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Intro & Part 1 : Pulse


Feeling his heart race as he help the scalpel in his hand he closed his eyes to see her there again… "Who was she?? and why has she effected him so much?" …. Opening his eyes he looked down at the chest of his heart patient on the operation theatre ..and smiled under his mask as he made the incursion… It had been barely a two days yet he could not get the holiday of Goa out of his head. Slowly the site and interaction with the beautiful stranger had effected him in so many ways and she had invaded him in a matter of days… He could not shake off the feelings… It was as if he had left part of himself somewhere on the shore of the beach where they had met….

"Why did he have to get paged? …. Who was that beautiful stranger? Why cant I get her out of my head?…." So many question and yet no answers… As he removed his hands from under the running water Dr Armaan shook his head as he wiped his hand.. Hating the feelings now residing within him of not knowing!!

"Salaam, Nameste and Sat Shri Kal… You're listening to the Dr Riddhima on 97.18 FM on Mumbai Radio… we fast approaching the love corner part of the show so please call , text and email me…we discussing love at first sight... Is it possible? or is it Lust or Love?" Hitting the button she looked up at Nana as he gave her the thumbs up through the glass window. She smiled as she looked at him.. He approached her 3 months ago and offered her a spot on the radio station as a DJ co physiologist… well her Phd would be useful and slowly the callers where getting to know her and she them… Hitting the mute button she looked at Sam her producer he was very helpful and supportive as he smiled at her.

"Sam I want to run some idea about other open topics we can have on the show.. Can we discuss these tomorrow some time" She looked at him signalling to her mike…Hitting the button she smile…

"That was the beautiful Saawariya sung by Shail Hada… Ok folks! I just received a email from Sareena she says .. "Hi Dr Riddhima… I'm a student and currently studying for my English exams… I just started listening to you're show and think you are doing a great job… but I'm worried that I may not do well in the exams can you help?… First of all Sareena thank you so much for you're email… and for tuning in! Exams can be a stressful time for anyone.. As a Doctor I too have had my far share of pressure… My advise is you organise yourself and you're time…take breaks and then hit the book.. Make sure you get enough sleep and eat well.. Good luck!! Ok this next song is for you..Ajab Si!…"

Turning up the volume in the car Armaan smiled as he hummed the tune…

'Aankhon Mein Teri
Ajab Si Ajab Si Adayein Hai
Hoo Aankhon Mein Teri
Ajab Si Ajab Si Adayein Hai

Dil Ko Banade Jo Patang Saa Se
Yeh Teri Woh Haawaien Hai'

As he lay in bed he could see the beautiful stranger again walk past him on the sunny beach as he remember there encounter……..


~ Part1~

Closing his eyes he took in the salty air… 2 years of hard work he so need the break and Goa was where he spent most of his childhood on his hols… He had not surfed since his teenager days and as he walked down the beach looking at the stars and moon lit sky … his favourite memories with his parents came flooding the mischief smile dance on his lips he heard the music coming down the beach near his hotel… as he walked toward it he saw hotel members all swaying to the music. As he walked into the crowd the music engulf him as people danced…

He stopped midway as the waiter offered him a drink..

"What's this party in aid of?"

"Sir is a anniversary celebration for a Mumbai radio station…hotel members are all invited!" Picking up the champagne drink in his hand, he walked over to the swimming pool over looking the ocean and looked at the breath taking view…

Hearing the applause and screams of the group he turned around and saw the crowd dancing.. Gentle nodding to the music he decided to go back to the hotel

I'm bringing sexy back
Them other boys don't know how to act
I think you're special, what's behind your back?
So turn around and I'll pick up the slack.

He turned to stare at the siren beauty dancing on the dance floor with the crowd she took his breath away…as his pulse raced he moved towards …she looked so engulf by the music as she danced moving her hips to the sultry beat of the music…

Dirty babe
You see the shackles
Baby I'm your slave
I'll let you whip me if I misbehave
It's just that no one makes me feel this way

Take 'em to the chorus

Come here girl
Go ahead, be gone with it
Come to the back
Go ahead, be gone with it
Go ahead, be gone with it
Drinks on me
Go ahead, be gone with it
Let me see what you're working with
Go ahead, be gone with it
Look at those hips
Go ahead, be gone with it
You make me smile
Go ahead, be gone with it
Go ahead child
Go ahead, be gone with it
And get your sexy on
Go ahead, be gone with it

Get your sexy on
Go ahead, be gone with it

He noticed everyone staring at her as she danced and looked at her dressed in jeans and short top…she looked so dame sexy on the dance floor…suddenly she stopped and walked over towards the bar…but was stopped halfway…

"Hey gorgeous! How about a dance?" he watched her totally ignoring the group of young guys and carried on the bar. Smiling to himself he knew she was able to handle herself and followed her to the bar just behind the group.

