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Last part :Instant Messaging

Riddima walked in staring in disbelief... what the hell was happening??? What she saw was plain mesmerising.. the entire auditorium was filled with flowers... and that aroma.... killing.. Every step of the bleechers had gorgeous flowers and the court.... the court was covered with rose petals.. riddhima spun around to take a look around... too bad every one else was dazed as well... or she would have definetly thought that something was wrong with her ... just her... people started taking wild guesses as to why this sudden new decorations were put up.... then suddenly it hit her.... Armaan malik..

 she remembered chatting with armaan telling him that flowers meant so much to her.. how could she forget?? her eyes glistened with tears.. heated tears.. her insides were even burning..with emotions.
Just as took a step further.. she finally saw him..

"what do you think??" Riddhima saw a figure leap out from behind the steps... All the excitment and whispers came to an end as everyones eyes were fixed on them..

"Armaan?? yeh sab kya hai?? tumne kyon...?" riddhima said stammering to find the right words to say..wondering what everyone else must be thinking

"the question is do you like it?? " a lone tear escaped her eye..

"par kab?? aur kyon??" a stupid question she asked even though she knew the answer...but ..'when' was the question.. he had been around during the last period...

"rahul aur atul ne bhi saath diya.....but u didnt answer my question.. baby do you like it...."Armaan said walking closer to her . Riddhima slowly nodded her head as a fresh set of tears rolled down. Wat could she say? ofcourse she loved it.. she couldn't lie to everyone.. she couldnt lie to him.. most of all she couldn't lie to herself.

"you shouldnt have..." words escaped her lips

" i couldnt resist.. riddhima.. " armaan started..

 " A year ago i would have never imagined myself falling for you.. and that too so hard... but then i met flowers.forever124 online.. and everything changed .. baby i used to wait day and night just to recieve her messages... and when she finally asked me to meet her... you have no idea how happy i was. But then, you told me that it was you.. and that it was a joke.. i was crushed sweetheart.. but then i guess woh sab achai ke liye hi hota hai... kyon ki ab... im so in love wid you riddhima gupta.. and for the record anjali and I were never going out.. and I never intended to dance with preeti.. it was to make you jealous.." armaan paused letting it all seep into riddhima. "and when you finally became mine... nothing could make me happier.... the way you feel, ur touch, ur kiss, ur smile... thats what i always want. But i lost all of that.. im sorry honey.. i guess i got really insecure. All these days you have given me so much of care and love and ive just hurt you.. but I promise.. if u forgive me ill make sure it never.. never happens again, i never want to let you go... I cant let you go.. so please be mine again.." Armaan said as he cupped her chin in his hands wiping away those tears with his thumb.

Nothing else seemed to matter just then. Even the janitor and the cleaners came out to see what the fuss was about .. But the two of them were completely oblivious to everything.. i guess that's wat love deos to you.. "Please tell me that you love me.. Tell me that youre willing to give me another chance."Riddhima finally looked around suddenly getting very conscious. There werent too many people.. But the people around her were from her lectures.. even worse! People whom she knew.. Her own friends.. Armaans friends.. More like armaans close friends since the whole college knew him. Luckily for her some of them hadnt come.. Probably bunked since it was just games and they had exams to study for which were due in a couple of weeks..

She looked back to see armaan staring back at her waiting anxiously for her to open her mouth and break the silence. Riddhima dropped another tear as she watched armaans eyes trace the tear down her cheeks, finally being wiped away by his fingers.

Armaans eyes filled up .. something no doubt no one had ever seen.
"I love you soo much" Armaan finally said before retrieving his hands.. maybe it was really over... maybe she had really moved on?? maybe he HAD really lost her. For the first time ever.. she was one girl who didnt give way for him..his heart broke..he could feel it almost dissolving with the blood in his body...  but still how could this end? How could the world give him so much pain??  Armaan backed up..

Riddhima felt herself shake as he retrieved his felt as though he was taken something with him with every step he took.. something of hers.. something that she really needed..

without a second more.. riddhima realized what was right and what she had to do.. instantly and very involuntarily.  Riddhima leapt into armaans arms.. tightening her grip onto him. Armaan took a split secnd to realize what had just happened.. a smile formed on his lips.. as that one drop of tear left his eye.. and he finally wrapped his own hands around her!

"I love you to armaan! " Riddhima whispered breaking their silence as she looked back into his eyes and pulled him in...into a deep long kiss..  Armaan whole-heartedly too up the kiss.. lifting her completely off the ground. What was minutes felt like seconds. This was where she belonged.. in his arms..

After giving them a couple of minutes..  rahul muskaan and atul jumped on them.. " Arre kya dialogues tha?? kya natak!!. Kahan seekha?? " atul said wiping his eyes" just to get thumped on the head by rahul.. as armaan and riddhima parted .

"oh my god that was soo romantic!! Rahul kuch seekho!!! When you got me angry couldnt you do this?? Huh huh??"

"heloo..  Dont start again.. toh phir kisne mujhe dance karne ko kaha?? Woh bhi ek ladki bankar??? Hmmm hmm??? My pictures are all over the internet thanks to you PRINCESS!!! " rahul said pulling her in..

"ufff jo bhi ho... thank god you guys are back together. ab toh shanty milega!! " Atul said "guys are going to have a tough time impressing girls now.... after this "Atul said looking around appreciating their work.
Armaan smiled.. Holding onto riddhimas hand.. Now that everyone knew.. there was no way he was ever going to let go..

