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Episode 36 : Love Birds (AR ff)

Pundit takes the Kundali's of the four of them and match them.

He tells that, these both are some rare and will form as best jodi's in the world and complement eachother while all of them feel happy. But he tells that, there is some problem with the kundalis.

He tells that, the Kundali's of the girls are completely compatable with the boy's but it will be good for the girls if both these marriages are done on the same day and on the same time.

All of them dont have any problem too and they now want to fix a date.

Pundit: There is a good and an auspisious day after 2 weeks. Shall we keep it then ?

All of them agree since it is also time for their weddings and the Bride's and the Bridegroom's are more than over excited for their wedding.

Soon, the pundit leaves, while Sapna comes up with a list telling that, these are the things required by us.

Meanwhile, Armaan and Riddhima head towards Riddhima's room, upstairs, while Atul and Anjali go into the balcony.


Armaan: I am sooooo happpy Riddhima..

(Saying that, he hugs her tightly while she jumps with joy in her embrace)

Riddhima: Me too.. I love you shoooooo muchhhhh...

Saying that, she pecks on both his cheeks..

Armaan: Oye hoyye... Mrs. Riddhima Armaan Mallik... Aaj kal bohot romantic aur naughty ban rahe ho.. Kya baat hai 

Riddhima: Shut up... 

Armaan: Just two weeks more.. You will be mine forever..

Riddhima: I was yours, I am yours and I will always be yours only Armaan. Only yours..

Armaan hugs her more and burries his head in her neckline. He gets aroused by her smell and starts planting kisses on her face and shoulder and neck... Riddhima kept calling his name since she felt the butterflies in her...

Armaan and Riddhima instantly fell on the couch, with Armaan on the top of her, and Riddhima under him.. Both of them were going crazy, not realising what they were doing !!

Riddhima also kissed him.. Soon, Armaan came in to the senses and immediately got up from her. He was really feeling guilty. He would have controlled himself but he was not able to. He thanked god for bringing him back to his senses.

Riddhima gets up and adjusts her dress properly while she can see Armaan's guilty face. He was not meeting his eyes with her.

Armaan: I am so sorry Riddhima.. I didn't mean to. It accidentally happened. I am really so sorry.

Riddhima: Armaan.. Kya hua tumhe ? That was all our love for eachother Armaan.. And I trust you.. I know ki, tum mujhe kabhi galat raaste par jaane nahi doge. I love you for that.

Armaan: You are not angry with me ?

Riddhima: Buddhu.. Angry kyun ? Haan.. Lekin ab toh mein angry hoon... 

Armaan: Matlab 

Riddhima: Mujhe abhi taq mera return kissi nahi mila.

Armaan: Awwww baby.. Idhar aao.. Saying that, ke kisses her on her forehead, which conveyed how much he loved her, and it also conveyed a fact that, he can not live without her and always want her by his side..

Suddenly, there is a knock at the door..

Armaan and Riddhima part away while Ritu walks in...

Ritu: Riddhima.. You will have to so all this shopping... Hmm.. I have some other preparations to do.. So, will you go with Armaan ? Actually, Anjali and Atul also will accompany you...

Riddhima: Yeah.. Sure.. Fine.. Armaan... She looks at him asking whether he wold like to come or not to which, he nods in excitement. Ahh.. He is going to shop for his wedding. Wow.

Ritu: Okay then. You guys start..


All of them go to the mall. They go to a designner store. Riddhima selects clothes for Armaan, while Armaan choses Lehenga's for Riddhima... Then, they go to a jewellery store and it is now the turn for Anjali and Riddhima, to choose their mangalsutra.

This time, both of them were blushing...

The whole counter had many mangalsutras, in many patterns and designs.

Armaan: Hmm.. Which one is nice ?

Riddhima: Tum hi select karo 

Armaan: Ab yeh sharmana band karo basket... You are the one, who will be wearing it...

Riddhima: Please tum bhi baito.. And we will select together...

Armaan grabs the seat beside Riddhima and the sales person, starts opening many boxes, showing them different designes.

Finally, Armaan chooses some, but Riddhima done not like anyone of them to Armaan's astornishment.

Anjali's shopping is also done and she tells that, she will proceed to the next shop leaving Armaan and Riddhima...

Riddhima: No Armaan.. I did not like anyone of them..

She thinks..

Riddhima: Hmm.. I will just have the black beads without any pendant. Just thee simple mangalsutra...

Sales person:     Okay mam..

He gets it to her and Armaan looks at her with wide eyes. Till now, they had seen many designs but she liked none of them. And now, she is choosing something very simple as compared to all of them.

She then, moves to the corner, where the pendants are displayed. She asks them to open a tray, and they, she finds a beautiful pendant, in which, AR is embedded. She asks them to put the pendant to this chain, to which, they make it immediately. She then, asks them to pack it.

Armaan, throughout the moment, was left amazed. He really loved it. The idea she had, and her love towards him, made him feel that, he is the luckiest man in this world.

He kept looking at her with watery eyes, while she got the packing done. He paid for the shopping and then, Riddhima insisted that, they will go to the gaming area.

Armaan and Riddhima start playing air hockey, car racing games and many more and enjoy to the fullest. They dont even realise the time... Finally, after getting, exhausted, they go to their home. There, everyone decided the date of the rasms before the marriage.

Day 1 (After 5 days) Haldi
Day 2 (2 days after haldi) Mehndi
Day 3 (1 day after mehndi) Sangeet
Day 4 (5 days after Sangeet) Shaadi

PRECAP: Haldi Rasm of Anjali, Riddhima, Armaan and Atul.


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