Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Part 10 : Instant Messaging

Late at night at around 1:30 Am

Ridsy's home…
Gosh.. I cant sleep… kya ho raha hai? She thought as she remembered her encounters wid armaan. The basket ball match.. and in the Library
She smiled as she remembered bumping into Atul.. Armaan had certainly done Somethin to her.. she just couldn't say wat..she didn't want to even think about it
When ever she was alone.. she thought about armaan.

"anytime" .. the one word she started LOVING!.. she blushed just thinking bout how close he was to her. Se felt her hand which armaan had held… remembering how he had pulled her in front of everyone.. in front of him. Those winks armaan gave melted her veins.
Armaan called HER teeam.. HIS favorite team.

Everytime she tried to push him out of his mind.. he would find a way back!
'uff.. mein kyo so nahi pa rahi hun?'uff.. mein kyo so nahi pa rahi hun?
She got up and switched on the laptop. She saw her clock. It read: 2 Am.
Riddhima wished tht he was online.. and finally.. when she couldn't take it any more.. she sent him an offline message
FF: oh, umm biker… Im sorry I couldn't come online… had lots of work… sorry.

Riddhiz sighed.. he wasn't online.
BB: kya hua? So nahi pa rahi ho?

Who online hai… YES…oh shit.. mein kya kar rahi hun.. ?? she thought.. but she felt soo goodand happy inside

FF: tum online ho??
Did tht sound too excited? She thought
BB: kyo nahi? I hadn't gotten a chance to chat wid you… how could I sleep.

Riddhima's heart skipped a beat. She could imagine Armaan saying tht to her. She looked down and smiled..

FF: haan haan.. shure.. sach mein batao.. aap online kyon ho?

BB: kuch nahi… bas aise hi.
Actually i was waiting fer you.. he thought
FF: hmm … so tumhara din kaise tha?

BB: oh, meine basket ball match khela.. hamare college ki gurls ki gurls ke saat.

FF: boys VS girls
Riddhima asked.. though she knew very well the truth.

BB: nahi.. me alone..

FF: oh.. *wink* flirt?

BB: me n flirt.. c'mon! lol

FF: hehe.. to kya hua?

BB: naa… I was teachin them something…

FF: teaching? Aap itni good ho? Basket ball champion?

BB: nahi… bas aise hi… kuch tricks sikha raha tha..
Wow..hes very modest afterall.. ridz thought

FF: un ladkiyon se aap kisiko chahte ho?

Armaan thought about riddhima as soon as he read the question… but armaan had mixed feeling.. flower ya rids!
Even though he felt for rids.. flower was there too! Armaan thought she was sweet and honest and very very smart. He didn't mind wat she looked like.. her personality had won her heart. But then.. rids bhi thi… During skool hours.. he couldn't stop looking at her..

He remembered lookin at her and her lookin back.. and remembered the way.. she looked back at him.. he could see right through her… the way she bumped into atul.. he smiled at himself. Who kitni ajeb hai.. yet… bahoot sachhi..

BB: pata nahi.. ab yeh chodo..

PATA NAHI?? What deos tht mean? Lekin I shouldn't ask him further… to be on a safe side

FF: oh ok.. shure.. reply karne ke liye itna time kyo lagaya??

BB: oh sorry… maine kuch giradiya tha… so I was looking fer it..
He lied..

Oh.. maine socha ki who kisi ladki ke bare mein soch raha hoga…rids thought.. very disappointed.
FF: oh shit.. time dekha? Past 3:00 !! mujhe jaana hai.. sorry biker… kal chat karenge… waise bhi.. mujhe tumhe uthana bhi hai na? Aur mummy ka phone bhi uthana hai… so I have to go.. bye

Shit… phirse chodkar ja rahi hai!!
BB : shure.. good night… aur msg zarror karna.. plzzzzzzzzzzz nahi to mein zaroor late ho jaunga!! Sweet dreams!

Tumhe msg karna kaise bhool sakti hu armaan??
Rids thought as she said good night..


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