Thursday, 21 November 2019

PART 2 : Mr. & Mrs. Mallik

Armaan was glad that he balanced himself from tripping and the next moment his heart beat fast as Riddhima clutched onto him closer. His arms around her waist and thighs, hers around his neck, her face under his neck and her breast soft against his chest. A shiver of pleasure ran down his spine. He had dated many girls right from his high school but never felt the same. He stared at her bewildered while Riddhima still shut her eyes in fear, not aware of the effect she had on him.

"Excuse me" someone's words brought him back from his state of trance. He shook his head twice and looked around to find that now he was blocking other's way. Soon he moved forward, holding her in his arms. Riddhima, still in fear, did not open her eyes while a soft smile crept over his lips.

Finally clearing the lane, he looked down at Riddhima in his arms. He bent his head down and whispered in her ears "Mam, may I have the honor of putting you down?" playfully. She was startled at his words in her ear. She opened her eyes quickly to find him grinning at her. No sooner did she find that her body is pressed hard against his, she literally jumped out of his arms and glared at him.

Part 29 :Betrayal (AR)


Recap: The gang returns back to New Delhi.

Gupta Residence was filled with noise the next morning.  Today is Atul and Anjali's marriage, the long awaited day for every single person present there.  The day, obviously, was going to be very tiring for everyone.  In the morning they would do Anjali's Haldi and Mehendi and the marriage would be at night.
The most irritating thing for everyone was that the girls and boys were not allowed to be together, alone, in one place until the marriage was over.  This had really disappointed the boys, as well as the girls.  Staying one whole day without being able to have nice, lovely moments with each other?  Impossible!  But what could they do?  Rules, were rules.  If they were caught, it wouldn't be good for anyone.
As of now, everyone was busy instructing the workers on the decorations.  They had strictly prohibited Shashank and Padma from doing any work.  As they already had worked a lot.
In the kitchen, the girls were working really hard in setting everything right.
" Ridzi, yeh zara store room mein rakh de na.  Please. " said Muskaan.

Wednesday, 20 November 2019

PART 1 : Mr. & Mrs. Mallik

"Armaan, get up!" he heard a distant sound calling for him, but ignored it and went back to his world. "Armaan" the voice grew louder, but he only turned to the other side, grabbed his pillow and placed it over his ear, not interested to leave his world. He suddenly jerked and opened his eyes when a flush of cold water greeted his face. Horrified, he looked at the surroundings, and it took him few moments to realize that he was in sleep then and now wide awake.

"RAJI" he yelled at the middle aged woman, in her early fifties, standing beside his bed with an empty jug in her hands. "Why the hell did you wake me? It's hardly 6 am" he screamed checking the time, glaring at her.

"Armaan" she looked at him in disbelief "you promised me to take to the vegetable market today." She waited for his response while he rubbed his eyes, trying to console his goddess of sleep for the abrupt interruption, rewinding his memory regarding his promise.

Irritated with himself and Raji, he shouted "Why can't you go to the market with the driver? It's Sunday today and more over I have to join the hospital from tomorrow. Let me sleep." He grabbed his pillow, pulled his sheets and was about to sleep when Raji used her last shot "It's OK Armaan. If you don't want to come, let it be. I'll go by myself." She said pretending to wipe off the fake tear from her cheek.

Part 28 :Betrayal (AR)


Recap: The girls find out that Muskaan is pregnant, and they surprise the boys.

The gang had gathered up for breakfast, and were leaving no stones turned in teasing and scaring Rahul about Muskaan's pregnancy.
" Rahul beta, ab toh teri raaton ki neend udne waali hain. " sadi Amit.
" Kyun? "
" Muskaan ke mood swings tujhe jeene nahin denge. " said Armaan.
" Rahul, mujhe ice-cream khani hain. " said Muskaan.
" Abhi?! " He asked mortified.
" Haan! " He called the waiter and told him to bring ice-cream.  He brought it in a while.
" Yeh le. "
" Mujhe ice-cream nahin khani. "
" Kya! "
" Haan!  Mujhe kuch khatta khana hain. " Muskaan whined.
" Yaar isske mood swings abhi se kaise shuru ho gaye? " Rahul wondered out lod.  They exchanged looks, and then burst out into laughter.
" Kya hua? "

Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Preface: Mr. & Mrs. Mallik

Amidst all the chaos in the Marriage Registration Office in Andheri, stood a couple, lost in their own worlds. Were they happy? Were they excited? Were they anxious? NO. Unlike all the other couples who come to that office with their hearts full of happiness and anxiety for the future, this couple is irritated with everything happening around them. They just want to run away from that place. They are trying to understand the mess they have created out of their lives, standing there, just a few steps away from stepping into the divine relation of marriage.

"Take it. It's already time" someone's voice pulled her from a tsunami of thoughts. 'What am I doing here?' she thought to herself while she faked a smile and took the garland from the person who offered it to her. How badly she wished she had a chance to kill that person right then and there.

'Don't do this to yourself' his mind pleaded him for umpteenth time. Battling with the thoughts in his brain, he grabbed the garland with a forced grin on his confused face.

Part 27 :Betrayal (AR)

     Good News!

Recap: Armaan saves Riddhima, and Vivek is shot dead.  They spend the night together in a cottage.  They return back to the hotel where everyone is happy to see Riddhima back.  They have a  boys vs. girls fight, where Riddhima helps the boys.

" Riddhima zara towel dena. " Armaan called out from the bathroom.  Riddhima, who was catching up on the work on R & M Enterprise, heard his voice, and rolled her eyes in frustration.
" Armaan!  Khud le lo na!  Tumhare roz ki aadat hain towel bed par bhul jaane ki. " Armaan heard this, and his devilish mind started to work.
" So you want me to come out in the state I am in?  I didn't know that you are so tempted to see me without my clothes. " Riddhima's eyes widened in shock.
" Ruko!  Main le kar aati hoon. " Armaan grinned, and waited for her to come.  Riddhima slowly walked to the bathroom with the towel in her hand.
" Yeh lo. " Armaan opened the door slightly.  Riddhima held out the towel, and Armaan looked at it.  He held the towel for a second and then immediately grabbed her hand.  Riddhima eyes widened, and her mouth fell open as she looked at her hand, and Armaan.  She heard a knock at the door, and looked at the door.
" Ridzi  Darvaaza kholo!  Mujhe tumse baat karni hain! " Sapna yelled.

Monday, 18 November 2019

Last part : Here to change his life forever

Life was now perfect for the two of them Armaans past was obviously something he couldn't forget however Riddhima was sent by God and she had come as an angel and changed his life forever. These two lived like any other normal couple did they had there share of love,arguments. All these things together made their relationship much stronger. It was Saturday night and the two had a small argument over Armaan wanting to finish some of his work for the project he had to present on Monday They had promised each other that they would do nothing but spend weekends with each other but today he seemed more engrossed in other things and this had pissed Riddhima off. The two still were business partners but this was some of the work Riddhima could not help him out in and that just added to his work load. He was extremely stressed about getting this project and his pissed of wife was just adding to the burden. Only way the poor guy could feel better was by apologizing to her and spending time with her would always relieve his stress. She sat there on the couch reading one of her romantic novels. He walked up to her and apologized for being rude earlier on. Convincing her wasn't really an easy job and it was after a lot of apologies she finally agreed.

Part 26 :Betrayal (AR)


Recap: Vivek kidnaps Riddhima, and the boys try to stop him, but Vivek drives away.  Everyone finds out that it's Vivek that it is Maya's partner.  Vivek behaves very badly with Riddhima.  Riddhima calls Armaan through Vivek's cell phone and Vivek brutually beats her up.  They are successful in tracking Vivek down.  Armaan and Vivek come face to face.

Both just stared at each other with pure hatred.
" Vivek, Riddhima kahaan hain? " Armaan asked with gritted teeth.
" Nahin bataunga.  Kya kar loge? " Vivek asked challengingly.  Armaan curved his fingers into a rock solid fist, and punched him with full force, making him fall down.  He touched his lips, which was bleeding, and got up.  He punched him back, and Armaan stumbled, but didn't fall.  He turned around in a swift move, and punched him 10 times harder, and then hit both sides of his head at the same time and Vivek fell unconscious.  Armaan looked around and saw a way and immediately took the route.
He kept looking around for Riddhima, when he saw someone tied up through the boxes that were there and knew that it's Riddhima.  He walked around the corner, and a gasp left his mouth at the sight in front of him.

