Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Last Episode : Love Birds (AR ff)

armaan: ohh.. toh baat woh hai... idar dekho.... dekho.. see, what is the difference if we get married ? the only thing is that, we are gonna live together, which will be like the world's best gift for both of us and moreover, we all are like ONE family and we can meet at any time we want. see, we planned many things all these days and we had many dreams right.. so, let us cheer up and come on yaar.. bass ek aur ganta hai.. hum ek ghante ke baad, just after one hour, we will be officially wife and husbands.. wow.. i am so excited....

riddhima: me either armaan... come on you go now.. people will be searching for you

armaan makes his way to the mandap and sits beside atul.. the pundit finally starts chanting the mantra's... both of them, have their 100000 dollar smile on their faces. their happiness was reflecting through their eyes.. their actions were like mirrors to their own self, and their soul. an urge to meet their bride and spend some quality time with her, was the only thought that was running in their minds...

they had many plans about where they are going to go and about what they are goind to do after their wedding..

the pundit calls for the brides and soon, riddhima and anjali come down, along with the other girls in the gang, muskaan, nikki and others surrounding them...

the whole time, the pundit keeps chanting the mantra's, while atul and armaan kept stealing glances at their beloved to be wife's. soon, the pundit asks, the four of them, to take pehra's as their promises to fulfill all the needs of their married life.

click here to see the picture of their wedding mandap.

they take the pehra's, while thinking about their contended life, which is waiting for them. it was now, the time to tie the real knot, the mangalsutra. the pundit, makes his way to the goddess idol, which is kept in the center, and takes the two mangalsutra's from the feet of the goddess and handles them to the bridegrooms.

everyone gets surprised to see the special mangalsutra of riddhima, which was having an AR pendent on it. riddhima looked at armaan, with her original smile, which got originated from the deep chambers of her heart while armaan gave her an assuring look, leaving all the others, surprised, contended and happy....

armaan bends onto riddhima, inorder to tiee thee mangalsutra, while muskaan holds her hair, so that, it does not disturb the ceremony. while he proceeded to tie the mangalsutra, riddhima closed her eyes, as tight as possible. there was no control on her heartbeat and she constantly tried her level best, not to show her feelings our and ofcourse, she succeeded in doing so. but yeah, as usual, the love of her life, her armaan, even though while tying the mangalsutra, in such a peek condition, understood her feelings. he bent a little more to fasten the knot, and finally, he tied it.

as he was about to withdraw, he took the advantage of the situation, and brushed his cheeks, past hers and left a peck on her cheeks, so that, no one notices them.

atul and anjali also tie the knot. and now, it is finally the way to make to their places.

shashank felt really happy instead of getting sad, since he got the opportunity to see both of his daughters get married at the same time.. he wished padma was with him.. because, she always dreamt of both of her daughters wedding's...

he looked deep into the sky and thought...

 - " padma, tum hamesha se chahti thi na, ki, hamare in donon bachche ko, bohot achche pyaar karne waale mile.. unke zindgi khushiyon ki maidaan bane.. aaj woh sach ho gaya padma.. mujhe pata hai ki, tum jahan par bhi ho, hum sab ko dekh rahi ho. aur haan, agar tum dekh nahi rahi ho na, toh please idar aao. dekho ki, hamare do nanhe munne, kitne bade ho gaye hai... love you padma... thanks for giving me two beautiful and precious roses. unko bless karna bhoolna mat.. okay..."

armaan entered the room, just to find riddhima, sitting with the viel on her head, which covered her beautiful face. he moved closer to her and sat by her side.

he could very well notice the smile on her face. he could imagine the colour of her cheek bones. she had high cheekbones, which made her look even more prettier. he loved it, when her cheeks turn red, by listening to his flirty comments. he reminicised their past, and came back to the present. he thanked god for giving them all the happiness in this world. he prayed to god, to keep both of them happy forever.

he moved the ghoonghat from her face... she raised her eyes, only to get drowned into his eyes, which portrayed an enormous amount of love for her, which was pure, without any other intentions. he moved closer to her and now, they are in a position, where, armaan was in a half sitting position on the bed and his legs, wide open, with riddhima in between his legs, with her legs touching her chin, and with her head resting on his chest... both of them felt contended. none of them spoke a syllable.

the silence, that creeped inbetween them, made eachother, understand their inner feeling, thoughts, emotions.. armaan shifted his gaze towards her earlobe, and he whispered...

armaan: thak gayi ?

riddhima: hmmm. but its so comfortable like this. only my dress is making me suffer. it is so heavy. and you know, all the rasm's made me get tired.

armaan:yeah.. i know.. you look exhausted. you want to change ?

riddhima: hmm. but i dont have any clothes here.

armaan: actually, i bought many clothes and accessories for you.. but i dont think they are there in this room. mum n dad were shifting things from my room for decorations and stuff.. so, they went along with my clothes. but i have an extra set of capris. you can wear it.

riddhima: lekin t-shirt ? 

armaan: dont worry yaar.. actually, mom kept two pairs of capris and a t-shirt for me. so, you can have the t-shirt.

riddhima: lekin agar tumhe tand lag gayi hai toh ?

armaan: riddhima.. questions later. first go and change..

riddhima went into the washroom, picking up the clothes. he never wanted to force her. all he wanted to do is, to make her feel comfortable. and moreover, he found her feeling tired and thought that, it would be the best option to get her changed.

simultaniously, he changed into his capri's and waited for riddhima to come..

riddhima came out wearing the capris and t-shit. they were extremely loose on her, and the capri's seemed like, they might fall down at any time, if a little pressure is applied. she holded the capri's with her hands, overprotectively, and lied down beside armaan who was wearing his capris only, and turned towards his side, facing him. the temperature in the room increased, due to the airconditionor, which made riddhima, to shift closer to him.

he immediately understood and switched the AC off and this time, pulled her closer.

armaan: comfortable now ? (asked in a whisper)

riddhima's senses awakened, when his warm breath touched her earlobe. she felt the goosebumps raise all over her body. armaan circled her waist with his arms, which made a chill ran down her spine. she felt contended to feel him touch her.

inorder to seek more warmth, she moulded herself into him, like a small ball, and yeah.. such kind of closeness effected both of them. they were never closer like this, anytime before. this is for the first time that, they were feeling this warmth and the content gained by staying in eachothers arms. armaan made his arms more firm around her, and this time, riddhima took the advance, and showered his chest with ker wet kisses. she moved to his face, looked deep into his eyes, and ruffled his hair, which made him go crazy than ever. she kissed his eyes, nose, chin and then, went to his ears, and gave a small bite on them, which made him moan out of pleasure. she moved onto the top of him, and traced her fingers on his body, which made him go crazy. he then, responded to her actions and made love to her, and slept in her arms, like a small baby. neither of them realised when they drifted into the sleep. but both of their faces beared a contended and the most happiest smile,
wishing and praying god, to give them more joy's in the coming prosperous years of their life. the day marked another primary point and played a vital role in the life of the two LOVE BIRDS, who had just crossed another stage, and the most important stage of their life...

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