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Arsh os : My Nerdy Prince Charming


Shilpa is a beautiful girl, but no guy asks her out because she's considered someone who's not approachable so they just look and admire her from afar considering her to be perfect. She's not only beautiful but also really good in everything. Not only she's a topper like Armaan, she's also really involve in her extracurricular. She's perfect just like Armaan however this is just an image she puts for others to see. She originally considers Armaan her rival since he's pretty perfect in everything just like her but always seem to beat her by few points in the exams. This compels her to try harder which means that she has even less time to think about boys. Girls usually keep their distance from Armaan not because he's not good looking but because he wears glasses which makes him seem more like a nerd.

Sid is Armaan's best friend and Ridz is his GF. He's also friends with Shilpa since Shilpa is really good in sports and Sid is too. He's more of athlete while Armaan is more like a book-worm but Armaan is better than him in basketball.


Armaan sighs in contemplation. "Why? why is it like that?" he asks his best friend Sid. Sid looks at him puzzled causing Armaan to sigh again.

Sid just pats him sympathetically on his back, "sorry man, what can I say? I mean we all know that you're not that bad looking but girls just don't seem to like you!" Armaan frowns, "Well you got Ridhimma and you're not that big of a hotshot either!!"

Upon hearing this, Sid grins, "That's because I am the luckiest guy in the world..." he was about to say further when two small hands wrapped around his shoulders causing him to look back and smile. "And I am the luckiest girl in the world..." Ridhima chimes as she grinned while looking at Sid.

Armaan makes a gagging noise while witnessing their romance. "I think I am going to get sick..." Ridhimma takes Sid and his arm in either of her arms and finishes her sentence, "Wait let me finish, I am the luckiest girl in the world because I have two of the most handsome guys at my side. One as my best friend..." while looking at Armaan, "...and other as my boyfriend" while she stared at Sid lovingly. Both wrap their hands around her shoulder saying at the same time, "you bet you are!" Hearing this Ridhimma chuckles as she hugs both of them back.

Shilpa sighs again as she sees scores posted on the bulletin board. It's always the same. What changes? Everytime I try so hard and yet...he beats me!!! Ugghhh...She snaps out of her thoughts as she hears noises of laughter right outside the lecture room. Curiosity overtakes her and she peeps out to see what was going on. Her eyes bulge out when she sees Armaan laughing heartily at Sid's joke. How dare he look so happy? she pouts.

 Little does she know that her pout wasn't gone unnoticed by the trio as all of them look at her in surprise. Ridhimma smiles and waves while Sid gestures for her to come over.

She reluctantly makes her way towards them. A slow smile graces her feature as she says hi. Ridhimma smiles at her, "Shilpa do you want to come eat with us? We're just going to the cafetaria to get something!" Shilpa politely declines, "Sorry, I have some important work to do so I can't as of now!"

Ridhima: you know Shilpa I dont know how you do it. I mean, you're always on the top of the class and sports and on top of that, you're the president of student council as well. Don't overwork yourself. Ridhimma finishes in concern.
Shilpa smiles, "It's not that bad. I made a lot of friends due to the student council besides I am not that smart. Armaan takes that title from me." She finishes off sheepishly (shilpa's/Armaan's thoughts will be italicized). That idiot always wins one way or the other. Armaan chuckles at hearing this. "What are you talking about? I can't even try as hard as you do. I just don't have enough strength to. I really do admire you." he finishes off smiling, "besides I am not the one who's considered perfect around her, you are!" Upon hearing this Shilpa smiles softly but little do they know that Shilpa nerve popped upon hearing his statement. WHAT!!! This Jerk!!!! how dare he? he doesnt even try and he gets such high scores while i work my butt off and I can never beat him...She starts to sulk inwardly.

Armaan notices her change of expression, "Are you ok? you don't look so good. Do you want me to escort you to the nurse?" He slightly touches her shoulder in an attempt to support her however she jerks his hand away, surprised. "No thank you. I am fine. I think I should go now." Armaan looks at her departing figure, "you know, I get the feeling that she dislikes me..." he trails off.

Sid pats him on the back, "Every girl dislikes you mate!" Ridhimma frowns at Sid's insensitive comment, quieting Sid down. "Armaan, I don't think thats the case but you should be careful on what you say around girls. Sometimes what you say sounds really arrogant even without you knowing..." Armaan looks confused. What did I say to her? I only complimented her on being hardworking...oh..god, I am such a jerk and I wonder why girls don't like me. He sighs, "you know I gave up on girls a long time ago, but she was one girl that I didn't want to upset for any reason. I mean she's a really smart girl, unlike other girls, who knows what she wants. I wanted to be friends with her. I though I will learn something and make new friends while being with her but I can't believe I made her hate me" Sid rolls his eyes, "Dude you don't even try. If only you remove your stupid glasses. I mean you don't even need them so why bother? besides Shilpa is not like that. Try talking to her, I am sure she will like you!"

