Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Introduction: Heart Attacks & Seizures

Riddhima stared at the engagement card and let out a sigh… her step sister was getting engaged to a famous surgeon Dr Atul Joshi… and was rubbing her face with the fact she has the man and the career off her dreams and everything she always wanted… while I was still single and working hard to get what I wanted and still an intern doing my final year.  Don't get me wrong I love her to bits but she can be so insensitive at times and a horrible snotty cow.

"So Ridzzy you coming right!" Riddhima held her mobile close to her ear feeling her sister's excitement as she opened the door to her apartment.

"Yeah Di… I will be there wouldn't miss it for the world" she pushed opened the door to see her little bright pink girly pad and smiled it was so good to be home she smiled.

"Oh I got a call from Kirti last week she say you have finally got a man!"  OMG!! NO I have NOT…She gossiping as usual the two face cow!

"For a second we were all worried about you and I was defending you saying you CAN PULL A MAN!" WHAT OMG !! YOU WHAT?? That Kirti has nothing better to do then to gossip about me?? Holding the mobile she felt her anger take hold of her.

"Di I too have a boyfriend!" narrowing her eyes she looked at herself in the large mirror….OMG I am attractivish…OK you're more beautiful then me Di…but I'm not that bad looking I'm I?

"Yeah she said you both looked cute!" hmmm your fishing Di. I'm not telling you anything as like last time you will say Riddzy you have no clue about the opposite sex??

"Di I have to go …. I see you in Delhi soon! Love to Papa and Momma!"

"Riddz don't forget to bring your boyfriend!" WHAT? OMG? HOW THE HELL!!

"No worries we come together as a couple!"  you just lied?? I know but I'll make something up like he is away and sick!  Or something…she thought.

"Bye Di!"

Closing her eyes she remember Sumit the two-face-leech for two months he dated her and then announced he was getting married to Zoya?  I mean Zoya was twice his age and … Ok she was attractive and had the bank balance he so wanted!! THE LOW LIFE SCUMBAG!! UFF ........ Opened her eyes remembering what she had told Anjali and her mother called three days later all excited to meet the new man in her life when the truth was they was no one!!  It was all lies…. Now she was goin to have to find a Boyfirend For Hire!! and create more lies!!!!!!…biting her lip she pulled up the bed covers…I will think of something tomorrow…….

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