Sunday, 17 November 2019

part 13 : Here to change his life forever

As Armaan entered their bedroom his eyes started in search of Riddhima his Riddhima who was all his from now, as he was lost in his thoughts of how his life changed after Riddhima's entry in his life his eyes fell on his wife, his love, his life who was lost in her thoughts, so he went near her and put his hand on her shoulder which made her come out of her day dreaming. "Kya soch rahi thi?" asked Armaan. "Yeh soch rahi thi ki today I have everything one can ask for a really loving and caring husband the love of my life, a wonderful family, so many new relations…my life seems complete…" said Riddhima. "Come on Riddhima we can talk about this sometimes later, I am so not in a mood to do all these boring talks when I have something better to do" said Armaan with his naughty expressions which made Riddhima blushed…Armaan started removing her jewelry…taking off her earrings placing a quick peck on each of her earlobes, then the necklace and placing wet kisses from

Part 25 :Betrayal (AR)

    I Want My Wife Back!

Recap: The gang is successful in sending Maya to jail.  Sumit is about to tell everyone about Maya's partner, but the lights go off and someone screams Armaan's name.

They all were shocked hearing someone scream Armaan's name.
" Yeh toh Riddhima ki awaas hain. " Armaan said worriedly.  At the same time, the lights came back on and Armaan searched for Riddhima.  He panicked when he didn't see Riddhima anywhere in the hall.
" ARMAAN! " Riddhima screamed again.  They all ran outside and saw Vivek pushing Riddhima into a car and then getting into the driver's seat.  Armaan ran as fast as his legs would let him, but Vivek drove away.
" RIDDHIMA! " Armaan shouted after her.  The boys ran to a car and followed Vivek.  With all the lights off, it became extremely hard for them to keep track of the car.
Inside the car, Riddhima was trying her best to get Vivek's grip loose on her wrist, but that wasn't working.
" Vivek chhodo mujhe!  Leave me! "

Saturday, 16 November 2019

part 12 : Here to change his life forever

Riddhima had moved out of armaan place before the wedding because the guy and girl living together before marriage was considered immoral. Her parents had a house but she never loved there because she would be lonely. the day of the wedding had finally arrived riddhimas parents hadn't been able to make it to the other functions because of the overbooked flights  but they couldn't miss out on the wedding. She hadn't  seen her parents for quite some time but they had been in constant touch through the phone and she had told them about armaan on the phone. All her parents cared were for was her happiness and if she thought her happiness lied in armaan they were happy. However being her parents they had to speak to her face to face asking her if she was ready to get into such a commitment especially with armaan. Riddhima was ecstatic to see them after a long time and she wasn't even sure how much time shed be able to give them after settling down in india but

Part 24 :Betrayal (AR)

  Plan Successful?

Recap:  Armaan and Riddhima romance.  Armaan tells Maya that he loves her, and she believes him.  Sumit tells the boys about Maya's partner.

The next day, they all were seated at the breakfast table, relishing the paranthas on their plates.  Maya had left for some important work of hers, and she wouldn't be returning for about an hour.  The gang was back to their bickering and teasing.  Riddhima looked at Armaan and saw him eating his food.
She decided to be a little naughty, as it's always Armaan that does something.  Since the two were sitting right beside each other, Riddhima slowly brought her hand down, and caught his wrist.  Armaan stopped eating and looked at Riddhima, and then back at his hand.  His eyes popped out of his sockets as he realized her plan.
" Amy zara woh plate toh pass kar. " said Muskaan.  Armaan looked at Muskaan with wide eyes.
" Haan Armaan, Muski ko plate pass karo. " Riddhima said hiding her smirk, and Armaan looked at her with wide eyes.
" Kya hua Amy?  Plate pass kar na. "

Friday, 15 November 2019

Part 11 : Here to change his life forever

They were finally together and the marriage preperations were going on these two were finally glad they would be together. Armaan had finally changed for good and he had started to love life with riddhima around him. He still had that fear something would happen to Riddhima but when he said such emotional stuff it would hurt her so he tried to avoid it. She had always made sure he never felt that she would leave him and more then that she had promised to remain by his side forever and ever. Today was  Armaans bachelor party the guys had not told the girls about it but they had found out anyways. Riddhima was slightly annoyed at armaan for going but then she realized that it was a thing before marriage and everyone went to it. She wondered what he would be doing there more then that she had spoken to him the whole day and was missing him terribly. All the girls decided to go check out what the guys were upto and Riddhima only went because she really wanted to see him. All of

Part 23 :Betrayal (AR)

  Is it him?                             

Recap: Sumit and Molly arrive, and show the gang the things that they have, but since they aren't enough, they make a plan.  When Maya sees Sumit and Molly, she feels very bad.  Molly cries, but they all console her.

Riddhima frowned slightly as she felt something wet on her bare shoulder, but then brushed the thought off thinking that she was just dreaming.  She felt something wet on her shoulders again, and opened her eyes.  She turned her face to see Armaan kissing her shoulder, and she blushed slightly.  She turned around, and Armaan came on top of her.
" Good morning wifey. " Armaan said naughtily.  Riddhima smiled and put her arms around his neck.
" Good morning hubby.  " Both chuckled.  Armaan just gazed her, and Riddhima blushed.  He put a hairstrand behind her ears, that was falling on her forehead.  He stared into her emerald green eyes for a while.
" Kya soch rahe ho? "

Thursday, 14 November 2019

AR os : The Gift of Love

"Please...", her voice broke. She sniffed back her tears and desperately held on him, as tightly as she could, not wanting to let go. She couldn't. Why was he going? She wanted to stop him, but it was like her heart was getting weak. Her nerves were frozen, her knees were quivering, and she was getting defeated.

I have to go...

His voice shook her to the core. She shook her head furiously, starting to gather herself up. She couldn't let him go, not this time. Her tears poured down endlessly and she pleaded him with her eyes,"Please...", she said again. It didn't have any effect. He came closer and smiled at her with his sad enchanting eyes. Softly ruffled her hair, kissed her forehead and put his arms around her. She sniffed again.

part 10 : Here to change his life forever

The morning sun dawned, Armaan Riddhima were lost in each others dream in their separate rooms. Riddhima was looking like an angel sleeping with a smile on her, she had been dreaming about her Mr. Right Armaan the whole night on the other side Armaan was also dreaming about his Ms. Perfect Riddhima. Armaan eventually fell for Riddhima n had started loving her and realized it but his fears permitted him from confessing his love for Riddhima. Armaan's beauty sleep was disturbed by a phone call. *ring* *ring*
Riddhima: Good Morning Armaan
Armaan was still sleeping, Riddhima started screaming his name on the other side waking Armaan up from his sleep.
Riddhima: Hello U there?
Armaan: Huh yeah good morning.
Riddhima: Okay so yeah I called to inform you that we are going to an amusement park today. U r coming right?
Armaan: Uhmmm May be
Riddhima: Excuse me u don't have a choice. U better be ready in an hour.

Part 22 :Betrayal (AR)

  "Misson Maya"

Recap: Armaan tells Riddhima the truth, and she believes him.  They unite, and decide to not let Maya know about them.  The gang finds out that Armaan and Riddhima are together, and they tease them.

In about an hour or two, the gang met up in the garden, and waited for Sumit and Molly to arrive.
" Yaar yeh dono kitni daer laga rahe hain. " Muskaan said impatiently.
" I know!  Ab tak toh unhe aa jaana chaahiye tha. " said Anjali.
While they were busy waiting for Sumit and Molly to arrive, Armaan and Riddhima were busy staring at each other. tThey were standing right beside each other, and had a slight smile on their lips.  Riddhima slowly entangled her hands with Armaan's, and Armaan held her hand firmly.  He took her hand up to his lips, and kissed it softly, making Riddhima blush.  The gang looked at them and smiled.  They wished that the couple don't have any more problems in their lives.
" Oye love birds!  Agar romance karna hi hain, toh apne room mein jao na! " said Muskaan.  Armaan and Riddhima came back to the world, and left each others hands.

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

part 9 : Here to change his life forever

Riddhima: Armaan 15 minutes mein ready ho javo, hum kahi baar ja rahe hai.
Armaan (confused): kya hum kaha ja rahe hai.
Riddhima: woh toh ek surprise hai. Ab bata diya toh surprise kaise rahega.
Armaan: nahi mujhe batao. Keeping his hands across his chest. He says kahi tum mujhe kuch karna do.
Riddhima: showing eyes. Armaan hits him on his arm. Shut up main itni giri hui bhi nahi hoon'Shut up and get ready in 15 minutes.
Both go to their rooms to get ready. Armaan was waiting at the door for Riddhima when a bike stopped in front of him and the person on it removed the helmet and it was none other than Riddhima. Armaan was shock seeing Riddhima drive the bike, She is stunning wearing skinny jeans and sauce wala red color top with sports jacket on top and cool shades

Part 21 :Betrayal (AR)

  I Want You Back

      *THE Most Awaited Part*

Recap: The gang goes to the club.  Armaan and Riddhima remember their past.  They share a moment in the rain.  Maya sees them, and then forces Armaan, which Riddhima sees.

