Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Part 3: How to Kill your Husband

"If you were my husband, I would poison your tea"

"If you were my wife, I would drink it"

Riddhima walked down the aisle with the veil partly covering her face. She was one of those few brides who walked down the aisle without their father holding their hand. But here riddhima was proudly walking alone. She could see armaan's back as he was facing the priest. He was wearing a black suit and that was all she could see from where she was coming. As if Armaan felt her coming, he turned around and forgot to breath, there ascending an angel from heaven with a net veil covering her face. Okay seriously what the hell am I thinking? Brrr


"Armaan," The name which is as functional in my life as my heart beat. Through thick and thin, his prescence in my life was always comforting and is still alive, albeit of all that we went through, irrespective of the years which passed by together by each-others side or in forlorn isolation, shieng and shunning pleads of our own insurgent hearts.

 Eyes that had surrendered to his charms, wonderstruck as they had found him on the very initial glance on the stage of our College Fest, dancing to a popular track of dhoom2. There was an instant feeling of attraction I, had sensed in the corner of my credulous heart. His perfect moves, moonwalk style, flips and summersaults did cast a magical spell on me..But his Dimpled smile, and pale skin with those Blue pair of eyes bewitched me, and I felt myself drowning in their deepth since ages. But it never probed further, my mind never let my heart rule. Since my childhood, I had learnt to crown my mind as the ultimate Emperor of my Life, and heart was a mere subordinate minister. Though it is believed that Ministers are the one who actually are the epicentre of Emperors mind..the best example can be Akbar-Birbal..But I never let that thought overpower me.

Chapter 12: Obsessed...

Next Morning.

Sun raised – bird flew up in sky, making a usual squeal of pleasure – Cloud concealing the sun or some time Sun bursting out. Light of Sun – rushing in through many curtains to the rooms, but most of them were closed and the one which was opened was totally annoyed by the light attaching her face. She frowned – turned and twisted at last throwing the blanket off her she smiled fully – as if she had a wishful dream !

"Riddima, Get upp!" Anjali banged her door and went away "Yes Diii – I am up ! Coming down in 30 mins..." she shouted back and jumped of her bed.... "i gotta feeling that tonight's gonna be a good nite..." she mumbled all the way down to dinning hall … "Good Morning.... Di... Maa and My lovely dad..." Riddima hugged each of them and settled beside Anjali...

Monday, 15 July 2019

Part 2: How to Kill your Husband

Armaan reaches india the following day and looks everywhere with a critical eye.

"home sweet home...NOT" he smirks to himself.

 He sits in the car which came to pick him up and see a young lady sitting in the car, her head buried in the laptop and types with an expert's speed. Armaan looks at her and arches his eyebrows waiting for her to introduce herself.

"the name's riddhima and I am your temporary right hand person. I work for Mr. Mallik and he gave me your responsibility" riddhima said while still working on her laptop.

"hello to you too but just for your information, I am totally capable to take care of myself. And just because you didn't notice yet, am a grown man who don't need babysitting." Armaan  snapped fuming at his dad.


They adamantly filled the whole surrounding, with their roaring, thundererous noise. Father  called for them flickering eyes, through the veil of the ragged dark cloud mother. Running down like a naughty child, from the mother sky giggling, making atmosphere tinkle with it, Rains washed the streets of Mumbai. She stood there in the middle of the Secluded Ally, enjoying this family day out..oops!..night out. The road on the opposite side, which  was just a few while ago, drooping with the force of hundreds of bystanders, and gushing velocity of vehicles, now shown no signs or any clue of it, there was just a dirt pool gawking at this fragile, yet elegant pretty lady, who stood all mighty there, at the core centre of the shrunken road appearing similar to an ally, absolutely undazed by the horrendious torrential deluge around. The approaching shadows of Darkened dusk, along with the already pale sky made it nealy discomforting, for her to concentrate on the street. Try as hard, she couldn't find any destination, or corner to hide herself. This had reluctantly, made her follow the path she was on right now.

Chapter 11: Obsessed...

"you both wait I will go and collect Kashish's dress from the designer ..." Arman parked the car, "Hey Arman – we will come along ! Riddima don't have a dress !" Kashish came out of the car "Aree Nahi – I will tell Di – too bring mine from house" Riddima spoke through window of her side – still sitting in the car

Kashish walked up to her side "Come out" Kashish pointed a finger dragging the finger out – in way to tell her to come out. "No arguments!" Kashish added, strictly. Riddima got scared and came out meekly while Arman suppressed his laugh. "Lets go now !" Kashish pulled Riddima along with her.


Sunday, 14 July 2019

Part 1: How to Kill your Husband

Riddhima lived in a male dominant patriarchal family, she was always brought up with a belief that men was the bread winners of the family so we have to respect them and women- hmm lets see, she did get married to love, hoover and obey right? But riddhima was a different species in the house. She always found it absolutely absurd the way her household worked and for that reason she slowly started opposing the stereotypical ideas. But it wasn't easy, she was always bullied and intimidated into accepting their ways and offcourse at the end of the day, she was a girl in the male dominant, intimidating and highly affluent household.

"If he wants breakfast in bed, tell him to sleep in the kitchen" riddhima barked while hanging the clothes on the washing line.

"kaisi baat kar rahi hai, pata nahi tujh mein itna zeher kyo bhara hai? Hamara kaam hai ghar sambhal na" her aunty explained back but riddhima simply rolled her eyes.

ArSh Os : ek Duje ke Vaste!!!

Kuch pyaar ki daastaon mein aisa bhi hota hai ki pyaar ki emhiyat tab pata chalti hai jab bohut der ho chuki hoti hai……. Lekin iss ki koi aur vajaa bhi ho sakti hai…….. bas vishwaas, samajhdaari, aur pyaar ki zaroorat hai…………. Phir apna past, majbooriyaan aur problems toh kya bhawaan khud bhi in dono ko juda nahi kar saktaaa………. Kyunki pyaar duniyaa pe nahi chalti………… duniyaa pyaar pe chalti hai……….. TOH ………………. Jaa…………………….. JEE LE………………………. Ek duje ke saath ke sahaare……………………. Ek Duje Ke Vaaste………………………..

Saasein kho gayyi hai kiski aahon mein main kho gayyi hoon jaane kiski baahon mein
Manzillon se raahein doondhti chali, main kho gayyi kho gayyi jaane kahin raahon mein…….

Chapter 10: Obsessed...

Evening – 6:00

Feeling the cool whether pass her, she looked at the sun almost going down – and sea having high waves almost hitting rocks and then going back... she looked at the sea with a blank face – no emotion – no thoughts – no Arman in her mind – only she ? She and her loneliness -

every one has some one for herself 'Papa for Mom – Atul For Di.... Rahul For Muskan and Sujhal For Kashish and many more in this world ! Then why not Arman For Riddima?' she thought looking at the sea almost hitting the rock on which she sat and making her legs go a little wet due to high splash of water. Making her blink her eyes as few sparkles flew up to her face 'Only if I had showed some attitude to him – only if I had ignored him, he would have been right behind me but when I wholeheartedly being a girl confessed by feelings for him – he took me as granted' she thought

Saturday, 13 July 2019

Chapter 9: Obsessed...

Every one went away – with a pleasant smile on everyone's face, especially on Arman and Riddima, which quite evadable to others...

Anjali was sitting in her room, remembering all the event Especially the one that went away from others eyes... "Diiii !" Riddima shouted near her ear. "Huh? Kya huaa?" Anjali jolted in her bed and looked at her sister, who was almost bending over her with hands over her hips and eyes boggling out. "Kya hua? I have been talking to wall for last thirty Minutes !" Riddima spoke

last part : The Green Blue Hues


Her name was coined as a question in the tone he spoke, and he staggered a little as he rubbed his eyes and found her standing there before him, real as life. Looking around, he found no one there except her, so he wasn't hallucinating that meant. Taking in her not-so-pleasant look, he breathed out again, knowing this wasn't going to be a nice round of conversation, for sure. His instinct sent out warning signals, he himself didn't know why. The realization of what he had accepted today made him not want to see her today, lest he blabbered something he shouldn't be saying. This was precisely why he had refused to take any of her innumerable calls since the past one hour, just knowing on a sudden instinct that something very terribly bad was going to happen in the next few hours.

Now, as she stood before him, still as a statue, he knew his feeling had been right. Putting his hands on his face and lightly rubbing it, he asked, 'What are you doing here?'

Friday, 12 July 2019

AR Os : Betrayed by Trust!!

Saanse kho gayee hai kiski aahonmein main kho kho gayee hoon jaane kiski baahon mein……………..

(Playing in the background)

She slid down the rough brick wall, that scraped her visible back from the halter. Her ripped knee lenght skirt was now rising a little above her knees. Her tears reached down to her neck. Her sobs got louder when she realized what had just happened her eyes naturally got smaller and she stretched her memory back, winding it for 30 minutes before the present.

~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~• FLASHBACK •~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~

Chapter 8 - III : Obsessed...

8:30 Pm. Gupta Residence

"Chal Arman – You can do it ..! yes man be a man... what could happen worst than – she slaps you – or kick you out – or the worst close the door on your face." Arman spoke getting out of his car – standing right in front Of Gupta Residence. "Lets do it man ! Lets just do it" Arman straightened his shirt and look down at his jeans and shirt... he looked decent … mature !

Arman gulped, and stood right face to face to her house door … knock it twice he rang bell once... "Whoseee IT?" Some one shouted from inside "Ahemm.... Arman Malik.." he shouted back... finally the door opened and an elderly women stood in front of him – he gasped and checked the name plate

part 28 : The Green Blue Hues

Recap: Riddhima thinks she's falling for Armaan, mehndi scenes, Armaan tells the kids about their marriage, Divya finds out the truth about AR fake marriage...

