Monday, 21 January 2019

Last part : Heart Attacks & Seizures

"YOU DUFFER!" Ridhima turned to look at Muskhan as she shook her head at her…Muskhan was staring at her in her London flat as Ridhima told her of the events that happen in New York and Delhi.

"Paagal you should have kept the diamond ring …to pay off the debt!" WHO CARES ABOUT THE RING YAAR??? I AM HEART BROKEN!!

"I can't believe you YAAR!! Diamond ring would have been pay back… you could have e-bayed it and paid off the car repairs and his flight… Yaar!??! Kasaam Nu Khaan!! Took you for a ride!… I hate men like him… and Rahul!…they make me so angry… UFF!"  Ridhima looked at her as a little smile formed on her Muskhan waved her hands in the air karate chopping like a madwoman….

"Yaar!!.. Sapna called me and told me you whooped the charali on the dance floor.. man I missed it I would have showed her my Jalwa!"  Listening to her laugh Ridhima laugh out loud with her on the bed holding her stomach.. as Muskhan moved her hips..

"Man Muskhan I have missed you and that laugh!"  Ridhima took hold of her laughing.

"So tell me what his name? and was he good looking?… and did you French him?" OMG WHAT NO! FRENCH I WISH!!

"Muskhan you have not changed still the same!! Mental cow as ever" Muskhan smiled as she walked over towards the wardrobe

"Yaar what to do as I here in England with the parents and not one nice guys.. all weirdo… I bet that Rahul busy girl after girl…"  rolled her eyes at Riddhima

"You still have a huge crush on him?" Ridhima looked at her as she sighed and nodded her head.

"Duffer calls me up and tells me who he is dating and which girl got more then 1 star!" Girl I cant believe in the 3 years we went to college together behind all those fights you fancied him in a big way?? I thought I had it bad but you for 3 year …

"We are both hopeless cases?!"  Muskhan threw a top and jeans over at Riddhima

"No Babes we are single and ready to mingle… and we going out!!" YAAR NO!! she looked at Muskhan as she had that crazy woman looked in her eyes and looked at her.


"Ridhima? GET UP!"  Muskhan looked at her hugging the pillow as she slept on the bed all stretched out.

"Muskhan yaar quite! shhhh yaar my head hurts!"  I feel total tired and want to sleep here forever and never get up.

"I'm not surprised you drank like a fish and I had to drag you off the dance floor and those white guys?"  Muskhan looked at her as she moaned and placed her head under the pillow.

"Ridhima puttar ? OH Ridhima puttar… "  Muskhan grabbed the spare pillow and hit her.

"You're going to miss the flight and we have to go and get some shopping done!"  Leave me alone!! …Ridhima got up to see her dressed in her pink pajamas and placed her hand on her head..

"Muskhan I'm broke forget the shopping and let me sleep!"

"My treat yaar any way were sisters practically so…" Feel her hands drag her out of bed she looked at Muskhan pushing her into the bathroom as her legs just wanted to collapse on the floor

As she stepped out the shower she noticed how Muskhan had placed her clothes on the bed and had left her to get changed… 'Hello moto' she looked at her phone and picked it up..

"Hi Girfriend! Where are you?"  smiling she looked at herself in the mirror.

"UK London!!" hearing him take a massive long sigh she grabbed hold of her jeans and sat on the bed wearing the large bath sheet

"You over at the DON's place "  … Ridhima laugh as he chuckled on the phone.

"Come on Rahool I know you call her up everyday to tease her…"

"I can't survive a day with out talking to the DON… she there?" pulling up her jeans she smiled.

"No she get me brekky… anyway what you want!!"  she heard him feel a little uncomfortable on the phone..

"Man I can't believe I am telling you this… Armaan!"  her heart raced hearing his name.

"What about Armaan?" biting her lips she closed her eyes.

"He getting married and it's to Kirti!"  OH Right… quick the acting part.

"Ridz you there… look I'm here in the London I come over to Muskhan's place…" hearing the line go dead she sank into the bed as the tears ran down her face.

Muskhan and Rahool looked at Ridhima as she stared into space …suddenly she started laughing and they looked at her… Rahool took hold of Muskhan's arm scared..

"She gone mad!"  Muskhan looked at his face and then back at Ridhima when they both started laughing at Rahool.

"OMG Ridz tell him the truth!" Ridhima looked at Muskhan as she laugh through her nose and she started laughing again…holding her stomach.

Rahool looked at the pair of them laughing as Ridhima told him the whole story…

"OK if this was Muskhan's plan I would have believe it as she is desperate… " Ridhima laugh as she looked at Muskhan punch his arm hard as he looked hurt.

"Oye! Me desperate…"  She looked at Rahool smile cheekily as he looked at her sulk and sit down next to Ridz on the sofa with her arms folded…

She looked at him as he dragged his feet towards her and kneeled on the floor and took hold of her hands as she pulled them out of his grip.

