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chapter 6 : SHALL WE DANCE?

RECAP: "Sure," he grinned wickedly, "anything for you Anji!" He winked at her and strode nonchalantly towards the dance studio where the anxious dancers and teacher waited for him……

 Armaan walked into the studio authoritatively, hoping to be welcomed like a king by all the performers. Before the other dancers could show their excitement at seeing a celebrity amongst themselves, Riddhima gave him a sharp look, "excuse me! I think you are in the wrong room… can wait in the lobby if you want."

"Well……as far as I know I am in the right place," he grinned at all the other dancers who stood agape with eyes wide open, gasping simultaneously, "wow!"

"Yeh cricket ka maidaan nahin hai Mr Malik!" Riddhima snapped.

TEASER : Kash SS Saathiyaa

"For god sake koi in baccho ki awaaz kam kare" shutting his ears an annoyed Karan shouted inside from that roof terrace room coz the loud voices of kids were coming from backyard where they were playing cricket "Yeh sab Dr Shilpa ki wajah se ho raha hai.. I mean how can she bring them here that too eight kids.. Goshh! Bache hote hi kyun hain" cursing them he sipped his coffee while working on his laptop, he was sitting on couch wd laptop put on a small table


"See koi intention nehi tha.. Main toh bas khel rahi thi.. Aur boll hit hokar lag gayi window par phir tumhaare papers par.. Isiliye Sorryy" still bowed head she apologised hurriedly making him smile who wanted to see her face but coz of that cap he was not able
"You mean jis boll ne window todi mera coffee mug toda aur papers kharaab kiye vo aapne hit ki thi?" bending his head a little he asked amusingly on which she gave a nod making him a little surprise "Pehle toh yeh cap hataaiye" removing the cap he forwarded to her who slowly took while glancing up at him


part 8 : Lucky...Who? Me...?

"riddhima….riddhima.." I shouted but there was no response….. "riddhima…" I again called her name…but this time too no reply….then I knew what I had to do… "Dhima… " I shouted and counted..5..4..3..2..1.. "Armuuuu…."she screamed …I turned and saw her standing with a pillow in her hand… ready to throw at me... "how many times I have told you not to call me Dhima…it's Riddhima…R.I.D.D.H.I.M.A…Armu.." I looked at her cute irritated face…  "and many times I have to tell you not to call me Armu…it's Armaan…A.R.M.A.A.N…"….although I just loves the way she calls my name….but I also love seeing her cute irritated face…. "Dhima where were you…I was looking for you from the past 5 min.." I told her… "here she goes" I thought as she threw the pillow and went inside the room…without even saying anything…

Friday, 7 December 2018

chapter 5 : SHALL WE DANCE?

  Girl you are my fantasy
                        Girl you are my ecstasy
                   Wanna be your lover baby
                           Whenever I see you my heart goes thoya thoya

                  Thoya thoya thoya thoyya thoyya thoya –

 Armaan embraced the cushion on the couch as his dream took him closer to Riddhima and her hip swaying movements. In his deep and sweet slumber, he hummed, "thoya…thoya.."

"ARMAAN!" A shrill voice jolted him out of his wonderful dream.

"Rosie?" He rubbed his eyes, "what happened?"

Part 3 : Kash SS Saathiyaa


After 10th Months

Tujhe yaad kar liya hai (x2)
Aayat ki tarah..

"Uncle aap flight me baitho main aa jaaunga time par.. Hmm rakhta hoon.." a blank Karan said to Arun on phone who knows that Karan is not in good state so wdout saying anything he hung up the phone while keeping the phone on passanger seat he concentrated on road wd moist eyes, his condition was not at all good coz the flashes of Shilpa is still roaming inside his head, the way she stares him the way she laughs giggle smiles everything was revolving inside his brain while his heart is aching wd the scene which he did few hours ago, he was driving blankly still remembering the old & beautiful moments of them and as it all flashed he stopped his car in a halt on some silent & empty road of Lonavala which have surrounded by the dark fog of this midnight.. And feeling the suffocation inside the car he moved out of the car trying to get fresh air but it only made him remember about Shilpa coz everything in Lonavala is connected wd her fragrance whether it is nature or any place, the
coldness of this night was also not effecting him (he have wore a black jacket wd dark blue t-shirt underneath & denim ripped jeans wd white shoes) 

part 7 : Lucky...Who? Me...?