Riddhima just stood there in shock, staring at Armaan and Maya.  She was going to her room, but her top got stuck in one the plants that were there, and when she tried to remove it, she heard someone saying Armaan, and when she took a peek inside, she was completely shocked to see Armaan and Maya kissing each other.
" Riddhima, tum jaisa soch rahi ho waisa kuch- " Armaan tried to explain himself, but before he could even finish his sentence, Riddhima already had already ran out of the room, crying.
" Riddhima! " Armaan glared at Maya.
" You're pathetic Maya. " Saying this Armaan ran out of the room, and went behind Riddhima.
Maya let out an evil laugh and she fell on the bed.

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

part 8 : Here to change his life forever

Days passed Riddhima didn't get time to talk with Armaan about his past, they have been busy with their project. They got so busy in their work that Riddhima forget about to talk with Armaan. Today like everyday both were in the office and in the afternoon Riddhima find out that her and Armaan have to attend a meeting in Goa so they will be leaving for Goa tomorrow morning. She hopes and plans that when they come back from the trip everything will be normal and that this trip to Goa will change their lives. She thought of finally taking time out and talking to him. The next day both of them left for Goa. For their first day there they were busy with preparing for the meeting and in the evening they had the meeting. After the meeting both of them went for a dinner. There Riddhima thought was the best time to talk to Armaan.
Riddhima: Armaan can we have a talk please?
Armaan: Yeah sure.

Part 20 :Betrayal (AR)

  Cuz Baby Tonight...

Recap: The gang decides to go the club for the night, and then go back to Mumbai after 4 days.  Riddhima remembers how Armaan had proposed her.  Maya remembers how she had attacked her before.  Armaan remembers how he had saved her.

After resting for an hour or two, the gang freshened up, and met outside to go to the club.
" Yaar yahaan toh kitni thand hain. " said Atul.
" Haan.  Achha hua ki hum sab ne full sleeves pack ki thi.  Warna toh thand ke maare marr hi jaate. " said Rahul.
" Sahi kaha. "
" Let's go. "

At the Club...

They all entered the club, and went to the sitting area.
" Yaar, yahaan itna loud music chalaana zaroori hain? " said Atul.
" AJ!  Yeh club hain.  So of course yahaan par loud music chalega. " said Armaan.
" Yea right. " Atul rolled his eyes.  They all shook their heads, and Armaan called on the waiter.  They took some drinks, and looked on the dance floor.

Monday, 11 November 2019

part 7 : Here to change his life forever

Riddhima and Armaan had came closer after he his realization that she was not after his money but really did cared for him. Her tries of making change in Armaan were still on and she was getting somewhat positive result. She had stopped his drinking to a great extent. She assured he didn't skip his meals and tried to make him get out, instead of home and work all the time. So Riddhima decides one way to help him is to make him socialize and take him to a party where he can meet people and interact with them, first it was hard for her to convince him to go to the party with her but Riddhima being stubborn convinced him somehow, and plus since now they were friends Armaan couldn't say no to Riddhima. Riddhima wore a black dress, where Armaan wore a white suite.
They both arrived at the party Armaan did not like all this much but he came because of Riddhima and he did not want to let her go alone. It was Riddhima's cousin's party but Armaan didn't know they were attending Riddhima's cousins party, since Riddhima only told him that they were going to a

Part 19 :Betrayal (AR)

  Marry Me

Recap: The gang goes to Mr. and Mrs. Singhaniya's anniversary party.  Sunny tries to flirt with Riddhima, but Armaan saves her.  Armaan and Riddhima dance.  Maya and Armaan recall their past.

The next morning, they all met up in the garden for breakfast.
" Guys, hum yahaan at least chaar-paanch din ke liye toh reh hi rahe hain na? " asked Amit.
" Yea, so? "
" Yahaan kuch aur dekhne ko baccha hain hain? "
" No, lekin tu itne saare savaal kyun pooch raha hain? "
" Actually I was thinking ki kyun na hum log phirse uss club mein jaayein.  Uss din bohat mazaa aaya tha.  So why not go again? "
" Idea bura nahin hain.  Hum aaj hi chalte hain.  Waise bhi ab sardi ka mausam aa raha hain.  Aaj raat toh bohat thand padne waali hain.  So let's go today. " said Anjali.
" Aur baaki ke teen din? " asked Armaan.

Sunday, 10 November 2019

part 6 : Here to change his life forever

Two weeks had passed since Armaan's sickness. Armaan still believed that Riddhima is after his money, and that is the only reason she taking care of him. Armaan had started avoiding Riddhima as much as possible. Even though Armaan was avoiding Riddhima, Riddhima continued her efforts to try and get him out of this depression. Riddhima wouldn't leave a single chance of trying to get Armaan to forget his past and come out of his depression. Life had been busy with hectic schedule and a heavy work load. Armaan had become a workaholic like before, Riddhima tried her best to help him but she wasn't as such successful

Part 18 :Betrayal (AR)

        Vaada Raha

Recap: The girls decide to go shopping.  Girl vs. Boy argument.  Riddhima remembers her past.  Armaan and Riddhima share a moment together.  Armaan gets a call from Sumit saying that he has found some evidences.  Armaan remembers his past.  He tells the gang about his talk with Sumit.

The shopping was really tiring for everyone, especially the boys.  After all, it isn't everyday your wife takes you to shopping and gets you bored, is it?
After resting for a while, they all had freshened up.  Later, they were called down in the garden for some important announcement.

In the Garden...

The gang was chit-chatting with each other, wondering about what the announcement would be about.  The manager of the hotel came, and spoke in the microphone.

Saturday, 9 November 2019

part 5 : Here to change his life forever

Life and work was hectic and usual. Meetings to attend, couple of discussions and load of work. Riddhima was engrossed in a file when there was a knock on the door. It was none other than Armaan he had come to tell her they will be going to home together since the weather was bad outside and therefore she agreed to accompany Armaan while going back home. It was around 7pm, and it looked like it was going to rain heavily so both of them left to go home from Mallik Empire. In the midway there car stop and there is smoke coming out from car bonnet. Driver gets out of the car and checks and comes to Armaan and tells him that they need a mechanic to repair the car. So the driver leaves to get a mechanic. Riddhima gets down the car as she is not comfortable, Armaan follows her. They are standing outside the car, the weather is cloudy and it seemed like it is going to rain any moments. Suddenly it starts lightening Riddhima gets scare and hugs Armaan. Her head is touching his bare chest with her hand touching his chest. She has all her weight on Armaan. After two minutes she realizes she just hugged him and mentally kicks herself for going near him. Even though Armaan

Part 17 :Betrayal (AR)

 My 'Friends'

Recap: Armaan and Riddhima go back to the gang, and tell them about the incident.  They decide to take Sumit's help, while Riddhima decides to take Molly's help.  Armaan recalls his past.

Riddhima opened her eyes, as the warm rays of the Sun on her beautiful eyelids, but then closed them immediately.  She slowly tried to open them again.  She tried to get up to stretch, but then felt something heavy over her body.  She looked to the side, and saw Armaan sleeping with his hand over her lower waist, and his face was slightly hid in the crook of her neck.  She smiled lightly, and caressed his hair lovingly.
He looked so cute while sleeping.  Just like an angel.  She placed a tender kiss on his forehead and smiled.  Armaan smiled in his sleep, and went deeper into her neck.  Riddhima closed her eyes, feeling his hot breath on her nape.
' I wish I could just stay like this forever Armaan.  In your arms. ' She silently wished.  She suddenly remembered her conversation with Molly.

Friday, 8 November 2019

part 3& 4 : Here to change his life forever

Part 3 :

As Riddhima is about to close the door of Armaan's room something falls from the table accidentally by her hand. She goes to pick it up. It is a diary, due to the wind the first page of it opens and she finds a very depressing statement
"She never found out how much I tried - all of the sadness she kept made me blind she never found out how much I cried - the rope so tight on the night that she died..."
As she was going to read more, suddenly she hears Armaan uncomfortably moving on the bed, so she gets scared as what will she tell Armaan if sees her reading his diary. So she keeps the diary where it was on the table and closes the door behind her and goes to her room. She gets fresh, changes and lies down on the bed. It's already been an hour since she lay down on the bed but she wasn't able to sleep all she was thinking about Armaan and his past. She sits up leaning on the wall and is in deep

Part 16 :Betrayal (AR)

    Drunken Confession

Recap: The gang talk together about the call, and Riddhima arrives there, but they lie to her.  Riddhima doesn't agree with the lie, and talks to Armaan about this.  They later go to Gilbert Trail, where Riddhima recalls her past.  She is almost about to get killed by Maya, but Armaan saves her, and they kiss, but then leave.