The crowd and noise in the house was getting on Riddhima's nerves as God knows how many relatives and friends piled into the hall for yet another some event she failed to understand. Excusing herself on the pretext of going to the kitchen, she ran up to Armaan's room, which was the only vacant room. True, she had been told not to go to his room till the wedding took place but the noise was giving her a severe head ache now. Rushing into the room, she closed the door behind her and sighed with relief at the sudden peace that enveloped her. She opened her eyes to see Rhea sitting on the bed, playing with her dolls while Ryan lay on the cushions, reading a book. Seeing her, Rhea jumped up from the bed and landed into her arms. Riddhima smiled and hugged her close to herself, relishing this moment for it had been long since she had been able to take out time for either of her siblings.

Thursday, 11 July 2019

AR OS : Because True Love Lasts Forever!!

 She was sitting all alone in her room with her eyes swollen and clothes torn she remembered the days events.................

~*~*~*~*~*~*~FLASHBACK~*~*~*~*~*~*~ She could feel his lips around her neck as he laid her down on his bed he was the first guy she let to make love to her the love of her life Armaan mallik famous business man she loved him dearly he made love to her all night and then in the morning he saw her sleeping peacefully in his arms he looked at his angel his Riddhima he loved her so much from the day he saw her he wouldn't let anyone harm her not even herself he could die for

Chapter 8 - II : Obsessed...

After approximately 30 minute.

Riddima banged the table with her palm and stood up angrily. Arman and Jeeni, who were nuzzling in each other – Especially Arman, who had not even cared about Riddima and had started kissing the girl named jenni over her cheek – nuzzling in her neck. While Riddima – who tried to make herself busy in food.. but it was heights of now – 'does this man has any shame?' two days back errr ok few days back – we went on a date and here he is flirting with this so not good for looking girl'

 "Kya hua Riddima?" Arman took hold of her flinched palm rubbing it lightly as she banged it really hard on table "Leave it Arman – I am done, Bye …. You guys Enjoy" she pushed his hand away and fidgeted with her purse and once found the money she kept it with her half left food plate... "Riddima

part 27 : The Green Blue Hues

Recap: AR decide to get married for real. Fun time at the beach. Muskaan confronts Riddhima and gets angry at getting to know the decision. Armaan enters the mehndi.

A subtle kiss right under her earlobe made her giggle and moan at the same time, but both were stifled the moment the sound escaped her, for he instantly came up and jammed his lips on hers, knocking all the breath out of her. She grasped his wet hair in her fingers and kissed him back, with an intensity she herself was surprised to discover, and as his hands roved over her waist, she moaned again. It was a totally new experience for her, the close intimacy she was sharing with him was raving havoc on her body and her mind has suddenly stopped sending out any signals. All she knew was that it was her and him, together in the moment, and there was nothing stopping them now.

Her eyes focused into his as they came up for air, and the intense look of longing and passion in his eyes made Riddhima look down instantly, and in that spur of the moment, Armaan leaned down and kissed her again, his kisses being more fervent and passionate this time. She moaned against his lips as his hands tucked under her waist and lifted her up lightly, crushing her body against his. And just as her hands settled on his shoulders, clutching at them, she uttered a cry of unknown delight at the pleasure his kisses were evoking in her and just then....

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Last Part : P.S. I Love You ( AR 3S)

So next week they got married...

Everyone is happy with AR's marriage the whole gang was happy to see the two best friends got married , Aryan ko bhi Armaan achha lagne lagaa tha and usne usse Dad bulaana start kar diya tha , Riddhima was first confused ki pataa nahi Armaan , Aryan ko apnaaye yaa nahi par Aryan-Armaan ki bonding dekhkar usse yakeen ho gaya tha ki usne ek sahi decision liya hai and Armaan was on Cloud9 these days kyunki usse uska bachpan ka pyaar mil raha tha ...

Chapter 8: Obsessed...

Snap... Click, he clicked his fingers infront of her daze - blank face...

"Riddima, you didn't told me you are a day dreamer too?" he chuckled and hit her by banging his shoulder with hers, lightly – as they walked beside each other "huh? No asa nahi hai..." she replied – and walked in the house, taking few steps to avoid any encounter with him... "hey..." he claimed her wrist. She stretched her self out of his range while her hand was straightly held by him – trying to stop her "Please Arman..." she mumbled. Not looking back at him

He smoothly let go of his hand and Riddima ran in his house leaving him smiling to himself......


part 26 : The Green Blue Hues

Ridhima looked at him, sitting before her, his hands clasped together and then, taking a sigh, he started off.

"Ridhima....to tell you the truth, i dont know myself why i didnt tell them. I mean, i was adamant to tell them, and had every reason to, i dont need to repeat them to you. It's just...something Ryan asked me, some stupid random question...and i realized....," he broke off for a second, and when he saw her eyes boring into his, trying to understand, he continued, "I realized that ...I couldnt bring myself to tell them that it had been a lie all along, not after everything they had put up with...they trusted us, they trusted me and i had lied to them...and yet, everything you said came back to me and I..."

Riddhima looked at him closely, and as he bantered on with his reasons, a slow smile, almost a sneer, spread over her face and after a minute of hearing him out, she finally spoke up.

"Cut the crap Armaan, and tell me the truth. The complete, honest-to-God truth."

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

AR OS: how you Became Mine!!

"Riddhima please meri baat suno, please listen to me love," A boy around 22 said, " Armaan mujhe kuch nahi sunna tum jao na apni mini skirt vaali nikki se jaake baat karona mere picche kyun pade ho?" Riddhima retorted as she took off her heels and slammed them on the floor sitting on her bed grumpily." riddhima, Riddhima meri taraf dekho aur battao tumhe kya nazar aata hai?" He answered in the most genuine way. she turned to face him and only saw pure love, plain love, she could see his eyes water up. " She only managed to say, " Armaan main tumhe kissi aur ladki ke saath nahi dekh sakti jab tumne usska haath pakda tab meri jaan ja rahi thi armaan prmse ki tum kabhi mera saath chodo ge?" she asked while he just looked at her lovingly and took her into a tight embrace protecting her from all the fears on Earth from all the problems they've faced in life implying that he would always be there for her in all circumstances they were meant to be together!

Part 2 : P.S. I Love You ( AR 3S)

At night ...
At Gupta House ...

Armaan rungs door bell and Padma opens the door a smile occured on Armaan's face and instantly hugs and says ...

Armaan : Hey Beautiful , kaisi ho aap ?

Padma : Ab tujhe dekh liya achhi toh hungi naa , aur vaise aaj yaad aayi tujhe meri itne saalo se kahaa tha ?

Armaan : hey beautiful , calm down pehle andar toh aane do

Chapter 7: Obsessed...

Cafe – 1:05pm

Riddimaa walked in too see him seated in black shirt – half sleeves and still folded a bit more – pumping out his muscles as he placed one hand below his chin and other just leaned over the table playing with the vase.. Riddimaa took a deep sigh as seeing an unbelieving person in front of person...

she thought over a mere seconds that she is One of Those lucky one who actually Love him and die to live this Moment... she was the only one – as per, who actually felt him soo close – her First ever kiss and that to with him was a memorable for her – she guessed her last wish was almost complete to stay in his arms for eternity … ' at-least not eternity but for a while …..' she thought and saw him getting up with a super duper big smile towards her...

part 25 : The Green Blue Hues

"Fully loaded you are, as always." Riddhima whipped around to see Armaan grinning widely at her, eyeing her plate full of delicacies that she had readily filled for herself. Riddhima narrowed her eyes at him and he grinned even more.

"Seriously Ragz, the amount of food you eat....I have always wondered, if your metabolism wasn't as fast as you say it to be, you would look a splitting image of Mrs. Reddy," Armaan chuckled as Riddhima's eyes widened in horror at the thought of being compared to their neighbor in London, who happened to be so unexplainably fat that she wouldn't fit into their double-seater sofa at their place.

"Oh pleaaaase Armaan....i don't eat THAT much...and by the way mister, where are your manners? You are not supposed to peek into other people's plates," Riddhima quipped back at him, and Armaan raised an eyebrow.

Monday, 8 July 2019

AR OS : What Made me fall for you!!

MUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! screamed a 21 year old as it was early morning on a Monday!

"Mummy dekho na iss duffer fir se uutha diya subha subha!" The girl blasted again.

"Hello Hello, duffer kis ko bolti hain" A strange grey eyed boy about 22 relpied with a frown upon his face!

"Armaan, Riddhima subha subha jhagda shuru ho gaya tum dono ka?" A women said.

"Mama, iss Armaan ne fir se mere sir pe paani dala" Riddhima complained

Part 1 : P.S. I Love You ( AR 3S)

Kehte hai kisi se mohabbat karo toh usse judi har cheez se mohabbat karo , kyunki agar tum usse judi har cheez se pyaar nahi kar sakte toh tum kabhi uss insaan se mohabbat nahi kar sakte ...

Armaan and Riddhima were childhood friends , Armaan loves Riddhima since childhood , par uski kabhi himmat hi nahi usse kuchh kehne ki...

Par uski har cheez mein chup-chap uski help karta tha , usse har dukh se bachata tha ...
23 years have passed like this ...

One day Riddhima called Armaan and said ...

Chapter 6: Obsessed...

Reaching at venue. Sujhal and Arman came out of car towards their beauties – opening doors they passed in their hands which was accepted delightfully "Its a beach on the other end..." Riddimaa Exclaimed while others chuckled. "sorry" she whispered and tucked the hair behind her earlobe. "Relax Riddima – You don't have to be nervous Around us..." Sujhal commented and walked a head with Kashish, who passed a relaxing smile to Riddimaa....

