Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Intro & part 1 : Don't step on the Daisies

As she sat on the plane to go back to Mumbai… the tear ran down her face as she look out towards the clouds the last two days came flooding back…..

As the warm sunlight seeped through the bedroom curtains a little smile formed on her lips…pulling up the covers she rolled over as she moved forward a frown appeared on her face. 'what is this?' she thought as her ran her hand forward… feeling skin she opened her eyes. 'What the hell?" blinking and finding her bearing she remembered the medical seminar she was in Las Vegas for….  she looked at his black hair and muscle body draped in the black sheet as he lay on his front.

"No I did not?" pulling up the covers to see herself she gasped and clutched the sheet covering herself up as a lone tear ran down her cheek

'Oh my god I have to leave? Before he gets up?' she thought shifting her weight towards the end of her bed.

"Morning wifey?" feeling a arm take hold of her she closed her eyes feeling two pairs of hands pulling her back into the bed as she struggled.

'WIFE?' she mouthed as he placed his chin on her bare shoulder…she opened her eyes

"YOU!" he looked at her and frowned.

"Wow was not expecting that?" she looked at him as he looked at her total confused by what she had shouted!

"Look here …You…. you…" she looked at him chuckling as she waved her finger at him as she clutched the sheet getting up.

"Baby we married now! Remember the white chapel!! Elvis…Love me tender!!" looking horrified she looked at him as he shuffled himself towards her.

"NO! NO! ….No that was a dream not real and the guy was not YOU!"