I looked at his face…he indeed was blushing… "armaan are you blushing?"… I asked him..just wanted to confirm…  I looked at him..he didn't said anything but I got my answers.. " that's really weird" I thought.. "armaan you are really annoying me…just tell me..or…or I'll never speak to you again".. I was desperate to know..about last night..more precisely about what I did last night…that now I started losing my temper… "riddhima…last night"… "yes armaan.." but he again started making those weird faces..that was it.. I stood up and was about to leave.. "riddhima last were all over me"… he said this in a single breath… "what?"..i turned and looked at his face.. ".and then…"…. "and then what?...".okay so he just said something which is so not possible.. I looked at his face… this time he was damn serious… "riddhima he is just lieing…he is lieing"..These thoughts kept coming in my mind.. "armaan you are lieing…right"… I said… I don't know why but it was so hard to believe him… okay so I had few drinks..but I don't think that I could ever do this..specially in a drunk condition… "riddhima..see that's why I never wanted you to know this in the first place…you must be thinking that I am making up all this stuff…and that I am lieing…"… I tried imaging what would have actually happened… "no way"… I told myself… "armaan…armaan.." I tried talking to him..but he just turned his face the other way… "armaan…listen to me…it's just that I never thought

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chapter 4 : SHALL WE DANCE?

Pehli pehli baar dekha aisa jalwaaa…
Yeh ladki hai ya sholaaa……
Sholaa hai sholaa hai…..sholay se darna……

marna To Thande Paani Mein Marna
raham Jawani Pe Kha
O Mundaya Raham Jawani Pe Kha


 RECAP: His gaze transfixed on Riddhima's face, Armaan stood at the window motionless and mesmerized. And then, she undid her long hair and wiped the sweat off her long and beautiful neck with a towel. A deep flush spread over his face and neck as he saw the pulse fluttering at her slender throat partially hidden under a shroud of hair…….

part 6 : Lucky...Who? Me...?

I packed our things and waited for him to come home'that day when I saw him dancing with nayonika'I felt that he doesn't like me that way'.I was hurt '.a lot'but somewhere I felt that even he realized that coz from that day onwards he made a habit of asking me every day whether everything is fine or not'how could I just tell him that I don't like his closeness with nayonika'.or the fact that I don't like her a bit'I can't 'atleast not now'somehow I managed to keep this nayonika thing out of my mind'but now that I know that armaan and surprises go hand in hand'.then how could he just stay back for so long and so came this big surprise of us going on a vacation'he came to me and said that we are going out'just like that'I didn't knew how to react..should I be happy about the fact that we are going out'or should I be surprised about this sudden unexpected trip'I don't know'but with all ups and downs I had seen till now I have stopped thinking about the future'.and this time too I am doing the same' .

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

chapter 3 : SHALL WE DANCE?


 Armaan, dressed in his warm up sweats, hastily finished his breakfast as he was running late for the net practice. The upcoming Sri Lanka series could prove to be an acid test for him if he ever had to become captain. Atul, the current captain was past his prime, but still there due to his 'God-like' status and popularity amongst the team and board members. On many an occasion, Muskaan had indirectly hinted that Armaan needed to improve his image, be a team player and a leader rather than just a 'star' on the team if he were to ever succeed Atul.

Armaan had so far shunned her advice and turned a deaf ear to Muskaan's advice till Rhea appeared in his life. As he chewed on his toast and read the sports section of the newspaper analyzing and micro analyzing all the players from his and the Sri Lankan team, his mind wandered over the events of the last 12 hours- a lot had happened in his life in those few hours- a stern dance teacher appearing from nowhere with an eight year old girl, who claimed to be his daughter, and then the news about Nikita having cancer. Even though, he had tried all night to not think about Nikita's illness, somewhere inside he felt guilty about what he had done to Nikita nine years ago.