 "Riddimaa...." Arman tired to pull the attention of her "Haan?" she looked at her side "I want to talk to you..." pause "alone..." he added, making her gulp. "Later Arman.." she replied – avoiding the topic alone... "Ok fine Later – but today !" he replied. She made a small nod and took a step to get close to other duo. "Listen, Riddimaa.." he again whispered lightly "sorry About Morning – I am

part 24 : The Green Blue Hues

The couple was madly in love with each other, that much was evident from the start of things. Their bond was beautiful, they shared something many couples envied and yet weren't able to achieve after years of companionship. But they were different, they were special. The girl was one of a kind; beautiful, smart and extremely intelligent, with a sharp sense of wit and demeaning confidence, her personality was what had attracted many to join the line of people who instantly fell in love with her. Despite the problems at home, she had exceeded everyone's expectations regarding herself and had made a stand for herself, which was a base reason of admirable respect gained from all those who knew her. The guy wasn't anything extra-ordinary; his looks were definitely appealing, and he had swooned many from the fairer sex with the undying charm he possessed, yet it was the certain aura to him that was the basis of attraction for many. His charm and wit could get him anywhere, and not to mention his brains which had helped him get into one of the best universities to pursue the career serving humanity, he was an extra-ordinarily normal person, who knew how to keep his emotions at bay. The amount of control he held over himself and his emotions was commendable, and perhaps the biggest asset to his personality was his ability to understand people and provide solace and comfort to them whenever required.

Sunday, 7 July 2019

Chapter 5 : Obsessed...

Next Morning. 9:00

"Hello Arman." she walked in his room, wearing a shocking blue suit, hair left open. "hey... Good Morning..." he woke up with her cheering voice and tried to get up, when she rushed to help him... moving a hand around him she made him sit.. while he placed a light kiss on her cheek "Arman !!" she looked at him, flabbergast. "what...?" he frowned, rubbing his eyes to get a good look of her - "what? What? Why do you do that?" Riddimaa frowned and asked.

Arman's hands went up and took hold her upper arm and pulled her down to his range and kissed her right on the same place "Arman !" she pushed him back "Oww Man !!" he kept a hand near his heart, where he had a wound – not deep but a bit …. "Oh sorry I didn't knew – it wasn't intentionally... I am sorry" she fumbled at words "Its Ok" he replied with a deep frown.... easing the pain by rubbing the place. "Arman I am sorry...." she mumbled sitting on the stool kept beside him

Last Chapter : Numb

She looked at herself in the mirror for the umpteenth time hoping it was still a dream. She was dressed as a typical bride to be in her red lengha adorned with jewelry, makeup and with her hands full of mehndi with her soon to be husband's name written in between the patterns. There was a time when she had dreamed that she would be sitting in a room waiting for the love of her life to come and take her. But little had she known that destiny would once again play its game. She had gone from spending a day full of laughter and fun with the people she loved to being put into a room being forced to marry a man she loathed. She couldn't help but let a tear drop down her eyes as she once again tired to figure out how her life had changed in the past 72 hours.

part 23 : The Green Blue Hues

"Ragz…come one na yaar….chor bhee…its such a small thing...itnaaa ghussa kyun ker ree hai!," Armaan rambled on as he followed her into the kitchen, where she dumped the dirty dishes into the sink and then turned around, her back resting against the sink, her arms folded and a look of utmost displeasure on her face. Armaan's voice died of it its own accord as he took in her raised eyebrows, the slight curve of her mouth to the right, her jaw-line more accentuated. He was seriously in trouble this time.

Riddhima tapped her foot and looked him straight in the eye. "Yeah, um listening….so, you were saying…..?", her voice dripping with sarcasm.

Armaan gulped and looked down for a mere fraction of a second, and unintentionally a smile came to his face as he thought of the many times she had gotten upset with him over something so trivial. Riddhima looked at him in disbelief as he stood there, looking down, having the audacity to actually grin back at her.

Saturday, 6 July 2019

Chapter 4 : Obsessed...

Next Morning, 8:00

"Riddima, you were suppose to wake me up not the vice verse" Anjali shook her. "Good morning Di, Sorry, sleep late at night." Riddimaa spoke yawning and coming out of her dreamworld. "Huh? But you slept even before the timing..!" Anjali pointed while picking up a dress "No, actually – I was In the bed but not Sleeping...." Riddimaa crossed her legs in the bed, looking down. Anjali cocked her eyebrows and looked at her sulking over something and she did guessed that it was about 'Arman' she thought

Chapter 9 : Numb

Armaan stood outside the changing room impatiently waiting for Riddhima to come out. It had been a good 4 hours since they had entered the mall and Armaan wanted to leave. Ever since Armaan had brought Riddhima and Eva to live with him Riddhima hadn't been able to buy herself new clothes. She had been borrowing his. And today after coming home from an early emergency at the hospital Riddhima had asked him to take her shopping. Armaan had wanted to protest really bad but seeing the pleading look in her eyes he didn't have the heart to say no. And so he had like a good boyfriend agreed to take her shopping.

 God what is taking this woman so long? I mean how long does it take to change? Like 5 minutes for a normal person? And yet she has been in there for 20! Man she's lucky she's hot and I love her. If she was someone else dude I would have left! Fruitloop! Hurry Up!

part 22 : The Green Blue Hues

His eyes closed right after a second he opened them; the sharp light in the room was blinding him and try as he might, he couldn't open his eyes for the next few seconds. He sat up in bed with his eyes still closed, then rubbed them slightly and opened them, yawning loudly. His vision blurred and then adjusted to the light, and he saw the room basking in the sunlight directed right into his room from the open window. He stretched himself and yawned again, then looked on the other side of the bed, which was empty and unmade. Wondering why Riddhima had woken up so early in the morning, unlike everyday, he jumbled out of his bed and walked over to the bathroom, knocked once and when he didn't get a reply, he got in.

After a refreshing shower, Armaan walked downstairs to see the hall still empty. It was only 8 in the morning, and as everyone had taken an off from the office and colleges for the wedding functions would start the next day, thus he concluded that everyone must be sleeping. Grabbing an apple from the bowl, he walked out of the house in search of Riddhima. He hadn't been able to talk to her when he had gotten back home last night, as she had been sleeping and he didn't want to disturb her. First, he had to talk to her about the whole wedding issue and how they were going to tell everyone the truth. Then, he had to ask her about yesterday; for he had noticed that something was bugging her and that's why she was pissed off, and he wanted to know what it was.

Friday, 5 July 2019

Chapter 3 : Obsessed...

"Sister, mai abhi ghar ja ke atti hoon – 2 hours ka baad meri reporting hours hain naa?" Riddimaa confirmed, while signing on register "Jee Dr.Riddimaa, App ki ab duty 9:00 bjha hai -" pause "ok sister. Aur Koi bhi emergency hou tou mujha inform kijeaya ga" with that Riddimaa walked out of the hospital with a smile – remembering the events that she had gone through from last 24 hours – she knew this was a particular 24 hours which she would cherish forever. "Taxii..."


"maa – papa. I am Home..!" She walked in happily to see her parents having their breakfast with a bit chit chat and 'off-course, Dad's second love 'Newspaper' just beside him' she thought while hugging and planting a kiss on her parents cheek, respectively. "So tired? Riddimaa..." pause "Off course mom... need something good too eat - make it fast till then I be going up stairs to freshen up." Riddimaa made her way upstairs to her room.

Chapter 8 : Numb

Riddhima leaned against the wall and dropped to the ground as her body could no longer support her weight. Her mind was still reeling with a million questions flowing through her mind. It had been a week and she could still feel the touch of his fingers gripping her arms and pulling her towards him. She could still feel the sent of his breath mingling with hers. She could still feel the touch of his lips coming in contact with hers. She could still hear her screams echo through the room. She could still picture how she had fought him off and run out of the room. She could still see how everyone had run after her asking what was wrong. She could still hear the banging of knuckles against the closed door. She could still hear everyone's voice's from behind it asking her to open it. Riddhima closed her eyes no longer being able to take it. She wanted to scream. She wanted to erase that day forever. She wanted to erase his touch from her body. She wanted this nightmare to end. The tears that she had been trying to control finally began to flow even faster and before she knew it Riddhima had wrapped her arms around her knees and began to break down once more as that horrid day replayed in her mind all over again.

part 21 : The Green Blue Hues

The game had been going on for quite some time now, probably hours. They had lost track of time, as they often did whenever they actually got down to bringing out the fateful board and started playing. Today, it had been a sudden mood swing brought on by the lady in question, who had turned the whole room upside down, and finally found he dusty board lying on top of the cupboard. It was these unusual rare moments when both of them could actually sit together and give each other some time. Otherwise, she was usually busy with the kids and Armaan, while he often tried to steer clear of the whole situation.

Rahul and Riddhima, though were cousins, had never shared too much of a close relationship. True, they were good friends and often did hang out together, and many a times had they had an awesome time when together. However, they had never shared a personal close 'brother-sister' relationship. The reason behind it could more so be the fact that Riddhima had never found the need to open up to anyone or be emotionally close to them, as Armaan was always there for her. He was like, in the

Thursday, 4 July 2019

Chapter 2 : Obsessed...

'Hayyyee – Arman. How do you feel when your Dream Come true – I mean, I have been a admirer- Lover of Arman Malik; the single heir OF Malik family from last 5 years, yea when I was only 17 and he? He was 21 – I mean, is it attraction? I mean, it can't be loved I am just obsessed about him' pause 'magar dewange bhii tou – ek pyar karna ka anndaz hai... tou kya mai.....' pause 'Magar, he is never serious about girl naa – I don't want to be another girl, which he uses and leaves...' pouting while looking up at sky, which was turning orange with a shade of blue and black 'OH God, please give me Resistance to keep my self away from him' pause

Chapter 7 : Numb



 Hearing the sound of Eva's voice Armaan and Riddhima who had been lost in each other came out of their dreamland and backed away from each other. They had never been so embarrassed in their life. How could they have forgotten that Eva was still in the room. God knows what she was thinking.

"Wat doing?"

