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Part 2: Nikaah -e-Ranjish

After sometime Rahul and Atul came to visit their family. Riddhima was the apple of their eyes. They both loved her too much, even Ishu, but they knew how Shashanks behaviour was towards Riddhima. They actually felt sad for her, Rahul had even talked with his dad about it, but that changed nothing. Riddhima saw her brothers and could not hold back her tears. She run over to them and hugged them very tight.

R: bhaijaan.

Both of them took Riddhima in their arms. they knew that Shashank must have done something, to make Riddhima this sad. As soon as Rahul saw her red cheek, he understood what must have happened. He could not hold his anger back and moved to his father to confront him.

Ra: Kaise Baba hai aap, apni beti pe aise kaise haath utha sakte hai?
S: Rahul, tameez se, shayad tu bhool gaya hai ke tu kis se baat kar raha hai.
Ra: Nahi Baba, hum to kuch nahi bhule, lekin shayad aap bhul gaye hai, ke Riddhima bhi aapki beti hai.
S: Wo manhoos meri beti nahi hai. Pata nahi kyu is duniya me aayi thi.
At: Baba, please…
S: tum dono is sab me mat parho…
Ra: lekin…
S: suna nahi ke mene kya kaha…

With that Shashank got very angry and left from there. He got in his room and started to drink early in the morning. Riddhima could not hold this anymore, so she moved to her room, and let her tears free run. Rahul and Atul on the other hand started to talk with Padma.

Ra: Maa, yeh sab…
P: me kya karu? tum to jaante ho no apne Baba ko.
At: Lekin aap bhi to uski Maa hai na. Aap Baba ko aise kaise behave karne de sakti hai Riddhima ke saath. Uspe kya guzarti hogi?
P: To me kya karu? tum hi batao, agar me uske favour me bolti hu, to Shashank us bachi ka jeena haram kar dete hai. agar me chup rehti hu, to wo phir usko chor dete hai.
Ra: Maa, Riddhima yuh to bilkul akeli ho jaye gi. Aapko stand lena hoga, nahi to Riddhima bohot dur chali jayegi humse. Aapko apni beti ke liye stand lena hoga.

Padma then moved to Riddhimas room, she saw that Riddhima was working like a crazy woman. Padma taped her shoulder and Riddhima flinched back, she thought that it was her father, who was here again to beat her. As she saw her mother, she let out a breath. Padma on the other hand felt very sad to see this reaction of Riddhima. She made her sit on the bed. then she put her hands together.

P: Mujhe maaf kar de beta, me teri Maa hoke bhi tere liye kuch nahi kar paa rahi.
R: nahi mama, aap to is duniya ki sab se best mother ho. Aap aisa kyu sooch rahi ho.
P: Sahi keh rahi hu me Riddhima. Tere Baba jo yeh saluki karte hai, me chah ke bhi unhe nahi rok paati.
R: kuch nahi mama, wo Baba hai mere, unka pura haq hai apna gussa mujhpe nikalne ka. Aap please guilty mat hua karo. Aap aise agar roo gi, aise toot jao gi, to phir hum dono ko koun samhale ga.
P: Mene kabhi tujhme aur Ishu me fark nahi…
R: Me jaanti hu Mama, aur mujhe aapse koi shikayat bhi nahi hai. Baba ko anger issues hai. Aur agar wo mujhpe apna gussa nahi nikalenge, to phir wo shayad Ishu ke saath. Me aisa nahi hone de sakti na. Akhir Ishu ki bari behen jo hu. Aap fikar mat karo Mama.
P: Chal ab khana kha le…
R: lekin Baba ne to…
P: Tujhe teri Maa keh rahi hai ke khana khao. Chalo mere saath.
R: Mama, nahi, mujhe bhook bhi nahi hai…

Padma did not hear a single word, She just took Riddhima by her hand and moved with her to the dinning table. Shashank was not present there. Padma made Riddhima sit next to Rahul.

P: chalo ab khana shuru karo. Meri beti ne banaya hai.
R: Baba...
Ra: Tu fikar mat kar Riddhima. bas araam se nashta kar.

They all started to eat and suddenly they heard some noises inside of Shashank and Padma’s room. Automatically riddhima flinched by this, every one noticed that, but decided to ignore this. They knew that Riddhima wont answer their question.

The whole next week, Shashank drunk alcohol and let his anger over silly things out on Riddhima. Every time when Padma would step in, he would also beat her. And after some time, he could cry and ask both of them for forgiveness. That happened every single day. Riddhima was so fed up, but still somehow she hoped, that when she will do everything, then maybe, just maybe her father would love her, would be proud of her. She wanted her fathers love, she craved for her fathers love.