Part 2 : Kash SS Saathiyaa


After two weeks

In Malik Mansion

Aashiyaana mera, saath tere hai na
Dhoondte teri gali, mujhko ghar mila..

"Kitni ajeeb baat hai.. Ek jaisa chehra.. Ek jaisi awaaz.. Aur ek jaisa surname.. Aise kaise ho sakta hai..?" wd her doubtful look she looked down in backyard where Karan was walking while talking wd someone on phone while she was drying her wet long hairs wd a towel "Coincidents ho sakte hain.. Par itna bada coincident nehi ho sakta.. Sirf aankhen alag hai.. Black.. May be Armaan ka bhai.. Nehi nehi nehi.. Aise kaise ho sakta hai yeh bachpan se India se dur raha hai aur apne Parents ka iklauta beta hai..May be sirf in dono ke chehre milte ho.. Aisa ho sakta hai?? Uff confusion hi confusion hai.." shaking her head tiredly she crossed her hands still watching him who is walking in his jog clothes that is a black opened

part 5 : Lucky...Who? Me...?

I entered the room and saw her sleeping'she was looking like an angel who knew nothing about the outside cruel world'what the world is up to'.it's been two weeks since our marriage..and 'close to two months when it all started'the marriage'the deal'deal between our between me and my father'I can never forget that day' the day when this started ' which changed my like completely..

 I was getting ready for office when dad called me'he wanted to talk something very important'I could sense the tension in his voice'I quickly dressed up and left for office'I entered his cabin'and the look on his face cleared my doubts'he was tensed.. really tensed' "dad'are you okay?... is everything all right?" I asked him '.i have never seen him like this before'he made me sit on the couch'and handed me a file'before I could open the file.. he said "armaan'I need a favor from you..  and I know that you won't disappoint me'"'and now I know very well that saying yes was the biggest mistake I did' "dad..what's the matter?" I asked him '.. even I got tensed' "Armaan I want you to get married'" I thought it was a joke' "dad are you serious"..i looked at his face and I could say that he was damn serious.. " yes armaan.. I am.. I want you to get married".. '"but dad I am just 24'and I don't want to get married so early'." ' "armaan listen to me'even I don't want you to get married so early but

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chapter 2 : SHALL WE DANCE?

RECAP: Armaan stood there frozen with a little girl's hand in his large hand, astounded at what had just happened to him and his life in the last 15 minutes. Was this really happening to him or was it a nightmare? Why did Nikita do that to him? He had broken up with her years ago then why was his past standing beside him to haunt him? And that woman- Riddhima Gupta- the most obnoxious woman in this world- he hated her! He hated Nikita….he hated Rhea…..he hated his past…..for a change he hated himself for being so callous about his affair with Nikita- he was trapped into taking care of this little scoundrel standing beside him.

They turned towards the elevator as Armaan took his phone out and dialed his agent, "MUSKAAN!"

 "Hi Armaan. What's up? You know it's Sunday……and I don't work for you on Sunday unless it's an emergency," Muskaan Misra, his tall, svelte, young and enterprising sports agent answered.


part 4 : Lucky...Who? Me...?

After few seconds I opened my eyes as I could feel the lights being switched off…I opened my eyes and saw him standing at the car door..Looking at me …I dropped my packets and ran towards him…I hugged him very tightly as tears kept coming out of my eyes… " hey  riddhima,.. Why are you crying.. I am sorry I know sometime I act like a jerk…I promise this won't happen next time…I promise…riddhima" he tried to stop me from crying…but I was just held him tightly and continued sobbing… "riddhima this is a very expensive shirt and I don't want this to get spoil …now will you please stop crying"…while he was trying his best to make me laugh…. His PJ's made me cry more louder….just then he saw them- yes the two guys.. coming to us… now he understood why I was crying…I looked at him then at the two guys…I stood behind him holding his arm… the two guys looked at us..the one who was not drunk came closer to us... I was panicking so bad that I could hear my heart beating very fast… armaan looked at me "riddhima go and sit in the car…" I looked at him, nodded and was about to sit in the car..when that guy tried grabbing my hand…and the next thing I saw was Armaan beating that guy…very badly…just like in hindi movies… where the hero beats the bad person …just like that…the guy tried beating him but couldn't ….after few punches and kicks when the guy couldn't take it anymore he ran from there…and the other one who was drunk…after watching his friend's condition ran after him…

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chapter 1 : SHALL WE DANCE?


