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Episode 29 : Love Birds (AR ff)

Riddhima: Armaan.. Tum na.. Bohot ziddi ho.. Theek hai suno..
Armaan, I have NEVER dreamt of my future husband and you might be shocked to know that. I never had any fantacies regarding anything. And haan. This is a fact.. But I always wanted to get a romantic husband just like you.
And i also like your dedication towards me. And I also love you for accepting me for who I am.
Ek aur baat Armaan.. I love you for what you are and I never expect anything from you. You are my jaan armaan.. I cant live with out you...

Armaan is on top of the world after hearing it from her.

Armaan kisses her on her forehead, a kiss whch showed all his love towards her.

Armaan: I also cant live without you...

Armaan starts playing with her hair...

Riddhima: Jo mere man mein thi maine woh bataya.... Achcha, tum batao... Tumhe kaisi wife chahiye ?
Tum mujhse kya expect karte ho ? Kya tumne kabhi bhi yeh socha ki tumhari
girl friend ya wife ko kuch aisa hona chahiye ?

Armaan chuckles at this and looks at her. Riddhima keeps a confused expression on her face while Armaan starts opening up his heart infront of her, which he hasn't
till today, since his choldhood. He always thought about her, he loved her since childhood but never expressed his love infront of her and always got scared thinking that she might not accept him.

Armaan: Riddhima, kya tumhe yeh pata hai ki mein tumhe kab se pyaar karta tha ?

Riddhima: No Armaan. Kab se ?

She gets all eager to know about his love towards her.

Armaan: Jab se hum milley hai, tab se.

Riddhima: Shut up Armaan. We met as soon as I was born. Dont kidd me. Tell the truth.

Armaan: Okay okay. It was like, hum dono hamare parivaar ke wajah se milte rehte the.
I started loving you since I learnt how to talk and walk. I realised that my caring nature towards you
and the pocessive ness for you infront of others was love when I was in something like grade 4 !!

Riddhima: Armaan !! What ?? Are you serious ??

Armaan: Kasam Riddhima.

I always used to care for you and loved you from the core of my heart.
But I thought, if i tell you, you will get angry and leave me.

We used to have breakfast together in either mine or your house,
then go to school together, be together all the day, play together, eat together,
study together, return home together....

I thought all those wont be the same if I tell my love to you.

That is the reason that I am not even bothered about the girls around me.
When you are sitting here (He points towards his heart), this place wont wait for someone to enter nor
allow anyone to touch it. You are the only person who has right on this heart Riddhima.

You know, I first confessed about my love to bhabhi and she said that my choice is Jhakkas !!

And what more... Hmm.. Yeah... I want a wife like you only. I dont have any expectations.

Since young age, whenever I used to go to the temple also, all I used to pray to god was,
please give me the strength to say those 3 magical words to Riddhima and please make her say yes.

I used to promise god telling that I will always keep you happy.

I kept my promise na.. You are happy na...

Riddhima is completely touched at this and as Armaan ends, tears start running down her cheeks...

Armaan thinks of slapping himself for uttering emotional words even after knowing that his love is
very emotional. He tries to console Riddhima but she immediately hugs him.

She hugs him tighter at every passing minuit, making Armaan try hear to breath. But Armaan did not
mind. He loved it when she hugged him with full passion.

Armaan: Its okay Riddhima. You should be happy that I love You a lot. You should not cry baby.
I am sorry riddhima. I just poured the heart that was closed for all these years. I didn't mean to cause you pain.

He keeps pacifying her while she says...

Riddhima: Just shut up Armaan. Kuch mat bolo...

She hugs him and cries a lot !!

She withdraws from the hug and starts showering him with kisses. She pulls him into a long kiss,

which was quite surprising for Armaan but he was on cloud 9 to see her romantic today.

Both of them kiss with loads of passion and finally end the kiss in order to catch the breath.

Armaan: I love you..

Riddhima: I love you too. And Armaan.. I also loved you since around when I was 7 or so...

She says still sobbing a little.

Armaan: What ?

He made an expression as that was the most shocking news he has ever heard.

Riddhima: Yeah armaan. But I did not tell you because, I thought you might never talk to me again.

Armaan:Chup. I can not live without talking to you.

Riddhima: And moreover, you were never interested in girls. So, I thought you would have never loved me.

Armaan: We were big stupids Riddhima. We loved each other since childhood and are confessing our feelings now ?

Both of them have a hearty laugh thinking about the sweet pains and emotions they had and all the things
they thought about each other since their childhood.

Armaan and Riddhima retire to their respective rooms thinking about each other.


Riddhima: Good morning papa !!

Shashank: Good morning beta. Aao baitho.

Riddhima: Hi sameera Hi abhi.. Good morning.

Sameera & Abhi together: Good morning Riddhima.

Until then, Sapna enters the hall with paranthas in her hand.

Riddhima: Good morning maa. Where is dad ?

Sapna: Woh office pe gaye hai. Today Ritu and Chirag are also coming back to London.

Riddhima: Oh. Wow thats great.

Sapna: And Abhimanyu and Sameera are leaving in another half an hour.

Riddhima: What ?? Sameera aur abhi.. Aap log aise kaise jaa sakte hai ? Kuch din aur rukhna chahiye aapko.

Shashank: Nahi beta. Un logon ko call aayi hai.

Sameera: Haan riddhima.. Humein jaana hoga.

Abhi: You know about our hectic schedules na.

Riddhima: Okay but please do meet Armaan and go. Outherwise he will feel bad.

Sameera and Abhi: Sure.

Sameera: Waise, Anjali kahan hai ? Kahin dikhayi nahi de rahi hai.

Riddhima: She is tired. So, she is sleeping. Dont worry. Hum usse uthayenge.

Sameera: Yeah. But not now. Before we will be leaving, then we will meet her. Let her sleep.

All of them will be talking while riddhima decides to go and wake up armaan.

She goes to his room and it has been a routine that she wakes him up every morning. She does not even knock the door and she knows that he will be sleeping. Everyday, she
knocks the door but there wont be any responce. But today she thought, it would be wast of knocking and enters the room..

Armaan will be facing towards the mirror only wearing a towel and will be making his hair.

Riddhima suddenly gets emberrassed and Armaan turns to see who it is and smiles to know that it is Riddhima and gets naughtier after seeing her blushing.

Riddhima: Aaj bohot jaldi uth gaye ? Mein toh tumhe uthane ke liye aayi thi.

Armaan: Woh bas kuch nahi. Mein tumhe jald hi jald dekhna chahta tha. Issiliye alarm lagaya tha.
Riddhima: Okay. Ab mein chalti hoon. Tayar hone ke baad, neeche aajana. Okay.

Armaan: Nahi. Tum help karo na.

Riddhima: Armaan !!   !!

Armaan: Haan Riddhima. Apne hone waale pati ko help karne mein koi galti nahi hai. I swear. Please help me in drying my hair na. Please.

Riddhima: Okay.

Armaan sits on the edge of the bed while Riddhima starts drying his hair.

Both of them enjoy the time together and finally riddhima tells Armaan that she is going down and expects him there in another 1/2 hour.

She then goes to Anjali and wakes her up telling that Abhi and Sameera are leaving and it doesn't look good if she does not bid a proper good bye to them.

Finally, all the Mallik's and Gupta's bid a good bye and a bon voyage to Abhi and Sameera. They also tell that they should definately come to Riddhima and Armaan's wedding and it is a must for which they agree.

PRECAP: Riddhima and Armaan talking to Anjali regarding her complete feelings for Atul and then telling Shashank and asking his decision.

What will Shashank's reply be ?

Love 'n' Luck

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