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Part 1& 2 : Heart Attacks & Seizures


Riddhima sat in the caf and let out a sigh and looked over at Lovely as she ate her second blueberry muffin.

"Lovely this guys ok yeah! I mean he is going to show up right… I have 2 days to sort this mess out!!" she looked at her smile at her… Lovely was an old housemate and very warm and bubbly human being…we where now training at the same hospital and hung out together when we had time, the truth was Lovely was the only Indian person i know in the whole of New York… You would think in one of the worlds largest city I would find other fellow Indians …but the truth was with the studying and the work load I really did not get time to socialize as much as I wanted too… Wanting to be the best cardiologist was tough the long hours and the studying…Smiling she placed the coffee cup..

"HI! Atom bomb!" nearly chocking on the sip she looked up to see him. As he smiled through his beard taking hold of lovely's hand and kissing it…seeing her giggle like a school girl…Riddhima closed her eyes and collected herself.

"Hello Nanaji!" OMG Lovely are you serious this guy? Rolling her eyes she looked at him grinning as he sat down at the table.

"So I believe your looking for an actor…" yeah but some how I don't think this is going to work…Why did I listen to Lovely? She thought placing her hand on her forehead.

"I have started in 42 shows and even SRK calls me up for advise!" OK now I know this guys off the planet..and if I show up with him.. Di and Kirti will be laughing for the whole year… WHY CANT YOU GET ME A SRK DUPLICATE ???….No offensive I was looking for someone who will make me look good! She looked over at Lovely as she just stared at Nana as he went through his resume and how he can help me the sew wali bhai?…. Ok now Lovely is not even looking at me… Uff I leave her to it… getting up she walked towards the door.

As stopped at the traffic lights she sighed I have two days to get a guys suitable in enough to take…. 'hello moto' pushing the hands free button.

"Hello Ridhima!"

"Hi Lovlely… what's up?"

"You left and Nana want to know if he can help!" OMG lovely you serious.

"No honey I don't think any one can help me …I'll just make up something… thanks a lot Lovely…Ok bye!" she pushed end call and carried on driving.

"I just say… Di he had an emergency! Or Di I dumped him …No No wait!! He past died on friday and "….. BANG!!……..

"Are you ok?" she opened her eyes to see him opening her car door.

"I'm so sorry!…I did mean to hit you!"

"Awee my neck!" releasing her seat belt she got out of the car….OMG you jerk you hit me… what else can wrong? I haven't even the full payment and the insurance company ….OMG your cars not even got a scratch….

"I hope you pay for this!" she looked at him as he grinned as he scratched his head. As he stood wearing jeans and a white blazer.

"It's not my car!" he chuckled inspecting the bend bumper and broken tail light.

"What? Ok tell me you have a driving licence and insurance…"

"I have a licence only…this is a friends car I'm just visiting…"

"Great! JUST FANTASTIC!… My day can't get any worse can it!"

"I am very sorry I can pay…"

"Oh your pay all right or I'm suing for reckless driving, driving without insurance and whiplash!" she looked at him as she was now at boiling point.

"Come on you're making a mountain out of a mole hill!" OMG how dare you?….

"Look Mister …I'm a doctor I need my car to help get me around…"

"Oh I will be happy to escort you around any where your heart desires!" OMG WAS THAT A PICK UP LINE??? THE NERVE OF THIS GUY!! She looked at him smiling…as he moved closure towards her.

"Look Mister.." seeing him almost on top of her she moved back.

"Hmm I'm looking!" OK now don't come any nearer…Stop right there.


"Look Mister… first you hit me! now you're…." OMG now I'm crying….

"Hey listen I did not do this on purpose it was an accident and… please don't cry…I will do anything you say but please don't …."

"Anything I say you promise!"


"YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT?" she looked at him as he looked at her in her flat on the sofa with the cup of tea in his hand

"I don't think you have a choice!" You know I can kill to birds with one stone and you know I could actually pull this thing off.

"I have a choice alright this is down right black mail…and I'm not doing it!" OMG just chill or you're have a seizure… she watched him get up and move towards the door.

"I'm so sorry to hear that…I guess you leave me no other choice but to report you to the police!" she sighed as she picked up the telephone.

