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Part 15 & 16 : Instant Messaging

part 15: 

At Armaans house.. 

"Atul.. rahul .. yahan kya kar rahe ho??" Armaan asked.. completely shocked. 

"we need to talk to you" Rahul said. 

Armaan gave him an annoyed look.. but stepped aside to let them come in. 

"Armaan mujhe paata hai… ki aap mujhse itna pissed kyo ho! And woh baat sach nahi hai." Rahul started 

"kya pata hai?" armaan crossed his hands … widout a smile on his face. 

"Riddhima aur mere beech…. U don't like it" 
"haan haan… mene khud apni aakhon se dekh liya tha!!" Armaan shot back.. "agar aap mujhse jhoot kehna chahte ho.. then im sorry… i definetly don't believe you." 

"rahul and muskaan are going out armaan" Atul burst out! 


"us din….shub sir ke free period mein… Riddhiman ne hi hum dono ko set kiya… she set us up.. " Rahul said.. 

"par.. woh hug?" 

"arre.. ridz khush thi… kyon nahi? Muskaan uski best friend hai… aur best friends yahi karte hai… hai na? Dosto ke khushiyo ko manaate hai!" suddenly sounding very sad. 

" rahul… mein kya kahu?? Im sorry dude.. mujhe aisa nahi karna chahiye.. i shouldnt have jumped into conclusions.. mujhe maaf kardo… plzz yaar" Armaan said.. sounding very sad. 

"sochne do…….." rahul said.. obviously kidding.. "soch liya… ek shart par… tumhe push ups karna hai!!!" 

"arre mujhe push ups bilkul pasand nahi hai!!!" 

"haha… im joking…aakhir hame to same hospital mein bhi to jana hai.. " rahul smiled.. giving him a hug! 

"haan haan… mujhe chod kar?? Atul cried! 

"champ?? Aap yeh kaise soch sakte ho?? " Armaan gave him a high five 

Atul got up.. to water the plants.. he knew armaan would have forgttn. 

"so… Rahul muskaan se pyaar karta hai?" armaan said giving him a sly smile. 

"haan.. aur Armaan riddhima se!" rahul said imitating armaan. 

"koi faida? Actually.. mujhe kisi aur se pyaar hai… actually.. dono par hai.. lekin.. meri chances kam hai ridsy ke saath." Armaan admitted.. 

"do? kaun hai dusri?" rahul asked.. suddenly getting very serious. 

"actually this sounds a bit weird.. lekin .. I met her online… who bahoot sweet hai.. aur itni samjdhar… aur uski personality to mera dil ko jeet hi liya hai." 

"OH…. WOH online wali??? Armaan uske saath roz chat karta hai…" Atul suddenly remembered. 

Chat?? Hmm soo? Uski naam…??" rahul asked 

" pata nahi.. don worry.. kal pta lagaunga…" Armaan said.. a bit seriously.. 

"kal kyon? Kuch special hai kya?? Kiska birthday??" Atul asked 

"arre champ.. nahi yaar… kal humara mulakaut ho jayega!" Armaan said wid a smile on his face . 

"aur ridz?" rahul asked.. 

"kya karasakta hu? Uss wish se to who meri haat se gayi… she probably hates me now" Although armaan knew tht this was not true.. she did have some feelings for him… but he didn't want to believe it.. he couldn't do anything yet.. he need to wait fer the sign 
------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------- 
Next day.. at Little Italy… at 12:30 

Armaan was sitting down waiting for her… He was thinking about her.. flower… He didn't really care bout her appearance.. he would like her exactly the way she was… 
She made him smile when he was hurt.. he felt so good when she chatted wid him.. and she never forgt to wake him up… he smiled at the most average messages she had sent him.. and when she sent words of care… he was blown away. He couldn't believe tht he fel fer someone who he had never met.. but he felt tht they were meat to meet fer some reason. 
He could now finally forgt bout Riddhima.. .. if flower came into his life.. 

"Armaan??" the voice was almost too familiar.. his heart skipped a beat… he turned around… and looked up to see riddhima before him…. 
"tum yahan kya kar rahi ho??" he asked as he got up.. he was taken by surprise.. 