Armaan and Riddhima were walking to the rest of the gang in silence.  Both were lost in their own thoughts.
' Maya ne Riddhima ko maarne ki koshish kyun ki?  Why?  Kahin ussne... haan.  Shaayad issi liye hoga.  I can't believe ki Maya iss hadh tak gir sakti hain.  Woh mujhe Riddhima se alag karna chaahti hain?  Chaahe jo bhi ho jaaye, main Riddhima ka saath kabhi nahin chhodunga.  Never.  Mujhe sab se baat karni hi padegi.  Iss ka hal toh main nikaal kar hi rahunga. '

Thursday, 7 November 2019

part 2 : Here to change his life forever

Precap: Riddhima Gupta a successful businesswoman in U.S. has to come to India for a project in which she will be working with Mr. Armaan Mallik a business tycoon in India. She is going to stay at Armaan's place since she doesn't know anyone in India. Armaan is depressed, workaholic, and alcoholic. Something happen in his past that made him isolated. He doesn't attend any parties nor have a social life, he and his work. So Riddhima comes to India and to welcome her Armaan orgazines a party in which he denies to go since he doesn't attend parties but Riddhima being stubborn somehow manages to convice him and they leave for the party.


Part 15 :Betrayal (AR)

      Meri Aawargi

Recap: Amit and Sapna confess their love for each other at the church.  Armaan is about to tell Riddhima the truth, but doesn't because he got a call earlier saying that if tries to tell Riddhima anything, then she'll kill Riddhima or any of his friends.  Riddhima gets upset, and remembers her past.  Two other people are discussing whether Armaan will tell Riddhima or not, and it is revealed that the girl had mixed pills in Armaan's drink.

The next morning, Armaan and the gang were sitting in Rahul's room.  They had gotten up early because Armaan had called Rahul up, and told them about what happened, and they decided to meet up in Rahul's room.  Armaan had told them everything that had happened.  From the call he got, to his and Riddhima's talk in their room.

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Intro & part 1 : Here to change his life forever

Poem for the FF:BY MARCY

Before i met you i hated life
And i felt like there wasn't a reason to live
But then i met you had my life changed
Now i have a reason to live
You even say that you love me
You are an angel sent down from heaven
You brighten my day and I brighten yours
You changed my life
And I never wanna go back to the life before i met you
I think about you every nite and every day
There isn't one moment that i don't think about you
You changed my life



Part 14 :Betrayal (AR)

   Amit and Sapna

Recap: The gang plays truth and dare in the garden, and Riddhima sees a flash of something.  Sapna realizes that she is in love with Amit.  Armaan walks on glass on a dare from Maya.  Armaan and Riddhima share an intimate moment in their room.  Sapna takes Riddhima to her room to figure out her feelings.  Riddhima recalls her past when she first fell for Armaan.

The next morning, the gang freshened up and went to Atul's room, for breakfast.  They sat down on the bean bags and started to have their breakfast.  Just then, Muskaan's eyes fell on Armaan's hand.  His hand was wrapped in a bandage, and it was slightly bleeding through.
After Riddhima left with Sapna, Armaan was really mad.  He was so frustrated with everything, that he had knocked the glass vase down, which had injured his hand.  He took care of himself, but he knew that it wouldn't help.
" Armaan!  Yeh tumhare haath ko kya hua?  Yeh chot kaise lagi tumhe? " Muskaan asked worriedly.  Everyone's eyes went to his hand, and they got worried.  Armaan looked at his hand for a minute, and looked up.

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

OS : Love Lost, Love Found: If We Meet Again.. Part (b)

It was weird when I walked back into that same place, those same passages, where I had found him, found the one I loved, and the same place where I had seen him last. It had been 11 years since I said goodbye to this school where I grew up, which was somewhere responsible for the person I was today, and here I was today, back again, for a school reunion, something we would always joke about when we were 16; we all always wondered where we would be 10 years later, what our lives would be like, and the main question - whether we would be part of each others' lives'At that time, the answer to this question had been simple - 'Of course! We're friends forever! Burger anyone?', but obviously, not all our prophecies come true'People always move onto bigger and better things. I hadn't. I had never been able to find anyone like him, and somewhere in my heart, I knew I would never. Did I even want to?

I drove back to the last time I had seen his eyes,  his dark grey-blue eyes, which had haunted me even in his absence. It was the End-Of-Year Ball, the Farewell party for us seniors, where I had realized that I was in love with him, and the very next day, I had realized that I had lost him'

Part 13 :Betrayal (AR)

        A Mere Attraction?

Recap: Muskaan comes to Riddhima and tells her that Armaan is innocent, and Riddhima becomes even more determined to find out the truth.  Anjali, Sapna, and Muskaan reach the club where the boys are, and Atul tells everyone the truth, from which the girls are shocked, but they support Armaan.  Later on, Armaan goes back to his past.

Riddhima came back from taking a shower, and her eyes fell on Armaan, who was sound asleep.  A magnetic pull just pulled Riddhima towards Armaan.  She sat on the bed beside him and just stared at him.
He looked angelic while sleeping.  Riddhima could just stare at him forever, in the same way.  He had a slight frown on his face, which sent an urge to Riddhima to turn the frown, into a smile.  Her hand raised, and went towards Armaan.  She caressed his hair lovingly.  A smile automatically came upon her lips.  As a result, the frown went away, and a smile appeared on his face.  She bent down kissed his cheek, and let her lips linger over him. 

Monday, 4 November 2019

OS : Love Lost, Love Found: Two Different Worlds (part a)

High School normally comes with an entire package of unwritten rules, and they are tested in the most cruel ways - the results decide whether you're allowed to exist in High School or not. One such rule we're talking about was the Status Quo. Every gang had a different look, and a different status - more like a rating. The group that topped the charts, got to decide the ratings of the rest.

And this, was exactly I, and a bunch of my friends did'We were the popular kids, we had our bunch of hot dude and pretty dudettes, and I was a part of them'I, Riddhima Gupta, was the popular chic, a style statement people around me wanted to follow, the epitome of perfection which people wanted to imitate, and most of all, every guy's dream date'

Part 12 :Betrayal (AR)

    Picnic in Lonavla...

Recap: Armaan and the boys are talking about Maya, and they recall their last encounter with her.  During lunch, Maya tries to secretly flirt with Armaan, but Rahul stops her.  Sapna starts to realize that she's starting to feel something for Amit, but dismisses the thought.  Riddhima remembers her past and decides to find out the truth.

" Ridzi! " A knock on the door brought Riddhima back to the present.  She closed the photo album, and opened the door, and saw Muskaan standing there.
" Arre Muski?  Tu yahaan kaise?  Koi kaam tha? "
" Kyun?  Main bina kaam ke nahin aa sakti kya? "
" Arre nahin!  Aisi toh koi baat nahin hain. "
" Ab kya tu mujhse yahin pe baat karegi?  Andar nahin bulaayegi? "
" Sorry meri maa!  Aaja! " Riddhima rolled her eyes and called her in with a smile.
Muskaan flopped herself down on the bed, and Riddhima did the same.
" Chal bata.  Kasauli kaisa hain? " Muskaan asked, suddenly excited to gossip.
" Bohat achha hain.  I love it here.  Kitni shanti hain yahaan. "

Sunday, 3 November 2019


"Sir you have 32 voice mails…you were in the meeting and.." his p. a informed him running after him to another conference hall just after having finished a meeting.

"is someone dieing?" armaan asked walking briskly with a plain face. He had important things to look after than attend his voice mails!

"uh- uhm no- no sir.."

"is there any from shilpa mallik?"

" sir.."

Armaan took out his phone and listened to shilpa's voice mail… "voice mails are for office clients and people you don't wanna talk to…dare you put me on this thing again armaan.." he smiled. If there was one person in the world who could talk to armaan in that air, it was mrs. Shilpa mallik!

"what time is it?" he asked plainly to his p.a..