 What were they doing? Oh god. How am I going to answer that one. Riddhima thought as she saw Eva looking at her dead in the eye waiting for an answer.

part 20 : The Green Blue Hues

Armaan had helped them move into the small two bedroom apartment they had found together. He had been formally introduced to Misha and Ryan as a 'friend' and no questions had been asked. Riddhima was extremely grateful to him for all his help, yet she couldn't figure out why he was doing so much for them, they were practically strangers. So, after they were done with the moving in and everything had been sorted out, they both walked down to a deli to grab some food for everyone and while sitting in their booth, waiting for the food to come, Riddhima had at once looked up at him and spilt it out.

Riddhima: why are you doing this Armaan…??

Armaan looked at her surprised, then looked down at himself…

Armaan: what…playing with the mobile…(flashing it before her eyes)

Riddhima sighed and looked at him…

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Chapter 1 : Obsessed...

"Mom, I am Off too work, Aree Chachu app?" the guy passes his briefcase to a well-dress driver, who moved out of the house with it."Kase hain?" the guy, embraced a man around 40 – 45 years old. "Mai theek hoon Arman. Tum suno Kesa hou? Aur kesa Chal raha hai Tumhara Business." Billy spoke, brother of Arman Malik's father. "Everything is going awesome, but Chachu I have to go right away -" looking at his wrist watch "My meeting is probably gonna start any moment" he added.

"Ok Ok... off you go – but we gonna have a long chat in evening" pause "Promise Chachu" Arman added and went away after giving a tight hug to Billy and then planting a small kiss on her mom's forehead and rushing out. After a final good bye.


"Hello, Raj ? Yea coming just on my Way – say the delegates to wait – I be there in few minutes..." Arman spoke, while settling in the car – and hinting the driver to move on quick through hand. "Raj, do stand out of the hotel with the file – I want to review it once more before talking to them" pause, smiling while hearing the person Raj, speaking on the other end. "Sorry Raj, u again caught me Man, seriously last night, I went for a date – mom fixed me up for you know marriage and all; well then I came late and that's what the result is." Arman ended his daily banter.

Chapter 6 C: Numb


Okay what is going on? What is he doing here?

Riddhima stared at him bewildered. She was shocked to say the least that he was standing in front of her despite the way she had behaved with him. She had thought he would still be mad at her and wouldn't talk to her for days and yet he was standing in front of her as if everything was normal. She was about to voice her confusion when he spoke up stopping her mid way.

 "Okay. I know you are probably wondering why I am here. I mean after I put myself out there and told you how I felt ,you must have never thought that I would be back so soon. Well see the truth is Rahul came over and he helped me to see that I shouldn't have acted so rashly. I should have given you a chance to at least say something. And for that I'm really sorry."

Part 19 : The Green Blue Hues (AR ff)

They had stayed the night in a hotel, and Riddhima gave Misha strict orders to rest as she went out looking for an apartment. She had become an adult, the leader of the family, from a mere teenager in the matter of one night. The whole day she searched for apartments and jobs, and when nothing came her way, she walked to the basket ball court, and sitting there, let her guard down for the first time and started sobbing hysterically. He came again, as usual, and this time she was so heartbroken that as soon as he arrived, she threw herself into his arms and cried her heart out, while he just patted her back, holding her close for long.

She had parted from him, and he had lightly smiled down at her. That night, they had made formal introductions for the first time. Riddhima was surprised to hear herself again telling him al the events of last night. He had been shocked to hell, and before she could do anything, he held her hand and made her sit in his car, and before she knew, they were standing outside the hotel they were staying in.

Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Intro : Obsessed...

Obsessed About You....
I'll be destroyed, I'll die without you
day and night all I think of is you
I want only you, I call out only for you
in the circle of my arms
I'm lost, my love, in my Obsession for you...


 "Riddimaa?hmm nice name ' is it attraction? Why do I need her so desperately? Is it just because, she said she hate me ? Well, the Question is Who can hate The, Yea The Arman Malik. I mean, King of every Girls Heart, can't loose it's charms on Girl like Riddimaa! Come on dude! You can do it... Its Just a Mere girl? But is she just a Mere Girl.? Or Am I Obsessed about her? Matlab mai kya aus kaye liya dewanna ho raha hoon?"

Love Maha

Last chapter : Deception

As the clock struck 9 pm a normally exhausted Armaan entered his house with the biggest smile plastered onto his face. Today had been one of the best days of his life. He couldn't believe how a few hours ago his life had completely changed. He had not only learned about who Riddhima truly was but he had also gained her love. He had been slightly afraid after he had told Riddhima about Ava and his past but she had surprised him by not only accepting his past but had accepted Ava too and for that he couldn't be more happy. Armaan had been so lost in his thoughts that when the sound of someone calling him finally entered his ear drums he popped out of his dream land.


"Oh sorry Ava. I didn't hear you."

Chapter 6 B: Numb

August 17th 2011

Today will go down as one of the worst days of my life. I should have never listened to Rahul. I should have never told Riddhima that I love her. Yeah that's right. I told her I love her and what did she say...nothing. She said absolutely nothing and you know why. Because she doesn't love me. I ruined everything. This is all my fault. Why did I have to take that chance? Why did I have to listen to my heart? What must she be thinking about me now? She must think I'm just some desperate love seeking guy. She probably doesn't even want to see me anymore. And why would she? I mean I made a complete fool out of myself in front of her. I didn't even stop when Rahul tried to ask me what was wrong. God  why couldn't this all be just a bad dream. I finally fall in love and I ruin it. I lost her. But the worst part is I'm still her doctor. I still have to see her. I'm just going to have to keep my distance. I don't know how I'm going to do that but I guess I will just have to try. I'm sorry Riddhima. I'm sorry Eva. I'm really sorry.

Part 18 : The Green Blue Hues (AR ff)

Riddhima looked at Rhea and Ryan playing with Armaan, and her mind wandered to the past amidst all the laughter and squealing.


The first thing she remembered about her childhood was the adoption centre. She had lived there as long as could remember, and had been surprisingly happy there. Having never been acquainted with parental love, she found solace in the company of her friends at the centre, and the absolutely adorable and gorgeous Miss Samantha, whom everyone called Sam. She was Riddhima's idol, she went behind her wherever she went, tagging along to the grocery stores and to the shopping malls whenever she could. The one thing that Riddhima was obsessed about since childhood was reading; she was an avid reader and spent most of her time buried in books. Her life had been going as normally as a 5 year old's could, despite the lack of parental love and care. And then one day they came.

Monday, 1 July 2019

chapter 6 B : Deception


 My name is Armaan Mallik as you already know. I'm 27 years old. I'm an only child. I have been a police officer for the past 8 years. I was born and raised in New York. I come from a blended family. My father Billy is from a small town in India. He came here when he was 17 years old after his parent's or my grandparents passed away. He didn't have any real ambitions at the time. He just wanted to start a new life. He's a simple guy. He doesn't like to make things complicated when they don't have to be. He's a business man here. He runs his own company and is pretty busy with it. My mom Molly on the other hand is a New Yorker. She was born and raised here. She's Christian. So you can imagine what happened when my Dad fell in love with my mom. His whole world changed. He had to learn proper English as my mom didn't understand a word of Hindi. My dad still tells me stories of how he used to communicate with her. He would say one thing and she would take it in a whole other way. But then again I guess love has its way. Language doesn't pose as an obstacle. It finds a way to make things work. And that's what happened with my parents. They put aside the fact that they were from two different worlds and just accepted each other the way they were. But I guess that doesn't always happen with everyone. Not everyone is as lucky as they are. I should know. I learned that the hard way.

Chapter 6 A: Numb

As the sound of his vibrating phone echoed into his ears Armaan awoke grudgingly from his deep slumber. He had finally fallen asleep after being awake for most of the night as his mind had been preoccupied with thoughts of Riddhima and Eva. He opened his eyes partly to see his alarm clock blink back 4 am. Who was calling him at this hour? Why couldn't they let him sleep? Oh well better find out who it is he thought as he grabbed his phone from the side table. Now usually Armaan would check the caller Id before answering his phone but today he was in no mood.


"He he!"

"Who is this?"

Part 16 & 17 : The Green Blue Hues (AR ff)

part 16 

Riddhima walks out of the bathroom, clad in the beautiful dark green blouse embroidered with golden thread and beads. The blouse had been a havoc to tie up at the back. She walks towards the mirror and sees Armaan looking at her, putting down the phone at once.

Riddhima: (narrows her eyes) who were you talking to…

Armaan: no one in particular….woww…(stands up) look at you…you look beautiful…

Riddhima turns and glares at him

Riddhima: mazak urra rahay ho…??

Armaan stifles a laugh and shakes his head to say no

Armaan: no…seriously…tum bohat…achi lag rahi ho…bass…thori vulgar lag rahi ho…(laughs)

Riddhima glares at him

Sunday, 30 June 2019


She shivered in her sleep and brought the quilt closer to her chest. A little resistance, from Armaan's arm but she turned herself in a way so she could be covered with the warmth of his body. Her eyes opened slowly and saw his hazy face before closing again for a moment. A smile adorned her face involuntarily and she turned yet again, now so that he was spooning her from behind. The curtains were aside and she could clearly see out the window. She was finally here. Cold and bright. Her uninterrupted view took her to the mountains. Fairytale white with bright yellow rays falling over them. She felt Armaan's grip tightening as she felt ever so close to those far off snow covered towers of eternal beauty. Excited like her seven year old self, she sat up straight and decided to go out in the balcony to give this morning a perfect Start. She was well covered, with warm pyjamas and a full sleeves sweatshirt. There were her socks lying on the couch. Armaan would kill her if she stepped on the ice cold floor without her socks or slippers, she anyway had got cold and had been coughing and sneezing all day yesterday. But what is the point of enjoying winters if you can't feel it under your

Chapter 5 : Numb

Finally catching a spare minute Muskaan plopped herself on her couch. She had never expected nor thought that one day she would be told that she would have to spend an entire day watching a 3 year old. She had never realized it would be so challenging to watch another human being. She was used to watching and taking care of adults. They at least had the capability of communicating what they wanted or needed. But this child? Well she was a totally different story. She didn't have the ability to say what she wanted because all she did was cry. Muskaan had never heard a louder cry then she had today. Her ears were still ringing with the sound. She just thanked god that Eva had finally gone to sleep. Thinking of Eva. Muskaan couldn't believe Riddhima had a daughter. She had been so shocked when Rahul had called her informing that he and Armaan were coming over to drop a little girl. Little had she known that the little girl would be the end of her.

