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Chapter 19 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

Fallen Apart

Everyone's heart stopped hearing Riddhima. The little ray of hope their heart had was destroyed by Riddhima.

"Riddhima? Tum-tumne aisa kiya? You-you were our friend right? Toh phir yeh sab kyun?" asked Anjali. Riddhima crossed her arms and looked away, indicating she was least interested in the conversation.

"Main toh soch bhi nahin sakti thi ki tum aisi hogi. Humne toh socha tha ki tum... Lekin tum toh ek giri hui ladki nikli." Said Niki.

"Chhi! Mujhe toh vishwaas nahin hota ki maine tujhe apni behen maana. Thank God Mama-Papa yahaan nahin hain. Warna unhe iss baat ka pachhtaava hota ki tu unki beti hain." Muskaan spoke in sheer disgust. Riddhima gave her a cold look and rolled her eyes.

"Like I give a damn." Everyone in the room once again were disgusted by her. Armaan came forward and looked at her.

"Ms. Riddhima Gupta. You are fired." Riddhima scoffed.

part 24 & 25 : The Suprise (ARff)

part 24 

She knew something fishy was going around her as everyone was giggling. Preparations for Anjali's n Atul's wedding were on the high. And jus a half n week away from the wedding, it had been decided tht Rahul n Muskaan's wedding would also take place d same day. It sent a wave of frenzy in the Gupta mansion. Every1 got busy wid the preparations and she too got time off her thoughts.

Rahul's parents had asked for Muskaan's hand n neither Shashank nor Atul opposed it anyway. It was like a pair meant to be. She felt happy tht atleast Muskaan's love was going to get a true fairy tale ending. But during all the preparations Armaan was never seen anywhere. She once casually asked Rahul about him to which he carefully replied tht he was out on a bussiness trip n thn excused himself. She got the clue tht he din want to discuss it further n never asked again.

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Chapter 18 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

She IS The Culprit!

Armaan entered his house at night with his coat hanging over his shoulder. His talk with Riddhima repeatedly played in his mind. Was she the culprit? Has she been stealing the company's money? These questions occupied his mind.

"Bhai? Kya hua? Tum itne late kyun aaye?" He looked up and saw Abhi coming down the stairs.

"Abhi... tum Rahul aur Atul ko jaldi neeche bulao. Mujhe tum sab se kuch bohat important baat karni hain."

"Alright. You go freshen up. You're looking very tired." Armaan nodded and went up to his room.

Having a quick shower, he came down and saw his three brothers sitting down, waiting for him. He sat down on the cozy leather sofa and faced them.

"Armaan. Kya baat hain? What did you want to tell us?"

"Guys... woh CDs... woh..."

part 23 : The Suprise (ARff)

She woke up the next day quite late. It had been late by the time she had actually fallen asleep. Her head still felt heavy due to d constant thnking. she heard d friendly chatter from d living room n thought abt her family.

Yes. that was it. She had a reason to be happy. She had ppl arnd her to be happy. n she would b happy for them. She was going to forget everythng. Yes. Everythng. But if it wasn't possible she would atleast burry it off as some pages of her past tht she wdn't cross again. But deep down she knew tht it wasn't hard. It was impossible. It was her love she wanted 2 forget. How could she?

No. she cdn't. and she would not. Why should she do the same he did . It was his choice to not love her anymore. But he cdn't make her choices. She would love him. Yes she would. It din matter whether he reciprocated it or not. Nthng matterd now. Nothng.

Her chain of thoughts were broken when Padma entred her room.

" G' morning beta...Muskaan said u slept late thts y v din disturb u"

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Chapter 17 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

I Can't Believe This!

She stood on a huge rock with her arms spread out and a soft, dreamy smile on her face. The sky was covered with soft white clouds. The soft tranquil wind played with her beautiful curls. A pair of strong arms crept up her tiny waist and turned her around in a swift motion, banging her into his hardcore chest. Her rosy lips curved up into a loving smile seeing her favorite electric blue eyes staring back into her forest green ones. She moved her delicate arms around his neck pulling him closer. His long, silky hair brushed against her forehead. She whispered his name and he smiled. She averted her gaze shyly. He placed his hand under her chin and made her look up. He bent down and placed his lips over hers.

"AAAHHH!" Riddhima woke up screaming in her sleep with her eyes tightly shut and was sweating badly. She opened her eyes and looked around the dark room. She exhaled as it dawned on her that she was dreaming and she fell back on the pillow.

"Wooh. It was a dream." The door suddenly opened and Muskaan barged in.

"Kya hua Ridz? Tu chila kyun rahi thi?" Riddhima sat up and looked at Muskaan, thinking about what to say. Obviously she couldn't tell Muskaan she was dreaming about kissing Armaan!

"Nothing yaar. Just had a bad dream."

part 21 & 22 : The Suprise (ARff)

part 21

"But Rahul...its just two days more.....y cant u stay for jus two days??"..Muskaan tried again to get him change his decision.

"I really cant Musk....orderz r orderz..n since its important for me to go..i have to catch the flight back home"..he replied glumly

"Hez right Muskaan..." Armaan said takng a seat beside rahul as Riddhima plopped on to one beside Muskaan.

"Its k Muski.....jus two dayz na...thn we ourselvz will b back home...cheer up"

Thursday, 19 September 2019

ARSH os : chahat

Shilpa screamed aloud. She was clutching her hands on her stomach. It was hurting badly. She again screamed aloud "Hima, Nidha where are you guys?"  Both came in to her room "What happened di"

"I think its time to go to hospital. Its hurting a lot " Hima and Nidha both panicked to watch her state. Hima told Nidha to look after her and bring her down while she hire a cab to get her to hospital. With great difficulty she settled her on back seat. Both girls were extremely worried for her. They were praying in their mind to give her strength to bear this pain. This was a complicated pregnancy,still she chose to go with this.  She was an orphan nd now having her own blood was a bliss for her.

"Congrats guys. Its a baby boy" Hima and Nidha was over the moon to hear this news but were worried for Shilpa "Dr how is Shilpa Di?" Don't worry guys. She will be here in few moments. wait till she get conscious. Till now she is under sedatives  so she may not respond for few hours but after that she will be fine." Mean time nurse brought that child out and give it to Hima and Nidha. He was extremely beautiful child with a fair color and greyish blue eyes..

Chapter 16 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

What's Going On Here?

Muskaan was sitting in front of the dresser putting her earrings on. She wore a white long skirt and a simple baby pink halter top. A small, dreamy smile was playing on her lips. Color rose to her cheeks as she thought about the kiss Rahul and she shared the previous night.

"Oye hoye. Sharmaate hue meri Muski kinni soni lag rahi hain." Riddhima stood behind her and pulled her cheeks very cutely, which made her blush even more.

"Chup kar Ridzi. Kyun mujhe baat baat par chidhaati rehti hain?"

"Kyunki tujhe chidhaane mein mujhe maza aata hain. After all. The Muskaan Chaddha ko blush karte dekhna ek bohat bada accomplishment hain. Waise... Rahul ke baare mein soch rahi thi na?" Muskaan didn't have to say anything as her blush gave everything away.

"Aaye haaye!" They heard a car honk and Riddhima smirked.

"Jaa. Tera Rahul tera wait kar raha hoga."

part 20 : The Suprise (ARff)

They had made the best of those five hourz. They enjoyed themselves to the fullest by fooling around the place, shopping insensibly, trying out a wierd lunch, n thn finally dancing to a hip hop crazy number. By the time they returned to the cruise, they were hell tired. Muskaan n Rahul had never turned up from the airport n Rahul had jus messaged tht they would join them at the cruise. Hell tired they wasted no time in lazing around anymore n the moment they boarded the ship back hit thr beds to relief the exhaustion.

Next morning was a beautiful one. A new beggining. Muskaan was all the more cheerful. Atul had given his consent regarding Rahul by jus whispering in her when he huuged her before leaving to patch up with him as hez a good guy. It brought tearz again in her eyes to think of how her brother understud her inspite of no wordz spoken. She coudn't wait to see him back once the trip was over.

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Chapter 15 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

What's Happening To Me?

Riddhima ran out of the house as fast as her legs could carry her.   She wanted to forget what happened between them in Armaan's room, but it wasn't easy.  She could smell his strong cologne... she could still feel his manly lips on hers.  It was getting difficult for her to breathe.  That moment kept playing before her eyes.

She stopped a taxi and sat inside.  She shivered.  Not because of the fierce wind that was slapping her, but because she wanted to know what was happening to her.  She wanted to know why she was affected by him, why his touch melted her.

Yeh kya ho raha hain mujhe?  Main... maine usse roka kyun nahin?  Why did I... why did I reciprocate to his kiss?  I should've pushed him away right?  But I didn't.  Why?  Usske chhoote hi main kaap kyun uthti hoon?  It feels as if electric shocks are running through my entire body.  Why is he affecting me so much?

part 19 : The Suprise (ARff)

They both entered Crowne Plaza...Riddhima worried and Muskaan uninterested, both lost in their thoughts.

She had tried every possible remedy to butter him up. He had plans of the whole day for them both spendng the day together n she had ruined everythng by agreeing to Rahul n bringng Muskaan.

Muskaan. She sighed as she thought wat a pain it had been to bring her out of the cruise. But she had managed n now they were here. At the crowne plaza n she scanned the tables waiting for the surprise to explode.

