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Episode 32 : Love Birds (AR ff)

Sapna decides calling either Armaan or Riddhima. It has been a long time since they have left and they have not returned yet. She tries taking the phone while she sees Armaan and Riddhima enteering with load a hell of shopping bags. She gives out a sigh..

Sapna: Aa gaye tum log.. Pata hai mein kitna darr gayi thi ?

Veer: Woh bachche nahi hai sapna. Unhe kuch nahi hoga.

Riddhima: Sorry maa.. Late ho gayi thi. Aage se aisa nahi hoga.

Shashank: Its okay beta. But please inform us if you are going to get late. Because, hum sab yahan par thoda sa pareshan the.

Armaan: Sorry papa. Aage se hum inform karenge.

All of them sit in the living room and have a small chat and some dinner..

Then they retire to their rooms..



Shashank, Veer and Sapna are sitting on the table chatting and having their breakfast while all thee others come at once and join.

Riddhima: So, how was your visit to India ?

Ritu: It was great riddhima. Lekin wahan par bohot kaam thi

Armaan: Yeah obviously, aap toh senior doc hai na. Kaam toh hogi.

Anjali: Pata nahi meri new internship kaise guzregi.

Shashank: Dont worry beta. Theek hi hogi. I have cconfidence in you. You will definately do it.

Anjali: Thanks dad.

Sapna: Aur Atul bhi tumhare saath hoga (In a teasing manner)

Riddhima (Adding more) Haan di. Atul jeeju bhi aap ke saath hoga na. Toh nervousness kis baat ki ?

Armaan: Mere aur Riddhima ke thoughts hamesha milte hai. So, you know. I also feel the same.

Anjali will be blusing at all these comments while Veer speaks.

Veer: Bachchi hai guys. Tang mat keejiye usse.

Chirag: Waise guys, when is your college and your internship going to start.

Riddhima: Our college and internship are starting on the same date. Gosh Armaan, I am really excited.

Armaan: Mein bhi.

Shashank: Bachchon, I will have to tell you something. Mein yahan par hi kuch din aur rukhne waala hoon. So, I got my ticket cancelled for tomorrow. Only you three will be going. Aur mein shayad 2 hafton ke baad waapas aaonga. And ANJALI BETA, mein Atul se jald hi jald milke aap donon ke SHAADI ko bhi pakki karoonga. Okay..

All of them smile at this and Anjali blushes..

Suddenly, they hear a crying voice and yeah, Ayushi will be crying. Ritu, who just started eating her breakfast, will decide to go and look at her crying daughter but will be stopped by Riddhima who has finished her breakfast, just at that moment.

Riddhima runs towards the baby's room and soon, the cries of the baby are stopped. Armaan finishes his breakfast too and goes to Riddhima and sees her playing with Ayushi.

He stood at the door staring at the duo. He really liked Riddhima when she played with the kids. She always turns into a kid while she plays with kids.

He thought how lucky he was and their future children might be, for having Riddhima with them..

Riddhima suddenly looks at the moving feature near the door and finds armaan standing there, staring at her with full of love in his eyes.

She signals him to come and sit beside her and Ayushi and Armaan does as he is ordered by his princess.

Both of them together play with the baby for sometime.
Riddhima really did not feel like leaving the place but she will have to. She is looking for her college to get started. She is really happy and contended and thanked god for the umpteenth time for sending her in a beautiful world. She wished her mother would have also been there with them and prayed god asking him to keep her mother happy wherever she is.

In the flight, Armaan, Riddhima and Anjali got the middle seats. Armaan to the left, Riddhima in between and Anjali to her right. They were sitting like that.

Anjali kept talking to Riddhima while Armaan was irritated since he is not getting the attention from Riddhima. He wanted to talk to Riddhima but Anjali never gave him a chance to. Riddhima turned a little so that she is facing anjali and Armaan is getting angry and irritated.

Soon, Anjali talks so much and finally falls asleep while Riddhima turns towards Armaan, who is acting as if he was sleeping. Riddhima knew the reason. She even knew that he was acting and is trying to ignore her since she was not talking to him since long. But her fault was also not there. It was Anjali who kept her busy and did not give her a change to talk to Armaan..

Riddhima gets an idea..

Armaan will be covering himself with a blanket until his neck. Riddhima slowly, puts her hand beneath his blanket and places her arm round his waist so that no one can notice on the flight..

She hugs him in sideways and places her head on his shoulder and cuddles close to him...

As he felt her hot breath on his neck, he was unable to resist now. He was trying to keep normal since a long time but finally let out a giggle while Riddhima giggled along with him..

They enjoyed their flight by talking about many things..

Finally, Armaan drops Anjali and Riddhima at their house and heads towards his house. It has been a long time since Armaan and Riddhima have been staying at the same place and he felt weird to stay away from Riddhima and the same case with Riddhima too..


It is early in the morning. Riddhima woke up frist and wakes up Anjali. She didn't want Anjali to be late on her first day of Internship. She had heard from Ritu about the strict atomsphere in the Hospitals and how the pressure would be on the interns.

She makes some breakfast for Anjali and waves goodbye while Armaan comes at the same time to pick her up.

They still have 2 more hours for their classes to start.

Anjali waves bye to Riddhima and Armaan while Riddhima welcomes with a hug.

She was still in her tinkerbell pyzama and tshirt, whith her hair tied into a messy bun with a hair clutcher.

Armaan: Abhi tak ready bhi nahi hua ?

Riddhima: Nahi armaan. Mein subah se di ki help kar rahi thi. Her first day na.

Armaan: Madam, aap ke bhi first day hai..

