Saturday, 22 December 2018

Part 8-A : Kash SS Saathiyaa


"Main thik toh kar rahin hun naa?? Haan bilkul kya galat kar rahi hai tu.. Bas apne first night ki raat bhaag hi toh rahi hai vo bhi darkar" as her mind taunted; her legs stopped in corridors where the lights were off except the dim lights, it was the same floor where their room was in fact she was not so far from their room "Yeh main kya kar rahin hun sirf isliye bhaag rahin hun kyunki Karan ne mujhse kaha vo mujhse pyaar karta hai? Lekin kyun karta hai ek toh bahoot mushkil se khudko manaya tha is rishte ki shuruaat karne ke liye uper se ab yeh, Kya zarurat thi us idiot ko propose

part 11 : Ought to happen (AR ff)

"U still like stuff toys?" he asked looking up to her ' while she nodded lightly

 "I love you'." He said

 She looked up shocked'


 "yes I do!" he again said bending over her' and she leans back'


 "yes' I really do" he said with pure love in his eyes'

"A'." she was tensed' he could tell'. Her body was breathing' heavily

Friday, 21 December 2018

chapter 15 (last): SHALL WE DANCE?

The moment had come and gone; now he would have to wait till after the show. She was gone. "Kahan chali gayi wo?" He wondered. Suddenly, he felt a tap on his shoulder.

Hoping it would be Riddhima, he turned around with a smile, but was shell shocked to see the tall, svelte, glamorous woman with a cigarette in her hand.

"NIKITA?" He was elated and shocked at the same time.

"HELLO ARMAAN!" She smiled sardonically, "CAN WE TALK?"

"Sure!" He smiled hesitantly, perplexed at a very healthy and alluring Nikita in front of him. He had imagined her to be a terminal cancer patient, perhaps pale, dark circles and even balding. But here she stood in front of him, healthier looking than she was even nine years ago.

part 10 : Ought to happen (AR ff)

"why r u soo nice?" not getting response "u were always mean, rude, arrogant'."

"have u written my name or not?" he looked up a bit angry

 "tell me Arman' whats going on ? r u playing with my feelings'?" she was damn serious'. After tomorrow everything will be changed'

 Her house ' her family member ' her name!

 "No I m not" he sighed and looked in her hand trying to find his name "where is it?" he was irritated now

 "Then?" her eyes were locked on him' trying to read his mind

Thursday, 20 December 2018

Part 7 (B) : Kash SS Saathiyaa


Next morning 6:00 Am

"See jaisa ki tumne kaha ki uske parents ka murder huaa tha to mujhe lagta hai tumhe usse protect karna chaahiye kyunki vo bhi khatre me hain, i know tum bhi ho par tumhe yahaan nehi hona chaahiye, kyunki jitna tum daroge utna hi tum usse yeh proove karoge ki 

Waqai me tum kisi ki responsibility nehi le sakte" walking wd that same Stranger in nearest beach of that hill she suggested thoughtfully (hidding from everyone's eyes she came here to meet him) "And come on khudke liye khade ho jaao aur zara smartly handle karo is situation ko, agar tum usse saccha pyaar karte ho toh uska saath do, marne toh tum aise bhi jaa rahe the isse accha usse yakeen dilaao ki tum uska saath har musibat me de sakte ho kyunki vo ek officer hai toh aise hi kisi kamzor insaan ko nehi choose karegi apni puri zindagi ke liye

part 9 : Ought to happen (AR ff)

"Why the hell is she not reporting me?" Arman shouted at his sectary'

 "Sir' actually Riddima ma'am is really busy in designing the new out look' so she send me with the reports'"

"Simran '. U r saying this bloody line from a week.!" Pause "I want Riddima NOW" he threw file back at her which landed on her feets

 "Yes' sir" the sectary walked away a bit scared


 "Sir U called me'?" Riddima came in after a knock

"Yes!" arman tried hard to control his temperature' "Don't u know' that its YOUR duty to inform me about the work u be doing'"

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

chapter 14 : SHALL WE DANCE?