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AR os : Baarish


The melodious patters of water droplets hitting the ground sang wonders. Sometimes it even lulled me to sleep, into sweet simplicity, into wave after wave of sweet surrender.

I found that it soothed my thoughts, just listening to it. Just listening to rain. It talked and whispered as I listened. It washed away the complications of life for a time being. It halted life. It made me stop and give in as it broke upon my skin whenever I was caught among the barrage of falling water.

Astronomy is not one of my best subjects. I'm actually quite horrible at it, though I find it shamelessly fascinating. My interest in the matter was probably what brought me to the tower, that and the shockingly beautiful thunderstorm.

Chapter 14 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

 Lost in You

She slowly walked in looking as beautiful as ever. She had her hair open and they flying in the air because of the soft gush of wind. She hadn't done much to herself. Only light make up which made her look enchanting. She wore a dark purple churidaar which perfectly suited her.

Armaan just couldn't take his eyes off of her. He wanted to keep gazing at her like that was the only thing he lived for. He could tell she was slightly nervous because she was at a new place, but she was still excited. A slight smile formed on his lips seeing her bite her lip. She looked around trying to find a familiar face. She looked like a small child who was looking for her friends.

The others saw this and smiled to themselves. Abhi winked at Rahul, telling him to start his drama and he gave him a nod.

"Wow yaar. Yeh Ridz kitni achhi lag rahi hain na?" said Rahul. This caught Armaan's attention.

"Yeah. Man I swear. Agar yeh meri dost nahin hoti na, then I would've date her." Armaan wasn't really liking the comments Rahul and Atul were giving to Riddhima. He put his hands inside his pockets and looked around, not appearing interested. Rahul and Abhi saw his discomfort and smiled.

part 17& 18 : The Suprise (ARff)

Part 17

The bell rang for the third time and finally getting pissed that no one else was answering the door, Shashank got up to look for himself who it was. He was irritated to get disturbed from the book he was reading. As he approached the door so did Padma from the kitchen and Anjali from her room. He frowned at them declaring tht they were late and himself opened the door.
Anjali's jaw dropped open as she saw Atul standing at the door. Her heart began to race and her pulse began to sink. She inhaled deeply to ensure she wasn't in a dream. She knew by the look on his face y he was there and was shocked tht he had managed it so soon. She thought it would be atleast a month before he spoke to Shashank n Padma.

Monday, 16 September 2019

Chapter 13 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

Party Time!

Both stared into each others eyes, trying to figure out what they felt.  Was it attraction?  Infatuation?  Or... or something else?  No.  It couldn't be attraction or even infatuation.  It was something else.  Something different.  Something pure... divine.  But what?

 Door raho usse Armaan.  Tum hi ne khud se vaada kiya tha na?  Ab uss vaade ko nibhaao.  Leave her!

 His brain shouted at him to leave her.  He blinked and then left her with a jerk.  Riddhima was shocked.  She was astonished at what just transpired between them.  What was wrong with her!  How could she just lose herself like that?!  She didn't dare to look up.  He walked out of the cabin and Riddhima ran into her cabin.  She sat down on the couch and held her head in her hands.

part 16 : The Suprise (ARff)

The dreamz never left him the whole night. Dreamz of Mrs. Armaan Mallik. the wordz kept echoing in his ears n head as though they had been enjoying playing with him. He still coudn;t beleve tht was what she asked for. He smiled as he remembered her whispering it in his ear n then running away giving him just a brush on his lips. God!!! she alwaz left him craving for more.

Ofcourse he would fullfill his promise. He would be beyond happy to do tht. And so would be his parents who had been pestering him for getting married since a year..It all seemed perfect. He had already started planning everything. He would first go talk to his mum n dad abt it. After every1z consent at home his mom dad would go to her mom dad and talk abt it. N they definately would agree. Why wouldn't they???

Sunday, 15 September 2019

Chapter 12 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

The Love Talk

 Riddhima entered Armaan's cabin and started to do the routine work.

"Hey Krishna!  Aaj toh meri band bajne waali hain.  Super late ho gayi hoon.  Armaan maar daalega mujhe!" Just then, Armaan came in.  He was in his own thoughts and took absolutely no notice of her.  Riddhima, who was arranging the files, suddenly turned around and bumped into Armaan.  Armaan was jerked out of his thoughts as he felt himself colliding with someone.  His arms went around Riddhima's waist on an impulse and hers went around his neck, bringing him closer.

 He looked at her.  Her eyes were tightly shut due to the fear of falling.  She was looking uber cute at the moment.  He wanted to kiss her so bad.  Her shaky breath hit his bare chest, sending unknown sensations through his body.  His grip tightened around her tiny waist, pulling her closer.  Riddhima slowly opened her eyes, looking in his ocean blue ones, her fear completely forgotten.  She was mesmerized by the amount of emotions his eyes held.  But there was one emotion that was overpowering every other one- his desire for her.  She could tell he was struggling to keep himself in control, which made it harder for her to breathe.

part 15 : The Suprise (ARff)

They danced throughout the party this time rather cheerfully as they were more comfortable with each other. He kept teasing her n she kept passing him angry looks but he alwaz managed to make her smile with his naughty ways and sometimes even naughtier comments.

"No Armaan....i do want sweet...but i am in no mood of this dessert...."

"Oh!!!...u should have told me before honey...i would have given u better one..."he whispered moving closer to her.

"Shut up Armaan....i meant i want icecream"

"Oh...thts such a bad choice in place of what i as offering.." He said moving back n giving her a disappointed look.

Saturday, 14 September 2019

Chapter 11 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

You and Me?   Never!

Riddhima was lost in her own thoughts.  She still couldn't believe she had called Armaan all that.  What will he think about her?  He'll probably be really angry and like he said, he was coming down to the canteen to yell at her.  But the bigger problem was Nivi and Rocky.  If he yelled at her in front of the duo, then they'll come to know about her lie and that was the last thing she'd ever want.  What was she suppose to do now?

"Kya soch rahi ho Ridz?" She was pulled out of her thoughts and she looked at them.

"Nothing." She smiled at them.

part 14 : The Suprise (ARff)

"Dee!!!!! I dun beleve it....i am seeing you after so long"

"Yes Ridzi even i am so happy to see looks like ages.." Anjali's voice was tight with emotins.

"Oh dee i will be back in sometime....dun you want me to enjoy ???"

"Ofcourse i want you to ridzy....just missing you.... did u miss me?"

She glanced at Armaan standing in the corner and had a guilty look on her face. She had almost forgotten about her family in his love.How could she do that. He gave her a reassuring smile and she smiled back.

Friday, 13 September 2019

Chapter 10 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

Mr. & Mrs. Mallik

It was night time and Riddhima was in her room, writing in her diary.

Hey Pinky.

I know main bohat dinon ke baad tumse baat kar rahi hoon na.  Lekin kya karun?  Work load itna hain na, ki mujhe toh saans lene ka bhi waqt nahin hain.  You know what?  Mujhe mera pehla project mill gayya hain.  Kal maine Armaan ke saath usske ghar jaa kar ghar ka design ready kar diya hain and guess what?  Kal Mr. aur Mrs. Verma aa rahe hain, ghar ka design dekhne ke liye.  I just hope ki unhe ghar ka design pasand aa jaaye.

Part 13: The Surprise (AR ff)

She woke up to the smell of roses surrounding her. Eyes still closed she stretched herself on the bed n dug deeper into the pillow. Then again realizing the smell she opened her eyes to sumthing tht did not look like her cabin at all.

Covered with red roses all over it looked just as beautiful as it possibly could. She smiled broadly when she read the big wordings on the opposite wall.

"Happy Birthday My Lady Love"
"I Love You.."

Thursday, 12 September 2019

Chapter 9 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

Just Another Day

Riddhima was in her cabin, gathering the files, when her phone rang.

"Yes Sir?"

"Tum kahaan ho?  Project khatam nahin karna?" Riddhima looked angrily at the phone and spoke through gritted teeth.

"Sir.  Main aa rahi hoon.  Main bas files le rahi thi." Without even waiting for his response, she put the phone down.

"Yeh aadmi kya mujhe machine samajhta hain?  Ek saath kitne kaam karun?  Jee toh karta hain usske haddi-passli ek kar doon.  Humph!" She took the files and went inside his cabin.

She saw him working on his laptop and she walked to the desk.  She slammed the files on the desk, making him look at her.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?"

Part 12 : The Surprise (AR ff)

He smiled to himself as the fragrance filled his cabin. But he din open his eyes and just inhaled even more .....though the smell was of his own smelled very different when it came from her.

It had been very difficult to send her in for a shower.She had refused as she din have her clothes...but he insisted tht she could wear his as he was not going to sit with a ghost till Rahul n Muskaan retuned, n who seemed to have gone on an adventure trip n forgotten tht they had locked thm up.She finally agreed n moved into washrum. He had settled on the bed n almost dozed off when the fragrance filled the room.

She came out feeling very awkward wearing his clothes. But she had no choice. She saw him smiling in his sleep n realised again how handsome he was. She blushed lightly n whispered to herself......" I love you madly Armaan."

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Part 10 & 11 : The Surprise (AR ff)

Part 10 

Atul sat in the cafe eagerly waiting for the love of his life to come. He had it all planned today. Though he knew they were meant for each other and the relation was mutual from each side it required it to be sealed by a solitaire. He was hell nervous but understood it was now or never.

