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Last Part : Nikaah -e-Ranjish

Its almost unbelievable how fast the time flies. Two months, it has been two whole months since Armaan had fallen in coma. As Riddhima fell unconscious at that time, it was because of low BP and all the stress. But luckily she got back fine after some days.

Since then, she went every day to hospital, to stay the whole day with Armaan, speaking to him, telling him how her day was. Even Zulaikha would come after kindergarden to her mother and father. Just for the night Riddhima would go home.

Today was also the same, Riddhima was sitting in the hospital, next to Armaan, holding his hand and looking at him.

R: Tumhe pata hai Armaan, meri Kismat kitni ajeeb hai. Jab tum mere saath nahi the, to tumhe din raat Dua’on me mangti thi. Phir jab tum mujhe mile, to mene nashukro (ungrateful people) ki tarha tumhe apne aap se dur kar diya. Aur ab, aaj tumhe aise yaha pe dekh ke, bohot takleef hoti hai. Me tumhe saach me deserve nahi karti. Par kya karu, bohot selfish hu me. Tumhare bina reh bhi nahi sakti.

She wipped away her fallen tear.

R: Tumhari kami ghar me sabko mehsoos hoti hai, jaldi wapis aa jao Armaan. Maa, Baba, Atul, sab ko tum bohot yaad aate ho. Especially Zulaikha ko. Wo to kindergarden se direct yahi aati hai, apne Baba ke pas. Mere liye wapis aa jao, mere pas wapis aa jao Armaan. Please.

Riddhima kissed the backside of his hand. Then she stood up and adjusted her clothes. Then she cleaned his sidetable and adjusted the flowers. She moved to door, to get fresh water but the stood still in her track as she heard his voice. It was just a mere whisper, but she heard it.

A: Riddhima…

Her eyes wided and she instantly turned around, his eyes were closed and he did not even move an inch. It was like nothing happed, but she knew that she heard his voice. It was definitely his voice. Her Armaan’s voice. She run over to his bed and took his hand in hers.

R: Armaan, me, me yahi pe hu. Phir she pukaro mujhe. Awaaz do mujhe Armaan, ek bar phir se bulao mujhe Armaan.

She palmed his face, made him look towards her.

R: Aankhe kholo Armaan, tumhari Riddhima yahi pe hai. Ek baar Aankhe khol ke dekh to lo. Please Armaan.

As Armaan gave no reaction, Riddhima pressed the nurse icon. Soon a nurse came in, Riddhima was still holding Armaan’s hand. Tears in her eyes, this time with happiness.

N: Yes Mama?
R: Armaan, usne mujhe awaz di. Usne mera naam liya.
N: Impossible.
R: WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY IMPOSSIBLE. Jab me keh rahi hu ke Armaan ne mera naam liya, to matlab ke Armaan ne mera naam liya.
N: Me doctor ko bulati hu.

The nurse moved out of the room. Riddhima took her mobile, without leaving Armaans hand, and called at home. She informed her Mother in law about the incident and they were already on their way to the hospital.

Some time later, the doctor came to check on Armaan.

D: Armaan ne aapka naam liya.
R: Jee doctor.

Riddhima was smiling bright. Just in that time, even Ananya and Billy came in. Riddhima turned to them with a big smile.

R: Maa, Baba, Armaan ne mujhe pukara, usne mera naam liya. Armaan wapis aa raha hai. Mera Armaan wapis aa raha hai.
An: Saach.

Ananya moved to Riddhima. The doctor was checking Armaans machines.

D: I am sorry to disappoint you Mrs. Mallik, lekin yeh possible nahi hai. Armaan ki health bilkul bhi better nahi hui, machines bhi wohi rates de rahi hai, jo 2 month ago thi. Hosakta hai ke shayad yeh sab aapka wehem ho.
R: Nahi, wehem nahi tha, me jaanti hu. Me Armaan ki awaz pehchanti hu. Usne mujhe bulaya.

Riddhima looked over at Ananya.

