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PART 17 (Last Part): Sab Mera Tu (season 2)


After four years
2 'O' clock in Night 
@ Mumbai's one of a Bridge

Main gapp na koi maarun
Naa baat bolunga kacchi
2-3 saal se mujhko
Tu lagi laagne acchi, o hoo hoo…O..

"Yeyyeee.. Finally hum pahuch gayye.." moving out from the car a happy Shilpa chiripped while Armaan closed the door of his car
"Shilpa sambhal ke yaar.. Lag jaaygi" walking towards her he warned making her pout
"Nehi lagegi tum jo ho" holding his arm she said smilingly which made him smiled who kissed her temple lovingly

Part 1 : Lucky...Who? Me...?

Today I am standing in the balcony looking at the sky..remembering all the good and bad memories'rather I should say more bad memories..coz I hardly remember any good is my last day in this house..the house where i grew up...i house which gave me everything.. I closed my eyes..i could feel her presence..i know she is looking at me' " I am starting a new life..i need your know you can hear me..give me the strength'. I need you today more than ever.."  I opened my eyes..i could hear them approaching towards me'. "riddhima ..the baraat has arrived'he is looking so handsome"..i saw them entering the room..i quickly wiped off my tears coz I don't want them to see me this state.. I could see the happiness on their faces' happiness not because I am getting married..but because I'll be leaving this house forever..

Part 11 : How Much - U Love Her (mini)

"Mama' who is coming..?" Rehan asked seeing Riddima arranging table.

"My friends!" she said while placing the food on table 'and then walking with Rehan up to her room'

"Oh Great '" she made him change  and went to change too

'urghh what should I wear.? I have to look good' he might be coming too' she blushed 'u know ' I love him' but I still avoid him why? Obviously because he hurts me' and I cant take this pain..!'


Friday, 30 November 2018

part 16 : Sab Mera Tu (season 2)


(Kisse pata tha ki Dubai ki itni acchi memories ke baad ghar par kuch aur hi milega dekhne ke liye.. Actually Mumbai pahuchne ke baad jo cheez mujhe aur Shilpa ko face karni padi vo tha Dad aur Ram uncle ka reaction even Naani ka bhi vaise toh unhe Gautmi aunty ne sab kuch bata diya tha par phir bhi vo thoda hurt the kyunki unhe humne nehi bataaya.. Ghar me step rakhte hi Dad ne mujhe aur Shilpa ko bich me khada kiya aur jo questions huye pucho mat.. Even Ram uncle ne Sid ko bhi nehi choda tha apne questions se jo side me khada hokar dekh raha tha) "Toh tum dono ek dusre ke saath kitne time se ho..?" wd angry look Ronit asked in his strict voice which made Shilpa to hold Armaan's arm fearly 
"Dad vo.. Teen mahine se" bowing his head down Armaan replied slowly making Ronit to shook his head while Gautmi hide her smile seeing Arsh's adorable faces
"Teen mahine?? Aur tumne mujhe bhi nehi bataaya Shilpa??" Ram looked at her wd angry look making Shilpa to hide behind Armaan who looked up slowly "Main tumse baat kar raha hoon Shilpa?" he called in loud voice on which Armaan stepped a little side making her visible to everyone who looked up cutely
"Vo Dad.. Main.. Aapko surprise dena chaahti thi" her nonchantic reply made Ram to show his angry glare

Intro : Lucky...Who? Me...?


Ever wondered how it feels when someone calls you "lucky " Ask me?...why ? coz I believe I am the perfect example..I still remember I was 7 years old. I was playing with my mom. A lady came to us, she was a friend of her. She looked at me and said "you are a lucky girl". I couldn't understand what she said, but the way she said it felt nice. That was the first time i heard the word "lucky". I looked at my mom smiling at me. she took me in her arms and said  "she is my princess.. my lucky princess..she is lucky but I am more luckier to have a daughter like her" .

Later at night I was sitting on the bed. My mom entered the room. I looked at her and asked her " mom what is lucky". She smiled and making me sit on her lap said " baby.. lucky is someone who makes everyone happy..who bring a smile on everyone's face". I looked up at her and said "so I am lucky"..she smiled at my innocence.. "yes baby you are always make people smile..and promise that you always will". I felt so proud., I took at her hands and promised her..

Part 10 : How Much - U Love Her (mini)

"I love u…" he said rubbing his nose behind her ear… holding her tight from waist…  looking straight at her through the mirror

 "I love u too" she said, placing her sari… on shoulder… "I think u should leave… Rehan might come in!" she was scared a bit

 "Hmmm" totally understanding….

"suno" she took hold of his hand "wapas aooga na?" he could see the fear in her eyes… he could feel her rash breathe….