He had alwaz received things the hard way in life and so was the case with Anjali. She hadn't budged the slightest on his love in the earlier part of their relation. But from friendz to best friends to companions to soon would be soulmates, Atul had learned a lot. He knew how to pacify Anjali and was glad to have her in his life. She was the only one who had ever loved him so much. No. Not the only one. There was someone else. But Atul knew he would never again meet that someone. He had lost all hope in that field.

Chapter 8 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

 Is She the One?

Riddhima rushed to the kitchen and stopped at the counter.  She closed her eyes to control her erratic heartbeat.  She could feel her heart pumping wildly against her ribs, threatening to tear it apart and come out.  She still couldn't accept the fact that they almost kissed!  She didn't even know him so well and if she hadn't pushed him away then they definitely would have kissed!  But his eyes... those electic blue eyes... they were different.  She has seen them before.  But where?  Where has she seen them?

"Stop it Riddhima.  Just stop it.  Ho jaata hain.  And you didn't kiss him right?  So just forget about it aur coffee bana.  Tujhe project bhi toh complete karna hain na?  Breathe in," She took in a deep breath.  "and breathe out." She exhaled slowly.  Brushing off the thought, she looked around, trying to find the coffee and finally found them.  She quickly made their coffee and walked out of the kitchen.

Just when she entered the living room, she suddenly crashed into someone really hard and gasped.  She was shocked to see the mugs falling and shattering on the floor.  She looked up and saw Armaan fuming in anger.

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Chapter 7 : Dangerous Desire (AR)


Reaching his door, she knocked on it.  She waited for about a minute and was surprised.

"Kamaal hain.  Mujhe bula kar khud kidhar gayab ho gaya?  Men, I swear.  Zaroor mujhe tang karne ke liye hi bulaaya hoga.  Kaam ke buhaane mujhse coffee waali bata ka badla lene aaya hoga.  By Gdo!  Lekin woh sweet, sweet coffee peene ke baad jo haalat huyi thi, main ussko kabhi nahin bhulungi.  Never.  Mujhe apna camera laana chahiye tha.  Usski ek mast photo le leti.  Kitna maza aata na?  Haha!" Giggled to herself, she knocked on the door a little harder this time.  She got no response from him and got angry.  She kicked the door with all her might and the next thing she knew was she hadn't kicked the door-she had kicked Armaan on his legs!

"Aahh!" He yelped in pain.  Riddhima covered her mouth shock, but soon recovered and quickly went to him.

"I-I'm really sorry Armaan!  A-are you alright?"

"Are you out of your God damn mind!  What the hell do you think you were doing?  Kicking me for no reason!"

Monday, 9 September 2019

Chapter 6 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

You and I, Together?

The next day, Riddhima was in Armaan's cabin, organizing all of his files and placing them neatly on his table.

"Hey Krishna.  Yeh aadmi apne cabin ko saaf kyun nahin rakh sakta?  Actually.  Not just him, but what's up with the entire male community?  Yeh log kuch bhi dhang se nahin kar sakte kya?" Riddhima mumbled to herself.

Just then, Armaan entered the cabin and was enchanted.  Riddhima wore a simple red long sleeved churidaar and her hair was slightly flying in the air.  She had a slight frown on her face as she organized the room neatly.  He could tell her hair was irritating her as she kept pulling her hair back.  His eyes dropped down to her stomach, which was revealed due to her dress.

"Beautiful." He whispered to himself and Riddhima stopped in her tracks.  She felt a presense in the room and turned around.  She saw him looking at her with an indecipherable look in his eyes.  She felt slightly uncomfortable under his gaze and lowered her gaze.  She faked a cough and Armaan came out of his trance.

Part 9 : The Surprise (AR ff)

She stood at the deck thinking what had happened. She hadn't meant to hurt him but when she realised what they were doing she had just run away from there. She wanted to tell him that she loved him but coudn't sum up the courage. He had started entering her dreams and with not just confessing his love....Her dreamz were getting wilder....She herself blushed thinking about it.

She stood there watching the black starry night with the sea below it. It looked peacefull. On an impulse she moved forward and climbed the railing just one level. She wanted to enjoy this moment. She felt the wind through her hair.


Sunday, 8 September 2019

Chapter 5 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

New Place, New People

Riddhima entered the kitchen in anger and held the counter to control her anger.

"That Armaan Mallik.  Khood ko samajhta kya hain?  Jo jee mein aayega woh hi karega?  No ways!" She started to make his coffee and then waited.

I wish main yeh job chhod kar jaa sakti.  Lekin maine toh already contract sign kar diya hain... aur main agle ek saal tak quit nahin kar sakti aur naa hi Armaan mujhe nikaal sakta hain.  Oh God!  Ab main kya karun?

Riddhima looked at the coffee and realized it was done.  She added 2 spoons of sugar and stirred it.  She took it to his cabin and placed it on his desk.  Armaan, who was working on his laptop, took a sip of the coffee and made a disgusted face.

Part 8: The Surprise (AR ff)

His head was resting on her shoulder as they both were sitting on the couch in his cabin. He had dozed off tht way and she din want to disturb his sleep. She just sat there thinking.

The Armaan she had seen 2 hourz ago was not the one she had known over the two weeks. She had seen hell in his eyes. He had been beyond furious. The moment he had heard the man teasing Riddhima his body had gone stiff with rage. She could feel it as she had been so close to him. He gently moved her away and went towardz the guy who had dared to raise eyez on Riddhima. "His Riddhima", thts what he had said when he had thundered towardz him.

Saturday, 7 September 2019

Chapter 4 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

 A Bitter Start

Armaan got into his shiny black convertible and drove off.  He was going back to his house as all the work had finished and he wanted to rest because his body was aching.  While driving the car, his mind kept going off to that unknown girl.

Kaun hain woh ladki?  Aur woh baar, baar mere dimaag mein kyun aa rahi hain?  Jabse usse dekha hain, ek baar bhi mere dimaag se nahin gayi.  Kissi na kissi bahaane se mere dimaag aa hi jaati hain.  Why?

His trail of thoughts were broken by the cell phone.  He picked up the phone, but it fell from his hands.  He looked at the road once and slowed down a little.  After confirming that everything's safe, he bent down to pick up the phone.  He faintly heard a scream and after a second he felt the car bumping to someone.  He immediately stopped the car and looked up.  He was mortified seeing a girl lying on the ground.


Part 7: The Surprise (ARff)

He was still staring at her and her eyez were closed.

He had burst into her cabin to pull her to the party after one hourz of constant waiting outside her cabin. And when he saw her his heart stopped beating...or to be honest started beating so badly that he could feel it thumping.

She was standing before him, her eyez closed not wanting to see his reaction. She felt she was very bad at dressing up and it was alwayz her dee who did it for her...She thought of taking Muskaan's help but knew as it was her party she would be too busy. She got ready herself.

To him she looked like an angel standing in front of him. Dressed in a light pink evening gown and a small chain with a simple diamond locket she looked far more than beautifull.For him....his dream girl...Her eyez were still closed and he din no why.......Good...atleast she coudn't see my reaction....He thought....

Friday, 6 September 2019

Chapter 3 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

The Stranger

Gupta House was dancing with happiness.  They all were very happy as both Riddhima and Muskaan had gotten the job.  When they came back, Shashank and Padma's first question was whether they got the job or not.  Both had acted as if they didn't get the job, but later, they both told them that they got it.  They were mad at first, but forgave them and were very happy for both of them.

"Achha Riddhu, Muski.  Tumhara interviewer toh achha tha na?" Padma asked.  All were seated at the dining table and were eating their lunch.

"Achha?  Woh toh BOHAT achha tha!  He's very friendly and nice." Padma and Shashank smiled at this.

"Aur Aunty.  Aapko pata hain, woh office toh kitna bada hain, aur aalishaan bhi.  Interior, furniture, everything is just the best!  Mujhe toh already uss jaga se pyaar ho gaya hain." They all chuckled at what she said.

Part 6: The Surprise (ARff)

"But Riddhima.....what is the poblem if you come with me??"

"No Armaan, we are just friendz...and if we go in the party together...people will think wrong...God!! i feel like killing Muskaan."

"Lord!!!its impossible to make u agree" He exclaimed almost frustrated.

Riddhima had questioned Armaan about his cabin. He told her that he and Rahul were the on board managers of the ship. So the cabins were provided by the company n they din have to pay for it. On an instinct she asked him if Rahul was a rich guy to which Armaan shrugged his shoulderz in confirmation. They both knew that Muskaan din like rich people much. It was cause of money that her family had broken apart. But Armaan assured Riddhima that Rahul was doing this job infact to prove himself. That he has a self identity.Rahul would reveal everything to Muskaan when he would find the right moment for it.

Thursday, 5 September 2019

Chapter 2 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

The Beginning of a New Journey

The Sun rose from the horizon, brighting up the entire city with its bright, warm rays.  The birds sang in their own melodious voices.  The traffic of Mumbai was still the same- humongous.  But even admist the heavy traffic, she was sleeping peacefully with a smile on her face, indicating that
she was dreaming.

