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Episode 34 : Love Birds (AR ff)

They were like a pair of engagement rings.

Nikhil: Hey.. Yeh tum donon ke rings kitna milte julte hai na..

To this Riddhima smiled and said..

Riddhima: We are engaged..

Armaan: Yeah.. And that too, before two weeks or so..

Nikhil: Oh my god, Congratulations guys. Aap ne mujhe pehle kyun nahi bataya ? I am really happy for both of you..

Armaan and Riddhima: Thanks Nikhil..

Nikhil goes to his home while Armaan grabs some clothes and heads towards Riddhima's house.
He decided to stay with Riddhima since she will be all alone in the house due to Anjali's night duty.


Armaan: Actually, this Nikhil guy is sweet na.

Riddhima: Thats why Armaan.. I will say.. Dont judge people as soon as you see them.. Those kind of predictions might be wrong and today, if you have not maintained your relation well with him, you would have lost a friend.

Armaan: Its not like I hated him Riddhima. I was not even high on Jealousy. Its only like, a kind of claim. I feel that you are only mine.. Forever and forever.

Riddhima: Obviously.. I am yours and only yours forever. You are the only person, who has all the rights on me.

Armaan: And you are the only person, who has all the right on ME..

Riddhima rests her head on his shoulder as he drives to Riddhima's house..

Riddhima sleeps on her bed waiting for Armaan to come and wish her goodnight.

Armaan also changes in the guest room and thinks of giving his love a good night kiss and gets into the room to find Riddhima cuddling to the teddy bear given by him. He smiles at the sight and moves closer to her bed while Riddhima realizes his presence and gives him her million dollar smile. She signals him to sit on the bed.

She immediately, shifts her head on to his lap, hiding her face in his tummy.

Armaan: Kya hua baby ?

Riddhima: Kuch nahi.. Wanted to be with you..

Armaan: Mein yahan par hi hoon. Ab so jao..

Riddhima: Tum bhi yahan par hi so jao na.

Armaan: Riddhima, yeh tum kya bol rahi ho ? 

Riddhima: Chee Armaan.. Mujhe nahi pata tha ki tumhe itne kharab soch bhi aate hai. Mera matlab hai ki, tum di ke bed pe so jao. 

Armaan: Achcha nahi lagega riddhi.. Anjali ko pata chal gaya na.. She might not like it. 

Riddhima: Toh theek hai. Tum yahan par so jao. Mein di ke bed pe so jaa ti hoon.. 

Armaan: Okay fine.. 

They swap their places and Riddhima holds Armaans hands and both of them sleep dreaming about eachother.



Samrat is making all the arrangements so that, he can propose to Nikki.

Abhi enters the class, and finds nikki, while makes him feel that he is in heaven and he really felt happy.

She was all engrossed in her work and was not even paying any attention to her surroundings.

There was more time for the class to start and no one was present in the classroom except for Abhi and Nikki...

abhi goes to her and decides that he will open up his heart. He did not want to delay anymore. He felt the pain for so long and wanted to end the pain right there. He thanked god for showing him nikki finally.

he placed his hand on her shoulder and nikki jerked with shock.

Nikki: Abhi.. Tum ?

she was unable to meet his gaze and looks downwards. She remembers the letter she wrote to him assuming that she might never see him in the future and now, she is emberrassed. He would have definately read the letter and she is thinking of what is going to happen next !!

Abhi: Nikki.. Mein hi hoon.. I am here, just for you nikki.. I love you and I can not live without you Nikki.

nikki took time for registering what he just told and was shocked to hear it from him.. She was happy to hear that but something was bothering her still. How come he realised or loved her all of a sudden ? She was having various questions in her mind.

Abhi: Answer me Nikki. Mein itne din, paagalon ke tarah, tumhare baare mein jaan ne ke liye ghoomta reh gaya. Please nikki. Reply do Nikki.. Mujhse aur dard seh nahi jaata nikki. Mein tumhare bina mar..

Even before he continued, nikki placed her hands on his lips and gave her answer in a nod. Both of them hug eachother and cry their heart out.

This scene is witnessed by Samrat, who was in love with nikki since he saw her.
He was unable to control himself and runs to his best friend Gunjan... He decides that he will never let his love come out at any cost. He wanted to remain as a friend of Nikki forever since he did not want to loose his friendship. He loved her a lot and made up his mind that, he wil find his happiness in the happiness of his love.


Soon, Abhimanyu and Nikki, took an immediate transfer certificate and moved to their old college in Mumbai and met their friends and all of them got happy to see that Abhi and Nikki are now together.

Shashank comes to India and likes Atul a lot and gets a good impression on him and decides that they will do the Shaadi of both Armaan Riddhima, and Atul Anjali, on a same date after the two weeks of the starting of Armaan and Riddhima's internship.

The whole year passed. Armaan,Riddhima, Nikhil, Abhimanyu and Nikki are now going to enter their internship and tomorrow is their first day of internship. Anjali, Atul, Rahul and Muskaan are going to be their senior doctors. So, they were not having any nervousness but yeah.. they knew that, their friends are going to be strict with them in the hospital.

Armaan as usual, picks up Riddhima. They enter the Sanjeevani locker room and listen to an announcement.

ANNOUNCEMENT: "Sabhi Interns Dr. Anjali Gupta ko, Nurse Station par report Kariye'

Armaan and Riddhima hug eachother and run towards the nurse station. There is no necessity for them to create some impression with their seniors but they should not break the rules.

Anjali: Good morning Interns.

Everyone: Good morning Dr. Anjali.

Anjali: Mein ab aap sab ko duties doongi.

Dr. Riddhima and Dr. Armaan - Aap dono mujhe ICU mein assist karenge.

Dr. Nikhil - Childrens Ward

Dr. Abhimanyu - AIDS Ward

Dr. Nikita - Aap Dr. Muskaan ko General Ward mein assist karenge.

Everyone: Thanks Doctor.

Before leaving the gang, Anjali just peeps into them and wishes them..

Anjali: All the best guys.. Rock on and do the work properly. Bye and see you later in the canteen.

She winks and leaves the place..

Armaan and Riddhima follow her and she guides them in all the important works and the rules of the hospital.

Finally, their first day goes in a really comfortable manner since they were used to all the environment and they even knew that they are not going to get any bangings from their senors if they do minute mistakes.. But they decided not to take any advantage of that opportunity. They wanted to work hard and become good doctors.

They did not get many duties today and today was only their induction training at Sanjeevani. But tomorrow onwards, they are going to get heavy work and not just assisting... Everyone reach their homes with a sence of fear for tomorrow. From tomorrow, they are going to get their own patients....


PRECAP: Inturn's work in Sanjeevani, Proposal of Armaan Riddhima - Atul Anjali Marriage, Masti and Fun...


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