"Sorry Babes… " he turned to look at Ridz and blinked

"Hatt pichhe! I am not talking to you" Muskhan looked at him and looked away… he looked desperately at Ridhima and knew he had seriously hurt her.

"Muskhan … who would have thought that Ridhima would have out smarted you!" Muskhan glared at him as she pushed him onto the floor and sat on him as he laugh… Ridhima stared at them… they are so in love yet neither one wanted to break there friendship as there where scare… she knew how they felt… she too was scare to say I love you to Armaan as he never felt nothing towards her and she could live the reset of her life in love with someone who would never be hers ever….

"Muskhan stop it!" Ridhima smiled as she looked at Muskhan tickle him as he rolled on the floor tryin to catch her hands scream in laughter.


"You sure you are going to be OK!" she released Muskhan and looked at her worried face.

"I be fine… I need to go back to work as I need the distraction and not forgetting the money!" Man my credit card bill is going to kill me!!  She looked at the final security gate at Heathrow and turned to see Rahool whispering something in Muskhan's ear as she smiled looking at her.

"WHAT?" they looked at her and smiled.

"Nothing!" the both grinned as she looked at them.

"NO! Tell me?!" what the hell? … Riddhima walked over to Rahool and looked at him as he looked at Muskhan.

"Oh that reminds me I have someone to call…" Ridhima looked at him as he pulled out his diary as Muskhan rolled her eyes at Riddhima.

"Muskhan? Tell me what he said?" they turned to see Rahool turn around.

"Leave it yaar he's mental …" looking at him, Ridhima grabbed hold of his black diary as Muskhan looked at him trying to get it back giggling.

Open the pages she looked at his entries all mentioning when and what he discussed with Muskhan and looked at him shaking his head so that she did not let on…. Smiling she closed the book and looked at him…

"Tell me what you said??"  she looked at him sweating and looking very uncomfortable as he looked at Muskhan for help!!

"I told her that!! …."

"He mention you're birthday yaar!"  Rahol turned and hit Muskhan on the head as he snatched his black dairy back.

"My Birthday?" she looked at them as they smiled.

"What about it?" HECK WHAT ARE YOU PAIR UP TO???

"Can all passengers board British Airways to New York please go to gate 35!"

"LOOK LOOK YAAR YOU HAVE TO GOOOOO!" Ridhima looked at Muskhan as she pushed her towards the security check out… MY god woman you have been dragging my butt everywhere today…

"OK BYE !"

"Muskhan?OYE!!" Ridhima turned to looked at Rahool as he caught up with them.

"What are you up to…???"  I want to know… better not be another blind date?

"OK since motor mouth opened her big mouth.. we are coming to visit you in New York!"  Muskhan stared at him pouting her lip as Ridhima smiled looking at him scratching his head shaking it…  Feeling his warm embrace she looked at him.

"When are you going to tell her that you love her?"  Rahool blushed slightly as he released her.

"Valentine day! That is why I'm here… I thought you guys are all getting married and then the DON need someone" he whispered chuckling as he looked at Muskhan smiling at them as she looked at the departure monitors.

"Well make sure you do? And please don't upset her? As she loves you loads!"  Rahool nodded to reassure her and waved at Muskhan.

"Bye Ridz! Man I loved our two days together!  It went to quick!"  Muskhan hugged her tearfully

"I know but you will have Rahool to keep you company …" Ridhima chuckled looked at her grin like a Cheshire cat.

"Ok now be nice and please tell him you love him!" Muskhan blushed and nodded shyly.

Ridhima looked back at them as she enter the security check out… Now she was going to be totally alone… everyone was with someone and she had her lonely flat to go back too. …

As she pulled out the keys to the flat feeling tired and exhausted from her flight she noticed the door was opened and pushed it slightly feelin nervous as she left her luggage out side.

"Mace!" she whispered placing her hand in her handbag to get ready.

Ok Ridhima keep calm… take deep breathes and don't be scare.. $*** I'm scared …look around the flat everything seem in order as she tiptoed to the kitchen area holding out her mace she looked around nervously…'bedroom' pushing open the door she looked around nothing …she looked at the bathroom door handle being pushed …'OMG' with her heart pumping so fast…..


"YOU BANDAR YOU GAVE ME A HEART ATTACK! IDIOT!" she looked at him holding his face as she lead him back in the bathroom.

"HONEY IT STINGS!"  shaking her head she bent him over towards the basin and washed his face…

"Shut up do you have any idea what I was going through I nearly had a seizure thinking that I had a prowler in the flat… jeez Armaan how was I suppose to know you where here?" she looked at him washing his face as she grabbed a towel and threw it in his hands.

"My vision still!"  she looked at him.

"Just wash your eyes out I get some solution from the medical kit!"

She looked at him as he sat on the leather sofa as she sat on the glass coffee table …holding the cotton wool in her hand she placed it gentle around his eyes.

"What are you doing here Armaan?" why are you here… oh I get it you come back with Kirti?.. feeling his hand on her she looked at him squinting.