She saw herself in a beautiful white gown, smiling dreamily at someone in front of her.  He slowly turned around.  She couldn't see his face, as he was at a distance, but she could clearly his eyes.
His beautiful ocean blue eyes.  They held great amount of intensity.  She wanted to see his face and what he looked like.

"Ridz!" She heard a voice, but decided to ignore it.  Right now, she just wanted to know who he was.

"Ridz!  Uth!" She heard the same voice again and was irritated.  Frowning to herself, she pulled the duvet over her head, trying to concentrate on her dream.  She suddenly felt the duvet being harshly pulled away from her and she sat up on the bed.

Part 5: The Surprise (ARff)

He was half lying on the bed with his back resting on the pillow and her head resting on his lap, her hand tightly clutching his. She was still unconcious or rather in a deep slumber as she kept smiling in her unconcious state too. and he........he was simply sitting there watching her and admiring how beautifull she was his other hand unknowingly caressing her face.

He had been shocked when he had turned and found her on the floor unconcious. He quickly picked her up in his armz and ignoring all the tinglings that came with her being so close rushed her to his cabin. He had then immediately called the on board doctor, restless as to what may have happened to her.

The doctor came and checked her up. He had found nothing wrong with her. She had fever and as she had neglected it and not taken any medications...the dizziness increased resulting in her fainting.

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

CS & Chapter 1 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

 Armaan Mallik

A dashing, blue-eyed guy that girls die to get in bed with.  His one look makes girls go weak in the knee.  His smile is a killer itself.  He has long, shaggy hair with really cute dimples.  He's 25 years old, but is known as the best business man of India and runs Mallik Empire.  But that's not it.  Armaan is a short-tempered guy who gets angry at the smallest of small things.  He holds absolutely no feelings for anyone, except for his brothers.  He just uses women to satisfy his needs and then throws them away.  He gets what he desires by hook or crook and if necessary, he'll cross the limit of limits.

Riddhima Gupta

A beautiful, 21 year old girl who is the apple of everyone's eyes.  Everyone loves and adores her because of her sweet, bubbly, and fun-loving nature.  She mixes in with everyone easily and wins

Part 4 : The Surprise (ARff)

"I love you too"........

The two of them of them were standing on the deck doing the titanic scene and confessing their love to each other. Their hands were stetched apart fingerz intrelocked with eac otherz/ She wanted to live this moment to fullest. She wanted to remember every second of it through out her life.

She had alwaz been a loyal "Titanician" and had dreamt of doing the deck scene with her life partner. And as she felt her dream come true she couldn't help but just smile...........

"Riddhima?"....his voice was so passionate...she thought.

"Riddhima?"....what happened to his voice? why is it sounding so weird.....????

Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Final part : Crossroads

Armaan and Rahul sat in a quiet corner of the Sanjeevani Cafe. Armaan had been staring at his mug of coffee for nearly ten minutes, without having so much as touched it.

Rahul : "Dekhta hi rahega ya piyega bhi? Hot coffee mangayi thi, cold coffee ho jayegi. Chal, pee ab."

Armaan : (Looking down at the table, very softly) "Rahul..."

He wanted to cry out. He hated himself. Hated himself. Riddhima had been alone, all this while...dealing with everything all by herself while he was far away, wallowing in his own cruel delusion. He wanted to know how she had managed through all this time. How she'd lived so long without anyone by her side. How had she been coping? Was she okay? But there were too many questions. It was disorienting him. He looked at the table, then at the ground, searching desperately for words, for coherent speech, for strength...and then he looked back up at Rahul, beseeching, willing him to answer, to understand...

Part 3 : The Surprise (ARff)

"Tht's not fair Armaaaan."

"Everything is fair in love and war Riddhima.....and we are definately in luuuuuuuuu.....i mean at war....Aren't we?"

She blushed at the comment.

The four of them were playing basketball in the sports corner. Rahul and Riddhima were one team and Armaan and Muskaan the other.The teams were so formed as Muskaan and Rahul had insisted playing against each other to prove their skills and it had to be a girl boy team to maintain the balance.So far the baskets were levelled with two each but now Armaan had resorted to cheating by distracting Riddhima's mind.

Monday, 2 September 2019

part 6 : Crossroads

January 20, 2010

I can't do this. Ever since he left, I've been back at work, putting my mind to what I should be doing. But this is Sanjeevani...every little nook, every little corner, the canteen, the wards, the Fire Escape...the very air breathes him back into me. And I can't do this any more. I have to go...find some place else to begin again. I said that to Sid yesterday, but he was adamant to make me stay. He says I'm running away. But he doesn't understand. I can never run away from how I feel. How can I? My pain will stay with me no matter where I am. All I want is to not have tangible physical reminders of every moment I've spent in the past three years, telling me constantly that I've lost everything that ever mattered to me...I can't do this. I have to get away for some time. I can't do this.

Part 2 : The Surprise (ARff)

It was almost 3 in the morning and she still cudn't sleep. How could some insane freakingly handsome guy take away her peace. She wasn't sure if he had been real. Shaking all these thoughts out of her head she had tried again closing her eyez but to no avail. Finally she had left her cabin and peeped into Muskaan's. The lovebird was fast asleep with a smile on her face.

"Dreaming about Rahul" , she thought. So she had finally decided to take a tour of the cruise. Even that had turned out to be a bad idea. The crew of the cruise raised their eyebrows on her wandering so late. She frowned to herself.

So now she was here on the deck watching the sea and feeling at ease. the sea was her best comforter. She alwayz loved the beach. She loved Muskaan for bringing her on this trip. She loved her family for allowing her and her dee for making her dad agree. she loved her life.

Sunday, 1 September 2019

part 5 : Crossroads

They finished lunch, and set off on their way. Seeing that Riddhima seemed a little tired, Armaan took the wheel. His surmise proved to be quite accurate, since within a few minutes she fell asleep again. He looked at her leaning back against the seat, eyes closed, the wind lightly blowing her hair about...and smiled. Not quite feeling like taking his eyes off her, however, he didn't notice that he was distractedly heading towards a pick up truck parked on the side of the road. He glanced forward just in time to swerve out of harm's way, and brought the car back in the right direction. He looked at her again. The sudden jerk hadn't woken her, and he sighed softly out of relief. But when he looked forward again the scene in front appeared to melt away, and reformulate into another scene that his memory threw up from the deepest corner of his mind...

Part 1 : The Surprise (ARff)

"Isn't he cute and the best among all he...he is right?"

Muskaan asked the same question for the third time and Riddhima rolled her eyes. She glanced at the guy in question. He was handsome and eye catching, especially the eyes..they were perfect.He was definately the most handsome among the men they were journeying with.

Journeying....the word brought back the memory of how she had to plead with her parents to allow for this trip..

"Mom pleazzz...atleast try once...maybe he will agree. even dee has gone on such trips..right?"

"yes she has Riddhima...but anjali is much more matured than you."

Saturday, 31 August 2019

AR OS : What Lies Behind Betrayal!!!

"You listen to me first!", said a boy around 23 to a girl the age of 22 with rising anger. " I don't care if you made a mistake or not Dr.Nikita you've played with my feelings Nikki I loved u but all u did was stab me in the back.... How could u do this to me? Like if u loved Abhi than why play with my feelings am I not a human?" He let out his feelings while the girl just stood there with no expression on her face just plain ignorance. " I really don't care about u n u'r love I thought I loved u but then abhi came into my life and I realized u were a mistake... u get that?" She replied with arrogance. He stood there heartbroken, and instead of replying he just left her there simply just left her while she had a huge smile on her face. She took out her phone and dialed a number........ "hello Abhi hi baby........... yes I did it I got the contract papers the property is all ours now so No Worries kay....... I know I am the best and I love u too" she talked with Abhi for a while.

part 4 : Crossroads

I hope he's okay. I hope he's all right. Riddhima's mind reverberated with those words like a chant. She hadn't heard from Armaan in two days, he hadn't been taking her calls or answering her messages. She spent her time at the hospital trying to handle cases and not worry too much about where he is. He had finally messaged once that afternoon to say that his friend's mother had had a stroke, they had called him for assistance, and he would come in to Sanjeevani for the evening shift. She had waited, but he hadn't turned up. Once her shift was over, she had driven to his house and found a big fat lock on the front door, which didn't exactly ease her nerves. Telling herself not to panic, she had made her way home deciding to wait a few more hours. He had messaged in the afternoon, maybe he was still caught up with his friend's mother. She had reached home, got dressed for bed and lay down with her cellphone clutched tightly in her hand lest he should call. She hadn't realised when she had dozed off into an uneasy slumber, and then suddenly her phone had rung out. It was him. She had picked up, and he had frantically asked her to come to some place and

Friday, 30 August 2019

AR os : Unknown Future

"Help him, please!" she pleaded as she stumbled in the white walled emergency room screeching for attention. "SOMEONE, please help him!" she screamed but failed to get any attention. As people walked by they stopped and stared at the man who she was supporting. His face was distorted, covered in concentrated blood trickling down his face onto his chest, staining his white shirt, and black vest. His body was bruised; beaten black and blue with nothing but pain and numbness to surround him.