Riddhima was again by Muskaan and they both were again listening to Armaan and Abhimaniyu’s songs. Then Muskaan started to topic.

M: to kya soocha hai tune Riddhima?
R: huh… kis bare me?
M: your father, ghar me jo condition hai. Unka tujhpe haath uthana. Alcohol problems…
R: kya kar sakte hai Muskaan. lets see.
M: matlab tu kuch nahi karegiƟ
R: me kya kar sakti hu? me kuch bhi nahi kar sakti.
M: tu stand le sakti hai…
R: really now Muski, aur apne Baba ko hamesha ke liye apne aap se dur kar du. Jo thori bohot umeed bhi hai, unki attention pane ki, wo bhi gawah du me…
M: Lekin Riddhima…
R: Nahi muski. At least isi bahane sahi, baba mujhe notice to karte hai, wo mujhse baat to karte hai na.

Muskaan decided to not say anything. She knew that Riddhima loved her parents too much and she would do anything for them. Especially she loved her father. Muskaan just hoped, that one day, her father would love her back.

Riddhima got home and went to her room. Suddenly Armaan’s songs were playing in her head and she decided to look for him on the internet. She took her laptop and typed in his name. Armaan Mallik. She went to his Wikipedia page. She gasped seeing his picture. The first thing that captured her eyes, where his ocean blue eyes. They looked so magnificent. There was also a picture of Armaan and Abhimanyu together, and she has to accept that Armaan was the more handsome one, whereas Abhimanyu was the cuter one of both of them.

She found out that Armaan was 22 years old, means only 2 years older than her. He started his singing career together with his brother Abhimanyu, who is 6 years younger than him. He lived with his Family in North Carolina, in America. Mean in the other side of the world. The interesting fact is, that he also belongs from Pakistan.

Riddhima typed his name in YouTube and started to watch his live performances. She had to admit, that she was actually impressed by Armaan. The way he performed, actually catches everyones intention. And he also has some kind of passion in his voice. And something else too, which Riddhima wasn’t able to point out. Unknowingly to her, Armaan started to make a place in her mind, and probably in her heart too.

On the other side of the world, North Carolina to be exact a person just woke up and got down to the hall after freshening himself up, where all his family was waiting for him to join them. As soon as Armaan reached down, he saw his whole family and smiled inwardly.

A: Asalam Aleikum everyone.
Billy: W.Salam beta.

Armaan moved to the dinning table, where his whole family was sitting. His parents, who means the world to him. His elder sister Nishita and his younger brother Abhimanyu.

A: Baba, is saal ki recording se pehle. Me sooch raha tha ke me Pakistan ho aau.
An: Kyu beta? Achanak yeh plan?
A: pata nahi mama, bas aise lag raha hai ke mujhe waha pe jaana chahiye. Bohto dil kar raha hai. Mujhe waha kuch kheech raha hai?
N: Kyu Armaan, sab khairyat to hai?
A: Jee, aapi, sab kuch theek hai. Bas pata nahi, bohot zyaada dil kar raha hai. Aisa lag raha hai, ke me khud ko rok hi nahi paa raha.
B: Lekin me tumhe waha akela nahi jaane de sakta.
A: i understand baba, isi liye me chahta tha, ke Aapi aur Abhimanyu mere saath chale. Wese bhi university se to 2 weeks me vacations ho rahe hai. To kyu na hum Pakistan ho aaye.
B: chalo phir, jaisa tum theek karo.
A: thank you soo much Baba.

Armaan was eating his breakfast, but he could not get rid of the dream he had. It was strange, he felt like someone was calling for him. Someone was reaching out for him. It was a girl, who was in a very bad condition and she was just saying: Please mujhe bacha lo Armaan, please.

Armaan pushed those thoughts aside, but still he could not understand what this all means. Who was the girl? It was the first time he had this dream. But it still caught his attention. A little bit too much.

As everyone was watching the news, suddenly they saw that there was bomb attack in Pakistan and it was right now extremely unsecure to be in that country. Armaan looked over at his mom, he knew how protective she can be. He looked at her with pleading eyes. Ananya looked at her son.

An: No, forget it Armaan. Kabhi nahi….
A: lekin Mama, yeh attack to hamari city me bhi nahi hua. To phir.
An: No way Armaan, end of the discussion. Shayad me tumhe phir kabhi jane du, lekin is baar safe nahi hai.
A: Mama please, mera jaana bohot zaroori hai.
An: Tum sab ki jaan se barh ke, mere liye kuch bhi zaroori nahi hai. Now end of the discussion.