"It was ME! Mrs Riddhima Armaan Malki!" NO WAY!! YOU ARE EVERYTHING I HATE IN A MAN!!

~~~Part 1~~~

He looked at her totally surprised as she leaned against the wall and slowly moved down sobbing as she sat on the floor… The black satin sheet covered his preying eyes as it clingled to her naked body, seeing her loose hand holding her forehead he watched her as she cried her heart out.

"Look babyy? I have no idea what the heck is going on here?" she looked at him as he sat on the heart shaped bed scratching his head as he looked at her.

"I don't remember anything except going to the show with Muskhan! I don't even know you?and know you are saying we are married? I remember you at the seminar being rude to your friend!!" he looked at her stunned.

"Ok! This is a scam right! Do you take me for a mug?" she looked at him as she wiped her tears to see him get up in all his splendour as he got up she lower her eyes with her heart pounding in fear and embarrassment.

"You told me you loved me and asked me to marry you in front of everyone as you cant live without me and would die! I can't believe you have totally forgotten the last 24 hours…I bet this is about money right? Well you are getting nothing from me!!…do you thing these so called tears are going to work on me? I am going to have a shower.. I want breakfast order from house keeping and that just for starters" she looked at him turning around to leave.

"You must have drugged me?" hearing his feet stop he turned to look at her staring at the floor shaking her head.

"What?? are you saying I took advantage of you? OMG I cant believe this… you were all over me like a rash… and look at me!" she raised her head to look at him as he pointed at his neck.

"This lipstick and bite marks are you're and look!" she looked at him turn around

"These nail marks on my back are yours too… all night you told me to make love to you… and believe me sweetheart if I wanted you that desperately I would have not married you! I would have scr***** you over and left you!!" the tears ran down her face as she looked at him as he shouted angrily.

"Look at my chest… this tattoo has your name on it! You look at your chest you have one saying 'Armaan' …" she looked at him as he kneeled on the floor next to her and pulled down the sheet and pointed at her tattoo...the pain of needles and incetions could be felt.

It was a heart shaped tattoo with the word Armaan.. she looked at him as he looked at her so angrily...

"Heck if I was going to take advantage of you then why would I have saved you from that creep yesterday evening when he tried to rape you… heck I wish I never ......Uff" she looked at him totally stunned as he shook his head at her.

"I don't remember anything? I am telling you the truth!! Listen there must be some misunderstanding…here??" he looked at her eyes to see there was no evidence of him there like there was only 7 hours ago…he placed his hand on her shoulder.

"I really hope you are not playing with me shona…why don't you have a shower I will order breakfast and we can sort this whole mess out!" nodding her head she looked at him. I need to get to Muskhan and find out what happened after watching the show…right now he the only one with some answers.

He looked at her as she nervously pulled the bathrobe around her so consciously knowing he was watching her as she stepped out of the bathroom.

"You're clothes are here…you order them to be moved to the honeymoon suite.." she looked at him as he went to open the front door dressed in the matching white hotel bathrobe.

She noticed the daises on the trolly and looked at him tip the waiter.

"You're favourite flowers and I remember you wanting them in your bouquet at our wedding… here is the marriage certificate and photo… may be there can jog youre memory…" he looked at her as she picked up the photo and stared at it with the tears running down her face.

"Eat something! I'll just shower and join you later…" she looked at him with a sad look on his face as he disappeared.

'Ok this is the best time to leave this place…' she grabbed her things and left the room.


"I have been so worried Ridhima …I was so scared and looked for you everywhere?" Ridhima wiped her tears as she informed her what had happen as she held her in her arms.

"Look Ridhima you remember we went to watch Nana the great the eastern magical show… he picked you and hypnotized you. It was so funny you where barking like a dog and I did everything he asked you … when the show ended I went back stage to get you and his assistance vivek told me you were back in you're hotel room. I had a bad feeling about the guy he kind of freaked me out it was something he said… After a long time of waiting and i had not found you in your room… I went back stage and there I heard Nana beg vivek to stop doing this… vivek said he would no longer keep the secret hidden if he never got what he wanted… Nana nodded and said the first guy the girl see she when she opens her eyes, she will fall in love with and give you what your heart desired but this will last only for 24 hours………After he left I spoke to Nana and he said vivek was blackmailing him as he did not have legal papers to work in the states and has you locked up in his suite…When I got there I saw him get arrested but you where no where in sight….the police said a stranger saved you and with both your statements he will be locked away for a long time as they were after him for a long time… I waited for you to return……I looked everywhere Riddhima I am so sorry!!" Ridhima looked at Muskhan cryin as they both held each other....

As the light above her indicate that she should fasten her seat belt she looked over at Muskhan as she held her hand………'the fast I get home the better as I can forget this whole nightmare!'

"What time is it?" Armaan looked up to see her glaring as he just did not have time for all this..not know…. She looked for an answer to see no reaction.

"Minnie? Navi?, I can't believe you girls are not getting into bed? You have school tomorrow" Seeing Armaan with his finger on his lips they giggled looking at him behind there mother dressed in her light blue sari with her hand on her hips as she looked so angrily at them.

"Ok why are you laughing!" feeling someone lift her off the ground she screamed as everyone laughed.

"Armaan put me down!" she giggled as he placed her gentle on the floor to see the girls clapping there hands.

"Chacha got mummy!" Armaan smiled looking at the girls as they ran to hug him....picking them both up he smiled. 'It was good to be home' he thought feeling a little better....

"Right you two bed NOW!" Armaan stared at his Bhabhi as she turned to look at him shaking her head.

"Armaan! they are total spoilt because of you and Shubhankar…!" she looked at him smiling cheekily as she turned following the kids up to bed.

"Gabbar gone?" Armaan turned to see his brother peeking into the room looking around not to be heard and chuckled as he sat down next to him on the sofa.

"You love her…right bro?" Shubhankar looked at him oddly and smiled.

"I don't think I could every have managed anything if Kirti never came into my life…" he looked at his brother as he watched her come down the stairs the look of nothing but love… he teased her so much but she never did anything but love him and his family… he watched them all evening as they ate and spoke to each other… His wife was gone and the 24 hours he spent with her was like nothing in this world as he looked at their wedding picture in his room there was a knock on his door…quickly hiding the picture under his pillow he looked at his bhabhi come into the room.

"Sorry Armaan! I never got to ask how you're trip was?" she had noticed he was not his usual self as she walked into his basketball designed room.. he was the big kid of the family and when Krishna mummy pasted away she promised she would keep an extra eye on him. Both Shub and her where worried about him but as a family they got over the bereavement…she had formed a loving bond with her brother in law there were more then friends since the incident.

"Full of surprises and a journey of discovery in so many ways…Bhabhi" I learnt how people use each other just to get what they want I feel so cheap and used.

"Discovery??… will sometimes these experience teach us about life. Good you found Las Vegas full of surprises …" he looked at her smiling as she looked around the room shaking her head.

"You're wife will have some doing to get this room into shape?" he looked at her giggling as she looked at the state of his room as she got up and walked over towards the door.

"My wife will have to take me and this room!! I will not change for no woman!" surprised by the tone of his voice she turned to look at him.

"Ok Baba! I will not moan about the state of your room ok…oh don't forget it's your first day at Sanjeevni as an intern…holidays are now officially over! Good night Armaan!"

"Good night Bhabi!" like clock work he knew she could not sleep until she did her rounds in the house…first she would check on the kids, then him and then retired…Smiling he hugged his pillow it was good to be back home away from people who would take advantage of him…..
Closing his eyes all he could do was see her smiling face as she called out he name... feeling the pain of betrayal he opened his eyes....as he touched his chest feeling the pain of the tattoo....he knew this pain will never go away......................


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