Part 11 :Betrayal (AR)

Recap:  The gang decides to go to Kasauli Club for the evening.  A girl is really mad as she doesn't know where Armaan has gone.  She vows to get Armaan back.  In Kasauli, Armaan and Riddhima share a moment together.  They later go to the club, where Riddhima recalls her first meeting with Armaan.  They come back to the hotel, where the boys find out that Maya and Vivek have come there, too, and Armaan is really mad.  He recalls his second meeting with Riddhima in the college where they had bet.

Saturday, 2 November 2019


You know sometimes, when she's lying in bed watching tv while I try to sleep(I can't really sleep with all the noises and lights) and then she suddenly sees something so funny that she actually gets up and sits straight, or go to the corner of the bed, closer to the tv, still laughing heartily, that sight is to die for.

And then in the morning when I keep staring at her while she's asleep and then she frowns, and blushes (I still don't know how she manages the both together) , and tells me to go away while her hands go round my neck bringing me closer to her, that feeling is to die for.

There are times when she cooks something new and asks me how it is, that moment between she asking and me replying, that moment when her eyes look smaller than they are, coz of her anticipation and her lips curled amusingly and hands tight, waiting for my reaction, that moment is to die for.

And then there are times when her eyes are red coz of sleepiness and she still sits waiting for me late in the night,those eyes are to die for.

Part 10 :Betrayal (AR)

  Our First Meeting

Recap:  Maya is introduced to everyone, and Armaan isn't happy with her arrival.  He's at the terrace, when Rahul comes, and he tells him everything.  Rahul decides to help him out.  The gang decides to go to Kasauli and Armaan and Riddhima have a romantic moment in the car.  Once they all reach Kasauli, Rahul tells Amit and Atul the truth, and they all decide to help Armaan.

Friday, 1 November 2019


  "This contract hereby certifies that-

I, dr. armaan-riddhima's husband-mallik pledge the following things and also pledge to abide by all of them in thick and thin."

He looked up at her after reading the first few lines and gulped hard. God only knew what was in store for him. "tumne ye poora khud likha hai?"

She nodded.

"meri taraf se?"

"yes. now read on and sign.." she ordered.

"hmmm.." he nodded sheepishly and read on-

"1. I will love her even more with a bloated tummy in a few weeks.

Part 9 :Betrayal (AR)


Recap:  Everyone is busy due to the Sangeet preparations.  Amit and Sapna share a moment together and Vivek teases Amit.  Armaan and Riddhima are making food when, Armaan cuts his finger.  Riddhima takes care of him, and they kiss, but break apart soon because the lights go off.  Rahul finds out about Amit's love for Sapna.  The boys and girls dance, and a girl name Maya arrives there.  Armaan is shocked seeing her.

Armaan was totally shocked.  His senses went numb seeing her here.  While Armaan, was shocked, a mysterious smile was playing on Maya's lips.

" Hello Mr. Armaan Mallik. " Maya said with a smile.  Armaan, who came back from his thoughts, looked suspiciously at Maya.

" Tum yahaan kya rahi ho? "

Thursday, 31 October 2019


It was September that time, I clearly remember. I was seventeen, last year of my school and still a kid. I had never been in love. I had no idea what it felt like. True, I had crushes, many of them infact. But they were all...well, what do I say...unapproachable? Yeah, that probably is the word. I liked one of my teachers. He taught me science and maths. Two subjects I loathed. But the teacher's big eyes and deep dig dimples...he so reminded me of my favorite actor (who of course, was another crush of mine) but anyhow, I still didn't know what love was like. And very honestly, I didn't even want to know. My life was kinda complete...and having boyfriends was just not me...not at that time...I thought I was too young...

Part 8 :Betrayal (AR)


Recap: Armaan tells the gang about her moment with Riddhima and they get shocked.  During dinner, Vivek comes and everyone gets happy, but the boys get jealous at the same time seeing Vivek getting all close to their girls.  In their bedroom, Armaan says sorry to Riddhima about their moment, and Riddhima gets shocked.  Riddhima says 'I love you' to a sleeping Armaan.  On the other hand, a girl talks to a guy, saying that she is coming tomorrow.

The next morning, Gupta Residence was once again filled with noise.  People were running from one side of the house, to the other.  Today was Atul and Anjali's Sangeet ceremony.  This is how the chores were divided up today.
Shashank & Rahul: Outside decorations   Padma & Muskaan: Dressing Anjali and other things   Armaan & Riddhima: Kitchen Dishes
Amit & Sapna: Inside decorations
On one hand, Shashank and Rahul were running from one side, to the other, telling the workers to get the decorations right, while Padma and Muskaan were at the tailor shop, getting the dresses for everyone.

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Last part : Summer Heat(AR mini )

Armaan's eyes searched for Riddhima across the beach. He wanted to confess everything that he had finally confessed to himself just now. He heard hooting and whistling from a large crowd and he hoped that it wouldn't be Riddhima that all these guys were gesturing at. Armaan got a good view of the reason behind all this commotion and much to his surprise, there she stood. Riddhima Gupta. Armaan boiled with anger as he watched her dance like a sl*t with so many guys. Armaan knew that this time she hadn't had a drop of alcohol as he had been watching her from a long time. He couldn't believe that she would get so worked up about what he did with Audrina earlier. "She crossed the limit of this stupid jealousy game. I can't fu*king believe her stupidity." Armaan pushed through the crowd and Riddhima was engrossed into dancing that she didn't even notice Armaan in the huge crowd. He caught hold of her wrist and dragged her out of the crowd. Riddhima's anger flared as he pulled her a few distances away from the party as he didn't want to create a scene. "Let go of my hand

Part 7 :Betrayal (AR)

  The A-rival

Recap: Armaan has a daydream about him and Riddhima.  On the saying of Muskaan, Armaan and Riddhima feed each other and Armaan deliberately bites her finger while having the bite.  The girls and boys bicker over the topic of going for shopping and the girls get upset, but the boys pacify them and they all go for shopping.  During the shopping, Armaan makes Riddhima wear the set he chose and Riddhima gets angry, but calms down when Sapna gets angry.  Armaan and Riddhima have an intimate moment together, but then Riddhima goes away.  After they both leave the mall, a girl laughs and says that she'll take Armaan away.

" KYA? " The gang yelled together in unison.  Everyone in the gang, except for Riddhima, had gathered together in Amit's room.  Armaan had told them about his moment with Riddhima yesterday, and they were shocked.

" Lekin tu usske paas gaya hi kyun? " asked Rahul.

Tuesday, 29 October 2019

part 3 : Summer Heat(AR mini )

"What the f*ck is wrong with her?" Armaan thought angrily as he observed Riddhima from a distance. She was surrounded by a dozen guys on the middle of the beach and she was dancing shamelessly while enjoying all of the attention from the handsome hunks. "Well she looks like she's enjoying herself so back off dude." Armaan lectured himself. Armaan had wasted enough time observing her actions, and he hadn't had any fun of his own. "Stop acting like a boyfriend Armaan. Why are you looking out for her anyway? She told you off and ended everything. So it's best you forget she's even here and get down to business." Armaan thought as he took one last look at her and walked away from the loud music. He met many girls throughout the party and danced and even made out with a couple of them, but he just couldn't help but glance at Riddhima and think about her every few minutes. He caught Riddhima stealing glances at him quite a few times and it made him doubt her enjoyment. He thought back to the idea that maybe this really is a ploy to make him jealous and Armaan hated to admit it, but it was working to some extent. If this was what Riddhima was

Part 6 :Betrayal (AR)


Recap: Armaan and Riddhima have a close moment together.  Atul and Anjali get engaged.  Two people talk to each other and get details about Armaan and Riddhima.

The next morning, Armaan and Riddhima were in their room.  They had gotten up and Riddhima was in the bathroom, taking a shower, while Armaan was sitting on the couch, finishing up some work on his laptop.

He was suddenly hit by some water droplets and he moved his face to the other side.  When he moved his head back, he was completely mesmerized with the scene in front of him.

Riddhima was trying to towel-dry her hair.  She was wearing a pink and orange strapless top, with light blue jeans on the bottom.  Her hair was all wet and a bit curly.  She had a few droplets on her shoulder, neck, and on her upper chest.

Monday, 28 October 2019

Part 2: Summer Heat(AR mini )

"Did I mention that you are the hottest girl on this beach?" Armaan shamelessly flirted with a blonde chick while drinking his beer at a stand at the beach. The girl just blushed and nodded. After spending a good 15 mins chatting with her, Armaan concluded that she was way too slow and boring. He left the stand and turned around eyeing the beach. "It's on to the next Armaan Mallik" Armaan smirked as he saw the variety of girls in front of him.