"im flower.. flower.forever124…. … April fool!" riddhima said in her most cold voice. 


part 16

Armaan just stood there… he couldn't believe what she had just said… He didn't want to..
But from the look of her eyes.. he knew that she was telling the truth.. she couldn't be that good an actor.

"haan.. Armaan mein flower hu… wo ladki jo roz aapko utathi thi … jo aapko har samay msg karti thi……puri raat aapse chat karti thi….. aur woh ladki … tht u hurt!! U insulted.. sabke samne…" Riddhima tried to control her tears.. but she remembered the way armaan was watching her as Miss keerti was yelling at her.. the way everyone was looking at her.
It hurt Armaan soo bad to see her in tears.. He knew tht she was teling the truth.. She really was flowers.forever124.
"Riddhima.. please.. im very sorry.. mujhe aise nahi karna chahiye tha' he paused. ' jab maine aapko rahul ke saath baat karte hue dekha.. mujhe accha nahi laga… I thought u were going to ask him out.. when u loved me.. plz rids..' he said coming closer to her.. but rids stepped back

"Nahi.. Armaan.. I don't love you…and I don't care… jo hua.. forgt bout it… ab mein apni rasta aur aap apne..' She said as tears ran down her face

'yeh kyo kar rahi ho Riddhima ? sach ko mat chupa.. aur who bhi mujhse" Armaan said looking straight into her eyes.. riddhima couldn't look into his eyes.. she didn't want to fall into his trap.Armaan knew tht she meant nothing tht she said.. he walked up to her

"mein kuch nahi chupa rahi hun Armaan.. and this is how its supposed to be.."
Rids pushed him back wid both her hands… but instead Armaan caught her hands and put them on his shoulders… as soon as she as close enough.. he held her waist.. and slowly pulled her closer..Riddhima closed her eyes.. she expected herself to be back in her car by now driving away trying to forgt armaan forever… but instead she was in armaans arms trying to fight against her own heart..

Armaan held her very firmly and closed his arms around her. Rids could feel his warm breath on her neck. She was giving in.. and Armaan knew tht.. he pushed back her hair and lifted her chin up.. " armaan .. no this is wrong…" she knew wat he was going to do.. and she felt so helpless.. nothing was in her body was responding to her mind.
"but it feels so right.." he whispered as he moved his face closer and touched his lips on to hers.

She couldn't remember how long she was kissing him.. but then.. she suddenly broke off… and pushed his hands away from her but armaan just came closer.

"nahi armaan… please…" Riddhima said still feeling the impct oh his soft lips on hers. He let her go… Riddhima realized tht he wasn't very happy..

Rids wiped of her tears and straighted her dress.."armaan.. this is the end of our relation ship…"

"yeh sab kiske liye kar rahi ho?? Armaan said looking at her very angrily.

"apni aap ke liye.." Rids said as tears once again started rlling down her face…. "khusi ke liye!"

Just then.. the owner of Little Italy walked up to Armaan..
"excuse me sir.. can u please lower ur voices?"
Armaan turned his head to face him and folded his arms… the owner didn't like the look armaan was giving him..
"actually sir.. I dntmind… sorry sir.. forget wat I said… theres not many people here anyway… umm lunch is on me" Armaan still didn't say anything .. but continued to look at him… "I should go.. uh hehe.."  ran to the kitchen..

Armaan closed his eyes and once he turned to Riddhima… he opened them again.
"khusi??… aap khush ho? Apne aap ko theek se dekho…" Armaan said raising his voice..

"armaan plz.. mein khush ban jaoungi… armaan.. hum alag hai...  armaan this is the end of our relation ship… " riddhima said.. and ran back to her car… crying more than wat she expected to… It was way harder than she had ever imagined.

Armaan stood there staring at her leave… he knew that she did love him..
"Nahi riddhima… yeh to sirf shurwat hai….. aage dekhlena… you'll be mine!" Armaan said as a single tear rolld down his right eye.


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