 She screamed frantically trying to get some help, some attention, but failed as the doctors within the area seemed to be missing; anywhere but here they were. She lugged him along to the waiting area laying him across a row of seats, running up to the receptionist, panting for air. "Miss, he needs some attention, please! Get someone out here. He needs CARE!" she cried, pleading to get him some attention to cure him of his pain. The receptionist replied with anything but the right answer. "I'm

part 3 : Crossroads

Riddhima opened her eyes and found everything around her ablaze with the sunlight streaming in through the window. She made no effort to sit up, and kept looking at the clear blue sky outside. Something of the memory still seemed to linger there. A few sounds told her that Armaan was already awake, and in the bathroom. With an effort, she pulled herself out of the cosiness of the bed and took a better look around the room. The place was a mess. Armaan's clothes from the previous day were strewn all over his still messy bed spread on the floor, her bag was open, and some of his other clothes were hanging out after having been sifted through to pick a set for the day. She put her hand on her head and muttered under her breath : "Some things never change, do they?!" Straightening up, she tied her hair in a quick bun, and got to work, picking up his clothes, folding them neatly, and keeping them in the bag. As she picked up a pair of jeans from the bedspread, he came out of the bathroom and stopped in his tracks. Realising what she was doing, he smiled inspite of himself.

Thursday, 29 August 2019

part 2 : Crossroads

The Officer was staring at them, open-mouthed, while the ACP continued to chuckle. Armaan and Riddhima were determined not to look at each other.

ACP : "So, what'd you do this time?"
Officer : (Recovering a little) "Uh...speeding, sir. On the highway. She was driving. We found a vodka bottle in the car, did a DUI but she's clean. They were going pretty fast though. Could've killed themselves, and a dozen more people along the way."

Armaan : "That was a mistake, sir, believe me. I was...I was the one fooling around...I - we're sorry. Really."

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

AR os : ~Back In Your Arms~

She could not gather to courage to enter the room in front of her..she was standing in front of that closed door for the time unknown to her..Just sometime back she was dying n yearning to reach this very place but now the time seemed to have stopped for her..

Will she be able to face him does she has the courage to see him in this condition .will she be able to tolerate the pain of seeing him in that state her mind was filled with such thoughts n she had no answer to them

 Riddhima Gupta was at the Panchagani Mental Asylum to get back her long lost love..his life..his everything..his Armaan'but now she was extremely afraid..from what'.she didn't have an answer to it '.
Finally after heaving a deep sigh She finally unlocked the door of the room and opened it ''

 the sight infront of her was enough to give her a thousand deaths every second

part 1 : Crossroads

They were driving through the vast, green countryside in complete silence. Armaan was still looking bemusedly at Riddhima a few moments after her stern announcement. He finally drew breath to speak, but she raised a finger just as he opened his mouth.

Riddhima : "Not a word. Not one word."

Armaan turned away towards the window, and couldn't help smiling to himself. It took him a moment, then, to straighten his expression and he turned back to face her. Riddhima sat with her eyes fixed resolutely on the road ahead. He thought for a moment, and then raised his hand. She saw him do it from the corner of her eye, but chose to ignore it. Seeing that she wouldn't so much as stir in response, he began waving his hand in the air, and cleared his throat.

Armaan : "Ahem...Miss?"

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Intro : Crossroads

The silence that usually pervades the atmosphere of a hospital was suddenly broken by the shrill ringing of a telephone. The Nurses' Station being strangely unoccupied this morning, the ringing persisted till the caller eventually gave up. The hospital resumed its air of muffled activity, while two figures stood in the Fire Escape, engulfed in silence of another kind. Armaan and Riddhima stood facing each other, struggling with emotions too much for words. This had been their little sanctuary. A little corner they had made their own; a space that still echoed with memories of three beautiful years. The last time they had been here together was over seven months ago. They were here again today. And something was different. He saw her gaze turn icy, and it broke him. He could see the resentment, and the pain in her eyes. There were no tears. This had come too far to have any space left for them.

 Riddhima : (in a low, firm tone) "I have nothing to say to you, Armaan. Nothing left in me to give you. I died six months ago, and everything I had ever felt died with me. I've learnt how to survive on my own by now. And that is the way I want to be. (A tinge of bitterness makes its way into her voice) Don't even think, for a second that I still...(falters, drops her gaze to the ground, then immediately looks up again) Your being here makes no difference to me anymore, Armaan. Main tumse yeh pehle bhi keh chuki hoon. I don't care where you are, or what you do. And you have absolutely nothing to do with my life. So if you will please...excuse me..."

Last Part : Inseparable


The beautiful journey of nine months was soon to come to an end. Armaan and Ridhima's life was about to change forever as someone special was going to enter in their lives. If only these moments could last forever; there wouldn't be a day which consisted of gloominess. Their life would be brighter than ever! They were both so comfortable in their to-be-parents character and almost never wanted Ridhima's pregnancy to come to an end. Although, they did want their baby to come into the world and be a part of their lives.

Throughout the past nearly 9 months, there had made so many memories that were unforgettable..

Monday, 26 August 2019

Last part : KHAMOSHI (AR mini)

Armaan opened the door n was shocked to see ridz.
AR: tum is waqt aao andar aao
She went in silently
AR: kuch kaam tha
RI: is tarahparty chod kar aaney ka matlab?
AR: woh bas kuch tabiyat theek nahin lag rahui thi
RI: Acha ab mujhsey bhi jhooth bologey
AR: nahin woh
RI: kyun kiya aisa Armaan 2 saal tak bahar rahey ek phone nahin kiya yeh bhi janney ki koshish nahin ki ki main zinda bhi hoon ya nahin
AR: Riddhima
he almost shouted at the name of death
RI: ky hua ab bahut fikr ho rahi hai in do saalon main meri yaad nahin aayi
AR: Riddhima I'm sorry bas yeh samajh lo ki shayad meri kuch majboori thi ya fir main itna busy ho gaya tha ki in cheezon k liye mere paas waqt hi nahin bacha tha
RI: oh really !! agar mujhey kisi aur ka hotey huey nahin dekh saktey they toh mujhey janey hi kyun diya kyun karney di mujhey shaadi

Part 12 : Inseparable

Part 12: Month 8!     

Gupta House ' AR's Room.

Padma: Ridhima..utho ab. Das baj gaye hai aur tum abhi tak sau rahi ' (Her voice trailed off)

Padma's voice trailed off as she felt Ridhima shivering under the blanket. She panicked as she felt Ridhima's head which was steaming hot.

Sunday, 25 August 2019

part 9& 10 : KHAMOSHI (AR mini)


Niki tried 2 tak 2 Armaan before the function but she cudn't so she went bak 2 ridz's house 2 tell her the truth
Ridz was surprised seeing her
Niki asked Anjy that she wanted 2 talk alone wid ridzy so anjy left n asked Ridzy to cum to the venue wid niki
NI: tum kaisi dost ho riddhima jo aRmaan ka dil nahin padh payi?
RI: kya matlab?
NI: tumhain kya lagta hai ki tumhari shaadi se ek din pehley hi woh US kyun gaya
RI: kyunki it was imp for him 2 go he said the hospital owners can't wait
NI: usney aha aur tumney maan liya
RI: tum kehna kya chaah rahi ho?
NI: Damn riddhima kya tmhain uski aankhon main kuch nazar nahin aaya
RI: aaya tha hamarey alag honey ka dard hamarey dostonchod k janey ka dukh
NI: o really acha jaatey waqt usney kuch aisa kaha tha jo tumhain abhi tak yaad hai
RI: uska kaha hua har lafz yaad hai mujhey lekin uski woh bat ki sarhad paar ek aisa shakhs hai jo tumhari khushi liye hamesha dua karega mujhey sansey achi lagi thi
NI Sirf achi kya tumney uski awaaz main aney pyaar ko doorey ko saunpney ka dard nahin nehsoos hua

Part 11 : Inseparable

Part 11: Month 7

OUR Baby.

Those were the only two words that played on Armaan and Ridhima's lips since the last 7 months. Everything they did and talked about was their baby. It was as if life had given them such a blessing in disguise that they just could not stop talking about it. With these talks, their days were flying by and their excitement was indescribable.

They had now shifted to the Gupta House because Armaan was at Sanjeevani all day and there was no one to take care of Ridhima. Hence Padma, Shashank and Armaan made the decision of Armaan and Ridhima moving to Gupta House until Ridhima gave birth. Ridhima being the stubborn girl had protested but all her attempts went futile. Armaan was certain that this was the best idea for the two of them.

Saturday, 24 August 2019

part 7 & 8 : KHAMOSHI (AR mini)


All got Armaan in the canteen sitting at the table n tuk seats next to him
ANJY: so Mr. American Surgeon how cum to Sanjeevani
AR: Anjy do u welcum ur guests like this
RAHUL: guest my foot idiot v missed u so much u knw I n muski got married Atul aur Any ki bhi shaadi ho gayi humney tujhjey kitna miss kiya aur tuney tuney ek phone karna bhi zaroori nahin samjha
AR: I'm sorry Rahul lekin
AT: kya lekin Armaan tu apney bhai ko hi bhool gaya
NI: haan Armaan dat was totally unfair

Part 10 : Inseparable

Part 10: Month 5 & 6

MONTH 5  -  One Saturday Night

Armaan and Ridhima lay on the bed facing each other, Armaan's hand caressed her stomach out of his daily habit.