"Hey, do you want to play a game of volleyball?" A chirpy blonde asked Riddhima while she was laying down and soaking the sun. "Sure." Riddhima instantly agreed as she was a pro at volleyball and she loved competition of any sort. She joined the team on the far end with one brunette and one cute spanish guy who smiled at her and observed her head to toe. Riddhima smirked knowing how good she looked today. She had already been getting lots of stares since the moment she stepped on the beach and as always, she enjoyed the attention.

Part 5 :Betrayal (AR)


Recap: Anjali tells Atul the truth and they decide to go ask Rahul and Muskaan for help.  Rahul and Muskaan are romancing when Atul and Anjali come into the room.  They decide to help Armaan and Riddhima come together, and they call Sapna and tell her to come.  Sapna and Amit arrive, as well as Armaan.  Riddhima gets sad and shocked seeing Armaan there and goes away from there, while Armaan decides to get his Basket back.

Riddhima had locked herself in her room, and was sitting against the door with her knees bent up to her chest, her arms around them, and her face was between them and she was crying.  She couldn't believe that Armaan was here.  How could he be here?  After all, she never told him about where she was going, and nor did he ever know about Atul and Anjali's wedding.  Then how did he find out?  All these questions were killing her.  She wanted to be away from him, but as much as she tries, she always fails.

Sunday, 27 October 2019

Part 1: Summer Heat(AR mini )

"This is beautiful".

Riddhima Gupta sighed as she watched the breathtaking sight in front of her. The blazing hot California sun shone on her, blocking her view from the blissful sight in front of her. She loved the feel of the sand in her toes. The sounds of the soothing waves were music to her ears. Riddhima was finally relaxed and stress-free. She was disconnected from the outside world and it gave her a sense of relief. She was miles away from her hectic life back home in Toronto, but best of all, she was miles away from him. It had been about one month since she had last seen him yet she couldn't forget that last look he gave her before she fled from that party. It was a look of anger with a hint of pain. Wait, who was she kidding? Armaan didn't feel pain. He was a ruthless, egoisitc, self-centered bas***d who only cared for himself.

Then why? Why, considering everything that happened between them, why did she still care? Why could she still hear his voice ringing in her ears? Why could she feel his presence everywhere she went? Why did his touch still linger on her skin? Why? Riddhima shook her head vigorously. She was aware that deep down in her heart, she still felt for him. But she would never admit this to

Part 4 :Betrayal (AR)


Recap:  Armaan finds out that Riddhima has left him, and becomes really sad.  He calls Muskaan, and finds out that they are in New Delhi, for Atul, and Anjali's wedding, and books a ticket for New Delhi.  On the other hand, Riddhima recalls the time when she left Mallik Mansion.  Anjali comes in, and they have lots of fun.  Anjali finds out the truth, and decides to help Armaan and Riddhima.

Anjali was sitting in her room, wondering how to help Armaan and Riddhima.  After knowing the truth, she was really mad at Armaan for breaking her innocent sister's heart.  She was sure that Armaan loved Riddhima a lot, but at the same time she was confused that how could Armaan do such a thing.  She knew that something was fishy.

Saturday, 26 October 2019

AR OS: Over The Years

"Dr. Armaan Mallik, I don't have time for your stupid pranks. I, unlike you, actually come here for working. Now, if you'll excuse me," Riddhima said and walked past Armaan but had to stop as she felt someone holding her dupatta."

"Dr. Basket Gupta, if you would actually let me talk to you, maybe it wouldn't be so time consuming. I did not put salt in your coffee. I repeat, I. Did. Not. Put. Salt. In. Your. Coffee." Armaan told her walked away from there, glaring at her. She glared right back and went to the Children's Ward.


"Urgh, Riddhima Gupta, get out of my head. I do not want to see you everywhere I go. This is so irritating. Maybe I should ask Atul about this?" Armaan spoke to himself. "Great, now I'm talking to myself."

Part 3 :Betrayal (AR)


Recap: Riddhima gets a mail with pictures that show Armaan with another girl and Riddhima gets shocked.  She talks to Muskaan and gets relieved.  Armaan comes back and gets worried when Riddhima doesn't react to him.  He finds out that Riddhima knows about him being with another girl and tries to tell her the truth, but is unable to as Riddhima refuses to listen to him.  Both break down and Riddhima talks to Muskaan about her talk with Armaan, and tells her that she knows what to do now.

Next Morning...
Armaan woke up and looked around.  He slept in the guest room as Riddhima had pretty much locked him out yesterday.  Yesterday's incident came back to him.  He couldn't believe that just one day could change his life to such extent.  He was so happy to come back.  He was happy to come back to India, to his house, to his Riddhima.  But he never knew that it was completely opposite with Riddhima.

Friday, 25 October 2019


" 56....well done armaan....come on you can do it..."

"I know that riddhima...."

" 57...." She said sitting on the back of armaan as armaan was doing push ups with her on his back.....n she was reading a magazine....

" And the award winning bussiness man gives all his credit to his wife....58...."

" mallik how do you feel....after your newly marriage took place....any change in your schedule....."

Part 2 :Betrayal (AR)


Recap: Riddhima realizes that Armaan is coming back from Malasiya, and get's really happy.  She recalls the moments spent with Armaan, before he had left for his business trip.  She gets an unknown mail, and gets shocked after seeing the material inside the mail.

After seeing the material inside the mail, Riddhima's hands started to shake and the mail dropped from her hands, down on the floor.  They were some photos.  Armaan's photos.  But they weren't JUST Armaan's photos, they also had this girl in it.  The  2 of the photos showed Armaan kissing this girl behind a pillar, and the other 2 showed Armaan with the same girl in the bed, making love with each other.
Riddhima was shocked after seeing the pictures.  She couldn't believe her eyes.  Her legs refused to support her, and she dropped on the ground.  She blankly stared at the pictures.  Tears formed in her eyes.  A lone tear fell from her eyes, bringing in a flood of tears.  She cried bitterly.  She couldn't believe that Armaan could do something like that to her.  She had loved Armaan with all her heart.  She had trusted him so much, but Armaan had just shattered her faith into uncountable number of pieces.

Thursday, 24 October 2019

Part 1 :Betrayal (AR)


As the Sun shone through the window, she turned to the other, only to find more light there.  Suddenly, the alarm rang, waking her up.  She sat up, and dismissed the alarm, and jerked her eyes open, but quickly put her hand up in front of her eyes, as to protect those.  She again slowly opened her eyes, revealing those beautiful eyes of her.  She quickly looked at the calendar which was in front of her, which announced 'August 20, 2010'.  Her lips formed into a smile.
" Aaj toh woh aa jayega. "  she said, as her grinned grew more bigger.  She quickly got out of the bed, and ran towards the bathroom, making her soft, shiny hair fly gracefully behind her.
She quickly brushed her teeth, and had a shower.  She got out of the bathroom and walked to her walking-closet.  Changing into a dark blue strapless top, which ended at her mid-thighs, and black jeans shorts, she walked out of the closet, and went to her dresser.
She brushed her silky, black hair and applied black kohl, and a tint of lip gloss on her face.  She wore blue bangles in her right hand, and a Relic watch in the other, with a pair of blue sapphire earings.
She looked at the reflection in the mirror.  A smile appeared on her face.  She recalled those moments that she had spent with him, right before he had left.

Epilogue : Remember Me (ArSh FF)

"I knew you would come back to me Armaan " Sarah spoke happily not able to believe her eyes. She had almost given up the thought that Armaan would be back to her. " I was so correct you have comeback Armaan " She spoke eagerly while opening the door fully inviting him into her hotel room. Armaan stared at her for a while and gave a sarcastic smile. "Ofcourse after all i had something important to finish. "
The tremor in his voice made her flinch for a second as Sarah stared at her uncertainly. What was running in his mind. She wondered. Seeing how he was mocking at her dissapointed all her happy thoughts..
Not for long. Now that you have come to me i will make you mine forever. A seductive smile formed on her lips as she gave a thought about it. Without a further word Armaan walked inside the room which surprised her at first. But again a her smile grew as she felt she was near her plan.
" Armaan you dont know how happy i am to have you here. " Sarah spoke following him inside. With a wide smile she hugged him from behind only to feel him grow still. Armaan flinched at the contact and closed his eyes trying to control the fury in his mind. Muttering under his breath his brushed away her hand , he took a step forward making some distance between them. Sarah stared at him in shock noticing the disgust in his eyes as he glared at her. She felt a unknown fear grow within her as he spit out in disgust. " Stay away from me. "

Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Prologue:Betrayal (AR)

 He followed her into her room with anger in his eyes.  She entered her room crying after what she had seen.  She had started to trust him a little, but after what she had seen today, she couldn't trust him ever again.  She tried to close the door but he placed his hand on the door, making it impossible for her to close the door.  She tried a lot, but couldn't and finally he opened the door, making her go back a few steps, and he closed the door shut behind him.  He looked at her with fire in his eyes.
" Chale jao yaha se.  I SAID GO! " She shouted, but he didn't budge.  He walked forward, and she tried to walk right past him, but he grabbed her by her wrists and turned her around, making her face him.
" Leave me Armaan. " Riddhima said trying to get rid of his grip, but Armaan wasn't in any mood of letting her go tonight.  He kept staring at her with bloodshot eyes and tightened his grip on her wrists, making her wince a little.

