Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Chapter six : 25 With 18

            Ridhima ran out of Armaan's car as soon as he had reached her house, neither had said a word to each other. It had been the most awkward and nerve racking moment or Ridhima's life. And what scared her most was that she wanted it to happen again.
            As soon as Ridhima entered her house her Aunt Sheen was home. "Her Ridhima how was school today" Sheena asked from the kitchen when she heard the front door open. "Good" Ridhima said and then went straight to her room before her aunt could see her pale face.
            Ridhima quickly closed her bedroom door and locked her. She leaned against the door as she slid down to the floor. She covered her mouth with both her hands as she started to breathe deeply to get her heart beat back to normal.

Part 11 AR FF : "and then she said it"

part 11. Not yet !

Sitting in the cab, awaiting my destination, I felt weird in a positive sense. Never in my life did I imagine I would come across something like this. It was as if tiny bubbles of happiness were being created in my heart on their own accord. Something was changing. But I cared less for I knew I was happy. If not a little more than just happy. I was excited and something like content. It had been ages since I felt something like this.

"Saab, we have reached." The cab driver shook me when I didn't respond to him. He had a confused look on his face when I looked at him. I put up a straight face and opened the door, only to realize that mom and Riddhima, both would be at the college. Thinking otherwise, I shut the door again and settled in the seat. I asked the driver to take me to the college.

Leaning back on the seat, I closed my eyes and sighed. The first thing that flashed in my brain was Riddhima. It was strange the way she had come into our lives. Especially into my life. And the events that followed the last time I had been in Bangalore were a kind of bizarre. And so were the feelings of mine towards her. They had been so unpredictable and confused. But she just walked into my thoughts effortlessly, sometimes scaring me but sometimes just making me smile.

Monday, 30 December 2019

Chapter five :25 With 18

            "Romantic Art, can anyone from you thee tell me what Romantic Art is?" Armaan said. It was the second day of school and work was really going to kick in for his students without a drought.
            Mark and Justin looked at Armaan like he was speaking a different language while Ridhima was the only one able to follow what he was speaking of.
            "Romantic Art was the time when painters were obsessed with the idea of having their paintings look perfect" Ridhima said as Mark and Justin looked like they had stepped in to a different planet.

part 10 AR FF : "and then she said it"

part 10 . Yes, I am happy now!


I felt good to be back here. As soon as we got into a cab, I closed my eyes and breathed in, my heart's full. I always felt glad to be here, as it was the world I, myself, had built for me. But this time, for once, it gave me a sense of comfort. Now that I was here, I felt as if I had been suffocating for the last dozen of hours at Bangalore. It was weird the way in which the place which soothed away all my worries was the reason for my suffocation. Just because of one particular decision.

During the journey in flight, somehow, Riddhima invaded my thoughts to the fullest. As much as I tried, I couldn't wipe out that one last look she gave me. There was something in her eyes. And that particular something left me disturbed.

Even the ride back to our flat, the company had provided us, was refreshing. The weather was just like I had anticipated, not so chill and not so warm, when our flight had landed. This place was always close to my heart, for it gave me support when I had been in a mess after dad's demise. And I hoped it provides me the same now.

Sunday, 29 December 2019

Chapter four : 25 With 18

            As soon as Ridhima entered her house the clock struck six. Her aunt wasn't at home so it was safe for Ridhima to openly feel what she felt. She wished at the moment she was not so reserved around people. She thought that if she could be like the other girls in school at least she would have a chance to speak to Armaan Khanna more openly at least it would create room for a relationship of friendship.
            To Ridhima the thought of love was so out of the question. How could she fall in love with a man who is her teacher? Not only that but she barely knew the man. For bloody hell she had written research papers on that mans success and the idea of her actually liking his just was not comprehendible.

part 9 AR FF : "and then she said it"

part 9 . Never say good bye...?!

"Armaan." I heard mom's faint voice and felt her ruffling my hair ever so gently, just like the way I loved. That somehow relaxed me. I tried to open my eyes but they were too heavy to do so. My head was also aching. May be I could just sleep for some time?
I didn't have dinner last night. I shut my door and stayed alone. I didn't understand what bothered me the most. Riddhima's past or the fact mom chose her for me inspite of knowing about her past. Deep down, I was hurt with mom's decision.

"Get up Armaan." Mom whispered again. I opened my eyes a bit. Oh God! They were burning as I did so. However from the small crevice between my eye lids, I saw mom sitting beside me on the bed. I moved my head on to her lap and shut my eyes again. I felt as if as I had closed my eye just before mom came to wake me. It might be true. I had been thinking the whole night. Of what, I had no idea of. My head had been no less than garbage of various thoughts, though everything revolved around Riddhima sometime or the other.

Saturday, 28 December 2019

Chapter three : 25 With 18

            The end of the school day seemed to come by fast. School ended at 2:30, but Armaan stayed late till five to take care of paper work. He was sure that he was the last one to leave school when he ran right into Ridhima. She had her face buried in a book like usual and slammed into Armaan's rock hard chest.
            "Miss. Gupta, what are you doing here so late?" Armaan asked outside of the front building of the school.
            "I…I…" Ridhima did not know what to say. Ridhima had never been much of a big talker and being asked a simple question by her art teacher who was probably one of the top ten richest and handsome bachelors of all time, wasn't really helping the situation.

Part 8 AR FF : "and then she said it"

part 8 . Relationship redefined ?

"I tell you aunty. We should go for counseling for him." Rahul declared without averting his gaze from his laptop. "He never listens to one completely."

It was almost 10 pm when we were done with dinner. Oh I forgot to tell you, throughout the drive back home from the hospital, I was at the receiving end of mom's lectures about my crisis management. And Rahul was just adding fuel to already blazed anger of mom. And it continued after dinner aswell. Now as Mom sat against the bedpost on her bed with me lying in her lap, Rahul sat beside us on the bed still complaining to mom.

"Mom, Riddhima didn't tell me properly." I defended myself.

"Shut up Armaan. You cut her call before she could tell you the entire scenario." Mom smacked my head.

Friday, 27 December 2019

Chapter two : 25 With 18

 Ridhima was lucky that Mark had taken art five with her. She knew that Mark disliked the idea of drawing and painting as much as he disliked watching the history channel, but he had just taken the class with Ridhima as he knew that they were gonna end up in the same class since there were only three people taking the class. There was Mark, Ridhima, and Justin.

            Justin was a friend of Marks who also just took the class as a blow off class so as to not have to take an extra science class. Justin and Ridhima aren't good friends like Mark and Ridhima are, but Justin loves Ridhima's quite nature and politeness. Maybe it is Ridhima's quite nature and innocent features that has the entire town in love with her. Everyone loves her as a sister or a daughter and a friend, but so far no one has loved her like a lover would.

Part 7 AR FF : "and then she said it"

part 7 . Dreams vs. Happiness 

The next day was usual, yet unusual. Usual- as it was just another day where mom went to college, Riddhima stayed back at home as she had a trimester break, Rahul and I were lazing around in our room. Unusual- because of the way I had been observing Riddhima. Not as a paying guest or mom's friend but as a probable woman to be in my life, as a woman to share my life with. And I am telling you, my readers, that's weird. Especially when that girl was not aware of what had been conspiring around her.

Yes, you heard me right. Riddhima was not aware of the match making that mom, along with her new partner Rahul, had plotted. Mom told me that Riddhima would be approached with the matter only if I agree to go ahead with the proposal. And trying to arrive at a conclusion about marrying someone is tricky especially when that someone is quite an introvert.

I do believe in arranged marriages, especially after I had seen two beautiful couples. One- my parents and two- Shashank uncle and Padma aunty. So I wasn't against the fact with mom or aunty choosing a girl for me. Now that I had rejected one with Sanjana, who appears to be close to the woman of my dreams, I just needed a strong innuendo to consider Riddhima.

Thursday, 26 December 2019

intro & chapter 1: 25 With 18

Story Line
            Ridhima Gupta is starting her senior year of high school at Spring High School. She lives in a small town calleded Spring with a population of only three hundred. Her High School only has a population of one hundred and twenty. She is a quiet and simple girl whom the entire town loves, but everything in Ridhima's life turns upside down when her high school population goes from one hundred-twenty to one hundred-twenty-one. 

Chapter One

            "Armaan Khanna, you will listen to me, when I say you cannot sell this company!" Armaan rolled his eyes as his mother continued to yell at him through the phone. For the past two hours his mother was yelling at him of how stupid he was, talk about story of his life. "mom, its already done, I have already signed the papers this morning." Armaan said in his cool calmed voice.

Part 6 AR FF : "and then she said it"

part 6. Match me, if you can!

"How is Riddhima mom?" I asked sitting beside Rahul on the sofa where he and mom had been enjoying their morning coffee. Unlike me, Rahul usually follows the principle of 'Early to bed and early to rise' when he is home. I bet he does that inorder to please mom though. I had never seen him wake up that early when we were in Hyderabad, except for the days when he had an early morning shift.

"I am fine." Came the irritated reply. I turned back and found Riddhima coming to the living room with two mugs of coffee. She handed me one and sat beside mom, her face adorned with a frown. Rahul and I chuckled while mom laughed softly.

Now you must be wondering why Riddhima was irritated, which is so unlikely of her showing it. So let me clear it.

