday ke din bhi jaldi ut jate hai...' Ananya said as it was only 9 30 a.m...
By 8 a.m, Billy always wake up... It doesn't matter to him if its Sunday because he is used to wake up early and go to bed early too unless they plan to stay up late... So even Ananya also wake up early with Billy and they have breakfast together letting kids catch sleep till as late as they wish...
After Riddhima has come, sometimes they have breakfast together in Sunday's... Before that in Sunday, they make sure to have lunch together because they leave their bed in different time after a busy week in their respective works...
Still now they follow the rule, if they miss having breakfast together, they make sure to have lunch and spend their afternoon together watching a movie or play some outdoor game because Sunday is mean to be family day so no one would dare to make other plan till evening...