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Episode 35 : Love Birds (AR ff)

Anjali: All the best guys.. Rock on and do the work properly. Bye and see you later in the canteen.

She winks and leaves the place..

Armaan and Riddhima follow her and she guides them in all the important works and the rules of the hospital.

Finally, their first day goes in a really comfortable manner since they were used to all the environment and they even knew that they are not going to get any bangings from their senors if they do minute mistakes.. But they decided not to take any advantage of that opportunity. They wanted to work hard and become good doctors.

They did not get many duties today and today was only their induction training at Sanjeevani. But tomorrow onwards, they are going to get heavy work and not just assisting... Everyone reach their homes with a sence of fear for tomorrow. From tomorrow, they are going to get their own patients....


Next morning, as usual, Armaan picks up Riddhima and Anjali early in the morning and the three go to the Sanjeevani together having all sorts of funny talking.

As Armaan and Riddhima enter the locker room, they find Nikhil all lost and is thinking about something smiling to himself.

Riddhima goes to her locker while Armaan goes on a mission to distract nikhil from his beautiful and pretty dreams.

Armaan: Abe oye.. Yahan par hum dono aaye hai aur tum kya soch rahe ho ?


Armaan shakes him that, Nikhil gets extremely shocked and   

Nikhil: Kya yaar.. Why are you behaving like this ?

Armaan: Maine nahi tum hi uch ajeeb sa behave kar rahe ho !

Nikhil: Woh.. Act.. Actually.. Woh..

Armaan: Nikhil.. Tumhara tabhiyat toh theek hai na... Why are you stammering while talking.

Meanwhile, Riddhima also joins them.

Nikhil: Woh guys.. Actually !!

Riddhima: Actually.. Woh.. Guys.. Woh.... WHAT ?    Joh bhi baat karna chahte ho seedha baat karo.

Nikhil: I am in love.

Armaan/Riddhima: What ??

Nikhil: Yeah guys.. I am in love.

Armaan: Lekin woh ladki kaun hai.. Jo tumse pyaar karti hai ? 

Riddhima: Shut up Armaan 


Riddhima: Tum Armaan ke baaton par dyaan mat do. He does not really mean it. He was just making fun.

Nikhil: Pata hai.

Riddhima: Lekin woh ladki kaun hai ? Kahan par rehti hai ?

Nikhil: Meternity ward mein.

Riddhima/Armaan:   What ? Tum ek pregnant se pyaar karte ho ? 


Muskaan's Cabin

Abhi and Nikki and waiting for Muskaan to come, since they had a case to discuss with her. Muskaan is busy in a surgery and has not yet reached. meanwhile, Abhi took the advantage that no one is there. He pushed her towards the wall.

Nikki: Abhi.. Yeh tum kya kar rahe ho ? Chodo na. Muskaan aa jayegi. Please Abhi.

Abhi: No nikki. Muskaan aagayi hai toh kya ? Woh hamari dost hai aur usko hamare baare mein pata hai. So, she wont feel bad.

Nikki: But ab woh hamare senior hai Sanjeevani mein. Please Abhi

Abhi just places his lips at the nape of her neck, making Nikki loose her senses completely. Abhi's lips kept lingering near her neck and his head deepy burried in her hair.

Suddenly, Armaan and Riddhima enter the cabin and show their backs to them as they find Abhi and Nikki romancing. Abhi is turning towards the other side while Nikki is having her eyes closed and did not notice them. Armaan and Riddhima pass a naughty smile to eachother. Riddhima tries to wake them up from their dreamy lalaland but Armaan pulls her outside the cabin.

Riddhima: Kya kar rahe ho Armaan ?

Armaan: Why are you trying to disturb those love birds ? If someone disturbs me while romancing with you, tumhe pata hai na. I feel like killing that person. I dont want others to have a feeling that they are irritated with my love.

Riddhima: Lekin yeh unka bedroom nahi hai.. Hospital hai. Agar kissi ne dekh liya toh ?

Armaan: You are also right. But lets leave and go to our work.

Riddhima: Okay. Lets go.