Part 15: The Green Blue Hues (AR ff)

Sentiments and Saris

Three days later.

 Riddhima is sitting in the middle of the bed, clothes spread all around her on the bed, all kinds: traditional, shalwar suits, sarees, western wear. She kept looking at them and making weird faces, as she could not decide what to wear exactly. She had to get ready for some ceremony of Shubhankar and Keerti's shadi, and there was going to be a pooja in evening. She had quietly escaped the last pooja by feigning a headache, but she just couldn't get out of this one. The last few days had gone pretty well, except that she had been a little depressed regarding Rhea and Ryan.

As she was again lost in thought about them, Armaan entered the room, talking to someone on the phone. As soon as he saw her, he knew something was wrong.

Saturday, 29 June 2019

chapter 6 A : Deception

Riddhima sat with her eyes closed gathering her thoughts together. This was a big step for her and she didn't want to ruin it. Finally when she felt as if she was ready, she opened her eyes and looked at Armaan who was now sitting across from her on the same floor as she was.

 Okay. This is it. It's time to tell the truth.

"Now before I start anything. I just want to apologize for everything that I did to you. I didn't mean to yell at you the way I did. I mean you were trying to help me and all I did was push you away. You didn't deserve any of that and for that I'm really really sorry."

 Armaan could see the sincerity with which she was apologizing and he knew that she was being honest. She meant what she was saying.

Chapter 4 : Numb

It was a rather chilly Friday night and instead of sitting indoors and being with family or going out to a club with friends like regular people did. Armaan was walking along the silent narrow roads of his street. It was pitch black outside and the only source of light that was peeping through was from the tiny golden light bulbs shinning inside the lamp posts. Ever since he had moved to the city he had developed a habit of taking a walk at night whenever he wanted to clear his mind. Today was one of those days. It had been almost a month since Armaan had been treating Riddhima. And in the past month she had shown a lot of improvement. She had started to move parts of her body and had even begun to speak in monosyllables. Armaan had never been happier in his life to see Riddhima wanting to regain her life back. After all he had fallen in love with her and really wanted to tell her. But it seemed as if he was never meant to do that. It seemed as if God had played a sick joke on him that he never expected to be apart of. He looked around him as he sat down on a bench near by and seeing the emptiness and darkness of the street he was once again reminded of the events that had occurred in the past few days. He couldn't comprehend what was going on? Why did things have to change in a matter of seconds? Why couldn't they have stayed the same? How he wished he could turn back time. Armaan closed his eyes as his mind once again reeled back to that very day everything changed.

Part 14 : The Green Blue Hues (AR ff)

When we went SHOPPING!!!

 Riddhima entered the huge mall, and looked around, wide-eyed. She had had no idea that shopping malls in Mumbai could be so huge and well organized. Dressed in a light blue colored shalwar kameez, she was looking very pretty yet the frown on her face was kind of disconcerting. Divya and Aditi entered the mall behind her, and laughed at what Riddhima said then.

Riddhima: My goodness….we are still in Mumbai right..? This one's bigger than the one next to my house…

 Divya: hmmm…shopping malls here are pretty huge now…anyways…where do we start??

She looks around the first floor and sees a saree-shop.

Friday, 28 June 2019

chapter 5 : Deception

Riddhima paced around in her cell waiting for the door to open. It had been a week and there was still no sign of Armaan. She had tired to ask the other officers who would walk by her cell but they would always say that they weren't at liberty to tell her. Ever since he had walked out of her cell that day she had not only felt bad but she had felt guilty. She hadn't realized until he had lashed out on her about how much she had put him through. He had been trying so hard to help her out in anyway that he could and she had just pushed him away. And just knowing that had made Riddhima realize that maybe it was time for her to bring down the wall that she had hid herself behind and just tell him the truth. And so she had decided that the next time he came to talk to her she would finally open up and tell him everything. It was the least she could do after what she had been doing to him for the past 1 year. She owed him that much.  But where is he? She wondered as she continued to pace back and forth while keeping her eye's on the door. It wasn't like him to be this late. He was always there are 11 am sharp and now it was 12. He was an hour late. I wonder what's going on? Riddhima racked her brain trying to find a possible answer but before she could even comprehend what it was the sound of the door opening halted her in her tracks and in walked a man she didn't recognize. Who is this guy? And where is Armaan?

Chapter 3 : Numb

"Good Morning Nurse!"

Frustrated. Annoyed. Angry. These weren't strong enough words to describe how I was feeling! It was finally the 4th day and I was ready to kill someone; mainly my new doctor. I still couldn't fathom where they had found this person or for that matter made them a doctor.

4 days! It's been 4 days and I am still dealing with this...this...*******! I hate him! I want Armaan back! Why did they have to give me this guy! He's like so ******* creepy! And I hate the way he calls me Sweetie! I'm not his sweetie! God if I have to deal with Dr. Ben Cooper for one more day I swear I'm going to kill him! I know your all thinking what is wrong with me right? Well it's not my fault. It's Armaans. He made me fall in love with him. I know that sounds crazy but how do you explain someone thinking about someone else non stop for 4 days straight! Yeah that's what I thought. See you have no answer either. Now you understand why I'm going insane! Oh great here he comes again!

Part 13 : The Green Blue Hues (AR ff)


 Armaan woke up to the sunlight lighting up his room. He kept his eyes closed and breathed in, taking in a heavy scent of lavender. Smiling to himself, he nuzzled his head closer to the sweet-smelling scent, and felt something soft and silky touch his hair. Half conscious yet and not knowing what he was doing, he kept nuzzling his head in that soft texture till he felt his nose graze against someone's skin. Till now, he had thought he was dreaming it. However, as soon as he opened his eyes, he found himself nuzzling in Riddhima's hair, his nose touching the side of her neck. His arm was around her waist, lying loosely on her stomach, and he was lying upside down so that his head was on her shoulder. Practically implicating the fact, he was half-lying over her. He smiled as he saw a slight frown on her face, her lips pouted, making her look like a young, beautiful, innocent child sleeping. Unknowingly, his hand drifted upto her face and his thumb lightly grazed her cheek. A slight smile came on Armaan's face and he sighed lightly.

Thursday, 27 June 2019

chapter 4 : Deception

Riddhima closed her eyes trying to control her anger that was slowly bubbling up. She couldn't believe she was going through it all over again. She didn't understand why this man wouldn't let her be. Why was he constantly after her despite her telling him that she didn't need nor want his help? What was he trying to do? Why couldn't he just leave her alone? Why was he tormenting her with his nonstop rambling? Was he stupid? Didn't he get things the first time? She felt like punching him in the face. For the past 2 and a half weeks now Riddhima had sat across from Armaan listening to him talk. At first she had thought that he was just doing his job and trying to gather information but now as she sat across from him for the umpteenth time her initial feeling had been proven wrong. His actions were now telling her otherwise. He wasn't here to just do his job. It was something else. He wanted something else. Well whatever it was she wasn't going to give it. She was going to give him a piece of her mind. She was done listening to his crap!

Chapter 2 : Numb

The sun's rise peeped through the cracks of his blinds and onto his face disturbing his slumbered state. He groaned in his sleep as the blaring light played its tricks on him forcing him to open his eyes. Why was it morning? He whined as he removed the blanket from over him and climbed out of bed and towards the bathroom. He had spent half the night thinking about how he was going to solve the Riddhima problem and had ended up falling a sleep late. He had never had such a disturbed sleep before. He was usually a sound sleeper and wouldn't wake up very easily. But today had been different he just couldn't find any peace within him. He couldn't understand what this strange woman was doing to him. Why was she after him? Why couldn't she just leave his mind? It was enough that he had to take care of her but she didn't have to invade his sleep. The one thing that was his and she had to take that too. What was next she'd want to come live with him? No! He would never let that happen! She couldn't invade his life anymore! This had to stop! He had to meet Rahul and ASAP! And so without wasting another minute he ran out of the bathroom door only to hear the shrilling sound of his phone vibrating on the bed. He went towards it and grabbing it looked at the caller Id to see who it was. Seeing Rahul's name flashing he slid his thumb across the green line and put the phone against his ear.

Part 11 & 12 : The Green Blue Hues (AR ff)

 Trouble, Trouble!!!!

Riddhima: Armaan…will you tell me where you are taking me??

Armaan: Riddhima…even a slightly literate person knows this place is called a bathroom…you know, where we change, and bathe and…

Riddhima: Shut up!! I know this is a bathroom…what I don't know is, why you brought me here??

Armaan: umm…yeah…(hears a shout from down: ARMAAAN)…listen..i gotta go…main D ko bhejta hun, she will explain everything…

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

chapter 3 : Deception

He sat in front of her staring at the floor. It had been 10 minutes since he had walked into the room and he still hadn't said a word. He just couldn't understand where to start from. How could talking to a girl he had been interacting with for the past 1 year now be so difficult? It was as if his voice box had suddenly broken. He usually had a million things to ask her and now of all days he had nothing. Absolutely nothing to say. Armaan ever since he was little had always been the talkative one. He always had something or the other to say. There where times when if he had stopped talking for some reason or the other then people would begin to worry. Then what was happening now? Why couldn't he open his mouth and speak.