RECAP: "GOOD GIRL!" Nikita rolled her tongue, "remember… have to win the dance competition first…..let him feel good …..let him feel he is on top of the mountain….just like I felt when he trapped me in his love…..seduced me….and then dump him like he dumped me! I'll make sure Abhimanyu, Anjali, Naina, Sid, Rosie and Rhea play their parts as we have planned."

"Yes Nikita…..I'll perform like I have never performed before." Riddhima took a deep breath, shut her eyes and gave a parting glance at the gift box in the corner before exiting the room behind Nikita.

Nikita disappeared behind the stage while Riddhima settled nervously beside the other performers on the table next to the stage. Armaan, sitting across from her, smiled and nodded his head in appreciation, once again acknowledging how stunning she looked that evening. She reciprocated with a faint smile, avoiding any prolonged eye contact with him, and kept her gaze fixated at the stage. Armaan, used to being in the limelight, was familiar with pressures of performing. He could relate to Riddhima's plight at that moment. A little jittery himself, he sat back, anxiously waiting for the moment when Riddhima would be in his arms on and off the dance floor.

part 8 : ought to happen (AR ff)

"Come On Riddima … why trying to be … nice girl and all… I know… u girls want one thing… so lets make it easy…" he flipped her duppatta away… and hold her by waist "Money…!" he said in a husky voice… "Popularity…" he rubbing his hand on her waist…

"U will get what u want…" he added moving his hands under her top

"Just Stay away… u jerk" she slapped him hard… he looked at her with anger flashing up… and pushed him away… "I M Shahank Gupta's Daughter… why would I need ur **** popularity or money..." she shouted and went to take her duppatta from floor…

"U r adopted… u bitch…" he pushed her couch… and fell on top of her

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

chapter 13 : SHALL WE DANCE?


Armaan Malik, Vice captain of the Indian cricket team, an arrogant, self-absorbed Casanova is stumped one day when Rhea, an eight year old adorable girl lands at his doorstep with her sharp tongued dance teacher, Riddhima Gupta. Riddhima Gupta, an independent minded woman, who loathes men like Armaan takes him by surprise.

Riddhima Gupta is a self proclaimed man hater. Very few men have impressed her in her life.  Armaan's reputation and the fact that Armaan dumped Nikita when she was pregnant with his child made her dislike men even more.

Riddhima accuses Armaan of being Rhea's dad from his once upon a time girlfriend, Nikita, who had helped him advance in his cricketing career nine years ago. Nikita, now a cancer victim is in Mumbai for treatment and needs someone to take care of her daughter while she is away. Riddhima's personal problems prevent her from taking care of Rhea, and so Armaan is thrust with Rhea's responsibility for the next two weeks. Riddhima threatens to expose Armaan's lie and deception in front of the world if he declined to take Rhea's responsibility. Muskaan, his agent cum personal assistant is thrust the impossible job of proving his paternity and finding Riddhima and Nikita's real motive behind Rhea's sudden appearance.

Part 7 (A) : Kash SS Saathiyaa


Engagement Night in Goa

"Main kaisi lag rahi hun?" Anusha's british antcient tone took Aahil & Karan's attention who just got ready but as they both saw her in Saree burst out wd laughter "Hey what's wrong?" she looked at them confusedly who were laughing
"Gosh! What are you doing in saree come on Anusha its not your style okay" controlling his laugh Karan suggested (ready in black suit wd white shirt & black tie he was looking killer)
"Yaah don't give us shock.. Agar Rishubh hota toh behosh hi hojaata" Aahil joked only to get a smack in return from Anusha who have wore a gray net saree wd pink off shoulder blouse while her golden brown hairs were opened

part 7 : ought to happen (AR ff)

"U made this design'?" she just nodded'  "Hmm I like them' I want u to design a summer collection for this year'" her eyes popped out'

Atul sat up with a huge smile'

"ME?" she at last spoke

"Off course u' and now u can just get out ' with ur file'" Arman whooped the file towards her'.