R: Maa, aap to meri baat ka yakeen kare. Me keh rahi hu na, ke Armaan ne mujhe bulaya hai. Yeh mera Wehem nahi tha. Armaan ne saach me mera naam liya. Please meri baat ka yakeen kare, me jhoot nahi bol rahi, me jhoot….

Riddhima sank on the chair, still holding Armaans hand.

R: tum kuch kyu nahi kehte Armaan, yaha sab ko lagta hai ke me jhoot bol rahi hu. Lekin tum to jaante ho na ke me jhoot nahi bol rahi. Me saach keh rahi hu. Tumne mujhe bulaya tha. Batao na Armaan, sab ko samjhao ke me jhoot nahi bol rahi. Armaan....
D: i am sorry Mrs. Mallik

Then Riddhima stood up, she left Armaans hand and moved to the door, she wanted to leave the room. Tears were falling out of her hand. Maybe it was really her imagination.

An: Riddhima…

But riddhima did not answer, she just moved to the door. she grabbed the door handle and was about to push it down, when she suddenly heard his voice again.

A: Riddhima…

Riddhima closed her eyes tightly.

R: Aisa kuch nahi hai, armaan mujhe nahi bula raha…

She was about to move out, when she again heard his voice. This time much louder.

A: Riddhimaaa….

She turned around and saw that everyone in the room was looking at Armaan with shock. His hand was up, his eyes open and looking towards her, his lips moving.

A: Riddhima….

Riddhima took a deep breath and collapsed with the wall behind. She could not believe her eyes, Armaan was actually up and looking at her. The doctor immediately checked him.

D: Aap kaisa feel kar rahe hai Mr. Mallik.
A: Bohot aacha.

He had difficulties to talk, so the doctor gave him some water, because his throat was sore. Then Ananya and Billy moved to Amraan, both were beyond happy, to know that their son was finally up. Again between them. Riddhima was still at the same wall, still looking at Armaan. Not saying a word, just staring at him. Admiring him.

Ananya looked at Riddhima and moved to her.

An: Teri Mohababat aur tera yakeen Armaan ko mout ke muh se bahar le aaya. Bohot tut ke Mohabbat ki hai tune Riddhima. Khud Khuda bhi tum dono ko chah ke bhi ek dusre se alag nahi kar paa raha.

Riddhima closed her eyes and let the tears fall. Ananya took Billy and moved out of the room, to inform Atul and Nishita. The doctor and the nurse also left after some time, leaving both Riddhima and Armaan alone. Armaan was now sitting on his bed, looking at Riddhima, who still had her eyes closed.

A: Aankhe khol ke mujhe dekho gi nahi…
R: dar lag raha hai…

Riddhima whispered, but he still heard her.

A: kaisa dar?
R: Aankhe kholi, aur yeh sab ek khwaab hua, to?

Armaan chuckled at her thoughts. Then he remembered something, something he heard from her.

Nigahe aapki pehchaan hai hamari
Muskurahat aapki Shaan hai hmari
Rakhna khayal apna kyunke
Saanse aapki Jaan hai hamari

Riddhima instantly opened her eyes and he was still sitting there, looking at her. She moved forward with tiny shaky steps.

A: mene sab suna, jo kuch bhi tumne mujhe kaha, jo bhi baate tum karti thi, jab jab Zulaikha mujhe batati thi ke uska day kaisa tha. Jab jab tum apne pyaar ka izhaar karti thi. Sab suna mene.

Riddhima was now by his bed, just an arm away from him. Armaan stretched out his hands and Riddhima gladly put hers in his. She was about to sit on the chair, but Armaan made her sit on the bed, next to him. He wanted her to be close to him.

R: I am sorry

Armaan was looking at her with questioning eyes.

R: Us din, mene bina wajah tumse jhagra….