Dude! What is wrong with me? This is the longest I have ever been silent in my life! I can't believe this! I can't even say one word! Okay this is really sad. This shouldn't be so hard. Come on Armaan. You can do this! Now talk to her!

AR/KASH OS : Will leave u d day I learn to live widout u…

She had her head on d table in her folded arms..dr.shashank had just left having an half an hr. conversation wid her hubby dear…

"I knw tumhare koi sir vir me dird nhi ho rha….riddhima…utho na..ab hum baat krte h"

She did get up…and he noticed tears in her eyes..

"basket.. y r u cryin?"

"tumhare paas tym h mujhse baat krne ka? Aren't u busy?"

"ridddhhhima…i….yaar isme meri kya galti h…subah se koi na koi aae jaa rha h…aur…u…u don't need 2 cry yaar…aur main bhi imp.kaam hi kr rha tha na…"

"seems u don't need me"

"riddhima?" …

Chapter 1 : Numb


Startled at hearing her name being called Muskaan jumped in her spot. She had been so caught up in her thoughts that she hadn't realized someone had entered her room and was now sitting in front of her. Mukaan was the type of person who when she got absorbed into something that caught her attention then bringing her out was a mission. Ever since she was a child Muskaan was known for her short attention span. She just couldn't concentrate on one thing for to long. Her mother would always worry that her daughter was going to grow up with psychological problems. But Muskaan being who she was had not only proved her mother wrong but grew up to be one fine doctor. She was not only able to focus on her work but she was able to make a difference in people's lives. But today was different. Today not only had she gotten absorbed into what she was reading, but she could feel the emotional pain trapped in each word. It had not only affected her a great deal mentally and emotionally but it had taken her into a world where misery played a large role. 

"Are you still reading that note?"

Part 10: The Green Blue Hues (AR ff)

Meet the Family

Recap: Riddhima agrees to pretend to be Armaan's wife, she meets Padma and Divya.

Padma: anyways beta…..tum kafi thakk gayi hogi…jao ja ker fresh ho jao…(holds her chin)…jao Armaan..take her to your room….

Riddhima: haan…mai kafi thakk gaya hoon…(flexing her shoulder muscles)

Divya and Padma look at her, then at each other and then laugh. Armaan puts a hand through his hair.

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Intro : Numb


I lean against the closed door as I slowly fall to the floor. It was happening again. I was being taken back into the dark. My mind is revolving in circles and the voices inside my mind are taking over. The shooting electric current is once again flowing through my nerves. I close my eyes and scream into the empty room allowing my pain to have a voice hoping someone is listening. The pain is becoming unbearable to deal with and so I raise my hands and encompass my head into my palms, hoping the discomfort will withdraw and let me be. I want this to end. I want to be free. I want answers... I want my life back. I want this torture to end.

Last Part : Destiny will bring us back(Kash mini)

Shilpa walked into the gates of the Mehta Mansion with a smile on her face, as she thought about what just happened in the church, and why it happened. 'I thought we were just best friends right? Then why do I feel like this when I'm around him?' She thought as she walked back into the party. But as she did, she realised it was pitch dark. There were people alright, she could sense them but then why was it so dark, she thought. She took a step further until she heard,

'Shilpa..' She heard his voice.

The spotlight on the stage came on, and he stood there, a mic in his hand. Another spotlight shined, as she looked up, she realised it was shining on her. He stood on stage, giving his million dollar smile. She looked at him as she saw a dimple form on his cheeks. For a moment, they just stood where they were, looking at each other. And then, Karan began to walk down the stage, not letting his gaze off her. Shilpa too began walking towards him, slower than him though. When at last, they stood in the middle of the hall, looking at each other, oblivious to the fact that there were a 100 over people looking at them.

Part 9: The Green Blue Hues (AR ff)

Sorting It Out.

 Riddhima glared at Armaan as he drove the car. He had very conveniently made her sit in the car and had even driven half way through without touching the topic at concern. She could now slightly figure out what was happening and why he had called her here in such an emergency, but the main puzzle was yet to be solved.

Armaan: (thinking to himself while driving) dekh tujhe kese dekh rahi hai, Armaan beta aj to tu gaya….ghar se bhi nikala jayega aur maar bhi itni parray gi ke dubara kabhi jhoot nahi bolege…..

 Riddhima: Armaaan!!! For the last time….i am asking you…what the hell is happening?? (shouting loudly in the otherwise silent car)

Armaan looks at her cheekily and smiles

Monday, 24 June 2019

chapter 2 : Deception

She glanced at her watch impatiently for the last time as her irritation was beginning to get the best of her. She had been sitting on the local park bench for the past half an hour waiting for this Riddhima girl to arrive. Armaan had texted her the day before saying that he was going to bring Riddhima to the park near by around 11am so that they could meet. Muskaan had gladly agreed and being the punctual person that she was she had arrived exactly at 11. But little had she known that she would have to play the waiting game. Muskaan was known for being on time for everything. She didn't like to be kept waiting. Ever since she was young she had always been told by her parents to be early for things as that showed you were a responsible person and that you respected the value of time. Everyone around her knew that fact about her and yet they still made her wait. She just didn't understand why everyone tired to figure out new ways to annoy her. Why couldn't they just be truthful and not drag her along. She had better things to do.

Part 3 : Destiny will bring us back(Kash mini)

Shilpa was getting dressed to go the party at THE Mehta's. The Mehta's owned their own production house, and would be launching the first look of their new show in the party. Sakshi was really ecstatic. She loves parties, being in the crowd, going wild. Not that Shilpa doesn't, but Shilpa had waited the entire day, for something special. She had been waiting for a letter by her 'secret-admirer' like her sister calls it. But nothing came. And to top that, it was 6th October today. The day she last saw Karan.

'Shilpu!' Shilpa heard her sister call from downstairs. They were getting late, so she quickly set her hair properly for the last time before leaving the room.

Mehta House

Part 8: The Green Blue Hues (AR ff)


One week later.

 Armaan is sitting in the midst of a hall flowing with activity. It was the preparation fro Shubhankar and Keerti's wedding, which would take place within three weeks. They all were preparing for a small get-together of all the family members, who were coming in from all parts of the world.

Armaan sat and bit his nails. What he had gone through in the past one week had been a torture, yet it saved him the trouble of bringing up the topic of marriage again. There had been confrontations, from every single person in his family. Padma and Divya had both chosen to ignore him, while he had got a very bad scolding from Dad, Taya and Tayi-jee. Yet, now that the bad part was over, they were all okay with the fact that he had married someone without permission. But now was the part he was dreading the most, because today Riddhima was coming to India.

Sunday, 23 June 2019

AR os : It turns out like everyday

"GOOO INDIAAA!",came his voice. Riddhima shook her head from the kitchen at her crazy husband,and carefully put the last mix of spice in the dish she was making for dinner,while adjusting her specs to read the recipe. She knew Armaan wouldn't come today and snake his arms around her waist and disturb her to no end while making dinner, because obviously..he was too busy in his match.

It was India v/s Australia today,and Armaan was all ready in his blue "Sachin Tendulkar" Jersey,in front of the TV, cheering up India and giving the players directions as if they could hear him. Cheers of 'Abbey Spin kar Bhaji' or maybe to the umpire-'ITS A SAVE! HE ENTERED AT THE LAST MINUTE! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK OF YOURSELF!?', could be heard within seconds of the one prior to it. Sometimes when these days came, Riddhima hated the TV, the game, the players..Because Armaan would totally be lost in them. Putting her dish in the container, Riddhima wiped her hands and smiled satisfactorily as she went out to the living room. To him.

Part 2 : Destiny will bring us back(Kash mini)

6th November 2010.

Shilpa was as usual, working out in the gym. Lately she's just been chilling with her friends & her family. A month had passed since she last saw him, and later tonight she would be leaving for London, maybe for a month or even longer, who knows. But she just wished she could see him again.

As Shilpa left the Gym & headed to her favourite Cafe, she received a call.

"Hello, Shilpa?"

"Yes, di."

Shilpa was shocked after what her sister, Sakshi told her over the phone. Her flight that was to leave at 7 tonight had been cancelled.

"What? Why? How?"

Part 7: The Green Blue Hues (AR ff)

Two days later.

Armaan: My God, it was a social disaster…Mom, please don't ever try fixing me up with someone…I just can not handle another girl like her for even a minute, let alone two complete hours…!!

Atul, Padma and Divya burst into laughter. They had been listening to Armaan rambling on how pathetic and bad the setup-date had been and they were enjoying every minute of it. He looked so cute whenever he rambled. Right now, they were sitting in Armaan's room, Padma was sitting on the bed, giving Atul a head massage, who was sitting on the floor, and Divya was sorting out Armaan's wardrobe, while Armaan himself was pacing the room to and fro.

Saturday, 22 June 2019

chapter 1 : Deception

He stood inside the doctor's office nervously pacing back and forth waiting for the doctor to arrive. After he had finished talking to Zak on the phone he had called the hospital ahead of time to get an update on Riddhima. They had told him that she was being looked at and that the doctor wanted to see him. He had been worried to say the least but was more angry then anything. He just couldn't get what had popped into her head that would make her want to cut her wrist. He had told her several times that he wanted to help her out and was trying to fight for her but it seemed that his words had fallen on deaf ears. Well today he was going to make his point as clear as possible. He wasn't going to put up with this anymore. If she could be stubborn then so could he. It was then that the sound of the door being opened caught his attention and in walked the doctor or in this case his best friend Rahul Grewal. Armaan had known Rahul ever since the age of 7. They had started out hating the sight of each other as they had been rivals. Armaan had always been the cooler one where as Rahul had been the smarter one. All throughout there school years they had constantly tired to out do each other. But as time went on they had slowly grown out of that phase and learned to like each other. And now 20 years later they were not only best friends but brothers. They knew things about each other that no one knew. They had each other's back in times of need. And today was just another one of those days where Armaan was needed by his best friend.