"Honey this solutions going to work right?" HONEY?? Her heart raced as his voice was full of concern as she pulled her hands away

"Armaan trust me.. in fact lay down I put the kettle on!" taking hold of his legs she helped him lay down on the sofa as he held the cotton wool over his eyes.

"I did some shopping Honey! Milk, eggs and other things I did not know what you like so I just got what I liked… hope you don't mind hon!"  OK NOW WHAT THE FRIGGIN HELL IS GOING ON????

"This is working…my eyes are not sting as much!" he shouted as she stirred the sugar in the tea.

She banged the tray on the table and looked at him as he got up and looked at her a little surprised.

"I want some answers first of what are you doing in my flat? And secondly aren't you marrying Kirti?? And FOR GOD SAKE STOP CALLING ME HONEY!!"  he looked at her as she glared at him and got up from the sofa…. She looked at him as he awkwardly approached her.

"I liked us being a couple!"  WHAT?? OMG he gone mad???

"Armaan? We were acting! Your goal, remember Kirti?? my goal remember turning up to my sister wedding with a boyfriend… remember!!"  she looked at him as he shifted his weight awkwardly and then looked up to face her.

"I never went on that lunch date… I was in the shopping centre following you that day… I uh saw you read my message and turn off the phone angrily… I felt like I was betraying my wife if I went …I just could not do it." She looked at him stunned as he stepped closure to her. OMG U STOOD UP THE CHURALI but why?

"But you where all excited about it Armaan…??" she looked at him as he took hold of her  hands and sat her down on the sofa

"I guess Ridhima I like what we have… you know? I knew you felt the same as you were so anger and you felt it tooo" feeling his hand take hold of her face so gentle she looked into his eyes to see something she had never seen before.

"I guess Kirti was just a crush I had back in college …but you I have helpless fallen in love with … I realized that day I kissed you outside …and when I held you in my arms in bed I knew this was where I wanted to be… with you always in bed.  Not in that dirty way but in that pure way…someone to hold in my arms for the rest of my life especially with someone who I can be myself with…" seeing the tears in her eyes he leaned forward and kissed her…

"Armaan I don't know what to say?" holding him in her arms she closed her eyes.

"Say you will act with me for the reset of my life!" nodded her head she held him.


"RIDDHIMA!!! AGGGGHHH!" she turned to look at Anjali shouting at her.

"Di you going to be ok…. Just relax!" she stare at her as she sat panting in pain.

"RELAX!!!! I AM HAVING A BABY AND ATUL HAS FAINTED!!" Ridhima looked down at her feet to see Jiju pasted out!

"AWWEEE DIIII!"  she turned to look at Anjali as she took hold of her hand.

"Where the hell is the doctor??"  OMG DI your going to have a seizure??

"Hi!"  Anjali and Ridhima looked at the doctor and then back at each other.

"I am Dr Nana… what is the problem?"  I know this guys??? what the problem she having a baby? im surrounded by bandars today??

"Where is my Bulbul?"  they looked at him looking around the room smiling as he looked at them

"WHAT the HELL are you talking about?" Di chill….AW I am not going to have a hand by the end of this??

"Hanji doctor saab?"  LOVELY??

"OMG Riddhima!! How are you? Did you get that fake boyfriend thing sorted out for your sister wedding!"  No lovely not NOWWW??

"WHAT? FAKE BOYFRIEND????!"  omg nnnnnnnoooooooooooo

"Breathe di! Lovely GAS AND AIR! NOW QUICK"


"Look he's coming round?"  Armaan looked at Atul opening his eyes.

"Champ! You ok?"  Atul looked at him and nodded and looked at everyone in the waiting room.

"ANJALI??" he got up and looked around the room and run into the delivery room

Armaan looked at him and chuckled a brilliant surgery and when he saw Anjali in pain he fainted…

"I don't know why you are laughing!" he turned to look at Padma looking at him.

"When Ridhima has the baby …you to will be like Atul!" Armaan looked at her giggling as he stopped laughing….they looked at Atul as he came out of the delivery holding a baby crying.

"I have a son!"

"Jaan I'm scared?" Ridhima opened her eyes to feel his arms around her confused as she walked into the waiting room drained…everyone was with Anjali and the baby…

"Armaan what the matter?" holding him in her arms she looked at him.

"What if I faint? What if there is a problem and I …." Feeling her lips on his she knew she had answered his questions……..

Wow who would have though I would have married and settled down in the last year.. he stopped calling me honey when we got married instead he call me 'Jaan'…. He is a total romantic and I'm not sure if he acting that part hehe but I get a dose of cheese lines everyday hehe … Now we have a new play to work on Mommy and Daddy… should be fun as he talking to my belly every night… btw I know you're going to ask the engagement ring… I got a brand new one… I was not have hers!!  …. Oh yeah before I go I know you all dieing to know Kirti??  Still Single and available.. hehe… I guess Mr Right has not discover her yet… my life is now full of sweet heart attacks and seizures thanks to him……

The End

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