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Part 17 & 18 : Instant Messaging

Part 17 :

Muskaan and Rahul are talking over the phone. Rahul is in Armaan's house.

M-hey rahul.. mujhe tumse kuch kehna hai
R- hey muskaan.. kyun? Kya hua? Koi problem?
M-haan.. rids aur armaan
R- batoa to sahi.
M- Riddhima hai flower…..Riddhima armaan ko april folls kehna gayi hai… armaan ko hurt karna gayi hai…. Par who armaan se pyaar karti hai… she loves him.. mujhe pata hai ki armaan bhi usse pyaar karta hai!! Par.. shes gonna hurt him….

Muskaan said widout taking a breath.. she knew Rids was gonna regret this.. she had to help make it ryte….

R-woah woah!!slow down muskaan…
Muskaan sighed.. and she told rahul the full story bout rids and armaan.

R-oh.. par who aisa kyo kar rahi hai?
M- kyon ki she believes armaan will keep hurting her.. and she doesn't want to fall in love wid him.. and usko lagta hai ki yeh sab karne sab woh armaan se hamesha hamesha ke liye dhoor ja sakti hai! Plz rahul… kuch karo na?? Don't let armaan lose hope! Plz!

Muskaan pleaded.. she felt rahul was her hero in any situation..he could make everythin alright! Rahul smiled to himself.. Muskaan sounded very cute and innocent when she was scared. He wanted to hold her in his arms and make everythin better for her.

R- don't worry.. ill tell armaan everythin… sab kuch theek ho jaega…."
M- thank you…
Muskaan blushed.. he always did no wat to say!

Just then.. the lock turned.. and rahul knew it was armaan…
R- dekho muskaan armaan aa gaya hai.. ill call you later… bye.."

Muskaan shivered when she put the phone down…. She felt tht everythin was going to be alright..

Rahul turned to face Armaan.. who had walked in now

"suno.. armaan dekho … jo hua.. who sach nahi tha… I mean… rids ne jo  bhi kaha.. she wasn't thinking.. she didn't mean anything.. Armaan… tum sun rahe ho na?? Who tumse abhi bhi pyaar karti hai…" Rahul had no idea how to say it.. and he had a feeling he was doing a horrible job

Armaansmiled "chill out rahul…. I know"

"nahi armaan… woh… KYA?? Tumhe pata hai?? Umm.. kaise .. kab?" rahul asked completely shocked!!

"uski aankhon… sab batadete hai… lekin…. She wont admit it..' armaan thought… 'kuch sochna hoga…'

'good good…' rahul said.. completely confused as to how he could possibly know!
------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------------------------
At lunch break

"muskaan sirf do pages baki hai…" rids said as she wrote down some answrs
Rids could not do her homework the day before… so she chose to do it durin her lunch break. The rest of the basket ball team was sitting wid muskaan and her. They were also her close friends.

Just then Rahul and Armaan came wid two other boys to their table,
Riddhima looked at armaan.. he really did look gorgeous.. he wore jeans wid a black shirt.. he had left three buttons open.. which revealed his great body… as soon as armaan saw her looking at him.. she got back to writing.

" hey gurls can we sit down?" asked rahul.. mainly asking muskaan though
" shure…" muskaan got up and sat next to rahul who was sitting on the opposite side

Riddhima felt the chair on to her right get vacant.
PLzz Not armaan.. plz don't sit next to me… PLZZZZ.. oh crap! as she felt armaan sit next to her
…. Rids felt herself shiver…
There was soemthin bout him tht made her feel so good!

"hmm… so gurls.. wats up?" armaan said smiling at the gurls
"oh..yea.. armaan.. I wanted to no soemthin.." Kajol asked as she got up and sat in the vacant chair to the left of armaan.

Woh bas naatak kar rahi hai..Armaan ke saath bethne ki NATAK! Rids thought as she watched kajol walk over to sit next to him.

"Batao.. kya hai??" armaan said .. he culd sence riddhima's jealousy… and he liked it..

"I wanted to know can u spin the ball and change ur fingers?? I haven't seen any one do it.." kajol asked very flirtatiously.

oh PLEAAASE kajol.. u have seen people do tht.!!!rids thought.. suddenly writting wid the pen very hardly.

"yea shure..…ball plz??" Armaan said very coolly.

"riddhima ke pass…" Armaan saw the basket ball on the right side of Riddhima and pushed her a bit back.. so tht he could lean ovr and get the ball.

"ill get it.." winking at riddhimas shocked face. Rids felt his hair.. soft and smooth. his deo made her shiver and tht wink just completely blew her away.

As soon as he got up he took the ball and rotated the spinning ball on his different fingers..
The gurls were really impessed giving him compliments every second..
Even the gurls passing by managed to say soemthin to him.. and he winked back at them… leaving them drooling again.

What a big fat flirt!! Aur yeh gurls???? Aise behave kar rahe hai jaise armaan koi bhagwan hai!!!!!" rids muttered under her breath

Rids finally managed to finish he work..although towards the end her handwriting got a little illegible coz she was furious and jealous at the same time.. but then she sat up..

Finally armaan put the ball down… and looked at Muskaan and Rahul who were whispering to each other.
"oy hoy.. kya khus pus ho raha hai??"

Riddhima looked at them and started to giggle.. they looked so cute together.
"hum tumhare bare mein hi baat kar rahe the!!" muskaan said half gigging..