Part 1 : Destiny will bring us back(Kash mini)

He had looked for her everywhere on the sets, but couldn't find her anywhere. How was he going to live without her again? That's when he saw a taxi drove by the exit door of 'Sanjeevani'. He knew she was in it.

"Shilpa!", he screamed as he started running after the taxi. He ran as fast as he could. If it wasn't for Shilpa, he would've joked about how he could've been in the Olympics considering the speed he was running at.


He couldn't let her go. Not again was he gonna lose her, and this time god knows for how long. He sent a silent prayer to god, and that's when he saw the taxi in front of him come to a halt.

"Shilpa..", he whispered to himself before running towards the taxi.

"Bhaiya, kya hua?", Shilpa asked the taxi driver anxiously.

"Pata nahin ma'am saab, main dekhta hoon."

"Kya?", she asked sounding annoyed.

Part 6: The Green Blue Hues (AR ff)


Two weeks later.

Armaan is sitting up in his room at his house, while everyone else is downstairs. He is busy talking on the phone, of course, with Riddhima, when Divya's son, Aravh, enters his room.

Riddhima: yeah…so guess what happens next?? (on the phone)

Armaan: what? (lying down on the bed, his legs dangling on the side)

Friday, 21 June 2019

Prologue : Deception

Perplexed. Lost. Defeated. These weren't just words that where found in a dictionary, that were used to describe a person's state of mind. They were his reality for the past 1 year. Ever since he had been given her case his life had turned upside down. In all his years of work with the New York Police Department Armaan Mallik had never been so disturbed over a case in his life. He had seen many criminals of different shapes and sizes but he had never come across a woman like her before. It didn't matter what was said or done to her, she would stick to her standard answer that she wanted to be killed. And that fact disturbed him all the more. He just couldn't understand why this woman wanted to die.
I just don't get this woman! Why would she want to end her life for something she clearly didn't do! I mean all the evidence show's that she is innocent and yet somehow the judge sentences her to life in jail. I don't get it! How can that be? I mean who or what on earth has made her believe that she is at fault? There has to be a reason for her behaviour. I mean why would she kill her own child. It just doesn't add up. There has to be something I am missing here! But what?

Part 5: The Green Blue Hues (AR ff)

 Meaningful Words

 Riddhima sat in her room, looking at the photo frame in her hand. It was a picture of herself and Armaan, taken a year ago at a local amusement park they had all gone to. They both had just gotten off a roller coaster ride and were in splits, Armaan's arm was around her shoulder and they both were looking at each other, huge grins on their faces. They hadn't even known that Rahul was taking a picture of that moment. The perfect moment.

She sighed and put away the frame, picking up her cell-phone and checking it for the umpteenth time. It had been two days since Armaan had left, and he hadn't contacted her at all. She was very worried for him, and wondered how and where to contact him. Then a fresh idea it her brain and with a huge grin, she got up from her bed and went towards Armaan's room.

last part : Come Back to Me

They drove back in silence .A silence which spoke volumes despite being so still. Armaan hadn't objected when Riddhima had parted away from the hug and stood up. She held out her hand for him. He took hold of it immediately and got up.

Silently he had followed her out to the car and hadn't uttered a word as they drove off. The silence wasn't killing. It was welcoming.  Riddhima felt extremely light hearted after so many months. She had finally let go of her guilt .The guilt that had been killing her, the guilt of feeling partly responsible for their relationship gone astray. She glanced at Armaan as she steered the wheel. His head touched the glass window as he leaned on it for support, looking out mindlessly. She knew he wasn't really looking out. The way he broke down in front of her today, told her he still loved her had melted her completely. How couldn't she forgive him afterall??? They both had been at fault and he had already suffered much more then his share. Then what was it that was holding her back???

Thursday, 20 June 2019

AR OS : You Belong With Me

Armaan was in his usual file-checking mode when his secretary peeped in.

"Yeah,Sally?",he said without looking up.
She tried hard to stifle her giggle and said,"Um,Sir..Mam had called."

He looked up at once,curiously at his secretary who was grinning from ear to ear.

"She..Well,was asking about your business dinner with Ms.Madhvi Sighania,our client for the Gurgaon project and well..she sounded.."
"What?Sounded what?",he asked eagerly.
"Well,erm..Angry,you know.Sir,she said to leave this message that she wants you to come home early tonight."

Armaan groaned. He knew his wife's anger too well by now.He held his head helplessly as he imagined her angry face bursting at him as he would enter his house.He looked at his secretary with a pained face and said,"Well,where was I when she called?"

Part 4 : The Green Blue Hues (AR ff)

Two hours later. Heathrow Airport.

 Riddhima and Muskaan are sitting in the airport lodge. Riddhima is biting her nails nervously, with anxiousness written on her face while Muskaan is clearly looking tensed too. Muskaan puts a hand on Riddhima's shoulder.

Muskaan: Riddhima…don't worry…she will be fine..

Riddhima nods, still biting her nails. Looking towards the booking counter, she suddenly stands up.

Riddhima: Armaan…!!!

part 19: Come Back to Me

He was there......

Sitting on the floor with his back against the edge of the bed........ absolutely still holding something, starring at it. Stepping closer Riddhima went right up to him and stood. He was sitting with his back facing her. Peering curiously Riddhima realized it was a photo frame. She boldly took a step forward and observed more closely. He seemed to be gazing at it intently, unaware of her presence in the room.

Riddhima wasn't very surprised to see that it was a snap of theirs together. It was the one which was taken when she first shifted to his place. He seemed to be gazing so intently at it. A gush of relief seemed to flow through her body, calming every nerve. She felt truly relieved seeing him safe but at the same time Riddhima felt her flesh tingle as she considered the worse. What if he wasn't stable, what if.........Riddhima tried pushing all these negative thoughts out, firmly trying to convince herself that he was fine.........everything was going to be alright......

Wednesday, 19 June 2019


" SO YOU'LL THINK I'M CHEATING ON YOU?" he shouted at her at last. It was enough now! He had been calmly listening to all her ramblings from the whole past hour but the girl just didn't seem to understand!

" YOU REALLY THINK ON CHEATING ON ME ARMAAN? YOU... YOU JERK!!!" she threw a vase in his direction.. still crying.. not because of emotions but coz of anger.. he was the one hugging that s**ty bitch and saying in his oh-so sweet tone 'i missed you too babe!' and now he even planned on cheating on riddhima? Great!

"basket!" he dodged the vase and it landed on the floor beside the cushion, the tv remote, the CD case and armaan's almost broken phone..

"basket me? Oh no! Go and miss your mini skirt girl! And yeah cheat on me with her... for all i care!" she shouted agian and ran up the stairs, each step loud enough for him to notice..

Part 3 : The Green Blue Hues (AR ff)

Riddhima sat on her sofa, biting her nails, looking at Rahul. They both had been sitting in her apartment for about 2 hours, and they both were quiet. Silence prevailed over the room, as both looked at the clock time and again. Sighing exasperatedly, and no longer able to control herself, Riddhima speaks up.

Riddhima: Do you think he's okay??

Rahul looks up, startled as she spoke. Then, hearing her question, he smirks a little.

part 18: Come Back to Me

"Rahul how could you" Riddhima whispered feeling her legs go watery.

"I am sorry Ridz, I mean we just got to know Muskaan is pregnant and I was so happy…..and like I didn't say that exactly. It was him who started. He was like Wow, and all, how I wish my child were here. And I felt bad, I held his hand and just spoke yea, its ok though he would have been a year old by now……and…"

'Rahul he was just recovering and you….." Riddhima cried feeling tears in her eyes. If those haunting memories hurt her so much, she wondered what effect they would have on Armaan in his delicate mental state. Where was she to search him??

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

OS: Baggage

"Armaan! We're not getting that one! It's too simple!"

"Tia, it's beautiful! I like that one better!" The guy named Armaan muttered, his voice tired. "Whatever, just choose one and let's get done with this!" He said after a pause. He probably saw that his opinion wasn't going to matter. "We still have the flowers and decors left!"

As a cake-maker, I had seen millions of couples in this state before their wedding. I had seen them argue over designs, only that flattered me - of course, who wouldn't be? They were having difficulty choosing one from many of my assortments!

Part 2 : The Green Blue Hues (AR ff)

 Bickering, Arguments and….FIGHTS!!!

 He lightly started tickling Riddhima around her stomach and she at once squealed out. She was a very tickly person, and Armaan got a kick out of seeing her laugh like that. He held her around the waist, so that her back was towards him and his arm went around her waist while the other tickled her. She laughed and squealed, slapping his hands away. They both were laughing their heads off, oblivious to a svelte figure in a black dress emerge at the kitchen door, arms folded, looking at the scene with raised eyebrows.

Clearing her throat, she made her presence known.

Girl: ahem ahem….having a moment here, are we…??

part 17: Come Back to Me

"Riddhimaaaaa" he cried out supporting her as she collapsed into his arms.Picking her up Armaan swiftly carried her straight into her room and gently laid her on the bed. 

"Riddhima? Open your eyes sweetheart" Armaan gently patted her cheek and touched her forehead. Feeling it hotter then normal he got up and went out flipping out his cell.

"Hello Dr Atul?"