Last Part : Remember Me (ArSh FF)

He set in the car, parked outside the house. His heart kept debating on whether he wanted to do this. He could still show his back and run away from the problem. But that would mean throwing off the problem of Sara on Shilpa. Disgust filled in his heart as he realized what a coward he was being. Sara is the past. Shilpa is my Future.. He chanted in his mind as he got out of the car.. Minutes passed as he stood infront of the door staring at it blankly. As he gave a soft knock on the door it flew open and infront of him stood the last person he had wished to see right now..
"Ahh Finally Armaan.. " Sara spoke in her famous sultry voice passing a seductive smile at him.. His jaw clenched as she ran down a hand on her tight dress. Her actions disgusted him as he realized what she was trying to do. He couldnt believe she had the guts to stare at him with lust knowing he was married.. He tore off his gaze and tried to walk pass her as she held his arm with a smirk.. " Running away from me ? "

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Part 22 : Remember Me (ArSh FF)

Destiny had finally brought them face to face again.. Deep in heart Shilpa knew oneday would come where she would have to confront with Armaan's past. Face it and fight for it.. Face her.. Her heart concluded as she realized Sara had taken a seat beside her. Anjali set stiff throwing daggers at Sara but still kept quiet. She knew in one minute she could drive off this women. But still something inside her stopped her as she saw the determination forming in Shilpa's eyes. Dont let her win Shilpa.. Anjali gave her a pleading advice which Shilpa understood..
"So Shilpa.. Finally getting to see you after so many months.. " Sara spoke awkwardly flashing a big smile..
Get strong fight for it.. A silent plead formed in her heart as she smiled back at Sara.. "Ofcourse Sara. Havent got to hear a word from you. You must have been having a very good carrier.. "
Sara narrowed her eyes when suddenly her eyes ran to her belly.. A coy smiled formed on her lips instantly.. " Totally Knocked out... Who is the lucky Guy.. "

Monday, 21 October 2019

AR os : Life Inside Me ( Last part )

He made her lie on their bed and covered her with the blanket and went out to get some medicines for her. When he went out Riddhima opened her eyes and saw that she was in their house. She got up immediately and knew that Armaan had seen her and brought her here. She frantically got up and was about to leave when she found her big size photo on the head side wall of the bed. She just stared at it and it was then she noticed everything and all the things were just the same as she had left it, but it was clean and tidy and neatly organized. Then she looked at the whole house and was surprised to see it clean and clear and was overwhelmed with it. She went into the kitchen and saw all the things kept clean but some vessels were burnt very bad. Then she understood that Armaan might be cooking at home and she chuckled at it and then returned to the main hall when she heard a car entering the driveway. She was startled and didn't know what to do so went in to the room again and lied in the same way as she was before.

Part 21:Remember Me (ArSh FF)

"Just reschedule the meeting for morning. Am coming to office in a while." Armaan spoke in a hurry as he kept roaming around the home searching for his files. Shilpa kept tiredly wandering around him passing him his things. Being now pregnant for 9 months was making her tired and weak. "Armaan you are tiring me up now.. " Shilpa complained in a soft voice as she set in the sofa rubbing her big belly. He turned around staring at her for a minute. Mumbling a quick bye to his secretary he slowly bent down caressing her cheek.. "You better stop running around like this. Specially when the due date is so close.. "
"Then you better stop making me run after you. Armaan Mallik still is a kid who doesnt knw where his things are.. " Shilpa made up a face but couldnt help smile as she noticed him giving a silly grin..
"Oh god am sure gonna be late for my meeting now.. " Armaan muttered under his breath as he glanced at his watch and made his way to get his bag.. " Now where did i keep my keys.. " He spoke aloud searching around the sitting room.. Shilpa groaned and got up unwillingly, she picked up the keys from the drawer and walked upto him slowly narrowing her eyes.. "Your keys Armaan.. " He smiled and tried to take it when she snatched it back with a strict look.. " You will only get your keys when you finish the breakfast.. "

Epilogue : Dangerous Desire (AR)

"Armaan!  Tum kahaan ho?  Please tang karna band karo na!" Riddhima yelled for him as she walked around, trying to find him with her hair tied up in a messy bun.

"Oye kaan khajoore!  Tereko office nahin jaana kya?  UTH!" Muskaan screamed her lungs off, trying to wake Rahul up, while he just wouldn't budge.

"Atul, main last time keh rahi hoon!  Get up, and go take a shower, warna main tumhe kabhi baat nahin karungi!" Anjali said sternly and Atul immediately got up and ran to the bathroom, as she got back to work with a smile.

"Oye saand ki aulaad!  Utho!  Nikhil ko school chhodne nahin jaana kya?" She yelled, but Abhi just slept through her screams.  When he didn't an inch, Nikki glared at him and sat on him, immediately waking him up as he coughed and slowly got up and walked to the bathroom.

Sunday, 20 October 2019

AR os : Life Inside Me ( part 2 )

Tears started flowing from Riddhima's eyes as she remembered about their moments and her life with him which was for a short period but full of colour. Riddhima just looked at herself in the mirror and touched her sindoor and left a single tear. She started crying hysterically as she had started missing him very badly. After sometime she got up and thought that she had to see him and packed her things and though that she would see him and would return back to her life as she thought he would not accept her again.

She came to Mumbai and reached Sanjeevani hospital and prayed god that he should be there as she did not want to go to their home because once she goes inside all her memories attached with that house would reflect in front of her eyes, the way they had entered the house, how they had arranged everything, their nameplate stating Riddhima Armaan's nest, how they had made love in each and every place of the house, and how they had chased each other like teenagers and so on.

Part 20:Remember Me (ArSh FF)

Did i say something wrong ? It was the words which kept ringing in his mind as they made their way back to home. Through out the way she was silent , a blank expression stick on her face as if she was in daze.. She better react good.. He muttered to himself slightly dissapointed with her behavior. After so much planning of the house and confessing his feelings to her he had expected her to react with a look of surprise and tears. But instead she stared at him blankly and mumbled that she wants to go back home.

"Shilpa stop doing that.. " Armaan muttered angrily as he followed her around the house while she kept gathering up items in boxes.. Maybe she was eager or excited to shift back to the new house as soon as possible. But instead all he noticed in her face was tiredness which she usually felt due to pregnancy.. "Shilpa you should not stress out yourself  in this condition.." He spoke carefully trying to keep himself calm as he spoke softly so that she wouldnt react bad. Since pregnancy had started she had been reacting to his words emotionally. "Shilpa listen to me.. Shona " He spoke softly taking her hand into his.. He frowned as she moved away softly crying.. "How can you just come and say it so easily.. " She spoke in broken words while trying to put away things with her trembling hands..
" I said stop stressing out yourself.. " He muttered in a angry tone. Shilpa glanced up at him biting her lips , but instead of listening to him she started to fill up the box with items..

Last Chapter : Dangerous Desire (AR)

Armaan opened his eyes slowly to see the most adorable sight in front of him.  Riddhima was sleeping peacefully with her hand under her head.  He slowly angled himself towards her and carefully observed her.  Her thick, long lashes were softly resting on her rosy cheeks.  A thick, curly fringe was covering a part of her face, which he didn't like at all.  Very slowly, he pushed the fringe back and Riddhima opened her eyes, looking at him straight in the eye.

"Good morning wifey." He greeted her lovingly, bringing a beautiful smile to her face.

"Good morning, hubby." She said huskily.

"God you sound so sexy." She softly chuckled at what he said and held his hand.

"Do I just sound sexy?"

"Ohhh... I like this Riddhima.  Very naughty."

Saturday, 19 October 2019

AR os : Life Inside Me (part 1)

It has been 5 months since the dreadful day which changed my happy going life. And all this happened because of my sharp angry and ego. Yes, I am Riddhima, Riddhima Armaan Malik, and to be a mother of a boy/girl in another 4 months. But Armaan does not even know that I am carrying his child in my womb. Just because of my sharp tongue I ruined my own life with my hands just for a silly reason.