While the trio talked about ways to impress Shilpa, Shilpa on the other hand just kept on running. Why? oh why? I hate this. I hate him! He's always like that. When I want to hate him, he does things like this to undo that. I mean I can never understand him. She soon halted as she was out of the building. Calming her racing heart, she sat down. What the heck? Why him? He's bloody perfect! The thought made her uneasy. No matter what she did, she could never catch upto him. No matter how hard she tried, she never could get close to the place he is right now. Good friends, Good grade and good looks. She wanted all that too and she worked hard for it and yet he? He didn't even need to try. The truth was that he was the real model student, not her. She was just a nobody who was trying to make her name by being perfect, not even someone she really was. She hugged herself. Oh, why was life so unfair?

Just as she was feeling sorry for herself, she felt a hand on her shoulder and she turned around to find Armaan's concerned eyes. "I knew it, you're not feeling well. Look, you can hate me all you want but I am taking you to the nurse!" Shilpa looked bewildered, "hate you? what are you talking about?" Her heart began to race as the nervousness overwhelmed her, did he find out? Does he know that I am not perfect. Does he know that I consider him my rival? Armaan rolled his eyes, "Like I don't know...I know everything. I can't believe I didn't notice it myself and had to have Ridhimma point it out to me!" Shilpa heart stopped. What? So all this time, she knew. He knew...everyone knew...she froze. Her knees gave up and Armaan's strong hand wrapped itself around her waist to support her. He gestured for her to sit down and she did.  "I am know, for what I said..." Shilpa was shocked. Why the heck was he sorry? She was the one who should be...for hating him...for being himself...

When Armaan didn't hear anything, he continued, "I know girls don't like me because I may strike as rude and arrogant but those were really not my intentions. I really am sorry if I offended you or in any way demeaned your efforts..." He looked at her prompting her to say something as she just stared blankly at him. Finally she looked away and said, "Not really, girls DO like you. Why would you think otherwise?" Armaan looked at her shocked. What? What did she say? His cheeks started to feel hot as the red color slowly climed from his ears to his cheeks and he turned beet red. Shilpa looked at him startled. Her expression changed from shock to displeasure, "You know this is what annoys me about you. You're too nice. Shouldn't you be mad at me right now or something? Instead here you are, turning red because I told you a fact?" Again, this took him by surprised. She think I am annoying. Annoying. He didn't know what to say, "I am sorry..." he whispered...Again she looked at him blankly and this time, instead of being angry, she grinned, "You know Armaan, you're wierd..." She got up before Armaan could say anything and as she was leaving to go to her Economics class, she whispered, "...and cute" It was loud enough for Armaan to hear and the lost color of his cheeks was back again as he turned as red as a tomato.

Shilpa walked to her class and sighed again in resignation. There's no winning that guy. I will never beat him. Not because I am less capable but because he's innocent and honest. Two things that I can never be. Geez, now I am depressed. However the thought of him getting red shocked her. She never thought that she will ever say or do something that will turn Armaan Malik, her rival, red. The usualy calm and confident guy was actually just an innocent boy who didn't even experience the affection of a girl yet. Though it did shock her when he said that girls don't like him. Yes, he was nerdy looking but he was not ugly. Heck, if he wasn't her rival, maybe even she could have been attracted to him. She shook her head in an attempt to shake these thoughts out. She has to concentrate on her goal...She furrowed her eyebrows in concentration and thought about why she hated him. Oh yes, it was because of today. When she was on the verge of hating him, he showed up to say sorry. She still wondered what he meant that he knew everything. Was he talking about me? Did I give myself away? This thought troubled her. Oh well, we will have to wait and see.

Armaan held his cheek in the palm of his hand. He remembered the day he first met her. It was when he entered college. The fragrance of blooming flowers overtook his senses as he saw her helping these students out. She smiled at everyone and everything. Soon, little by little, even without attempting, his gaze followed her everywhere. At first, it was her motherly nature that took care of everyone but then it was her aura...her aura that drew him in. She was everything he wasn't. She was the one girl that mattered. He did not know why at that time, but he was drawn to her spirit. Whatever she did, she did well. Even at studying. The only reason he was still the 1st was because she has other things to do. To him, she was someone he idealized. Little by little, it was not just that anymore. what was it? He didn't know. He never saw her mad before so when he saw a different side of her today, he was shocked. Yes, shocked but not dissapointed. Maybe a little relieved because it will make it easier for him to catch up to her..the fact that he still tried in his studies was only because of her. He wanted her acknowledgement. He was happy to know that she was capable of other emotions as well because it just made it seem slightly easier for him to get close to her. The fact that she showed him even a flash of emotions meant that he actually meant something to her which made him happy.

Of course, it shocked him when she told him that girls actually liked him. Though he knew it was just to make him feel better, he was alright with it as long as she said it. His cheeks felt hot again. Dude, guys don't blush!!! However his attempts were futile. Even though he knew that what she told him was true. He wasn't trying to be arrogant or anything but he knew that he wasn't bad looking if not for these glasses but he couldn't help it. He didn't want stupid girls to idealize him. He was here to study and that's what he was doing besides he wanted someone to like him, not for his face but for his character. No, let me rephrase that...I want HER to like me for my character. I want her to acknowledge me, to like me...



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