 "haan" he pulled her close and kissed her full mouth… they smiled while kissing… she felt relaxed closing her eyes… she felt secured… she felt at last her wish is going to come true…

Thursday, 29 November 2018

Part 15 B : Sab Mera Tu (season 2)


(Us din Shilpa ka mood off tha Sid ko lekar toh main usse bahar le gaya Deep Rati ke paas jahan jaakar vo mujhe toh bhool hi gayi lekin usse khush dekh kar main khush tha.. Aur shaam ko jo dramatic scene huaa pucho mat kyunki jab main apne room me pahucha toh dekha Sid mere bed par baith kar ro raha tha, main samajh gaya usse pata chal gaya hai aur mera pura time usse sambhaalne me chala gaya in fact Ritvik bhi aaya tha kyunki maine bulaaya tha so that in dono ke bich koi misunderstanding naa rahe.. At least ek ghante tak na maine kuch kaha aur na Ritvik ne bas hum dono Sid ke bagal baith kar usse bina kuch kahe yeh yakeen dila rahe the ki kuch bhi ho hum saath hain uske aur phir thodi der baad usne khudko compose kiya then usne Ritvik se pucha ki kyun nehi bataaya ki usse bachpan se Sukirti pasand hai par jab humne usse sab kuch samjhaya tab vo kuch shaant hua.. Ritvik ne toh surity bhi di ki vo kuch expect nehi karta Sukirti se kyunki bachpan se usne khudko prepared kiya hai mentally ki agar vo usse naa kahegi toh bhi vo accept karega, ispar Sid ne bas yehi kaha 'Vo chaahe jo choose kare humaari friendship ko kuch nehi hona chaahiye bas' and this both of them hugged each other making me relieved.. Hum teeno aise hi ek ghante tak baith ke soch rahe the ki ab aage kya hoga ki tabhi Shilpa aa gayi.. Aur un dono ko cheer karne ke liye jhagadne lagi)

Part 9: How Much - U Love Her (mini)

"Hey Alman' see this' I love to play carom allot" Rehan pulled him to

 his room' after playing basket ball' criket' Rehan took him in' seeing how Tired he was'whole evening has turned out to be great from Rehan and he was happy that Arman came'

"Bi' u go and sleep' we will eat dinner with Mama'" pause "Right? Alman"

"Yup' Bi' app jaye' so jaya..!"

While the old lady nodded and went away

"Hey check out this '?" Rehan said pulling his video game from under his bed'

last Chapter : Where Did I go Wrong

"Armaan I don't want to go" Riddhima said, peeping outside as the aircraft was about to take off. "I so feel like getting off the plane now" she continued, gritting her teeth.

"Riddhima, I promise, we're not going to be there forever, just a matter of minutes, really, we'll be out of that place sooner than…"

"That does not exclude the fact that I'll have to endure your mother for those few minutes.  Does it?" she cut in fiercely, she did look scary.

"Riddhima…" he said his voice consoling. He put his arm around her.

"Armaan…this is not fair" she said, whining. Her lips pouted. Ahana was trying to imitate Riddhima which Armaan just noticed. "Look at her face" he said in surprise, pointing at the ditto resemblance to Riddhima's current face. It was like a small version of Riddhima, Ahana was now puckering her nose, the piggy face.

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

part 15 A : Sab Mera Tu (season 2)


"Toh bolo kitna miss kiya mujhe??" parting from hug she looked up at him smilingly who first caressed her cheeks then kissing there whispered 'Bahoot' which made Shilpa giggle "Hmm.. Yeh toh hui pehli baat.. Ab Mr Rockstar yeh bataao ki suddenly businessman ka transformation kyun liya aur mujhe bataya bhi nehi" putting her hands around his neck she asked wd not so serious but a serious tone which made him to close his eyes realising his lie but taking a sigh he replied in slow voice 'Shilpa yaar.. Actually ek situation ki wajah se mujhe join karna pada' she smiled at his bowed head but stepping back she thought to take his class "Aur mujhe kyun nehi bataaya.. Maine mana kiya tha naa.. Hmm" crossing her hands she asked like a typical serious Girlfriend on which he sighed and thought to tell her everything, So making her sat on his cabin's table he gripped her hands who raised her bows amusingly 'Actually office me ek gadbad ho gayi thi jiske liye mera office join karna zaruri tha.. Aur' she shook her head at his slow voice so she interruptted "Aur vo gadbad Sid ne ki thi haina?? 100 cr ki gadbad.. Jis Deep ke friend ka zikar karke tumne mujhse pucha tha vo Sid hi tha haina?" his eyes widen hearing her chilled out tone who was moving her legs tro & fro still sitting on table "Kya huaa..? Yehi soch rahe hona ki mujhe kaise pata..?" jumping down she asked wd a grin on which he wd shocked look gave a nod in Yes "Vo kya haina doubt toh mujhe pehle hi ho gaya tha jab tumne sudden pucha tha mujhse Deep ke friend ke case ke baare me.. Aur Surbhi Ritvik ka sudden jaana mujhe laga ki tum bahoot pareshaan ho lekin phir bhi