The last two days passed by fast. Mom lodged a complaint against Shekar, with the management after coming to know what had happened. Riddhima, as usual was against that. But I was adamant that we go ahead with the case and Rahul sided with me. Mom was a little apprehensive whether Riddhima would open her mouth infront of the Disciplinary Committee but I had my own ways of dealing with Riddhima.

Wednesday, 25 December 2019


He shut the door behind him entering the house as stealthily as he could. Seeing all the lights off, he assumed her asleep. It was anyways late in the night and he had already told her to have her dinner without waiting for him. As he made his way to the kitchen to grab a glass of water, he was reminded of his promise to her, of taking her on an ice cream date today. He still wanted to in fact, but it wasn't possible now for 3 reasons:

He was hell tired

Shilpa was already asleep

And, well he was hell tired!

But he still felt guilty for not taking her, having promised in advance.

Part 5 AR FF : "and then she said it"

           part 5 . Jealousy.........or gallantry? 

"Abe wake up!" I heard someone shaking me not so gently. Turning to the other side, I pulled the bed sheet over my face to block that disturbance. Why does everyone want to wake me up early in the morning? I thought irritated.

"Saale, get up. Enough of your dreaming!" I heard that voice again, though faintly. My sleepy brain tried processing it. Who could it be? Mom wouldn't wake me up this early. And definitely it was not Riddhima, for she wouldn't use those words. Muskaan, no way was she going to try waking me this peacefully. Saale- I am only addressed with that word by Rahul.

"Rahul?" I jumped awake at the realization. It's still a wonder as to how much his presence excites me. Even at 27, I couldn't help but rejuvenate at meeting him, though I stay with him 24x7 at Hyderabad.

Tuesday, 24 December 2019

part 4 AR FF : "and then she said it"

part 4. Kept me wondering

"Good morning mom." I said cheerfully coming downstairs to the dining table.  "Hie Riddhima." I added as I noticed her coming out of the kitchen. Riddhima smiled at me slightly. I felt good somehow.

"Good morning Armaan, how come you are up this early?" Mom asked faking surprise. I looked at the watch which said 9 am. Well, since my stay in Bangalore this spell, I didn't wake up before 11. And surely my coming downstairs to have breakfast with her is surely the first time.

"I couldn't sleep well. How are you feeling now?" I asked her diverting the topic. It was true, I wasn't blessed with a peaceful sleep last night. After apologizing to Riddhima, somehow I wasn't able to sleep. She invaded not only my house, but also my thoughts. To my horror I also remembered dreaming about her vaguely last night. As I realized I was dreaming about her, I woke up with a start and didn't dare to sleep the rest of the night, until it was early in the morning.

Monday, 23 December 2019


8.30 P.M..

She knew where would he be…and she too needed to be there, for a reason unknown to her, though. She just wanted to go to him now. She did not have a single idea about what was she going to say to him, about if she was even going to say anything. She just wanted to go. She still doubted if she would be able to keep her feelings in check when he is around, she doubted if she would be able to keep her tears in check…as she made her way to the dressing room, she wondered would he even want to see her face again. She had been so rude to him…she had told him off so badly…she herself did not believe in the words she had said to him…she knew somewhere, in the deep of her hearts, that she loved him…but just couldn't come to terms with it…and she was definitely not going to say anything to him.

He was too busy dressing up his wounds to notice anyone enter the room. You know how in films, when the hero and his lady love meet, there are violins…and saxophones…and a beautiful song playing in the background? But here, there was nothing. It was not a film, it was reality. Everything from the clicking of the door knob to his winces was clear as thunder. This silence was killing her. She had wished him to notice her and start a conversation, or at least tell her to go away. That would have been easier. But now, she had to go to him. She went closer and closer, hesitating. Thinking twice about each step she took. She did not want to look him in the eye. She couldn't see him like

part 3 AR FF : "and then she said it"

                            part 3 . Revelation and Acceptance

I was dead to the world, asleep, until I was hit by a thunder. This thunder, I tell you my readers, is anything but tranquil. Oh sorry, thunders are usually violent, I knew that and perhaps that's the reason I refer her to thunder. You might not leave, or even die, in peace until you acknowledge her presence. She is Muskaan Gupta, my cousin. She invented a unique way of waking people when she was in eighth standard. Do you know who her testbench was? Who else? It was me! You might be wondering what the protocol of her invention was. Imagine you were sleeping like a pig on your bed, drowned deep in your dreamland. Then you, all of a sudden, listen to a loud scream of someone right in your ear. What would your reaction be?

Sunday, 22 December 2019

AR os : Trip To God

"Riddhima" he whispered, trying to start a conversation.

But she slid further down, opened his shirt's button, kissed his chest and said- "Eight nights for eight months"

She didnt come back again, I waited but unlike other nights she didnt turn up at my guest house.

I am still wondering- What she said??? What she wanted to imply??


"Momma loves you angel" I said.

I felt a tender touch at my shoulder. I didn't need to see the person. He quietly sat beside me.

part 2 AR FF : "and then she said it"

Part 2. The Stranger

As soon as the door opened wide, I leapt forward, almost in haste, and hugged mom tight. Oh, I so missed her. At 27, I still hadn't very much got used to stay away from her. I would never confess that to her, but I love her way too much. Ofcourse why not? She was my first crush. Dad used to tease me saying that I had planned to marry my mom when I would grow up, right from my childhood. May be that's one reason, I didn't find my previous girlfriends worth it. I guess I search for my mom in them. Now when I said girlfriend's', don't jump into conclusions that I had innumerable affairs. I was into two healthy relationships before. But somehow they didn't turn out as we, or rather I, had expected.

Exhilarated with her mere presence, I hugged her tight only to smell something of mint. The next second, I felt her hair at her lower back, soft and thick. Now that was strange! Mom didn't have long hair back then. Even in six months I don't think it would have grown to that length. And that's when it hit me.


Saturday, 21 December 2019

Part 1 AR FF : "and then she said it"

                         Part 1 : Know me

Finally I am home. Having lived here for 25 years, before moving to Hyderabad, it gave me a sense of comfort while setting my feet on the sand. It might be foolish to say, but never mind, I missed this place terribly. Many of them say that there is no great difference between the concrete metropolitan cities but one can definitely differentiate one's home land, isn't it?

Moving out of the bus station, I looked around for a cab. Well, hailing a cab doesn't demand considerable effort in a city, but it was definitely a difficult task at 5 in the morning; especially on a chilly January day, it being Bangalore. I would have gone by a city bus otherwise, but with my luggage, I think it is unwise. As I stood at the entrance of the station, my gaze wandering around, my mobile greeted me a 'good morning' with its usual alarm. I switched it off and whistled towards a cab driver who was probably having a cup of coffee at the other end of the road. Thanks to the chilly weather, the city was still sleeping; so my voice reached him.

Os : Her Very Own Fairy-Tale

 She had been in love with him for 3 whole years. 3 whole years, and here she was, still waiting, hoping, that maybe someday, he would feel the same..for her.

He was perfect. Good-looking, smart..just perfect. You name it, and he had it.

She, on the other hand, was a normal girl-next-door. She couldn't wear microscopic clothes which covered nothing, she wasn't drop-dead gorgeous, and nor was she extra-ordinarily high on the IQ levels. She was just..normal, the most common of common girls. Maybe that's why.

Friday, 20 December 2019

Epilogue : Mr. & Mrs. Mallik

And many months later...

"ARMAAN?" Raji heard Riddhima shouting in their bedroom and chuckled. This was never going to change. That sleepy head would never wake up on time and his dear wife would take the entire house on her head to pull him out of bed. Nevertheless Raji was happy she was relieved from that duty two years back. She was the lone spectator of their blossoming love for the past two years. She had returned back to them from Delhi after three months when she thought it would be difficult for them to manage with their duties, being promoted as resident doctors at Sanjeevani.

Raji was pleased to find them more matured when she returned back; not that they were not before. But, she realized, there was a tinge of serious understanding between them now better than it was before and she was glad she went away for a little time giving them the pace to get everything settled between them. She had also noticed Riddhima being much more open with Armaan which he returned equally. They would still behave like her Tom and Jerry when Armaan would sometime blow off the fuse of Riddhima with his stupid antics but that was the essence of their love. Little fighting and little more reconciling with lots of love and concern in every move of theirs.

Thursday, 19 December 2019

Last Part : Mr. & Mrs. Mallik

Armaan watched Riddhima as she ransacked through the files of patients in the library. It was 7.30 in the night. His shift was over an hour ago but he waited for Riddhima to get done with hers. As she was on leave for the past one week owing to their wedding, she had few pending cases and with the help of Muskaan, who offered to help her with few cases, she sorted them out. Now she was to update the history of one of her patients and she was searching for the file in haste to get it done as she knew Armaan would be waiting for her.

As he watched her slightly irritated face, he couldn't help but smile. That was the same look he had seen on her face when he held her in his arms for the first time they met at the vegetable market. They had come a long way since then. True as it might say, he couldn't even stand her back then, though he found her amusing which he would never confess, and now he could stand being away from her. May be it was their destiny. With what one can call the craziest events, they came together.