Armaan: Ridhima, it will be a girl, na? (He looked at her innocently)

Ridhima: Armaan! Mujhe nahi pata. Aur waise bhi, kya farak padta hai ke ladki ho ya ladka? (She pouted)

Friday, 23 August 2019

part 5 & 6 : KHAMOSHI (AR mini)


Armaan had strange feelings inside him.He didn't know how his Riddhima wud luk wid vermillion n bangles etc. just like married women.He smiled at his thought n his wounds refreshed once more.
He didn't knw how he wud face her n all.He knew she wud b angry as he had made no contact wid any of them but he was helpless.
finishing his packing he tuk the car keys n went to the club.
He saw the manager very upset n asked the problem.Manager told that there was a stage function from the club inhonour of a celebrity guest but the performer excused himself the right moment n failing to this show they will have to pay huge costs along wid the loss of the club.
this club was Armaan's second home as he wud cum here play basketball sumtimes go to the disco n every moment ridz was wid him like his shadow.wenever he was not sure to do a surgery he wud remember her words- Armaan mujhpar bharosa rakho tum yeh kar sahtey ho aur main janti hoon tum mera bharosa kabhi nahin todogey.These words wud do magic 2 him n he always accomplished his surgeries in the most efficient manner n dat was the reason no operation failed 4m him n he gained fame all over US n in other nations so easily.
Armaan cudn't see that club losing its popularity n getting into financial crisis so he decided 2 help them

Part 50: College Life

Riddhima: call karti hon Riddhima think ... 
Riddhima dial armaan number but no answer, again call and this time armaan pick up the call 

Armaan: hey what happened.. 

Riddhima cough

Armaan: riddhima

Riddhima try to speak but she started coughing and the she started feeling suffocated ... Riddhima start chocking...

Armaan: riddhima riddhima what happened...
Armaan start panicking and rush towards resort... 

Part 8 & 9 : Inseparable

Part 8: Month 3!

Gupta House: 3PM

Armaan: Girl!

Ridhima: Boy!!

Armaan: GIRL!

Ridhima: BOY!

Thursday, 22 August 2019

part 3 & 4 : KHAMOSHI (AR mini)

part 3

1 yr was completeed by the interns n 1 more yr was yet 2 go to do specialisation or in other words doin their MD/MS
[I hope u guys know dat after completing 4.5 yrs of MBBS there is an internship of an yr then 1-2 yr course of PG where u do specialisation in the field u like]

all interns bacame gr8 frnds.abhi was a gud frnd of everyone .only 2 persons dislikedhim-Armaan n Niki while armaan had a reason Niki had sum negative ideas abt him.Abhi always tried 2 prove himself the best both in personal n professional life n this she hated as he used 2 show Armaan dat he was better dan him n all knew Armaan was the best as a frnd as well as a doctor but Armaan never needed 2 prove it .uski khamoshi main hi uska badappan tha .he wud simply smile at stupid acts of abhi n sumwhere he had developed positive feelings abt him but how can he 4get dat abhi liked his Riddhima.

Part 7 : Inseparable

Part 7 : Month 2!

As the clock struck 10pm, a very tired Armaan left Sanjeevani to head back home. His work was becoming more and more hectic by the day. He was finding it very difficult to take care of Ridhima, manage work and his home altogether. One month had passed by already and he didn't even realise it. It was the second month of Ridhima's pregnancy.

As Armaan opened the door to their house, he found it empty. He looked around in search of Ridhima who was nowhere to be seen. Thinking she must have gone to sleep, Armaan made his way to their room. Walking inside, he was shocked and horrified at the sight in front of him. There stood a petite Ridhima on a stool with a big bag, which looked heavy, in her hand trying to place it on top of their cupboard.

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Part 6 : Inseparable

Part 6 : Month 1!

"Congratulations Ridhima, the result is positive. You're pregnant!", said a smiling Dr Keerti.

"OH MY GOD!! I'm soo happy Dr Keerti..Armaan's going to be over the moon once he finds out", Ridhima said, really excited about the news.

"I'm really happy for you Ridhima! Why don't you go and tell Dr. Armaan? (looks over at the clock) And he is probably on a break right now. It's the right chance to tell him.."

part 1 &2 : KHAMOSHI (AR mini)

part 1

The first day
Armaan n Ridz met in basketball court n had a match which obviously
was won by ridz.Armaan was surprised dat a girl had beaten him up n
he knew dat she was different 4m others.they became frnds on the spot
n finding her as his cointern in Sanjeevani was 2nd gud news 2 him

The interns interacted wid each other became frnds n wen they started
doin things 4 one another they didn't realise.
the interns luvd Sanjeevani n their work was also fine as a doctor.
They had a healthy competition for the IOTM award but at the same time
always felt happy for the winner.time passed n they started 2 develop new unknown feelings in their heart
Armaan n Riddhima became best frnds.Rahul n Muski stopped fighting,Atul
Anjy still didn't change.Atul kept irritating Anjy a lot.

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Part 49: College Life

Now everyone is sitting in the resort lawn for haldi function.. all ladies wear yellow colour clothes or men wear white colour clothes ...
Anjali chuda and kalirey ceremony ho chuki hai phele or ab haldi ceremony sheru ho rhi hai...
Anjali and atul is sitting in middle everyone is standing around them ... Anjali is wearing yellow colour lehanga with floral multi colour off shoulder choli with minimal makeup and flowers jewellery red cloth is tying around her arms covering her chuda and atul is wearing white colour kurta with dhoti...
Riddhima is wearing yellow floral, pleated style lehenga.teamed up with a laser cut shoulder sleeve blouse, sequin border dupatta completes the ensemble. Her hairs left open and matching Bengals in her hands ...
Niki is wearing yellow colour saree which have white embroidery on it .. with gold jewellery and Bengals.. her hairs neatly tie up in a bun..

Part 5 : Inseparable

The journey came to an end as they reached the 'Mallik House'.

Armaan picked Rhea up again, and took her to AR's bedroom. He thought it would be a good idea if she was next to Armaan and Ridhima just incase something happened to her or she needed anything. Ridhima followed him to their room too.

R: Armaan.. mein aur Rhea guest room mein rahengein..

A: Woahh Ridhima..yeh sab kya natak hai ab?? Please. Mujhe laga ke Rhea agar aaj raat hum done ke paas rahi gi to acha hoga.

Monday, 19 August 2019

AR OS : Falling in Love... With Love

Armaan Singh Mallik is my name. I am this person; just this person. I am nobody special and I don't give a damn about what the future wants from me. I just wake up, breathe, and go back to sleep. I sometimes go for a drink, when I am utterly depressed. There was just nothing left in the world for me. Living is a pain, and loving is hate. Sleeping is being wide awake, and crying is laughing like a maniac. Everything was upside down. Will anything ever find me? Will there be a reason for me to want to live again?

Like every other I walked into the store, and placed my bag on the broad leather chair beside me, and sat down behind the counter. No one ever came here, to buy books. It was the year of 2011, who reads books anyways? It is the time of movies, videos, and well, sex.

Hearing the door's chime the second time in the day, I couldn't believe someone was actually going to buy a book. She walked in with grace, and timidly asked me if I knew where A Walk to Remember would be placed. I had no clue what she was talking about. She told me it was by Nicholas Sparks and that I could look in the directory. This girl knew more about the shop than I did. I quickly looked in the directory and lead her to the shelf.

Part 4 : Insperable


As Armaan walked down the corridor again, he saw Ridhima in the same position. Her hands tightly clutched together, tears rolling down her eyes, staring at the idol in front of her pleading for her daughter's life. Armaan felt broken as he saw Ridhima in such a state. He gathered up the courage to face her and walked and kept his hand on her shoulder. Ridhima turned around to face him and looked at him questioningly.

R: Armaan, Rhea...Is she going to be okay?? Kya kaha Dr shubhankar ne? Hum.. hum use ghar kab leja sakte hai?? ' She held Armaan's  hand waiting for him to reply.

A: Ridhima..Okay..Calm down...I think tum bohot thak gayi ho. Let's go home first. ' Armaan said, trying to avoid her eyes.

Sunday, 18 August 2019

os: Kuch Is Tarah

"Kuch is tarah, teri palkein, meri palkon se mila de, aansoon tere saare meri palkon pe saja de, Tu har ghadi, har waqt mere saath raha hai, haan yeh jism kabhi door kabhi paas raha hai, jo bhi gham hai yeh tere unhe tu mera pata de, kuch is tarah teri palkein, meri palkon se mila de'."

As he sat there, strumming this beautiful song on his guitar, I lost myself in his words, in his beautiful pain. I had my eyes closed, I could feel his pain, his love for I had been thorough the same. I, too, had wished to take someone's pains away from him, I, too, had promised myself to love him, protect him, lifelong. And now, Three years later, I still regret it. I curse myself for giving myself, loosing myself to someone who I thought loved me dearly. How wrong was I, he left me, two days later. He told me he was going to Mumbai for a day because of office work. He told me of his return, and I went to get him. I stayed at the Delhi railway for a whole day, and when I saw no trace of him, I returned home, only to find my answering machine blinking, indicating I had a new message. Scared, I ran. I ran towards it as if my life depended on it. And as soon as I pressed play, I regretted it. I heard my husband's voice telling me that he wasn't going to return and that he was sorry but he loved someone else. He had signed the divorced papers and put them in our closet. I, too, was to sign them and then take them to the court. We would never have to see each other again.