" armaan? Ab kya hoga?? Well get into soo much trouble with all this.." rids said panicking as usual
" naa.. first of all I'll get into trouble not US.. and secondly ive thought of something already... right guys??" Armaan winked.. 

"kya??" muskaan said looking at each of their faces as if she missed something very important..

"what day is it today??"

"Wednesday!!??" muskaan and rids said together..

"nahi! date??"


"aur 5th September kya hai??" rahul asked.. nudging muskaan.muskaan suddenly brithened up..

"TEACHERS DAY!!!!!!!!"

"exactly! Aur is khushi mein hum ek party rakhenge... teachers ke liye!! Surprise party " armaan said

"oh my god.. muska (flattery) !! u guys are brilliant!!" muskaan blurted out..
One hour later..
The party was a great success.. the whole batch was put into this plan.. and the lecturers.. were just amazed.. the whole place was filled with teachers and students alike.. A great way to get out of trouble.. involve the teachers!! Infact it just gotthem into the good books..

"Rahul wahan dekho.. keerti maam aur shubhankar sir.. " rahul turned around to see the two of them together in one corner.. maam was wiping shubhankars mouth which got a lil sauce stain.. and shubhankarwas busy wiping his forehead with a hankerchief.. an instant reflex when keerti maam was around.

" armaan.. tumne yeh sab kaise kiya??" Riddhima whispered more like yelled in his ears trying to be heard over all the noice and chaos..

Armaan had been looking at a couple of college students had been trying to get some teachers to dance or play some games wit them.

Lovely behind all of it..

"sweetheart.. anything is possible in college.. "armaan turned his attention back to his lady love who was now blushing a bright shade of red.. " come with me.. " Armaan sad taking her out of the noisy hall.. into a room by the auditorium.. the same room they had been to before.

The room was bright enough for them to see in.. and armaan closed the door behind him.. " well atleast we aren't in trouble anymore " riddhima said finally, as armaan walked closer to her raising the heat...the room needed air-conditioning..

"for the last time baby .. me.. not US.. " Armaan whispered as he wrapped his arms around her..

"Armaan im completely involved here.." riddhima said throwing her arms around his neck.."they are going to wonder where we are you know!!"
" I no...! does it matter? Im not letting you go today.." Armaan whispered as he traced his hands onto her back pulling her even closer..he lifted her off the ground, seating her onto a table behind.

Riddhima was almost at the edge of the table.. armaan was her only support.. which made her more dependent on him.. which armaan preferred.

Riddhima leaned over pulling him towards her and kissed him... armaan positioned himself more firmly induced by her initiation.. taking over from there into a heated and very passionate kiss.. as he let her free for air...armaan traced down her cheeks and onto her neck...Armaan knew her weakness was her neck and shoulders.. he knew how to get to her.. riddhima could feel herself caressing his body as he ignited her sences making her feel very weak.. his body was pressed up against hers and her hand rummaged around his back exploring what she hadn't explored before... This time she couldn't break free.. there was no point fighting it..

that was until..

Her cell phone started beeping..

Muskaan: where are you guys.. come back to the party!!

"now what??" armaan said a bit irritated..

"muskaans message.. hame wapas jaana hoga.." Armaan frowned, but nodded.. placing his hands on her waist and lifting her off the table onto the solid floor..

Armaan and riddhima entered the hall hand in hand.. it was college no lecturer cared.. to their relief.. but the students did.. everyone was whispering.. riddhima even tried to walk away...but armaans hands were gripped on tight.. I guess that was the courage she needed to continue on..

" congratulations guys.. you should have told us atleast!!" karishma said as she walked towards them..

"I no.. im sorry!!"

"kher koi baat nahi.... ab party toh enjoy karo!!" Armaan nodded leading riddhima to the dance floor... almost all the teachers had gone.. and well the students took over.. it was their turn to have fun.. and which college student would give up an opportunity to PARTY?? The court was full.. infact the place seemed even more crowded now.. muskaan and rahul were dancing with one another.. As soon as muskaan saw riddhima she waved frantically... asking them to join in..

"so may i??" armaan asked .. leading her to the centre..

"ofcourse.. " riddhima replied in a very 'classic' way..

She had missed his touch.. she smiled at herself.. ths was going to be a very long and beautiful relationship.. *touch wood*

"you no what.. I cant believe I even thought u could go out wid chirag?"

" kyon?? "

"kyon ki.. u only fall for guys who are better than you in basketball' like me.. " Armaan mocked childishly..

"oh really?? U better than me? DREAM ON! " riddhima said playfully hitting him on his chest.. which just made him pull her in even closer..

"theeke toh tomorrow one on one.. hows that sound princess?"

"oh shit!! armaan kal hamara project due bhi hai!.. bhool gaye?"

"how could i.... it got me together with you"  armaan winked " aur waise bhi.. we dont need to do any more planning.. after all main hoon na?? ' armaan chukled..

"and wat did you do with anjali and preeti?? Hmm ?"

"hey come on.. it worked.. u became mine.. I must say I have a very jealous girlfriend"

"oh really?? And I have a very possessive boyfriend!!!!"

"that you do!"

"I wonder what will happen when we become interns.."Riddhima rested
her head on his chest..

"I can promise you one thing.. a year and a half later.. im gonna walk hand in hand with you through the doors of sanjeevani....papa ka
hospital.." Armaan said closing his hands around her .. it was going to be a long and steady relationship..

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