Wednesday, 18 December 2019

PART 29 : Mr. & Mrs. Mallik

Sated and spent, Riddhima was in deep slumber when she felt some movement near her collar bone. Ignoring it, as she was in a beautiful dream, she turned to the other side pulling the blanket closer. She frowned when the movement persisted, this time on her shoulder and nape. Shrugging her shoulder slightly, she tried to get back to her dream, but was drifted awake when she felt something slightly wet this time. Opening her eyes slowly, she caught the sight of the clock showing the time as 3 am.

However she sighed contently, closing her eyes again, feeling the lazy fondle on her skin which now reached her neck slowly moving towards her earlobe. She tried to recognize its source, but her mind, still being numb with the euphoria of her previous moments chose not to process anything. May be a feather, she thought, a wet feather. Or grass? She wondered as her body enjoyed the adept caress.

Tuesday, 17 December 2019

PART 28 : Mr. & Mrs. Mallik

Riddhima cursed him once before moving towards the door when the bell rang again. She opened the door and frowned. She smiled recognizing the person after a moment. As she made way for him to step inside, her smiled vanished looking at the sight infront of her. She stood rooted to the spot, positively mortified.

As her knees shook, she leaned back on the door for support. "ARMAAN" she screamed, with tears rolling down her cheeks.

Armaan jumped at once, and so did Ananya, at the sudden scream of hers. Perplexed, he ran to the door while Ananya followed him. He saw Riddhima leaning on the door slightly; still the door knob in her hand, with tears rolling down her cheeks and a blank expression filled her face. He saw the visitors at the door and smiled acknowledging them, but what caught him off guard was the reaction of Riddhima. This was not what he had expected.

Monday, 16 December 2019

PART 27 : Mr. & Mrs. Mallik

Finally after the eventful morning, everyone returned home by the lunch time. As insisted by Vijay, Shashank agreed to have the lunch with them. Ananya insisted on calling for the caters for lunch but the relatives said it would be fun to cook themselves which later she obliged to. Raji was more than happy to find the home fully packed with people. Things are definitely changing, she thought. Smiling, she looked around for Riddhima and Armaan whom she failed to spot in the living room. She noticed the door of their bedroom closed and thought to let them have few moments alone with each other.

Sunday, 15 December 2019

PART 26: Mr. & Mrs. Mallik

Wedding of Mr. & Mrs.Mallik

Riddhima drifted awake when she heard some fuss. She opened her eyes and looked around. She frowned not finding Armaan beside her. After a moment she realized where she was sleeping and sighed, pulling the blanket up to her face to bury her head in it. But before she could catch some sleep, she heard someone calling her name and even shaking her slowly. She tried to ignore it but then her half asleep brain recognized the voice and sat up with a start.

"Come on Riddhima, it's already 3 am. We have to leave by 4 to the temple. Go get ready." Ananya said to her lovingly brushing her hair. Riddhima smiled at her and got to her feet. She went to her room and took the saree, which Ananya bought for her, out and moved towards the bathroom. She realized it was locked from inside and sighed. She sat on the bed and waited for the person to come out. As she sat there her mind drifted off to the events of the last two days.

Saturday, 14 December 2019

PART 25 : Mr. & Mrs. Mallik

Armaan groaned sleepily as he heard the noise of the door bell ringing. He hoped either Raji or Riddhima would answer the door but it didn't happen as the ring persisted for more than two minutes. He nudged Riddhima who was fast asleep beside him as he was least interested to get up.

"Basket. Door." he whispered shaking her slowly.

She turned to the other side and pulled the bed sheet over her face. She was tired after the stressful shopping for the wedding as the wedding is in three days and was in no mood to go and answer the door call. May be Raji was too asleep to hear it, she thought.

"Please Armaan. Go and check it. Aunty must be tired." She pleaded as he nudged her again.

Friday, 13 December 2019

PART 24 : Mr. & Mrs. Mallik

"I hate being a doctor!" Armaan declared after getting into bed after a long warm shower.

He sighed as his bed greeted him. He was called to Sanjeevani at 2 in the morning as the case file of one of his patients went missing. After an hour of discussion about the patient with the intern on duty, he returned back. He turned to the other side and found Riddhima giggling. He was surprised to find her awake. But then he felt happy, needed. She told him many times that she couldn't sleep peacefully without him, but he didn't expect her to be awake, waiting for him.

"What? I really hate it. Why the hell don't we have any timing as in 9am to 5pm?" He whined snuggling closer to her. This was the only place where he yearned to stay – in her arms, forever.

"But I love you Dr.Mallik." she said softly as she ran her fingers in his hair. Sometimes, his words amuse her. He was just a kid, a big kid. She chuckled at her thought softly.

Thursday, 12 December 2019


"Main andar aa skti hoon?" armaan, clad in a blue Punjabi suit and long wig, asked anjali and riddhima before entering the room..

"arre gurmeet ji…aa jayie.." riddhima answered smilingly…

"aa ya jayie? make up your mind first!" he said in his nakli feale voice…riddhima watched him as he enter the room…and talked rubbish with anjali and her…he told them proudly a few things about their past…telling anjali about her dream of becoming the head of sanjeevani…about her and atul…and seeing her all impressed, he gave  all the credit to shobha taai , i.e atul! All excited to know ore about her present, past and future, anjali decided to go to shobha taai and have more chat…and also to sleep with her for the night! Exactly what he had planned to do…he carefully locked  the door as anjali left and turned to see a smiling riddhima…god! He had missed those expressions so much! But now, as he looked at her, he realized, him and her…riddhima and armaan…were together in one room for the whole night! Ok, he had wished that…but exactly that….hum tu ek kamre me band type scene…that would have been good if he was armaan, but now as 'gurmeet'…noo!!

PART 23 : Mr. & Mrs. Mallik

"Armaan, stop studying now." Riddhima glared at him for the umpteenth time in the evening. It was just a night before the exams and according to her, a person is not supposed to study. But he being his adamant self, was hell bent on studying the previous night.

"Basket, kyaa yaar? When I didn't want to study, you made me sit and study. Now when I want to study, you are making me do the opposite." He whined as she snatched the book away. He folded his legs on the bed and pouted, making his best puppy face ever.

"Stop it Armaan. That's not going to work. Shut up and go to sleep." She scolded him, standing before the dressing table, drying her hair. She couldn't help but smile at his face.

Wednesday, 11 December 2019


"Armaan ye kahan le aaye ho mujhe? Aur please meri aakhon pe se ye patti hatao...I am starting to get scared now.."

"shhh..." he put a finger on her lips and put something in her hand. She touched and felt it was a paper... "kya hai ye?" she asked now getting restless with all the blindfold thing...he was behaving so weird from the morning itself!

"kaha na chup raho..." he made her quite and softly opened her blindfold.. she flickered eyes quite a times and starting reading the paper...


OK, when the idea of this date struck me, I had thought I would make it the best date ever. And trust me, I tried my best too. But when it came to the best part of the date, that is, this letter, I was blank. Totally, totally blank. All my life I had been thinking I am such a romantic person and all, par aaj pata chala it was all wrong! And you know writing this letter has been the most difficult thing of my life! I know I shouldn't be writing all this but if not this, then what? I still don't know how to say what I want to say. But I'll try. Okay, see, I know you love me and you know I love you. we both know we both love each other. And now I think we should take it to the next step. Shit, that came out so unromantically! Cancel the previous sentence. Cut it all. Okay, so the thing is, that I love you. I love you very very much ms. Shilpa-to-be-mallik. I have been loving you since I first saw you and I intend to love you till my last breath. I love each and every thing about you and I intend to love it all, till I

PART 22 : Mr. & Mrs. Mallik


Armaan stared at Riddhima sleeping peacefully beside him. He raised himself on his elbow and gently pulled her closer to himself by her waist. She didn't budge with the slight movement. She probably had been exhausted, he thought as he put her tendrils behind her ear. He noticed a book beside her on the table and sighed. She was taking the test too seriously.

For the past two weeks, he had been noticing her trying to speak to him about something but backing out at the last moment. He couldn't put his finger on what was bothering her so much. Initially he thought may be their physical moment a week back at the library had disturbed her. But then that option was ruled out as the next night she came and slept beside him saying she didn't want to sleep alone.

Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Last Part : The Stranger (AR mini)

Believe in Happy Endings..And Beginnings

Armaan's POV:
I stared at Rahul as if I hadn't heard him right.
"What?",I whispered,that was barely audible. Rahul simply nodded.
"Yes.I'm sorry,Armaan." He looked away and was about to go,but then sympathetically patted my shoulder.

I stood there,Stunned. Rahul's words echoed in my mind,like a recording played over and over again...'Riddhima is getting married'   'Riddhima is getting married'...My heart felt heavy and I thought of all the moments we spent together...Her face..Her smile,Her touch,her blushes...Her voice..everything seemed to be going far away from me. I've lost her. Guilt and Pain filled my senses,I stayed numb.

"Rahul,I LOVE RIDDHIMA!",I shouted,seeing that Rahul hadn't gone far away. Atleast I could tell my ex-best friend that. I still consider him as a brother,no matter what. If I've lost Riddhima..I can't lose Rahul too. Rahul heard me,and stopped dead in his tracks. He was stunned and shocked..I knew that. He turned and came back to me.

PART 21 : Mr. & Mrs. Mallik

"Armaan!" Riddhima glared at him as he started playing with her dupatta once again. She was already tired after assisting her senior in two back-to-back surgeries and now instead of resting at her home she was again in the conference room with all her fellow interns, especially with Armaan irritating her to the maximum, waiting for the dean of the hospital.