Soon Riddima's smile vanished and a frown appeared'

Monday, 17 December 2018

chapter 12 : SHALL WE DANCE?

RECAP: Panting, they locked themselves in his car and drove off towards the city, fingers still intertwined, hearts fluttering as they felt like young teenagers in love absconding from their afternoon dance class.

 They returned back after their romantic interlude, Riddhima ahead of him by a few minutes, to avoid any prying onlookers.

 "Rhea? Kya baat hai?" Riddhima was surprised to find a sobbing girl, instead of the happy one they had just left. She knelt beside her and looked at her worriedly. Rhea was not one to shed tears easily. In fact, Rhea's strength and stoic nature reminded Riddhima of her own childhood many times. Seeing her upset made Riddhima a bit apprehensive of what might have transpired while she and Armaan were away.

"Auntie!"Rhea hugged Riddhima and sat on her lap, "ma-ma….ma-ma….se baat huyi thi….I miss her auntie….unki tabiyat theek nahin hai….wo ab Singapore mein hain….main bhi jaaoongi Singapore."

part 6 : ought to happen (AR ff)

There was a young actor in the production, who was paired up with Tina' in her forth movie'

Yes' U heard right after having an affair with Mr. Arman Malik' Tina Rai's career has reached to the top list and she had been nominated in the category of Best actress of her first two movies'

Read page four for detail'

Naturally doing her coming movie with a young actor, she had felt an immediate urge to put him at his ease ' even though he was living in relation with his best friend

Sunday, 16 December 2018

Part 6 (B) : Kash SS Saathiyaa


Yeh lamha jo tehra hai
Mera hai yeh tera hai
Yeh lamha main jee loon zara

"You know Dr Shilpa Seoul me jab bhi baarish hoti thi Dad mujhe bahar bhejte hi nehi the" she was rubbing her arms when she heard his soft voice who was only staring the rains smilingly "In fact agar main office, school yaah college me bhi hota tha toh bhi vo phone karke mujhe ek jagah khade hone ke liye kehte.. So issi wajah se kabhi rains ko main is tarah nehi dekh paaya jaise abhi dekh raha hoon.. You know its beautiful" he shared his feelings about the rain smilingly still not removing his eyes from rains making Shilpa smiled, Its been 1 hour since they are sitting outside the garrage on a bench while mechanic was repairing their car inside

Last part : Lucky...Who? Me...?

"armaan baba…you are awake..see I bought your favorite food just how you like…." A middle aged woman entered the room with the food tray in her hand. She entered the room quietly without causing any disturbance and kept the food on the side table. She made me turn my face and look at her as she bought the morsel near my mouth…making me eat the food which I hated, somehow finished it just for my love. The lady who is sitting in front of me is my governess cum nurse who is taking care of me since the past 11 months. From the time riddhima left me alone my whole world changed and I was left alone…armaan malik the once party animal, the independent guy who was always surrounded by people was left alone all by himself. His life was now dependent on other's for even small thing… he is living for her, her happiness coz this is what she wanted him to do. After wiping and face and giving me the medicines she left the room and I turned back into my dream world.

part 5 : ought to happen (AR ff)

"God where the hell has she kept it'" Riddima muttered, while emptying the whole shelf'

"Hmm can I help?" he repeated, settled on his seat and drinking hot coffee'

"No thank You SIR!!" she said while taking another pile of Files and walking to the couch'that was placed on left side of Arman's Cabin

"Okay..!" he replied

Urghh I hate him I hate him '. He is sooo irritating '. GOD!! Why me' it's all my fault' Sir I will find it for u!! Why me?? Why? And I hate This ARMan .!! pata nai kya samjta hai' idiot moron' kutaa'

Hmm she must be cursing me'. Heheee' but she looks pretty cute'. Uhmm.. what? No ..!! Control man ' she can't be yours' she's not ur type' Ok that's nonsense' I saw her at party she was an angel 'true angel'

His thoughts were interrupted'