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Episode 33 : Love Birds (AR ff)

Soon, the professor comes and asks them to introduce themselves while they do that.

She then announces that Armaan and Riddhima are the toppers in the 2nd year exams with equal marks. They get double congratulations...

She even announces about their course and all and gives them some cases to go through.

Armaan and Riddhima, as usual, get into one team, while the professor asks Nikhil to join in their team since he is new, which is not at all liked by Armaan.


It is the break now. Armaan and Riddhima, jusst like they have decided that  they will be going to the Hospital, will be moving, while they get interrupted by Nikhil.

Nikhil: Hey Armaan, aap dono kahan jaa rahe ho ?

Armaan boils at this..

Armaan: Break hai... Issiliye, we are going out !!

Nikhil: If you don't mind, can I join you both too ? I am new here.. So, can I join you ? Only if you don't mind.

Riddhima did not want to make a mess.

Riddhima: Sure Nikhil. Please come.

Armaan gives a daring look to her and now, for the first time in his life, he is angry with her. He was not really disappointed but in shot, bhaav khaane ke liye plan kar raha tha.

Armaan: Yeah.. Yeah come one Nikhil.. Lets go.. Lets.. Go.. (He speaks sarcastically by placing his arm on Nikhil's shoulder)

All the three head towards the Sanjeevani's canteen and look at their friends, now, the interns of Sanjeevani sitting and chatting.

Riddhima: Hi di, Hi Muskaan Rahul and ATUL JEEJU !!

Anjali: Ridzie !!

Armaan does not speak anything and sits beside Rahul.

Riddhima: Yeh hai Nikhil, new student. Aur nikhil, this is my big sister Anjali, her hone waala husband, in short mere jeeju, Atul, and this is my friend, muskaan and this is Rahul. Aur.. Hmm.. Armaan ko toh tum jaante ho..

Nikhil: Hello..

Everyone says hello to nikhil..

All of the sit together while Armaan keeps talking to everyone except Riddhima. She feels really bad. She also decides not to talk with him. He wanted to talk with her but is controlling himself and thought not to do so.

Armaan: Okay guys.. We will have to leave now. Our break is finished. Bye.

Riddhima follows armaan and Nikhil follows Riddhima..

Both of them sit in the class but dont speak much.. It is time for them to leave..

Riddhima: Chale Armaan ?

Armaan behaves as if he did not listen to her..

Nikhil: Hey guys.. I am leaving.. See you tomorrow..

Nikhil notices that Armaan is coming by car and casually asks Riddhima about how she is going.

Nikhil: Riddhima, tum ghar kaise jaa rahi ho ?

Riddhima: Woh.. Armaan mujhe drop kar dega..

Armaan: Nahi Riddhima.. Aaj mujhe raat tak university ki library mein kaam hogi. So, I dont think I can drop you today.

He uttered it out of anger towards Nikhil but he realised what he just said to Riddhima.

For this, Riddhima really felt bad from her heart. She just turned towards Armaan and looked at him with a hurt expression. He never treated her in that way. Armaan also mentally kicked himself. He can see the tears forming in Riddhima's eyes.

Nikhil: Well, I have my car.. If you dont mind, I can drop you Riddhima.

Riddhima: No thanks Nikhil. Mein chali jaaongi.

Nikhil: But how ?

Riddhima: I will take a cab..

Armaan was having an expressionless face. They have never fought since their childhood. He did not know what happened to him. He was all dumb. He always dropped her at her home and that was a routine. He felt like stopping her but she did not even seem to turn towards him...

Nikhil: Okay.. We will wait until you find a cab.

Riddhima: Thanks Nikhil.

Just as Riddhima said that, with in a fraction of second, a cab comes there and Riddhima gets into the cab..

Riddhima: Armaan, apna kaam kar ke, ghar pe jaldi pohonch jao. Okay.

Armaan does not even respond.

she leaves and nikhil also leaves. He decides to follow the cab as he was really scared to send her alone.

He drives as fast as possible and reaches behind the cab. He follows the cab until Riddhima's home.