Armaan noticed the irritated look on her face and chuckled. She looks extremely sexy when she glares with her eyes wide open and nostrils flared up, he thought dreamily.

"Good evening doctors!" Every one sat straight when they heard the dean addressing them. "I have an important announcement for you." The dean continued "You have all completed your first semester here. So you will have to give a qualifying test next month. Depending on your percentile in the test, you will be given priority to choose your area of specialization." There was a pin drop silence as the announcement was made. "So all the very best for your exam." The dean concluded and left the hall leaving the interns tensed.

Monday, 9 December 2019

Part 4 : The Stranger (AR mini)

 Believe in Happy Endings and..Beginnings

Riddhima's POV:

It hurts So much. Even after 2 damn whole months,It hurts so much. Why does he even exist? I have to college,I have to see him.Why? I can only ask myself thousand of times a  day,Why? Why did I fall in Love with him? Even if I did,Why can't I forget him? Its my life,My heart..I can throw out anybody out of it,Right? No,Not him! I try so much,remind myself  practically every second,that he was nothing to me,even if he was..He is nothing now,and won't be ever. But all the more,my world seems to come to have come to a Full-stop. I hate  myself,now. Why did I ever let him kiss me? Maybe I'd life with the fact that he didn't love me..But after the kiss,It only feels like I was just another fling to him,a timepass. How could I  have let HIM,take my heart away..The boy who had practically won everyone's heart at college? Am I So Weak?

PART 20 : Mr. & Mrs. Mallik

Riddhima smiled looking at Armaan fighting with Raji, at an ice cream counter. They came to a nearby beach to spend their Sunday evening. Last week had been wonderful for her. With her relationship with Armaan getting stronger and the void in her heart slowly filling up by his and Raji's love, she felt blessed to have them in her life, all of a sudden. The love she always yearned for, all through her life, is now around her all the time- be it Raji or Armaan.

As she thought about Armaan and Raji she remembered the previous day's events as they tried to reveal their love to Raji with their futile attempts. She blushed at her memory.

Riddhima was startled when Armaan wrapped his arms around her waist from behind kissing her cheek. As she turned around, he pecked her trembling lips and grinned widely at her pale face. She glared at him, although a blush crept her cheeks.

Sunday, 8 December 2019

Part 3: The Stranger (AR mini)

Love Found..And Lost

Riddhima's POV:
Even his thought is enough for my face to creep into a tinge of red.I am seriously getting mad.Its been a week since I've met Armaan,and it amazes me to see the effect he has on me.

"Riddhima..",his velvety voice was dazed and we were very close.So close,that we could count each other's breathing.I could feel my heart pounding against my chest and it clearly demonstrated how nervous I felt.
His big manly hand slowly rose till it touched my face,and his bare touch sent shivers down my spine as his other  free hand grabbed one of mine. My eyes shut close andhe slowly stroked my cheek,very gently.His breath was making me lose my senses and his scent was driving me crazzy.Why wasn't he saying it already?

Now his hand slowly removed some locks of my hair from my face and tucked it behind my ear.The intimacy was driving me mad,and I could hardly think straight anymore.
"Armaan..",I whispered softly,gazing into his eyes. His gray-blue eyes owned me completely once again.I was lost in them,and my heart pounded harder..till I could hear his voice again.

PART 19 : Mr. & Mrs. Mallik

Armaan cut her words before she could complete them. "Because I missed you." He said with his voice deep with emotions. But Riddhima didn't recognize the intensity with which he was saying as she still was deep in thought about the questions in her own brain. She struggled to get herself free from his hold as his grip on her tightened.

She was looking away twisting in his hold. "Leave me Armaan, now. Or I will surely kill you." He heard her say. Armaan tried once again to gain her attention. "and because I Love you." He replied to her previous question ignoring her words.

"But-" she started but the words were never completed. She froze in his arms as her mind registered his words in it. For few moments she couldn't understand whether he actually said the words or not. She just stared at him, with her lips slightly parted in surprise, standing completely still.

Saturday, 7 December 2019

Part 2: The Stranger (AR mini)

The First Ever Feeling

Armaan's POV:
I know you like me, you know I like you
Let's get together girl, you know you want to
I know you like me, you know I like you
Let's get together girl, you know you want to

Raat din aate jaate, hoti hain sau mulakaatein
Aagey badti hai baatein, peechay chod de
Raaste mein hai thehre, aur bhi kitne chehre
Aaj phir apni aankhein unse jod le
Kho jaayega, lamha yeh kho jaayega
Mudke na phir aayega, raahon mein usko rok le
Ho jaayega hoga jo ho jaayega
You know you're so hot, you're on fire
1 2 3 go
Mil gaye jo chora chori
Huyi masti thodi thodi
Bas pyaar ka naam na lena
I hate love stories

PART 18 : Mr. & Mrs. Mallik

Riddhima stared at the album infront of her eyes and sighed. Her life with Armaan and Raji seemed to be perfect until the last week. Armaan left for a conference in Kolkata, a week ago and here she is sitting in her bed at past 2 in the midnight doing nothing, yet everything with loneliness. It had been almost four days that she talked to him. It was either she was on duty when he called or he was in some seminar when she called. She felt helpless with him not being around and she didn't understand why.

She held the album close to her and closed her eyes with tiredness finally taking a toll on her.


"Aunty, I am leaving." Riddhima yelled from the living room. She woke up early than usual and got ready as well. She didn't understand why but she wanted to run away from there. 'Probably because he wasn't there?' her heart questioned her but she chose to avoid it.

Friday, 6 December 2019

Part 1: The Stranger (AR mini)

Riddhima's POV :
My di,Anjali,always told me that I look and dress like a girl,But my antics could hardly be called girly.Today,too,she did not hesitate to repeat herself when I took out my bike,at 5 in the evening.I just grinned at her.

Being "Daddy's Special Little Girl",I got almost everything I wanted.Plus,being good at academics,that wasn't so hard.This bike,Lovingly "MH" for "My Hero" was given by my,Ofcourse,Dad on this birthday when I turned 21 !! I LOVEEE this!

As I zoomed on MH across the familiar streets of Mumbai,I looked around for competition.I had defeated numerous boys who couldn't understand I was a girl,then were shocked out of their DUMB wits to find out.Baahhaa.

One yellow and black bike zoomed by my side,and I was excited again.
'Ahaan!',I thought,'Some dumbo again!Great!'

PART 17 : Mr. & Mrs. Mallik

Armaan groaned as he heard the same old ring of his alarm. Groping for the source of sound, he sighed as he found it. Switching it off, he opened his eyes reluctantly. Cursing the sun for rising up, he headed towards the washroom. Looking at his image in the mirror, he couldn't help but smile as the previous day flashed before his eyes. His smile transformed into a grin as he remembered of the short peck he gave Riddhima. He realized her cheeks were very soft against his lips.

As he headed towards the living room, he stopped when he came across Riddhima's room. He peeped in slowly to have a glance at her. But he found it was empty. Frowning, he moved to the living room and noticed Raji on the couch, reading the newspaper.

"Raji, where is Riddhima?" he asked staying calm, but one could notice a hint of panic in his voice.

Thursday, 5 December 2019

OS : Us Against The World

I looked at him from the corner of my eyes. He was staring at the paper in front of him wide-eyed; I could tell he was terrified. Just then he looked around him frantically, and his eyes met mine. I averted my gaze back to the examiner in front of me who was eyeing us all as if he would take us in for slicing up any minute, and then back at my own answer sheet.
Don't look, don't look, I screamed at myself in my head. You can't cheat for him again, I reminded myself. He had to do something by himself, and maybe this way he would learn! One failure is equal to ultimate success after all.
But when had I ever listened to myself. I only listened to him; his jokes, his demands, his orders, his pleas, his requests. It was all about him. It had been since we were 6 years old. And now, at 18, in our final year, it was still the same.
Sighing I looked up at him, and predictably, he had an adorable pout plastered on his face, his eyes dripping with insane cuteness and innocence. He vaguely reminded me of a food-deprived, depressed dog.

PART 16 : Mr. & Mrs. Mallik

"Riddhima" Armaan heard Raji's whisper and turned around immediately to the door and was mortified at the sight before him. His mobile slipped down from his hand and blood drained off his face. He looked back at Raji assuming he might be hallucinating but the equally petrified face of hers conveyed that it was indeed true. He turned back to the sight infront of him and felt his eyes burning of tears, that he was holding back.

He stared at her, standing infront of him, with her white dress full of stains of blood and her right sleeve torn slightly. He tried to speak, but there was no coordination between his senses and brain. He could only feel his heart beating madly. A lone tear escaped his eye and rolled down his cheek.

Wednesday, 4 December 2019


He entered the pitch dark room to find her slept peacefully under the covers. He threw his brief case on the setee and removed his tie. Loosening his shirt and opening the button of his jeans, he entered the bed and spooned her. She turned around and kissed his lips. "I don't wanna talk to you...itna late aate hain armaan?"

"kaam tha na jana..."

"tum aur tumhara kaam...door ho jao muhjse!" she huffed angrily and wrapped both her arms around his neck kissing it and closing her eyes again...

"I love you too" he softly whispered near her forehead and closed his tired eyes...