But before Riddhima could talk further, Armaan shuted her up with pressing his lips on hers. He was dying to taste her. to have her. A stifled moan escaped her lips as her body immediately lights up. She cant even imagine how that’s possible. How can he just spark this flame of lust and love in her in just a mere second. Her lips responded immediately and just as passionately as his. She imagined that, in every single dream, how his lips would feel on hers.

she moved her hand to his neck and through his hairs and brought him even closer. Armaans hands moved to her waist and pulled her into himself. Riddhima soon realised what she was doing, she instantly left his lips. She tried getting up but he prevented her from doing so by tightening his grip on her waist.

A: No, don’t.

Armaan whispered and tucked some strands of her hair behind her ear. He was staring at her while his nose was literally touching hers. Riddhima felt how her breath stucked in her throat because of how close he was.

A: I missed you so much Riddhima, soo much.

He whispered again and claimed her lips. Riddhima tried to get away, as she did not want to hurt him, but he hold her head to keep her stil. Riddhima gasped again as his kiss became wild. Riddhima moaned in pleasure as she let herself drown into his kiss. Even she missed him. Missed him like crazy, every single second.

He bit her bottom lip and sucked on it. Riddhima finally let him in. They both had a tongue fight, and obviously Armaan was the dominant one. She felt his hand caress her arm up and down. Then he stopped, so they could catch their breath. He rested his forehead against hers.

A: I love you Riddhima, I love you soo much.
R: I…I love you too Armaan. I love you soo much.

Then Riddhima hugged him, as if her life depended on this hug.

R: Ab mujhe chor ke mat jana, me seh nahi paungi.
A: kabhi nahi.

then she came out of the hug. Armaan smiled at her. he wiped away her tears and kissed her forehead. Just in that moment, the door opened and Zulaikha came in running.

Z: Babaaaa….

She was about to jump on his bed, on his lap but Riddhima stopped her.

R: Zulaikha, nahi. Baba abhi thake…
A: kabhi nahi, apni princess ke liye uske Baba kabhi nahi thak sakte.

Armaan took Zulaikha in his arms and kissed her forehead.

Z: Shukar hai aap wapis aa gaye Baba, mujhe bohto darr lag raha tha, ke kahi aap mujhe chor ke Mama Baba ke bas na chale gaye ho.

Armaan looked at her and then at Riddhima with questioning eyes. But before she could answer, Ananya took the word and told Armaan that Zulaikha was Rahul and Muskaans daughter. Armaans love for Riddhima increased automatically 10000 times.

Atul and Ishita were also present there, they were the one who brought Zulaikha.

At: Welcome back brother.
A: itni jaldi thori na peecha chorunga.

Everyone smiled in the room, including Riddhima. Armaan put his hand on her shoulder and side hugged her. he was happy to be finally back.

After a week, Armaan was allowed to go back home. He was totally fine. Everything was ok. There were two cars, Atul, Ishita, Zulaikha, Billy and Ananya were in one car. Armaan and Riddhima in the other car. Riddhima had a plan for them she finally wanted to execute.

As the other car took the direction to their home, Riddhima took the other direction. Armaan was literally confused.

A: Riddhima…
R: Shhh…mene kuch plan kiya hai, aur me is waqt bohot nervous hu. Lekin me apna plan execute karna chahti hu.
A: okee..

Armaan was slightly confused but he did not say anything. Riddhima finally stopped infront of a big hotel. instead going to the receptionist, she directly went to the elevator. Armaan just behind her. None of them said a word. Riddhima was very nervous and Armaan was smiling at her, admiring her all the time.

Finally they reached the door, but instead of entering Riddhima turned around and gave Armaan the key.

R: Tum kholo…

Armaan took the key and opened the door. He was literally surprised to see the decoration. It was a honeymoon suit. Armaan turned around and smiled at Riddhima. She moved to him and whispered in his ear.

R: We never had our wedding night.
A: then its highly time to change that Mrs. Mallik.
R: With pleasure Mr. Mallik.

Armaan put his hand on her waist and pulled her closed, she wrapped her arm around his neck. both smiling and happy that the finally got there, where they belong. In each others arms.

The End.

but, now finally the last part is here :D
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