He sees Riddhima get down and going into her house.

He parks the car and runs to riddhima and catches her shoulder. She turns behind. He figured out that she cried in the cab.

Riddhima: Armaan, tum yahan par kya kar rahe ho ?

Armaan: Riddhima, I am really sorry.. I was angry with that Nikhil and I showed it on you.

Riddhima: Its okay Armaan. Chalo.. Kal milte hai.. Mein bohot thak gayi hoon..

Armaan: Riddhima, can I atleast come inside ?

Riddhima: Okay...

Armaan did not believe that they had just fought and the silence is still creeping between them.

As they enter the house, the phone rings and Riddhima picks it up.

Riddhima: Hello..

Anjali: Hey ridzie, mujhe aaj night duty bhi diya hai. So, I will not be coming home. Armaan hai na tumhare saath. Take care aur mujhe ab jaana hai. Okay. Bye.

Riddhima: Ok di. Bye..

Armaan goes to Riddhima and hugs her from behind.

Riddhima feels bad for him. She again thinks that, such small fights happen in the relationship and turns towards him..

Riddhima: Kya hua ?

Armaan now sobs harder and Riddhima also gets tears in her eyes..

Riddhima: I am sorry Armaan. Aage se aisa nahi karoongi. Promise.

Armaan: No Riddhima. Mein hi galat tha.. Maine hi Nikhil ko achchi tarah se treat nahi kiya aur upar se yeh mera gussa bhi..

Riddhima: No armaan dont say that..

Armaan: I am sorry..

Riddhima: Its okay and I am sorry too..

She takes him to the sofa and makes him lie down on her lap and keeps pulling and caressing his hair !!

Armaan: Riddhima.. Tum mujh pe kabhi gussa nahi hogi na ?

Riddhima: Maine tum par ghussa kab kiya ? Agar mein tumse naraz hoti toh, ab shayad tum bahar hi khada raha hoga.. Lekin maine thoda sa bura maanna hai.. Tum ne bachpan se mere saath aisa kabhi behave nahi kiya aur aaj achanak aisa hua toh mein sad ho gayi lekin ab mein bohot bohot aur bohot khush hoon..

Armaan: I am sorry..

Riddhima: Sorry ?? Armaan, sorry aise nahi bolte hai..

Armaan: Toh kaise bolte hai ?

Riddhima: Aiiisseeee..

She kisses him deeply on his lips and Armaan responds to her..

Both of them have a passionate kiss !!

They breakup and Riddhima immediately goes and changes to her pyzama's while Armaan starts to prepare some Pasta for her.

both of them eat and decide to do the project. This time, Armaan says that he will call Nikhil also.

Armaan and Riddhima head towards Armaan's house since most of their material was there and Nikhil also arrives. He greets Armaan and Riddhima in an extremely friendly and concerned way to which, Armaan greets him back wholeheartedly.

They work for sometime and Armaan feels that Nikhil is a goood guy and respects Riddhima too. He apologises for his rude behaviour in his heart and behaves normally with Nikhil..

Now, they have almost done their project and Armaan and Riddhima were supposed to write the title. Nikhil suddenly saw both their rings. The diamond was of different sizes and the style matched.

They were like a pair of engagement rings.

Nikhil: Hey.. Yeh tum donon ke rings kitna milte julte hai na..

To this Riddhima smiled and said..

Riddhima: We are engaged..

Armaan: Yeah.. And that too, before two weeks or so..

Nikhil: Oh my god, Congratulations guys. Aap ne mujhe pehle kyun nahi bataya ? I am really happy for both of you..

Armaan and Riddhima: Thanks Nikhil..


on the other side, Abhimanyu has also attended his first class in Goa and is now in his room, looking out into the sky.

Nikki also reaches Goa and is preparing herself to attend her first class tomorrow...

PRECAP: Abhi and Nikki meet. Will Nikki accept Abhi's love for her.

What will happen to Samrat's love for that just budded for Nikki ?

Deepu :)

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