Armaan: Okay ? Riddhima.. Tum itne happily okay keh rahi ho ?

Riddhima: Armaan.. Na nahi keh sakti na. Kaam hai. Karna hi padega.

Armaan: Oye hoyye. Aaj kal bohot romantic ban rahi ho.

Riddhima:   Matlab.

Armaan pulls her into the fire escape and locks her in his grip.

Armaan and Riddhima are so close that air also can not pass inbetween them. Riddhima, fiddled to come out at first but again gave uo since she also wanted to spend some time with him. She did not worry too since they were having their luch break in another five mins and no one will be searching for them.

Riddhima rests her head on his shoulder while Armaan keeps planting wet kisses all over her shoulder. He frees one hand and lifts her head up so that she is facing him. He places end number of kisses on her face, while she responds to his kisses.

Armaan looks into her eyes deeply and slowly places his lips on hers and starts to nibble on them. Riddhima also responds to the kiss and a soft kiss turns into a passionate one.

They both break after a while and hug eachother. They feel complete by having eachother by their side and having the love of eachother forever with them.

Riddhima: Armaan.. Ab lunch time hai aur mujhe bohot bhook lag rahi hai. Shall we go to the canteen ?

Armaan: Uhuuum.. No.. You sit here. I will get something for us from the canteen to here only. Mujhe tumhare saath akela khaana hai. Please.

Riddhima: Okay fine.

She settles on the bench, that is in the end of all the steps.

Armaan soon comes with some coke, sandwich and samosa.

Riddhima; Wow. samosa.

Armaan: Yeah. Aur sandwich bhi.

Armaan and Riddhima share thee food and feed eachother in between. Riddhima takes a sip from the coke and Armaan takes the next sip. Like this, their finishe their lunch with the love increasing day by day inbetween them.

After the lunch, Riddhima sees that, a part of tomato from the sandwich is left near Armaan's lips and tries to remove it while Armaan realises what she is doing and backs off.

Armaan: Uhumm.. Aise remove nahi karte.

Riddhima: Matlab..

Armaan: Aise haathon se nahi.. Muhwaaz.. Aise remove karna chahiye.

Riddhima blushes at this and moves forward. She takes the piece of tomato into her lips while Armaan loved it when her lips lingered on his face.

Both of them had some cuchicoo moments and they finished their work finally and headed towards Riddhima's home.

Armaan entered into Riddhima's home to meet Shashank and gets surprised to see Sapna, Veer, Ritu, Chirag and Ayushi there.
Riddhima and Anjali were equally surprised to see their presence.

Even before Armaan goes, Riddhima and Sapna, equally clear the distance between eachother and hug eachother and start talking remaining in the same position. Armaan gets a little jealous but again gets extremely joyful and super happpy thinking about, how much his mom loves Riddhima. They look like mother and daughter and not like Mother in law and Daughter in law. He smiles at his dad and bhai and hugs them and winks at bhabhi saying hi to her even. He then hugs Sapna also.

All of them sit while a pundit comes walking in.

Anjali: Pundit ?

Shashank: Haan Anjali. We are thinking about your's and Atul's marriage and Armaan and Riddhima's wedding too.

All the three blush at this and Atul also enters.

Atul: Hello uncle. Aap ne mujhe bulaya.

Shashank: Haan atul beta. Aao baitho na.

All of the Mallik's also meet Atul and like them a lot. Atul really enjoys the company of Aayushi while she also likes him and plays with him while the others talk.

Pundit takes the Kundali's of the four of them and match them.

He tells that, these both are some rare and will form as best jodi's in the world and complement eachother while all of them feel happy. But he tells that, there is some problem with the kundalis.

He tells that, the Kundali's of the girls are completely compatable with the boy's but it will be good for the girls if both these marriages are done on the same day and on the same time.

All of them dont have any problem too and they now want to fix a date.

Pundit: There is a good and an auspisious day after 2 weeks. Shall we keep it then ?

All of them agree since it is also time for their weddings and the Bride's and the Bridegroom's are more than over excited for their wedding.



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