Part 8 : How Much - U Love Her (mini)

"Stopp!" she said' with closed eyes

 he turned her around that her back was facing him' he placing his palm on her abdomen' pulled closed'. Kissing her violently' moving her hair' on one side kissing her shoulder'. His hand went up to her chest' he touched them ' felt them'

She gasped ' her eyes pop out '. She pushed him away' and as he was half conscious' he losses his balance and falls on floor' with a grin' and stared at her' while she glared and pulled her sari up'.

"Wait" he turned her around in his Arms

Chapter 13 : Where Did I go Wrong

"Oh no" Riddhima gulped. "Armaan, hide behind the door, hurry"
Armaan obeyed, he handed wailing Ahana into Riddhima's arms and stood behind the door, pressing himself against the wall.

Riddhima tried hushing Ahana as she went and opened the door wide.

"Riddhima, kya hua? Why is she crying like that?" Neha said, half entering the room. Riddhima stopped her immediately, "Nothing" she stuttered, "She just woke up, I'll take care of her.., you, ermm, go back to sleeping"

Neha looked, suspiciously, "Is everything ok?"

"Yeah" Riddhima instantly replied.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

part 14 : Sab Mera Tu (season 2)


"Come on Armaan.." taking a deep sigh he moved out from his car then looked up at Malik Malhotra House, he wd slow steps walked ahead when he noticed every worker present in garden or around their house looked at him flabbergastly infact some of them didn't believed on their eyes that they are actually seeing him entering in house, while Armaan's bodyguards were calmly following him who stopped them "Tum sab yehin raho.." saying this in calm tone he moved ahead when Laxman tried to say that he is coming wd him but Armaan stopped him saying he can manage and wd excited feeling he walked ahead (Main jaise hi door par khada huaa meri dhadkane sabko dekh kar badh gayi as if Exam hall me first time paper dene jaa raha tha aur mujhe dekh kar ghar ke saare servants shock ho gayye jo bechaare apna apna kaam kam rahe the maine unhe dekh kar smile paas ki aur door bell bajaaya kyunki mujhe Dad ka reaction dekhna tha jo wahin news paper read kar rahe the aur door bell ki aawaaz se unhone meri taraf dekha.. Sach kahun toh jis tarah vo mujhe surprisingly dekh rahe the vo maine pehle hi expect kiya tha, Naani aur Ram uncle bhi wahin the unhi ke paas baithe the par unka reaction Dad se alag tha coz they were happy in fact Naani toh turant mere paas agayi even Ram uncle bhi jinhone mujhe tight hug dete huye welcome kiya Haan Naani naraz thi mujhse toh bilkul Shilpa ki tarah react karte huye vo apna jhoota gussa dikhakar baith gayi andar jispar mujhe toh meri Khatra ki yaad aa gayi.. Main Dad ke paas gaya unko gale lagaane par unhone mujhe ignore kiya aur vahan se chale gaye bina kuch bole, Vo chiz mujhe bahoot hurt hui thi.. Ki tabhi Swayam aaya neeche aur mujhe dekhte hi gale laga liya kaske.. To be frank i missed my little brother very much)

Part 7 : How Much - U Love Her (mini)


 "Yea'?" Riddima looked away'..

 "u know Arman Rite?" she nodded with a confusion ' "I want your help'!" pause "look ' I know' that night when I was performing rituals' Arman came to your room'" Riddima gasped'.

 "Please believe me I won't tell any one' I promise' I just want your help'!" Rahul said

 "what Help?" Riddima said with a scary voice'

"Look they r not believing me' I promise' I love Muskan' I will die with out her'. I can't give her a divorce' make Arman Understand' don't let them get married" Rahul fell on the bench

"heyyy Rahull' please'. Don't cry'. I will help u' Promise'" Riddima melted and gave him a side hug.

Chapter 12 : Where Did I go Wrong

It was like she had been hypnotized, what started with hesitation now progressed with strings of endearments, cries of passion, loving phrases, receptive touches…their eroticism had been intensifying…They were discovering their potentials of being in deep intimacy again like never before, they weren't just physically exposed, but they were emotionally exposed as well. They let themselves drown in the deepest ocean and again would they resurface to only ignite into flames.


A caged lion when released would probably forget how to hunt for its prey, an infant would never know what to call its mother unless taught or reminded repeatedly and it would only be when the infant was able to control its tongue that it would speak coherent words, the first most commonly being - mother.

