Monday, 14 January 2019

Part 21 & 22 : Instant Messaging

Part 21:

"Anjali??? ur back??? kab?? " Riddhima asked completely shocked once she realised wat was happening around her.

"haan... actually.. phirse transfer ho gaya tha.. came back day before yesterday... aur princi ne phirse admission de diya... soo?? armaan kaha hai??" anjali asked looking around.

"haa.. woh abhi abhi class gaya hai.. shubhankar sir ka..."

"oh thankz.. hey rids.. how deos this look? armaan will like it??" Anjali said showing riddhima a black jersey..

"haan.. he'll like it.. he loves black.." remembering thier chat conversations.

"oh.. thankz.. ur coming na?? hum dono ek saath ja sakte hai!! " Anjali said pulling riddhima's hand.

As they got to thier class.. Anjali left her hand and ran over to Armaan and hugged him from behind.
Riddhima was staring at Armaan and Anjali in disbelief.

"oh my god... Anjali!! been soo long!!! tumne bataya nahi ki tum aaj hi college aane wali ho...!!! God i missed you soo much!!! " he said pulling her in and giving her a tight hug.

As he pulled himself back.. he noticed riddhima staring at him from the corner of his eyes...Armaan took advantage of her emotions and kissed Anjali on her cheek.

Armaan aur anjali?????? Rids wondered as her eyes filled up... she couldnt take it.. she wanted to run away...but just then muskaan held her hand.

" hey... tumne armaan aur anjali ko dekha na? im very sorry..." mukaan said trying to look into her eyes..

"nahi muskaan im fine... why wouldnt i be!! mujhe armaan ko khush dekhna hai!! " Rids said tilting her head back to take back her tears.

"Rids ... you ca talk to h... " Muskaan was about to complete her sentence but just then Miss keerti wlked in..
"Everyone.. abck to ur places..."
Lunch Break...
"Atul... Armaan aur anjali... kuch ho raha hai??" Rids asked atul.. as she watched Armaan and Anjali sit at a seperate table almost snuggling one another.

"yeah rids... they are... " Atul said feeling very bad for her.

"par kab?? kaise?" muskaan asked holding rahuls hand under the table.. and other hand holding riddhima.

"actually.. anjali aur armaan kal kahi bahar gaye the.. and when they came back.. armaan ne bataya ki they are goin out.... " Rahul said.. very solemnly..

"oh.." Rids said..
Rids watched Anjali dip her finger in cake cream and feed it to armaan.. she couldnt stop looking... no matter who saw her...

itni jaldi??woh armaan ko baar baar chooti kyon hai... usko pata nahi hai ki sab log dekh rahe hai...

but as she looked around.. she saw only a few other gurls looking at him.. obviously jealous themselves. Armaan's hook up was the biggest news.. it had been a long time since armaans last hook up.. and being the most popular boy.. he was always the centre of gurls attention.

bell ings... Armaan and anjali get up... and he holds her hand as they leave the cafeteria..

"chalo... rids library class hai... " taking rid's hand..." ill see you later rahul.. bye Atul"

Rahul let her go.. realising tht at this point of time Riddhima needed her more.
As rids sat down on her computer.. she put her head down and tried to fort about armaan and focus on her basket ball team.. just as she was deciding thier placements on the court.. She heard a beep.. coming from the computer.. she got up to see Biker boy's message

BB: hey rids..

Armaan.. mere saath kyon baat karna chahta hai???

FF: oh hey... wats up??

BB: nothin.. lekin .. why are you putting ur head down?? kuch hua?

Rids looked over.. to see armaan smiling at her from his usual place at the far end on the opposie side.

HAAN armaan... mujhe kuch problem HAI!! ANJALI!!! kaise kar sakte ho??? !!! u forgt me???!!!! itni jaldi???!!! mujhe pata hi tha!! ur like tht!! ek ladki se doosri!! yahan mein .. mein.. dookhi hun.. aur aap..... rids sighed.. it was no use.. she was responsible for it alL!!

FF: basket ball ke baare mein soch rahi thi.

BB: oh haan... just remembered.. listen.. im goin out wid anjali.. 3;30 wapas aajaonga..cover up plz...

FF: kahan.. kiske saath.. armaan!!!

BB: anjali.. aur kaun.. she wanted to go out wid me.. and i want her to be happy. so im taking her fer a movie.. alryte?? so.. karogi na??

Armaan msged.. looking at her hurt expression..

FF: shure no probs..
As rids typed this.. she felt worse.. her eyes filled up and she couldnt even see the screen properly before her... her fingers turned ice cold..
She thought about the kiss.. the way his hands touched her bare waist and made her melt.. lekin.. it was over.. armaan had moved on... she blew it...

FF: lekin.. be back for bbaal practise... nehi toh koi ladki khelne ke liye tyaar nahi hogi.. hehe
rids said tring to sound happy

BB: tum bhi??
Rids heart sank.

BB: kidding...just jking.. dont worry ill be back

FF; yea,,, shure.. bye..

Armaan watched her from his seat.. and saw her blush when he said "tum bhi"

BB: hey sweetheart... i gotta go.... alright catch you later..

SHEETHEART??? he called me sweetheart??? Rids thought as though tht was the best thing tht had possibly happened ever in her life...
FF: ur goin?? abhi??

