Saturday, 5 January 2019

Episode 28 : Love Birds (AR ff)

Armaan speaks, "Riddhima.. Tum bohot khush ho na.."
Riddhima says, "Haan Armaan. Aaj mein bohot bohot aur bohot khush hoon.. Papa waapas aa gaye na..."
Armaan says, "Aaj mein tumse ek waada karna chahta hoon."
Riddhima," Kaunsi waada ?"

Armaan, "Yahi ki mein tumhe hamesha aisa hi khush rakhoonga aur shayad isse bhi jzyaadaaa"

Riddhima moves a little backward and kisses him on his cheek and says, "I love you a lot Armaan aur mein bhi tumhe aise hi khush rahoongi."

Part 4& 5 : Instant Messaging

   PART 4 

"Oh my god .. Ridsy.. Itne saare log?.. who bhi ek choti si match ke liye?" Muskaan said as she saw the entire stadium filled

"yeh sab armaan ne hi kiya hai.. mujhe paata hai ! he probably wants us to look bad infront of them!" ridsy said lookin at the numbr of people in the audi.

"shit ridsy im getting scared" kajol said.. obviously very nervously.

"Oh my god.. armaan aa gaya .. sh*t… he is looking damn hott!" karishma stared at him in awe!
Armaan walked in with his basket ball.. taking off his jacket to reveal his well built body and strong arms covered by a black and white jersey…
His first shot made the gurls go crazy!
Riddhima watched him wink at all the gurls.. WAT a flirt!! She thought.

Part 5 : Nikaah -e-Ranjish

Everyone was quiet in the cabin. everyone, literally everyone was looking at Riddhima, either with confusion or confused. But only Muskaan seemed to understand now. She noticed Riddhimas behaviour. Not even for one second did Riddhima look away from Armaan. She did not even blink. This could only mean one thing, the person, Riddhima is deeply in love with, is none other then Armaan. And then she remembered, Riddhima changed, when Muskaan introduced her to Armaans music. Armaan often uploaded videos, where he pointed out how important religion is. And then suddenly Riddhima became religious. Once in a video Armaan said, that he does not like meat, that was the last day, Muskaan saw Riddhima eating meat. Armaan once posted a video, where he stayed the night awake, to pray (Shab-e-Baraat). And on that Night, riddhima also prayed the whole night, with Muskaan by her side. Now everything made sense. Riddhima said, that person is very famous, Armaan is indeed very famous. She said, that the person is especially famous in Pakistan, and again, Armaan is very popular in Pakistan. Armaan is the person, Riddhima is in love with, that is the reason, she is not even looking away from him.

Friday, 4 January 2019

Part 45 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment."

"Tum yahan kya kar rahi ho Aditi...??" Armaan asked calmy staring at Aditi who is grinning now
"Kabab mein haddi banane aayi hun" she replied teasingly making Shilpa blushed where as Armaan was still normal standing b/w the girls
"Aur kya ban hi sakti ho tum..." he taunted calmly to which she smacked lightly on his shoulder
"Badtameez..." she said angrily
"Mmain.. Main aati hun" Shilpa was feeling hell embarressed so she excused to go when Dev blocked her
"Aree abhi kahan...??" Dev said smilingly stepping towards her who banged wd Armaan
"Kya kar raha hai Dev.." Armaan said sternly holding Shilpa's hand who looked up at him slowly "Saaf saaf bolo dono ko kaam kya hai??" he directly asked to which Aditi smacked his head lightly
"Hum to bas jaa rahe thae.. Fir mujhe yaad aaya Shilpa ko khaane k liye bulaana hai but... Tum dono ka romance dekh k... Haayyyee maza aa gaya" as she replied teasingly Shilpa became red where as Armaan was normal

Part 3 : Instant Messaging

A week later

"good morning biker…. And .. send " Riddhima said as she sent a message.
"Muskaan utho… collaege ke liye late ho rahe hai"
god she will never get up!! .. I need a bucket of water..

"paanch minute aur.. please yaar" muskaan threw the quilt over her head.

"theek hai..then ill just have to Rahul to leave us and go!.. niche wait kar raha hai!"
If this doesn't work…ill have to wet her bed!

"RAHUL??? SHIT! Pehle kyon nahi batayi? Yahan kya kar raha hai?!! " she jumped of the bed and stared at riddhima…
"good ur awake.. now get ready in 10 mins.. khana table par rakha hai… " BEEP BEEP… ridsy gets a message.
Reading it out loud "good morning flower.. had a good night sleep? Thankz fer the wake up call…crap im late fer college"

Part 4 : Nikaah -e-Ranjish

Riddhima was walking along a street. It was almost night. The sun was setting down. And suddenly she saw everywhere on the sky falling stars. Every where she saw, stars were falling. Only one thing came in her mind, or better say, just one person came in her mind.