Monday, 26 November 2018

'PART 13 B : Sab Mera Tu (season 2)


After six months (Arsh's wedding)

"I don't believe this.. Humaari sachme shaadi ho rahi hai?" still in daze she looked at her groom who is sitting calmly beside her in Mandap but hearing her voice he looked at his Bride(She was wearing a Red & Gold bridal outfit wd yellow mix, her pinkish glowing make up was only making her gorgeous, for Armaan she is defining beauty wd her simple yet classy look, her dark mascara filled green eyes were only showing shyness & her rosy lips wd sweet smile is like cherry on cake where as Armaan is looking stylish in his white dhoti & light cream mix wd white kurta not to forget the green ornament on his neck is making him Royal)
"Tumhe yakeen dilaane ke liye kya karun" lowering his head till her ear he whispered wd a smile while the priest was chanting the Mantras and others were staring them smilingly (After exchanging the garlands they sat for other rituals, the whole wedding preperation is done according to Arsh's choice whose wedding is happening in one of a royal weddings of India, there are medias, paparazi's & every important person is invited here after all it is the wedding of 'Rockstar Armaan Malik & his childhood love Shilpa Malhotra' and about Armaan's fans they can see this live on social site)
"Tum mujhe kiss karo.. Tabhi yakeen karungi main ki humaari shaadi sachme ho rahi hai" at her teasing plus slow voice his head snapped look at her shockingly while wd bowed head she controlled hard not to giggle and seeing this Gautmi frowned

Part 6 : How Much - U Love Her (mini)

Atul always wanted to know… everything… but that was always kept a secret by two people… who the the two people were…  known to the that only two people.

 "Rehannn!" The girls walked in….

Arman turned and Saw Anjali standing there… with a girl in a white skirt lower than her knee … and a pink shirt… with long hair…. That landed directly at her hips… her tight shirt showed perfect curves….and bosoms coming out…. Going in… her face… as delightful as ever… her cheeks… a little red… rest was original… no make up… and still looked angel…

'Riddima.' He lips threw the word out… this was word he lasted to say… he always prayed to see her once … and now she was right in front of him

Chapter 11 : Where Did I go Wrong

Riddhima and Armaan were both leading completely different lives after their separation.

While Riddhima remained indoors during her pregnancy, Armaan had still been working tirelessly in his office, Riddhima tried hard not to allow her past life affect the current while Armaan didn't even make futile attempts to get over the sorrow, day by day he found himself more depressed and perplexed, with also no success in figuring out what offended Riddhima so much to leave. Deprived of happiness, his personal affairs began to affect his work.

 Repeatedly he was found yelling his head off to the employees or colleagues, though he would make up to them later on, there was particularly nothing to improve his state of mind. The company had lost many projects and if measures were not taken to make better the situation immediately, the company would go into losses. Armaan's mother finding the need to intervene in the business, she did so. The company steadily came back to stability again.

Sunday, 25 November 2018

part 28 : college life

Ridhima sit alone on swing away from all .
Arman come nd put food plate and shake glass on table in front of swing.
Ridhima ignore arman and stand up from swing try to pass arman but arman hold her wrist.
Arman pull ridhima back to him and put his hand on bare waist.
Then put his head on ridhima neck
Arman: ridhima am sry. U really means a lot to me please forgive me . I luv u jaan .
Ridhima: try to come out from his grip.
Arman: plz jaan last chance plz .
Ridhima: kitne chance arman kitni baar dil todoge mera .
Arman: jaan main tumhe tumhare bhai se dur nyi karna chata tha .
Ridhima: main samjti ager ek bar baat to karte sidha chod diya mujhe. Ek bar nyi socha mujh par kya beetegi chalo chod diya tha fir aker ek baar samjhate to tumne to aker mujhe ek bar explain karna bhi zaruri nyi samjha bas itni imp ho main .

Part 5 : How Much - U Love Her (mini)

"Huh" she gasped loud to see him that close'. She was about to fall when his hand' brushed her arms' and he took hold of her throw waist' and pulled her closer'

Her eyes grew wider ' and she stared at him ' a bit shock'

Her mouth Opened '. She didn't know what to do '

"Dr. Riddima'!" Anjali ' shouted'  "Dr. Summit'" Anjali shouted' looking at him' and saw he had twisted Riddima's hand at her back'

Chapter 10 : Where Did I go Wrong

Muskaan's voice quivered with anger, "Argh, Riddhima, why didn't you tell him immediately then? It was such a wonderful opportunity"

"I guess I just went wrong over there" Riddhima said, simply.

All this while Rahul who had been quiet now spoke up "You still love him irrevocably, don't you?"

It was a challenging question; a question whose answer Riddhima had given away to Armaan so easily when he persisted her a while ago in the staff, a question no matter what she did she couldn't escape from, a question whose answer was "yes" and undeniable.