"Ok wait!" See I knew you come around to my way of thinking…I'm sorry but you really not given me any choice and the thing is I'm now desperate and I seriously want to get one over on my step sister for once in my life…

"Fine I will do it!" RESULT!!

"I did not catch you're name by the way!" she looked at him smiling.

"Armaan Malik!" Ok stop sulking you big baby… get over it! I win fair and square!!

"Hi Dr Riddhima Gupta!" He looked her smiling like a Cheshire cat…

"Since that all settled why don't you come round tomorrow and we can through the fine details….we have to make sure our story is spot on!"
~Part 2 ~

"Right this Arman guys coming around 7ish I can shower and relax until he comes… dame I have to get packing soon…" she mumbled coming up the lift… as she placed the key in the door..she smiled as she walked into her apartment … It was her last day in the office and everything was slowly coming together … She had the guy and all she need was a romantic story and more lies to pull the whole thing off. As she stepped into the bedroom she grabbed her things and enter the show….

"WHAT THE HELL??" she looked at him dripping on the white tiled floor with just a small towel around his waist looking at her as she just stared at him.. With her hands on her hip shaking her head.

"Could you kindly turn around!" …. NO!! she glared at him to see him blush slightly as the water ran down his face onto his muscular chest…as he held the towel around his waist nervously

"What the hell are you doing here?? and how did you get in??" OMG look at the state of my bathroom looks like a bomb went off… she stared at him as she looked at her slightly embarrassed as she just stood there.

"Can I get dressed? I will explain?"

"look carry on who stopping you!" man you have nothing I have not seen before… jeez?

"Thanks close the door on you're way out!" OMG this is my bathroom you Bandar!!!…narrowing her eyes at him she turned and left the bathroom….

Pacing the bedroom she looked at the door… how the heck did he get into the apartment and what the heck is he doing here… OMG how long does it take a guy to get dress????

He looked at him as he stood in front of her in his CK white vest and Nike bottoms…Smiling cheekily… "See my friend who car I hit you with yesterday …threw me out and I had no where else to go you're the only person beside him I know…I spoke to the super and explained I was your fiance and he let me in the place… Nice pad a little pink for my liking…" FIANCEE WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN YOU'RE MY PRETEND BOYFRIEND…. OMG!!…she looked at him as he walked towards her…

"This will give us time to get to know one another better!!" WHAT??? Taking a deep breath she looked at him.

"Honey why don't you shower I will make us dinner!!" HUH HONEY!! OMG he taking the piss right… OK Ridz calm down you going to have a seizure and decide to top yourself just enjoy a warm shower and maybe this can work!!


As she walked into the living room and looked at the Dinning table she stared at the man in front of her!!….

"Riddhima!" OMG DAD??? WTF!!…. Ok stop having a heart attack and she looked at Armaan smiling at her in her fathers arms.

"Congratulations … both of you!" HUH what?.. She look at Armaan as he walked towards them smiling shyly as he placed his arm around her pulling her closer

"What a surprise Honey!! Dad was in the area!" DAD? OMG… OK this must be mums and the churali Anjali's scheme no one even told me…Dad was here???… she smiled looking at the both to see her father looking at them both.

"Wow engaged I'm a little surprise Riddhima.." ME TOO DAD YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!

"I am so luck to have found a woman like Riddhima!" she looked at him as he pulled her closer to him. BANDAR!! THIS IS NOT WHAT I HAD IN MIND!!… I WANT TO CRY!

"So dad what you doing here?" she broke away from his hold and walked over toward the kitchen.. I can't think on a empty stomach and need food…this is get from bad to worse!! She turned to see Armaan and her father walking over towards the sofa deep in conversation…

"HONEY I'LL MAKE DINNER! BANDAR!!" she mimicked under her breath as looked over at them laughing as she prepared the dinner… as she turned around she looked Armaan right behind her grinning…. He winked at her as he moved closer…

"Armaan!…" Riddhima could see her father approaching them…. She stared him hinting her father was coming.. Seeing him move forward he kissed her on the cheek and hugged her..

"I love you honey!" she stared at her father smiling and smiled back…

"Armaan you are so over doing it!" she whispered as he broke his hold. BANDAR!!

"You're tired honey! Why don't you relax with Dad I sort this out!" OMG now you are being to perfect!! This is going over board..


"Bye dad we see you in soon!" closing the door she looked at him by her side with his arm around her smiling…

"Why the HELL did you say were engaged and …."