R: Armaan, Armaan, Armaan

By seeing every single falling star, Riddhima wished for him. She longed for him. She asked for him. She fell on her knees and put her hands together.

Thursday, 3 January 2019

Episode 26 & 27 : Love Birds (AR ff)

                                                      Episode 1-25

Episode 26

After some days, Shashank was asked to come to India for some works.. Your mom Padma ji also accompanied shashank as she was having some works in India. She left you and Anjali with us.  And I am sorry to say that.. Saahil was knowing about the plan of Shashank and Padma flying. He expected that you girls also will be going but it was wrong... He bribed a flight technition and made the fuel of the chartered flight malfuctiioned...

Veer was having tears while he was telling this to everyone..
You all were not knowing anything.
I was informed about that and I was all shattered.
The flight collapsed in an empty farm due to the
leakage of fuel. I reached there in the next moment.
All I found was Shashank struggling to breath and
Padma ji in her last breath.

Part 2 : Instant Messaging

"hey Ridsy.. Wat are you doing?" muskaan asked as she approached her in the library.

"nothing yaar… chatting wid some guy who wants to become a surgeon.." smiling to herself.. he seemed lik quite a gentleman.

"tumne to apne naam aur personal info diya kya? Muskaan sounded really worried

"no way Muskaan… and I don't think he is tht bad.. ive been chattin wid him for over 45 minutes now"

"KYA??? Aapne puri library class kisi unknown ke saath bat kar rahi ho? Hmm… kaise dikhta hai?" muskaan started jumping… she seemed really excited.. ridsy and chatting wid unknown? Impossible…he must have been some GUY

Part 3 : Nikaah -e-Ranjish

2 weeks had passed, since Riddhima’s father had died. They had buried him in Sydney in a Muslim graveyard. Since her fathers death, Riddhima had prayed. Not for herself, not for Armaan, but only for her Father and his forgiveness. Because she had heard from Armaan, that a daughter can open the doors of paradise for her father. And Riddhima wanted to do that. She wanted to do everything, what a rightful daughter should do. Armaan taught her the importance of parents. Every time she prayed for her fathers forgiveness. She knew, that her father never showered her with his love, but she also knew, that she was his daughter, and maybe somewhere in his heart, he might have a place for her.

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Part 44 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage."

"Mujhe bike pe darr lagta hai..." she said in fake sad tone making him narrowed his eyes
"Kyun kabhi baithi nai ho...??" he asked frowningly making her smile who shaking her head moved to sat behind but suddenly her hands stopped remembering the time when she first time sat behind him "Shilpa..??" his voice brought her back from that time... So taking a sigh she sat behind him not like a gentle girl... Like a girlfriend making him smile where as Shilpa hasistate to put her hands on his waist thinking What if he thinks she is taking everything fast?? So she put her hands on his shoulder who started his bike but stopped "Aise nai rakhte... Aise rakhte hai" taking her hands from his shoulders he put on his chest almost pulling her closer whose heartbeat skipped "Tumhe sab kuch batana padta hai" he said smilingly while starting his bike making her smile wd a blush

Intro & part 1 : Instant Messaging


Riddhima ~ Medical Student of Lorrace University(L.U) Mumbai.. Captain of Girls bastket ball team and known as miss sweetheart of L.U!

Armaan: Medical student of L.U. captain of boys basket ball team..heart throb of L.U and ofcourse.. the coolest guy there is

Atul:Armaans best friend and classmate..A player in armaan's basket ball team.A carefree plant loving guy!   

Muskaan:Riddhimas best friend, and known as miss bubbly in L.U.. muskaan has a HUGE crush on rahul ever since her skool days                                                                         

Rahul: Armaans close friend and muskaan ka bachpan ka dost..a star player and a great friend...

Part 2: Nikaah -e-Ranjish

After sometime Rahul and Atul came to visit their family. Riddhima was the apple of their eyes. They both loved her too much, even Ishu, but they knew how Shashanks behaviour was towards Riddhima. They actually felt sad for her, Rahul had even talked with his dad about it, but that changed nothing. Riddhima saw her brothers and could not hold back her tears. She run over to them and hugged them very tight.

R: bhaijaan.