Sprawled on his luxurious Swedish leather couch, in front of a large flat screen TV, Armaan Malik, 27 year old vice-captain of the Indian cricket team picked up a magazine from the coffee table.

"Hey baby, check this out."

Intro & Part 1 : Kash SS Saathiyaa


Saathiyaa a new SS on Kash

Hey friends i am going to start a new story of Kash..

After DMG end i felt very sad for Shilpa yaar, aur uswaqt mere mann me bahoot gussa tha but yaah Armaan-Riddhima ko toh milna hi tha after all they waited for so long par Shilpa ke character ke saath unfair huaa tha.. Kyunki na kisiko pata chala vo Riddhima ki behen hai aur naa hi usko uska pyaar mila.. Toh main yeh story laayi hoon Kash ko lekar.. Jahan Dmg ke end ke baad Shilpa ke life me aage kya huaa hai vo imagine kiya hai..

Yup, i will bring proff Karan Malik for Shilpa jo bilkul Armaan ki tarah dikhta hai (Par Bhai nehi hai uska).. Dmg ke saare characters honge even AR also but baad me pehle Kash aayenge..

Introduction of Karan Malik

Part 3 : Lucky...Who? Me...?

It's been over a week since I came to this house…everything was going normal…that's what everyone believes…but is it?..i don't know  whether I should call this a normal married life or not..that day –yes my first night was the only time when we kind of talked with each other..from that night onwards  it has just restricted to "good afternoon" and sometimes " good night"…and why no "good morning" coz he doesn't get up before 12:00 p.m… I have heard about rock music freaks, even speed freak, but party freak... I don't know if that's a word or not… just look at him….he parties almost every night..although I don't know much about him but what I do know is his daily routine…a very unique one…getting up at 12:00 in the afternoon sometimes even at 1:00 p.m……then going to the office for half day…and from there to party…that's his daily schedule…it sometimes make me sick… how could a person be like this…but I can't do anything..After all it's his this was  something about my husband which I have noticed…and I knew about him…..and about my mother- in – law..what can I say..she is one of the most chilled out person I have ever met…my first day in this house..i went to her room..she freaked out when I called her "sasuma"..she looked at me and said "riddhima don't you ever call me "sasuma" again.. "sasuma" sounds too old…it's too old fashioned…

Sunday, 2 December 2018

part 2 : Lucky...Who? Me...?

I am sitting in the car thinking about what happened few hours ago… kind of made me smile….panditji told us to join hands… with my hand on his... I was so nervous … I could feel my body shivering…slowly I took my hand and kept it on his…i think he noticed the nervousness....not just him anyone sitting next to me would have noticed just to calm me down..he held my hand more tightly… after so many years …it felt nice…someone caring about me…thinking about me…but then I did another blunder…it was during the pheras...we were taking pheras..but as I was still in my own dream world....i didn't realized that the pheras are over…Armaan stopped but I was still walking.. I stopped when I bumped into someone…that someone was "Armaan"…he turned and looked at me… I looked at him and said "sorry"…that was the first word I said to him… "What a great start to our marriage" I thought… I had pretty much made a fool of myself… these were some funny moments in my marriage…which I would cherish forever…

Last Part : How Much - U Love Her (mini)

"I want a girl'" he behaved adamant

"Arman ' Its not in '."

"same eyes ' same hair' same innocence ' same cuteness' as in a total duplicate of u '!" he interrupted her ', tears came out from her eyes'

"I m scared..!" she hugged him tight