"WHAT?… Look here honey I was not going to lie to dad about us!" DAD!! OMG


"Chill honey you're going to have a heart attack if you don't control that temper… by the way! I take the right hand side of the bed!" WHAT??

"NO you're on the sofa bed!! … this is all fake remember!!" she marched over to the bedroom and slammed the door….

'knock knock' she opened the bedroom door and looked at him smiling..

"I made some coco… I thought you might want some…" she looked at him with a mug of coco…

"We need to talk!" taking the mug of coco she walked into the living room and sat down on the sofa bed as he sat next to her on the sofa with his mug..

"Look Armaan I want you to me less likable with my family … as after the wedding we going to break up.. If you prefect then I cant dump ya…" she turned to look at him as he nodded his head.

"You don't find me attractive!" HUH…

"Look Armaan you're cute but not my type … and I don't know anything about you.. You know everything about me!"

"Ok! I understand… I'm 26 years old… currently in between jobs at the moment.. I'm from India and came her to find someone only to discover.. That they don't want anything to do with me and it's over.. I came to New York to visit as my visa runs out at the end of the month and I'm going back home.. I'm disappointed they call this a place where dreams come true but so far I have been disappointed…" She looked at him as he stared into space.. Dame I should give him a break …placing her hand on his arm she looked at him.

"I'm sorry Armaan! I have been under so much pressure with the wedding I really did not mean to hurt you.." Poor guy has me shouting at him as well.

"I'm happy to help you Riddhima you have given me somewhere to stay and paid for the repairs and my flight back.." he smiled cheekily as he placed the mug to his mouth!

"Hmmm I guest we both disappoint with things in our life but we going to have to work together to pull this off…I have a plan so lets discuss that…


"Ridz!!" she felt Anjali arms around her as she kissed her on the cheek

"Di im so excited …where's momma?" she looked to see her mother standing in front of her with the aarti thaal in her hand smiling…

"Wait momma! Honey!" they both stared at her as she turned and smiled to see Armaan join her as she took hold of his hand…. Grinning… Churali see I can pull!! … Where Kirti? I show her this evening!!

Riddhima watch Armaan all evening as he working his magic on the family as he was just brillinat flirting with her grandmother and mother and he even got her father to like him which was some time impossible to do as Papa did not like Atul to begin with but later on they start to share a good relationship… Tomorrow was the haldi and time for part 2 of the plan!…

"Ridz where your engagement ring!" DAME??? She looked over at Armaan as he was engrossed in conversation with her father..

"Actually Armaan?… " OMG how could I have missed this???

"I have it here!" they all looked at Armaan holding up the large diamond solitaire in his hand.

"Dad, Momma and Nani … I told Riddhima I was going to get your blessing before I give her the ring!" OMG Armaan I can kiss you right now my hero… she looked at him as he approached her smiling

"Well in that case Armaan you have our blessing!" she looked at her father and mother smiling as he place the ring on her finger and kissed her on the cheek making her blush as they all looked at her she ran out of the room grinning…

"Ridz!" she looked at him as he stood next to her in the room they where going to share … with guest arriving they where in one suite which had two separate bedrooms.

"Well congrats as part 1 of the plan has worked and when the marriage is over … we going to break up publicly like planned…" OMG yeah… thanks Armaan.. She looked at him as he walked over towards his room and closed the door shut.

"Armaan you asleep?" she shouted.

"No!" she smiled as she opened the door and walked into the room.

"Why where you carrying a diamond engagement ring?" she looked at her hand and back at him as he sat up in bed and looked at her staring at the ring..

"It was the reason I came to the states … but I found her with someone else!" seeing his eyes moisten up she jumped on the bed and looked at him.

"Here! You keep it… as this must have been expensive!" she held the ring up at him as he looked at her.

"I trust you … and it is a perfect ring on your finger.."

"yeah but you had someone special in mind to wear it…"

"Hmm… she does not deserve it …but you do!"

"OK when we break up I will place it in you're hand and you can leave with it! OK!" she looked at him nodding but he looked so uninterested in the whole thing…

"You're tired… good night!" she looked at him close his eyes… and smiled leaving the room…

Feeling his arms around her she smiled as she opened her eyes… 'OMG how did he end up in my bed?'

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