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Episode 28 : Love Birds (AR ff)

Armaan speaks, "Riddhima.. Tum bohot khush ho na.."
Riddhima says, "Haan Armaan. Aaj mein bohot bohot aur bohot khush hoon.. Papa waapas aa gaye na..."
Armaan says, "Aaj mein tumse ek waada karna chahta hoon."
Riddhima," Kaunsi waada ?"

Armaan, "Yahi ki mein tumhe hamesha aisa hi khush rakhoonga aur shayad isse bhi jzyaadaaa"

Riddhima moves a little backward and kisses him on his cheek and says, "I love you a lot Armaan aur mein bhi tumhe aise hi khush rahoongi."

Riddhima and armaan are feeling contended and are enjoying the moment to the fullest.

Armaan speaks, "Achcha riddhima. yeh batao.. ab papa bhi wapas aagaye lekin hum unse yeh baat nahi poocha ki kya woh london mein rehne waale hai ya phir India mein."

Riddhima says," Haan armaan. Mein toh bhool hi gayi thi."

Armaan: Are koi baat nahi. Hum kal baat karenge papa se. Okay. Lekin tum batao. Tum kahan pe rehna chahti ho ?

Riddhima: Pata nahi Armaan. Mujhe Atul, Rahul aur Muskaan ko, humare college ko,  Sanjeevani ko, aur ghar ko chod ke London mein rehna thoda sa mushkil hoga.
Lekin agar papa yahan par rehna chahte hai toh mein bhi yahan par hi rahoongi.

Armaan: Aur tum jahan par rehna chahte ho, mein wahan par hi rahoonga.
(He tells this in a husky voice while kissing her forehead)

Armaan: But I think at any cost Anjali will be staying in India. Because, soon she might be marrying atul na.

Riddhima: Haan Armaan. Tum ne toh ek aur baat yaad dilaya. Kyun na hum di ki shaadi ke baare mein papa se baat karein ?

Armaan: Good idea.

Riddhima snuggles more into him inorder to get rid of the cold weather while Armaan covers both of them with a shawl.

Armaan: Achcha. Hum hamare shaadi ke baad kaha pe rahenge.

Riddhima: Jahan tumhare marzi.

Armaan: Achcha.. toh shaadi ke baad, tum mere baat maanogi ?

Riddhima: Matlab ? Mein toh abhi bhi tumhare har baat sunti hoon.

Armaan: Sacch ?

Riddhima: Muchh.

Armaan: Achcha dekhte hai. Ab mein kuch kehne waala hoon. Aur tumhe woh karna hoga. Aur tum ne nahi kiya toh mein shaadi ke baad tumhare koi bhi baat nahi sunonga.

Riddhima: Okay Armaan. Bolo kya baat hai. Mein zaroor karoongi.

Armaan: Shut up... and ... give me a kiss...

Riddhima: What... Armaan... This is really unfair...

Armaan: What unfair ?

Riddhima: Theek hai apne aankhon ko bandh karo.

Armaan: Okay..

And riddhima suddenly tries to escape from there but Armaan is intelligent enough. He holds her onto her waist and pulls her so that she settles on his lap.

Riddhima looses her senses and slowly moves towards his face and kisses both his cheeks, forehead and eyes.
She lost her senses for a moment but did not regret what she has done.

Armaan smiles showing all his dimples and riddhima pulls his cheeks.

Riddhima: Tumhare dimples bohot cute hai armaan. They are sooooooo chweet and cutee.

Armaan: Really..

Riddhima: Really.. I love you armaan. Aur mein tumhare bina jee nahi paaongi.
Hum hamesha aisa hi khush rahenge na.

Armaan: I love you too riddhima aur tum meri zindgi ho.
Aur mein hamesha tumhe aisa hi khush rakhoonga.

Riddhima kisses his cheeks again and he returns her kiss.

Armaan: Riddhima.. Can I ask you something ?

Riddhima is ruffling and playing with his haris sitting on his lap.
Her hands are round his neck while his hands are round her waist.
They looked like as if riddhima is embedded in to armaan.

Riddhima: Hmmm...

Armaan: Riddhima.. You know.. I actually wanted to know.. If you dont want to say. just leave it.

Riddhima: Poocho na Armaan... Even though it is emberrassing, agar mujhe jawab pata hai... I will
tell you. Afterall, it is MY armaan. Right ?

Armaan: Yeah.. Riddhima.. All I wanted to ask you is.. Generally, they say that girls have many dreams about their future home, family, husband and kids. They also have many fantacies and more. They want their life to be perfect.
How do you want me to be or how do you want our future to be.
Please be open Riddhima. Afterall, I am YOUR Armaan.
Agar tum batana chahti ho.. then batao...

Riddhima is quite emberrassed and was dumbstruck at this sudden question of Armaan but again thought that he has the right to know and she  also needs to share about her thoughts. May be this might bring their relationship even more closer and might add more beauty to it. May be her answer
would help them understand more. May be everything will be even more perfect.

Riddhima decided to open up infront of HER Armaan.

Riddhima: Armaaan... Only thing I can say is I love you the most.
When we were just friends, I never thought of my future husband.
All I used to think is, whoever it might be, they should love me and care me. Thats it and you know what.. I love to be pampered (She hides herself in his chest)
Aut jab bhi tum mere khayal rakhte ho na.. I really love it.
And coming to my future family, Aunty and uncle are the best. And Ayushi the sweetest.
I love bhai and bhabhi a lot. They also share a good bond with me.
I, now, got a happy family which I always dreamt of. You know, completely perfect.
And coming to kids.. (She blushed at this thought) but it is after all armaan so,  she said daringly. I love kids a lot. May be two kids. A boy and a girl.

Armaan: Oye hoyye..

Riddhima: Now raising her head from his chest so that she can face him. Armaan, mein seedha jawab de rahi hoon. Agar tum mujhe tang karoge na..  mein bandh karoongi..

Armaan: Oye.. Mein nahi toh tumhe aur kaun tang karega ? Chodo.. Mein aur tang nahi karoonga. Continue karo...

Riddhima: Aur tumhe kitne kids chahiye ?

Armaan: Your wish madam. I am fine with 10 kids also.

Riddhima hits his chest playfully.

Armaan: Ouch ! It hurts riddhima.

Riddhima: Stop kidding.

Armaan: Okay okay. Aur fantacies ? How do you want your future husband, I mean how do you want me to be ?

Riddhima: Armaan... Shut up.... Kya kuch jzyaada nahi ho rahi hai. Looks like we are doing some planning. And that too so early.

Armaan: Batao na.. Please...

Riddhima: Armaan.. Tum na.. Bohot ziddi ho.. Theek hai suno..
Armaan, I have NEVER dreamt of my future husband and you might be shocked to know that. I never had any fantacies regarding anything. And haan.
This is a fact.. But I always wanted to get a romantic husband justtt like you. And i also like your dedication towards me.
And I also love you for accepting me for who I am.
Ek aur baat Armaan.. I love you for what you are
and I never expect anything from you.
You are my jaan armaan.. I cant live with out you...

Armaan is on top of the world after hearing it from her.

Armaan kisses her on her forehead, a kiss whch showed all his love towards her.

Armaan: I also cant live without you...

Armaan starts playing with her hair...

Riddhima: Jo mere man mein thi maine woh bataya.... Achcha, tum batao... Tumhe kaisi wife
chahiye ?
Tum mujhse kya expect karte ho ?

Deepu :)

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