Part 2& 3 : Insperable

part 2 :

*Dr Shubhankar's Cabin*

 Dr Shubhankar: Armaan,Rhea ke reports agaya hai.

Armaan wasn't ready for what was coming next. He just couldn't bare hearing it.

Armaan: Is she..Is she okay? (he said quietly, not looking at Shubhankar's face)

Dr Shubhankar: Actually, Armaan..Tum meri baat ghaur se sunna ..Please..Rhea ko...Rhea is in a very critical situation. She needs blood to be donated within 24 hours but the problem is that her group is completely different from yours and Ridhima's which is quite rare. Her blood group is O Negative.. (Shubhanker sighed)

Armaan waited patiently for him to continue..

EPILOGUE : shades of luv

the two months weren't that bad, they talked, chatted almost every time they were free, timing n work commitment sometimes would create problems but then they tackled it well

sangivni was growing as days were passing and anjali was getting much better slowly showing sign of improvement... Slowly getting out of coma

as a duty of sister ridz had decided to marry off angie her sweet small sister as soon she gets fine thinking a changed life, a new atmosphere will help her to accept harsh reality easily

Saturday, 17 August 2019

Part 48: College Life

3 months later day of atul and anjali mehndi+sangeet..

Everyone is in musoorie , Gupta family, joshi family and the malik family except armaan and rahul.. and other close friends or relatives of Gupta’s and joshi is there...

(Rahul is busy in the exams so he can’t make it to marriage or armaan is in delhi for business purpose)..

Padma: are riddhima beta khan bhagi ja rhi ho .. 

Riddhima: mom anjali k room me ja rhi hon usko dekhne.. 

Padma: riddhima mehndi agyi kya ..

Part 1: Insperable

 As he looked at his beautiful wife sleeping peacefully, slightly sobbing, he felt as if he was the one to be blamed for her pain. The last 24 hours had been the worst time of their lives. He blamed himself for it. She lay there, her head in his lap, slightly shifting from her position. He could sense that she was awake now ' Awake already? She'd only been asleep for about half an hour. Yet, this half an hour had felt like forever as the clock moved at a snail's pace. He silently wished that he could just rewind the last 24 hours, and make sure everything was right. But, it was too late now.

The corridor of one of the most famous hospitals in India, Sanjeevani, was empty. The couple sat there with no movement, hardly blinking, just fighting their bad thoughts.

Last part : shades of luv

as morning came time for him going came more closer...last night they just spend together either laughing, joking, showering each other with love and convincing each other two months will go as fast as train

unknowingly last night they slept on hammock chair together... as she shifted her weight slightly...feeling slightly uncomfortable...she realized or rather analyzed where n in wat position she is sleeping...opening her eyes she saw how she is sleeping leaning on him... his both hands were interlocked around her waist...he was holding her soo tightly... his cheeks brushing her soft cheeks...their legs hanging down...everything was perfect, jus like a dream which came true 4 her just now

Friday, 16 August 2019

AR OS: The Day She Became His.

As Ridhima entered the church, all eyes were on her. She heard whispers around the church, 'She looks stunning', 'Aww look at her, she looks gorgeous!' and 'Bless her'. Looking around, a little uncomfortably, as all eyes were on her, she made her way through long isle, her hand held by Shashank.
 Is this happening for real? Am I really going to get married to the one whom I love the most in this world? After all those struggles and hardships? Was our relationship really going to take the next step and that too with my father's consent? Is my life going to change for good now? Had our love really conquered all? She thought.

Ridhima was jerked out of her thoughts as Shashank nudged her a little as they reached the end of the isle. She looked up only to spot him staring at her intently, his gaze not wavering for a second as he smiled at her. He looked breath-taking, with his suit finely worn with a small bow near his neck, flashing his dimpled smile. It was the man of her dreams: Armaan.  She smiled back at him nervously. They both stood face to face with each other, as the small gathered crowd watched the two in awe.

part 25 & 26 : shades of luv


As the night became darker...the dinner almost came to an end

the surrounding tables were getting deserted too...the shiny stars was mingling with the smiling moon and the dark clouds stood behind them as a background making them look perfect

armi smiled n excused himself for a min...he had noticed a silent grin on ridz she left saying she needs to go to wash room...that movement it seemed as if she is going to grab a Kohinoor that too at a nothing price

Thursday, 15 August 2019

One shot (AR): Grudge within Husband and wife

Just two years after their marriage, Armaan brought up the idea of asking
mother to move from the rural hometown and spend her remaining years
with us. Armaan's father passed away while he was still very young. Krishna endured much hardship and struggled all on her own to provide for Armaan, see him through to a university degree.Could say that she suffered a great deal and did everything you could expect
of a woman to bring Armaan to where he is today.

Ridhhima immediately agreed and started packing the spare room, which has a balcony facing the South to let her enjoy the sunshine and plant greenery. Armaan stood in the bright room, and suddenly just picked Ridhhima up and started spinning round and round. As Ridhhima begged him to put her down, he said: "Lets go fetch mother." Armaan is tall and big sized and Ridhhima love to rest on

part 23 & 24 : shades of luv


Seeing their mouth ALMOST still hanging n face had almost paled  ridz giggled further

her stomach was paining very badly all becoz she was controlling her laughter

she felt her stomach is right now like a balloon... like balloon keeps air inside, she has kept her giggling n laughter inside...she wanted to burst out laughing...but she couldn't spoil her plan

she glanced at armi indirectly saying do something i cant control

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Part 47: College Life

Niki room 

abhi try to sleep but he can’t so he stand up and go in balcony, abhi is looking outside he is so disturbed and moreover right now his professional life and personal life both are facing hard time... 

And here niki feel some commotion in room she turn and found side of her bed is empty and balcony door is open... 

Niki sighs and sit-ups then close her eyes.. 

Niki then smell smoke of cigarette and she knew abhi doesn’t smoke but when he is disturbed he use to do smoking and niki gets there is something more and Abhimanyu is hiding something so she stand up and go to him.. 

Niki without saying anything take cigarette from his hand and throw it... 

part 21 & 22 : shades of luv


it is said empty mind is devil's house but some people's filled brain too can be devil's house always upto some devilish things

being a prankster and wicked soul a plan...a prank popped inside her wicked mind followed by a devilish smile on her lips

getting bugged when he couldn't get the hold of actual person armi looked at her to ask her did she understood who is the missing link

Epilogue : Obsessed...

"Finally, we are here back..." Riddimaa looked around the same cottage which she wished to come as for her second honeymoon. "be careful about Sneha Riddimaa" Arman placed the bags on floor and gave some tip too the driver.

Looking at her wife mesmerized by the house he smiled and locked the door. "I be back... you both settle down on couch ok" Arman announced and picking up the bags he trolled away towards the room "hmm" Riddimaa made animated faces to the baby in her arms. She was almost 6 months when finally both the parent decided to go for a week holiday. To the Same cottage.

"Riddimaa? Could you come up here? I need help?" Arman shouted of the room. "I am feeding Arman... !" Riddimaa shouted back. Leaning her head on couch with close eyes. "eh... ? Nice" she heard his voice, and looked up startled.

Tuesday, 13 August 2019

part 19& 20 : shades of luv


Admiring the wonderful interiors they walked inside the five star dusit hotel (I don't know anything about this hotel, jus read in sum site)

they were marveled at the beauty of the hotel

walking towards the reception as they chatted about the hotel interiors casually

thats when ridz declared to armi she gonna go off to sleep as she will enter her room

Last Chapter : Obsessed...

"Riddimaa lets go for a walk...." Arman shook her next morning. "Nahi... mujha thand Lagti hai … bed k bahar.." she shook her head and cuddled in her duvet. "Riddimaa yrr don't be a spoil sport... ! Tum ek bar niklo – then you won't feel cold and didn't I told you to stop wearing this cotton gowns... ! I mean it snows here Damn... ! And you wear... nothing !" Arman scolded her. Walking up to her closet – he tried to get something good

"Arman.... I don't wannna goo !" she whined. Turning Around to face the cupboards – too see him fishing around clothes. "Tcch.... you only brought Gowns? Have you lost it?" arman turned towards her while scolding more... "so yea ! We would stay in doors !" she replied, ignoring his comment.

Monday, 12 August 2019

part 17& 18 : shades of luv

part 17

No words were spoken throughout the journey or from the movement RM said those things to them, only thing they said was "bye" to RM

There was a pin drop silence in the car but then too it was full of noise

noise of chatting, talk done by AR within themselves

Their mind, heart, soul was clouded with

Chapter 39: Obsessed...

"abb?" She asked pulling her leg up on bed. "first we would have a nap …." Arman ran in the bed – jumping in the duvet he hugged her – and sighed with cold … making Riddimaa giggle... "Arman tum pagal hou..." she declared "pata hai – now sleep." he kissed her cheek..


"Arman wake up..." she shook him.... feeling no movement from him.. she shook him from shoulder "Wake up Arman !" pause "ufff....." she fall back on the bed as his arm tangled up on her body... between her chest and bulky stomach.

Sunday, 11 August 2019

Part 46: College Life

Day of fresher party 
Riddhima and armaan is already running here and there for checking all the last minute preparations... 

Meenu: Riddhima sab hogya hai jao tum bhi change karlo...

Riddhima: haan abhi karti hon bas, tumne armaan ko dekha khin..