"karan volume kam kar do..." she gathered his perfumes and hair gels and started setting them properly on the dressing table while he was on the bed watching tv...he decreased the volume for a moment, only to bring it back to normal the next.

PART 15 : Mr. & Mrs. Mallik

It's been a month since Armaan and Riddhima returned back to Mumbai from Delhi. Life was perfectly balanced - assumed Armaan. He had been mentally battling with his feelings for Riddhima, lately. He was sure that he had started to feel something intimate towards her and also aware that it's more than just a mere attraction but waited for one sure signal from his heart.

Riddhima, since the proximity between her and Armaan at her stay in Delhi, became conscious of his presence whenever he is around. But she brushed the thought every time thinking she was just feeling weird as she was new to being around with a guy - the one thing she avoided since her being a child.

But Muskaan had been a lone listener to Riddhima's gabbling about her 'in-laws' since her return. Her every chat began with Armaan and ended with either Raji or Ananya. Muskaan also noticed the glow on her face whenever she talked about Armaan, Raji or Ananya.

Tuesday, 3 December 2019


Some night

2.08 A.M

"actually it wasn't really my fault you know, the papers had acidentally got mixed up on my table and i shouted on my P.A. But that's not the problem you see, the thing is that office me i'm not really known as the apologising kinds...i can't go and say sorry like i do to your mum...what do you say then? Maybe give him a day off and tell him i don't need any resignation? Yeah, gusse me maine keh diya tha resign karne ko.."

he carressed shilpa's bloated tummy, talking to the little one, he was expecting a girl.

Some night

12.36 A.M

"no armaan the bed is too soft.." she whined helplessly, sleeping was one of the biggest problems these days..

PART 14 : Mr. & Mrs. Mallik

Ananya beamed into Raji's room and shouted hugging Raji "Happy birthday Raji." Raji hugged her back and said thanks shyly.

Riddhima, whose sleep was disturbed by the loud voice, woke instantly and watched Raji and Ananya hugging each other. She got up and said "Good Morning aunty"

Ananya smiled looking at her and replied back "Good morning beta. I guess you had a good sleep." As Riddhima nodded at her, she turned to Raji. "Raji, get ready by 10. We have-" she stopped mid sentence as she realized something and turned back to Riddhima.

"Riddhima? Why did you sleep with Raji?" Riddhima's eyes widened in horror as she heard to Ananya's words while Raji choked on her breath. Then suddenly it struck Riddhima. As she was Armaan's wife she was supposed to be in his room not here. 'Damn it! How come the thought never came to my mind?' she cursed herself as she looked at Ananya frowning at her.

Monday, 2 December 2019

Part 25 : True love never dies

Armaan take flower in one hand and ring in other kya tum hamesha ke lie MERI banogi?

Kya tum hamesha ke lie MERI life me aaogi? Kya hamesha Mera aise khyal rakhogi?

Shilpa: armaan me

Armaan: yar plz bolo na m waiting Shilpa came out of her thoughts and said kya Soch rhi Haan armaan she came near armaan and said huskily in his ear Haan armaan I will I love you alot she hugged him

Part 430 (Last Part): Muhabbat Ki Nayi Raahon Me

Ridhimaa glanced at Armaan's peaceful face and carefully detatched herself from his grip, not wanting to wake Armaan. She slid off the bed and went near the window, opening it to let some air inside. Ridhimaa scanned up the sky and her gaze lingered on the moon, half-hidden by the dark, somber clouds.

Ridhimaa: (to herself) Kaash baarish ho jaaye…

Although she knew it was a silly thought (it rarely rained in February), nevertheless, Ridhimaa spread both her hands in front of her, anticipating the rain.

Armaan: (wrapping his hands around her waist, holding tight) Hmm…

PART 13 : Mr. & Mrs. Mallik

Next five days flew in a flash. With the schedules at Sanjeevani being hectic, Armaan and Riddhima were left with much less time to think about the mess they have created in their personal lives. While Riddhima became comfortable living with Raji and Armaan, Armaan still struggled with his budding feelings for Riddhima.

After assisting her senior in a surgery, Riddhima came and sat in the cafeteria with a steamy cup of coffee. 'What a tiring day it was!' she whined taking a sip of her coffee. She looked at the watch and sighed 'Another four hours to get back to home.' After completing her coffee, she leaned back in the chair and closed her eyes seeking some peaceful rest.

After a moment, she almost jumped at the loud announcement from the central announcement system.

Sunday, 1 December 2019

Part 24 : True love never dies

Armaan booked a restaurant he wanted to have some quality time with Shilpa alone so he planned a dinner armaan asked Shilpa aaj dinner bahar Karne chalogi? Shilpa:kyu Kuch Khas Baat hai aaj? Armaan: ni bus aise hi Shilpa: ok duty ke baad chalte hai kyuki us incident ke baad Kafi time se arsh did not have any moment alone armaan was waiting for shilpa in night and when she came wind started to blew she was wearing a pink saree with matching earrings and she was looking gorgeous 🥰 armaan was totally flat he looked that ring. Once and kept in his pocket he opened the gate of car and said betho he smiled and Shilpa said aaj Kuch jyada hi special feel ni Kara rahe tum? Kya irada hai? Armaan said u looking gorgeous Shilpa Shilpa said thank you wese aaj tum b kafi smart lag rhe ho MATLAB koi  b ladki pat jayegi armaan excitedly said really? Like a kid he asked

Part 429: Muhabbat Ki Nayi Raahon Me

Dill ki tadapti saanson me

Preet ki mehekti baahon me

Dabe-chhipe se alfaazon me

Behke pal ke jazbaaton me

Band palkon ke khwaabon me

Khatti-meethi si baaton me

Jhuki hui si nigaahon me

Nayi-purani kuch yaadon me

Kabhi bichhde dill mill jayenge

Kabhi mill ke bicchad jayenge

Kabhi ladenge, kabhi manayenge

Kabhi rooth-rooth se jayenge

Armaan-Ridhimaa ki muhabbat ka

Hum fir se saath nibhayenge

Fir ek baar...

Manzil ki nayi chhaaon me

Fir ek baar...

Muhabbat Ki Nayi Raahon Me

Armaan was fumbling with the keys. He was holding Ridhimaa in his arms and was trying to open the door lock, simultaneously.

Ridhimaa: Armaan!
Armaan: Ridhimaa please… do minute… main kuch kaam kar raha hoon…
Ridhimaa: Jo tum kar rahe ho… wo sirf bewkoofi hai…
Armaan: Maine tumhari opinion maangi?
Ridhimaa: (gently) Armaan… mujhe utaar ke darwaaza khol lo…
Armaan: (irritated) Itni mushkil se to haath aayi ho… tumhe utaarunga to tum bhaag jaogi…
Ridhimaa: Aur main bhaag ke kahaan jaungi?

Armaan thought for a moment and sensed that Ridhimaa had a valid point. He put Ridhimaa down on her feet.

PART 12 : Mr. & Mrs. Mallik

Armaan was stunned at her words. "Went back? Why?" he said aloud and thought 'Why wouldn't she? After all you acted like a jerk and yelled at her.' He ran to his room and took his bike keys and ran out. He heard Raji saying something but ignored it.


Armaan rang the bell and waited impatiently. 'God, why did I yell at her so badly? She said she trusted me and hence took such a decision. What she might be thinking about me now?' Battling with his thoughts, he sighed when the door was opened by an elderly woman.

"Where is Riddhima?" he said and while the woman looked at him suspiciously he added quickly "I am Armaan Mallik, Riddhima's......uh..... husband." The woman laughed at him warmly and said "I am their maid. Mam is in her room upstairs" Before she completed her sentence, he climbed the staircase and stopped abruptly and turned around. "First room on your right." He heard the woman say and rushed to her room.

Saturday, 30 November 2019

Part 428: Muhabbat Ki Nayi Raahon Me

Armaan: (haltingly) Ridhimaa… maine kab kaha ki tum buri ho?

Ridhimaa: (smiling) I know… nahi kaha…

She again started looking towards the couples enjoying their dance. The music was always rolling without unnecessary breaks.

Armaan: (following Ridhimaa's line of vision) Hum bhi chalein?

Ridhimaa looked back into Armaan's beautiful eyes and nodded. They simply glided towards the dance floor. Armaan held Ridhimaa's hands and put them around his neck. His own arms encircled Ridhimaa's waist. Ridhimaa's cheeks flooded with colour.

Armaan: Waise mujhe ek tareeka aata hai… tumhe khush karne ka…

PART 11 : Mr. & Mrs. Mallik

Expecting the worst, Armaan and Riddhima closed their eyes and opened them immediately when they were pulled in for a hug. Riddhima froze at her spot, noticing her dad hugging them and Armaan on the other hand stood baffled. "Oh, I am so happy for you. Why didn't you tell me before?" Shashank exclaimed at Riddhima after stepping back. Riddhima stared at her father in disbelief with eyes wide.

"Dad?? Tell, what?" Riddhima stuttered. She felt she would faint at any moment. "What else? That you liked Armaan Mallik." Shashank declared stressing on the word Mallik. Riddhima looked at Armaan, who was equally perplexed and then at her dad and thought 'Didn't that clown already tell you that?' glancing at Armaan once again. "Oh" she said aloud not quite understanding what is wrong with her dad.

