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Part 19 & 20 : Instant Messaging

Part 19inst :

"score hai.. 4-2.. Armaan hai 2 aur rids 4." Rahul announced.
"time out.. Time out" Rids shouted.
"Alright.. fine Timeout." Rahul said as he was the referee of the match.
Riddhima's team mates went over to her to find out what tactics they were goin to apply.

"Ok... we are goin to pass and play... kissi ke pass ball 7 seconds se zaada nahi hona chahiye." Rids said..

"haan aur kajol shoot karne wali hai.." she looked as kajol "so stand under the board...alright?? lets play!!"

As Rids and armaan stood next to each other to get the jump ball.. Armaan mouthed the word "kiss" which made Rids lose complete concentration and armaan got the ball!

*gulp* mujhe kisi bhi tarah se ball ko stop karna hi hai.. !! rids thought

But unfortunately armaan passed it to atul... who passed it back to him.. as he slamed it in the basket!

Im doomed....mujhe armaan se dur rehna chahiye!.. rids thought!

sahil got the ball and passed it to riddhima.. As rids saw the basket she thought of her shart.."Rids shoot!!" muskaan shouted from the crowd.. and then passed it to Kajol..

As riddhima was watchin kajol shoot.. she felt a hand grab her waist and pull her backwards.
in a flash she felt a face coming closer to her and kissing her cheeks very passionately..
everythin around her felt like a blur for a split second..
as soon as the arms let her go.. she turned around to see armaan walking away.. giving her his chocolatey-naughty face!

Rids melted.. no matter how much she fought it.. the boy definelty made shiver.

she turned around to see if anyone saw her.. suddenly.. she saw muskaan starin at her...

Shit .. muskaan ne dekh liya.. ab mein mar gayi!! ab kya hoga.. shit!!

suddenly she sees muskaan smiling.. giving her a thumbs up and shaking her head in approval.

Rids blushed..she couldnt help smiling... she put her fingers on her lips and asked muskaan not to tell anyone...

"Hoy!! rids.... har man li?? " armaan asked.. asking as though nothing happened.

"no.. mein kabhi har nahi manti.. " rids said.. not able to look him in the eyes.

" fine.. to khelo to sahi... " armaan said.. just as chirag passed the ball to him.
Rids ran after him... trying to get the ball... rids bloccked his way from getting a basket..
" rids.. if u get a basket .. will u slap me??" giving her a very cheeky smile..
"u can kiss me.. then even i can slap you.. armaan " rids said.. looking at the ball he was bouncing.. avoiding his face...

"but theres a difference sweetheart... u want me to kiss you... " armaan said giving her a wink.. and then he leapt up to score a basket.

Rahul blew the whistle.. and the game was over.. it was a tie..
riddhima frowned.. she really did want to beat Armaan!!

" great going guys... good practise.." armaan said half panting.." phir kabhi khelna chahiye.." winking to rids..

ignoring tht comment.. "hey im goin to freshen up.. and change" rids said as she went to the changing room.

the other gurls also followed her in there.. changed and left... only muskaan and rds were there

' so kya hua??' muskaan asked giving rids a playful punch..
"kuch nahi yaar... Armaan ne kuch shart lagayi.. if he gets a shot.. he kisses me.. and if i get a shot i slap him... dekh muskaan... i didnt want to do it.. armaan ne jabardasti ki!!! "
"chll rids.. mujhe pata hai.. meine dekhliya.... hmmm to isiliye aapne kajol ko ball pass kiya tha na??? " muskaan said smiling widely.
"Wat?? kya keh rahi ho?? i couldnt shoot.. isliye ball pass kiya... "rids said defending herself..
"Rids u had a clear shot.. mujhe pata hai.. u cant slap biker boy na??"

But before he could reply.. Some one knocked on the door.. and opened it..
"Armaan... this is the gurls changing room.... dont u have any shame..?? " rids said suddenly getting up!

"aap log to change thodi kar rahe hai.... aur waise bhi... " he looked at muskaan.. " rahul tumhare liya wait kar raha hai.... " giving her a smile..

" thankz armaan.... bye rids.." Muskaan scooted past armaan and left..

" kya hai armaan??? " As she watched armaan coming closer and closer to her... "armaan yeh gurls room hai.."

Armaan didnt say anything.. He kept walking closer to her.. riddhima could smell his fresh spray of deodrant all over him.. his hair was dripping wet from the shower he had just taken.

"armaan .. k-kya kar rahe ho.. .." Rids said walking backwars.. looking straight into his eyes..

Armaan was no standin infront of her... he put his hands around her waist and pulled her close to him..
"Armaan... pleasee... mujhe choddo... let me go.. " trying to sound as firm as she could.. but armaan shook his head.. she placed her hands on his chest and push him backwards.. but armaan would only pull her closer... she felt the wall behind her. he had her cornerd.

"meri aakhri kiss baki hai.." Armaan whispered.

"nahi armaan.. yh galat hai... koi aajaega... please.."
"to aane do.. " he whispered as he touched his lips on her bare neck.. moving passionately..
"a-arma-aan" Riddhima groaned..this just aroused armaan all the more and he wrapped his hands slightly below her waist pulling her a bit higher.. he pulled her sleeves of her shirt down to kiss her shoulders..and went lower and lower

"plz armaan.." rids said..

but she couldnt resist any more.. somehow everythin went along in favour of armaan.. as evening set.. light coming in from the windows became dimer and dimmer..only a few rays of light passed through.. Riddhima felt overwhelmed and couldnt control herself any longer... she lifted up her hand and fingered her way through his damp hair.. she could feel his strong body pressing against hers..and she placed her other hand around his neck pulling him in..