Armaan looked over at his father, he knew that it was impossible to change his mothers mind. So he just dropped the topic. It the thing is very important, than it would also wait. But he would not disappoint his parents at any coust.

A: Aacha theek hai mama darling, lekin hum yahi pe to road trip pe jaa sakte hai na. Aapko koi problem to nahi hai, sweetheart?
An: Armaan, bohot badmash ho tum. Theek hai, apni vacations pe tum teeno road trip pe chale jana.
A, Ab, N: Thank you Mama.

After the breakfast, Armaan went to his room. He got ready for his university and left with his sister and Abhimanyu. As a person, Armaan was very simple and down to earth. He knew that Allah has gifted him a very handsome face and body, but he never felt arrogant about it. Eventhough they were living in America, his mother made sure, that all her children were very religious and lived with the rules set in the house. To the out world, Armaan is very famous, no one would ever think that inside his house, he prays 5 times a day, fasts regularly in the holy moth and even read the Quraan every single day. Not only he, but also his siblings. His mother made sure, that the would never leave their religion behind them. Armaan thanked every single minute to Allah, for giving him such awesome parents. He and his sibling were born and raised in America. His mother too, but his father was born in Pakistan and moved then after his marriage to America with his mother. He also wants a love like his parents’ share.

Back to Riddhima. Riddhima did not realise that she listened 24 hours only Armaans songs. She got addicted to them. But not only his songs, but also his messages and inspirational videos. On day, she was again watching his interview, where he talked about living in America but still be connected to Pakistan and his religion. He explained how important it is for him to pray 5 times a day and read the quraan every day. That was the day, where Riddhima decided to do something. To change something. She went to take a shower and then took out her praying matt, which she had not done in over 5 years. She started to pray. she prayed with full concentration. Then after finishing it, she sat down and put her hands together for dua:

Ya Allah, me jaanti hu ke me bohot galat thi, aur mujhe bohot gunaah bhi hue hai. Lekin tu to maaf karne wala hai na, please mujhe maaf kar de. Me apne aap ko badalna chahti hu. Armaan ke liye. Me nahi jaanti ke wo mera kya lagta hai, lekin itna zaroor pata hai, ke wo bohot important ho gaya hai mere liye. Me us se kabhi mili bhi nahi, aur na hi usko kabhi dekha hai, aur na hi usne mujhe kabhi dekha hai. Lekin phir bhi, uski khatir me apne aap ko change karna chahti hu. Mujhe aisa feel ho raha hai, ke jaise wo mujhe ek aacha Insaan bana raha hai. Wo… Wo koun hai ya Allah? Aye Allah, tu to sab kuch jaanta hai na ke meri Zindagi me kya kya ho raha hai? tu sab kuch theek kar de, aur hum sab ko sabr aata farma. Ameen.

After finishing her prayer, Riddhima still stayed on the mat. Thinking what she has just done. Not even her parents were able to make her pray, but that person. Eventhough she did not meet him in person, he actually made the impossible possible. Riddhima closed her eyes and just one word came out of her mouth: Armaan…

Armaan was walking with his friends when he suddenly turned around, he looked here and there like he was searching for someone.

F: What happened dude…
A: nothing, I just thought that someone had called me.

Armaan ignored the feeling and then just left from there with his friend. That night when he came back home, he again thought of the voice. That was the same voice, he heard in his dreams. Yes the dream of a girl, calling him for help. He did not get rid of the dream, instead they even increased. he moved to his room and laid on the bed. Just one question was running in his mind: Koun ho tum?

Now it was a habbit for Riddhima to pray and read the quraan. And to be honest, she loved every single bit of it. She also noticed that a lot of things have changed. She noticed that her fathers behaviour changed towards her. Eventhough he was not giving her any attention, but he also stopped being physically abusive towards her. She noticed that she was always in a good mood. But over one thing, she was 100% sure, she has fallen in love with Armaan. She has fallen in love with Armaan Mallik. Eventhough she has never seen him in his life, never talked with him. She just followed him on his social sites and just seeing his pictures. But she was sure that she has fallen in love with him. Deeply in love. Her prayer are incomplete, if she wont ask for his happiness and his safetly, if she wont ask him. Yes, she prayed every single time to Allah, to make Armaan her husband. To write Armaan in her destiny.