Shashank smiled at them and turned back to Vijay Mallik and hugged him. "I am so happy Vijay. Finally we would be relatives." He said while Vijay seemed to be equally pleased. "Me too Shashank. How come we never thought about this match?" Vijay exclaimed and then hugged his wife Ananya.

Friday, 29 November 2019

Part 427: Muhabbat Ki Nayi Raahon Me


Dill ki tadapti saanson me

Preet ki mehekti baahon me

Dabe-chhipe se alfaazon me

Behke pal ke jazbaaton me

Band palkon ke khwaabon me

Khatti-meethi si baaton me

Jhuki hui si nigaahon me

Nayi-purani kuch yaadon me

PART 10 : Mr. & Mrs. Mallik

All the three boys waited in the car for Muskaan patiently. As per the plan, Muskaan has to get dressed well as she has to go into Riddhima's house. "Why does it take time for the girls to get dressed?" Armaan whined impatiently. After a moment, they heard Muskaan's voice and turned to look at her. Their jaws dropped to the floor as they saw Muskaan in a purple saree with silver embroidery looking gorgeous. As she walked to towards the car, they gawked at her with their mouths still open.

Sanjay came out of his trance first. "You are already committed, remember. You have no right to stare at her." He smacked Armaan and Rahul chucked while Armaan glared at them. Soon Muskaan got into the car and they left for Riddhima's house.


Thursday, 28 November 2019

Part 426: Muhabbat Ki Nayi Raahon Me


 Dill ki tadapti saanson me

Preet ki mehekti baahon me

Dabe-chhipe se alfaazon me

Behke pal ke jazbaaton me

Band palkon ke khwaabon me

Khatti-meethi si baaton me

Jhuki hui si nigaahon me

Nayi-purani kuch yaadon me
Kabhi bichhde dill mill jayenge

PART 9 : Mr. & Mrs. Mallik

Suddenly she remembered something when he disappeared and ran in his direction "Armaan" She was disappointed when she didn't get any response and was about to turn back when she heard his voice "Basket? you called me?" he peeped back at her, sitting on his bike. "Thanks Armaan" she said and smiled while he winked at her "Good night Basket."


Armaan paced restlessly in the cafeteria, after the end of their duties, with Muskaan and Rahul beside him with panic stricken faces. It had been two days that Riddhima hadn't been to the hospital and neither had she taken their calls. Suddenly a thought crept into his mind 'Was she hurt because of me?' He felt sorry for her. But then his heart shouted "No. She had forgiven me right? She was smiling that day.'

Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Part 425: Muhabbat Ki Nayi Raahon Me


 Dill ki tadapti saanson me

Preet ki mehekti baahon me

Dabe-chhipe se alfaazon me

Behke pal ke jazbaaton me

Band palkon ke khwaabon me

Khatti-meethi si baaton me

Jhuki hui si nigaahon me

Nayi-purani kuch yaadon me

PART 8 : Mr. & Mrs. Mallik

"Basket" his words barely escaped his throat. "Thank you so much Armaan. Thank you. I am so happy. I owe you a lot." Riddhima said with her voice full of joy. Unknown to himself, he felt happy finding her happy, and his arms encircled her. He felt a shiver of pleasure run down his entire body as his palms came in contact with her tiny waist. Oblivious to the surroundings and the warnings from his brain, he pulled her closer and nuzzled into her thick hair, breathing in her rich feminine fragrance. Riddhima was too drowned in her happiness to realize what they were doing.

"Ahem Ahem" Armaan came back to his senses when he heard Raji's voice and so did Riddhima. In a flash he loosened his grip off her and jumped back. Riddhima turned red with embarrassment while Armaan tried to find some excuse to Raji. "So Armaan, how did Sanjay agree to it?" Riddhima fumbled with her words and was surprised with her initiative to speak.

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Part 424: Muhabbat Ki Nayi Raahon Me

Tamanna knocked at the door a little too strongly, and to her utter surprise, the door flew open. She didn't dare step in.

Tamanna: (calling softly) Ridz... Ammy...

No one answered. Tamanna called out once again. Still there was no answer. Irritated, she barged inside the room and switched on the lights.

Armaan and Ridhimaa, both seemed fast asleep in each others' arms. Tamanna sent up a silent prayer to the heavens seeing the two and approached Ridhimaa.

Tamanna: Ridz... Ridz...

She shook Ridhimaa slightly.

PART 7 : Mr. & Mrs. Mallik

"I am waiting....um.... Armaan right?" Sanjay's voice echoed in his ears which convinced Armaan that he was still alive. He warned his mind to cook up something but it seemed to be dead. "I am patient but my revolver is a very impatient one" Sanjay spoke again which made Armaan go numb with fear. After a moment Rahul almost had a mild heart-attack listening to the words uttered by Armaan.

"Because Riddhima is in love with me." Armaan said holding his breath, with his eyes tightly shut, waiting for the revolver to do something. But nothing happened for few moments and a relieved Armaan slowly opened his one eye to have a glance at Sanjay. Assured that he won't be killed, he opened his other eye and looked at Rahul, who was at the edge to go into coma. Then he turned towards Sanjay and found him stare at him in disbelief, still holding the revolver.

Monday, 25 November 2019

Part 423: Muhabbat Ki Nayi Raahon Me

part 1 - 422

Remaining Part ...............


Although aspects of this story are loosely based on medical drama, artistic liberty has been taken as this is a FICTIONAL story. Please take note that the author does not have a medical background and that the incidents, medical and law procedures may have a vast difference from reality.

Dill ki tadapti saanson me
Preet ki mehekti baahon me
Dabe-chhipe se alfaazon me
Behke pal ke jazbaaton me
Band palkon ke khwaabon me
Khatti-meethi si baaton me
Jhuki hui si nigaahon me
Nayi-purani kuch yaadon me

PART 6 : Mr. & Mrs. Mallik

Riddhima was still confused about her dad's unexpected calm behavior since yesterday's night. She came and sat at the dining table for breakfast. She looked at Shashank's face. It was still peaceful. She felt restless. Her heart warned her about something. "Riddhima" on hearing her dad's voice, she slightly jumped off the chair at the dining table.

"Yes dad" she turned her face towards him hesitatingly. Her father passed on an envelope towards her. She opened it and saw the photo of a handsome guy smiling profusely. Though she hated to admit it, she knew what it was all about. She sighed and took a deep breath as if getting ready for something. Her heart beat erratically. Fidgeting with her fingers, she looked at Shashank, expecting some answers.

Sunday, 24 November 2019

AR os : The Missed Call

"Damn it."

Armaan cursed himself in his breath, as perspiration ran down his handsome face. Was breaking up always so hard?

'No', he answered to himself, 'But this one is...Because unlike your other girlfriends, she is in love with you, and you're So, NOT.'

Running a hand through his hair to calm himself down, he walked with unsteady breaths towards her. There she was, staring dreamily at the rain outside the window, her fingers tapping the glass table ' indicating, she was waiting for him.

Jazz played in the background and he muttered curses, it was making him more edgy by the second. He hated Jazz, it was so sickenly romantic sometimes...Not the peaceful, soft tunes of Bollywood but only...Ah, well.

PART 5 : Mr. & Mrs. Mallik

He gave her an injection and sat on a stool beside her bed.

After some time, he sprinkled some water on her face. He sighed with relief when there was a moment in her eye balls.

"Basket….. Are you fine?" he asked her anxiously as she slowly opened her eyes.


Shashank paced to and fro in the living room checking the watch for every minute. "Riddhima should have been back by 7.30. It is almost 8. Why is she late?' he thought. He dialed her number but didn't get any answer and became more restless. Riddhima's encounter with Armaan at the shop flashed in his mind and he quickly grabbed the car keys and left for Sanjeevani.


Saturday, 23 November 2019

PART 4 : Mr. & Mrs. Mallik

The next few days went very fast. It being their first week at the hospital all the interns had a hard time getting used to the new environment, adjusting with the hectic duty schedules. Once they finished their duty, everyone used to rush back home to get some rest- no exception being Armaan and Riddhima. They never got much free time, but whenever they had some time, Armaan left no stone unturned in teasing Riddhima, which only annoyed her more.

Riddhima, being a reserved person, found good friends in Muskaan and Rahul. And Armaan? Only God knows how she tolerated him in the hospital. She has almost grown allergetic to him. Armaan, on the other hand, being a cheerful one, mingled with everyone easily. Soon Armaan, Muskaan and Rahul formed the most happening gang at the hospital, while Riddhima had no choice but to join them.

Epilogue :Betrayal (AR)

 A loving husband, a caring wife, and a lovely daughter... If a person gets this, then life is no less than heaven.  It was the same with Armaan and Riddhima.  Twenty five years had been passed, and everything was just perfect.

As Riddhima had said, she had given birth to a little girl named Rashmi who was a perfect blend of the two. She was beautiful and smart like Riddhima, and naughty and cool like Armaan.  Both loved Rashmi a lot and would pamper her like no one would.  Atul and Anjali also had a son named Maan.  Rahul and Muskaan had given birth to a little girl, who had turned out to look exactly like Muskaan, and as decided, she was named Geet.  Amit and Sapna had also gotten married very soon.  Amit was everything that Sapna's parents wanted in their son-in-law, so they had gotten married quickly.  Shortly after their marriage, they had given birth to a boy, and named him Raj.

