Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Intro & part 1 : Instant Messaging


Riddhima ~ Medical Student of Lorrace University(L.U) Mumbai.. Captain of Girls bastket ball team and known as miss sweetheart of L.U!

Armaan: Medical student of L.U. captain of boys basket ball team..heart throb of L.U and ofcourse.. the coolest guy there is

Atul:Armaans best friend and classmate..A player in armaan's basket ball team.A carefree plant loving guy!   

Muskaan:Riddhimas best friend, and known as miss bubbly in L.U.. muskaan has a HUGE crush on rahul ever since her skool days                                                                         

Rahul: Armaans close friend and muskaan ka bachpan ka dost..a star player and a great friend...

Part 1 

"Three weeks for April fools day,Armaan Malik you are going down" Riddhima grinned as she stared at the calendar.

Riddima gupta and Armaan Malik have always been trying to trick each other, ever since the first day of collge.. and the 1st of April was always the most awaited day coz every year they would try as hard as they could to humiliate each other! and this time.. Riddhima ws goin to plan soemthin BIG!

Just then the phone rang. ridhzy ran to pick it up "hi ma..ya i ate.. yes muskaan ate too.. omelate and toast..ofcourse ma.. k i have to go... ill be late fer college.. theek hai.. bye"
Right on time.. thought Riddhima

Just then Muskaan enters the room "chal? i need to reach early.. mein kaise dhik rahi hu?"
"u look very pretty.. kyon muskaan? anythin special today?" riddhima looked at muskaan wearin a red top and bangles wid heeled sandals.
"rahul yaar.... " muskaan blushed
"achi lag rahi ho... dont worry! ab chale?"
riddima and muskaan stood by thier lockers putting thir books away
"hey muskaan please tell all the players to come today at 4 for practise.. theek hai?"
"shure.. match 6th april ko hai ryte?"
but before she could answer Armaan malik and Atul joshi Walked by..."Atul koi badbu aah rahi hai.. lagta hai hai aaj bhi macchar ne nahaya nahi" armaan said.. pointin to ridhsy

"HAHA very funny Armaan... NOT!" Riddhima growled as she stuck her foot out to trip armaan.

"OUCH!! yaar... kaisi ladki ho tum?"
Armaan got up to see riddhima and muskaan giggling

"cmon guys, its like as if u get up in the morning plannin to ruin each others day... "

"i swear atul.... ab april fools day bhi aah raha hai... looks like they will burn down L.U this year!" muskaan said.. contolling her laughter

Just then a gorgeous lookn gurl comes over "hi Armaan,ur lookin very cute today...goin my way? " armaan smiles and takes her books out of her hand, holdin it for her..

"Hey sweetheart .. its ur lucky day,i am.. bye guys" holdin her by her waist .. armaan leads her forward.

"he will never change.. ok even im goin..bye guys" atul waves at them.. and leaves

"these gurls na?.. wat do they see in him anyways?" riddhima said as she ut her books in her locker just as the bell rang

"chodo na? lets go before Hitler (keerti) gives us detention"
Later tht afternoon in the library…..

Armaan comes in and sees riddhima on a computer and occupies the corner seat on the opposite side next to Atul.
"Hey champ, Wats up?" Armaan pats Atul on the back and sits down

"nothing yaar, project ke liye kuch research.. tumhe 'pithing ke bare mein kuch pata hai? Atul looks at armaan very sleepily..

"hmm… not really… " Armaan asks… clicking on the 'surgeons forum'

Armaans greatest ambition was to be a top surgeon and tht forum was a great place to talk to real surgeons and learn a whole ot more.. the site was sponcered by the college to encourage the students… Armaan needed some information and wasnt gettin some answers.. and decided you utilise tht forum fer his project work given by Shubhankar sir.

BB:hey guys...can any of you tell me "the right drug for cardiovascular disease??"
 just then he got a reply!
 from flowers.forever in short FF
 FF:yeea!!!the drug is statin!
 BB: wow that was fast!!....cardiologist?
FF:no....just studing...3rd year....aim is for surgeon....but am glad to help doin a research too on some cardiovascular diseases"

impressed he decided to PM her.

Hmm studying? Thts nice.. ammy thought

BB: Oh ur online.. cool.. im in ma 3rd year too… may I no ur name?

FF: sorry,,, but I don't reveal personal information on the internet..

BB: oh no problem.. I guess ill call u flowers then..
Armaan said a bit disappointed...

FF: shure ill call u biker.. lol.

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