Monday, 17 June 2019

os : US

You might i think i write a lot of this stuff..this, where i often tell you little things about him that make me die or live or wish for or thank and blah blah..but what do i do! Sometimes, maybe just like today, when i sit at my window with a cup of coffee and i miss him, i can't hold back my thoughts..maybe that's coz all my life is about him. And it has always been..since i met him. He makes me feel beautiful with his presence around and then in the most cheeky way says that i'm the prettiest girl he has ever seen. But he doesn't know, that it is the eye contact with him, that makes me blush and go crimson..it is his touch that makes my body shiver in excitement..he says he couldn't have got anybody who would love him better or take more care than i do..but he doesn't know how much more love do i have within myself for him..i fall in love each moment..more and more deeply. My mornings are beautiful coz he's the first person i see as i open my eyes. And when he kisses me, even when i think he's asleep, oh he takes my breath away! With him, i don't have to think what am i weraing or how am i looking (he would in fact love it if i don't wear anything at all :p ) he kisses me even when i think i have bad breath in the morning..he plays with my hair even if i think they are the messiest ever..my skin dry, or my lips swollen, it doesn't matter to him..he has always loved me unconditionally..he compliments my beauty even when i am in the oldest pair of my pyajamas..and i am proud to have him..i know i fight with him a lot and tell him each day to go away and that i hate him and all of that shit, but he too knows it, that the day he goes away from my life, he would take my life with him..i would die..

Part 1 : The Green Blue Hues (AR ff)

He entered the discotheque and looked around for his friends. It was so dark in there that he couldn?t make out anyone from the crowd. Lightly cursing her for her stupid idea under his breath, he made his way through the tightly jammed crowd. He was often pushed from either side as he made his way to the centre of the hub, girls were falling over him from both sides. He excused himself with a gentle smile, flashing his dimples at them. Clad in a pair of ripped jeans and a white T, he was still able to have a drooling effect on all the drunk girls who were dancing away to the beats of the high-volume music.

He usually preferred to stay away from such places, and he was here today just because of her. It had been such a peaceful Sunday, till that call an hour ago. Damage control, his friend had said. And he had heard long enough to jot down the address of the discotheque, and then rushed down here to help her. He looked around frantically, in search of any recognizable face, and then he saw her. His eyes widened with surprise. He had presumed that she?d be drunk, but to THIS extent, he hadn?t thought. Smiling unwillingly at her stupid dance, he walked over to the bar. She was standing ON the bar and dancing away, not realizing that she was doing ?bhangra? on a Britney Spears? number. He looked at the helpless faces of their friends standing near the bar, looking up at her in shock.

part 16 : Come Back to Me

Riddhima opened her eyes to see him no where in sight. The rug he had slept on was folded neatly in a corner. She glanced up rubbing her eyes and saw that he wasn't there in the bathroom either. Panicking she got and rushed out. It was very unlike Armaan to get up so early without any reason.

"Good morning darling"

Riddhima stopped right there in her steps and narrowed her eyes. He stood near the dinning table holding the plates and placing them carefully. As she took a few steps further she saw the table laden breakfast ………she assumed looking at the plates. Toast, fruits, cornflakes, empty cups, every thing was set perfectly and in order.

Armaan grinned at her as she walked towards him eying him cautiously.

Sunday, 16 June 2019

AR os : The Battle of Their Hearts

 "Shoot, Riddhima."
His voice came out flat and even, without a single emotion mixed in it. He stood there as firm as a stone, his eyes unwavering. For the first time in her life, she didn't know what to do. Her hands trembled and she put her dry lips together as she took in deep breaths, trying to calm herself. This wasn't going to be easy.

"Come on, kill me."
This time the voice scared her. Even in the heavy darkness that had fallen over in the old tunnel, even in one of the coldest winter nights of December in Delhi, she could feel herself watching those blue eyes-those dangerous eyes, those beautiful eyes, the eyes belonging to the person who had killed thousands of lives. Today, she was afraid. CID officer Riddhima Gupta was afraid. Not of the man standing before her, but of her own self.

part 15 : Come Back to Me

"Riddhima where are we going?" she turned to face him as he took hold of her hand ; she opened the car door to the driver's seat. Seeing him hold her arm she tried tugging it off as he waited patiently for her reply and began to play her fingers.

"Armaan go and sit down……I'll tell you once we get started" she snapped back pulling her hand away from his.

"Oh ok" he beamed and went around the car and sat down like an obedient child.

"By the way….." he popped up again opening the door.

Last Part : Love Me always

"Armaan we combed every place, no news still and we cant even alert the police you know media will make such an issue….Riddhima Mallik disappearing"

Anjali sat down beside him as he sat there, his head in his palms. It was way past midnight and about six hours more then she left and yet there was no news of Riddhima at all. Her cell was switched off and now at his wits end Armaan didn't know what to do.

Tired as he was Anjali had forced him to come their place while Atul was still making calls and trying to gather some news.

"No news as yet Armaan, she sat down in the car and drove herself and the car number is being traced. We should get the information in some time"

Saturday, 15 June 2019

part 14 : Come Back to Me

Riddhima looked over at the wild weeds and over grown lawn with surprise as she got down from the car with Rahul. Armaan had always made it a point to keep the garden well maintained and trimmed. Looking at its state she felt as though it had been years since the grass had been cut. She looked at Rahul with confusion. What was happening here??

She walked behind Rahul to the porch and was astonished to see Rahul opening the door with a set off spar keys. From where on earth did Rahul start keeping the keys to Armaan's place??

But none of the initial surprises could match the astonishment Riddhima felt entering the place. As she stepped in the main hall she gasped. The entire place looked like it had been closed up for months. Here there small cobwebs hung from places and the amount of dust that was accumulated dimmed the entire place to a great extent. Covering her nose she tapped Rahul.

"Rahul? What is going on here? Is this some joke? I don't even think Armaan stays here anymore and you said……." She looked at him with questioning eyes.

Part 26 : Love Me always

"Hmm so continue….Armaan, Anjali with your discussion. Do you mind if I join?? I am sure you wont right?? "

 He strode in coolly.

Armaan clinched his fists as he saw him. Anjali walked over and stood next to him devoid of any reaction.

"Yes so Dr Armaan Mallik? You thought you will beat me in my own game huh? Actually hats off to you….you managed. You convinced your darling wife somehow and made her sign……these papers"

Shanshank threw a bunch of papers on his face. Looking down Armaan realized they were a Xerox of the very papers he had made Riddhima sign while transferring the entire property on his name.

Friday, 14 June 2019

part 13 : Come Back to Me

Armaan stared at her as she stepped down from the white limo behind Rahul and Muskaan. Closing his eyes he composed himself as he feel the familiar lurch in the pity of his stomach. Their eyes met and Armaan wasn't surprised to Riddhima averting her gaze away from him. I deserve it he thought. As she walked down the red carpet alongside Rahul, Armaan felt a stab of pain. As the camera flashed all around them.

He could have been there in Rahul's place. Been there with her on the biggest day of their life . Their talents and achievements were being recognized and they could have been celebrating together now, only if he hadn't………they would have been over the moon with a new addition to their lives, only if he had……

Part 25 : Love Me always

"Riddhima I want you to put everything on my name, whatever your Dad has legally put on yours, I fear very soon he will retransfer everything back under his name. Hence we have to work fast and the immediate action we need to take is put everything on my name. As your legally married husband then your dad can't do much and we will be able too......................"

"But I thought you didn't want this property and money anymore Armaan?" Riddhima's voice quivered as she spoke.

Sensing the change in her tone Armaan came forward. Holding her by the shoulder he guided her to the bed. Making her sit down he kneeled down besides her holding her hands in his.

Thursday, 13 June 2019

part 12 : Come Back to Me

Stepping into her apartment Riddhima gave a deep sigh closing the door behind her and sank into the couch nearby. Her tears had all dried up now as she shed them all on Armaan and the pain he had given her.

He now wants me back?? She thought. But I can never forget the countless wounds he has given me, those times when I would just sit there waiting for him and he was never there. He promised to be there with me forever and he could not even provide a mere friendly support when I needed him the most.

And how can I forget he killed our love, he killed his own child with his own hands. The love is now lost and he can never bring it back. He can never ever reignite that trust, that love ever again.

Part 24 : Love Me always

"Yes Riddhima it me, but my gosh you are some wild tigress"

Riddhima freed herself from his grip and retorted.

"Tigress huh?  Armaan you scared the hell out of me. I was so scared and ..."

"Hmm you didn't look like some scared woman. You looked like tigress ready to pounce upon her prey"

"How many times will you emphasize on that word tigress? I would call it self-defence, presence of mind to fight intruders like you who turn up in the middle of the night to take advantage and by the way Armaan how did u ever land up here? You said that you don't even know how to climb pipes then in the middle of the night how come?"

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

part 11 : Come Back to Me

Armaan opened the door and saw her looking up at him as she shifted her weight nervously away from him. She sat there looking so vulnerable and pale sitting with her back against the bed hugging her knees, lowering her eyes not wanting to look at him..

He walked upto her as she suddenly edged further away shifting her weight on the cold wooden floor away from him. Sitting down beside her he took her hands forcefully and his and looked into her tearful eyes.

"Riddhima?" he uncertainly spoke gentle looking at her fingers in his hands.

Part 23: Love Me always

Shanshank looked at her as if he had been slapped hard on his face. She wanted to go back?? He could his plan failing, he needed to act fast.

"Go back to see that guy?? Riddhima he just threw those divorce papers on your face and you want to go meet him? For what? " Shanshank asked her raising his voice.

Riddhima closed her eyes. She knew this was expected. But right now meeting him was more important and besides the man standing in front of her was the one actually responsible for creating such a mess in her life. Armaan had been just a pawn in his game…..but why….this question she failed to answer. With me?? His own blood?

Answering back in a small but a firm tone she spoke.

Tuesday, 11 June 2019


Her body was still sore from last night's 'celebrations'. She moaned feeling the pain between her legs..drawing her hand to hide herself in him, she moved it on his side of the bed. Frowning at not finding him, she turned in her sleep hoping to get closer to him some way or the other. She found his hand and the smile reappeared..she moved her hand again to find his face, her eyes still close.. "mhhmm.." he murmured sleepily when her fingers poked his eyes and nose.. she opened her eyes to look at him, only to find him kneeling beside the bed and sleeping with his head on the bed and she wasn't sure if what she saw in his hand was a diamond ring.. she thought she was still asleep..she called out his name and shook his hand. "armaan..bebu?"