Friday, 22 November 2019

PART 3 : Mr. & Mrs. Mallik

Armaan reached his destination, quite early not able to control his excitement. As he stepped inside Sanjeevani, his joy knew no bounds. Was his anxiety due to the fact that he had been accepted as an intern in Sanjeevani or due to the fact that he had proved his father wrong. Only God knows that!

Armaan remembered that day well when his father, kind of humiliated him saying that he could never make it to Sanjeevani. He had decided at that very moment, that he would prove his dad wrong.  And now he stood here, with an acceptance letter in his hand. He closed his eyes for a moment and thanked Raji, who had been by his side in achieving his target.

Smiling to himself and eyeing all the beautiful nurses, he moved to the reception. "Excuse me" he said to get the attention of the nurse at the reception. The nurse glanced at him, while he striked his dimpled smile to her. He was quite sure that the young nurse was bowled with his charm and he enjoyed the moment.

Last Part :Betrayal (AR)

 Happy Ending

Recap: Atul and Anjali get married.  Armaan and Riddhima romance.

The next day, the gang was packing their bags, as they were leaving for Mumbai.  They had the best time of their life in Delhi, and they really didn't want to leave, but they had to.
" Riddhima beta.  Main andar aa sakti hoon? " Padma asked standing at the door.
" Arre Mama.  Aaye na. " Riddhima said with a smile.  Padma came in and sat down on the bed.
" Riddhima... mujhe tumse kuch baat karni thi. "
" Boliye. "
" Beta, main... maine ek baat notice ki hain. "
" Kaunsi? "
" Riddhima jab tum yahaan aayi thi, toh aisa lag raha tha jaise ki tumare aur Armaan mein kuch hua hain.  Koi problem.  Tum Armaan se door bhaagti thi.  Aur jab tum dono Kasauli se wapas aaye, toh sab kuch pehle jaisa tha.  Sach batao Riddhima.  Kya hua tha? "
" Ku... kuch nahin Mama.  Aa... aapko koi galat faimy huyi hain. "
" Jhooth mat bol.  Maa hoon teri.  Tujhe bohat achhe se jaanti hoon.  Ab bata, kya baat hain. " Riddhima closed her eyes, and sighed.

Thursday, 21 November 2019

PART 2 : Mr. & Mrs. Mallik

Armaan was glad that he balanced himself from tripping and the next moment his heart beat fast as Riddhima clutched onto him closer. His arms around her waist and thighs, hers around his neck, her face under his neck and her breast soft against his chest. A shiver of pleasure ran down his spine. He had dated many girls right from his high school but never felt the same. He stared at her bewildered while Riddhima still shut her eyes in fear, not aware of the effect she had on him.

"Excuse me" someone's words brought him back from his state of trance. He shook his head twice and looked around to find that now he was blocking other's way. Soon he moved forward, holding her in his arms. Riddhima, still in fear, did not open her eyes while a soft smile crept over his lips.

Finally clearing the lane, he looked down at Riddhima in his arms. He bent his head down and whispered in her ears "Mam, may I have the honor of putting you down?" playfully. She was startled at his words in her ear. She opened her eyes quickly to find him grinning at her. No sooner did she find that her body is pressed hard against his, she literally jumped out of his arms and glared at him.

Part 29 :Betrayal (AR)


Recap: The gang returns back to New Delhi.

Gupta Residence was filled with noise the next morning.  Today is Atul and Anjali's marriage, the long awaited day for every single person present there.  The day, obviously, was going to be very tiring for everyone.  In the morning they would do Anjali's Haldi and Mehendi and the marriage would be at night.
The most irritating thing for everyone was that the girls and boys were not allowed to be together, alone, in one place until the marriage was over.  This had really disappointed the boys, as well as the girls.  Staying one whole day without being able to have nice, lovely moments with each other?  Impossible!  But what could they do?  Rules, were rules.  If they were caught, it wouldn't be good for anyone.
As of now, everyone was busy instructing the workers on the decorations.  They had strictly prohibited Shashank and Padma from doing any work.  As they already had worked a lot.
In the kitchen, the girls were working really hard in setting everything right.
" Ridzi, yeh zara store room mein rakh de na.  Please. " said Muskaan.

Wednesday, 20 November 2019

PART 1 : Mr. & Mrs. Mallik

"Armaan, get up!" he heard a distant sound calling for him, but ignored it and went back to his world. "Armaan" the voice grew louder, but he only turned to the other side, grabbed his pillow and placed it over his ear, not interested to leave his world. He suddenly jerked and opened his eyes when a flush of cold water greeted his face. Horrified, he looked at the surroundings, and it took him few moments to realize that he was in sleep then and now wide awake.

"RAJI" he yelled at the middle aged woman, in her early fifties, standing beside his bed with an empty jug in her hands. "Why the hell did you wake me? It's hardly 6 am" he screamed checking the time, glaring at her.

"Armaan" she looked at him in disbelief "you promised me to take to the vegetable market today." She waited for his response while he rubbed his eyes, trying to console his goddess of sleep for the abrupt interruption, rewinding his memory regarding his promise.

Irritated with himself and Raji, he shouted "Why can't you go to the market with the driver? It's Sunday today and more over I have to join the hospital from tomorrow. Let me sleep." He grabbed his pillow, pulled his sheets and was about to sleep when Raji used her last shot "It's OK Armaan. If you don't want to come, let it be. I'll go by myself." She said pretending to wipe off the fake tear from her cheek.

Part 28 :Betrayal (AR)


Recap: The girls find out that Muskaan is pregnant, and they surprise the boys.

The gang had gathered up for breakfast, and were leaving no stones turned in teasing and scaring Rahul about Muskaan's pregnancy.
" Rahul beta, ab toh teri raaton ki neend udne waali hain. " sadi Amit.
" Kyun? "
" Muskaan ke mood swings tujhe jeene nahin denge. " said Armaan.
" Rahul, mujhe ice-cream khani hain. " said Muskaan.
" Abhi?! " He asked mortified.
" Haan! " He called the waiter and told him to bring ice-cream.  He brought it in a while.
" Yeh le. "
" Mujhe ice-cream nahin khani. "
" Kya! "
" Haan!  Mujhe kuch khatta khana hain. " Muskaan whined.
" Yaar isske mood swings abhi se kaise shuru ho gaye? " Rahul wondered out lod.  They exchanged looks, and then burst out into laughter.
" Kya hua? "

Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Preface: Mr. & Mrs. Mallik

Amidst all the chaos in the Marriage Registration Office in Andheri, stood a couple, lost in their own worlds. Were they happy? Were they excited? Were they anxious? NO. Unlike all the other couples who come to that office with their hearts full of happiness and anxiety for the future, this couple is irritated with everything happening around them. They just want to run away from that place. They are trying to understand the mess they have created out of their lives, standing there, just a few steps away from stepping into the divine relation of marriage.

"Take it. It's already time" someone's voice pulled her from a tsunami of thoughts. 'What am I doing here?' she thought to herself while she faked a smile and took the garland from the person who offered it to her. How badly she wished she had a chance to kill that person right then and there.

'Don't do this to yourself' his mind pleaded him for umpteenth time. Battling with the thoughts in his brain, he grabbed the garland with a forced grin on his confused face.

Part 27 :Betrayal (AR)

     Good News!

Recap: Armaan saves Riddhima, and Vivek is shot dead.  They spend the night together in a cottage.  They return back to the hotel where everyone is happy to see Riddhima back.  They have a  boys vs. girls fight, where Riddhima helps the boys.

" Riddhima zara towel dena. " Armaan called out from the bathroom.  Riddhima, who was catching up on the work on R & M Enterprise, heard his voice, and rolled her eyes in frustration.
" Armaan!  Khud le lo na!  Tumhare roz ki aadat hain towel bed par bhul jaane ki. " Armaan heard this, and his devilish mind started to work.
" So you want me to come out in the state I am in?  I didn't know that you are so tempted to see me without my clothes. " Riddhima's eyes widened in shock.
" Ruko!  Main le kar aati hoon. " Armaan grinned, and waited for her to come.  Riddhima slowly walked to the bathroom with the towel in her hand.
" Yeh lo. " Armaan opened the door slightly.  Riddhima held out the towel, and Armaan looked at it.  He held the towel for a second and then immediately grabbed her hand.  Riddhima eyes widened, and her mouth fell open as she looked at her hand, and Armaan.  She heard a knock at the door, and looked at the door.
" Ridzi  Darvaaza kholo!  Mujhe tumse baat karni hain! " Sapna yelled.

Monday, 18 November 2019

Last part : Here to change his life forever

Life was now perfect for the two of them Armaans past was obviously something he couldn't forget however Riddhima was sent by God and she had come as an angel and changed his life forever. These two lived like any other normal couple did they had there share of love,arguments. All these things together made their relationship much stronger. It was Saturday night and the two had a small argument over Armaan wanting to finish some of his work for the project he had to present on Monday They had promised each other that they would do nothing but spend weekends with each other but today he seemed more engrossed in other things and this had pissed Riddhima off. The two still were business partners but this was some of the work Riddhima could not help him out in and that just added to his work load. He was extremely stressed about getting this project and his pissed of wife was just adding to the burden. Only way the poor guy could feel better was by apologizing to her and spending time with her would always relieve his stress. She sat there on the couch reading one of her romantic novels. He walked up to her and apologized for being rude earlier on. Convincing her wasn't really an easy job and it was after a lot of apologies she finally agreed.

