Thursday, 3 January 2019

Part 2 : Instant Messaging

"hey Ridsy.. Wat are you doing?" muskaan asked as she approached her in the library.

"nothing yaar… chatting wid some guy who wants to become a surgeon.." smiling to herself.. he seemed lik quite a gentleman.

"tumne to apne naam aur personal info diya kya? Muskaan sounded really worried

"no way Muskaan… and I don't think he is tht bad.. ive been chattin wid him for over 45 minutes now"

"KYA??? Aapne puri library class kisi unknown ke saath bat kar rahi ho? Hmm… kaise dikhta hai?" muskaan started jumping… she seemed really excited.. ridsy and chatting wid unknown? Impossible…he must have been some GUY

Just then Rahul enters and walks over to armaan and atul
"rids dekho…. Rahul aaya hai.." omg shes bluskin like crazy.. thought riddhima
"Go then Say hi"
"Tum pagal ho kya? Ill drop dead" remembering how she almost fainted when he almost hugged her last time.

"oh shit.. we ave to go yaar… basket ball practice,muskaan"

"theek hai… log out kar do.." ridhsy nodded.. and got back to the computer screen

F.F:Hey biker.. nice chattin wid you.. I have to go.. it was fun chattin wid you.."

BB:oh yeah… shure.. will you come online anytime soon?. I might have some more questions.."

FF: ofcourse, ill come at 8.. bye..take care

BB: cool.. you too.. tc..
------------------------------------------------------------ -----------

Later that evening

Riddhima switchs on hr laptop and sees Bikerboy247 online… even before she could say hi.. she gets one….

BB: your late :) …… you no.. surgeons should never be late.. especially an amazing one like urself

Is he flirting wid me? Me? Amazing? He seems so sweet!!!

FF: don't flatter me so much also.. hehe.. sorry I had to do some stuff… hmm.. so wat hospital are u joining?"

BB: im not shure… relatives suggest sanjeevani… but lets see if I pass first ;)

Sanjeevani? Thts where I want to go!! Papa ke hospital!!

FF: oh even I wanna go there.. seems like the best!

BB: WOW!! We more similar than we think ! Bombay se ho?

Usko kaise patachala?

FF-yes I am… kaise patachala?
BB: lucky guess!! Me too..

As rids began to chat wid hm.. she felt very.. comfortable.. feels like she had known him fer a long time.. and she hated to say log off… though she wouldn't admit it..
------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------------------------------


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