Meenu: haan vo abhi humri class room ki taraf gya hai....

Riddhima: ok thanks , main change karke ayi...

Riddhima try to find armaan but she couldn’t able to find him in college then she even try to call armaan but he is not responding any calls.. 

part 15 & 16 : shades of luv

Next day seeing rahul having his coffee n reading some file cases AR

Once glanced at each other...

n they knew, they shouldn't dare to stay there for one more sec anymore

they jus began to make their way out of the canteen when they heard

"hey armaan, ridhima"

"hey" they replied in unison n wished rahul doesnt end up again with his not soo interesting topic

after noticing rahul's sad face, ridz with true concern questioned him "u look upset?"

Chapter 38: Obsessed...

"Arman, Mjha Kahna dou... warna mai tumhe kah jaunge !" she pointed her finger at him as he took every bite from her hand when ever she use to bring a bite in her hand close to her face.

"Riddimaa, jaan - essa Kahana sae pyar bharta hai." Arman smiled cheekily

"Mjha nahi bharnaa Pyar... aur durr rahoo warna mai chilaun gee..!" She glared at him and began to eat rice.. "Koi baat nahi - yea ghar mera hai - logg mera hain - sath bhi mera hee deaga... Chilo !" he grabbed her waist, smoothly... parting it - he caressed her side bare waist.. "Arman !!!" she fumbled in his arms. "Chodo MUJHE !" She shouted

Saturday, 10 August 2019

part 13& 14 : shades of luv

part 13

The whole journey (4m hotel 2 home) she witnessed a different version of armaan...she could see how guilty, hurt he is felling...he was also avoiding one sec eye contact with her...behaving like he had committed the BIGGEST crime in his life or rather was about to commit...he looked pathetic in that condition

Jus to avoid talking to her he had played the music on that too keeping the maximum volume

she still believed whatever was going to happen was obviously wrong but they weren't at fault, it was rahul n muskaan's fault...becoz of them they landed in that horrible situation

Chapter 37: Obsessed...

Next day.... Arman woke up at around 7:00 - and heard Riddimaa puking in washroom. He got up took the near towel and a good smelling soap in his hand,walking in the washroom. she stood in front of the basin .....

"here...." he pass on the soap and then towel - while rubbing his palm over her back "i can't take it any more Arman..." she let out a tear... he felt bad for her.... he bend over her - forwarding his hand under the water, he slowly - nicely splashed it on her face ... after that she cleaned it with the neat towel he gave..... he circle his arm from behind and they trolled out of the washroom... "Riddimaa, i know its really painful... and i am here for you...ok" he made her sit on bed. "I don't want to lay down any more..." she pushed the blanket that he kept over her."Ok lets go down in garden ... for a little morning walk..." he smiled and gave her hand ...

Friday, 9 August 2019

part 12 : shades of luv

"wat r u finding?" rahul asked muskaan after seeing her surrounded by CDs, there were cds all around her

she flashed a confused look n said "Song which..."

scratching his head he interrupted, "ohh i forgot about plan 1B"

ignoring wat he said, muskaan asked him while looking at different CDs "did u talk to the manager?"

he sat next to her n started looking at the cds n informed her "yea i had a talk with him few mins ago, he agreed to do whatever we say but we have to jus fill his mouth n i informed armaan come to the restaurant instead of here"

After mins of argument they finally managed to select the final songs

"PERFECT SONG" they said 2gether with a wicked smile

Chapter 36: Obsessed...

Few more days went by - when finally the guys got good news about 'the broken factory'. They went home and told Billy and Naina.... Arman finally after soo many days - took a sigh ! The builder had finally made a design which would make the roots of the factory on land strong once again !!! but it required money and this was the last chance ! if they lost now... they would loose everything.

"I think keeping this home at bank - is wrong ! what if it did not worked out !" Kashish came out with the baby in the lounge. "Kash it will,believeme" Arman said taking the baby from her. "No Arman - Kashish is right ! you should think over it again" Riddimaa walked up to him - and sat beside him "Dheko Riddimaa - you don't know anything - stay out of it !" he scolded her.

Thursday, 8 August 2019

Part 45: College Life

Armaan and niki enter in malik house.
Armaan: di ghar par pata sabko ap arhe ho ya nhi..
Niki: pata hai kyun..
Armaan: kya di surprise dete sab khush ho jate...
niki: yaar mujhe laga ek baar bata don fir kabhi surprise dedenge ...
Armaan: di ap thk ho na ..
niki: haan kyun ..
Armaan : nhi mujhe laga ..
but niki interrupt him in mid..
Niki: are ammy mujhe kya hona main to bhut happy hon ghar jo ayi hon rhene niki give fake smile , bas thak gyi hon subha se packing kar rhi thi na...
Armaan: haan chalo ap ander main apka saman lata hon...
niki enter inside and found her mom and chachi...
they hug niki lovingly and shower their love on her even after some time billy and karan also come home early just to spend time with their daughter...
As karan and Billy enter niki come running and hug them.. 

part 11 : shades of luv

Next Day Morning

Armi n ridz had jus returned from their walk luckily 2day he succeed in waking her up

"im going for a shower bye" she announced to armi n went towards her room mentally making notes of all the work she has to do 2day

armi sat in his hall having his morning coffee n reading newspaper

Chapter 35: Obsessed...

The day went by and soon almost after after two weeks Kashish was brought home... "Kash – now you will be staying for more nine months as you have to take care of Riddimaa nahi?" Arman asked, holding the baby – first baby of the house in his arm.

"Well Well – Mr.Arman Malik – yes indeed for nine months but... after that..." she smirked and walked up to her room while Sujhal Balancing Her "You just wait and watch Kash, after nine months you your self will not be able to leave us !" Arman commented and took the baby with him to the lounge. "Arman you should stop forcing her – let her decide on her own" Riddimaa tried to calm him while taking seat with him on the couch. "Riddimaa please not the same lecture again – I don't want our house 'first' baby to just go away ! And I have a back up plan too !"Arman smirked and played with the baby. Making cute – adorable faces.

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

part 3 : SERENDIPITY (mini ss)

Riddhima remembered how eagerly she was waited for her savoir the whole day. that day she ate a little only to get strength. At night she shut the door and eagerly waiting for arman and praying to god….. “please bhagwan,arman ko bhej do. I promise ab papa ka kahna manungi…study karungi..aur papa jaisa banungi..unhen kabhi takleef nahin dungi..aur har roj aapki puja karungi..please mujhe is rakshas se bacha lo.mujhe model nahi banna bhagwanji.”

Arman came on time. Seeing riddhima he whispered : “maine ladder laga rakhe hain ,mera hath pakdo aur bina awaz kiye neeche utro..koi awaz nahi okay?”

Riddhima nodded and caught his hand tightly. Riddhima didn’t know how she came out of that bungalow and how she moved into the car. she got sense back when heard arman’s voice : “thoda pani pee lo..abhi tak kaamp rahi ho.”

part 9 & 10 : shades of luv


A new bright morning had arrived...the mist had  truned into light welcoming every1 cheerfully,

morning 6:30 a clock armaan gets up, throwing his arms in air, then rubbing his eyes like a kid

quickly gets into his tracks n vest for his routine jogging n basketball

Chapter 34: Obsessed...

"Congrats Riddimaa" Sujhal gave her a side hug – though notice the other too looking up in eachothers eye. Understanding the situation he stepped in Kashish's Room to tell her about the news too. Arman broke eye contact and read the report precisely. Riddimaa sat down on the bench "Its all my fault – from past few weeks I had been neglecting the medicines – only if I had been a bit c-careful..... she broke down keeping her palms over her face" Arman kept the file beside her on the bench and sat in front of he, kneeled. Holding her hands – he rubbed off the tears. They remained in that position

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

part 2 : SERENDIPITY (mini ss)

8 years ago

City – dehradun
Spot – leckview park

“nahi rehan,tum mujhe is tarah chodkar nahi ja sakte…tumne socha bhi nahi ki main kaise jiungi tumhare bina…”

“meri majburi samjhne ki koshish karo suman…main tumse apne parents ke permission ke bina rishta nahi jod sakta..main unse bahut pyar karta hun aur tumse bhi…isliye tumse dur chale jana chahta hun.”

“rehan…humare parents humey samajhte kyon nahin hain? Kya humare apne koi sapne nahi ho sakte ya hum unke izazat ke bina kuch nahi kar sakte…agar itna hi dukh pahunchana tha unhen humey,toh humey is dharti par lane ki jarurat hi kya thi…..” suman fut futkar ro rahi thi….

“Cut..cut….” director yelled angrily.

part 7 & 8 : shades of luv


After 5 mins armaan was climbing the stairs unfortunately not knowing ridz naughty soul is awake waiting for him

in the room, ridz was standing on the ladder behind the door, the ladder was quiet high

"good morning dumbo"  he said opening half the door the next second ridz threw a bucket of very chilled water on armaan

Chapter 33: Obsessed...

It was Almost the end of 8th Month of Kashish – they had forgotten the bitter moment, Arman And kashish. Sujhal had done all the formalities of Hospital as the time could be any moment – so with the help Of Riddimaa, everything was done -

Arman and Riddimaa had decorated the Babies Room in the house too – though Arman totally said that it is not necessary – its a wastage of time and money – she is leaving any way and to it Riddimaa cheekily Replied