Part 26 :Betrayal (AR)


Recap: Vivek kidnaps Riddhima, and the boys try to stop him, but Vivek drives away.  Everyone finds out that it's Vivek that it is Maya's partner.  Vivek behaves very badly with Riddhima.  Riddhima calls Armaan through Vivek's cell phone and Vivek brutually beats her up.  They are successful in tracking Vivek down.  Armaan and Vivek come face to face.

Both just stared at each other with pure hatred.
" Vivek, Riddhima kahaan hain? " Armaan asked with gritted teeth.
" Nahin bataunga.  Kya kar loge? " Vivek asked challengingly.  Armaan curved his fingers into a rock solid fist, and punched him with full force, making him fall down.  He touched his lips, which was bleeding, and got up.  He punched him back, and Armaan stumbled, but didn't fall.  He turned around in a swift move, and punched him 10 times harder, and then hit both sides of his head at the same time and Vivek fell unconscious.  Armaan looked around and saw a way and immediately took the route.
He kept looking around for Riddhima, when he saw someone tied up through the boxes that were there and knew that it's Riddhima.  He walked around the corner, and a gasp left his mouth at the sight in front of him.

Sunday, 17 November 2019

part 13 : Here to change his life forever

As Armaan entered their bedroom his eyes started in search of Riddhima his Riddhima who was all his from now, as he was lost in his thoughts of how his life changed after Riddhima's entry in his life his eyes fell on his wife, his love, his life who was lost in her thoughts, so he went near her and put his hand on her shoulder which made her come out of her day dreaming. "Kya soch rahi thi?" asked Armaan. "Yeh soch rahi thi ki today I have everything one can ask for a really loving and caring husband the love of my life, a wonderful family, so many new relations…my life seems complete…" said Riddhima. "Come on Riddhima we can talk about this sometimes later, I am so not in a mood to do all these boring talks when I have something better to do" said Armaan with his naughty expressions which made Riddhima blushed…Armaan started removing her jewelry…taking off her earrings placing a quick peck on each of her earlobes, then the necklace and placing wet kisses from

Part 25 :Betrayal (AR)

    I Want My Wife Back!

Recap: The gang is successful in sending Maya to jail.  Sumit is about to tell everyone about Maya's partner, but the lights go off and someone screams Armaan's name.

They all were shocked hearing someone scream Armaan's name.
" Yeh toh Riddhima ki awaas hain. " Armaan said worriedly.  At the same time, the lights came back on and Armaan searched for Riddhima.  He panicked when he didn't see Riddhima anywhere in the hall.
" ARMAAN! " Riddhima screamed again.  They all ran outside and saw Vivek pushing Riddhima into a car and then getting into the driver's seat.  Armaan ran as fast as his legs would let him, but Vivek drove away.
" RIDDHIMA! " Armaan shouted after her.  The boys ran to a car and followed Vivek.  With all the lights off, it became extremely hard for them to keep track of the car.
Inside the car, Riddhima was trying her best to get Vivek's grip loose on her wrist, but that wasn't working.
" Vivek chhodo mujhe!  Leave me! "

Saturday, 16 November 2019

part 12 : Here to change his life forever

Riddhima had moved out of armaan place before the wedding because the guy and girl living together before marriage was considered immoral. Her parents had a house but she never loved there because she would be lonely. the day of the wedding had finally arrived riddhimas parents hadn't been able to make it to the other functions because of the overbooked flights  but they couldn't miss out on the wedding. She hadn't  seen her parents for quite some time but they had been in constant touch through the phone and she had told them about armaan on the phone. All her parents cared were for was her happiness and if she thought her happiness lied in armaan they were happy. However being her parents they had to speak to her face to face asking her if she was ready to get into such a commitment especially with armaan. Riddhima was ecstatic to see them after a long time and she wasn't even sure how much time shed be able to give them after settling down in india but

Part 24 :Betrayal (AR)

  Plan Successful?

Recap:  Armaan and Riddhima romance.  Armaan tells Maya that he loves her, and she believes him.  Sumit tells the boys about Maya's partner.

The next day, they all were seated at the breakfast table, relishing the paranthas on their plates.  Maya had left for some important work of hers, and she wouldn't be returning for about an hour.  The gang was back to their bickering and teasing.  Riddhima looked at Armaan and saw him eating his food.
She decided to be a little naughty, as it's always Armaan that does something.  Since the two were sitting right beside each other, Riddhima slowly brought her hand down, and caught his wrist.  Armaan stopped eating and looked at Riddhima, and then back at his hand.  His eyes popped out of his sockets as he realized her plan.
" Amy zara woh plate toh pass kar. " said Muskaan.  Armaan looked at Muskaan with wide eyes.
" Haan Armaan, Muski ko plate pass karo. " Riddhima said hiding her smirk, and Armaan looked at her with wide eyes.
" Kya hua Amy?  Plate pass kar na. "

Friday, 15 November 2019

Part 11 : Here to change his life forever

They were finally together and the marriage preperations were going on these two were finally glad they would be together. Armaan had finally changed for good and he had started to love life with riddhima around him. He still had that fear something would happen to Riddhima but when he said such emotional stuff it would hurt her so he tried to avoid it. She had always made sure he never felt that she would leave him and more then that she had promised to remain by his side forever and ever. Today was  Armaans bachelor party the guys had not told the girls about it but they had found out anyways. Riddhima was slightly annoyed at armaan for going but then she realized that it was a thing before marriage and everyone went to it. She wondered what he would be doing there more then that she had spoken to him the whole day and was missing him terribly. All the girls decided to go check out what the guys were upto and Riddhima only went because she really wanted to see him. All of

Part 23 :Betrayal (AR)

  Is it him?                             

Recap: Sumit and Molly arrive, and show the gang the things that they have, but since they aren't enough, they make a plan.  When Maya sees Sumit and Molly, she feels very bad.  Molly cries, but they all console her.

Riddhima frowned slightly as she felt something wet on her bare shoulder, but then brushed the thought off thinking that she was just dreaming.  She felt something wet on her shoulders again, and opened her eyes.  She turned her face to see Armaan kissing her shoulder, and she blushed slightly.  She turned around, and Armaan came on top of her.
" Good morning wifey. " Armaan said naughtily.  Riddhima smiled and put her arms around his neck.
" Good morning hubby.  " Both chuckled.  Armaan just gazed her, and Riddhima blushed.  He put a hairstrand behind her ears, that was falling on her forehead.  He stared into her emerald green eyes for a while.
" Kya soch rahe ho? "

Thursday, 14 November 2019

AR os : The Gift of Love

"Please...", her voice broke. She sniffed back her tears and desperately held on him, as tightly as she could, not wanting to let go. She couldn't. Why was he going? She wanted to stop him, but it was like her heart was getting weak. Her nerves were frozen, her knees were quivering, and she was getting defeated.

I have to go...

His voice shook her to the core. She shook her head furiously, starting to gather herself up. She couldn't let him go, not this time. Her tears poured down endlessly and she pleaded him with her eyes,"Please...", she said again. It didn't have any effect. He came closer and smiled at her with his sad enchanting eyes. Softly ruffled her hair, kissed her forehead and put his arms around her. She sniffed again.

part 10 : Here to change his life forever

The morning sun dawned, Armaan Riddhima were lost in each others dream in their separate rooms. Riddhima was looking like an angel sleeping with a smile on her, she had been dreaming about her Mr. Right Armaan the whole night on the other side Armaan was also dreaming about his Ms. Perfect Riddhima. Armaan eventually fell for Riddhima n had started loving her and realized it but his fears permitted him from confessing his love for Riddhima. Armaan's beauty sleep was disturbed by a phone call. *ring* *ring*
Riddhima: Good Morning Armaan
Armaan was still sleeping, Riddhima started screaming his name on the other side waking Armaan up from his sleep.
Riddhima: Hello U there?
Armaan: Huh yeah good morning.
Riddhima: Okay so yeah I called to inform you that we are going to an amusement park today. U r coming right?
Armaan: Uhmmm May be
Riddhima: Excuse me u don't have a choice. U better be ready in an hour.

Part 22 :Betrayal (AR)

  "Misson Maya"

Recap: Armaan tells Riddhima the truth, and she believes him.  They unite, and decide to not let Maya know about them.  The gang finds out that Armaan and Riddhima are together, and they tease them.

In about an hour or two, the gang met up in the garden, and waited for Sumit and Molly to arrive.
" Yaar yeh dono kitni daer laga rahe hain. " Muskaan said impatiently.
" I know!  Ab tak toh unhe aa jaana chaahiye tha. " said Anjali.
While they were busy waiting for Sumit and Molly to arrive, Armaan and Riddhima were busy staring at each other. tThey were standing right beside each other, and had a slight smile on their lips.  Riddhima slowly entangled her hands with Armaan's, and Armaan held her hand firmly.  He took her hand up to his lips, and kissed it softly, making Riddhima blush.  The gang looked at them and smiled.  They wished that the couple don't have any more problems in their lives.
" Oye love birds!  Agar romance karna hi hain, toh apne room mein jao na! " said Muskaan.  Armaan and Riddhima came back to the world, and left each others hands.