"muskaan.. rahul ke saat hote hue bhi aap mere bare mein baat kar rahi ho?? Very badd!" Armaan said teasingly "And I don't want to know why U were talking about ME.. RAHOOOOOOOOL…" raising up one of his eye brows

Te gurls cracked up.. even rids was laughing..
"hum bole rahe the ki armaan ek bahoot bada flirt aur show off hai!!" rahul added... returning the evil grin

" haan haan.. aur kya muskaan jaana chahti hai.. ki aapne kis ladki ko wink kiya aaj subah??" armaan laughed..

"kisi ladki ko wink kiya???? Rahul!!!!! Ab dekhna!!!" Rahul got up.. and muskaan was chsing him
"mere aakh me kuch tha muskaan.. sacchi…"rahul said laughing
"haan haan… shure" muskaan said chasing after him wid her slipper in her hand!

Everyone was laughing.. including people from the other tables!
Suddenly.. Armaan held riddhimas hand.. very tightly from under the table.. she gasped.

"kya hua rids? Kaap kyon gayi?" Tina asked…

"haan riddhima… kaap kyon gayi.. ??" Armaan whispered.. staring into her eyes

"nahi.. kuch nahi" rids said.. she didn't want to make a big scene in front of everyone.

"Armaan plzzz…… " she whispered as she was trying to pull away.

"plz kya riddhima??" armaan said in a very audible her a naughty smile

"plz ?? plzz kya? Rids?" kajol asked… rids was acting very weird she thought.

"oh nothing.. woh.. plz sab lob basket ball practice ke liye college ke baad ajaye…" rids lied!
"Mein bhi??" he whispered starring deep into her eyes.

" only girls.." rids said.. blushing as she tried to pull out her hand.

Suddenly the bell rings.
Armaan accidently le her hand go. Riddhima takes advantage and quickly gets up…and wid out knowin.. she smiled!
Armaan notices it.

Part 18:

    Part 18

In Shubhankar sirs class.

Rahul, armaan and muskaan are talking. Muskaan annd Rids are sitting next to each other while Rahul n armaan are behind them.

"rahul, Muaskaan dont u think we should practise for basketball??Match teen din mein hai!! " Armaan asked suddenly remembering.

"haan.. actually ur ryte!! Rahul tumhe kya lagta hai??' Muskaan whispered.

"hmmm .. to phir hu sir se pooche??" rahul asked.

"nahi.. sir nahi manenge!!" Riddhima suddenly interupted.

suddenly. "Excuse me sir... but in three days we have our basketball tournament.. and we would like to practise sir.. if tht i ok wid you...... kya hai sir... we wouldnt want to mis ur class.. lekin.. sir.. college ka izaat hai na? u must be knowing ryte.. after all we all no how good you are at basketball!" Armaan said flattering him to the fullest.

"haan... mein bhi to basket ball ki team mein tha!.. lekin.. Armaan.. i dont know" enjoying the compliment.

"plzzzz sir... plzzzz!!! " muskaan said getting up

slowly all the team members got up and begged...even some gurls.. who wanted armaan to notice them.

"theek hai... lekin yeh last tiem hai!!" Shubhankar sir said

They all started shouting and complimenting sir for his generosity.. shub sir blushed as usual..

armaan leaned over to riddima "dekha?? if want want somethin or someone.....i get it!! armaan said giving her an evil grin.

------------------------------------------------------------ -------------

In the basketball court

"ok listen up... we'll divide ourselves into 3 teams... having less number of people in each team.. we can practise much better" Armaan announced..

for some reason... whenever Armaan said somethin... the entire area became completely quiet!

"hum yeh kar sakte hai.. ki.... since there are 16 ppl.. altogether.. hum 4 teams bana sakte hai!.. Alright? rids armaan rahul aur muskaan captain banenge... " atul said

"alright .... rids divide the teams... yeh lo... is paper par sare players ka naam iha hai!" rahul said handing the paper to riddhima..

Rids and muskaan divided the teams equally..

"Aur sun lo ppl.... this match determines the 5 playes who will play in the match... " Rids announced very seriously..

Armaan's team played wid rahul's first.. both teams were equally matched.. Rahul was a really good player... but armaan's team had won...though it wa a close call

When muskaan and rids played.. riddhima won... and when rids played against Rahul it was a tie... All the while.. armaan was giving direections to the playyers...

Armaan had won every match.. though he didnt have such strong players.. he knew exactly where to put them... Armaan gave his teammates a lot of practise.

the last match they played was against Armaan and rids. Armaan and rids takled one another... she was the best player after armaan and rahul.

however rids found it really difficult to face armaan.. She tried to avoid his eyes as much as possible!

Armaan knew tht he had the impact on her... so he confronted her all the more making her feel very uncomfortable.He made it a point to bump into her as he passed by.

Suddenly.. As rids passed by armaan he caught hold of her arm and pulled her close to himself... everyone was watching atul shoot a basket.. so no one noticed the two of them.

"Baby .... hmmm lets see.. ek shart lagaenge... if u get a basket.. u can slap me or do watever u want... but if i get a basket.... sirf mein... ill kiss you..alright??" Armaan said.. as he held her arm..

"Armaan... TUM pagal HO! NO!!!!!.. ur not gonna kiss. im not gonna slap!!!!! " rids said completely shocked!!

"Im not asking u a question.sweet heart.. koi choice-voice nahi hai!! u wanna hit me or not.. u decide... par mein to zaroor kiss karunga.... aaj aapko chodne wala nahi hu.. "  Armaan said.. smiling an d he pulled her in and gave her a kiss on her cheek.. armaan walked away trying to get the rebound.. he left rids staring in disbelief... wid her hands on her cheeks....

he kissed me??? MUJHE kiss kiya??? kisi ne dekha???


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