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Part 13 & 14 : Instant Messaging

Part 13 :

At 12:30.
"WOH VISHAAL HAI?" Rids asked muskaan..
'haan .. best of luck rids."

Riddhima walked over to a boy who wore a black coat and brown tie.. very very thin.. and very nervous looking.. his pants were a bit too high.. and his socks definetly did not match his outfit
Since they were bright red

Ridzy looked back. She saw armaan and a whole lot of other guys laughing behind her.. Armaan gestured her to go forward… he didn't look too happy..

Take a dee breath..! sirf ek hi dare hai!! Rids kept telling  herself.
Vishaal turned to see riddhima walking towards him.. and the commotion tht followed.

"Hi.. im Riddhima… aur.. ummm mujhe aapse kuch kehna hai.." riddhima said taking a deep breath and wanting to finish the dare as soon as people
She saw Armaan tell her to kneel down.. so she did.

"I ..umm..i used to see you walking.. umm in this hall.. and well I always have liked you….. aur… umm mujhe aapse kuch poochna hai!"

The whole area was in fits and giggles.. all but Armaan. Riddhima kept looking back at him.. wondering if he would come and stop the whole thing…
As she looked around.. she realized tht there were people there who didn't even have lockers in that area… she understood now tht he must have called them…

"ummmm….." vishal said and blushed..

Shit …. Im doomed… sab log dekh rahe hai! ARMAAN tumne kya kiya?? Shit mujhe jaldi se finish karma hai.. aur phir mein kal se apni sir duppata se chupa lungi!

" Kya aap…"  but just as she was about to…

"Miss Riddhima Gupta!!.. kya aap mujhe bataa sakti ho ki aap kya kar rahi ho in sab ke samne?? Miss keerti asked…

Imidiatley people began to run away… some acted as though they were studying.. others opened their lockers. Armaan turned around… but continued to listen.
Rids got up to her feet..

"sorry… sorry maam"
"out off all these people.. I wouldn't have expected you.!! Tum… yeh sab kya hai? Koi play hai kya? "
"nahi.. maam… actually ek dare tha.. sorry maam"
"ENOUGH! i don't care… yeh ek college hai… kisi game show nahi! Kuch hi dino mein koi proffessors aane wale hai… agar unhone yeh dekhliya hoga….."

"im very sorry…"

"mujhe …i.. I had a good impression of you… par ab… " she said shaking her head.
"aina aise phirse kuch ho jayega… to mein personally tumhe suspendkar doongi!"
And she walked away leaving riddhima alone..
Armaan had seen this… he crossed his hands… he had planned this..

"Im sorry vishaal.. im just very sorry" and Riddhima turned around and ran fer the restroom shedding her tears..
Armaan watched muskaan run after her… he closed his eyes and leaned back againt the locker..
Rahul had been watching him.. and walked up to him…

"Armaan mujhe aapse isi waqt baat karma hai…"
"not now.. rohoool.." in a very disgusted voice wid out opening his eyes.
"pehle tum mujhse baat nahi karte… aura ab aap riddhima se itna bura prank play karte ho!"
"I said not now! … leave me… " Armaan said opening his eyes and punching the locker.

"u have played sooo many pranks on her… armaan.. par itni buri prank??? Mujhe pata hai ki aapko pata tha ki keerti yahan inspection ke liye aati hai!"

"agar aap mujhe nahi chodne wale ho.. toh.." armaan was about to say something.. but then realised tht rahul was a friend.. " good bye rohooool" in a very very angry tone and he walks away pushing rahul aside

Watching armaan go.. rahul called up Atul from his cell phone.

"Atul.. mujhe tumse milna hai… Armaan ke bare mein.. arre yaar.. gardener ko bata do.. uska kaam hai yaar!... tumhare bacche hai to kya? … theek hai? College ke baad… bahoot serious matter hai!...bye"

part 14 

" Armaan ko kya hua? Rahul asked as he met him in the field .. 

"pata nahi.. lekin who badal gaya hai… basket ball bhi theek se nahi khel raha hai" 

"Hes not picking up my calls… hes not talking to me.. aur mujhe rahoooool rahoooool bula raha hai!!" 

"kya aapne usse kuch kaha kya?? " 
"nahi yaar… kuch nahi kaha.. mujhe samaj mein nahi aa raha hai ki kya ho raha hai!!" rahul said as he wondered if he had said anything! 
"I didn't even get to tell him bout muskaan!!.. aur ab yeh riddhima ki plan" 

"armaan aise kyon karega ??" Atul asked completely confused 

"Riddhima ne usse kuch kaha kya?" 