Riddhima: Lekin time bhi hai na..

Armaan: Hmm.. Chalo tum tayaar ho jao.. Mein hhamare liye naashta banata hoon.

Riddhima: Uski zarrorat nahi hai. I already made it.

Armaan: Okay. Come fast then. Let us have breakfast together.

Riddhima: Just 20 mins.

Armaan makes his way to the kitchen to see what is made for the breakfast. He sees his favourite Aloo Ke Paranthe, Hashbrowns, Fresh Mango Juice and some cheese toasts.

All were his favourites and since they are made by Riddhima, they are his most favourite dishes.

He hears Riddhima calling him..

Riddhima: ARMAAN !!

Armaan: Haan.. Abhi aa raha hun !!

He goes to the door and knocks it..

Riddhima: Its open Armaan..

He enters inside and gets shocked to see a pile of clothes on the floor and on the bed.

Armaan: What is this mess ?

Riddhima: Yeh mess nahi hai Armaan. Yeh mere kapde hai. Tell me, what should I wear ?

Armaan: Ohh.. Hmmm..

He looks at all the clothes on her bed.. They were all jeans and tops... He voulantarily goes to her cupboard and keeps looking for more clothes.

Riddhima: (Thinking) Looks like he is even confused about what to choose just like me.

Then, Armaan finally picks this...

Armaan: This is nice.

Riddhima: What ? Salwar Kameez ?

Armaan: Haan.. Tum aaj iisko pehno.. You dont know.. Pata nahi kaise kaise ladke honge. I dont want someone to eye my princess. Woh sirf mera kaam hai.

Riddhima felt happy to see his love towards her and felt the luckiest once again..

She wanted to have some fun..

Riddhima: Kyun jealous ho ?

Armaan: Aise baat nahi hai Riddhima.. I just didnt want the peoples eyes on you. Thats it. Thats why I want you to come in a traditional way. Dont know how that attitudes of the new people might be, like the old Abhi..

Riddhima: Okay baba.. Okay.. Utna gussa mat ho.. I will wear this only. Okay..


She comes asap wearing the suit while Armaan kept admiring her. He moved towards her and adjusted the hair that was falling on her face.
Both of them are lost in their own world and Armaan can clearly hear her heart beat. He looks into her eyes and she moves a little joining her lips with him..

It was for the first time, that Riddhima is taking an initiative. She always responded but this was the first time she is talking the step.

Both of them kissed passionately and broke up from the kiss to allow some breathing.. Riddhima's ckeeks turn into tomato red while armaan kept caressing her cheek.

Riddhima: Armaan, can you help me ?

Armaan: Huh ? Yah..

Riddhima turns showing her back to him and removes her hair to one side and asks him to tie thee dori in the back..

Armaan slowly ties it. As his fingers touched her back, shivers ran down her spine.

After tying the dori, Armaan kissed her on the nape of her neck and both of them proceeded for their breakfast and then to the college.

They had a big smile on their face as they are entering their college after a long time..

As they enter the main gate, all the old friends, come and shower them with congratulations for their engagement while the professors join them too.

They loved the warm welcome. They then headed towards their class and noticed that Abhi and Nikki are missing. They decided to call them and ask them where they are after the class.

As they enter their new class, Armaan and Riddhima sit beside eachother as usual. There is more time for the calss to start. So, after plaing their book in their place, they headed outside into the corridor to meet with the gang.

Riddhima: Oh my god.. I am missing di, Atul, Muski and Rahu a lot.

Armaan: Yeah.. They might be busy with their duties by now. But we have an option. We can go an meet them during our breaks..

(Sanjeevani hospital is in the front and the Sanjeevani Medical University in in the back of the hospital. There is even a path connected to the hospital and the University)

Riddhima: Yeah Great.. But you are there with me na. That is fine..

Suddenly they are disturbed by someone.

Guy: Hello..

Armaan and Riddhima: Hello..

Guy: This is Nikhil..

Armaan: This is Armaan..

Riddhima: And I am riddhima..

Nikhil: Nice to meet you both. I am also from the third year. I am actually new.

Riddhima: We are also from the 3rd year only.

Armaan: Welcome to Sanjeevani..

Nikhil: Thanks a lot. Waise Riddhima ji, aap bura naa maane toh ek baat kahoonga. Aap bohot achche lag rahe hai.

Just with this, our Armaan's anger is touching the sky and he felt like kicking him out so that he will never regain his consiousness but is stopped by Riddhima..

Riddhima: Thanks. Okay Nikhil. We will have to go now. Time for the class. I think you also should get ready for the class. Bye.

Riddhima takes Armaan inside while Nikhil keeps looking at how sweet Riddhima and Armaan are...

He was not at all having any negative thought towards both of them but Armaan's brain is working at how to protect his life...

Armaan and Riddhima sit in their place.

Riddhima giggles at the reserved Armaan..

Riddhima: Yeh kya hua Armaan.. Tum ne toh kahan tha ki yeh salwar bohot decent hogi..

Armaan: Hmm.. Okay.. Uske baare mein bhool jaao. I am there na.

Riddhima: Okay..

Soon, the professor comes and asks them to introduce themselves while they do that.

She then announces that Armaan and Riddhima are the toppers in the 2nd year exams with equal marks. They get double congratulations...

She even announces about their course and all and gives them some cases to go through.

Armaan and Riddhima, as usual, get into one team, while the professor asks Nikhil to join in their team since he is new, which is not at all liked by Armaan.

PRECAP: Armaan, Riddhima and Nikhil meet at Armaan's home to study the cases and to prepare the report..

Armaan Riddhima moments..


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