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last part : Jab We Met


rahul and muskaan were walking from the opposite ends of the had been a month since the dance..but the closeness....d attraction towards each other..was still the same......lost in each other thought they bumped into each other..not fighting but blushing
ra-wooo ...errrrmmm....wooaaaahhh..i am sorry
mu-nahiin..meri galti thi
mu-oyee band kar nahiin toh makhi ghus jayegi...
rahul-closes his mouth-nahiin meri galti thi..
before muskaan could say something
armaan and atul come..they hug rahul....

muskaan finds it all very weird
atul-mein tumhe bahut miss karoonga...aapna khyal rakhna
armu-mein bhi..emm..tumhe miss  karoonga..mano ya na mano
rahul-mein bhi tum sab  ko bahut miss karoonga
muski-oyeee tu kahaan ja raha hai??
rahul-mein..wohh vapaas se US ja rahaa hoon..u know....
muskaan simply could not believe it....
muskaan-tu kab jaa raaha hai?? raat ko
muski-kya??...aur tune mujhe abhi tak bataya nahiin..
and she goes away from there angry and sad
ar-ehhhh bagwaan!!.....ab tu yahaan mera mu kya dekh raaha..ja mana usse
at-haan yaar.jaa
rahul smiles and goes....
he finds muskaan sitting in the staircase...with a sad expression on her face
muski-ab tu kyun aaya hai??jaa naa
rauhl-muskaan meri baat toh suno
muski-haan pehel bataa...tune mujhe kyun nahiin bataaya
rahul-mujhe nahiin pataa tha ki tujhe koi faraq padega....mujeh laga tu bahut kush hogi...aur mein tujhe itne jaldi kush kesse dekh sakta hoon?...toh
muski-bas....tujhe essa kyun lagaa mujhe koi faraq nahiin padne waala??
rahul-kyunki muskaan...hum har ek sam ladte aye hain....aur mein jaane se pehle kehna chahta hoon....i am sorry for everything....waise tujhe kyon faraq pad raha hai??
rahul-wohh kya muskaan??
rahul-mein whoh..kyaaa??
rahul-kyunnkii??bol na muskaan...tujhe kyun faraq padega....
muski-lowers her eyes
rahul-plzz muskaan mujhe bataa tujhe faraq kyun padega..he was mvong towards her..she was kept on movign backwards still she crashed into the walls...rahul trapped her with his hands
rahul-godd muskaaan.....battaaa mujhe tujhe kyun faraq padega??
muski-kyunki mein tumse pyaar karti hoon
muski--h..haaaann..i love you rahul!!
rahul-i love u 2!!
rahul hugs hershe hugs him back..
muski-rahul plzz mujhe chod ke mat jaa
rahul-mein..tera bina..kahiin nahiin jaonga
muski-smiles...phir teri ticket ka
rahul-kaunsi ticket
muski-US ki ticket
rahul-ohh woohhh...wohh kya hai na..mein US nahiin jaane waala tha..maine toh esse hi..bol diya tha..ofcrse..armaan and atul ne meri madad ki
muski-kyaa woh sab natak ha??
rahul-haan.....kyunki mein tumse aur dur nahiin reh sakta tha
muski--piddheeeyy...ab tu dekh....mujhe itna daraa diya tha
rahul-yaah..bad joke na??
muski-bad joke ke bacche..abhi sehkati hoon...and she runs after him
and runs out of the staircase...with muskaan after him

AA(armu-atul)-yeh log kabhi nahiin sudhar sakte

muskaan finally stops chasing him..but is angry with him anyways..

muskaan is in the locker room..rahul cums..
musk-turns away
rahul-sorry bola na
muski-mein nahiin leti teri sorry
rahul-(melts at her childness)..

AR AA come...they start tune:
I Am Sorry Mere Pyaare Jaane Do
Hota Hai Chhodo Bhi Jaane Do
I Am Sorry Oh Sorry Jaane Do
Hota Hai Chhodo Bhi Jaane Do
rahul bends down infront of muskaan and holds his ears...den gets up..and holds her..and does situps

I Am Sorry Oh Sorry Jaane Do
Hota Hai Chhodo Bhi Jaane Do
Ho Gayee Galti Chhodo Bhi Yaaron
Jib Nikalo Pyaaro Nimbu Namak Chatkaro
Ho Gayee Galti Chhodo Bhi Yaaron
muskaan goes away..rahul runs after her..holding her ears...rahul pushes muski cutely

I Am Sorry Oh Sorry Jaane Do
Hota Hai Chhodo Bhi Jaane Do
I Am Sorry Mere Pyaare Jaane Do
Hota Hai Chhodo Bhi Jaane Do
he does situps 10 times holding his ears...muski is melting from inside
Dekho Re Dekho Hai Koi Gadbad
Nain Hamare Padhke, Jaane Kyon Dil Dhadke
Sher Aaya Sher Aaya
Sher Aaya Sher Aaya Bhaago Re
Sar Neeche Pair Upar Bhaago Re
rahul turns to AA,AR...and points at muskaan and waves his hand......and den again points at muski..who is lookign angry like an lion...and muski runs after him..and rahul jumps and runs away
Chohta Sa Yeh Ghar To Mahal Hai Kal Ka
Dekho Kaisa Rang Pade Chhalka
Dekho Kaisa Rang Pade Chhalka
makes a house with his hands(by joining his finger)and den he makes a circle with his hands.....and he holds muski's hands to stop her from going

Yeh Sapna Sachcha Ho Jaane Do
Has Khil Ke Hil Mil Ke Gaane Do
Yeh Sapna Sachcha Ho Jaane Do
Has Khil Ke Hil Mil Ke Gaane Do
I Am Sorry Oh Sorry Jaane Do
Hota Hai Chhodo Bhi Jaane Do
I Am Sorry Oh Sorry Jaane Do
Hota Hai Chhodo Bhi Jaane Do

and he bends down and pulles her by her legand begs..and then gets up and holds her by shoulders and holds her ears..she slaps his hand..he shakes it..and den holds his ears..and smiles cutely..very cutely

Hai Mujhe Yaad Aaye Kisi Ki Yeh Baat
Chote Bade Dil Hil Mil Ke Kar Jaaye Kaam
Aisa Kaam Ke Jag Mein Ho Jaaye Naam
Koyi Jo Rahe Jaaye Jaldi Se Mil Jaaye
Yeh Na Ho Ki Peeche Pachtaaye Jaane Bhi Do
he acts as if he is remembering something...muski goes away..he  meets up with her...
Jaane Bhi Do Jaane Bhi Do Jaane Bhi Do rahul holds his ears
That's Okay That's Okay Jaane Domuski pinches his nose..and smiles
Hota Hai Chhodo Bhi Jaane Do pulls his cheeks
I Am Sorry Baba Sorry Jaane Do rahul says sorry by keeping his hand in his heart
Hota Hai Chhodo Bhi Jaane Do muski hugs him

That's Okay That's Okay Jaane Do
Hota Hai Chhodo Bhi Jaane Do ...
he hugs back..everyone shouts WOOOHOOOOO
RM blush....
Rahul-I LOVE YOU!!


RM goes to muskaan's house..and rahul asks for muskaan;s hands...muskaan's parents happily agree as rahul 2 is a punjaban..RM'S marriage takes place after a month.and everything is done merrily......for honeymoon they go to Europe.....and they have loadz of fun..ofcourse......Anjali realizes her love for atul..and they become an "item".....AR get engaged..and after a year...AR are off to their honeymoon..AA are going to tell shashank about their relationshipand ofcourse RM have their first child called Ishaan Garewal

So as we say alls well dat ends well....

luv u all,

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