BB: haan yaar.. actually.. anjali yahi aa rahi hai... aur.. hame ek doosre ke saath time spend karna hai..... hey shes here.. gotta go...bye

FF: bye... have fun
rids said.. forcing herself to type tht.. the last thing she wanted was armaan to have fun wid Anjali!!

Armaan watched Riddhima's face drop as she watched him rush fer the door...armaan spun anjali around to just to get a better view of riddhima.. He loved to see her getting jealous!

Part 22:

Woh abhi tak kyon nahi aaya??where the hell is he?? im gonna kill him!!!! i no.. ill send him a msg 
She writes: Armaan!! where are you... ur late for practise.. its 4:10!! tomorrow is our match!! 

"Rids kya hua??" Muskaan asked 

"are armaan abhi tak woh anjali ke saath hai!!tomorrow is our match.. aur" 
"chill rids.. he'll come.. "rahul said 
"haan yaar.. lekin.." just then Armaan walked in.. 
"hey guys... wats up??" Armaan said taking a ball and shooting a basket. "sorry im late" 

Why is he smiling.. Anjali ne kya kiya???? actually i dont wanna no!!! 

"finally... accha dekho... ur in muskaan's team... eight players ek team mein honge.." 
Rahul said showing him his team members 

As they started playing... Rids noticed tht armaan wasnt even coming near her.. id rids tryed to tackle him he would pass the ball to some one else. avoiding her completely. 

At about 6:30.. they stopped playing. 

"wow... good game!! we'll definetly win the match.. hai na armaan??? " Atul said trying to open a bottle of gatorade. 

"here... " Armaan said opening it for him.." hmm yeah... good practise.." Armaan said taking off his shirt to reveal his well built body. his pants were a bit low so his boxer lining could be seen. 

"wow.. rids check him out... oh shit.. hes coming here only.. quick how do i look..??" Kajol said watching Armaan. 

"why do u care soo much also?? "rids said trying to avoid contact wid him 
"ey gurls... all set fer tomorrow??" Wiping his sweat wid a towel. 

" yup totally.." kajol said looking at his body more than his face. 

"hey by the way.. wat colleges are we playing against?? " armaan asked 

" st. xaviers and josephs" Rids said looking down. 

"hmmm... cool.. anyway.. gotta take a shower.. feel realy hott! " armaan said as he headed towards the rest room. 

" ok bye.." the gurls chanted. 

"gurls hes taken.." rids said as soon as he was gone.. 

" phir aap usse kyon dekh rahi ho??" Karishma asked .. 

Rids quickly turned around... "nahi.. just tryna find out wats so greaat in him..." 

"yea ryte" 

The gurls went to change and shower.. 

Just as Rids came out... she saw Anjali walking towards armaan and putting her hand over her eyes.. 

" guess who??" Anjali said trying to change her voice.. 

Armaan caught her waist from behind " hmm.. by tht khusboo...My anjali" 

his anjali.... i cant watch this!!! Rids thought 
" Hey muskaan... mein car min tumhare liya wait karrongi.." Rids cald out to muskaa who was still changing... 

Anjali Rahul and Atul were in Armaa's house... 
"so meri anjali.... your looking more gorgeous then ever... i love you sooo much!! armaan said hugging her.. 

" i love you too Armaan... mein tumhare bina ji nahi ssakti...Aaanchal mein hai, dhanak chandni.......... 
Haathon mein woh chaand hai......... 
Gairon se bhi, hai waasta........... 
Apno mein pehchaan hai.......... 
Ta ra ra ta ri ra..... 
Tu Zindagi....... 
Mera Izhaar hai......... 
Pyar hi Pyar hai....... 
Yaaron ki yaar hai..... 
Tu zindagi 
Ta ra ra ta ri ra..... 
Tu zindagi 
Tujhse mein kya kahoon........ 
Tu hi mera sukoon.......... 
Sang tere rahoon........ 
Tu zindagi........" anjali sang...half giggling!! 

"guys.. atleast yahan NORMAl act karo.. rids isnt here.. give us a break.." Rahul said laughing at anjali's singing.. 

"haan yaar.. aur yahan meri plants bhi hai... hey are so young yaar!! get a room... they shouldnt see all this!! Atul said 

arman and anjali were laughing.. 

"when u guys gonna stop???" Ridsy is really feeling bad !!" Rahul said 
" abhi nahi... until ridsy tell me the truth... lekin tab tak.... anjali aur mein ek saath honge! Armaan said laying back and putting his feet over the coffee table. 

"armaan.. lekin ridsy.. you no ridsy ryte??? ... she wont do this.."Anjali said 

"chill i no wat im doing...gimme some time..besides agar maine yeh sab nahi kiya.... she wouldnt take me seriously!! 
in the morning in riddhima's house.. 

" haam... mom.. i ate... glucose bhi pi liya... first aid box HAI!! MOM!! kuch nahi hoga..... thnankz mom.. love you too!!! byee!! rids said ... as she put the phone down. 

"Riddhima !! aaj hamari match hai..." Muskaan said jumping on her bed! 

" I know.. i cant wait!!! you ready... college aa jaldi jaana hai!!" Riddhima said wearing her hair band and contacts. 

"haan.. haa.. aa rahi hu!! arre Rids armaan late aajaega... ask im to get read.." 

"oh haan... fine ill msg.." 
She writes: hey armaan... get ready fast... college 7:30 ana hai!!! jaldi se karo!! 


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