Armaan kissed her cheeks reaching closer and closer to her lips.. armaan put his hand under her shirt to feel her bare waist. his warm hands made her gasp for a breath.. armaan touched his lips to her.. feeling every bit of her... neither of them wanted this to stop..He sucked her lower lip.. rids lowered her hands and felt his naked chest and put her hands lower... tring to open the remaining buttons...

Armaan pulled away fro her lips.. taking a breath.. while riddhima lowered herself to kiss his neck... leaving marks behind..

Just then... Riddhima's phone beeped..Someone had sent a msg.. riddhima quickly pulled her self off him... realising wat she was doing

Armaan put his hand all the way down her back pocket of her jeans and slowly took out her phone..........


part 20

"Armaan kiska msg hai??" Rids asked... as he saw him looking at her cellphone.

"muskaan ki.. pooch rahi hai ki kya aap uske saath ghar ja rahi ho ya nahi.... Ill tell her tht ill drop you..." armaan said kissing her on her cheeks.

Rids pushed him back and armaan gave rids a confused face as if to say.. 'What gives'.

" nahi armaan.. this is wrong.. im sorry... mujhe aise nahi karna chahiye tha... mujhe jaana hoga.. " Rids said taking her cell phone from his hands... but armaan refused to let her go.

"rids .. wat the hell are you sayin? tumhe abhi bhi vishwas nahi hai?? Armaan said very angrily..

"nahi armaan... we are too different.. mein tumhari type ki ladki thodi hun... aur... " rids was about to continue.. but armaan leaned over and and kissed her deeply.

"do u still feel nothin after this?? kya is kiss ka koi matleab nahi hai??? Armaan said as he pulld out..

Riddhima's eyes filled up wid tears...
"bolo rids... jawab kyon nahi deti???" Armaan said shaking her wildly.

"n-nahi armaan... iska koi matlab nahi hai..." rids said as sheshed fresh drops of tears..

"meri aakon mein dekh kar kaho..." armaan said raising his voice.
rids slowly looked into his eyes.. she couldnt say it..slowly she pushed him aside.. and ran she ran.. she heard armaan punch the wall..

Back at Armaan's houe.. rahul and Atul were also there.
"Armaan .. what happened!!! 2 ghante se aap ne kuch kaha nahi!! hum cricket dekh rahe hai.. and ur favorite tems are playing agisnt one another!! kolkata vs mumbai!!
Rahul said.. very concerned.

" rids... bloody gurl..u no wat guys.. im done wid her... pyaar vyaar sub bullsh*t hai!!"

"arre Armaan.. dont say tht... cmon... ab batao kya hua.." atul said putting his handsover armaan's shoulders.

"she kisses me one second.. and the next she tells me she feels nothing for me.. " im through wid love.... hate tht gurl... shes ouuta ma life..This is why i said gurls shouldnt be taken seriously.. waste of time! " armaan said hiding his face in his hands.

Next day near the lockers.
"Muskaan woh aa raha hai... kya karoo??? " rids said watching the boys come near them.

"agar aap chahti ho.. to abhi aap yahan se jaa sakti ho.." muskaan said..

"nahi yaar.. Armaan koi scene bana dega..!!"
"theek hai.. tumhari marzi" Muskaan said blushing as Rahul came over.

"hey muskaan... very beautiful... " he said checking her out..and giving her a kiss on her cheeks..muskaan gave a shy laug.

"hey... aap aaj rahoooool.. ke saath bahar jaane wali ho ryte??" armaan asked..

"oh yeah.. hey rids.. its ok wid yo ryte??" muskaan asked suddenly remembering.

' no.. no probs.. enjoy urselves." Rids said smiling.

" ok.. thankz.. bye... hum chale... rahul??" muskaan sad grabbing hi hands.the two of them leave.

" oh by the ay.. atul... aaj mein college se aate hue.. yeh dekha.. " Rids said taking out a small flowering rose plant from her locker." and i got it for"

" wow rids... kitna sunder hai!!! .. thank you soo much!! i love it.. aap ek itni sweet dost ho!!! thank you soo much!1" atul said kissing the pot.

Rids giggled... but on noticng armaan... she stopped.

bas... just watch out for those thorns... they can really hurt.." rids said.. showing him a cut on her fingr.

"just like ur words.." armaan muttered.. looking down.

"excuse me..?? " rids said though she had heard him very well!.

'nothin... atul... can we go now?? i dont like the air around here... " Armaan said very coldly.. staring at her.. emotioonless.

" kya?? wat air?? kya keh rahe ho?? pata hai... plants oxygen dete hai... so.. we are getting fresh air.. " Atul said looking at his new plant.

"aare Atul.. just come here..." Armaan said pulling Atul.

"accha theek hai.. bye rids.. aur thankz agaiN!!"

'bye atul.." Rids said.. sounding very hurt.
Bye armaan... rids she thought about those kisses armaan had showered on her.. the way he kissed her on her lips.. the way he held her.. as if he would bever let her go..
But rids knew tht armaan wasnt the type who would stay wid a gurl forver...

"excuse.. me...... helloo.. " rids wiped her tears.. to see a girl in a short skirt looking at her..
"yeah..??" rids asked..
"have u seen ma boy??"
"ur boy??what?"
"oops.. sowwie.. i meant.. armaan.. seen him??"
"sorry anjali.. havent seen him"
HIS BOY???? anjali armaan ko her boy kyon keh rahi hogi??

Introduction of new character..
Anjali: sweet smart.. and very ambitious.. but a total flirt.. almost like like a femle version of armaan... except sweeter and less of a flirt..rids's class mate..



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