Both of them took Riddhima in their arms. they knew that Shashank must have done something, to make Riddhima this sad. As soon as Rahul saw her red cheek, he understood what must have happened. He could not hold his anger back and moved to his father to confront him.

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Part 36: college life

Arman nudged ridhima .
Ridhima ignore him .
Ridhima: tum log continue karo main kuch khane ko lekar ayi.
And go in kitchen.
Ridhima is frustrate and her body language is showing that .
Ridhima sara saman guse me rakh rhi hoti hai kabhi drawers ko band karti hai.
Ridhima : kab mera past mujhe chodega .
Arman: kyu gusa ho rhi ho .
Ridhima turn towards arman who is standing on door.
Ridhima : main khan gusa hon .
And ridhima again start doing her work .
Ridhima: ab ye coffee khan gyi .

Part 1: Nikaah -e-Ranjish

It been 14 years since Riddhima has been living in Sydney, in Australia. She was born in Pakistan, but moved with her parents and her siblings to Sydney, because her father got a chance in his career life. At that time, she was only 6 years old. She has two elder brothers, Rahul and Atul. And a little sister named Ishita. To the outside they were a perfect family, but in the inside, Riddhima knew that her family was breaking down. Since they moved to Sydney, her father Shashank started to drink. He drank alcohol on a regular basis. He got aggressive over silly little things and let his anger out on her mother and Riddhima.

Monday, 31 December 2018

Part 43 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"We accept the love we think we deserve."

Mai jo b hun
Jaisa hun
Tujhme rehta
Khota hun...

"Aaj mera mood nai hai ghar jaane ka... Aur bhul gayi maine kaha tha sab kuch sort out karne k baad hi hum ghar jaaynge" replying calmly he removed his shoes making her stared him confusedly
"Ab kya reh gaya hai Armaan??" she asked annoyingly as he kept his shoes beside his other side calmly
"Tumhe jaana hai..??" he asked calmly staring at her who looked at him confusedly But somewhere he is right they need to talk they need to solve everything so she kept quiet "Chalo... Vahan walk karte hai..." when he didn't got any answer he pointed at the sea while standing up "Chalogi..." extending his hand infront of her he asked calmly to which she shook her head keeping her hand on his and stood quietly
"Aur sandals mere..." she looked down on her sandals making him smile
"Bhaag nai jaayga tumhari tarah... Chalo..." taunting her smilingly he dragged her near the sea who looked at him wd a smile

part 53 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Next day, Armaan gets up and have flashbacks of yesterday night, he didn’t remember all as he was in sleep but still he wants to know.

He called Riddhima, she was sleeping and gets up with Armaan’s call.

“Hello” she received the call.

“Good Morning Riddhima, mujhe ek baat puchni hai” he said instantly.

“Kya hua Armaan?” Riddhima asked getting up properly.

“Kal kya hua tha?” Armaan asked.

Part 35 : college life

Anjali and atul engagement.
Ridhima :arman baat to suno kyu naraj ho.
Arman: main kab naraj hua apse .
Ridhima: kyu muh fulaya hua hai .
Arman: or kya karon tumhare pass sabke liye time hai mere liye hi nyi hai ek dance bhi nyi kiya mere sath .
Ridhima: mera sara time apka hi hai .
Arman: han dikh rha hai vo mujhe .
Ridhima : acha dance karna mere sath chalo

Sunday, 30 December 2018

Part 34 : college life

Arman: kya hua .
Ridhima: nothing.
Arman: ohh plz don’t lie to me I can sense something is bothering you so tell me.
Ridhima: are nyi baba am fine and then smile .
Arman: ye fake smile kisi or ko dikhana so just tell me and if you don’t wana then its ok main force nyi karonga .
Arman turn to left but ridhima hold his hand .
Ridhima: arman stop aisa nyi hai ok you want to talk not here lets go inside.
Arman: ok come with me .
Ananya: arman ridhima khan ja rhe ho.

Last part : Kismet (AR ss)

after got dischared from hospital armaan took riddhima along with him to his house' he was very happy but do not know why??????

" riddhima aayo ye tumhara room hai'.tum yahaan raho aaram se koi problem nahi hai..'"

" armaan tumhare gher mein koi aur nahi hai'" asked riddhima hestitatly'

" nahi actually I m bechalor toh koi nahi hai aur hai waise bhi main delhi mein rehta hooon toh rent par hai'"

Armaan understand her hesitation'

" do not worry riddhima trust me...... I will not cross my lines'"

" its okay armaan I completely trust you'" said riddhima with a assurance'

" okay riddhima tayyar ho jaao' we have to go to a party'"