"Bar tender give the babe anything she wants!" She turned and looked at the group behind her.

"Water please!" the bar tender nodded and placed the bottle on the bar. Picking up the bottle she turned and looked at the 6 guys standing there not letting her pass.

"OMG!! I have been looking for you everywhere?" She looked at the tall guy smiling as he walked into the group. His hazel eyes danced full of mischief as he placed his arm around her.

"Good come on you're missing the party!" she smiled at him and nodded as they walked into the group leaving them behind.

"Thank you!" he looked at her and released her from his hold being so close to her he just wanted him all to himself.

"I guess I'm your knight in shining amour this evening" she smiled back at him as he chuckled.

"Thank you… bye!" he looked at her as she walked back into the crowd

'beep beep' frowning he looked at his paged and sighed..

"I guess something's are not meant to be!" he walked into the hotel…

Unable to sleep feeling very restless he pulled of the covers…and looked at the clock 1am… In one single moment the beautiful stranger had affected him so much he sould still smell her fragrance as it lingered within him… her kajal filled emerald eyes looking at him as he appeared before her and they way she spoke .. "thank you"

"I'm so tired Sam…" turning on the mute button she looked a Sameet as he looked up at her from his papers.

"Great show Ridz… I never knew members could have such different view points of love at first sight!" she smiled as she looked at him.

"I guess you mention love and the public love the topic..!"

"Will the phones are flashing!… and we have 23 minutes of air time left.."

"Hi guys… that was Salaam-e-ishq! Ok lets go to callers on the phone.. Line 3 we have…" he pushed the button on the console.

"Hi I'm Sanjay!." moving closure to the mike she smiled.

"Hi Sanjay… so tell me you fallen in love at first sight?…" hearing the faint chuckle of the caller her smile broaden

"There is this girl on the bus I get. Very good looking…but I have never spoken to her…as I'm shy I guess!…"

"Wow … we all go through that part! See everyone's a little shy and tongue tied with the opposite sex.. That all natural… So tell me which bus do you take?"

"Im not telling you that she might be listening…OMG I'm so embarrassed now!"

"OMG don't be embarrassed … she might be listening and you can confess that u like her…"

"I guess!"

"Ok thanks for calling!"



"can I request a song for the girl on the bus to college!…Tere bin!"

"I see if I can get it on  Sanjay.. After I speak to the other callers…"


"What about you?" Riddhima looked at Sapna in the shared apartment they lived in

"I guess I believe in Love but at fight sight?… hmm not sure"

"Awee come on this Knight in the photos with his arm around you looks dreamy" Riddhima shook her head…

"He's ok I guess!… I hitting the bed!… I have a photo shoot in the afternoon.. As Nana want to launch the show.. And wants ppl to see me in the ad.."

Sapna watched her leave the room smiling.. "Dr Armaan and Ridz look good together!" she placed the pic on the table and smiled… The long night shift at the hospital had drained her too…and the pics from the party where given to her from Sam.

"I tell her in the morning ..about Armaan.." she yawned..

Smiling she closed her eyes picturing him in his which jacket and jeans…he seem nice but so was Vivaan to begin with and it all went wrong…He was so obsessive and the relationship total drained her.. If it was not for Sapna and Nana help she would not have got him out of her life.. Moving to Mumbai she was not going to get involved with any man… "Right now I need to get myself sorted!"… All her life she had struggled left in an orphanage it was hard not having an identity.. Not know where you are from??.. Who you look like?? and why you where rejected? The only thing sister Mary at the orphanage told her was that her mother had past way while giving birth to her and a man dropped her off at the orphanage…He told them that his sister died and he was single not married and can not support the child and her father had refused his siter and his child.. Leaving the convent that was all she was told. In college Sapna and her family where good to her and helped her though out everything including her fees.. They were the only family she had know and with studies over and Vivaan just wanting to sleep with her for a bet …she moved to Mumbai with the family… but for how long was she goin to be a burden on Sapna and her family??… Now she need to pay them back for everything and make it on her own…. Nana approached her with a 2 year radio contact deal as he want a professional psychologist on the team who could help people and now he was going to run a campaign advertising her show.. He was funny but always wise…and she respected him loads. Now tomorrow was going to be her pay back everyone who supported her in her life…


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