Sunday, 27 January 2019

Part 2 : Pulse

"Hi Dr Ridhima my name is Guppo!" pushing up the bar on the console to hear the callers voice Ridhima smiled.

"Hi Guppo! Isn't past your bedtime?" she looked at the clock and it was 11pm.

"I'm home alone and I wanted to talk to you… your ad did say you are there to talk?" there was something in his voice and she just could not pinpoint what it was..

"That's is right what do you want to talk about?" hearing the line go very silent she looked over at Sumit very concerned.

"My sister has cancer and ….I don't know what to do?" his voice quivered and she looked blankly at Sumit and then back at the flashing console.

"I am very sorry to hear this Guppo…but you know with modern science so advance we can cure it!" the line went dead again.

"My mother cries every night she comes from the hospital and papa is working day and night to pay the bills.. I have been watching them break apart for six months know and I…" hearing him crying her heart went out for him.

"Guppo? Guppo? Come on you are a strong boy and have to keep up the spirit ..what is your sisters name?" hear him whip his tears and sniff on the phone she listen to the silence.

"Minnie.. She is younger then me! And never moans about the large injections she has to take… she lost her hair and looks so weak yet she does not stop smiling…" feeling her own eyes weld up she look over at Sumit as she scribbled on the note pad… reading the writing he nodded and let the room.

"Guppo you have all the dua from me and my listeners and have to promise me to stay strong… I want you to hold the line while a play a song .. Ok sweetie…" she quickly hit the song button …as she saw Sumit bang on the glass window with his thumb in the air…as she watched him sit down.

"Guppo I want to come and see you and you're family… we here at Mumbai radio want to help you and Minnie..Are you there?"

"Yes doctor"

"Good boy I'm going to put you to Sumit as I'm going to wrap up the show I will come to see you tomorrow at home.. Ok!" hitting the button she looked at the time with 25 minutes to go she knew what she need to do but wanted Nana to back her…

"Great Ridhima just great!! A human interest story and we be seen as a caring radio station.. See people why cant you be as bright as the doc.." she looked at him staring at the presenters in the room.

"Just one problem …I told them we will help them financially…" she stared at him as he went quiet…

"Appeal!! Minnie Appeal!" she looked at him as he jumped of his chair as he shouted as his a light had just gone off….

"Fine we pay for the best hospital in Mumbai ..and get donation.. Ridhima you are in charge… Sumit run the appeal every hour on the station.. By the way I want a contract drawn up with the parents first.. If anything is to happen we are not liable and legally bound.." they all looked at him leaving the office..

"Set it all up! I want everything done and paper work signed but this evening.. Tomorrow we start Minnie Appeal!"


"Hi Sapna… thanks for this?" Sapna stared at her as they walked down the corridor.

"This is Mr and Mrs Verma!" Sapna looked at the two parents looking very scared.

"Please don't worry Dr Joshi is a very experience doctor…"

Atul looked at Armaan in his office.. As he looked nervous..

"Armaan these media people.. You have experience with.." Armaan chuckled looking at Atul as he held his coffee.

"Yaar main hoon na.. no tension!" hearing the knock on the door they turned to see them enter to the room.. It was her? His eyes looked at her as she conducted herself and made the patients parents feel relaxed..

"Dr Armaan!" Sapna smiled noticing his eyes just on Ridhima as she turned to look at him.

"Hi!" She looked at him staring at her and then back at Sapna confused.

"Dr Armaan.. Say hello!" Atul nudged him slight.

"Hi!" smiling he looked at everyone in the room and found Sapna giggling as she turned to leave the room.

Through out the whole meeting she found herself feeling very uncomfortable as he stared at her …as she they stood up to leave she looked at him angrily as she left the room.

"Atul I am in love!" Atul looked at him stunned as he cupped his hand on the desk and stared at the door.

"So what you think of Dr Armaan?" she looked over at her as she frowned.

"Just another guy I guess… any way I have no time for such things I will be busy with this project!" Sapna looked at her… Armaan had totally begged her to hook them up again and this would do Ridhima some good this anti guy thing she had at time was way to serious..

"Amit throwing a get together at his flat on the weekend ..I said we would come!" ridhima looked at her and studied her..

"We?" Sapna looked at her casually and got up from the sofa.

"Look first off this sneaking around with Amit is not good you should tell momma and papa… and second why do I have to tag along in this romance thing?!"

"Come on I cant leave the house if momma and papa knew.. And I am waiting for him to pop the question.." she looked at Ridhima giggling

"Pop the question? He will never do it.. 2 years relationship he given you every present except the diamond ring.. He to scared of his folks.." sapna looked at her angrily and pouted her lips. Ridhima looked at her as she shook her head men want one thing after that it was good bey… keep them at arms length and that's it.


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