"nahi… baat kaha karti hai usse? 

"haan… woh to hai.." rahu said 

"since when hasn't he been speakin to you?" 

"pata nahi… actually.. shub sir ke free period se… morning to woh armaan jaisa hi tha… " HAAN!!" Atul jumped up.. "woh.. aap dono kdekkar… bahoot jal raha tha!!!" 

"muskaan???Oy Muskaan kyo yaar??… ab yeh problem hai!!!" rahul said very disappointedly.. he didnt wanna give muskaan up.. "Big problem yaar"

"nahi.. muskaan nahi… riddhima… aap dono akele mein baat kar rahe the… shub ke free period mein! He was looking at only both of you…" 

"ohhh…. To armaan ko lagta hai ki main ridsy se pyaar karta hu!!??!!" 

" iska matlab hai ki…ARMAAN RIDZ SE PYAAR KARTA HAI!" Atul exclaimed! 

"hmmmm.. we need to talk to him then! Chalo.. who kahan hai?" rahul asked. 

" arre woh gar gaya hai…" Atul just rembered… 

"to phir kal baat karenge…uske ghar jaa kar.' 
------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------- 
Next moring was a Saturday … Rids was at home feeling very very hurt and angry 

"plz Rids aisa mat karna…. " Muskaan said. 

"kyon?? Who mujhe hurt kar sakta hai.. aur mein kuch nahi kar sakti???" 

'wat will you gain rids .. isse kya faida hai ?" muskaan sat on the bed beside her. 

"khushi… satisfaction.." 
"khushi?? Kya tum sach much maanti ho ki aap khush ho jaogi…?? Tum biker se pyaar karti ho… tum Armaan se pyaar karti ho…. Is tarah se tum khush nahi hogi!! Mat karma plz" 

"armaan se pyaar? Woh admi jisne 3 saal se mujhe takleef hi takleef di? Woh armaan jisne mujhe sab ke saamne embaress kiya? i.. i h-hate hi-m-m…."Rids started to cry 

"agar aap armaan ko hate karti ho.. to phir aap har roz armaan se kyon chat karti thi?? Aapko pehle se hi pata tha ki armaan biker hai… phir?? Aap theek se "I hate armaan " kyo nahi keh sakti ho?? Dekho.. trust me.. yeh mat karma…" 

"plz muskaan… dont stop me… mujhe rokna mat…" Rids started to cry 

Muskaan took her in her arms… she sighed." I cant stop you… par.. soch lo.." 

Riddhima got off and wiped her tears.. "soch liya kal.. april 1st par.. armaan ko bulakar.. usse pyaar ka naatak mein phasa doongi…" 

"phir? …" riddhima didn't have an answer… she just wanted to hurt him and end it there… "aur phir?? Kuch nahi.. hai na? 
"mujhe aur kuch nahi chahiye.. iske hone ke baad.. mein aur armaan.. we go our own way…." 
rids and muskaan didnt say anythin fer a song time
"armaan is online" she said.. looking at his name flashing..muskaan nodded.. she couldn't do anything.. 

FF: hi 
FF: listen biker .. mujhe aapse kal milna hai… we have known each other fer a while.. and I think mein aapse pyaar karti hun… kya aap mujhse milne ke liye tyaar ho? 

WOW… mujhse milna chahti hai… armaan was so excited as he read the message… finally something good was happenein.. he had felt completely miserable from the past few days! 

Agar flower meri zindagi mein aa jati. To mein riddhima ko hamesha hamesha ke liye bhul sakti hu. 

I need to make it seem as natural as possibe 
FF: haan… mujhe aise hi lagta hai… soo.. milloge mujhse? Ya kya aapko lagta hai ki mein koi jaldi kar rahi hu?? Agar haan… to koi baat nahi mein samaj sakti hu… 

BB: nahi nahi.. I think mein phi aapse pyaar karna laga…kaha mille? Tum to ho .. jo meri zindagi ko khushiyan deti ho.. 
thinkin bout how rids had hurt him so badly.. he remembered the hug.. and how she avoided him .. and how she stared at him and melteed when he touched her. even though she felt somethin fer him.. she still walked out wid someone else!

Rids began to shed tears again… 
FF:kal subah.. little italy main… 12:30 
BB: don't worry mein aajaonga! Dekho mujhe abhi jaana hoga… bye. Take care.. 
------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------- 

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