We both were married for 6 months and it was a love marriage and it happened in Sanjeevani, Delhi. My dad was against it and when we both got married in the court he told me that day that I would never be happy with Armaan and she would repent about her decision in a very short time. At that time I was hurt a little but after when Armaan consoled me then I thought that with Armaan by my side nothing bad would happen and it was true. We had got transferred to Sanjeevini, Mumbai as Armaan did not want me to face my dad every day in the hospital as he would not leave a chance to hurt me in any manner. Armaan had his own house in Mumbai and we shifted to his place. We did not get time to go on our honeymoon as we had no leave and had joined new and were starting our new life without any ones support and all our friends were in Delhi, and they could not do anything as they themselves were dealing with their own problems and we did not want to bother them.

Part 19:Remember Me (ArSh FF)

One month past :

"Whats wrong with you today ? "
" Whats wrong with me , nothing. "
"You are avoiding me Shilpa. " Armaan spoke irritatedly getting annoyed with the tension hanging around them. She had been behaving weird since the night she had seen him chatting around with Rosa , unknown with the close proximity himself she had caught Rosa hugging him which made him realize the reason behind her disturbed look. He had spent several days to make her understand she was holding a empty worry , still the tension hanged around them which was now suffocating him badly..
Armaan sighed and took her hand caressing it softly.. "How many times should i say sorry for that night. ? Cant you trust me.. ? "
Shilpa cringed inwardly seeing the worried look on his face. He cared for her , it was always visible in his eyes.. Brushing away his hand she got up from her seat cleaning up the table.. "My worry is that Rosa.. "

Chapter 45 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

It was almost three at night when Armaan went to the kitchen to drink some water. When he was walking back, he heard soft tunes of guitar playing in the balcony.  Intrigued, he walked to the balcony and saw Vishal playing the guitar with a soft smile on his face as he stared at the sky.  Since Armaan wasn't that sleepy, he thought to have a little talk with him.  He quietly went and sat down on the couch in front him.

"Not sleepy Vishal?" Armaan asked with a slight smile, which brought Vishal out of his thoughts.

"Oh hey.  When did you get here?"

"When you were staring off in space and thinking about something." Vishal smiled sheepishly.

"Sorry man.  I just become oblivious when I play my guitar."

Friday, 18 October 2019

KaSh os :And i was like.... Baby

He looked at her, while she looked back. And then the same once again, he made no move of trying to walk towards her, nor did she do anything back. His eyes blazed into her cool ones, while her lips curved into that same dangerous smile. Her mouth opened and closed, again and the one again. Her arms folded across her chest, while his posture exactly the same, but no one made a move.

"Are you going to say something?" they both snapped out of their thoughts, as they heard the lady in front of them speak. "Do you want the divorce or not?"

A spite of anger swapped through the woman standing at the side. "I thought we had that clear, the divorce will happen"

Part 18:Remember Me (ArSh FF)

2 Months Later :

" Huh... What were you saying... ? " Armaan glanced up from his laptop as he noticed Shilpa who stood infront of him fuming in anger. Despite of the anger she had in her eyes he couldnt help but smile. Shilpa narrowed her eyes at him and spoke muttering angrily.. "I told you why are you avoiding me.. "
He frowned.. He frowned badly hearing her words.. "Now stop talking nonsense Shona.. When did i do that.. "
She huffed angrily and walked out of the room without a word.. He got up and followed behind her confused.. " Now will you please tell me what is going on.. ?? "
Pregnancy hormones started to kick in her as she bit her lips from crying.. But Shilpa couldnt help as tears welled up in her eyes.. "How can we talk. You hardly have time for me to talk now.. "
Frustration built inside him as he tried to understand what she meant. Had he really ignored her all these days.. "Shona i told you i am having buxy projects in hand.. "
" Ya right buxy projects or hot assistant.. " She muttered under her breath pushing him aside walking back inside the room..

Chapter 44 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

It was evening time and Shah Nivaas was filled with happiness, smiles, laughters and excitement. After all, it was Shubhankar and Kirti's sangeet ceremony.  Wherever you went, you would see people dressed up nicely and blessing Shubhankar and Kirti for their life.  While everyone was busy talking to their friends and family, our beloved group was standing in a corner, talking amongst themselves.

"Kya yaar.  Yahaan pe kaun kya bolta hain kuch bhi samajh mein nahin aata." Atul whined.

"Beta.  Issko Gujarati bolte hain."

"Abe woh toh mereko pata hain.  Lekin aisa toh kaisa yaar.  Ek desh, lekin do-sau se bhi zyaada languages.  Kitna confusing hain yaar.  I wish neeche subtitles hote.  At least samajh mein toh aata.  Yahaan toh gaali dete hain, toh bhi pata nahin chalta." They giggled at Atul's words because they knew it was true.

Thursday, 17 October 2019


She heard a loud sound from the guest room, that was his room. She knew she had upset him but it wasn't her fault after all. And when she was trying to understand things around her and still getting comfortable with him,Tickling her was not what he should've done.. things were not same as the past now..but she still felt guilty for shouting at him like that. He hadn't said her anything and had simply strode to his room. And now was taking out anger like this, throwing out things. She was a little scared of approaching him at this time, but she felt a wierd comfort too..a small voice at the back of her head saying he needed her and that she should go and talk to him..

She slowly opened the door to his room and peeked inside.. he was fuming with anger and from what she could see, probably crying too. Before her mind could decide whether to go to him or walk out, her feet already started walking in his direction..

"uh...shilpa..uhm..kuch chahiye tha tumhe?" his expressions changed from anger to concern in the friction of a second..but she stood unmoved.. "tum hamesha itna hi gussa karte ho? Aur uhm..aise hi gussa thanda karte ho?" she pointed to the bits of coffee mug lying scattered on the floor..

Part 17:Remember Me (ArSh FF)

" What ! " Shilpa heard herself blurt out while staring at the judge in the court room.. She bit her lip and glanced away embarrassed while Armaan glanced at her amused..
The judge smiled at her widely and spoke strongly.. " I said Now you are both officially Married.. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs Mallik.."
Mrs. Mallik.. The word rang in her mind sending chills down her spine..
Armaan smiled down at her and pressed her hand blinking his eyes assuring her.. Her gaze drifted on Padma and Anjali who stood in corner beaming happily.. Anjali was grinning while Padma had tears in her eyes smiling at her.. Shilpa smiled at them with a content heart as he took her hand in hers while walking outside..

Chapter 43 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

Riddhima sat on the window ceil of her room and stared out the window.  She heard the cool winds sing in her ears and the rustle of the leaves along with the faint sound of the kids running around in the courtyard.  The day seemed very gloomy, just like her life which was now colorless.  Two days had passed since she left Mumbai and came to her mom's maternal house ' Surat ' to stay with her parents and Naani for a few days, since that was the only place she knew she could go.

Even though she acted like she was happy and content with her marriage life in front of everyone, only she knew how she was trying to save her broken self.  Ever since he said those painful words to her, Riddhima completely fell apart.  She lost the desire, the reason to live.  The days were nothing but a drag for her now.  What was life without Armaan?  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  When she wrote the letter that letter, she meant it.  Every single word that she had written came straight from her heart.  But it didn't even matter anymore.  She was sure Armaan was very happy that she left and life was no different for him.  But now she was determined to forget about him.  To take him out of her heart and start her life afresh, that is if it was possible.  She sighed dejectedly.

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Part 16:Remember Me (ArSh FF)

One week Later :

Shilpa groaned as she glanced at the time weakly.. Slowly she set up on the bed clutching her stomach as she felt the pain increase in lower abdomen.. She tried to get up from bed when Anjali walked inside worried.. " How is the pain today.. ? "
Shilpa sank into the pillows giving up the idea of getting up.. " Still its paining a lot.. I couldnt go to office even today.. "
Anjali set beside her passing a glass of juice.. " Drink this you will feel much better.. Infact doctor says you need to take more fluids.. "
Shilpa made a face but hesitantly started to drink it quietly.. Anjali studied her face for a long time and spoke.. " I spoke to Aunty today.. She said she will be coming to mumbai by tomorrow evening.. I will make sure i go and pick her up you dont have to worry about it.. "
Shilpa gave a soft smile to her pressing her hand.. " Thank you Anjie.. You are the best.. "
Tiredly She closed her eyes leaning back on the pillows when Anjali spoke softly.. " You are missing him right.. "