Her family was very happy to see the change in Riddhima. She actually had become very strong and bold. She gave up all the bad habits. Her mother was really thankful and thanked Allah every passing second. The time flew and 1 year had passed. Riddhima was now so deeply in love with Armaan, that she found it even impossible to think about someone else. She would do anything, what he did. If he posted a video of him eating a chocolate, then she will eat one too. If she saw him dancing like a mad man, then she would dance too. No one knew about her love towards Armaan, not even Muskaan. This was just a secret between her and her God. She knew, that Armaan still does not know anything about her existence, but she had a strong believe on her God, that he will make a way. It was impossible for her to make this happen, but she knew that nothing is impossible for God. He will make a way. She has her trust in him. Riddhima started to write about him. her every single thought was just around Armaan.

Cheen loon tujhe duniya se
yeh mere ikhtiyaar me nahi
Magar mere dil se tukhe koi nikal de
yeh kisi ke bas ki baat nahi

Armaan on the other hand was very excited for his trip to Pakistan. Finally his mom agreed to let him and his siblings go to Pakistan. He had begged for over one year. He was very excited. He would be finally able to search for his answers. He will finally get to know what his dreams means. The dream has actually elaborated, he knew that the girl was in Pakistan, and somehow Armaan wanted to help her. He does not know her, but he still longed to help her out. No matter what to do. He will be there for about 2 moths. He was very excited and was looking forward to it. He felt a need, to help her. Just 4 more moths, then he would be in Pakistan. He would be finally there, where he wanted to be. Where he could sear for his answers.

Riddhima just finished her prayers and moved out to make breakfast for her father. Her father had changed a lot in the last few days. He even asked Riddhima for forgiveness. Her mother and Ishu were on a trip, and will reach back home in the night. As Riddhima was making breakfast she suddenly heard her fathers cry. She run over to his room, and saw him lying on the floor.

R: Babaa…

Riddhima run over to him and tried to get him up. With much difficulties she made him lye on the bed. She noticed that her father in some other land.

R: Baba, baba aap theek hai na…

Finally Shashank looked over at Riddhima. He grabbed her hands and tears left his eyes.

S: mujhe maaf kar de beti…
R: nahi baba… apne kuch bhi…
S: Siddhant se Shaadi kar le……

Riddhima did not know what to say, she was shocked to hear this. Siddhant was her cousin living in Paksitan. He was a very nice person, but marrying him? Why was her father asking this?

R: Baba…
S: please beta…… Siddhant…… Shaadi…

Riddhima looked at him with confusion. Why was her father asking her all this? And why was he breathing so strangely? And then, the worst happened. Shashank stopped breathing. He stopped breathing.

R: Baba….Baba…

Riddhima tried to wake him up, but he was not waking up. She suddenly moved back and her back hit the wall. She sunk on the floor. She grabbed her phone and dialled Rahul. All the while her eyes were glued on her father.

Ra: haa Riddhima…
R: Bhai…bhai…

Rahul noticed the tension in her voice…

Ra: kya hua Riddhima…
R: bhai Baba….
Ra: Me aa raha hu…

Rahul thought the worst. He thought that maybe again her father was beating Riddhima. But he never imagined the scene which he saw, when he finally reached home. HE saw Riddhima sitting on the floor, looking at their father sleeping. Rahul kneed down to Riddhima and shook her shoulder.

Ra: Riddhima kya hu? Kuch to bol…
R: Bhai Baba….

Rahul reached to his father. He got a shock he saw his father there lying, not moving at all. He checked his breathing, but nothing. He tried to shake his father, but he still did not move.

Ra: Baba…Babaaaaaaa

Finally everything broke down, Riddhima broke down crying, Rahul was crying. He called the ambulance. He called Atul and asked him to get Padma and Ishu back, as soon as possible. Rahul looked back and saw Riddhima still sitting on the floor. He went and picked her up. He got her out of the room and hugged her very tight. But Riddhimas next words shocked him even more.

R: yeh sab meri galti hai na bhai, mene Baba ka dhyaan nahi rakha. Mama nahi thi, mujhe baba ka khayal rakhna chahiye tha. Lekin me nahi rakh payi. Yeh sab meri galti hai. Meri wajah se Baba aaj… Me bohot buri hu na, me kabhi aachi beti nahi ban paye, aur aaj to yeh proof bhi ho gaya… Babaaaa….

Riddhima fell down on her knees.

R: Ahhhhhhhhhh……

Even at that time, just one person was in her mind: Armaan, Armaan, Armaan


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